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Dean Hoyle

Dean Hoyle was the founder and previous owner of Card Factory, a chain of greeting card and gift stores in Great Britain.

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A fan is a fan I've been for 54 years & my ticket costs £100 for the season UTT viva Dean Hoyle
There is now a waiting list at Hudds Town for fans wanting season cards. Extraordinary! What a job done by Dean Hoyle and his team.
Just watching the penalties AGAIN! and there's no mistaking who these 2 boys belong to they're the spitting image of their dadHoyle.
imagine be nearer 3mill plus lots of add ons knowing Dean Hoyle. A genius.
This is Dean Hoyle you`re dealing with. Won`t be spending anywhere near 8 mill on Brown. Be all add ons & bonuses.
He'll be sat in a pen at the dogs trust with a knitted dean Hoyle in his mouth waiting waiting waiting 🐶
I don't expect to go bust, not with Dean Hoyle in charge 👍
Dean Hoyle perfectly depicting the 4 stages of a hangover 😂😂😂
Can we just appreciate that Dean Hoyle bought Hogg for 400k
well I've searched the Birthday Honours list but it seems u forgot the Knighthood for chairman Dean Hoyle..
He's asked to leave since he saw dean Hoyle open his wallet this week. UTT
Dean Hoyle has just had it installed. Money's burning a hole in his pocket 😂
Difference being Dean Hoyle's notes are on an elastic band
Swear Dean Hoyle has got some app on his phone where he can just bid on players and has bidded on every single player taking *** 😂
No. There's only one Dean Hoyle and only one David Wagner
You're dealing with Dean Hoyle.he's no mug. You may get 12.5m.but not from
Before Dean Hoyle we were knackered pure & simple
Fair play to Dean Hoyle, giving us a chance of staying up not just pocketing the money
we're on our way courtesy of St Thomas Primary and Huddersfield Towns Dean Hoyle
Dean Hoyle to every player in England today
My sources have told me Dean Hoyle, David Wagner and David Moss are sat in weatherspoons throwing money at anyone. Magical.
Im sure dean hoyle will do everything in his power to make you our number 1 !!
Dean Hoyle shaking hands with him on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Opera House in the background
He spent same as Dean Hoyle to get them there. It's what an extra £200m does to a club.
Just found a nice little Dean Hoyle background by at the back of the website. S…
Done has destroyed the Tote as a viable betting entity,yet further deductions are planned. He would do well to follow the Dean Hoyle model.
No one has a right to be in the top flight!!! No Matter how big you are!. Do I need to spell it out t…
Wow! Amazing picture! Amazing day! Upward surge since the promotion from…
We may have him at Huddersfield Town if he contacts Dean Hoyle !.
FYI Thelma, this is fully supported by HTAFC's Dean Hoyle (& your…
James, Dean Hoyle will cap the wage bill in the prem to about 20 k a week max and as for transfer fees…
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Why d'you always get it wrong Danny's been approached by a guy called DEAN HOYLE he's linked with a t…
seriously I will get the train to Huddersfield and fight dean Hoyle myself
Not many owners like Dean Hoyle anymore. He deserves premier league football in fairness
Dean Hoyle plays his cards right with Huddersfield on brink of Premier Le..
Remember not much over a year ago when some Town fans were calling for Dean Hoyle to sell up because he sold Jacob Butterfield for about £5m
Ah Tyrone... Jon Newby, Ian Hughes, Nat Brown... about time i told Dean Hoyle that i love him i think...
Not been this intrigued & excited about a forthcoming season. Thank you Dean Hoyle & David Wagner. Could be a memorable o…
My 2016/17 ST was only £179. There is only 1 Dean Hoyle though. Wish there was a Killie version too.
I look at our 2 nearest neighbours and thank the Lord for Dean Hoyle
don't you remember him and Dean Hoyle sat watching the penalties at Wembley? Great moment.
Thanks for the RT, Sean. . Hope to see you there.Any chance you can can ask Dean Hoyle if he fancies bidding on the auction too😀
Dean Hoyle doesn't half love M&S man wish he didn't swerve my till this time 😌
that's where Dean Hoyle started making his millions! They also had Gamorrean Guard figures before all the major toy stores.
whilst I share the surprise of the sacking of Mark Lillis in Dean Hoyle I place my trust.
The Raptors are pulling a classic Sidney Dean & Billy Hoyle hustle. I'm not fooled; I've seen the movie.
Dean Hoyle sounds like a man on a mission to get us to the top. If we have to get rid of people like Lillis, then so be it!
whoever put that idea in Dean Hoyle's head is probably still around choosing who should replace Lillis.
Sometimes hard decisions have to be made for the good of the club ! Today Dean Hoyle had to make one !! All the best
Dean Hoyle & David Wagner are bringing the German style production line to Huddersfield.
Sorry to see go, but fully understand Dean Hoyle's reasoning. Onwards & upwards for our Academy
Dean Hoyle "The Academy costs around £1.5 million to run, with a circa £1 million direct cost to HTAFC, and it cannot be a vanity project."
Dean Hoyle must've been spying on my draft folder, as I'm yet to post my negative thoughts regarding the academy system from Saturday.
Academy changes made at Town including the departure of Head
Partly agree with Dean Hoyle but also don't think the majority of academy players get a chance in 1st team. Always loan players
Dean Hoyle is a man on a mission. This won't be a popular decision with the fans but he is 100% accurate with his comments
MARK LILLIS DEPARTS: . Dean Hoyle : " a fantastic ambassador for the Club and its Academy. 100% commitment, passion and determination"
DEAN HOYLE on Mark Lillis Departure: "changes have been made to improve the quality of young footballer the Academy is producing"
READ: Mark Lillis has departed the Club as undertakes a review of its Academy (DTS)
READ: Chairman Dean Hoyle is meeting the Patrons Association on Thursday night (DTS)
.Say thanks to Dean Hoyle. Contacted me after I sent survey of horrible experience. Still customer thanks to Dean.
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very wise words from DW. Total sense. Can we hear from Dean Hoyle too soon about his thoughts of DW, progress, transfers etc?
I have to say I agree with all DW comments. Dean Hoyle has given the club financial stability. DW can now build his team. UTT
Chairman Dean Hoyle is the guest at the next Patrons meeting on Thursday 4 Feb (RD)
sorry chaps you're gonna have to squeeze Dean Hoyle in to the same gang
I understand that do have a war chest, but it'll only be used if we declare war on France or if Dean Hoyle goes all Hank Scorpio
Would love to see Dean Hoyle spend some of our apparent "transfer war chest" on bringing Cameron Jerome or Fraiser Campbell home 💰👏🏼
Told he's meeting Dean Hoyle/Webber today. No deal with Wolves yet though.
Parra apparently having talks with Dean Hoyle this Aft
@ Parra in talks with Dean Hoyle apparently !
Rajiv van La Parra due to meet Dean Hoyle for talks - . Latest here:
Dean Hoyle apparently meeting VLP today to discuss terms. Just hope the Rhodes deal doesn't affect.
I agree mate but dean Hoyle has done wonders for our club ! he is repaying the fans with cheap season cards next year
Can people also stop complaining about Dean Hoyle. He wants signings more than us says Webber; DH has given them a budget
We need signings. Don't be tight Dean Hoyle.
Sir Patrick Stewart opposes Huddersfield A&E closure plan - good on Dean Hoyle too for backing the campaign today!
one thing constant, dean Hoyle is still happily taking money off those chairmen with cash burning holes
there certainly is, only one Dean Hoyle!!!
Dean Hoyle, local man loves his club, raises lots of money for local charities, created foundation to feed local kids
Huddersfield Town's Dean Hoyle urges rethink on A&E shake-up
_RT_ htafcdotcom: READ: Dean Hoyle explains why is backing the Examiner's campaign …
_RT_ ExaminerHTAFC: ICYMI: Watch Dean Hoyle explain why htafcdotcom are backing Examiner …
Dean Hoyle backs and says: 'What price do we put on people’s lives?' htt…
ICYMI: Watch Dean Hoyle explain why are backing
READ: Dean Hoyle explains why is backing the campaign (DTS) https:…
If we have signed Jamie Paterson for 250k, it can go up there with one of Dean Hoyle's best deals, ever.
Can also blame Dean Hoyle for this ticket too. If he'd not sacked Powell there'd still be 1500 tickets left.
Watching class of 92, and realised Phil Neville sound a lot like Dean Hoyle
Fortune favours the brave. Dean Hoyle, that's one bold brave move today! Let's all back him 100% and enjoy the ride! Up der Stadt!
According to Dean Hoyle, "When we spoke with David, his knowledge of our squad was impressive". 😉
David Wagner the perfect fit for Huddersfield Town - Dean Hoyle
Update your maps at Navteq
Why do I ever doubt the brilliant man, Dean Hoyle? Exciting news today with Wagner's appointment
There is risk, but this is the right direction: Dean Hoyle on David Wagner appointment at Huddersfie...
"There is definitely an element of risk to this," chief Dean Hoyle on new manager David Wagner -
Evans: "Huddersfield have got a very demanding chairman in Dean Hoyle."
David Wagner will bring 'enthralling' style of football to Yorkshire says owner Dean Hoyle
Fair play Dean Hoyle that's an absolutely brilliant choice of manager!!! Didn't expect that at all
I think Charlie's comments are unjust! Dean Hoyle has acted on the fan's and drop in crowds at hudds and failure in youth
you'd give your left knacker for someone like dean Hoyle at your club lad 👍👍. Go to bed.
why not clean the cupboard out. Dean Hoyle Out feel sorry for Powell
If Dean Hoyle gets hasselbank instead of Wagner I'll cry
always said Powell was too 'safe' appears Dean Hoyle saw that too. Powell lacked ambition needed to be more aggressive in set up
If Dean Hoyle even approaches Uwe Rosler I'll become a shotta and I'll buy town off him with all my P's init
Dean Hoyle " Herr Wagner, I'd like to introduce you to our exciting young team. First of all, this is Ish...actually, moving on..."
Yes Ex manager Lee Clark is not a candidate, though he is still generally in contact with, and an ally of, Dean Hoyle.
could be malky Paul, I know Dean Hoyle is a big fan
Huddersfield Town are going down, and it's that man Dean Hoyle's fault the absolute clown.
Since when has Dean Hoyle not made managerial appointments at Town? I don't get the let's blame Clibbens spin at all.
Sacked by dean Hoyle, the utter gargoyle. Destroying the club, for reasons no good, no good facists
I just don't have any faith in the board, do you? What does Dean Hoyle actually expect?
Get rid of Dean Hoyle how many managers has he been through well he pulls all the strings and none of them are working
Actually feel sorry for Powell, I really didn't think he'd go. I'm scared that Dean Hoyle has no idea how to move the club forward.
Got ridiculed when I said Dean Hoyle is like Ken Bates but he's deffo up there
it's been coming for past few month but he was clinging on by his draws all the time!! Well done Dean Hoyle right decision 👍🏻
The owner Dean Hoyle should be radical and get in from Botswana asap as Chris Powell replacement
I sadly remember that, Dean Hoyle doesn't have a clue what he's doing now! 🙈
Big fan of Dean Hoyle at but he's had a Cellino moment this morning.
Dean Hoyle said "’m fully supportive and I want to give the new manager time" prior to the Powell appointment
This is an interesting read today! instability about the ever changing manager and falling attendance ...
Dean Smith must surely be a front-runner if Dean Hoyle wants exciting, attacking football, alongside the integration of youth players.
Hoyle is going through managers like a dose of salts. Deadly Dean must get it right now. We need experience & profile in the hot seat
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Regardless of what manager Huddersfield Town get, they will never achieve anything with dean Hoyle
I hope when Dean Hoyle made this decision it was in the best interest of And also hope the Board gets it right with the next manager
If Dean Hoyle's a man of his word he'll be the next through the exit door!!!
'For far too long we've been trigger happy with our managers. Managers need time for the club to have stability' Dean Hoyle, 2008
Dean Hoyle has seen the light! Get Lee Clark back - passionate, honest, plays attacking football & brings youth through the system
Dean Hoyle has fired more people than Alan Sugar. Impatient card flogging bell 😑
Patrick kluivert seen at the JSS, whilst dean Hoyle is in Scotland interviewing Neil Lennon. 🙈 here we go again!
Dean Hoyle and his staff need to start questioning themselves. Another failed managerial appointment.
Didn't Dean Hoyle say judge him after Powell's appointment?
Dean Hoyle said he'd be judged on his choice of manager. He's been judged - poor appointment.
Massimo Cellino over Dean Hoyle any day though
Dean Hoyle must of been partying with Massimo Cellino last night 😂
I expect to see Dean Hoyle to start dressing like Fagin, with Sean Jarvis as the artful dodger
Dean Hoyle is a REAL Town fan as well
Just heard police have raided Dean Hoyle's home in connection with the awarding of a contract to Ishmael Miller.
I play ball like billy hoyle, now I need my Sidney Dean to get this brothel started in the Philippines.
Dean Hoyle is the guest at the next Heavy Woollen meeting on Mon 23 Nov at Millbridge WMC. All fans welcome!
But we have over 9 million in the bank.. But on the other hand, Dean Hoyle has a new BMW
Chris powell Dean hoyle what's the plan ?
Dean Hoyle - 2014 "It will tell me a lot how fans react to the next manager" - Sadly Dean your choice in managers hasn't been great.
Make the call dean Hoyle! I know you don't like spending money so use reverse chargers!
Well played dean hoyle you have brought us so far, now wripping the heart out of are club👍🙌👌
dean Hoyle is clueless yet held with God like reverence!! Time for him to go!! Managing towns an impossible job
This is a statement implying that Dean Hoyle that owns Huddersfield Town should f**k off "ok so every team has...
What on earth has Dean Hoyle got to do with who picks the QPR team? Everyone knew Rob Green is Nbr 1- bizzare comment Matthew!
Been a good move for Smithies, that. Playing second fiddle to Rob Green. Well worthwhile. Cheers Dean Hoyle
Jed anagram of thats what chris powell an dean hoyle is doing to all you town fans 😂😂😂
Dean Hoyle on how Huddersfield Town will benefit for years to come from stadium shares and PPG Canal...
I play ball like Billy Hoyle, now I need a Sidney Dean to help me start this brothel in the Philippines !
Town chairman Dean Hoyle seals deal for share of John Smith's Stadium c
fair play. I'm a Terriers fan and we have a good manager in Powell and top chairman in Dean Hoyle.
Dean Hoyle now 100% owner of the Club, but transfer of the stadium share back to Town yet to be approved by the council ht…
Hello from Climbing Y3 Peaks to doubling every £ raised, Founder Dean Hoyle goes the
can debate Cellino till the cows come home, but agree Dean Hoyle is great for Town
Every penny donated to the is personally matched by Dean Hoyle the chairman! Please support us today!
White Men Can't Jump the remake. I'm gonna produce it. I want and to play Billy Hoyle and Sidney Dean
. And this is success?. Try Dean Hoyle at and see what he says. Not a man to shy away of what's right!
Dean Hoyle came back 2 canalside with play off trophy & medal & let everyone have a photo staying for hours
Rapists deserve to be prosecuted aggressively — but not by the dean of students, and not by
Billy Hoyle was caring the team in that 2 on 2 tournament.. Sydney dean was trash
Terriers yet to receive substantial Rhodes fee: Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle has reiter...
Good morning fans. We're at Dalton Breakfast Club this morning, joined by Dean Hoyle and Alex Smithies
Dean Hoyle do the right thing for the club and If we lose tomorrow .Robins out Billy Davies in to sort out goalkeeper and back four there shocking to say the least.
Huddersfield chairman Dean Hoyle has reiterated his long-term aim of winning promotion to the Premier League.
Dean Hoyle: "Barnsley game is bigger than play-off finals against Peterborough and Sheffield Utd. We need to retain where we are."
~ Huddersfield Town have to hit 10,000 season-ticket sales again says chairman Dean Hoyle
The only way to ensure we get the results we want is to place a Bet Of Doom, going to cost me more than Dean Hoyle to keep us up.
Only thing missing from the first half was Billy Hoyle throwin a lob to Sidney Dean.
Smith and Burke getting ready to go playground. Call Wesley Snipes (aka Sidney Dean) , Billy Hoyle & Duck Johnson
Dean Hoyle really not coming off well in this interview
Does anyone remember when Dean Hoyle said that Rickie Lambert wasn't worth a million now he's on the brink of an England call-up.
I have nothing against HTFC, Dean Hoyle, Lee Clark or any of the HTFC playing staff. That said, I don't like their fans
If Gary Megson gets the town job I will never go again under his management...surely Dean Hoyle wouldn't.
6 people as dinner guests? The Queen, Springsteen, Blair, Mandella, Dean Hoyle, Stevie wonder & I would have a clue about my life!
Earlier today the departure of Simon Grayson from Huddersfield was announced when the club issued a statement from the chairman Dean Hoyle. The Terriers under Grayson had not won in 12 games and so...
Wishing Simon Grayson best of luck, I'm sure he will get a good job (probably Blackpool). Did a good job here but something went wrong. I was backing him to turn it around but Dean Hoyle rarely makes a wrong decision. I want Paolo Di Canio but I'm pretty sure we will get Nigel Adkins who I would also be pleased with. Reckon both have what it takes.
Right decision for Dean Hoyle to sack Simon Grayson the replacement has to be Nigel Adkins !!!
I have to say thanks to Simon Grayson for getting us up to the Championship in the summer, but fair play to Dean Hoyle doing what he has to do to keep us up! In Dean we trust!
Dean Hoyle.wake up and smell the coffee.get rid NOW
Who needs Jordan Rhodes? FT Blackpool 1-3 Huddersfield Town. Newly promoted Huddersfield Town move from 9th to 2nd in the Championship. And don't forget Dean Hoyle said season tickets wud be £100 if they ever got in Premiership!! Still a long way to go but things are looking good for you all
Breast Cancer Awareness
chairman Dean Hoyle gave a truthful interview about Huddersfield Town earlier. Read it all here >>>>
I might put fingers to keyboard and email Dean Hoyle, then email Robbie Earle about the Blackpool game.
Simon Grayson says if a good offer comes in for Jordan Rhodes they will consider it. No mr grayson Dean Hoyle will sell.
is it true your a Huddersfield Town fan ? If so as Dean Hoyle given you a lifetime season ticket yet lol
All the best 2 the terriers tomoz against Cardiff in the Championship. Boys deserve it!! Fans deserve it!! Dean Hoyle Certainly deserves it☺
Video - Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle receives honorary degree from Leeds Met and speaks out ...
Dean Hoyle, Chairman of Huddersfield Town FC and successful entrepreneur has received an honorary degree from Leeds Metropolitan University as part of their ...
Terriers confident of Rhodes stay: Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle reiterates the club's intentions to kee...
Watch Chairman Dean Hoyle speak about receiving an honorary degree from Leeds Met
Huddersfield Town Foundation launched by Dean Hoyle to help the make difference to young people: DEAN...
Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle to be honoured by Leeds Met University: He has spearheaded fundraising eve...
chairman Dean Hoyle confirms to the club has withdrawn from trying to sign Lee Peltier who Leicester value at £800k.
Dean Hoyle. Top Bloke. Makes me proud as punch that i support the greatest football team the world has ever seen
Dean Hoyle is the best football club owner & he deserves some kind of recognition for all he does & that's far from on his agenda!
Dean Hoyle - 200K breakfasts per year to be provided, business sponsorship of £25 per school term & Dean will match every pound featured in NBC s Science of Love
Dean Hoyle you really are a Far and away the best chairman in football
Dean Hoyle has told Simon Grayson that he wants Promotion :O
New Huddersfield signing Joel Lynch says that manager Simon Grayson and chairman Dean Hoyle sold the club to him within five minutes.
I must say with all the fantastic signings made by Simon Grayson and dean hoyle i am really looking forward to the coming season
New boy Joel Lynch says Chairman Dean Hoyle and Manager Simon Grayson convinced him to join within 5 minutes -
Passion, hunger, money, a business brain and some footballing nouse = Dean Hoyle = Lethal
Here’s the chat in full with Dean Hoyle- play-offs, players, fans, the future, Afghan & Euro 2012
are waiting to snap up striker Jordan Rhodes. Rhodes will have crunch talks with chairman Dean Hoyle this week.
For all fans - interview with Chairman, Dean Hoyle, coming to your ears soon. Watch this space!
what was it like playing under Lee Clark & Dean Hoyle?
Obv id word for Dean Hoyle.. Ken Bates Had no money...
I can *confirm* it is Dean Hoyle interested in buying and returning Simon Grayson to his rightful post (whatever that is)
chairman Dean Hoyle and gaffer Simon Grayson speaking to the media
Hoyle: Play-offs can be cruel: Huddersfield owner Dean Hoyle is sparing a thought for beaten League One play-off...
I think all Town fans need to pay many thanks to the Chairman Dean Hoyle for everything great chairman great club
Still not sunk in yet...CHAMPIONSHIP! It's been the best day of my life! Thanks lads,Simon Grayson (n Lee Clark!) n Dean Hoyle!
Thank you Dean Hoyle, thank you Simon Grayson and thank you Lee Clark UTT
Come On! Sean Bean...Brian Deane.Peter Stringfellow.David Blunkett.Brian Glover.whoever invented steel.Marti Caine.Samule Plimsoll.the one armed drummer out of Def Leppard.your Boys took one *** of a beating. On penalties. Well done Dean Hoyle, now onto the next part of the masterplan.
Bus parade and council reception on Monday for town and Dean Hoyle
Wow, get in there town. Dean Hoyle is a legend. Congrats to everyone can't wait for next season already!
Fantastic celebrations. Dean Hoyle bounded onto the pitch, fans in dreamland, players loving it
Dean Hoyle is interviewed by Paul Ogden after another great charity bike ride
Dean Hoyle and the team arrive at Wembley after incredible cycle from . Hear him on at 6.
We are at wembley to welcome Chairman Dean Hoyle to his finish line
can't imagine many footy club chairmen would cycle 210 miles to Wembley so that kids can go too. Dean Hoyle you legend!
Huddersfield Town boss starts charity cycle ride to Wembley before play-off final: As seen on
As the video of Dean Hoyle setting off to didn't work earlier, it's now on our YouTube site
Chairman Dean Hoyle and six fellow cyclists have set off on the
We now have a JustGiving site for Chairman Dean Hoyle's bike ride to Wembley for donations -
As mentioned, Dean Hoyle's bike ride to raise money to take kids to Wembley has now raised £40k! Donate here -
All purpose parts banner
Chairman Dean Hoyle's bike ride to Wembley has generated £30,000 of donations so far -
Over 20,000 fans have bought their ticket for Wembley & Chairman Dean Hoyle has paid tribute
chairman Dean Hoyle cycling to Wembley to raise money for 1,000 local children to attend the game. Legend.
Chairman Dean Hoyle is cycling to Wembley for the Play-Off Final to give local kids the chance to go too -
Etaladdy town top away win Finnish it off on Tuesday night for a big day out and hopefully going up at last , do it for the boss boys sir Dean Hoyle !
Chairman Dean Hoyle: This season thousands of fans have followed and backed the team week-in, week-out. They make me a proud Chairman
Bailey receiving her cheque for £10,000 from Huddersfield Town chairman, Dean Hoyle on Saturday.
Huddersfield Town chairman Dean Hoyle: If the fans don't get behind us, why do we bother?
What was Dean Hoyle thinking when he sacked Lee Clark and replaced him with Simon Grayson?
Is there a better owner in football than Dean Hoyle ? Top letter on this page -
See sacked Lee Clarke. Know Clarke going for the job and having interview behind owner Dean Hoyle's back didn't go down well!
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