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Dean Smith

Dean Edwards Smith (born February 28, 1931) is a retired American head coach of men's college basketball.

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Loved this clip of BJ Armstrong describing Jordan’s reverence for the late Dean Smith on my show:
They're playing work in the Dean Smith center
Proving again he's not Dean Smith: Roy Williams takes blame for not calling timeout late in loss - via App
The fact that Dean Smith had a winning record against Adolph Rupp, Bob Knight, and Mike Krzyzewski is one of his most telling statistics.
Pretty sure Lee Carsley was Brentford caretaker boss "until the end of the season" until Dean Smith took charge. might do the same.
The post-match thoughts of Chris Hughton and Dean Smith.
Dean Smith passed away one year ago today.
Dean Smith may be more well known to the masses, but Adolph Rupp is Phog's greatest-and most successful-pupil. The Baron was special.
Fun fact I learned: legendary UNC bball coach Dean Smith grew up in Emporia, KS, & his dad was a pallbearer at William Allen White's funeral
Forget match-fixing in tennis and athletics, did Dean Smith try and throw the game tonight with those substitutions?
Dean Smith gives update on the future of Burnley and Rangers targets Tarkowski, Judge and...
Brentford boss Dean Smith unhappy at timing of Burnley's Alan Judge bid
Dean Smith hits out at Burnley over timing of Alan Judge bid: . The Clarets have had offers for the Irish...
Brentford boss Dean Smith has hit out at Burnley over their handling of Alan Judge bid
~ Brentford: Head coach Dean Smith labels timing of Burnley bid for Alan Judge as 'not right'
Brentford boss Dean Smith confirms receiving a bid from Burnley for Alan Judge & questions the timing ahead of tomorrow nig…
Dean Smith questions Burnley’s Alan Judge approach ahead of Brentford match
Dean Smith questions Burnley's Alan Judge approach ahead of Brentford match
Bees confirm Burnley Judge bid: Brentford boss Dean Smith has confirmed Burnley have bid for midfielder A...
Brentford boss Dean Smith has hinted at his unhappiness over Burnley's rumoured interest in Alan Judge ahead of Friday night's ...
George Karl only doing it to top the Zen Master in overall wins. Like Coach K w/ Dean Smith
Brentford boss Dean Smith eyes promotion push after productive first month at Griffin Park
Man did we lose some people in sports in 2015: Yogi Berra, Ernie Banks, Billy Casper, Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian, Ken Stabler, Stuart Scott
The Magic of the Emirates FA Cup returns to Griffin Park on Saturday 9 January with Dean Smith's former side...
The new Ferrari F12tdf captured by Dean Smith
Dean Smith full of respect for Brighton boss and reflects on Chelsea League Cup tie...
Coach Knight had 1 NBA All Star won 3 NCAA Titles..Dean Smith had what 25 during same period won one..toughness?
Looking at all these other distinguished coaches that never won titles, we are blessed to have had both Dean Smith and Roy Williams.
UCLA after Wooden. Guthridge had a terrible time after Dean Smith
Phil was on staff & a TN guy... Look at NC after Dean Smith
Dean Smith was pleased with Brentford's spirit despite Kenwyne Jones grabbing the winner:
REPORT: superior in shoot-out to beat and book date with Dean Smith
There will be video reaction to the defeat on Bees Player shortly from Dean Smith and Jake Bidwell .
You never know what you're going to see in the Dean Smith center! 😝🏀🐑💯
Mega - Brentford win their first game with Dean Smith in charge. First football manager to share his name with a Formula Renault UK champ?
Paul Downing: Walsall can do it without Dean Smith: Paul Downing has emphatically knocked back suggestions…
Paul Downing: Walsall can still get promoted without Dean Smith
TRAINING | Dean Smith and Richard O'Kelly took their first Training Session earlier today at Jersey Road
Paul Downing sad to see Dean Smith leave Walsall
Downing sad to see Smith leave: Walsall defender Paul Downing says he was sorry to see Dean Smith leave as man...
I coulda swore I was gunna be a Tarheel, *** Dean Smith *** You know? - J. Cole
"There is a lot of basketball beyond our control, but a player should never let anyone try harder than he does” – Dean Smith
Walsalls first game without Dean Smith ended in a 2-1 win over Shrewbury Paul Downing with a late winner massive three points for them
Coach K, Dean Smith, Bob Knight, John Wooden, Adolph Rupp, anyone else? Who's the greatest? I think it depends on preference.
So Adolph Rupp and Dean Smith could be the head man at Kansas, for instance. And Wilt Chamberlain could be teammates with Michael Jordan.
The late, great Dean Smith provides us with today's
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The credit of taking players back to hometown should go to Dean Smith, he started that long ago Andy, get it right
Dean Smith confirms talks with Man City to extend the loan of George Evans are going well & a deal should be done soon…
Kentucky and North Carolina's greatest Head Coaches (Adolph Rupp and Dean Smith) not only were Kansas/KU Grads, but also Doc Allen's pupils.
I assume that you wouldnt look at Justin Edinburgh or Dean Smith ?
were beat by arguably (that word again) the best player in ACC history, David Thompson. He didn't have Dean Smith to stop him.
Dean Smith linked with Brentford job at the end of the season to replace Lee Carsley. Can't see him turning that down.
Brentford are considering Gillingham boss Justin Edinburgh and Walsall manager Dean Smith to replace Lee Carsley at the end of the season
Brentford being linked with Dean Smith & Justin Edinburgh for their new manager. Lee Carsley done very well as an interim gaffer
Rewatching the Dean Smith doc & it’s funny to hear K describe the standards toward Coach. Those described standards are held for u now
Dean Smith must surely be a front-runner if Dean Hoyle wants exciting, attacking football, alongside the integration of youth players.
Walsall fans also owe Ling a debt for starting Dean Smith off in coaching/management.
I always mean what I say, but I don't always say what I'm thinking. - Dean Smith
A letter from coach to player, May 17, 1983. Dean Smith to Michael Jordan.
Coach K ain't got not 1 player in the hall of fame. Dean Smith got 2 on 1 team.
“Praise behaviour that you want repeated” . – Dean Smith
I’m going to give Dean Smith a shout - just got back from Walsall! 👍🏼
I’m off on a scouting mission to watch Walsall v Gills Will report back later! Dean Smith 👍🏼
"You should never be proud of doing the right thing. You should just do it." Dean Smith, former UNC basketball coach
Praise the actions you want repeated. – Dean Smith
Great stuff from the legend, Dean Smith.
Like all the 'get a UNC guy' to replace Dean Smith. Dean wasn't a 'UNC guy' - went to Kansas.
Carmelo winning him a title with a touch of replacing Dean Smith
What to do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it. – Dean Smith. .
boss Dean Smith may try to keep ace George Evans for longer.
Check out the legacy of Dean Smith & Charles Scott.
It's January 2016 and Dean Smith has been sacked after a winless run stretching back to October 17th 2015. Mark Cooper replaces him.
What was the old saw? Only man to stop Michael Jordan was Dean Smith. Well, only man who can stop Derrick Henry is Lane Kiffin
Probably only a select group of people get this reference but the best way to sum up Dean Smith's performance is 'doing a Mark Courtney'.
All the people that have molded me to who i am . Dean Smith . Frank . Uncle Tony . Nelson
Leadership bites from Coach K, Dean Smith, Don Meyer, John Maxwell and others
On this day in 1997, Dean Smith announced his retirement as UNC head coach.
Real cool photo of Dean Smith and Phil Ford on an in-home visit with Jeff McInnis:
Sumo wrestling. CTE. Dean Smith. Gronk. JERRY JONES DRINKING A LOT OF WHISKEY. It's all in the book.
Awesome: Cancer doc buys Dean Smith's old office chair for $15K for chemo patients to sit in http:…
Dean Smith's office chair sold for $15K this morning at Roy Williams charity breakfast (H/T
Signed up for the Duke college visit upon their request. May Roy Williams and Dean Smith forgive me.
Saddlers: Dean Smith joy at hitting 250-game milestone: Boss Dean Smith will celebrate his 250th game...
One player’s selfish attitude can poison a locker room and make it impossible to establish team work - Dean Smith http…
Gary James speaking to boss Dean Smith,. full interview to come later
Is Jared trying to prove that Sam Wesson really did marry Dean Smith?
it depends if Real Madrid don't come after Dean Smith when they sack The Fat Spanish Waiter
Dean Smith should win the Ballon d'Or even though he doesn't even play
Delighted for my pals at tonight, Dean Smith doing top job in league and cup - Chelsea next. Some great people at the Saddlers.
Spot (Exec. Dir.) homeless Joe on the roof of the Dean Smith Youth Centre in one of these pics.
Video: Boss wants even more from Walsall via
Sam Smith to play live for BBC Radio 2 In Concert: Homegrown super-talent Sam Smith will be performing live fo...
If you want to do a Canadian accent, rather than a-boot, try a-boat. Much more accurate.
Ohio college football coach, inspired by Dean Smith, holds team practice at local prison
No chance ever of getting a neutral and balanced 'pundit'. Alan Smith is a clown, like his club
JIMMY SMITH (of the Gourds) & THE HARD PANS with Michael Dean Damron only 2 weeks away. Got your tickets yet?
Video: Dean Smith’s Winning Run at the Malibu Boats Tokyo Pro!: A big congrats to Dean Smith for winning the M...
Mrs. Smith and her health science students are happy to be back at school!
Dean smith is 4th longest serving manager
MUST stand tall & defend If only public knew truth! We should be shouting from the rooftops: .
Saddlers: Tinkerman Smith happy to keep switching and swapping his Walsall…: SADDLERS boss Dean Smith...
Dean’s Auto Repair is your premier full service auto repair in Nassau, Bahamas. When your car needs expert a
Our shirts this year honor the late Dean Smith and Stuart Scott, two true Tar Heels. Come pick one up in the Pit!
Antonio Deacon Dean McGill, Kenny Khang, Comedian Mook Mane, Christian King Bailey, Boo Smith and you asked for...
Saddlers: PAPER TALK: “Our Aim is to Win the League”: Walsall manager Dean Smith has spoken to the lo...
do it. I would love dean smith to be in Melbourne.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
VIDEO: on in-form as the score four wins in a row
Look at that quote from Dean Smith about Lalkovic brilliant that is 😍
So who has Rupert rostered on to write the next anti-Dave Smith article? Bec, Kent, Dean or Beetroot?
A message from one of our judges, Dean Smith, sent to our Top 10 after Saturday Evenings finals:. " Mense, julle...
Dean Smith says his Walsall side can get even better: Boss Dean Smith believes Walsall are still some way short of…
Basketball - Multiple Offense and Defense by Dean Smith and Bob Spear (1981,...
Former UNC coach Dean Smith sent this out to every single one of his former players upon his death. Absolute legend. htt…
*** marriage split:Liberal senator Dean Smith vows to cross the floor - How to lose 25% of your support base
EXCLUSIVE: Liberal senator Dean Smith to cross floor for
Dean Smith taught MJ the game. Made him the player that we know as the GOAT. Phil Jackson simply polished him. That's why MJ chose Dean.
S/O to the writers of supernatural for the whole "Dean Smith & Sam Wesson" v. "Dean & Sam Winchester", I appreciate the play on words
Dean Smith and Leonard Hamilton also commented on Adam Regan's photo.
Dean Smith confirms Matt Preston picked up a minor strain against Luton but should be fit for next weekend
Anyone that believes that you HAVE to have NBA ties to produce pros is a fool. Dean Smith and Bob McKillop produced MJ & Curry!
Only three men have won the NCAA title as a coach and as player: Joe B. Hall, Bobby Knight and Dean Smith.
Assistant to Dean Smith before taking over the
Jim Valvano. Muhammad Ali. Dean Smith. Pat Tillman. Nelson Mandela. . Names who will now be associated with Caitlyn Jenner.…
You need to get it right in practice, or you won’t get it right in games. – Dean Smith
He'd have been happy at flag news from southern neighbor: USBWA creates award honor of late TarHeels coach Dean Smith
Hearts Afflutter: steals our heart by dropping Dean Smith quote.
Media seems so desperate to prop up Sean Miller as Dean Smith reincarnate that they'll call him "elite" and "uptempo" when neither is true.
Adam Lucas on the passing of Dean Smith:
"Well, Dean Smith likes your butt." Dean smiles. "Jensen was freaked out, thinking he was doing some guy named Jared. +
Very excited to be playing some of my favourite music with Phil Cooper, Dean Smith , Rob J and Stuart Robinson at...
How did such a nice guy like Dean Smith turn out so many conniving and sketchy protégés? George Karl, Roy Williams, who else am I missing?
You don't make it without a coach. Michael Jordan still needed Dean Smith
so Michael Jordan wasn't the best player Dean Smith ever coached?
Mad Dog Russo: you know how good Billy Cunningham was? He may have been the greatest player Dean Smith ever coached!!! ...
"I knew Dean Smith. I watched him work a lot. I was at his practices on numerous occasions." -Mike Francesa
Jordan has been coached by legends Dean Smith, Tex Winters, and Phil Jackson. Doug Collins also has a 52% winning percentage.
but lebron was just 18 when he came in. MJ had time at UNC wit Dean Smith and Sam Perkins and James Worthy. That makes a
I didn't cry when Dean Smith died, but when I was sitting on my bed and watching Sportscenter and found out about Stuart Scott... man. 😭😓
Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner to win the same award as Jim Valvano, Dean Smith, and Nelson Mandela won? That doesn't seem right
Man, if he somehow could have played for Dean Smith. Or Jim Calhoun or Nolan Richardson or Rick Pitino.
Bill Guthridge wasn't Dean Smith. What made him special to is that he never tried to be:
Bill Guthridge wasn't as visible as his boss Dean Smith, but reaction to his death shows he was just as beloved
info: Bill was Tex Winter's captain at KSt and ast. Dean Smith asked Tex to hire Bill to teach 🔺
RIP to former K-Stater Bill Guthridge who played & coached w/ Tex Winter in the 50s and 60s before joining Dean Smith at UNC.
Former UNC HC Bill Guthridge, who also served 30 years as an asst under Dean Smith, dies at 77
Still can't believe we lost Stuart Scott and Dean Smith already.
Basketball is a team game, but that doesn't mean all five players get the same amount of shots -- Dean Smith
Brad Daugherty is the prototypical center on the Dean Smith team.
Kinda mad cause if they close dean i gotta go to chicopee comp, smith voke, or putnam 😒
When I was young, Psygnosis games were shipped to the WH Smith near me from a different planet. Thanks Roger Dean
Freedom is going anywhere and being able to feel "I belong here"
the Dean Smith stories were awesome. Nice work.
"The most important thing in good leadership is truly caring.". -Dean Smith
The time when Dean Smith went to LeFrak City in Queens in golf pants to recruit -->
FYI if the GA votes to put Dean Smith's statue on Capitol Hill I'm telling everyone up here I'm from South Carolina.
Photo: Long day in the city. Kicking back, chilling
"I do believe in praising that which deserves to be praised." ~ Dean Smith
Mayor Dean has recognized GS&P as a "Hall of Fame" company in his Mayor's Workplace Challenge:
Too rich? Too loud? Is this our first fight? Enjoy Chuck Dean and Cameron Smith's on taxes via
I'll be this Sunday playing the music of with Neil Harland, James Birkett and Paul Smith.
Fact or fiction: J.R. Smith's tendency to chuck three pointers could lead to multiple playoff game losses.
He's also not Josh Smith, my (stolen from Dean On Draft) pessimistic comp. I don't think he's that diff @ Kawhi
I watched the new trailer for with tears brimming in my eyes which spilled out when Han spoke - is in my blood
so I guess dean smith wasn't that good of a coach because he only won 3 rings after all those years... Roy has 2 and not done.
Oh my Wendell Dean Smith I hope this never happens to you. I know you love to laugh!! Hehehe!!! LOL
Dean E. Smith Center and Cameron Indoor...this is a good first day of the trip
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Fowler: Dean Smith would say practice was his favorite time. It was his classroom--you get the sense if didn't coach he'd be a professor.
Joining us now is of the to discuss his book, "Dean Smith: More Than a Coach," and Steph Curry/NBA playoffs
we heard the same about Chip Kelly this year huh? Chip = NFL's Dean Smith? Lol
.on Dean Smith: "He treated everyone the same way...he treated me like he treated Michael (Jordan)"
Amir Khan showing off his party trick. This is pretty sick!! 😱👏🔥
Fascinating interview with about Smith's Monthly, done by the great Ed Gorman.
No he wouldn't he said UNC to play for Dean Smith look it up 😉
Ellery Queen, Zane Grey & Dean Wesley Smith One man doing it all.
Signing event Tuesday at Observer for Dean Smith book
Find out how coach Jeff Lebo used the money he received from Dean Smith's trust:
Dr. Smith, Dean Emeritus of Cornell CVM, about to speak @ NC State CVM re evolution of veterinary medicine colleges
Dean Smith says has been offered a two year deal. "We're waiting to hear back" Smit…
excellent Dean, keeping things in perspective. Talking of which, where have they hid Himmler aka Ian Duncan Smith?
The Sermon on the Mount has a strange way of making us better people or better liars. - Dean Smith
As long as Dr. Dean Smith doesn't have the MOC, it should go well.
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...I would say it's very different from Dean Smith.
I feel like he, frankly, has underachieved given his talent. Exactly in a way Dean Smith used to do.
"It hit me and put a tear in my eye. Even after he passed he was still all about his players" .
Photo: It comes down to what you know and who you know as well as hard work and positivity. Use your cards...
When your sister try to cover sam smith song.
mariel_klein : "We've been very flexible," said FAS Dean Mike Smith, whose office is in Univ. Hall, en route to Wi…
"Im just wandering around campus - it's good exercise," Harvard FAS Dean Michael D. Smith says as protesters blockade Univ. Hall
. A good write up by Dean Smith on the Sevilla game.BUT.he makes no mention of the fact Zenit have half a team missing!
Graphic Recording by Dean makes talks look great!
Dean Smith looks ahead to our clash with Crewe Alexandra...
Roy Williams is one of my all time favorite coaches behind Dean Smith of course, Coach K is great, I'm just not on his *** though...
Dean Smith willing $200 to every player he ever coached at UNC to enjoy "dinner out" is one of my favorite stories. http:…
Roy is fantastic but he's no Dean Smith I hope you know
Ya Huh didn't he play at UNC for Dean Smith?
Roy also just tied Dean Smith this year for most post season victories all time, he also coaches in the ACC.. Just saying
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Dean Smith remembers players in will
Dean Smith cements himself as one of the greatest leaders even after his death. (ESPN)
Dena Smith speaks to the importance of the position, not of her employment as assistant principal, aka dean of students.
bad year. Dean smith and stu Scott died.
. Well I already have a Sam Wesson but I could make /just 1/ account for you, like another Dean Smith account
Here is another episode we found on YT of The Restless Gun! This has our very good friend Dean Smith in one of...
Every week, 1 lamp is abused by Sam or Dean. For 2 cents a week, you can help stop lamp abuse.
wooden geno coach k dean Smith and izzo
Okay then: John Wooden, Geno Auriemma, Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, and Press Maravich in no particular order.
take that back dean Smith 4th. Izzo 5th
Everett Case’s gift in 1966 foreshadowed Dean Smith’s in 2015
Much like Dean Smith with Michael Jordan, the only one who can stop Kawhi Leonard is Gregg Popovich.
grrr. Dean Smith won't be dead for long.
I respect em. The same way I respect Dean Smith as a person and Roy Williams. It’s all greatness to me
“Best sign in here right now respect to this dude for the Dean Smith on it.
From our archives at TSS:. A look at the 1977 Final 4, the one time Dean Smith coached vs. Jerry Tarkanian in the F-4.
One last gift from a real class act. Video of Dean Smith's gift to former players ->
Walsall boss Dean Smith hopes to sign City's Jordy Hiwula on a season-long deal in the summer after Hiwula's return of 4 go…
So I guessing Jordan will take his $200 Dean Smith check straight to the poker table?
Inspirational & touching story on the great Dean Smith appreciating & remembering those he coached in his will.
Dean Smith's intentionality/generosity to his former players displayed in his final will . All sports fans…
Dean Smith was a great coach and a imperfect man but nobody called him late for dinner. Al.
Michael Jordan loses his $200 from Dean Smith at blackjack table - via
ICYMI: Former UNC coach Dean Smith leaves each one of his former players $200 in his will. »
Dean Smith has continued to do cool things even after his death:
Fox News should have played James Taylor with the Dean Smith tribute, as he grew up in Chapel Hill!!
Brad Dougherty is framing $200 from Dean Smith. Hubby framed $1 tip he got. as usher for Newark Bears after retiring from clinical medicine
Spoke w/ former Tar Heel Ed Cota. He received his letter/check from the late Dean Smith today. More on WBTV tonight!
Dean Smith leaves $200 to every letter winner who played for him during his 36 years at UNC.
ESPN says Dean Smith's will leaves $200 each to about 180 former players whose unpaid labor made him millions.
Jennifer Morgan Boroughs and Rebekah Boroughs, you were not kidding about how good of a guy Dean Smith was.
Thank you UNC for one of the best seasons!!! We will always have another chance. Just know Dean Smith and Stuart Scott are proud of you!!! 🏀
Dean Smith prearranged to surprise his former players with $200 dinners after he died
Stuart Scott and Dean Smith are watching these games rn and smiling
If the Tar Heels win it all, it'll be for Dean Smith & Stuart Scott
Dean Smith what a class act he cared for his players when he coached them and still taking care of them even when he has…
Even in death, Dean Smith puts his players first.
It took Dean Smith a long time to win his first national championship. It's reasonable that it's a learning process for Tony Bennett too
Dean Smith left money in his will to all of his players
Awesome. Dean Smith's estate sends $200 checks to 180 UNC letterman for a "dinner out"
All 180 of Dean Smith's players received request to update their address. They now know why: htt…
"Dean Smith's will directed to send $200 to each player that played for him (via …
I respect how coach Dean Smith left $200 in his will for all the letterman that played for him all 180 of them 🙌
Dean Smith willed $200 to each of his former UNC players & told them to enjoy dinner on him
The late Dean Smith sends beautiful final gesture to his former UNC players
Final gift: UNC's Smith leaves $200 to players: Former UNC coach Dean Smith, who died last month, directed his...
Hey tell Tony I’d be happy to go to lunch with him on Dean Smith.
I wonder what former Vancouver Grizzlies George Lynch, Makhtar N'Diaye and Pete Chilcutt will do with their Dean Smith cheques.
LOOK: Dean Smith left each of his former players one final parting gift in his will.
Dean Smith used his will to buy every one of his lettermen a nice dinner:
At NCAA HQ someone's saying 'Hey, we should ban that': Dean Smith leaves $200 to each letterman via
Will Tony Shaver be using his $200 from Dean Smith at the College Delly or Paul’s?
“UNC legend Dean Smith willed each of his former players $200 to “enjoy a dinner out” omg
NCAA calls emergency meeting, feverishly deliberates over whether to posthumously sanction Dean Smith, strip him of all records.
Dan Gable, John Wooden, Dean Smith, John Calipari all have one thing in common. They cheated a lot.
Dean Smith celebrates with Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins and James Worthy after North Carolina defeated Georgetown.
Congrats to for advancing to & to Coach Williams on matching Dean Smith at on
Who would imagine that in UNC's win over Arkansas 87-78 that Nate Britt & would carry them to victory. Do it for Dean Smith.
This was Roy Williams' 65th NCAA Tournament victory, tying Dean Smith for 2nd-most all-time.
I love MJ b.c he helped to create the Tar Heel brand alongside Dean Smith & gave Dean his first championship
*** *** I bet his wife is ashamed of him. John Thompson, Jerry Tarkanian, Dean Smith, John Chaney and...
Sam Perkins at how Dean Smith prepared Perkins' Tar Heels for NCAA play
right beside Dean Smith, Roy Williams & Larry Brown. Notice Roy and Larry are disciples of Dean.
Boeheim extending career 3 years so he can pass Jim Calhoun, Adolph Rupp, Dean Smith and Bobby Knight all over again on wins list?
Submitted mine too. I didn't subtitle it 'Tom hearts Dean Smith' as that's pretty apparent... ☺
Mike Krzyzewski becomes 3rd coach ever to make 20 consecutive NCAA Tournaments, joining Roy Williams and Dean Smith. http…
The media have been saying that Karl Robinson is Jesus for a few years now. Nobody talks about Dean Smith in the same terms. I don't get it.
they probably meet at Dean Smith's grave weekly to take a group *** on it
Sporstmanship trending up as UNC acknowledged Coach K for his 1,000th win and tribute to Dean Smith:
Heartbreak in Williamsburg...again. William & Mary head coach Tony Shaver played on Dean Smith's UNC basketball...
I was reading an article about teaching athletes humility and I liked that quote from Dean Smith lol
"Never be proud of doing what's right. Just do what's right" - Dean Smith
RIP Dean Smith, the legendary coach. He won two national titles during his career.
Curly, Larry and Moe... Not to be mistaken for Summitt, Coach K and Dean Smith
My folks surprised me with this letter I'll never forget from Dean Smith. A great man, coach and leader.
Little Giant Ladders
Larry Brown, still trying to please Dean Smith, delivers first title to SMU in 22 years...
.Brown still trying to please mentor; AAC title would make Dean Smith proud http…
"Phog" Allen, "father of basketball coaching", acquired nickname for foghorn voice he had as a baseball umpire. He coached Dean Smith.
Don't miss the documentary on legendary coach Dean Smith, premiering 3/25 on Showtime.
Breaking News: "are looking to sign Karl Robinson or Dean Smith as their new Matchday Touchline Coach"
In memory of Dean Smith, UNC and Duke students work together to tackle poverty
Dean Smith couldn't even Kadeem Hardison in his own arena tonight??
Look at North Carolina. Roy Williams, Butch Davis, and St. Dean Smith made up fake classes so kids would be eligible.
Dean Smith, who retired as the winningest coach in college basketball history, died Saturday at the age of 83
18th anniversary of my first trip to the today. What an epic tournament CC Harrison had, and it was Dean Smith's last one.
Just found out my coach has a better record than Rick Pitino and Dean Smith. He's a *** legend.
Let's make Dean Smith proud and at home on Saturday!!! Get hyped
SI writers past and present share personal memories of Dean Smith via
Here's another Dean Smith memory I have. I was at a game in Greensboro in the early eighties. There was a foul...
Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian, Anthony Mason, Earl Lloyd, Stuart world losing mad people already in 2015 smh
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Stuart Scott, Tark, Anthony Mason, Jerome Kersey, Dean Smith. . Life has been awful this year for sports
Stuart Scott, Dean Smith, Ed Sabol, Charlie Sifford, Jerry Tarkanian, Earl Lloyd, Anthony Mason - can we hurry up and get to 2016.
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