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Death Spiral

Reed Hastings

We only have One choice here in Swain County, NC! Death Spiral has come to town! Please save us from…
Ryan: The whole idea of Obamacare is...the people who are healthy pay for the...sick. It's not working, & that's why it's…
Not imploding. No death spiral. And there's an easy fix to any issues. Have all red states create marketplace and expand Me…
Trump should just renew Obamacare, stop pretending it’s failing or in a death spiral, and take credit for fixing it.
The masterminds behind the Obamacare sabotage
GOP "health" plan=their cash plan: more in fewer hands at a faster RATE (death spiral) where "right to…
The only "Death Spiral" is the 25 Million Americans that will lose their coverage on
Amazon faces death spiral of drought and deforestation, warn scientists | h…
Paul Ryan, another 12 million in your made up death spiral. Do you still hear the voices of the people chanting rep…
"Passing this bill would certainly ensure that Republicans will 100 percent own any ensuing death spiral..."
The feds financially punish hospitals that don't meet safety standards, but less funding “can equal a death spiral”…
Obamacare disaster spreading from companies to as collapse is imminent
Death spiral is a technical term that has to do with prices, not # of market participants.
Trumpcare is already in a death spiral before it's born:
Interesting column by on the GOP sabotage of
ACA being undermined, not failing. .
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Op-Ed: Donald Trump’s health-care bill is already in a death spiral
"The Amazon rainforest is one of the tipping elements in the Earth system".
CBO's rejection of "death spiral" argument most important story in American politics today. Read, share.
Trump healthcare bill is already in a death spiral
Donald Trump’s healthcare bill is already in a death spiral
AETNA planned 2 expand from 15 to 20 state exchanges until they didn't get their merger approved, then cut back to 4 &…
Surprise everyone -- the very ones who say Obamacare is "in a death spiral" are the same ones who are sabotaging it.
The left is in a death spiral. this entire thing is pathetic.
Not sure where you learn English or logic but it is a death spiral. 8% of counties have monopoly.
CBO says Obamacare exchanges not in a death spiral via
I wonder why trump was trying to divert from all the lies he made about healthcare with this tax release. trumpcare in death s…
Now the counter argument used by the progressive liberals is to keep Obamacare is: "how to keep providing a free...
"Snoop Dogg". Trump at a 39% Approval Rating! Lowest in history for a new President. Not falling for
But that's not the job of of the President. But he's managed to send our Health Care into a Death Spiral.
yes. GOP drifted into Billionaires' row, then crazy White Supremacists added to toxic mix. GOP in death spiral. No way out.
Is Krugman dishonest? Or is there a cognitive failure there? --
Severely Impaired. Still Millions in Denial. In a Death Spiral and can't pull up.
people are donating land to charities to get it off the tax rolls. It's a case of diminishing returns, a death spiral
when u THINK ur sad but then go into a downward spiral that makes u feel even worse and u welcome the thought of death :)
Krugman, like Keynes, is a crackpot.
Colorado's defense may or may not be good, but CSU's offense looks worse than some of Cal's late-Tedford death spiral offenses.
Today, the system seems to be broken. Both parties are at fault, seemingly locked in a death spiral to outdo the...
Rogue Columnist: The death spiral of metro newspapers
NEVER. EVER. APOLOGIZE to these people. It just feeds the extortion which then demands more. It's a death spiral.
Only decrees from the ruling class... American death spiral.
seen Kaepernick Syndrome before . failure as QB is unbearable so he's coping by self-actualizing as activist. . Performance de…
Agreed. We have to turn this human ship around. We are in a death spiral
87% of people on Obamacare are being subsidized by hard working tax payers like myself. the death spiral has already started!
His campaign has lost control of him. Again. He's let immigration drag him into another Curiel-like death spiral.
Disastrous gov'ts across Canada are creating economic death spiral. Economy has worst performance in 7 years.
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Business LOTP update: FoxBusiness: Death Spiral or Growing Pains? Sen. McCain on the future of
William Baldwin of discusses his article about the 11 states in a "Death Spiral"
Peter Greene on the WSJ Analysis of Common Core’s Death Spiral | Diane Ravitch's blog
Ontario has gone over top of the Laffer Curve . The more they raise taxes the less revenue they collect . Death Spiral
The Supremes will hear Obamacare Arguments on March 4th & hopefully the Death Spiral of O's signature legislation will begin...God Help Us..
From sleuths, spies, and alibis, a great YA mystery site. Blog on Death Spiral today!
The Northwestern University Football Union and the NCAA's Death Spiral | The Nation . What will things look like?
.says "There will be no "Death Spiral" like, they just don't do that." . No wonder no one funded his site!.
For me, this happened with Benghazi. “CBS: Obama Headed Toward 'Credibility Death Spiral'
With his support for action in Syria & the bad immigration bill, Graham is taking the country on a "Death Spiral"
"I messed up." Great shown by Reed Hastings. Netflix Looks Back on Its Near-Death Spiral
Netflix Looks Back on Its Near-Death Spiral. Reed Hastings, the video streaming giant's chief executive, offered a…
is heading in a Death Spiral. Scott Brown and Dennis Kucinich .Bravo . You should given the million.
Where is the incentive to work? America's Death Spiral. Interesting.. These 11 States now have More People on Welfare than they do Employed Last month, the Senate Budget Committee reports that in fiscal year 2011, between food stamps, housing support, child care, Medicaid and other benefits, the average U.S. household below the poverty line received $168.00 a day in government support. What’s the problem with that much support? Well, the median household income in America is just over $50,000, which averages out to $137.13 a day. To put it another way, being on welfare now pays the equivalent of $30.00 an hour for a 40-hour week, while the average job pays $25.00 an hour.
11 "Death Spiral" States, to which no one should lend money. New Mexico, Mississippi, and California lead the list.
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Lindsay Graham: 'GOP is in a Death Spiral!' Wonder Where He Got That From?
The Great IT Skills Mismatch, Episode 10,000,007: I was just contacted by a Ruby software developer here in NM who is looking for a local developer to hire. I was studying Ruby right up until this very same developer told me he was outsourcing his coding to Mexico a few years ago. I dropped that course of study like a red-hot rock. What a shame, now. But it was still the right decision. No one can wait years for a slim payoff on a high-effort, high-stakes investment. What's broken is that businesses want highly skilled people on the instant, and they want them cheap. I am curious, if any of you are Ruby on Rails developers: would you take a job for $15/22 hour? The upshot is that a culture of people working very cheaply don't have the money to create the demand that companies will need to hire. Then people compete for lower and lower wages, incentivizing businesses to fire the expensive and hire the cheap. We call that situation the Death Spiral. The only solution I know is to learn tremendously difficult ...
As Consumer Watchdog brings suit against Blue Shield for reviving their "Death Spiral" scheme, Jamie Court stops by the KTTV news room to explain how the Death Spiral works, and why that
It'd be amusing but it's not:Are Rupert Murdoch & David Cameron Locked in a Death Spiral? TIME
Are Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron Locked in a Death Spiral?: A deep vein of come... -
b/c you're killing it. --> 'The Private Market is in a Death Spiral,' Says Obama's HHS Secretary |
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