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Deandre Jordan

Hyland DeAndre Jordan, Jr. (born July 21, 1988) is an American professional basketball player at center for the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA.

Chris Paul State Farm Dwight Howard Blake Griffin Brandon Knight Andre Drummond Kevin Love Boogie Cousins Marc Gasol Jamaal Crawford Paul Pierce Carmelo Anthony Danny Green Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Jimmy Butler Hassan Whiteside

team with Carmelo Anthony, Caleb Barnes, Kevin Love, ross teeter, and Deandre jordan
team with Deandre jordan, homer, Nick young, spongebob, and chris bosh
DeAndre Jordan's dunk highlight tape is insane
DeAndre Jordan's dunk highlight tape is insane! 😳.
Patrick Beverly . Jr Smith . Lebron . Kevin Love . Deandre Jordan . πŸ€”πŸ€” warriors in 6 still lol πŸ˜‚
You're telling me that Deandre Jordan is better than Marc Gasol? Not likely.
Now the players that can get snubbed for All Star game are . Deandre Jordan. CJ . Andrew Wiggins. Mike Conley. Marc Gasol. Rudy Gobert. Devin B.
Chris Paul locked Deandre Jordan in his own house last year to convince him to stay, only for CP3 to leave a year later..…
Blake Griffin and Chris Paul basically forced Deandre Jordan to resign in 2015. Only to leave for better teams.
Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers really held this man Deandre Jordan hostage in his own home just…
D Lo got traded, Dwight Howard got traded, Deandre Jordan bouta get dealt for the 4th pick, Drake and Josh Beefing, *** is…
I mean Deandre Jordan for Kristaps Porzingis wouldn't be the top out of line for Phil...
Suns talk about getting PG or Jimmy Butler or Blake Griffin or Deandre Jordan or might trade up or might trade down or…
I will never forget watching predraft videos of Willie Cauley Stein and thinking this man was a Deandre Jordan who could shoot.
U really think Ingram can guard Blake Griffin , Deandre Jordan , Boogie , KAT , Anthony…
MCW, MKG, Deandre Jordan, Andre Drummond, mason plumlee, shall I go on?
Deandre Jordan doesn't do enough. Jamaal Crawford just jacks ups a whole bunch of sho…
Barry just said he would rather have Javale McGee than Deandre Jordan. I think he's starting to get senile
If Kevin Durant pulls a Deandre Jordan, and backs out of the Warriors contract before July 7th, I'd be the happiest perso…
Jimmy Butler and Deandre Jordan back with the friendly trash talk again...
this kid just ended Deandre Jordan's careerπŸ’€
"I'll Deandre Jordan, Brandon Knight all you niggaz for real"
Can the LA Clippers make it over the Western Conference Semis Hump with the core of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan?
I would prefer to have Stephen Adams over Deandre Jordan
Sisco, Todd heap, ray Lewis, Deandre Jordan, will Barton, and Brandon Jennings
Just asked Etan Thomas if he could suit up and cover Deandre Jordan today. He said he's in shape, but not NBA shape.
.Deandre Jordan is my favorite center in the league .then it goes Andre Drummond
Chris Paul has Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce, Jamal Crawford, Deandre Jordan want me to keep going?
Nick wants to trade Deandre Jordan for Demarcus Cousins
Deandre Jordan needs to shoot underhand free throw like chinuaw onuaku. Helped onuaku while at Louisville
6) Vince Carter dunk on Alonzo Mourning or Deandre Jordan dunk on Brandon Knight.
Deandre Jordan and Jimmy Butler have developed a brotherly bond.
Salute to the Americans in the crowd cheering ferociously because Deandre Jordan made a free throw. I see y'all!
team with Nick young, Mr.crabs, jared west, Deandre jordan, and david west
DeAndre Jordan cuts to the rim at practice. πŸ˜‰ by via
team with Deandre jordan, Goku, Goku, Chris Paul, and jackson wells
team with lawrence carnes, Trey ebert, Chris Paul, Deandre jordan, and dan barnes
team with Chris Paul, Deandre jordan, Anthony Davis, justin riley, and dwyane wade
I'll come at night and put the nine on em' with the long clip, Deandre Jordan
DeAndre Jordan is looking forward to playing in front of the home crowd at STAPLES Center tonight! . πŸ€πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
20.) DeAndre Jordan dunk over Brandon Knight. Everyone remembers this. Why Knight stayed on the court after this idk https:/…
DeAndre Jordan cuts to the rim at practice. πŸ˜‰ (Vine by
DeAndre Jordan cuts to the rim at practice. πŸ˜‰
DeAndre Jordan gets laughed at by his teammates for air-balling a free-throw. .
Just played nba 2k16 with heard someone criticize jj reddick and deandre Jordan so harshly!! Also called me a scrub! Sad!😭
DeAndre Jordan really needs to make a public snapchat!😜
team with Deandre jordan, John wall, jackson wells, Shaq O'Neal, and Paul george
Melo, Kevin Durant, and Boogie Cousins clown DeAndre Jordan for airballing a free throw vs China
DeAndre Jordan... You have to do better πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
This *** Deandre Jordan said he wanted to play ball because he wanted to be like Hakeem OlajuwonπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 😴
Brice Johnson, Blake Griffin, and Deandre Jordan are gonna be so nasty😭
Deandre Jordan pulled the biggest faget move of all time
My HS class: OJ Mayo, Rose, Eric Gordon, Beasley, Jerryd Bayless, K Love, Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan, Harden.. OJ supposed to be the best
Carmelo Anthony and Deandre Jordan were in ninja turtles πŸ˜‚
Today i dunked on a 10 year old in trampoline basketball... he said score on me and by george i Deandre Jordan'd his Brandon Knight
no order!!! Boogie, Deandre Jordan, whiteside, Marc Gasol, and Dwight
The All-NBA Teams this year is an absolute joke. Deandre Jordan over Boogie Cousins??? What!?
Lowry over John Wall and Deandre Jordan over boogie!? 😴😴😴
The fact that Deandre Jordan is on the ALL NBA first list over BOOGIE makes me not wanna watch NBA ever again bro.
Deandre Jordan over Boogie Cousins and Kevin Durant?! I'm freaking sick!
someone explain how Deandre Jordan is a NBA first teamer but not an Allstar
With pick selects DeAndre Jordan, C, LAC. up next.
but deandre Jordan was promised he'd be one in LA!
What If DeAndre Jordan played for the Mavs this past season? Video will be up on YouTube…
When Deandre Jordan grabs rebounds he kicks his leg up. Is that intended to hurt people? No it isn't.
lmao, that had to be worse than deandre Jordan v. Brandon Knight 😬😬
team with scooby doo, John wall, Deandre jordan, Trey ebert, and shrek
team with Deandre jordan, jerry west, batman, lebron james, and frank jones
good point but here is the differnce. Blake has cp3 and DeAndre jordan. AD has injured holiday and asik
team with shrek, Russell westbrook, John wall, Shaq O'Neal, and Deandre jordan
Exploring the next popular offseason theory that it's time to trade DeAndre Jordan:
You'll be Brandon Knight I'll be Deandre Jordan and you'll be getting dunked on
Deandre Jordan is one of the premier Centers in the nba and this *** in a blonde wig and a dress lookin like a straight ***
Draymond green is a better rim protector than deandre Jordan that is not my opinion that is going by the facts
team with chris bosh, Deandre jordan, John wall, Klay Thompson, and chris bosh
Clippers Offseason Theories: Time to trade DeAndre Jordan? To continue this short series of…
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Deandre Jordan no Wilt but even he could put up insane in the 60s
team with Shaq O'Neal, frank jones, Deandre jordan, Carmelo Anthony, and lebron james
team with Trey ebert, lebron james, Garfield, Deandre jordan, and kobe bryant
If Andre Roberson can't make a three in the regular season and he's draining in the playoffs, why can't DeAndre Jordan make a free throw?πŸ€”
exactly. He started at 5 against Deandre Jordan(who has like 15 & 15 that game) and people sipped the he can play 5 kool aid
First CP3, then Blake, now Deandre Jordan. Doc Rivers, you next.
I'm not convinced that DeAndre Jordan has ever been better than Bismack Biyombo at any point
I ain't gon say no names but oomf said Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan, and Pau Gasol aren't better than Steven Adams.
Deandre Jordan an upgrade at shooting lol
You need shot blockers. If GSM had DeAndre Jordan. ..
deandre Jordan and Dwight Howard are the most efficient shooters in the past 10 years.
Kyrie folding laundry, Deandre Jordan wearing a dress... These commercials are NBA players turning into *** Enjoy the bathhouses
My two fav players in the nba have been deandre jordan and steven adams. This season, I added two more β€” porzingis and karl-anthony towns.
OKC has 25 FTs at half and there isn't someone named Deandre Jordan on their team...
How has DeAndre Jordan's State Farm character not shown up in "those" memes yet?
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I cringe every time I see Deandre Jordan in that wig.
but his role is replicated on every team. He's a better deandre Jordan, festus Ezeli
Are we assuming Kevin Love is Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan's biological child in this scenario?
Those free throw contestants in arena shoot better free throws than Dwight Howard or DeAndre Jordan.
Put Enes Kanter in front of DeAndre Jordan or Andre Drummond at the free throw line, and those guys will become 80% free throw shooters
I'll never forgive DeAndre Jordan for this State Farm commercial
The best Mavs fan photos of 2016; Dirk fatheads, Steph Curry mania and DeAndre jokes |
Policy proposal Raise taxes on individuals named "DeAndre Jordan."
Deandre Jordan with Rick berry to shoot free throws
deandre Jordan doesn't have any either we need him for defense and rebounding I'm not sold on drag over kristap yet.
If Toronto lose Biyumbo I wonder what they would offer for DeAndre Jordan to LAC, Valanciunas + ?
how does DeAndre Jordan keep making free throws on 2k but miss them in reality
I'm just realizing Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan are just chillin right there lmaooo
because we didn't have Chris Paul or Blake Griffin smh Deandre Jordan was highkey smackin y'all tho πŸ˜‚
Jamaal Crawford and Deandre Jordan bout to take the Clippers all the way
The fate of the 15-16 Clippers rests on the shoulders of Austin Rivers, Jeff Green, & Deandre Jordan. Rest in peace 15-16 Clippers
My dad said if Deandre Jordan had post game and could shoot FTs he'd be better than Boogie Cousins, this *** is SMOKING
Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan both are locked in Paul Allen's dungeon for game 4
If I were Chris Paul, I'd take Deandre Jordan on Maury because he is definitely not the father of Kevin Love.
How are there no think pieces about Chris Paul being married to his teammate Deandre Jordan, who is in drag, in The Hoopers commercials?
Chris Paul telling Deandre Jordan he aint got no rings.
Deandre Jordan prolly making bank with these State Farm commercials. No more than a quarter mil each. Might be a reach, but, eh
Deandre Jordan?? Cmon, everybody know as fact that Mike never had anything but great game winning shot performances!
Willie Cauley-Stein will be a better Deandre Jordan ☝🏾
Deandre Jordan at the free throw line just as scary as a mosquito at Magic johnsons house
Imagine if the raptors could get somebody like Andre Drummond deandre Jordan or Hassan Whiteside
team with lebron jordan, jerry west, homer, patrick, and Deandre jordan
As the NBA's biggest Batman fan, Deandre Jordan got to sit in the Batmobile
Whiteside is a better offensive version of Deandre Jordan .
DeAndre Jordan leads the league in FG%. I guess hes the best offensive player in the NBA. Numbers DO lie.
I'm doing that road to the playoffs. So now the squad is d rose Melo and deandre Jordan Ben Macklemore and taj Gibson starting
Deandre jordan Anthony Davis and boogie don't exist huhπŸ˜…
Whiteside doesn't possess the offensive skill to ever be more than a 15-17 ppg guy. His ceiling is probably a slightly better DeAndre Jordan
He should receive the same contract DeAndre Jordan received.
Bc DeAndre Jordan a *** and I'm tired of seeing that rings commercial
Andre Drummond is a poor man's DeAndre Jordan
Remember when Hassan doesn't make an All-NBA team at Center. It should be:. 1st: Draymond Green. 2nd: Hassan Whiteside. 3rd: DeAndre Jordan
Deandre Jordan n Drummond learn to.shoot they free throws they'll be unstoppable
No lie, Andre Drummond surprised me. I thought dude ceiling was Deandre Jordan at best
Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan and Andre Drummond are basically the same player
Who should I start for draftkings. Drummond or Deandre Jordan?
Can't wait for everyone to tilt their DeAndre Jordan plays today.
Deandre Jordan | In collaboration with get your clippers Gear's Free two day…
team with jahlil okafor, max burton, michael jordan, Deandre jordan, and Paul george
Deandre Jordan doesn't look like he knows how to read
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10. Deandre Jordan.. This dude is all around trash and is only in the NBA because he's 7' 1"..
DeAndre Jordan attempted 15 or more free throws in nine games this year. Averaged 45.3 DK points in those vs. 38.0 overall.
Another look at the Air Jordan 12 Retro "University Blue" GS dropping next month
just keep shooting, even DeAndre Jordan hits the occasional free throw so you'll hit this one
the top 3 I agree with but I'm going with DeAndre Jordan center.and Kevin Durant 20 plus 60 plus games
Is it just me or did Deandre Jordan read your name at 0:19..?
regardless if you have the shooting ability of Curry or DeAndre Jordan.
Charles Barkley told Deandre Jordan that if he locked him in the gym over night and couldn't dunk he would only have 6pts i…
DeAndre Jordan went 12-of-34 from the line in L.A. against Terry Stotts and the Blazers back on Nov. 30.
team with Deandre jordan, Dwight Howard, Paul george, Deandre jordan, and spider-man
DeAndre Jordan noted this last year. Phil clearly was pushing the play Jose and Sasha card and that is Beyond disheartening.
team with puss n boots, Deandre jordan, Nick young, ross teeter, and derrick rose
Paul George shows DeAndre Jordan why he can't guard him
DeAndre Jordan practicing his free throws before practice. HoopJab
team with jerry west, Chris Paul, chris bosh, Deandre jordan, and James Harden
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still a great dunk by DeAndre Jordan to finish it though
team with jerry west, Klay Thompson, jason Voorhes, Deandre jordan, and Shaq O'Neal
why do you look like DeAndre Jordan
Jerry always thinks he's 1 player away from a Super Bowl. Cubes seems to think he just needs 1 dude. Deandre Jordan wouldn't have fixed this
yo this must be the worst playoff team everπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ deandre Jordan screwed Dirk over man
Deandre Jordan over Brandon Knight. It was on sports center for weeks
Cory Joseph, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge and Deandre Jordan.. That's work all day
and it's all about Blake Griffin Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan
I've been robbed! (DeAndre Jordan voice) Two jelly-headed guards with turnovers on the game winning play. At best, could finish with 3 wrong
Why did deandre Jordan have to dress like a woman to get a national commercial
I swear DeAndre Jordan teaches everyone is college hoops how to shoot free throws.
Dude thought he was DeAndre Jordan with how far out he took off from. Easy block as a result.
team with frank jones, Chris Paul, Deandre jordan, michael jordan, and captin crunch
...Santana Moss, the entire 2010 Duke basketball team, and Deandre Jordan.
DeAndre Jordan isn't sure why people hate the Clippers. Like, really?
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I see DeAndre Jordan do this every night ha its not just college
LA Clippers' DeAndre Jordan helped slow Dwight Howard: Dwight Howard of the Houston R...
DeAndre Jordan with the emphatic jam on Dwight Howard!.
I HATE those commercials! So Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan are married and had Kevin Love?!?! I'm good on that.
deandre Jordan gets payed millions and does that on a regular basis
I don't know HOW State Farm got Deandre Jordan in a dress
Not surprised Deandre Jordan plays the mom in the State Farm commercials
Yeh we have DeAndre Jordan too he's dope at alley-oops
DeAndre Jordan powers the Clippers to victory in Houston. πŸ€ .
I miss you like how DeAndre Jordan shoots his free throws
DeAndre Jordan unsure why people hate the Clippers
Dwight Howard can only put his arms out to try and shield his head from this Deandre Jordan dunk!
- DeAndre Jordan unsure why people hate the Clippers: Possessed with an ...
Chris Paul's lob to Deandre Jordan leads NBA top 10 plays from last night. WATCH-->>
Chris Paul & DeAndre Jordan work the pick & roll to perfection to lead Wednesday's Top 10 Plays!.
*** *** said Tristan Thompson on made 7 post up basket all season sheesh Deandre Jordan only made 11
Why do the Clippers have Cole Aldrich and Deandre Jordan on the floor at the same time?
Deandre Jordan is practicing free throws on one end and Mark Cuban is practicing threes on the other πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (
This chick on just said Deandre Jordan and Jamaal Crawford "aren't much better" than Arron Afflalo and Robin Lopez...πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ’€
Deandre Jordan almost broke the rim πŸ˜‚
*** I remember watching this game, DeAndre Jordan had dunked on Belenelli this game too
Brandon Ingram handles double teams as well as I would handle Deandre Jordan posting me up
finally sound good news for y'all unless he pulls a deandre Jordan
Would the clippers be trash without deandre Jordan?πŸ€”
How we know NBA games are back: Chris Paul to DeAndre Jordan alley-oop (VIDEO)...
That State Farm commercial with DeAndre Jordan, CP3, Lillard and Garnett πŸ˜‚
I wish they could have found someone other than DeAndre Jordan for this Hoopers commercial. It's awful.
Zero respect for deandre jordan after these State Farm commercials
VIDEO: Danny Green gets deked by Chris Paul and dunked on by DeAndre Jordan, in one play:
DeAndre Jordan puts down the alley-oop from Chris Paul but CP3 REALLY wants the foul call.
Egbunu is a homeless mans deandre Jordan. Can't make anything but a dunk
my man been treating Deandre Jordan like a baby since Hs lolol I seen it first hand
really enjoying this Deandre Jordan debate I’m seeing on the TL right now
Once that *** said Deandre Jordan was wilt chamberlain of this era I knew he was a *** sucker
Other bigs so skilled lol .. Y was Deandre Jordan all NBA? Y him out of all the other bigs?
Same *** that said Draymond was a bum praising Deandre Jordan
Deandre Jordan does nothing well but run and jump... he's a highly overrated defender. HIGHLY
Izzy almost did a deandre Jordan yesterday.
You can tell this *** Nate skill level by the players he like.. Deandre jordan?! Tf lol
VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan rocks out to The Jackson 5's "I want you back"
If Deandre Jordan was anything under 6'7 he'll be working at whataburger
This *** Nate the only *** tlkn about Deandre Jordan... Dude he *** stfu
Deandre Jordan all NBA .. But *** call him a bum .. So don't bring up all NBA when tryna validate another player
Double:. DeAndre Jordan to get a double-double (yes). &. Kristaps Porzingis to get a double-double (no). @ 2.04, 5 units. (Nordicbet)
β€œDeAndre Jordan loves dunking my dude.
My nephew Jordan DeAndre Burgett shared this shortly after Natalie Cole's death. So ironic that Maurice White...
DeAndre Jordan has more DUNKS this season than 10 teams
We make a case for the gamble on Jeff Green to be a great move for the L.A. Clippers.
DeAndre Jordan made an alley-oop poster dunk out of poor, sweet Danny Green
Deandre Jordan adding Danny Green to his poster collection πŸ˜­πŸ’―
Still tryna figure out why guards try and jump with Deandre Jordan hasn't Brandon Knight taught you anything
Danny Green almost got the Brandon Knight but Deandre Jordan πŸ˜‚
Bismack Biyombo is better than Deandre Jordan. Don't even argue me on this.
Deandre Jordan steps to the line, with a head full of Frates, by 12 cellos of the Berlin Philharmonic.
I personally wanna see Durant play wit Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan they a be nasty
Missed free throws this season. Orlando Magic team - 191. Deandre Jordan - 202.
Chris Paul to Deandre Jordan the Dagger game over @ Atlanta Hawks-Phillips Arena
too bad Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis, and Deandre Jordan couldn't
He had more than Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin, Tim Duncan, Lamarcus Aldride, and Deandre Jordan too
Last day to voteπŸ€πŸ€. Chris Paul Blake Griffin . Deandre Jordan . JJ Reddick
I'm voting to send Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan to the All-Star game
Marcus Camby has the top rebound % in clippers history with 21.5%. Of current players Deandre Jordan leads with 20% (3rd all time).
In a FT shooting contest, Isaiah Briscoe would get picked last. Behind SHAQ, Deandre Jordan, and Ben Wallace. He's worse than all them
If I shoot my shot... I'm trynna rise up on you, like Deandre Jordan and Brandon Knight, like im trynna be a ESPN top 10 play
Watching someone get dunked on like Deandre Jordan did to Brandon Knight is the worst πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
2015 my shots were Shaq, Shawn Marion, young Lebron James, Deandre Jordan and a mix of James Harden on good days but I'm improving
Man we need to trade Deandre Jordan n a pick or 2 or sumthin to Sac for Cousins!!! He aint happy n we need a ft shooter
Nah DeAndre Jordan, you didn't have to Tyler Perry yourself out for the check my dog. ***
No they don't have Deandre Jordan as the mom in this State Farm commercial smh
DeAndre Jordan doing his best Bruce Jenner impression.
They got Deandre Jordan running around looking like Ving Rhaymes from Holiday Heart in that State Farm commercial SMFH I'm si…
DeAndre Jordan no longer from the H. He belong to LA now.
Dear instead of putting deandre Jordan in a dress u could've had a player in that commercial but hey what do I know??πŸ€—
Deandre Jordan ain't no kids favorite player. You rap about selling drugs and violence, and it's emulate, ***
Kevin Garnett plays Grandpa, DeAndre Jordan mom in new ads:
. is a baby in a new State Farm ad with Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Love and Kevin Garnett
DeAndre Jordan in a dress being reminded by a baby Damian Lillard and grandpa KG that he doesn't have any rings.
Deandre Jordan took all types of L's for that "The Hoopers" State Farm commercial
But why is Deandre Jordan in a dress? That's the real question πŸ€”
Deandre Jordan dressing like a housewife smh take me back to the 80s Larry Bird wouldn't have stood for this
the kg and deandre Jordan one is too much πŸ˜‚
DeAndre Jordan and Wendy William both should be ashamed of themselves for dressing in drag..
Why this *** Deandre Jordan looking like Sheneneh & Madea combined?
DeAndre Jordan, do know that I've lost all respect for you. You're a disgrace to Black men everywhere!
look at Deandre Jordan he's making 70% of his shots but can't make a free throw
DeAndre Jordan's wig is blowing in the wind in the State Farm commercial.
DeAndre Jordan a *** for that State Farm Commercial. . The clippers are ***
Deandre Jordan is *** for dressing up like a girl n that State Farm commercial
Congrats Deandre Jordan. You have officially contributed to the white man's agenda to effeminize the black male. Thanks for…
DeAndre Jordan in this State Farm commercial looks like a cast member from "Basketball Wives, LA."
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Washington Post - DeAndre Jordan dresses in drag for new set of State Farm ads:
Delly def overslept and missed the casting call for "State Farm Guy"
Watch Draymond run the floor to the basket, seal his man and call for the ball. Somebody teach DeAndre Jordan to do this…
DeAndre Jordan is a super tall blonde woman in State Farm commercial.
They got Deandre Jordan in a dress and wig bruh
CPiss3, Klay Thompson and Deandre Jordan for current. Scottie Pippen retired
Sooo Tim Duncan at 39 YEARS OLD averaged 18 and 11 in the playoffs last year against Deandre Jordan and Blake Griffin...
DeAndre Jordan's free throws woes hit new low
Al just said "Deandre Jordan emailed both free throws, like you can't email them both guy" meant air-balled,but said emailed lol
Of course Someone would tag me in the vid of deandre Jordan air balling the 2 free throws
DeAndre Jordan air-balling free throws, back to back. *Drake voice*
DeAndre Jordan's free throws woes hit new low - Dallas Morning News
DeAndre Jordan airballs a pair of free throws. πŸ€”. .
Can we stop for a minute. Deandre Jordan airballed 2 free throws in a row tonight? Like air balled 1 & also the next? . They call them FREE
So nobody is talking about D12 catching an Deandre Jordan-like alley-oop dunk over Porzingis?
Bae: "Is that Michael Jordan? He's not very good.". *DeAndre Jordan airballs 2 FTs in a row*. Me: "That's why they call him Air Jordan"
Klay Thompson's career 3pt% is higher than Deandre Jordan's career FT%
Deandre Jordan is the best player on the Patriots you guys are lucky
think of Andre as like a Deandre Jordan. He's not Shaq. U can't just give him the ball and let him go to work.
My taste in men goes from Deandre Jordan to Harry Styles in seconds
"Girls 6'0 in the club wondering why guys don't buy em drinks. Nobody tryna flirt with DeAndre Jordan." YO LMAO
"He's Benjamin Button. Being as old as he is, ready to play at all times." -Deandre Jordan
They really made promo for Clippers vs Mavs with Deandre Jordan and Mark Cuban featuring Phil Collins singing "Take a look at me now" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
Deandre Jordan, Paul Pierce, Josh Smith, Lance, & Wes Johnson signed with the clippers last summer to remain mediocre πŸ˜’
Deandre Jordan lmao how do you air ball free throws πŸ˜‚
If you say any big on Kentucky's team is like Deandre Jordan on the Clipps, you don't know B-Ball. You are a ... http:…
Im like Shaq, Deandre Jordan and Dwight Howard when it comes to
team with Deandre jordan, kobe bryant, stewie, chris bosh, and Dwight Howard
Who you taking in a fight, Zach Randolph or DeAndre Jordan?
You say you stay shooting like free throws... DeAndre Jordan that is.
You want Zach Randolph or DeAndre Jordan backing you up in a fight?
so you think you DeAndre Jordan now huh?
DeAndre Jordan out here shooting 39% from the penalty
ICYMI: Here's the video that played during Mavs pregame last night: DeAndre Jordan is THE FRIGHTENED MAN-BOY
DeAndre Jordan is a Texan. You still like him?
Today in practice one of my players told me his fav player was Deandre Jordan I almost cut him from the team
sounds like a sad day, 😭maybe someday we can agree on them yeezy's 😏 NO deandre Jordan funny business
Quick! Only 40 minutes left in my poll DeAndre Jordan vs. Air Bud and it's ANYONE'S game.
Big men Hassan Whiteside and DeAndre Jordan have TS% of 75% and 66%, almost all dunks and layups. Steph has a TS% of 7…
I liked a video from DeAndre Jordan is THE FRIGHTENED MAN-BOY
Watching Tony Allen shoot is like watching a smaller version of DeAndre Jordan shoot
DeAndre Jordan 84 million still can't make free throws
Watching the game again Deandre Jordan proved why he's not worth all that money
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