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Dean Martin

Dean Martin (born Dino Paul Crocetti; June 7, 1917 – December 25, 1995) was an American singer, film actor, television star and comedian.

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Just a monumental talent. Dean Martin told me that after the long hiatus in the friendship, the first words Jerry said…
Buddy Ebson-one of the best.Dean Martin, Buddy Ebsen, Lee J. Cobb, Charles Nelson Reilly & Jackie Ve... via
Dean Martin: When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie . Neil deGrasse Tyson: I don't even know where to begin wi…
GS victory for Dean Martin & Jack Roush Jr, strong Mustang all race
Dean Martin & Jack Roush Jr win it at Road America!
Raquel Welch, 76, sparks frenzy as she sizzles in tiny glittering leotard with Dean Martin https…
Thank you Brian. That's what happens when you grow up with John Wayne, Dean Martin and Randolph Scott, galloping into the sunset..
Tom Hanks as Dean Martin. John Travolta as Frank Sinatra. Here's why this Martin Scorsese biopic never happened:
July 25th 1946 - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis stage their first show as a comedy team (
It's not easy playing Dean Martin to Rick's Jerry Lewis. All I could think was how huge t…
I was not privy to his time on Dean Martin's show
'Your not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on" – Dean Martin. Harvey Wallbanger print by…
1 Who's the guy on far right still photo during segment w/ ?!?. Dean Martin?!?. But for sports drink ...
Paul-Dean Martin is at Saddleback College preparing his students for their performance Back to Broadway show case.
Love your Network, Laugh-in & Decades brings back alot of memories. How about Dean Martin roasts, The Carrol Burnet show?
Many thanks again, top stuff! Listen everyone, free Dean Martin song with every order…
"Button up your overcoat, you forgot your pants." -- Dean Martin (or one of the writers on his old variety show)
On this day in... 1950: The television show "The Colgate Comedy Hour" debuted featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. https:/…
Back this week we have another round of What could Dean Martin, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra be sin…
Dean Martin was one of my favorite actor's in my childhood. My Grandmother was a famous hairdresser to the Stars i…
Let Matt Helm put you in the driver's seat. Dean Martin keeps America's end up in The Ambushers, directed by Henry…
Inside Queens of the Stone Age's "Villains" via Come for the Homme, stay for the Dean Martin.
When anything by Sinatra or Dean Martin comes on I have to listen for a good 60 seconds to determine if it is or is not a Christmas song.
South of the Border - Dean Martin on Martini Lounge Radio - Listen
Tony Bennett Frank Sinatrar and Dean Martin all rolled into one
I think that scene was inevitable seeing as how Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson were amongst the cast.
So much for roasts... Don Rickles, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, etc, all the greats would be shunned today.
Sssh! Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson are singing in Rio Bravo!
Saturday night - time for some relaxing cowboy music - Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, from Rio Bravo.
Anyone remember Ricky Nelson , Dean Martin & Walter Brennan singing Cindy Cindy in the movie Rio Bravo?
… and (not shown) 'Kiss Me Stupid' with Dean Martin, Kim Novak and Ray Waldron… my…
A Charles Nelson Reilly and a Dean Martin is really a . .
I can vibe to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin everyday.
Coming up this hour 🕙. Farrah. Rilo Kiley. Jonathan Coulton. Sloan. Dean Martin. Dido. Archer Prewitt. and more!.
Local secret, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra are your best friends moving North south around the strip.
I must admit I listen to more Dean Martin than Frank.
imagine Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Johnnie Ray, and Jerry Lee Lewis all in one room... what a concept
It is a bit like having Dean Martin investigate a case involving Sammy Davis Jr.
Best golf movie, "The Caddy" starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. For something more serious, " The Ben Hogan Story."
Watching Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin with the best!
Jerry Lewis being interviewed about his former partner in theatre,Dean Martin,
Drinking my fave Chateau Ste Michelle sweet riesling, blasting Dean Martin and baking salted caramel chocolate chip cookies..this is my zone
Dino Paul Crocetti, bka Dean Martin (June 7, 1917 - December 25, 1995). truly the king of cool. he and my grandfather l…
Born today in 1917: Dino Paul Crocetti, known to the world as Dean Martin, singer/entertainer, the "King of Cool," membe…
7 June 1917. Popular singer Dean Martin was born in Steubenville, Ohio. His nickname was 'The King of Cool'.
The guy has a bit of Rock Hudson/Dean Martin about him. Nice piece though.
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin and Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr. in Ocean’s Eleven…
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin really get me.
Listening to Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra in Rome is there anything better??
Fact Sam Giancana wanted both Dean Martin and. Frank Sinatra dead over the Cal Neva Lodge, shares from the Sands, the Kennedy debacle
I love & admire Bob & his influence . Right there w T. Waits & L. Cohen. Fear he's going to cover Dean Martin or Sammy Davis
Dean Martin once put a move on Nancy in front of Frank. He had Telly Savalas punch Deano in the gut. Dean had a sho…
I liked a video Jerry Lewis on teaming up with Dean Martin -
French actress Corinne Calvet. Here on the set of My Friend Irma Goes West (1950) with Dean Martin and Jerry…
is so "last century". I keep looking for Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Jerry Lewis and listening for the canned laugh track.
‘Scared Stiff,’ Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’ ninth film together, was released to theaters on this day in 1953.
Dean Martin's daughter Deana... her family, career ..the future!: via
Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston are the best comedy duo since Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin.
KC~Tonight in the Lounge at 7, Dean Martin, Jerry Vale and Michael Bolton. pic: free use
Back in my day we had Bruce Lee, James Bond, John Wayne, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Toni Curtis, A...
Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra with their daughters Tina Sinatra and Deana Martin (1967)
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Tune in to "It's A God Thing" as we interview the multi-talented daughter of Dean Martin. Deana Martin is our guest!
I added a video to a playlist Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr
Listening to Dean Martin, Jerry Vale and Frank Sinatra while making spaghetti and meatballs.
My lunch break smile? This photo of that reminds me of Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin. Tall, dark and…
1964, in Hollywood, Dean Martin recorded the ditty that would soon become his theme song, “Everybody Loves Somebody,” for Reprise Records.
Rio Bravo, with Chiwetel Ejiofor in the John Wayne part, Anthony MacKie in Dean Martin role, and Janelle Monae in R…
Rick Rizzs is an absolute gem. "Snoop Dogg is one of my favorite artists along with Dean Martin."
Dean Martin and Audrey Hepburn on the set of Sabrina (1954).
Dean Martin, Audrey Hepburn and Jerry Lewis photographed by Bob Willoughby at the Paramount Studios publicity departme…
Fridays are meant for Matt Munro and Dean Martin!
Grew up watching the old Dean Martin roasts with my granddad and dad. Funny stuff! Don Rickles and Jonathan Winters were my favorites.
...Ryan Howard. Howard Dean. Dean Martin... Yep, you are onto something big Andy.
I like to consider myself a classy girl listening to some Lou Monte and Dean Martin
the celebrities too, people like Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, James Dean, Marlon Brando etc.. you can't beat them
Could never decide who I had a bigger crush on: Dean Martin or Peter Lawford
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I just want a house of my own just so I can listen to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, The Four Seasons, Otis Redding, Dion, Chet Baker etc 🎺
I remember a time when late night t.v. made u laugh I love the Carol Burnett infomercials. Laugh in Bob Hope, Dean Martin
Get Along Home Cindy by Dean Martin,Ricky Nelson & Walter Brennan... Listen on from
Now playing: "The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane" by Dean Martin from 'Dean Martin EP'
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra in the crime film 'Oceans Eleven' 1960.
That's Amore by Dean Martin, Recipe For Love by Harry Connick Jr and Mary's Prayer by Danny Wilson. No idea of story
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin (by Philippe Halsman from his Jump series)
For good laughs, refer to: The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts.
Yes! I wouldn't lie to you, Dean Martin.
"If you drink, don't drive. Don't even putt." Dean Martin (born today 1917).
Italian music is pretty depressing if you're in a bad mood. *** you Dean Martin and your amazing, deep, comforting…
"Learning is a life long process" -Dr Martin Slann, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences
Check out this deal: MURDERERS' ROW 1966 Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment Dean Martin as Helm vhs…
I love the Sons of Katie Elder. Dean Martin and John Wayne made a great pairing.
Audrey Hepburn and Dean Martin hugging on the set of Sabrina, 1953.
Dean Martin was always the life of the party
listening to Dean Martin pretending I'm not in the smelliest airport in America. lookin at you Love Field.
50's track of the day : You Belong To Me by Dean Martin (1952)
1899 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis on the set of The Caddy (1953) with director Norman Taurog.
Final episode of Knights Talk for this season being taped today guests head coach Nathan Parrish, Dean Martin and Dan Smith.
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin type of day
Here's a good ten cards worth of jokes aimed at Dean Martin, nice work
I added a video to a playlist Dean Martin - Papa Loves Mambo
Do you want a day of the Dean chauffeuring you between classes on a golf cart? Then come to Martin/Veasey auction today!
CountryLiving: These Dean Martin quotes will make your day.
These Dean Martin quotes will make your day.
Ru even Italian if you don't like this song
Marion also had a role in the 1960 movie “Who Was That Lady?” starring Tony Curtis and Dean Martin. via
UK Cabaret Magazine Review Out Today . Forever Dean is a tribute to Dean Martin, brought to us by Singer Will...
If I was only old enough to see Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin live
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NO WAY the most corrupt man in NV. How about Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Groucho Marx, Lewis and Clark, Big Bird anybody but him!
53 years ago tonight.Lena Horne and Dean Martin guest on a special 'Perry Como Kraft Music Hall' live from Burbank on
GREAT PHOTO FIND: 1964 L.A. Dodgers Game and (in the voice of Dean Martin) "Ay! Ben Casey!…
Tune into to see Ricky Nelson & Dean Martin sing one of my favorites, 'My Rifle, My Pony & Me'
| Riveting Grand Sport qualifying lands Dean Martin, brand-new Ford on top
The world’s BEST Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis tribute! Classic entertainment for the whole family!. February 4th at 7:30PM!! h…
Making pasta to the kitchen tunes of Dean Martin singing Mambo Italiano. See ya later dough in…
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Peter Lawford at the premiere of Ocean's 11 in Las Vegas, 1960
I will watch that infomercial channel that shows nothing but Time Life ads for Dean Martin roasts and Carol Burnett.
Is it just me or does Dean Martin look almost exactly like Gregory Peck without glasses?
Sophia Loren's cover of Mambo Italiano by Dean Martin. She is an Italian actress and beauty.
I just used Shazam to discover Mambo Italiano by Dean Martin.
"The Wrecking Crew" is on with Dean Martin as Matt Helm, Elke Sommer, and Sharon Tate. And I have to go to work. Gaaah.
'I'm forever blowing bubbles' by Dean Martin on loop 💞
If is on TV, i have to stop everything and watch just to hear to hear Rick Nelson and Dean Martin sing https…
I liked a video Deana Martin singing with Frank Sinatra Jr and Dean Martin
The Yves Montand character in that film reminded me of the Dean Martin character in Rio Bravo.
that has to be from Rio Bravo. Not one of Wayne's best (Ricky Nelson vehicle w Dean Martin) but an enjoyable film.
Angie Dickinson and Dean Martin almost save Rio Bravo for me, but Ricky Nelson is just terrible. Completely wooden.
Things to Do, Jan. 7: Tributes to Bowie, Beatles, Debbie Reynolds and Dean Martin; dinosaur fun in Cleveland…
Cheryl Scott may be going home with fake Dean Martin.
My favourite music genre is jazz. Especially the likes of classics such as Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Etta James, Ella Fitz, etc
Remembering 'The King of Cool' Dean Martin, who died 21 years ago today.
them plus Ed Asner are in El Dorado on AMC rn. Caan is sort of a hot head and Mitchum is doing a Dean Martin thing
Inundating the family with a steady diet of Dean Martin, Bing, Elvis, Pentatonix & of course Ray Stevens!
we get a kick out of seeing the old shows where Dean Martin had drink in 1 hand and cigarette in other..ON TV!
Let It Snow. but not the garbage Sinatra version. Dean Martin all the way
they really do, so fun to listen to. We can remember the Dean Martin show on tv.
Even when Dean Martin is speaking Italian it is still the most beautiful thing ever.😍
velkr0 is now listening to Let It Snow! Let It Snow! by Dean Martin
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What can say I love Dean Martin almost as much as I love Fran Sinatra. — listening to Baby It's Cold Outside
James Brown, Charlie Chaplin, Dean Martin and W.C. Fields all died on Dec 25th. Merry Christmas!
25.12.2016 5:50:05 am UTC : Let it snow,let it snow,let it - Dean Martin
Don't think so Robin. Elvis my favorite. Remember BrendaLee, Dolly Parton. Mom listened 2 Dean Martin. U may not know him lol.
Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra speak musical volumes
I liked a video Dean Martin - Compilation of 26 Songs in his Variety Show
smoking some Christmas trees and listening to some Dean Martin... oh Dean i'll never be as wasted as you 🎄
Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Frank Sinatra onstage in the early 1960s.
Died December 25th (1995) Dean Martin, King of Cool. On-set partner of Jerry Lewis. Martin was a crooner and a membe…
my Italian family stays winning with Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin music and sangria 🖖🏽
On this day in 1995, Dean Martin died of lung cancer.
It's so bad it's good, but I'm mostly here for an Old English Sheepdog doing human tasks... Like catching a taxi or singing Dean Martin
See when Dean Martin says "let it snow" and you just sit there like mate it's actual 12 degrees with a storm ⛈🌚🙄
Dean Martin's singing voice just sounds like some annoying guy saying "well actually" over and over.
Paul THANK YOU for putting up my guy. ❤️Dean Martin!
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Dean Martin - Baby its Cold Outside .. Diggin on some Dean
Dean Martin, Echo & Bunnymen + Betty Wright in a row...sure where else would you get it.!!..
Dean Martin is now available for adoption! This male Domestic Short Hair is 5mths old. Learn more at
it was Dean Martin for yonks but just defected to Stevie Wonder!
yes, Buble Xmas songs r the best. His All I Want for Christmas Is You version is my fave. Andy Williams, Sinatra, Dean Martin too
Andy DiMino - a Holiday Tribute to Dean Martin “Making Spirits Bright” - is performing at 1pm today in Infinity!…
Saw a zany one the other night with Bob Hope and Dean Martin ... with Charles Nelson Reilly
Dean Martin asks Doc how his Severinsen is
If Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Andy Williams, and Michael Buble Holiday music doesn't get you in the spirit then you're dead inside.
I don't know what is funnier. Foster Brooks or Dean Martin cracking up. Funny! Randall Upchurch Lori Grasso...
Our boy Dean Martin (now GARY) with his new family. He loves his new sister, LUCY and his kitty friend HOWARD. HAPPY DAYS for GARY!
Comedian Flip Wilson was born on Dec. 8, 1933, Here he tells the story of Christopher Columbus for Dean Martin
Come party 2016 away and welcome in 2017 with Mark performing as Dean Martin, Danny Zuko ,Tom Jones Austin Powers...
When I played Dean Martin, he was dead when we made the movie but there ...
I met Robert Wagner when I lived in LA and he was one of the nicest man in town, so were Dean Martin & James Garner, not many others
Mom: who sings "baby it's cold outside" ? Dean Martin.. right ?. Bre: Zoey Deschanel and Leon Redbo-. Mom: Hm ? Rod S…
American actor and singer Dean Martin (1917 - 1995) preparing to go on stage at a Las Vegas night club, 1971.
Merry Xmas! Here's a song I wrote for Dean Martin but he was busy.Performed by worlds top Dino tribute act Mark Adams…
Well today is a J Cole, Amy Winehouse, Missy Higgins, Dean Martin, Billie Holiday type of day.
Was Bobby Darrin the only one to record Somewhere Beyond the Sea? Seems like a perfect song for Sinatra or Dean Martin.
I like that Michael Che gets to blow his lines on SNL. Pretty sure Dean Martin (or was it Harvey Korman?) got to, so this is a make-good.
actually my 3rd fav all time movie is a western Rio Bravo (sorry JW that's actually a Dean Martin m…
Crushed every Dean Martin roast. Just like how killed that 5 on 3 an hour ago.
And it wasn't like a classy roast like with Dean Martin or Don Rickles. No, The Situation from Jersey Shore was a member of the dais...
Dean Martin and Nat King Cole kinda morning am not even bothered it's only November! 🎄💟☃️
This is, unsurprisingly, a horrible speech. It's like one Dean Martin away from turning into a celebrity roast.
I wish Dean Martin & all of them were alive to roast Obama after he gets out of office.
I added a video to a playlist The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast - Dean Martin
It's a remix of a Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin photo from years earlier. But again, fun.
This the reputation the FBI is getting. It's a Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello or Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin organ…
Dean Martin,Frank Sinatra,Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis, Tom Jones,ooohh...the feel good songs :-) almost like being in a movie :-)
At Mets games, we get Dean Martin and Billy Joel in the same inning so just tack on a another point us. New York: 765,453,234 - Chicago: 2
Dean Martin and Terry Thomas should've been on that list. Morning Sarah. x
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. on surround sound. 🎼
Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, and Elizabeth Taylor in the same photo.
Man imagine having the honour of witnessing Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin performing right before your very eyes
Petula Clark seen here at Cov theatre with Dean Martin in the early 1970'…
"Angie Dickinson with John Wayne and Dean Martin on the set of Rio Bravo
I liked a video Best songs of all time | Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin greatest hits
today's google radio is all Matt Munro, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin - full on nostalgia soundtrack :D
Everybody is somebody, and as Dean Martin one said: "Everybody loves somebody sometime".
Dean Martin once sang about bringing your family with you to Vegas: "Take my advice // It's like going to China wit…
The Duke John Wayne with Bob Hope Frank Sinatra Ronald Reagan and Dean Martin at Coconut Grove Event for Ronal…
They grew up with "The Rat Pack" - Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, - they see themselves as a political version of that. Oceans 11.
Watching TOMI: Curious why the Muhammed cartoon? Why not Dean Martin, Don Rickles, etc. You go Muslim at a time whe…
Howard on Menzies akin to Greg Sheridan on Tony Abbott, Jerry Lewis on Dean Martin, Laurel on Hardy..comedy duos!
KC~Dean Martin, Gloria Estefan and Booker T and the MG's all coming up in the Lounge after 7. pic:…
It's okay, y'all. I know that if I were Dean Martin, would be Jerry Lewis
Comedy 😂 . Watching the Dean Martin roast & Joey Bishop knocks it out the park.
A new favorite from Wild Christopher (Soundcloud): country by Dean Martin on
Larry Rothschild looks like he drinks like Dean Martin
I loved George Carlin and Dean Martin. I was one of those kids who had every comedy album
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Peter Lawford check out downtown Las Vegas.
Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin on a NBC set. "1962: Smokin', Frank and Dean" - Photo by Bob Willoughby
Natalie with Dean Martin on a Bob Hope television special.
And the cobbled together rushes from Marilyn Monroe's aborted final film with Dean Martin.then Jane Russell & Victor Mature in old Vegas.
Released in 1961, ‘Ada’ featured Dean Martin as a would-be governor whose new wife may not be all she seems.
61-year-old Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where icons like Dean Martin and Liberace performed, is imploded.
"I once shook hands with Pat Boone and my whole right side sobered up." Dean Martin.
you have a nice collection so far!! I think I have like 5 Doris Day albums, 3 Connie Francis, 2 Dean Martin. & a lot more😂
Ricci Martin, the youngest son of Dean Martin, passes away: via
Ricci Martin, son of Dean Martin, is dead at 62
Ricci Martin, an entertainer and the youngest son of Dean Martin, died. He was 62
Cerveili walks up to Dean Martin crooning about the moon. True fact: This season, Cerveilli and Dean Martin have the same…
Ricci Martin, son of legend Dean Martin, dies at 62
Ricci Martin, the musician son of entertainment legend Dean Martin, died Wednesday at his home in Utah, his family
Ricci Martin, son of Dean Martin, found dead
Ricci Martin, performer and son of Dean Martin, dies at 62 via "Glad I met him".
The youngest son of Dean Martin became an entertainer, himself. In the 1990s, he joined the band
Ricci Martin, son of Dean Martin, has died..several months after the death of Frank Sinatra Jr..
Fans & friends are mourning Ricci Martin, Dean Martin's son who died at 62
Dean Martin's son Ricci Martin has sadly died at the age of 62
Frank Jr gone and now this. RIP RT"Ricci Martin, son of Dean Martin, has died https:/…
Singer Ricci Martin, Dean Martin's son, is found dead in Utah aged 62 via
Ricci Martin, son of Dean Martin, dead at 62
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Ricci Martin, Musician and Son of Dean Martin, Dies at 62 via
Ricci Martin, musician and son of Dean Martin, has died
Haven't seen this since 1983. The angelically shambolic Tommy Cooper toasting Dean Martin at the Royal Variety Club.
I am in my early 50's and was listening to Dean Martin when people my didn't think it was cool. Whose cool now, eh!
most recently one I read was the Dean Martin one by nick tosches. Has some good digs at sinatra. Read that this year.
Dean Martin and Sharon Tate on set of "The Wrecking Crew," in summer of 1968 - one year before she w
I find roasts funny, Dean Martin roasts, that's what I looked up, unfortunately I stumbled on your babble
.Dean Martin as Two Face, Barbara Eden as Poison Ivy, Don Knotts as Scarecrow, & Christopher Lee as Ra's Al Ghul. All very good!
SHARON OMG can we just talk about how much of a god Dean Martin is
Kickstarter for Barack Obama to host celebrity roasts like Dean Martin starting next February
Second-string comic talent lacks the 'comedy gold' of the old Dean Martin roasts
Dean Martin and Shirley Maclaine while filming Some Come Running in 1958.
Serenade me with Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, and/or Il Volo & I'm all yours😍
I love the Dean Martin roasts I remember
No, the Dean Martin roasts had class.
it would have been more entertaining if the Dean Martin roasts were played on the networks tonight.
Day38of Bells" by Dean Martin. An iconic performance.
Tonight's festival music went from Frank Sinatra, to Dean Martin and the such... . to Bruno Mars and DNCE
I liked a video That's Amore by Dean Martin with Lyrics!
Weren't Angie Dickinson and Dean Martin both members of the Rat Pack?
PSA: Tired of 'Rio Bravo,' starring John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson & Angie Dickinson, is on TMC...
*** even Dean Martin would have got a pass but not a song about not knowing how a sax sounds!
Need myself a boy who's willing to dance with me to Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin
Nothing makes me happier than listening to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Glenn Miller tbh
please bring Vinny back for a Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin ep? Rat Pack? U know u want to.
I love classic singers. I grew up on Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, etc. and that music just makes me so happy
I appreciate old musicians like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Music back in the day had a deeper meaning than it does now
The voices of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr are all so soothing and dreamy.❤️
Especially Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Michael Buble. Martin is a hit or miss though.
Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra type of day. ❤️
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Off that Pete Mr does a good Dean Martin, good old party song 👍
Concept: A Rat Pack movie with Chris Evans as Frank Sinatra, Sebastian Stan as Dean Martin, and Anthony MacKie as Sammy Davis Jr. Yes? No?
WOW, i now have Dean Martin, Amy Grant, Andy Griffith, Adam Dunn & Bruce Willis as fans.
Wish we could bring that Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin music era back.
missing my Dean Martin singing partner tho 😜
to be fair ya'll gave us bob Evans, Dave chappelle, the wright brothers, Orville redeenbaker and Dean Martin
Good afternoon or morning or whatver...Dean Martin & Tennessee Ernie Ford
David Doyle and Tom Bosley on this Dean Martin roast. So they're two different people?
s show. They are akin too girls on the Dean Martin variety show but they don't sing.
VEGAS! THE SHOW would like to remember the birthdays of both Tom Jones & Dean Martin!
Sharon Tate who was as gentle & kind as she was beautiful, with Dean Martin & me ( my hair is dyed)
Prince, Dean Martin and Sir Tom Jones all born today!
3 music legends born this day: Dean Martin (1917) Tom Jones (1940) Prince (1958) - Sign 'o' the times 11pm Sky Arts
Dean Martin was born on this day in 1917
Of course you remember today is the birthdate of Prince, Tom Jones, & Dean Martin. Tom sang a Prince song & bought Dean's house. But...
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Me, Prince, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Thurman Munson and Allen Iverson; all born on this day. June 7
Born today: Tom Jones, Dean Martin, George Ezra & Prince. Wouldn't they have made an interesting quartet?
We're celebrating Marilyn's co-star and fellow Gemini, Dean Martin, on his birthday!. Dino's daughter, Deana...
Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Sammy Davis Jr, Dean Martin, Elvis, those people don't get fired they can only fire themselves peace
Honey, if you're an average girl then I've been dating boys. -Dean Martin as Larry Todd in Scared Stiff
Rat Pack Monday: They were the coolest cats of all time...Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, ...
When Flip was on Dean Martin show I laughed hysterically.
If only I was able to go back to the 60's to watch the Dean Martin show live!
Deana Martin with her dad, Dean Martin the "King Of Cool"
I always watch Dean Martin's show... just to see if he falls down. - James…
With Sharon Tate on the set of 'The Wrecking Crew' (1968). Dean Martin: "I don't drink, my body's a drunk."
I have a tape of him getting Dean Martin roasted. So funny, with Howard Cosell of course
watching Johnny Carson interview Milton Burle from the 80's.had first TV show1948. Guests Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Elvis, Frank Sinatra.
Love Carry On, Norman Wisdom, Dean Martin, The Avengers etc? Fenella will talk about it in her 70 min show
Judy Holliday in 1960 was in movie version of Bells are Ringing with Dean Martin. Comedy about answering Service.
Thoughts with the family of Dean Martin after yesterday's crash another sad loss.
I remember as a child, my mother loved Dean Martin. Every Christmas, a...
also, i've been on a Fifties-bend for over a month; think: Dean Martin, Pee Wee King. *** Debbie Reynolds. you'd like them.
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