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Dean Smith

Dean Edwards Smith (born February 28, 1931) is a retired American head coach of men's college basketball.

Roy Williams Larry Brown John Wooden Michael Jordan Leyton Orient Bob Knight Phil Jackson League One Micky Mellon Matt Doherty

Yeah this kid is gonna be something furious.. Suave Burgandy Roy Smith Jermaine Jd Dean Eric Staten
Dean Smith, Paul Downing and tomorrow from 6am on their dramatic win
looks like a great ep, but i haven't seen the past 2! (the sims4 have taken over my life tbh. cas and dean are happy there :P)
Yes. But more usefully, I'd suggest TTR-Asia, Alhambra, and Timeline.
Don't even get me started on the Nerf Rebelle line.
Finals week means Don't miss out - head to the Smith Dining Center now for…
Dean Smith will never be able to know or chose whether to give up. Alzheimer's took that from him. Yet you ignore it.
Check it out! The Venturess has its own site then read ‘s interview here : http:…
: What do you do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it. -Dean Smith
As soon as Dean Smith dies Valvano will be bumped to 'Others Receiving Remembrances'.
Check out pro wakeboarder Dean Smith this weekend down at the park showing us all the new 2015 Ronix boards &...
Happy bday to my Brother Dean Smith Legend Funniest man to walk this earth U would never think he was 33 how time...
DEAN SMITH: "I said at half-time we could either accept it or do something about it. I was delighted for the players in the end."
manager Dean Smith hails his 'outstanding' penalty kings http…
manager Dean Smith hails his 'outstanding' penalty kings
Dean of Students, Mark Smith, has taken the stage
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
please pray for my friends Karen and Dean Smith, Karens blood count is seriously low due to chemo and Dean is suffering migrains. Healing!
Pleased to see Dean Smith and Micky Mellon up for respective League One and Two Manager of the Month awards. Two of the good guys.
Also congrats to Walsall's Dean Smith & Shrewsbury's Micky Mellon on being nominated for League One and League 2 manager of the month awards
Mark Robins Mark Cooper Karl Robinson & Dean Smith all nominated for MOTM!
Dean Blevins just mentioned possible 3-team deal:. Nets get Josh Smith. Pistons get Perkins. Thunder get Kevin Garrnett. anything?
Suicide Squad is going to be insane. Will Smith, Jared Leto and Tom Hardy.
I just spit out my pop leave it to Dean to have me laugh LOL
right but i save that for sat night Dean 😈👿
1 manager in that league who is a bright young thing is that Dean Smith at Walsall. Always do well despite *** poor budget
Breaking Bad's Dean Norris to play Stan Smith's new boss.
This weekend is going to be one you'll never forget! Super excited for you brother!! :-)
Wasn't "Hands up, don't shoot!" basically Dean Smith's basketball philosophy?
The obsession with keeping it in the family is lethal. That's how UNC went from Dean Smith to Matt Doherty.
Photo: with days until this amazing show with at the...
with repostapp.⁰・・・⁰2 days until this amazing show with smith_1515 at the Peace…
New leadership: Cambridge, Mass. – December 2, 2014 – Michael D. Smith, Edgerley Family Dean of the Faculty of...
sometimes I remember dean's face when he walked up to cas at gas n 'sip and (:
Sam Smith slander literally breaks my heart.
Hi Dean, If you would like us to help you, please send us a DM with your booking reference number, so we can investigate it.
Bless you, Dean Smith. Bless you and your suspenders.
Dr. Laura Smith, JCTC's dean of student affairs with serious info
This is just crazy. .. How they fish for piranhas in Brazil. Roy Smith Jermaine Jd Dean
I'm giving plenty of warning to call Dean Winchester; tomorrow is National Apple Pie Day!
"You know why they call it PMS? Because mad cow disease was already taken." - Art Smith, CRC Dean of Students
Giroud rarely scores despite the good service. Soldado rarely gets service. We should sign him up.
You keep doing what makes you happy Corey. Praising Dean Smith for photo ops whilst he supports anti GLBTI policies is sad IMHO
Honestly.I do love that middle class belief in talkfest mutual wanking ;). dean smith going? No. Cause he is an ***
Dean Smith modelling the new RGB car!
is this the same Dean Smith who is anti *** marriage? Credible then!!
Liberal Senator Dean Smith says Australia has a role to play in removal of anti-homosexual laws in Commonwealth countri…
one where the sole purpose is to protect the legacy afam creator, Dean Smith. And that 93' banner.
That interception by Geno smith made me lose in fantasy by .4, I would of gotten a 1st round bye...I officially hate Geno…
Is it bad that my kid recognizes Sam, Dean, & Cas just by their voices? (Wait don't answer that.)
Reminds me of an old college basketball joke. "Who is the only man that can hold Jordan to under 20 points? Dean Smith"
If ur going to make every game a matter of life or death, ur going to have lots of problems. For 1 thing, you'll be dead a …
I don't recall Dean Smith repeatedly taking credit for Jordan's NBA success, but maybe I just missed it
Dean u r entitled to believe what you want I am not going to talk about it anymore and I still think U R groovy
That's true Dean did have good intentions
Dean I wouldn't gain anything by fooling you.
So I'm in line to get lunch at church and I'm talking to my minister's CUTE and YOUNG nephew (he makes me want chocolate CUTE!!!) and he comments on my Carolina blue pant suit (of course-it's basketball season after all) and Chuck Cardwell says "you know she is Carolina fanatic AND she HATES the *** . Chuck LOVES to pick on me about the *** !! So he looks at me and STARTS TALKING CAROLINA BASKETBALL HERE IN TENNESSEE!!! He knew who Dean Smith was AND Roy Williams and MJ (everyone here DOES know him) AND Tyler Hansbrough AND of course my man Marcus (he says Marcus is AWESOME and was a BIT jealous when I said I loved Marcus and was going to marry him-sure thing Jane). The point is-I WAS IN HEAVEN for a few minutes! He even knew stuff that we fans would know!!! HEAVEN!
Happy birthday today to 1982 NCAA champ Jimmy Black, shown here with Dean Smith & James Worthy.
Dean Smith used 2 collect talent like Coach Cal. The fab 5 had an nba7-footer on the bench College basketball started before 2014
i'm pretty sure my laptop can't even run WoW anymore.
Today in the Senate I was asked by Senator Dean Smith about the Free Trade Agreement with China, and the benefits it will bring to the sector. WATCH
Dean Winchester might be cured, but the Mark remains... Thanks for watching
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Dean Smith is a member of the Stuntman's Hall of Fame. In 1997 he was named "All American Cowboy" and in 1998 he received a Golden Boot Award. In 2007 he received the Silver Spur award for his contribution as a stuntman (one of the best) in the film business. In 2006 he...
Nobody knows? It wasn't Cal. Dean Smith with North Carolina in the late 70's . Cal, you didn't invent the game. You just perfected cheating
Dean Smith used to run platoon subs back n the 80's & 90's. Don't act like this is new.
We can either do Dean Smith or Cameron. The one at Duke is Feb 18th, the other is March 7th at UNC
I'm determined to go to UNC vs Duke this year at the Dean Smith center. I'm putting up the bread
Dean Smith would have gone four corners on Kentucky. That darn shot clock!
All time wooden, Bob Knight, Dean Smith. Our time- Coach K, Jim Calhoun, Jim Boehiem. Calipari like that at recruiting!
you are nuts Michelangelo coach dean smith is the best coach ever
tonight's episode of carmilla was intense! crazy dean possessing Laura making carmilla pick between the girl she...
! jensen is literally SO into playing dean like the gestures and expressions always kill me
dean probably has like 67780 telenovelas on DVR
“I think lowkey Rach really like miss smith”I think so😂both talk like Paula dean
Was that when he did his Dean Smith impression?
DEAN SMITH: "Adam Chambers' red card was disappointing and we will appeal it."
DEAN SMITH: "We weren't as good as we have been, but whilst we didn't deserve to win the game, we didn't deserve to lose either."
SMITH REACTS TO WALSALL'S FA CUP EXIT: Walsall manager Dean Smith has spoken to the press following…
Dean Smith won games by stalling running the 4 corners. Doesn't mean I want to watch it.
Dean Smith told us post-match he wants to appeal Adam Chambers' red card.
TOD: Failure becomes a success when you learn from it. Dean Smith
we're not the joking kind. Is Dean Smith in there or did you wimp out?
Exploring growth focus with Assistant Dean of Admissions Kate Smith:
Marcus Smith, realistically is there anyone on the defense he could take defensive snaps away from or is he a project?
Dean wrote "this assignment *** fuzzy reindeer balls" on his case brief and gave it to Judge Smith😂
Me and Dean ... Smith and Jones style ... Interview for 7pm show
"You should never be proud of doing what’s right. You should just do what’s right." -Dean Smith
Saddlers: SMITH LOOKS AHEAD TO SHREWS REPLAY: Walsall manager Dean Smith has spoken to the club's off...
“You should always sub a player out when you see them not going full speed or they’re playing selfish basketball” – Dean Smith
You get the last word, Dean. I won't bully you further.
Dean Smith's appearance on "This is Carolina Basketball" draws maybe the largest cheers of the night. As it should be.
They might, and I emphasize the word MIGHT, take down two of our banners.but Roy Williams is a great man, and a great basketball coach who should proudly wear his rings everyday for the rest of his life! Everyone knows and will always know that the Tarheels have won 4 National Championships, and that Roy has, THUS FAR, won two here.for us(grateful North Carolineans)! I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE A PROUD TARHEELS FAN! I am proud of the coaches, from Cunningham to the great Dean Smith, and Roy Williams. The Players who became H.O.F coaches such as George Karl, Larry Brown and Popovich. I am proud of the players from Phil Ford, M.J, Worthy, n Perkins to Donald Williams, Hubert Davis, George Lynch, Sheed, Vinsanity, Jamison and to Felton, Ty Lawson, Hansborogh, D. Green, ect.! I'M GRATEFUL AND PROUD OF ALL THE PAST AND PRESENT MEMBERS OF THE TARHEEL BASKETBALL FAMILY.EXCEPT RASHAD "JUDAS" McCANTS! So, my head is and will always be held high(w/ a tarheel hat on it), and I know Roy Williams' will be as well! With si ...
LISTEN: Notts County 1 v 2 Walsall - Goals and Reaction. Tom Marlow describes the action and talks to Dean Smith.
Agree with them or not, four senators are clearly principled: Bob Day, Cory Bernardi, Dean Smith, David Leyonhjelm http…
"Basketball is a beautiful game when the five players on the court play with one heartbeat." - Dean Smith
If you're coming to my house tonight dont just show up. Let me know first and bring $5 if you wanna drink. 👻🎃🍺
1. The imperfections of a legend: Dean Smith
Best wishes to you for this venture. I'm sure it will be fantastic.
Easiest (and FAVORITE) Halloween costume ever: Dean Winchester, y'all. I just wish I had pie.
Dean Smith must really like me if he keeps wanting to meet with me, right? . Well on my way to his office once again!
The imperfections of a legend: Dean Smith
We are doing Halloween Stations with Mrs. Dean's class today!
PREVIEW: Notts County (A). Dale Moon previews our trip to in-form Notts County. . Manager Dean Smith has his say...
Dean Jen Smith is taking part in too!
Once again Dean Ellison has received an “excellent” rating. Allison Hendricks Smith noted that Dean did a much...
Dean Smith-Richard never ceases to make me laugh. His advice for Nano?. "Give up now" is my favorite and "Share...
New from RTC: ACC M5: Halloween Edition on and a Pitino/Dean Smith comparison!
Little Giant Ladders
Saddlers: Boss Dean Smith delighted by Walsall’s unity: Manager Dean Smith has expressed delight at t...
Larry Brown: "If all of us were like Dean Smith or Roy Williams or Bill Guthridge or Matt Doherty, we'd all have a better game."
LRT features art by my partner Dean Smith on the cover
Here's the UNC whistleblower speaking truth on Dean Smith, Roy Williams, and the lying liars who screwed athletes. https:…
Francesa: "If you are gonna take Joe Paterno and Dean Smith out of the books, why have books?"
just think what if Dean Smith started this Unc thing? That would be funny
Defence or Attack? - takes a look at Dean Smith's decision to bring in Michael Cain
I've always backed Dean Smith but this season has just been too bad. We still haven't replaced Jamie Paterson or Febian Brandy yet
TOD: press offense - Dean Smith always wanted 3 near outlets about 20 FT away and one long outlet. Spacing.
Dean Smith is our coach of the day today. He goes down as one of College Basketball's all time great
Besides Shawn Kemp, Dean Smith might've been the oldest 18 year-old of all time.
Pat Sullivan's tales about Dean Smith faxing Larry Brown during the title run are must read stuff upcoming in Mag
Dean Smith did it MT Kentucky: 2 5-man units "Trying to do something never done in college bball" -Calipari
Not sure if that was Dean Smith or John Sheridan
lol, I share mine w/ Dean Smith :-/ ... but Mario Andretti and John Turturro too
Update your maps at Navteq
Photoset: freecas: deancas office!au: the one where Dean Smith has sex with his secretary and feels bad...
Here in Fort Smith to watch Northside (Daytrieon Dean, Deontre Hartwick) host Pine Bluff, who has 4 junior Division I prospects
second one isn't a stress because cas seeing dean as a deMON HE WILL BE LIKE NO??? and all the angel/demon parallels b l e s s
Same dire problem on Dean btwn Smith & Bond in Essential route for
my fav Dean Smith fic is a Destiel fic
bk - Dean Smith today declared his summer dealings done – as missed out on a Troy Deeney windfall.
New column: wants to be a coach, and he's using wisdom gained from Dean Smith to get there:
Turf Construction Hit with New Delays... Monroe, LA -- Field turf construction at football stadiums in the Monroe City School District has once again hit a snag. When construction began at Neville, Carroll and Wossman High Schools back in June, it was supposed to be done by the time the teams played their jamborees held during the last weekend in August. Jamboree week gave way to the first week of September — the product of an unusually rainy summer — and now the completion dates for each field have been pushed back even further. Neville and Carroll are now anticipating a date of Sept. 14 — the week of both school's home openers and Week 3 of the LHSAA season — while work at Wossman will wrap up on Sept. 28. The three schools were forced last Tuesday to move their jamborees set for Friday, Aug. 29 to ULM's JPS Field at Malone Stadium. To compensate for the delays, Hellas Construction — the company handling the bid — replaced the work crews that had been assigned the project and brought in crew ...
Shot on location with a little help from our friends, Dean Smith, and Alex Vickery
Thanks for your help. I felt so much better. Wendell Dean Smith
Cadet Smith and Cadet Dean have a gains song now omg
It's been a long day, thank you! Now if you'll excuse me, I just found an extremely lively ham sandwich in the trash.
Dean Smith relied on Roy to make adjustments when he was an assistant so I would assume he knows his X's and O's pretty well.
Oi why did the magpie cross the road? Because he was a scruffy herbert and should smarten up and get a job
Our view from the hotel room is that creepy church they filmed Dean in once.
MB should be treated by BR the same way Michael Jordan was treated by Dean Smith at UNC.
I can't remember anticipating an album with so much eagerness since Will Smith's Big Willy Style
Congratulations to Dean Holtham and his U18 Midland Floodlit squad who beat Redditch away 2-1 tonight goals from Powell and Smith
I liked a video EscapeLand with Bethan, Jack, Dean and Krystal Smith || veda 20
ever hear of Dean Smith? Had his share oh All - Americans and didn't win a title for about 20 years. X & O guy too.
Dean Jen Smith welcomes with her pups at Move-in Day!
Hi Dean, when your booking is made through a third party check-in is done on the day of travel :) ^TG
“The disciplined man is the freest man of all.” ~ Dean Smith
With my good friend Anabela Smith of Zyscovich Architecture at the CGCC City Beautiful Design Awards this morning!
Dean Smith: Walsall pursuing several strikers: Manager Dean Smith insists Walsall are doing everything they can...
good squad! Take out yennaris for smith imo, dean can play rb
Bench (if fit): 7 of Lee, Yennaris, Dean, Tebar, Odubajo, Proschwitz, Hogan, Smith. Very strong 18, even w/o Forshaw and the new defender.
Baking soda left on the stain for a bit, vacuum up, then spray with vinegar and leave for a bit, then vacuum up.
Had the pleasure of going to Cameron Indoor, Reynolds, and Dean Smith last night!
Walsall boss is sticking by Romaine Sawyers: Walsall manager Dean Smith today admitted Romaine Sawyers must do...
latest from boss Dean Smith on the injury list and on his search for another striker
Hi Dean, have you printed a boarding pass? ^NM
Dean Smith talks to Express and Star journalist Matt Maher ahead of Saturday's clash with Leyton Orient.
Nothing like media day! After Tuesdays set back, Dean Smith's preview of Leyton Orient game on website this afternoon.
Adrian, the original Ginger Mourinho is Dean Smith at Walsall
LIVE BLOG: Dean Smith and a maroon capped Richard O'Kelly plotting on the touchline...
Dean Smith - "Pete Doherty off the smack.. I'm not interested.. The smack made him."
"I will never recruit a HS player who yells at his teammates, disrespects his coach, or scores 30 a game on a losing team…
Dean Brody, Tim Hicks, Dallas Smith to perform at this year's CCMAs :Auto pickup by wikyou
beastmode... you just lost in ONE move.. Desiree A. Allen Desmond M. Blair Jermaine Jd Dean Roy Smith
If you do what we ask you to do, the victories will belong to you, and the losses to me. – Dean Smith
Clinton Hinchcliffe 24 touches, Ashley Smith 20 and William Michell 19 but Dean Munns the star with 29, 10 tackles, 1 goal
Me Smith is porters new dean😱 I wish he would have been my dean he would have been the chilliest dean if you knew him
Dean Curry & Marcus Smith. Hope they grow together.
I can't wait to have little Dean back home so we can have some Supernatural fun! Katharine Smith . Miss you my...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
If anyone can convince Dean Smith to let me off campus for this year, I'll give you 50 bucks.
The fact that they named alternate universe sam and dean as dean smith and sam wesson after a type of gun
Dean Wesley Smith Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing - To Sell You Must Write What is Hot
Bait-Tech's Dean Smith in front in the National Fishing League.details in this week's Angling Times
everyone please share this, my cousin went missing and possibly abducted from a car at Crabb and Dean. 5'0 130 lbs.
Dean Cox, Dev Smith, the Tigers are becoming adept at nutting people from behind.
Thornton will be inducted Jan 9, 2015 along with Sue Humphrey, Amy Acuff, Dean Smith, Dave Clark & Early Young at Crowne Plaza in Addison.
Once takeovers complete we can get Ndumbu, Proudlock & Olsen back to fire us to PL & Dean Smith & Barry-Murphy to keep it tight in def
Oh my god I never noticed their details before. Dean Smith: parents, Bob and Ellen, sister Jo. Sam Wesson: girlfriend Madison. Ouch.
A leader can be tough and still show respect. – Dean Smith
Were John raised by Henry, were Mary alive and were there no monsters, Dean Winchester would've become a lot like Dean Smith.
Saddlers: Dean Smith calls for Walsall players to step up and replace void left by Andy B...
Over coaching is the worst thing you can do to a player. – Dean Smith
I've suggested once someone gets embolden and tries to bring Dean Smith into this...
Dean Smith invited you to his event Paqua LIVE at the Yardbird - FRI 11th july 2014 - FREE ENTRY.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Wait till Brad Stevens jumps ship to UNC when Dean Smith gets fired. Then Fred Hoiberg goes to Boston
Yea u kno Cal was in Larry Brown coaching staff in Philadelphia, He's always expressed admiration for Dean Smith, Larry & Roy!
Honduras knows that the four corners offense worked a lot better for Dean Smith when he was winning, right?
have u guys heard of Dean Smith or John Wooden? Then there's Phil Jackson! Pop is a great coach but not the greatest!
Tuesday, July 1, 2014, Bay Area basketball fans will be treated to a screening of the 75-minute documentary film Basketball Guru: The Pete Newell Story being presented to viewers as part of the Berkeley Film Foundation’s screening series at the New Parkway Theater at 7:00 pm. Pete Newell, considered by many to have had the most brilliant mind in the sport of basketball, was the first coach to win the sport’s coveted "triple crown" of championships in the N.I.T., NCAA and Olympics. The only other two coaches to achieve this illustrious milestone were Dean Smith and Bobby Knight.
I love the little things in Supernatural. How there last name is Winchester, but in the alternate reality it's Dean Smith and Sam Wesson.
Red Aurebach, Phil Jackson, John Wooden & Dean Smith are all up there too.
"Now that the girls are gone I can talk more"-
"Good people are happy when something good happens to someone else." -- Dean Smith
The number of graduation Instagram pics was almost as long as the line of cars backed up going to the dean smith center...
A great Heavyweight fight here at Defiant Fighting Championship 1 as Midland's Dean Smith is taking on Brian Tualla
Sam Wesson and Dean Smith taking lessons with the Ghostfacers. OMFG.
Did you Dean and Smith plan to rob Ladbrokes or fiddle the tills?
thank- you for the follow. Seems the truth hurts the corrupt at UNC. This started with Dean Smith who graduated so many.
Sports Talk MMA's Brad Barnes and Bruno Bastos have three guys JP Fernandez , Jarrod Trotter, and Dean Smith on...
brEAKING NEWS regarding sbux spn drinks, dean smith would absolutely be a skinny vanilla latte . that is all, carry on.
Both teams stole this offense from Dean Smith pre-NCAA shot clock.
One third of my mother's side. Thanks for coming @ The Dean Dome (Dean Smith Center)
"I'm in a competitive internship at Dean Whitter!" - Will Smith, The Pursuit of Happiness
J.R. Smith plans to gives Melo the silent treatment if he goes to Miami.
Iain Duncan Smith denies £39 breakfast expense claim (it was made but rejected) and calling claimants 'scroungers' http…
Dean Smith has big plans for the Wossman Wildcats
Proud to say walsall now have a better manager than Albion, in dean smith we trust 👏👏👏
you'd have been better going for Dean Smith at Walsall!
it's Alan Irvine...I'd rather a young up and coming manager like Dean Smith or Eddie Howe got the chance...
Me and my boys about to run table tonight
Attention editors, PRs and marketing sorts. Dean Smith - Evo's ace photographer - is now freelance. Portfolio here: http:…
It's why Dean Smith hasn't been mentioned in's the disease that makes you disappear.
Pranked by J Royalty Dean Smith Says that "if you're going to make every thing a matter ...
"You should never be proud of doing the right thing. You should just do it." . – Dean Smith
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Today I met with Dean Smith and Steven Liedlich from Snohomish County Train Watch. They shared results of their volunteer-driven effort to increase transparency about the movement of crude oil by rail through local communities. We had a productive meeting about their findings. Here is a link to a presentation of their report.
Rashad McCants looks like the Edward Snowden of college basketball. Just keep Dean Smith the *** out of that conversation!
Where's my lover Dean Smith at? He is MIA. Don't tell me he left me for another .
Gotta be at the Dean Smith center at 3:15 😒.
Jackie MacMullan: "Who's the only person that can hold Michael Jordan under 21 points a game? Dean Smith." Ha, so true.
Zander Wiel, son of former Dean Smith assistant Randy Wiel, plays baseball for Vanderbilt.
At this point it is time for Roy Williams to resign. He has betrayed Dean Smith's legacy.
This is a family picture of my Dad Bobby Smith, Son of Dean Smith, left to right are Laura, Kim, Darrell,Mike, sitting are Dad, Mom, Betty Smith, Dwayne, and Shawnda. :) This was taken Mothers Day, 2011
"Coach you finally got the critics off your back." - Roy Williams to D. Smith '82 Title . "I'm the same coach I was 40 min. ago." Dean Smith
Photoset: Airport AU // In order to keep his job Dean Smith has to take a plane to attend a meeting with...
"If you treat every situation as a life and death matter, you’ll die a lot of times." - Dean Smith (via...
FAS Dean Michael D. Smith greets three Presidents: of Harvard, of the schools's overseers, and of the United States
Great shoot with Dean Smith. Am looking forward to going through the images later..
Now, does the sub host understand the show's Dean Smith Rule? Because this mojito I just made ain't gonna drink itself.
Meanwhile... Walsall manager Dean Smith has developed a novel way of working out next seasons squad... http…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Get ready! Quiet, Please drops May 30th. Here is a little Dean Smith teaser. Check it, and enjoy!
Statement released by the family of Heather: "We are completely devastated at the senseless loss of our beautiful and much loved daughter and sister, Heather, and words cannot express our pain and despair. "We would also like to thank everyone for their kind messages and support that we have received and also request that our privacy be respected at this incredibly difficult time." Heather was a pupil at Mearns Castle High School in Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire. Headteacher Dean Smith said: "We are deeply saddened by the tragic news of the loss of a bright and popular pupil, Heather Still. "This is a time of profound sadness for our school community and we are concentrating on providing support to our pupils and staff who are understandably shocked and upset. "We ask for privacy for the family and for the school to allow us to make sense of this loss. Our thoughts are with Heather's family."
Happy Anniversary to the love of my life, Dean Smith! I love you so much that I can't wait to see what the next 26 years have in store for us!
Before and after. My 99 TJ with the stock 15" Canyon rims with 31's and now with the 2014 JK 17" rims with 32's that I just put on. Quite an improvement if you ask me. Corey Dean Smith got new Rockstars and I got to buy his left overs. Thanks bud!
For decades, Dean Smith doubled for Gene Autry, John Wayne and other Hollywood stars in some of Americas most iconic Westerns
In the week the 60th anniversary of the landmark 1954 Brown v. Topeka Board of Education Supreme Court case was being commemorated, a plaque was dedicated at Topeka High School honoring former University of North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith. Smith was a civil rights trailblazer in his own right, starting at Topeka High School. Story:
A plaque dedication at Topeka High School for a legendary basketball coach. Dean Smith, THS class of 1949, was honored at an assembly Thursday. Former Topeka Mayor Bill Bunten is also a Topeka High alum and met Smith at the school in 1947. Bunten says Smith is an inspiration for current students. “A student from this high school, coming from a very modest background, was able to achieve great things, and they can do the same if they’re willing to pay the price, hard work and ...
Topeka High School honors Dean Smith, civil rights trailblazer, with plaque at ceremony today.
I feel very defensive about Dean lately I think its all the fan art of him tied up. :/
yes ma'am. My first semester went well. I made the dean's list. Have you left Smith yet?
Hi Simon: You really need to see if you can get an interview with either Dean Wesley Smith and/or Kristine Kathryn Rusch!
Deano on Westkaka:. "I think I can maybe go and get better next year and I feel Craig feels he can go and play...
Dylan Dean Smith coaxes Andrew Benitez into a ground out to end the 10th. On to the 11th - Webster 2, Rose-Hulman 2.
This week's Podcast: In the Play of Frigid Women by
Dean Kathryn Boor & Prof. Margaret Smith weigh in on GMOs in foods controversy:
Dylan Dean Smith on to pitch for Webster. The rain delay was called while he was warming up to come in the game.
Michael, if you can't pass, you can't play. - Coach Dean Smith to Michael Jordan in his freshman year
The fact that I fancy Dean from Eastenders more when he's because he's nasty just shows everything that's wrong with my tas…
Dean Wesley Smith can write a 70k novel in 10 days. Still makes him an amateur though, compared to Moorcock!
MASTER CRIMINAL ALERT! Dude robs bank. AFTER giving cashier his name and address.
Pitching change for Webster. Coming in for the Gorloks - Dylan Dean Smith. 8-0 with a 2.55 ERA. And it's raining pretty hard now.
"If Michael hadn't played 4 Dean Smith he would not have won 6 titles with the Bulls. He learned 2 play basketball in a system. TEX WINTER
Dean Smith today lifted the lid on Craig Westcarr’s Walsall exit and claimed it was best for both parties.
Tune into Eastenders tonight my loves.purely to see Dean get a well deserved smack right in the mouth.
Southern's J.D. Dean hands off to Carter Smith in the 4x200 relay Tuesday.
Meet and ride with Ronix pro riders Amber Wing and Dean Smith at Singleton Marine's FREE Ronix Demo Day. Tuesday,...
dean Smith went tu Hampton high for curry...
If you make every game a life-and-death thing, you're going to have problems. You'll be dead a lot. - Dean Smith
Former Mayor Bill Bunten admires new plaque honoring Dean Smith on Thurs am at Topeka High.
We just honored Dean Smith in an all-school assembly!
As soon as you try to describe a close friendship, it loses something. - Dean Smith
You can't fix stupid... Last month, 27-year-old Dean Smith of Wales went to his bank to change his address. But then he saw a pile of cash behind the counter, and decided to ROB the place too. So 30 minutes after the address change, he showed up again in sunglasses and a jacket with the hood up. And for some reason, he also had socks on OVER his shoes. (???) Then he walked up to a teller, flashed a BREAD knife, and demanded money. But she didn't give him any and hit the silent alarm instead. Meanwhile, an old man in line offered to give Dean 30 bucks if he'd just LEAVE. But he didn't. Then Dean found out they were going to lock the doors on him, and ran out. Police were able to identify him from the security footage, and it was easy to track him down too . . . you know, because he'd gone to the bank to update his ADDRESS. Apparently, during his first visit, he gave a teller his new address and full name. Dean eventually confessed to the whole thing, and a judge just sentenced him to two-and-a-half ...
Thank you Anne Carter & Dean Smith for your years of service on the Pat's Place Board of Directors. We are deeply grateful for your support & the growth you have helped implement at Pat's Place.
[ You know an rper is good and you admire them when you watch the show and look at the character and actually /see/ that rper instead of the actor :3 I have that for Castiel, Crowley, and.. Dean Smith XD ]
We all need to get this shirt! Joshua Dean Smith, Josh Albert, Matt Hahn, Skylar Tate, Tyler Williams, Logan Slater, Logan Bierman, Aaron Stoker
I want to say Happy Birthday to my baby daddy Dean Smith hehe hope you had a great day.. 😜
Nice to see Greg Martin, Dean Smith & Erik Martin of the in the house today!
Government Senators who couldn't turn up to Senate hearing on audit today: David Bushby, Sean Edwards, Dean Smith.
Why is Vols fan acting like Bruce Pearl was Dean Smith? It's like reminiscing over a B minus you got on a math test.
Maybe if you knew anything at all you would know about coaches other then Coach K, Dean Smith, Pitino, Roy Williams.
Y'all wanna know something crazy: the only coaches with more wins at Kansas and UNC than Roy Williams are Phog Allen and Dean Smith
Wow that was an impressively bitter rant. I had no idea Cuonzo Martin was now Dean Smith.
Getting tired of Hearing How Geno Auriemma is one of the greatest coaches of all time in either Men's or Women's Hoops. I know this is politically incorrect but if Geno wants to be in the argument for Greatest coaches of all time you have to beat guys like Tom Izzo, Roy Williams, Bob Knight, Dean Smith, Mike Kryzewski, John Wooden & Jim Boeheim! Beating up on someone named "Muffet" Year in and year out is not what I would classify as greatness. If Geno was coaching the Men's game does anyone really believe he would just won his I millionth game and 78 NCAA title like he has in the women's game. Yea.NO WAY! Geno may be the least competitive male ever to dribble a basketball. If he were a fierce competitor he would want to challenge himself against the greats of the sport. Not just dominate the game that rarely hoists up more than a 2.5 in Nielsen ratings even during the National championship game.
I loved Dean Smith...who wouldn't. Can't stand Coach K...that's my prerogative. I live in the land of the third greatest rivalry in sports. And the biggest rivalry in NCAA basketball. But here's the facts... No school has won both the men's and women's Championships in the same year. Not once, but twice. You may have liked Pat Summitt and her lady Vols. But tonight Geno Auriemma and his girls won an unprecedented ninth title. Two nights after the men's Huskies won their fourth in the last fifteen years. Neither UNC nor Duke has managed that. Numbers don't lie. Fans do...often to themselves. It's pretty *** simple. College basketball is alive and well. And reigning supreme in Connecticut. In New England. And that makes me smile. Because I come from the land of the top two rivalries. All time rivalries. In all sports. And we ALL know who they are.
The myth of 'To Sell You Must Write What's Hot" - I agree with most Dean Wesley Smith's advice here, though not all.
Going in the crowd for Late a Kick Off tomorrow with Dean Smith. Trying to think of a nice way to word the question 'Why did you sign Ngoo'
I don't know about ya but I don't wanna love in a world where Calipari has more national chips than Boeheim n tied w/ Dean Smith, Go
Dean Shiels not starting? Smith and Hutton starting in midfield though? . Aye... Soond Ally
Also to add get that Ross Barkley in the World Cup team world class I think
Can't believe I am saying this now wenger out sick of our team crumbling every season with average players against decent sides
agree with Dean Smith, play Poldi through the middle.
ox and Ramsey on artera and giroud off
That's my Sunday bloody ruined bloody again...bring on Chambo man
Late Kick-Off has Dean Smith on, was tempting to watch until I found out everyone's least favourite woman abuser was on
Author Daniel Smith and Cowboy Gil Dean at the Ranch to Table event in
classic trickle down effect from days with dean smith, MJ avg 16.5, and same with all unc players oh what about harrison barns
Have a New Yorker say you have pretty much visited the best places in is the best!=(
Dean Smith made them add a shot clock, Wooden had them change the lane and add 3 in the key. Can Calipari have them change the one and done?
After Monday night, Drake’s gonna have as many championship rings as Dean Smith
I remember yelling "YOU WILL NEVER BE DEAN SMITH" at Calipari in December at the visitor tunnel. I miss those days. Bring them back.
To me Thompson shares a very similar view of the game with Dean Smith. Any particular reason you despise him?
He'd sacrifice both hips to get this ring & tie Coach K for 4. More than: Dean Smith, Pitino, Boeheim, Roy Williams.
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