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Dean Smith

Dean Edwards Smith (born February 28, 1931) is a retired American head coach of men's college basketball.

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Here's another Dean Smith memory I have. I was at a game in Greensboro in the early eighties. There was a foul...
Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian, Anthony Mason, Earl Lloyd, Stuart world losing mad people already in 2015 smh
Stuart Scott, Tark, Anthony Mason, Jerome Kersey, Dean Smith. . Life has been awful this year for sports
Stuart Scott, Dean Smith, Ed Sabol, Charlie Sifford, Jerry Tarkanian, Earl Lloyd, Anthony Mason - can we hurry up and get to 2016.
The basketball world has lost a lot of guys in 2015: Stu Scott, Dean Smith, Tarkanian, Jerome Kersey, Earl Lloyd and now Anthony Mason.
Happy birthday to three of my favs: my mom, aunt Donna and Dean Smith
Dean Smith was born on this day in 1931 and would’ve been 84 years old today.
State fans make fun of Dean Smith, but do you see us making jokes about Jimmy V? No. Great coach.
Former coach Gene Keady on Dean Smith: "He was always of the greatest integrity" via
Swofford on Dean Smith: "If there were to be a North Star of college athletics, he would be a good one."
Dean Smith named one of the top NCAA Tournament coaches of all-time:
Who would you rather be coached by? Dean Smith,Coach K,Bobby Knight,Jim Boeheim,John Wooden,Phil Jackson,Pat Riley,Greg Popovich?
Former great Antawn Jamison teaches his kids lessons Dean Smith taught him. Here's my interview with Jamison.
UNC play, service honors Dean Smith: Andrew Carter parcels out his AP Top 25 picks, and how he voted for the top…
Meryl Streep is to acting what Dean Smith was to coaching!
Wonderful eulogy delivered by Antawn Jamison at Dean Smith's memorial. It was followed by the UNC singing "Ama…
Lewis Day's pick Charlotte NC news Thousands gather to honor Dean Smith daytime881
Fans, ex-players attend public memorial for Dean Smith
Former players, fans, and students gather for Dean Smith memorial
Funny these things always happen in threes--Stuart Scott, Dean Smith and the '05 Championship.
Ohio State and Michigan is blacked out in Winston-Salem. It's for a Dean Smith celebration so I guess I can't be too mad.
I don't know if I can watch the Dean Smith memorial and the 60 Minutes tribute to Bob Simon on the same day.
Longtime SI writer Curry Kirkpatrick on his feelings about Dean Smith vía
UNC honored Dean Smith with the Four Corners offense: 👏👏👏👏
In UNC's first home game since Dean Smith's passing, the Tar Heels continued to pay tribute.
Carolina went Four Corners in honor of Dean Smith on its first possession and scored. Tar Heels lead GaTech, 11-3 at 15…
Did you start in the 4 corners when Dean Smith died
Some pretty notable speakers at the Dean Smith memorial tomorrow afternoon:.
UNC in 4 corners to honor Dean Smith
VIDEO: UNC runs the' Four Corners offense’ on their 1st possession to honor late Dean Smith http…
UNC scores on first play of game with Four Corners offense, made famous by Dean Smith. VIDEO:
ICYMI: public memorial service for Dean Smith will take place this Sunday at 2p:
RIP coach, Dean Smith...a legendary coach! An amazing career ...brought the best out of all his players including MJ!
boss Dean Smith on pitch & which ace he wanted to sign in summer
So they find out who killed Lucy mean while Kim has a baby in a pub, *** killed dean and dot got arrested.. Sounds a bit …
Dean Smith was as ahead of his time off the court as on Vahe Gregorian reports
Huge thank you to our panel manager Dean Smith, & Jennie Price!
Will Smith performed "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" for David Letterman last night so it's 1998 again
Hi Dean. Please could you confirm where you were waiting along with the time so we can investigate this. Thank you.
Just remember that Dean Smith was a better man than he was a coach, and he was one of the all-time greatest coaches.
Reverent Tribute to a Coach Befits a Rivalry, and So Does the Game, via
How Australia's first openly *** Liberal parliamentarian changed his mind on *** marriage: my profile of Dean Smith http:…
Hi Dean. I apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. We are working to get this rectified as soon as possible.
Rise & Shine: President's Schedule, his tribute to Dean Smith & an 'On This Day' photo or two. ht…
*** Liberal senator Dean Smith has stated his stated his support for...
WXII 12 News Presents: Remembering Dean Smith: A public memorial service is scheduled Sunday for legendary for...
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It really has been a rough 30 days for the basketball family. Dean Smith; Anthony Mason's heart attack; Jerome Kersey; rough time right now.
Tori Johnson wasn't able to marry the love of his life, but he opened the eyes of Sen. Dean Smith.
*** Liberal senator supports marriage equality after change of heart: http:/…
Howard Dean explains POTUS stance and former GOP chair Michael Steele agrees but just doesn't think POTUS explains it well?
Dean Smith honored with moment of silence before UNC-Duke game
Dean Smith, the former coach of the University of North Carolina basketball team, has died
Really fascinating story on WA Senator Dean Smith, Australia's first openly *** Liberal MP, by
(VIDEO) Duke & UNC joined together in a moment of silence for Dean Smith:
Lost a lot of basketball royalty recently. Stuart Scott, Dean Smith, Tark, Jerome Kersey...all better people...
One of highlights in career of ex-Louisiana Tech Lady Techster HC Leon Barmore was being in a photo with Roy Williams and Dean Smith.
Dean Smith,Ed Sabol,Jerry Tarkanian,Jerome Kersey all dead,Anthony Mason in the ICU...10yr-old Rod wants February to end
OPINION: .Secretary Anthony Foxx says Dean Smith taught him how to be a leader and a man
that was great how you said Stuart Scott is now interviewing Jerome Kersey, Dean Smith, Coach Tark etc.
Phog Allen coached Dean Smith & Rupp at KU and Ralph Miller. All 3 in HOF. Also recruited Wilt Chamberlain to KU
jus saying if it wasn't for Dean Smith n Bobby Night,there wouldn't ba CoachK. K had mad respect for Dean, .
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Great 3 mins on Dean Smith's legacy, on and off the court, written and narrated by Bill Nack
Dean Smith has confirmed that Tom Bradshaw, James Chambers and Anthony Forde are all fit for the Bradford game.
Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian, Jerome Kersey. All lost in the last couple of weeks. Anthony Mason still fighting. Tough run here for hoopheads
ICYMI: Duke and UNC paid tribute to Dean Smith by kneeling at half court for a moment of silence before game. VIDEO: http…
Last night, Duke and UNC joined for a moment of silence for Dean Smith.
“What an image: Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski honor the late Dean Smith. a Class…
Dean Smith letter, written in 1975, after he found out Mike Gminski would be going to Duke
Beautiful show of respect between and players, coaches in Duke's house for Dean Smith. That's ***
Before the game, North Carolina & Duke huddled together to honor the late Dean Smith
Why We Love Sports Today: Duke and UNC honor legendary Coach Dean Smith together with pregame moment of silence.
Before the game, UNC and Duke teams and staff gathered at midcourt for a moment of silence to honor Dean Smith
Moment of Silence. Dean Smith you will be surely missed!
Both teams gathered at center court to honor the legendary Dean Smith with a moment of silence.
Coach K and Roy Williams lock arms to honor Dean Smith.
Duke and UNC both kneel at midcourt for moment of silence in honor of Dean Smith.
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Words to live by from late Dean Smith, "You should never be proud of doing the right thing. You should just do it."
A very touching moment of silence at Cameron Indoor for the legendary Dean Smith.
Moment of silence with both teams kneeling together at center court in honor of Dean Smith.
I'm not sure that's the next Dean Smith, but good job Nathan Sproul w/ TCA elementary team!
Charlie Scott of is our 5th member; two-time AA, ACC Athlete of Yr in '70, two Final Fours, played for the late Dean Smith.
Across the Line, Profiles in Courage, is a great book by Barry Jacobs w/powerful story of Dean Smith & Charlie Scott.
we need to tell the rest of the story. watch espnponyespress/thevow. Dean Smith watched us play while recruiting Charlie .
Classic photo of Dean Smith looking up to his KU coach...none other than Phog Allen
Mural at intersection of 15/501 & Smith Level Rd. painted by UNC alumnus Scott Nurkin in honor of Dean Smith via http:/…
The honoring the late Dean Smith, legendary UNC coach, prior to today's game.
Roy Williams is touched as Pitt students pay tribute to Dean Smith before Saturday game. Story by Andrew Carter.
Dean Smith played for Phog Allen. Phog Allen played for Dr James Naismith. 1 degree of separation from the original master, whoa.
“Today's column -- The class Dean Smith left behind: your boy Max Owens
Dean Smith played for Phog Allen, who played for Dr. James Neismith... talk about ur six degree of separation
Dean Smith, Hall of Fame basketball coach at North Carolina, dies at 83
Tribute to Dean Smith, shown during today’s game in Allen Fieldhouse.
It was great to have join us this week to share about his former Coach Dean Smith & his faith.
I really enjoyed hearing memories of Dean Smith from his former player on this week.
"I could be wrong, but...Never be proud of doing what's right. Just do what's right." Dean Smith: Amazing Grace
Michael Jordan comments on the loss of Dean Smith
My recollections of Dean Smith, Tark & Earthquake Enyart, plus the best of Byron Scott, Mohammed Aman & Vernon Adams.
The night Dean Smith broke the rules on race in Chapel Hill
Never heard of him, but anyone compared to Dean Smith must be a great loss
Sports analyst Mike Pesca joins us to talk Tiger Woods and remember college basketball coaches Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian.
Here's a shot of the Blue tie Coach K was wearing at the Dean Smith funeral. (image via
Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian, Bob Simon, David Carr. Anthony Mason in critical condition. That's a bad stretch and it makes the world dimmer.
Pretty cool seeing Coach K wear a Carolina blue tie to Dean Smith's funeral. Sometimes it's more than a rivalry.
Coach K pays respect to the late Dean Smith with a Carolina blue tie
Mourners attend private service in honor of North Carolina's Dean Smith
Dean Smith, the Jesse Helms vanquisher that never was
Hamilton Collection
Little Jimmy Dickens, Stuart Scott, Donna Douglas, Lari Goss, Dean Smith and now Mosie Lister? I don't like how 2015 is shaping up so far.
Dean Smith's funeral will be February 22 at 2:00 p.m. EST at the Smith Center, per "memorial service" to …
Family, friends attend private service for Dean Smith
ICYMI, talked about his relationship with Dean Smith and the impact on his life last night
Don't know who had a worse week, media Brian Williams and Jon Stewart or the University of North Carolina Stuart Scott and Dean Smith
SDSU honors Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian and Jesse Freitas with moment of silence before game. Tony Gwynn Jr. leads "I Believe" chant.
Thank you to Charles Pierce of for this, on Dean Smith. If dementia affects your life, it will resonate:.
"Without knowing Dean Smith gave all of us some of the best moments of our lives with the most important people in our lives…
(VIDEO) remembers Dean Smith & talks about how he almost went to North Carolina:
The is covering a triple murder, on the heels of the death of Dean Smith. Be thinking about those hard-wo…
IMO, the 3 people who should speak at Dean Smith's memorial service are Bill Guthridge, Phil Ford and Charlie Scott.
Nice pregame tribute from Gary Williams to Dean Smith here at the XFINITY Center. It was quiet then. It is not quiet anymore.
Former Maryland head coach Gary Williams introduced a moment of silence for Dean Smith here at Xfinity Center.
Former UNC basketball star Phil Ford was in New Bern. He spoke of his relationship with Dean Smith, and other things:
“What to do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it.” – Dean Smith
Dean Smith now Tark, all the 90s coaches are dying. Steve Fisher & Nolan Richardson best be careful. Pitino is a robot. Coach K is immortal.
For those of you who haven't seen it, put together a great piece on Dean Smith last night on
New power rankings: the Big 12 still makes no sense, Dean Smith, Arizona's road woes, and Pride Rock without Simba. http:…
ESPN Classic to have over 24 hrs of programming in Dean Smith tribute starting Wed at 7pm ET.
Dean Smith, Jerry can only hope that John Calapari is next.
From last night: Ohio State's Shannon Scott said Dean Smith "was like my grandfather"
Coach K mite go down as the best coach of alltime, but my top 3 are Dean Smith, Jerry Tarkanian, and John Thompson.
A tough time-1st Dean Smith & now Jerry Tarkanian has passed / My sympathy goes out to his wife Lois & family RIP
Dean Smith and the Shark in one week. Wow... Remember that legendary UNLV team with Stacy Augmon and Larry Johnson "grandmama"
None of us who where there will forget the high-school hoops nights when Sam Perkins and Dean Smith were in the house
Rest in peace, Jerry Tarkanian. The Hall of fame basketball coach is dead at age 84. Legendary Coach Dean Smith...
bad name with great ability: most English philosophers, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Gates, Dean Smith...
Ohio State guard Shannon Scott talks Dean Smith and lessons passed down from Smith and his father, Charles Scott
Dean Smith created the 4 corners and Phil Ford mastered it!
.says Dean Smith will be remembered for so much more than just being a coach
John Feinstein on his first encounter with Dean Smith.
Dean Smith along with Bill Friday formed Chapel Hill. We grew in their spirit and what a wonderful place it is.
James Naismith-->"Phog" Allen--> Dean Smith --> Michael Jordan now that connection of basketball royalty that learned from each other.
James Naismith invented basketball and taught/coached Fog Allen who taught/coached Dean Smith who taught/coached Michael Jordan.
Crazy to think Michael Jordan is only 3 degrees away the games inventor James Naismith. Jordan -> Dean Smith -> Phog Allen -> Naismith...
Students gathering at the Dean E. Smith Center to honor Dean Smith
Ohio State's Shannon Scott on Dean Smith: "I felt like I was his grandson."
for University of North Carolina Coach Dean Smith set for Feb. 22 at campus' Smith Center -
Dean Smith service Thursday, with public memorial Feb. 22 at Smith Center
So if Dean Smith's funeral will be in the Smith Center, where will Billy Graham's be? Bank of America Stadium? A speedway? The Atlantic?
Alan Boston must absolutely love Dean Smith. Running that four corner offense for minutes at a time to perfection.
ICYMI: has set date for a public memorial honoring Coach Dean Smith, to be held at the Smith Center on Feb. 22:
UNC will honor and celebrate the life of Dean Smith on Feb. 22nd.
Driving home, ESPN 730 asked a Dean Smith trivia question. I was the correct caller, gave the right answer, and won a gift card to icehouse
We talk to great Phil Ford now on about what made Dean Smith special & his fondest memories.
A vigil to honor former UNC Basketball Coach Dean Smith. live from the Smith Center at 5:00.
Looking forward to chatting with legend Phil Ford in 15 mins on about his former coach & colleague, Dean Smith.
Cal is a known cheater. So he will never be in the same breath as a coach K or Dean Smith
This Ramsey guy brought in a guy that wrote a Cal hit piece 3 years ago to discuss him as the anti-Dean Smith.
Here is our interview with discussing golf and his book about Dean Smith, Coach K and Jimmy V
Our next guest is Phil Ford, a former UNC star, as well as a player who shared a very close relationship with his coach, Dean Smith
Coolest thing I heard about Dean Smith this week. Smith played for Phog Allen, who played for the creator of basketball, James Naismith.
William and Mary coaches shared special bond with Dean Smith
My good friend William Geimer asked Paula Lee and I to join in this heartfelt eulogy to Dean Smith, Basketball...
This makes me love Dean Smith even more. Dean Smith vs Jesse Helms.
Charles Pierce with a lovely remembrance of Dean Smith over at
A public memorial for Dean Smith will be Sunday, Feb. 22 at 2 p.m. at the Smith Center, UNC announces.
Dean Smith's family will have a private funeral. The University will hold a public celebration of his life Feb. 22.
Phil Ford on Dean Smith: ‘He’s the greatest basketball coach to ever coach’:
"No one I ever admired more in sports." on the life and career of Dean Smith:
UNC to celebrate life of Dean Smith at Smith Center; family to hold private church service
Jordan coached by Dean Smith who was coached by Phog Allen who was coached by James Naismith who invented basketball
Dean Smith was inspiration for Del Harris, and paid visit to Richmond to help the former EC coach 40-plus year ago -
Great article on Dean Smith being players first coach written by Coach Cal
The estimable Charles Pierce does a fab job of capturing the also-estimable Dean Smith
King Rice ('91 Final Four) and '93 champs George Lynch and Brian Reese on lessons Dean Smith imparted on them
Amazing "what you need to work on to improve" Dean Smith letter to Michael Jordan.
Honored to feature a quote from Reverend William Barber II (of the movement on Dean Smith.
will celebrate the life of Dean Smith: public memorial service Feb 22
Public memorial service in Chapel Hill on Feb. 22nd for former UNC Coach Dean Smith at the Dean E. Smith Center on campus at 2PM
Top 10 Tar Heels coached by the late Dean Smith
Former UNC Coach Dean Smith coached the Tar Heels to two national titles:
"Never feel proud of doing the right thing. Just do the right thing." Coach Dean Smith.
Podcast: Dean Smith, Florida's last chance ... and eye-poking
Read this "A story via about Dean Smith. I promise you it's worth the read.
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'I never recruited a HS player who yelled at his teammates, disrespected his coach, or scored 30 a game on a losing team -- De…
We lost two great men this week Dean Smith and now ed sable God bless rest in peace
Dean Smith\'s NBA legacy remains and will forever remain strong
Column: Humility, selflessness marked Dean Smith's career, life.
Love this letter from Dean Smith to Michael Jordan in 1983 (via
Statement by the President on the Passing of Dean Smith :
Also want to express my condolences for The Bennett Family, and also The Late Dean Smith family as well, keep those families in your prayers
Dean Smith remembered as an activist by former state senator, close friend
Dean Smith taught Bobby Cremmins, Coach K and Jim Valvano how to be champions via
15 inspiring stories about Dean Smith that prove he was so much more than just 'Michael Jordan's coach'
Dean Smith was a legendary basketball coach and a staunch opponent of capital punishment.
Thinking of at the passing of legend Dean Smith. Heaven is a little more now. RIP Coach Smi…
Michael Jordan's Letter of Intent to go to UNC & play for Dean Smith
Saddened to hear of the passing of legendary Coach Dean Smith. He will be missed greatly.
Former UNC players remember Dean Smith as a greater man than coach.
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SI writers past and present shared personal memories of Dean Smith
I liked a video Skip and Stephen A. Pay Homage to Dean Smith
Sheriff: Mother charged with child abuse, says 14-year-old assaulted her: The Associated Press Dean Smith was ...
UNC announces a celebration of Dean Smith's life on Feb. 22: The University of North Carolina announced Monday…
Dean Smith: Personal Writings of Joseph Smith: The problem of understanding who Joseph Smith was, what his personalit
Some of Dean Smith’s biggest coaching wins came in New Orleans, and other links about late North Carolina coaching…
Younger Fans Learn about the Life and Legacy of Dean Smith
I love how Dean Smith embraced philosophy. Great coach and leader: via
Jordan on Dean Smith: 'My mentor, my teacher, my second father'
10 life lessons from legendary North Carolina basketball Coach Dean Smith
Patrician on the court, humanitarian off the court. The surprising politics of Dean Smith.
Quotes from the basketball world about Dean Smith - Asheville Citizen-Times
Hoop Thoughts: Answering lingering questions in the Syracuse case, more: Dean Smith, legendary North Carolina ...
We lost a legend w/ passing of Dean Smith. Loved watching his teams play. Learned so much on how to become a head coach …
In midst of calling Dean Smith one of best coaches in basketball history, the same should be said about Popovich who has been great for yrs
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Forde Minutes: Dean Smith and the college basketball coaching Mount Rushmore (Yahoo Sports): In this week's co...
Former Matt Doherty right now on reflecting on the great legacy of Dean Smith.
Today's quote is in honor of legendary Coach Dean Smith who passed yesterday.
We join basketball fans everywhere in mourning the loss of Dean Smith, a legendary coach and a mentor to so many in the NBA family.
Michael Jordan on Dean Smith: "In teaching me the game of basketball, he taught me about life" h…
Smith's 'Carolina family' makes mark on ex-Heels
"Dean Smith is beyond respected and admired for the stance he took publicly on issues of social justice" -
To me Coach Dean Smith was Branch Rickey with an even better winning percentage.
Earlier column on the late Dean Smith: a giant in the gym and an even bigger man outside it.
I'm told the Dean Smith memorial service will be two weeks from today at 4 p.m. Will be one of the all-time gatherings of b…
Dean Smith: 1931-2015 «Beautifully written by Charles P. Pierce from on
There are probably better places for Walking Dead ads than wrapped around a Dean Smith article. (via h…
Today's was Dean Smith to James Naismith. 1 hr. Smith to Phog Allen to basketball's inventor. Explains KU hoops tradition.
ICYMI - my story from yesterday w/ Phil Ford, EMontross. HDavis, MPaige and Roy reacting to the loss of Dean Smith:
John Feinstein memorializes Dean Smith, a man who taught a lot of people how to live their life:
Really interesting watching Dukies Judy Woodruff & John Feinstein lauding Dean Smith on the News Hour. What an irony. But Smith deserved it
A brilliant piece by Charles Pierce from on Coach Dean Smith. The legacy is amazing.
Most interesting fact I've heard regarding Dean Smith: He played for Phog Allen who played for James Naismith.
"Dean Smith was the ultimate teacher" - appreciation by John Feinstein
Dean Smith: 1931-2015 Again, nobody's better than Charlie Pierce
Jay Bilas on Dean Smith: 'He had a profound influence on everyone ...
“Governor Hunt is the Dean Smith of governors.” John Engler (R), former Michigan governor
UNC will celebrate the life of Dean Smith at a public service on Sunday Feb. 22. http:…
Antawn Jamison said 4-5 years after he left UNC, Dean Smith would still call and check on his parents.
Dean Smith produced 25 first round draft picks at UNC. Coach Cal has had 15 in five years at UK. More teams today, but still. Wow.
Dean Smith obit by Charles P. Pierce, the best thing you will read this month. Or maybe this year.
“Dean Smith obit by Charles P. Pierce, best thing you'll read this month or year.
Antawn Jamison is mourning the loss of Dean Smith: 'Former North Carolina Tar Heels F Antawn Jamison joins Jay...
Brilliant piece on the late Dean Smith by Charles Pierce.
The basketball world mourns the loss of Dean Smith
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
15 inspiring stories that prove Dean Smith was much more than a coach
My family lived in Chapel Hill when I was 5. I still remember trying not to stare at Dean Smith during services at Binkley Baptist Church.
First article I've ever read three times. Powerful stuff on Dean Smith, from Charlie Pierce:
[ESPN Video] Bilas describes Dean Smith as more than a coach: . Jay Bilas tells Paul Finebaum about social...
“Dean Smith: 1931-2015, by Charles P. Pierce / read Charlie Pierce on Dean Smith 2 of the greatest
"Powerful stuff on Dean Smith, from Charlie Pierce: Wow. I feel like I owe Mr Pierce a thank you.
"the CBB Mt. Rushmore of Coaches. John Wooden. Coach K . Dean Smith. John Calipari" lol That's just laughable really.
Seconded. Absolutely artfully done. “Powerful stuff on Dean Smith, from Charlie Pierce:
Charlie Pierce on memory and the time he saw Dean Smith listening to MLK at Ebenezer Baptist on Final Four weekend
Take 4 minutes and read Charles Pierce's Dean Smith obit. You'll be glad you did.
People scalped issues of the free UNC student newspaper commemorating Dean Smith via
Here is your great writing for today. Charlie Pierce on Dean Smith.
We go straight to Brendan Haywood now on to talk about his recruitment to UNC & missing out on playing under Dean Smith
Brendan Haywood reflects on the passing of Dean Smith & shares some of his best memories.
A wonderful piece of writing from Charles P. Pierce on the late Dean Smith.
Gary Williams and John Feinstein shared some awesome Dean Smith stories last night on CSN:
Charlie Pierce with a tremendous piece on Dean Smith. Some nice mentions, too.
Charlie Pierce on Dean Smith: Your full-stop read for the day
If you only read one piece on Dean Smith, make it this one by Charles Pierce. It's sublime, and does the man justice
Dean Smith: Saying Goodbye to One of the Good Guys: When sportswriter John Feinstein set out…
Charles Pierce (on Dean Smith. Take a minute and read.
The fact that Barack Obama is currently on the discussing Dean Smith shows the importance of Smith went …
Obama: Dean Smith will go down as one of the greatest coaches in sports, period, precisely because he did it the right …
Not that he needs me or anyone else to say it.But *** can Charlie Pierce write: Dean Smith:1931-2015
"We are each other’s stories, all of us." Charlie Pierce on time, sports Dean Smith the winter soldier:
The cover from Dec. 22, 1997: Dean Smith, Sportsman of the Year:
We have a winner: Charlie Pierce has written the best Dean Smith obit. Just beautiful writing here:
"Dean Smith knew what was right, and stood up for what was right, no matter the cost to him personally or professionally." --Jay Bilas
Cleveland Cavaliers' Brendan Haywood on Dean Smith: 'He was more than just basketball'
Lotta good tributes to Dean Smith in NC papers today. But perhaps best front page is Greensboro’s
Dean Smith, awesome quality coach and person.Thank you coach for your influence and contribution to society and UNC.
links to all our Dean Smith coverage in the paper today. Great work by and h…
"What do you do with a mistake? Recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget about it." -Dean Smith
All our schools are flying the NC flag at half-staff in honor of Dean Smith. Rest in peace, Coach.
Touching stuff from Charlie Pierce on Dean Smith. Will resonate w/ anyone who's seen dementia up close
What a legendary coaching tree produced by Dean Smith. Here's just some of the notables »
"It was a game for poets then..." Charlie Pierce on Dean Smith: 1931-2015
Dean Smith was a great coach. He was a better man. Great writing by Charlie Pierce. Great.
Dean Smith memory. Seeing Coach at Norman Rockwell exhibit in Raleigh in 2010. He loved art and music especially in the final years.
Roy Williams on Dean Smith, "I once told him I thought he was loyal to a fault. He said those words should never be used in sam…
Mourning the death of Dean Smith: On Sunday morning, Jay Bilas, the ESPN college basketball...
RIP Dean Smith. I'm telling y'll Rick Coble is in heaven assembling his own field of sports entertainment. Dean Smith and Stuart Scott.
Statement from UNC coach Roy Williams on the passing of Dean Smith.
How many Duke fans do you think Stuart Scott and Dean Smith have converted in heaven?!
Thinking about Dean Smith & Stuart Scott hanging out. Just a random thought
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Roy Williams reflects on the passing of Dean Smith in today's Inside Carolina Basketball podcast:
“His 879 wins are not anywhere near his impact on lives across this nation.” on Dean Smith
Did you read column on the passing of Dean Smith? If not, you should!
Dean Smith influenced like Tony Shaver who coached @ EHS, who played for coach Roy Williams at UNC JV.
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