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Dean Gaffney

Dean Martin Gaffney (born 14 February 1978 in Hammersmith, London) is an English actor most notable for his role as Robbie Jackson on the BBC1 soap opera EastEnders from 1993 to 2003. He has since made guest appearances in the soap in 2004 and 2010. Gaffney went on to appear in various reality television shows, such as I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!.

Robbie Jackson David Gandy Joe Swash Kerry Katona Richard Blackwood Jim Davidson Paul Danan Carphone Warehouse Keith Chegwin Brian Harvey Denise Welch Vanessa Feltz David Gest Antony Costa Gareth Southgate Jesus Navas Danny Mac

72% sure I've just seen dean gaffney at pelaw metro
yeah. Like that dean gaffney or Darren day. Or Callum best.
Danny Mac has a resemblance to Dean Gaffney
and he's got a pus like Dean Gaffney
Just going to the reggae bar in Chorlton with Dean Gaffney. Wuu2?
My mum has just said Danny Mac is a mixture of Mark Wright and Dean gaffney... I have to say I agree
Watching Louis Walsh in Ibiza is as awkward as it was seeing Dean Gaffney at ocean beach this year, just stay at home guys.
Err .. Because he's rich and famous ? Doesn't matter what you look like, have you seen some of the birds Dean Gaffney has pulled ?
Dean gaffney and his otherhalf! Is there any justice in the world! And they say money cant buy you happiness ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ญ
if he ran a college and knocked his house down with his knee it would be DEAN DEAN GAFFNEY'S KNEE GAFFE GAFFE
The Dean Gaffney clock. Have yoj seen the Mcfadden one ?
If Dean Gaffney knocked over a priceless vase with a clumsy swing of the leg, the headline would be DEAN'S GAFFE KNEE.
Imagine "Pards" as the England manager. Training camps in Vegas and annual friendlies in Ibiza with Wayne Lineker & Dean Gaffney as coaches.
Always great to catch up with my old mate Dean Martin Gaffney Andy & Dale โ€” drinking vodka at Plastik Ibiza
Want to distort a picture of Dean Gaffney? There's an app for that.
Gazza 100/1 for the England job is the funniest thing I've ever seen ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Calling up Ian Wright and Dean Gaffney hwg
Brilliant! Sid Owen: the man Dean Gaffney could have been.
he's just David Gandi...I mean, Dean Gaffney to me, these days.
on the upside, Dean Gaffney as Charles Hawtrey.
never see Dean Gaffney & Colonel Gaddafi in the same room. Just saying like.
Dean Gaffney, Kerry Katona, Daniella Westbrook, Vanessa Feltz, Cleo Rocos...the list of A Listers was startless...
Every1 at David Gest's funeral is every1 I want at my funeral. Gemma Collins, Dean Gaffney, Denise Welch, Kerry Katona, Daniella Westbrook
Gutted that Dean Gaffney, Barry Scott and my green grocer didn't get a part in
"... and on next week's panel we have Gerald Ratner, Posh Spice, Dean Gaffney, Orville The Duck & George Galloway."
Celeb get me out: David Gest discusses dining with Dean Gaffney in last TV interview: Police say the death is ...
The are offering tributes to from Toby Anstis, Mylene Klass and Dean Gaffney. Was Barry Chuckle unavailable for comment?
Thanks Pete, you can come to our meet and greet with Rick Waller and Dean Gaffney ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
As if things weren't bad enough already, Bristol Rovers' goals have been scored by Dean Gaffney's ugly, ginger long-lost relation.
it's the price of minor fame I'm afraid. I believe Dean Gaffney has the same problem!! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
One of Mario Balotelliโ€™s best friends is former Eastendersโ€™ star Dean Gaffney.
About to see Dean Gaffney in panto in Runcorn. Are you jealous? I bet you're jealous.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Hmm. Freddy from Rainbow's wiki claims he's been writing 'educational songs with a hip hop feel' with Dean Gaffney
Why didn't Dean Gaffney get a yellow for deliberate handball?
Dean Gaffney is here aswell I forgot to mention that ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
A cross between Freddie Mercury and Dean Gaffney up next .
Rory Gaffney has just doubled lead over .. I'm sure he's brother Dean will be delighted for him.
to feel like Dean Gaffney is to feel like God
Slight delay in proceedings as Dean Gaffney lost control of Well'ard who has knocked all the remaining balls around the arena.
Vikes set to tip off against Richmond hts. Your starters: Gaffney, Higgins, McGarry, Lawler and Dean.
You might be the first person who Dean Gaffney hit on via DM who didn't email the paper thinking it was news.
Still not as toe curlingly awkward as when Dean Gaffney hit on me via DM
Ill buy you a Dean Gaffney I seen you fangirling the other day ๐Ÿ˜‚
The theatre for tonight's gig is also doing a panto with Dean Gaffney. Predictably,.
I thought that was from looking at David Gandy/Dean Gaffney?
Not every day your best mate gets chatted up by Dean Gaffney ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
just watched Dean gaffney trial again never stopped laughing, but when he shouts help at the end is brilliant
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Dean Gaffney also gets a pretty sweet handidly from an Ewok
Discovered some disturbing facts about Dean Gaffney whilst researching that drawing ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Taking a break from Christmas stress with some fun! Why yes, it is Dean Gaffneyโ€ฆ
blasting Dean Gaffney in a hostel in Hamburg. Lads on tour. Up The Manor
thanks for sharing Christopher Gaffney, have a great Monday :) (insight by
I reckon Pricey could do plenty more damage than Dean Gaffney
The local and regional press have got right behind our
How can anyone really say Dean Gaffney looks like David Gandy? Lol
Wayne, if Dean Gaffney and Andi Peters had a straightner, who's back would you have? Brookstein went for Gaffers
EastEnders star Dean Gaffney reveals the new Wellard isn't very hard at all -
EastEnders' new Wellard isn't very hard at all reveals Dean Gaffney
Apparently Grant Mitchell is coming back to FAB NEWS. He's awsome. Hopefully he can still act, cause Dean Gaffney can't!
I really don't understand the Dean Gaffney hype! ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Will Robbie Jackson be returning to This is what told us:
Dean Gaffney back in Eastenders. What a time to be alive
Dean Gaffney splits from childhood sweetheart over cheating claims - and moves back in with his MUM
Good to see Dean Gaffney's career continuing to thrive.
TV star has EXCLUSIVELY shared some very interesting news:
Dean Gaffney exclusively reveals EastEnders co-star will not be returning to the soap: Lindsey Coulson, who played Carol Jackson, ha...
CONFIRMS this character will not be returning to the soap:
"You see Dean Gaffney, you don't talk to him":
EXCLUSIVE: Dean Gaffney attends the Inside Soap Awards at DSKTRT on October 5, 2015 in London, England.
EastEnder Dean Gaffney thinks the Who Killed Lucy? storyline could go on for quite some time: We could be wait...
Dean Gaffney, Richy Ahmed's *** regret and remorse: it's pt.2 of Everything That's Ever Happened in a Club Ever.
is that Olly Murs and Dean Gaffney in the band?
I'm boycotting Dean Gaffney because of Mike Dean. This game should be replayed
"Why's Robbie back?" Someone asks. "Because Dean Gaffney's short of cash" should've been the reply...
Still can't believe Dean Gaffney is back in everytime I see him I just think of the screaming in
look through my profile at the convo I had with dean gaffney lol
EastEnder Dean Gaffney: I want to come back full time!
I just mat shame ward, dean Gaffney and lee from steps. I love Bowery
I've just had a very vague flashback of Dean Gaffney being in my dream last night
Foley looks like Dean Gaffney, what an ugly ***
There is an Australian player who looks a bit like dean gaffney. This has definitely been the week of dean gaffney.
surely that was Dean Gaffney that scored
Dean Gaffney scores a try for Australia
This is the best half hour of tv since dean gaffney did the live trial on I'm a celeb
Georgia looks like Katy Perry. . Katy Perry dancing with Dean Gaffney ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Sometimes David Gandy looks like a really really really good looking Dean Gaffney.
Why was Dean Gaffney disappointed by Robbie Jackson return?
I am so excited that Robbie Jackson is back in Eastenders ๐Ÿ˜† I've missed the Dean Gaffney comic portrayal.. we need some fun!!
This is my favourite picture ever. Two British heroes, Dean Gaffney and Shayne Ward
Dean Gaffney admits he was slihghtly disappointed by Robbie Jackson return
if you're happy to see Robbie Jackson RETURN! Dean Gaffney's EastEnders comeback confirmed
Would you like to see Robbie Jackson permanently on Dean Gaffney wants to:
Hamilton Collection
EastEnders' Dean Gaffney on why he wishes Robbie Jackson was ...
Why does star Dean Gaffney wish Robbie Jackson was more like Phil Mitchell?
EastEnders: Dean Gaffney wants Robbie Jacksonโ€™s full return - โ€˜Iโ€™d like to go backโ€™
EastEnders spoilers: Dean Gaffney is returning to Walford as Robbie Jackson
EastEnders: Dean Gaffney wants Robbie Jackson's full return - 'I'd like to go back': Legendary EastEnders actor Dean has enjoyed a s...
How have I only just realised that Christopher Reeve is just a chiselled Dean Gaffney?!
I just get Dean Gaffney, Wesley Snipes, Barry from Eastenders, the GoCompare guy, Kris Akabusi, Duncan Ballantyne & Cher
Swindon bidding for Bradshaw is like Dean Gaffney asking Katy Perry out. Fair play for having a go but important that eveโ€ฆ
Coronation Street's Ryan Thomas takes a spin in Mercedes with Dean Gaffney | 17
Celeb get me out...: Dean Gaffney's 8 greatest hits: EastEnders, Extras and I'm a Celebrity: Gaffney became a ...
Wow, new Harry Potter musical announced AND Dean Gaffney back in Eastenders?!? Today is a good day people ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ™ˆ
Perfect snapshot of Britian in 2015 in today's Trending Topics. Cream teas, harry potter, terrorism, and Dean Gaffney
Dean Gaffney back in Eastenders, a new play about Harry Potter coming next year and FATM headlining Glasto tonight?
. has just announced a Harry Potter play and Dean Gaffney is trending. Coincidence?
Dean Gaffney to return to Albert Square as Robbie Jackson via
Celeb get me out...: EastEnders: Dean Gaffney to return as Robbie Jackson: Since leaving EastEnders, Gaffney h...
Celeb get me out...: Dean Gaffney is going back to EastEnders!: He appeared in panto and won the hearts of the...
Richard Blackwood (and Dean Gaffney) did our Uni May ball in Yarm in 2003,love that hes back!! Still looking hot at 43!!
Dean Gaffney says"Shellsuit are 'well ard' ,me and Todd Carty will be in the mosh pit tomorrow.Flippin 'eck Tucker"
Question Time would be better if there was a guest spot for a Z list celebrity from the 90โ€™s on every week. Dean Gaffney, Bobby Davro etc.
TBT Me n Glen having the bantz with dean gaffney ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
The reveal of Dean Gaffney's character was my favourite part of trailer
the early 2000's ITV series with Sam Fox and Dean Gaffney
[On the subject of famous double acts] ...Dean Gaffney
Mad love for the paparazzi who just asked if I was Jamie Dornan. . No bruv, Dean Gaffney
Dean Gaffney has a bigger ego than Kanye West.
I feel like Dean Gaffney, Except I'm not staring at the phone sobbing, praying my agent calls.
Dean Gaffney: 'I get likened to David Gandy every day'
she's saying you're the Dean Gaffney of wit
Just saw a girl that looked like dean gaffney
Bloody Dean Gaffney came over last night begging me to go clubbing with him! I asked him how Wellard was, he started crying.
Ever seen Jesus Navas and Dean Gaffney in the same room? Thought not.
- Had an Absolute MAD ONE at dinner today. Googled Dean Gaffney for the laugh of it.
how do you think Dean gaffney's playing
Jesus Navas looks and plays like Dean Gaffney!
Jesus Navas looks like dean gaffney ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
What would you rather be or Dean Gaffney
Alcohol will make you do crazy things like Google info on ex eastender Dean Gaffney. Never would I normally do such a thing.
Me and Dean Dean Gaffney (on the raz tonight. Been having champ bantz with Mark Morrison (
Come & meet us! Dean Gaffney & Vanessa Feltz are in the building ๐Ÿ˜˜
Missed a trick by not getting Dean Gaffney or Paul Danan if you ask me.
*waits for Dean Gaffney fan account follow*
Now that is back in UK we can have text convos entitled 'whatever happened to Dean Gaffney'. Normal service has resumed
Dean Gaffney double gets bellend stuck in a marmite jar. Shocking what people do with their bits. http:โ€ฆ
Sorry Andy, but you look like Dean Gaffney in this one... Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Tesla Girls
Omar an Dean Gaffney going nuts in the slug an lettuce ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Currently stood next to Dean Gaffney off Eastenders. I don't know which one of us is more gutted about it.
favouriting praise now. God what have you become. Dean Gaffney must be spinning in his grave* (*on his mam's settee)
I say no, Dean Gaffney is still technically a love rat
Whatever happened to Dean Gaffney? I imagine he was one of the leaders of the first rebellions in the slave mines.
When I find the person who pointed out that David Gandy looks like Dean Gaffney, they're getting my boot up their bum
Dean Gaffney and David Gandy really do look like each other. It makes my brain hurt!
Just watched the first National Treasures sketch on and coudn't tell Dean Gaffney from David Gandy. New career for Rickyyy?
I saw a sketch with who I thought was Dean Gaffney but it turns out heโ€™s David Gandy
Chris Maloney and Dean Gaffney 'bantering' over the new Marmite advert. It makes Lou Reed and David Bowie's collaborations look like nothing
Korea Advisor - Dean Gaffney goes to North Korea to see if he can sort out the troubles with Kim Jong-un httpโ€ฆ
From Martin Kemp to uhhh, Dean Gaffney - Where Are they Now?
Calum Best is sat there pretending he's in the VIP area at Chinawhites. He probably thinks Dean Gaffney is outside argโ€ฆ
Sat with a right headache from excessive alcohol in a cafe outside Hampstead heath station with Dean Gaffney , end my life now please !
Eddie Redmayne and Joe Swash. This is worse than Dean Gaffney and David Gandy.
New for 2015 on ITV 7 - Celebrity Bellends - co hosted by Dean Gaffney and Jimmy Bullard - "the thicker the girth,the more it's worth !"
Still can't pull off that jack the lad banter schtick. Possibly because I look like a cross between Screech Powers, Dean Gaffney & Rose West
Wonderful news - A minute's applause for Stephen Sutton will take place at Footy 4 Harry Moseley tomorrow (18/05). - On Sunday 18th May, Help Harry Help Others and Sellebrity are bringing you an EXTRAVAGANZA for all the family at Birmingham City Football Club. Itโ€™s a chance to come along with all the kids for a great day out, and to help raise money for charity too! The main event is a charity football match featuring stars from music, TV and sports. So far the list confirmed players looks like this: Adam Woodyatt (Soapstar), Danny Dyer (Actor), Rough Copy (X-Factor), Abz (5ive), Jake Wood (Soapstar), Jamie Borthwick (Soapstar), Khali Best (Soapstar), David Witts (Soapstar), Dean Gaffney (Soapstar), Antony Costa (Blue), Jeff Brazier (TV presenter), Mario Falcone (TOWIE), Dan Osborne (TOWIE & Splash), Shayne Ward (Singer), Ollie Phelps (Actor - Harry Potter), James Phelps (Actor - Harry Potter), Nathan Cleverly (Boxer), Tubes (Soccer AM), Frankie Fryer (Soccer AM), Matt Lapinskas (Dancing on Ice/Soapstar ...
is there space for you on the spaceship with Patrick Moore, Jamie Oliver, Paul Danan, David Attenborough and Dean Gaffney?
The Mindy Project is advertising on Tinder now with fake profiles based on characters. The British equivalent would presumably be a match with, say, Dean Gaffney (cc Alison Bonny)
Where can Dean Gaffney, Millwall & Paul Bearer sit alongside the likes of Real Madrid, a new Pope and Nelson Mandela?
HAPPT XMAS from ITV1 - James Nesbitt in New Zealand, James Corden in Iceland, Dean Gaffney in a Turkey
Dean Gaffney and Dennis Wise. Westfield is the place to be!
Celebs love LVL Lashes too! The Saturdays, Jennifer Metcalf and Sam Faiers are all fans! AND, the boys love them too. Kirk Norcross and Dean Gaffney have also had the treatment! LVL is an all natural. low maintenance treatment which is gentle on lashes and lasts 6-8 weeks. It is no wonder that they are a big hit amongst the stars!
Paul Burrell and Dean Gaffney doing the trials
Amuse yourself on the way to work with our lookalike celebs gallery. Dean Gaffney and David Gandy are basically twins
Who's your favourite muppet, Dean Gaffney or Joe Swash?
Dean Gaffney portraying Graeme Le Saux. Or however you spell his name.
OK, a couple weeks ago, i think...i shared a video of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett...i commented on the particular production, and said that i could imagine the cast of the Young Ones portraying the characters from Godot...Well LOOKY what ah juss founndd... ' The play was revived in London's West End at the Queen's Theatre in a production directed by Les Blair, which opened on 30 September 1991. This was the first West End revival since the play's British premiรจre. Rik Mayall played Vladimir and Adrian Edmondson played Estragon, with Philip Jackson as Pozzo and Christopher Ryan as Lucky; the boy was played by Dean Gaffney and Duncan Thornley. Derek Jarman provided the scenic design, in collaboration with Madeleine Morris. ' . The only one not representing the Young Ones is Nigel Planer who played Neil... Obviously Rik is Rick, Ade is Vyvyan Basterd, Christopher is Mike Coolperson, and Nigel is Neil Pye... Actually i'd like to see Alexei Sayle as Lucky...he portrayed the Balowski family in the You ...
It stars Samantha Janus as Suzy, Denise Welch as Val, Dean Gaffney as Conchface and, Jason Orange as 'Pretty Boy' McNee.
I think the most disgraceful thing about the Diana move is Dean Gaffney playing Prince Charles.
Have you ever met Dean Gaffney, Brian Harvey or Sonia from Eastenders?
been flirting with Dean Gaffney again phe??
Iโ€™m thinking Cheryl Baker, Dean Gaffney - that calibre of sleb.
Jesus. Dean Gaffney would have come up with a more astute analysis of Norwich City than that
whoop whoop! I assume you'll be casting Dean Gaffney in the lead role?
you stalking celebrities again, just keep your *** in your pants this time or Dean Gaffney will sue.
Dean Gaffney was behind us on The Smiler lol
Dean Gaffney often forgets to record programmes on his new Sky+ box
Dean Gaffney shaves in the dark to save money
dean gaffney has just stood on an upturned plug barefooted but no worries he's well hard like Danny dyer innit
Dean Gaffney takes it all, the loser's standing small
Dean Gaffney is the great pretender, pretending that he's doing well
Dean Gaffney is behind me in every queue here at Alton Towers
You look like Dean Gaffney hair. Few years from now you say that about you current hair cut
Eventually the Dragon's Den panel will just be Kerry Katona and Dean Gaffney offering to invest three figure sums (in installments)
You know its been a surreal weekend when seeing Dean Gaffney in a Egyptian shop is the least awkward moment over the past 2 days
unlikely double act there, arnie and Dean gaffney?
Dean Gaffney's flat does not have a kitchen
Dean Gaffney has never heard of Quentin Tarantino
Dean Gaffney is that doggy in the window, the one with the waggly tail
Dean Gaffney was the son of a preacher man
dean gaffney sells his used Y fronts on EBay because he thinks that's what his fans want! Gaffney's growlers grrr
Gareth Southgate, with your face like the back of Dean Gaffney's spoon.
Dean Gaffney has never successfully completed a crossword
Dean Gaffney's got to fight for his right to party
Dean Gaffney can't wait for the London Olympics
Dean Gaffney thinks a small, strong coffee is called an 'expresso'
Dean Gaffney is one of your five a day
Dean Gaffney has never attended one of Michael Barrymore's pool parties
Dean Gaffney only ceased answering the phone with 'waaasup' in 2009
Dean Gaffney believes in the existence of Godzilla
Dean Gaffney takes 5 birds back at a time.
Dean Gaffney often dashes upstairs, only to forget what he went up there for
Dean Gaffney has never used the word 'success' in a sentence
Dean Gaffney can't wait to find out the sex of the royal baby
Dean Gaffney is a little love place where we can get together
All men are just a poor man's Dean Gaffney.
Robert Pattinson is just a poor man's Dean Gaffney
Dean Gaffney would rather jack, than Fleetwood Mac
Starstruck in work here, Brian McFadden, Craig from big brother and Dean Gaffney in 5 minutes
Absolutely fantastic! Brought back memories of Dean Gaffney and Richard Blackwood at the Bucks Uni May Ball
Kerry Katona as Marilyn Monroe. NEXT: "James Dean the musical" and no doubt they'll cast Dean Gaffney. It's a bit of a jokโ€ฆ
Rylan Clark looks like a transvestite Dean Gaffney
Mark Bright talking about what the Spanish players should be doing, is like Dean Gaffney giving Robert De Niro advice on actiโ€ฆ
"Watch next week as Dr Carl Kennedy from Neighbours, H from Steps, and Dean Gaffney solve the European economic crisis"
Whoever on here who said Ryan Gosling looks like H from Steps - that's all I see now. It's like David Gandy/Dean Gaffney all over again.
Getting a bit desperate to fulfil Mrs funeral allocation. Invites now out to Dean Gaffney, Keith Chegwin and Barry from Eastenders
A Dexter Fletcher film about THE PROCLAIMERS *and* a Dean Gaffney opera about THE ASSOCIATES โ€” on the same day?
Dean Gaffney don't half look like Jim Davidson these days...
Dean Gaffney starting to look like Jim Davidsonโ€ฆ.
Neil Stuke and Amanda Lamb will be on the panel, joined by special guests including Dean Gaffney.
I love how they allow Gareth Southgate to be a pundit... That's like Dean Gaffney being a face model.
It saddens me that Natalie Cassidy, Claire Sweeney and Dean Gaffney were all sharing a stage tonight and not one solitary egg was thrown.
If Steve Jones genuinely thinks Dean Gaffney is a legend, he really does need to take a good look at himself
The four horsemen of the apocalypse are; Dean Gaffney, Nick Knowles, Keith Chegwin and Noel Edmonds
This whole Dean Gaffney being old enough to spawn 16 year olds is putting me off the true meaning of - Steve Jones & his hotness
It's not often you get Dean Gaffney and Bradley Walsh on the same show.
What's happened to Dean Gaffney's heed? Can't decide if his scar is in homage to Alan Hansen or Harry Potter
Patrice Evra and Dean Gaffney front page of today's Sun. Proper case of
Breaking news. Dean Gaffney reported to be in line for lead role in Guardians of the Galaxy after Joe Swash and Paddy Mcguiness deny role.
Dean Gaffney in Derby hospital after car crash: Former EastEnders star Dean Gaffney is in hospital after sufferi...
Ha I found that video on a Dean Gaffney and Richard Blackwood appreciation thread.
The show will go on this week despite its star Dean Gaffney being injured in a car crash last night
Mila Kunis says she would be happy to play Anastasia in '50 Shades... but what about famous actors who would NOT be quite right for the role of Mr. Gray? Dean Gaffney! Suggestions...? Andy.
Dean Gaffney is the Wil Wheaton of soap.
TOTALLY. Joe Swash, Alex Reid, Dean Gaffney and Brian Harvey complete a series of complex tasks to be YOUR man.
Dean Gaffney. He wamted to be bond but i think he's more Reacher
CBB producers day 1: "we can get Madonna I'm sure" Day 2: "Rhydian might do it" Day 3: "so we've got a maybe from Dean Gaffney?"
Dean Gaffney? Apart from him. Billy Sharp, Frazier Campbell. Striker and a midfielder! Happy new year to you sir
Crystal popping in the stretch Navigator, we got food everywhere, as if the party was catered - Dean Gaffney, 1996
I want to see New Year's with Dean Gaffney, Debbie McGee and H from Steps.
Creator of Gerbils and friends with Dean Gaffney
are you out there with Dean Gaffney? ;)
Every single time I spy 's avatar out the corner of my eye I think it's Dean Gaffney for a split second
dean gaffney made an appearance on Big Fat Quiz of the Year
All j have is dean gaffney key key jungle. I doubt that's correct.
The Australian guys on the Fosters advert look like Dean Gaffney and
it's a pic of Dean Gaffney, Wellard is just present!
I've never really hob-nobbed with the stars. I did once rich-tea with Dean Gaffney though
I think it was Dean Gaffney sitting at the next table to me for his Sunday roast.
Some people just don't appreciate the talent of Dean Gaffney! Cough cough
they look about as lightly to score as Dean Gaffney on Friday night in Chinawhite. X
QPR look about as likely to score as Dean Gaffney on a Saturday night in Chinawhite
17 Emmie, 7 Corrie, 2 EE (was 3, but Dean Gaffney has deleted his account), 1 Oaks and 4 other :) x
you're nothing to me. You think you're Wellard. I'm Dean Gaffney
do dean gaffney or Howard from the Halifax adverts count cos if not I only have 4 ?
Dean Gaffney is in hollywood now... *typo* 'Hollyoaks** I meant.
Quick Dean Gaffney then back to MOTD. Hate Arsenal. Not missing much.
Just watched my amazing niece in the pantomime Cinderella. And a lite bit of Dean Gaffney is always fun to watch. Fantastic show!
Dean Gaffney just superglued a bat to his own forehead.
The one I watched had Bobby Davro, Dean Gaffney and the lady who played that nasty Claire woman in Hollyoaks!!
New podcast! Frank, Emily and Alun talk about Dean Gaffney and try their hand at a science experiment. Well, almost..
Dean Gaffney wants a job with MI5 does he?? Babs Windsor has more chance of going on a rescue mission with the SAS than that happening!
Dean Gaffney has applied for a job in the secret service, the fact that its on the front page on a newspaper tells me he won't get it
Dean Gaffney wants to be a spy, telling The Sun was not the best of moves being a secret service and all that more
People who've blocked me: Alan Sugar. Oliver Holt. Stan Collymore. And now, Dean Gaffney. All because i told him Wellard was a better actor.
Clacton gets all the best celebrities, tonight Danny Dyer DJing in one of the clubs up here, tomorrow Dean Gaffney as Buttons in Cinderella pantomime. Someone lend me a crossbow??
Darren, Barry and Dean Gaffney make the most out of their reduced circumstances... by dancing to a ringtone at the Carphone Warehouse! Download the original ...
Why does Olly Riley have an agent? Even Dean Gaffney is more famous than him.
My best EVER Celeb jungle moment was Dean Gaffney at the Bush Spa 2009. LMFAO!
Dean Gaffney is on the box. Made me lol.
Every thing that Dean Gaffney was in! Hilarious!
Good news. I've been accepted back into the sugababes, although I now don't recognise the other two members. One looks like Dean Gaffney.
This geezer on the table in the canteen at work has the most ridiculous voice. Like Dean Gaffney on helium.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I find it funny that Dean Gaffney is in the Phones 4 U ad when in Extras he worked in Carphone Warehouse.
Dean Gaffney, Sheridan Smith and half of Blue at the high school years right there!
But in the style of Jerry Springer's Final Thought: Obama's better than Dean Gaffney's dog, the EU's crocked, & women don't like Dave
Dean Gaffney has changed his name to As Himself.
Just woke up with Dean Gaffney and duct tape over my nipples.
I'd rather Wellard run things than Dean Gaffney
That's only one vowel away from being the EastEnders dog. Would you let Dean Gaffney's better half run the free world? No nor would I
Can't wait for ... Lets all reminisce about dean gaffney and his hilarious bushtucker trial.
Dean Gaffney would be great at this task. This is how he gets new clothes these days
The customer reviews on products like this are the stuff of legend. Dean Gaffney canvas clock?
Dean Gaffney is a weatherman, a weatherman, a weatherman. Dean Gaffney is a weatherman & so is Michael Fish
everytime a say your name I burst into laughter Dean gaffney aha wellards da You look like uve been smoking sticks of dynamite
I wish I was Dean Gaffney. His life seems ace
Yes. Finally blocked by Dean Gaffney. Not bitter though. I still maintain he's the finest roadsweep walford has seen.
who remembers meeting dean gaffney aka Gary Campbell? Are we returning next time??
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Your pumpkin should win a Pride of Britain award presented by Dean Gaffney or Dr Fox.
To be fair, for that amount I'd even feature in ads alongside Dean Gaffney or Antony Costa
dean gaffney moment was def the best moment. Loved David guest and gino decampo too.
best moment of I'm a celeb , Dean Gaffney in the salon ! Closely followed by Gillian fainting
Dean i am in awe of your talent, DiCaprio, day-lewis, gaffney... all in the same league.
Add dean gaffney to the 'blocked by list' bit of a drama queen him
Reason no. 2: So did Dane Bowers, Dean Gaffney and Beppe di Marco from Eastenders.
Can't look at dean gaffney without laughing
'Phatboy' in eastenders bring back Dean Gaffney!
Is Dean Gaffney now lead singer for ?
Dean Gaffneyโ€™s Live Trial still makes me cry with laughter!
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