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Dean Dome

The Dean E. Smith Student Activities Center, usually called simply the Smith Center and popularly referred to as the Dean Dome is a multi-purpose arena in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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UNC commits Coby White and Rechon Black inside the Dean Dome
dean's crowd is sa club tbh.. the intimate places.. I was actually surprised nung sinabi nilang sky dome. Like what?
Look how sick those things look right here. (This pic clearly taken at the Dean Dome though.). Never thought I’d se…
Congrats on the success in the D-League! Would love to see you on the sidelines in the Dean Dome one day! Go Heels!
Wow, man I care. I'm wishing you all a great off season, and free tickets to the Dean Dome Friday night. If y'all free Friday
some enterprising heel fan needs to make this T:. The Ceiling. is the . Dean Dome
oh but actually that team picture you just used actually beat UNC with only 5 players at the Dean Dome😂😂.
yeah we're gonna look up one day and see Paige on the bench at the Dean Dome as Roy's PG coach &wonder when the *** that happened
The Duke shirt I wore the night of the Dean Dome loss is the same one I wore tonight..and I was hoping I wouldn't have to burn it.
Id take a long hard look @ the rafters of the Dean Dome b 4 you start recalling "shots from the past"
How about UNC then? The Dean Dome! The house Jordan built! When you are willing to work, nothing…
I haven't seen you in the Dean Dome so explain that?!
Definitely louder than when Duke played a road game in the Dean Dome.
lol, this is basically a game at the Dean Dome. gonna boo every South Carolina foul and every time a Duke player dribbled
Unc struggled against an average team. It's like they never won against a good team away from the Dean Dome
lol yezzir. going right to plan. Dramatic W. NC fans getting lit at arena bars. Turn this SC/Duke game into the Dean Dome.
you, me and need a reunion for one of these games! Remembering last year in the Dean Dome.
UNC won, and I'm not trying to be a hater but I still haven't seen them play well outside the Dean Dome
Honestly if I don't have season tickets to the dean dome by the time I'm 30 my life has taken a wrong turn and I need to get it together
"basically like a home crowd in the Dean dome". Seeding matters. The SEC is better than the pundits think. .
That's a charge even in the dean dome
nice of the Heels fan in Greenville to remember they're not in the Dean Dome and can use their outside voices
How in the world did Tennessee almost beat UNC in the Dean Dome?
Am I the only person who understood MJ's "ceiling is the roof" comment? In the Dean Dome, the ceiling is also the roof. No layer in between
yes, 'grad.' i kissed midcourt at the Dean Dome.
ACC does not need another L. . But I also cannot stand Pitino after his baby tantrum at the Dean Dome.
When the Dean Dome opened, only the Carrier Dome and this, the Marriott Ctr were bigger
Him and Britt are related. That mofo played summer ball in the dean dome this year
LOOK: UNC's Dean Dome appears to be falling apart; game stopped due to falling debris
That is an awk situation indeed. I happen to be a big sports fan. Got engaged at the Dean Dome. Love the Steelers.
Our game in Greensboro in 2009 against Texas might as well have been in the Dean Dome.
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Isaiah Hicks came out aggressive! If dude continues to play like THAT, UNC will raise another banner and Hicks name will hang in Dean Dome!
Roy and his wife had the exact same look last Saturday at the Dean dome. Roy seem like a very serious unhappy kind of a guy.
Welcome to the big leagues so our ceiling is also the roof, but PNC has a couple hundred feet over Dean Dome and Cameron...
Yup. 'bout time, right. Have been to some great facilities over the years including Cameron Hall and the Dean Dome.…
Reminder: If you trash Roy Williams and you do it in the Dean Dome...RW will beat the crap out of you.
enough to win ACC POY and have his jersey hanging in the Dean Dome. 😎
We got this and if history repeats itself, we will have another Banner in the Dean Dome!
The dean dome I mean greenville just erupted as the Tar Heels ran out.
I was in awe of Dean Smith when he came to our practice, in the Dean Dome. Like...I could have left the planet there, b. 🏀
Didn't they wear blue in the Dean Dome?
Us alums know how bad traffic is when trying to get to the Dean Dome, so my team recently analyzed city traffic to tourney games!
I've just posted a new blog: Drone (Beyond the Dome von Jackson Dean Chase (German review)
Students who made the Honor Roll and Dean's Honor Roll will be recognized by the University at 9 a.m. March 29th in…
A great team, my freshman year at Carolina...vividly remember waiting for Coach, celebrating at the Dean Dome.…
highlight from bro in the 3A championship game at the Dean Dome ..…
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MJ scheduled to be in the Dean Dome tonight. Hope we don't need him.
The only way they could beat Duke was at home, they aren't a great team outside the Dean Dome
I am picky about the way nets look. NBA ones are too long, these are too short. Ones in the Dean Dome are about perfect.
they seem similar to the nets NC State has. Not a fan. I like the longer nets like at the Dean Dome.
Thanks for having me (and thanks to the Dean Dome for letting me do it from there)
Dont let us get beat by a buzzer beater this year i think we have been humbled just wanna want another title to add to the Dean Dome
Snow day so I know what I am about to do!!! Dean is like the message John Wallace had on the back of his dome in th…
Never forget that time hit this incredible game winner. The Dean Dome was completely stunned.
You know it's a good day when your CEO pays a visit to the Dean Dome. forever.
Pry up a floorboard in the Dean Dome to find all of Roy's unused timeouts.
Why is Mark zuckerberg in the dean dome rn without me
Did some investigative reporting & looks like Mark Zuckerberg is hooping at Dean Dome right now. What would this mean for UNC's FF hopes?
Wearing my Panthers gear inside the Dean Dome on Saturday.
S/O to the fans at the Dean Dome tonight,it got almost as loud as Cameron when we play Southern Nebraska Christian State…
Man, if you're a recruit in the Dean Dome during UNC-Duke and we trot out Michael Jordan at halftime? If that doesn't sell y…
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Don’t worry about the UNC fan, rejoice in the Dean Dome.
Kennedy Meeks and having fun with some athletes today at the Dean Dome!
First trip to the Dean Dome was a success! @ Dean Dome-UNC Chapel Hil
Peanut the class pet made his way to the floor of the Dean Dome tonight. @ Dean Dome-UNC Chapel Hil
Victorious first trip to the Dean Dome this season! @ Dean Smith Center
These seats aren't too bad. Welcome to the Dean Dome! @ Dean Smith Center
North Carolina's Dean Dome is apparently falling apart; pieces of the ceiling were falling during Wednesday's game:
Former Georgia Tech coach and George Mason Paul Hewitt is in the Dean Dome tonight. Writing on a note pad about 8 rows up from the UNC bench
A college basketball road trip would be dope, but impossible to schedule. Assembly Hall, Hinkle, Rupp, Dean Dome,…
IC wants to send you and a friend to the Dean Dome! Find out how -->
When you pass coming into the Dean Dome...
Like flicking people off is obv bad, but really? Go to a game at the Dean Dome or Cameron Indoor. 40x worse
NEW Michael Taylor Goes Between Legs for SLAM to Win State Championship in the Dean Dome! https…
On campus could mean down by the Dean Dome and near campus could be 10 minutes down MLK...
you're only allowed in the guest bathroom. You ain't good enough for the dean dome
look how young he is, I was at his first game at the Dean Dome .. Time flies man
This Saturday we play in the historic Dean Dome! Which game are you looking forward to watching and
Still don't think this tops his 42 pt game at the Dean Dome.
Hey, Deaner Dome, can I take $ off you. I'll even take ALL teams w/ lower GA (given they are 21-3 over past 3).
Tour of Kenan Stadium and the "Dean Dome" courtesy of ILC '12 captain and current UNC student, Ben Director.
Hicks doesn't wanna leave, he'll only test the waters bc Roy is pushing him to do it! He wants his name to hang in Dean Dome
Hope it's a great night Great memories of UNC hoops in Carmichael in my student years pre-Dean Dome
You live to learn and you learn to live😪😪 @ Dean Dome-UNC Chapel Hil
Meeks and Pinson were in the Dean Dome during Roy's press conference today. They could have been meeting with Roy after or just hanging out.
proud of u guys for a great season & can't wait to see you in the Dean Dome next year!
I loved showing my teammates the Dean Dome and the basketball…
I was at the Dean Dome back in February for a high school state championship game. It wasn't that bad😂😭
The Tar Heels will host the Carolina Spring Tournament at the Dean Dome on Saturday!! Here’s all the info:
My dad made me take my nametag off. So I put it on my butt and then I lost it. So my nametag is somewhere in the dean dome
The last tournament of the spring is at home this Saturday in the Dean Dome!
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These new Dean Dome designs or renovations would be awesome! Can't wait for these to be done when the time comes.
When Dean doesn't understand the concept of a "dome" 😂
I thought u were going to say it's kinda like asking Roy Williams to present Coach K with a plaque in the Dean Dome
I have a course for physical therapy I'm taking down here. So I'm on the medical side of the campus.Went by the Dean Dome tho!!!
Two dudes, one dome. Home opener weekend w/ @ Rogers…
The exciting bench is coming to the Dean Dome next year. Hope we don't give em reason to get TOO excited!
imagine the dunk fest on Sportscenter from Dean Dome every night. Seventh and Terrance 😳
I think Hicks will come back bc his dream is to get his name hanging in the Dean Dome!
my first Dead show was at the Dean Dome in 93, smh.
One of my favorite places in the world Sitting back in the Dean Dome waiting for the game Still love my Tar Heels!!
My mom has been referring to Carolina's Dean Dome, as the ding dong 😹
This how I felt watching Marcus Paige last game in the Dean Dome
my first real rock show. At the Dean Dome. Went heavy into REM for awhile after that. One of the more unique acts of their time
Same here. One of my favorites is the Dean Dome where no one says a word. That and the silence from UNC comms.
ICYMI, returned home to a warm reception at the Dean Dome. 📺:
So, any news of how the return home to the Dean Dome went yesterday?
Carolina Basketball need to renovate the Dean Dome and everything basketball facilities. Dean dome is over 60 years old
What is it called when G. Allen and the Blue Devils play in the Dean Dome? Road Trip!!
setting up an amazing upset at the Dean Dome maybe?
I was on my way to the Dean Dome and then I started puking. I went right back to the crib. F throwing up in public. Lol.
And this was the Dean Dome when hit the 3 pointer to tie the game.
Man I watched Marcus' and Roy's interviews and about died. Their welcome back at the Dean Dome was tough to watch too.
the pictures from the Dean Dome yesterday afternoon prove how much we care. The response our players get on campus prove it.
I can't wait to see Marcus Paige on the big screen in the Dean Dome saying, "I'm Marcus Paige and I'm a Tar Heel."
This went from being a statue outside the Dean Dome to a viral Crying MJ meme in ~5 seconds. Life is cruel for real. ht…
there's an ESPN video where the reporter is talking about all the times he's been in the dean dome and UNC getting heartbroken 😂
I bought this outside the Dean Dome last night for 5$ 😂 idc imma wear it
dude I'm at the game, it's Dean Dome loud in here and it's never loud
Saturday afternoon, 2:30 pm at the Dean Dome: East Lincoln vs. Farmville Central in the 2A state final
The only problem Robinson is not playing at the Dean Dome next week😕
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Tonight will be senior Brice Johnson's final game at the Dean Dome. It's safe to say he's done alright at Carolina.
Sad to think this is the last time Marcus, Brice, and Joel will play in the Dean Dome...
The athletics department at North Carolina's hiring of is one of the best decisions they've made in years. Dean Dome is LIT👌
Duke gets its 4th-straight win over rival UNC at the Dean Dome.
Obviously this racist fan thing is terrible. Glad he's outed. I heard some awful stuff at the Dean Dome last year too. They're everywhere.
Another banner in the Dean Dome, and the NCAA to leave us alone!!!
I think I deserve some props 4 rock in ur jersey 2nd Row at the Dean Dome!! 😈🏀👏🏻
(Missed the shot before this lol) Have now made shots at Cameron Indoor & PNC Arena. Next up? Dean Dome
A win @ UVA & vs Syracuse, UNC can clinch ACC Title at home in the Dean Dome! & kicking Dook a$$ in Hansbrough indoor stadium can be a bonus
When you hear a unc fan say "when was the last time state beat unc?" Oh i don't know last year at the dean dome
The just need a voice in the Dean Dome cued up when gets a double-double saying," Another one."
first time I’ve seen him. might be a PNC Arena thing. they’ve had far more increased security than the Dean Dome.
hard to imagine the Dean Dome was there just a couple hours ago
Hoping a tornado doesn't hit the dean dome
anybody can paint some colors on a Map to make it look like a tornado. Dean Dome built on a foundation of Wins, it's sturdy!
Things you'll see in PNC you didn't see in the Dean Dome:. -lack of sweater vests . -respectable women . -real fans
no no no. I'm loyal but if u compare the two...Cameron Indoor be rocking and it dnt matter who their playing...Dean Dome be eh.
New Dean dome would be a better use of the space but this is dope
What'd they used to say? If UNC farts, they put up a banner in the Dean Dome? That's Rubio tonight.
over under? The UNC JV team versus my buddies old guy team. Line is 40. Game is Thursday night in dean dome.
thinking about your final game in the Dean Dome has me in tears...
Futuristic dome homes abandoned to the sea, Cape Romano, Florida.
"This is an incredible win for our kids. It was a heck of a game.”. –Coach K .
*** I hope I can go to the last home game this year at the Dean Dome .One time for Money Paige, One time tor Brice
hoos lost to Duke last year and got payback in the Dean Dome on Big Monday. The U followed UVA trend this season sorry Eric
I guess the AP doesn't think beating UNC at the Dean Dome is worth much...
Man, so excited that my last memory of the Dean Dome will be a disappointing loss...
Phase 1 to my last ever basketball game as a student in the Dean Dome has me feeling like...
welcome back to Duke land . Not that you ever left . Loved seeing you behind the bench at the dean dome! Keep smiling !
You must have really hated the old 4:00 Sunday starts the years the second game was in the Dean Dome.
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The fans in the Dean Dome are on their feet cheering the Duke-Louisville final score during timeout of Miami-UNC.
Attended our 1st game at Dean's Dome on Saturday
It would be different if they were playing in the Dean Dome.
Grayson Allen and the Blue Devils react to Wednesday night's gritty win at North Carolina: http…
Wait... Duke beat you clowns with 5 guys at the Dean Dome getting hosed by the officials... Lmao learn the game 💯💯💯
Ouch! Kenny Williams makes a rough landing in a 96-71 win over Miami at the Dean Dome.
The fastest route from the Dean Dome to Franklin Street. You know, for next time. :')
Great energy in the Dean Dome tonight!
Throwback Thursday! The Bilastrator in the first game in the Dean Dome, thirty years ago.
even more unbelievable in person. ceiling clearance in Dean Dome helped allow
I'm waiting on the UVA @ UVA game to see how they do outside the comforts of the Dean Dome!
so terrible. But let them show that in the dean dome and they'd act like he was the next Chris Brown
Playing "Unconditional love" the great new track from Greg Dean out on Dome Records download your copy NOW!
PHOTOS: Final day at the Mat Classic at the Tacoma Dome by Dean Koepfler
Grayson Allen and the Blue Devils silence the Dean Dome.
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I am so sick of Duke celebrating on the Dean Dome floor seemingly forever. Is this team overrated or is it Roy's ineptness with x and o's?
Tar Heel royalty Antawn Jamison and Rasheed Wallace enjoying the rivalry at the Dean Dome.
We gave Grayson Allen a warm welcoming to the Dean Dome
Lennie Rosenbluth, John Edwards, Tyler Zeller, Greg Olsen, Matt Plizga and Kendall Marshall are here at the Dean Dome t…
If you hate Duke, vote quick to help my boy see them lose @ the Dean Dome. .
One of them, who grew up in Chicago, has trouble making it to the Dean Dome.
On this date 30 years ago, unveiled the "Dean Dome". EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:.
In 30 years, only 67 games have been lost in the Dean Dome. That's kind of ridiculous.
I know zero about wrestling. But Jeff Hardy was in the Dean Dome last night. Is he big nationally? What's his deal?
Last night 7 of our seniors were honored on the Dean Dome court at halftime for being Leaders of…
C/O 2019 wing Wendell Moore from Concord is in the Dean Dome tonight.
You could say the Dean Dome is a tough place to play.
Less than six minutes remaining at the Dean Dome. UNC leads Wake 71-53. B. Johnson (23 pts) still only Tar Heel in double figures.
Grab a bite before heading to the Dean Dome. Heels tip off at 7:00 against the Demon Deacons. No tickets? No...
I've been to Cameron and the Dean Dome and would love to make it to Phog Allen but can't see how I ever end up in Lawrence, KS.
Love the Barn in MN & have sat on the baseline at Cameron Indoor and the Dean Dome, but Allen Fieldhouse is the best by far.
Nothing against the Dean Dome but I wish UNC had an arena like Allen Fieldhouse. Best in the nation IMO
I've been inside the Dean Dome and Kenan Memorial Stadium when I toured UNC and the Carrier Dome for Syracuse.
Clemson is making its annual sacrifice to the Dean Dome before the new year even starts. Crazy times we live in.
Spotted at the Dean Dome tonight: J. Cole, Harrison Barnes, James Michael McAdoo, Jason Capel (and his dad), and Gary Williams (!).
Harrison Barnes and James Michael McAdoo just walked into the Dean Dome. Sitting front row, baseline.
Chapel Hill is a beautiful town and UNC a great school. Was cool to witness a Duke-UNC game at Dean Dome
Yep, now its time for THIS team to live up to their ranking & hang another banner in the Dean Dome!
So who wants to road-trip to Chapel Hill on Dec. 6 w/ me to watch claim a road win at the Dean Dome?
Only watching under the dome cause I don't mind Colin ford and obviously love Dean Norris
shooters are always needed ... Especially in the Dean Dome
Terps comes too the dean dome this yr who you going for ??
Got to go in Dean Dome and met Coach Williams.
No rivalries? Wear a Duke jersey outside the Dean Dome. Or stand by UT bus in the Red River Rivalry.
T-Ferg with Seventh oh man the dunk fest in the Dean Dome would be amazing. SportsCenter top 10 every night
. Under the Dome.Tell the truth.that refers to Dean's head.DOESN'T it???...KIDDING, Dean..Love ALL your work!!
I got thrown out of the Dean Dome amongst other places.
Gotta come back for a game though, it's only right. Did you see the "Dean Dome" yet?
who has the title for holding UNC to its lowest points total in the Dean Dome's history?
Drive up to Cochise Stronghold to climb the Sheepshead Dome with cleonett years ago. Those 7 pitches…
Already accepting donations in the form of tickets to the Dean Dome to watch my beat Carolina in December. Please?
Can't wait to be in the Dean Dome this weekend just chilling
If all goes well, we will be seeing vs. in the Dean Dome this season!
Looks like the ACC/BIG10 Challenge was on the money. Maryland at UNC inside the Dean Dome Dec. 1
UNC will also erect a marble likeness of Roy Williams outside the Dean Dome and will name it the Statue of Limitations.
One game I will never forget. Len Bias and Maryland beat North Carolina in the Dean Dome, February 1986.
I'm a State fan but it's still pretty cool that I just stood at center court at the Dean Dome
Backcourt brothers walking out of the Dean Dome with a win to finish the ACC regular season. htt…
Grayson Allen positioning himself to walk out of the tunnel into the Dean Dome first makes me confident he'll be the next Laettner
Can someone confirm that the NC State bus made it from Duke University to the Dean Dome? >
Cameron, Pauley, Hinkel, Dean Dome and Assembly Hall are all on my list. Phogg Allen may get on later
Cameron and the Dean Dome are on my bucket list of sports venues...Phogg Allen is not...
to celebrate the life of legendary Coach Dean Smith Feb. 22, 2pm at the Dean Dome ~
Save the date: the memorial for Coach Smith will be at the Dean Dome, 2pm on Feb. 22
"Thank you, Coach Smith.". UNC fans leave flowers outside of Dean Dome in memory of school's legendary coach.
memorial begins in front of the Dean Dome. Photos courtesy photojournalist Tommy Harris.
Tarheel Nation and college basketball has lost a pioneer in Coach Dean Smith. The House that Dean built "Dean Dome"
I was out by the Dean Dome filming for my project and Brice Johnson walked by and looked at me like I was a freak. Same. 🎥
Brice Johnson. Emphatic two-handed slam. Life in the Dean Dome, and life for UNC. Cavaliers lead 48-44 with 11:08 left.
the Dean Dome > a football arena with bleachers on the 50 yard line...
I love having Mack Brown and Dre Bly in the Dean Dome right now, but where are or or ?
Mack Brown in the Dean Dome. He is the only D1 football coach on campus .
Former UNC and Texas football coach Mack Brown in the Dean Dome this afternoon.
UNC men's basketball defeats Wake Forest 87-71 to continue its 4-game winning streak. The Heels will host Florida State Saturday afternoon at 2 P.M. in the Dean Dome. See you there!
Back in 2004 we had speak at the Dean Dome at Showcase. So glad folks are catching on! Happy for you Spring!
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Caught pickin his nose on the big screen in the Dean Dome lol
I hate that I didnt get to see NCSU play in old Reynolds Coliseum. But you will enjoy places like Cameron and the Dean Dome.
Though the Irish tried to give it away, this has to be one of Mike Brey's best regular-season victories at ND as it is no small feat to win at the Dean Dome. Notes from tonight's 71-70 victory at Carolina: FIRST WIN EVER IN Chapel Hill! --- Notre Dame (15-1) has 15 wins in its first 16 games of a season for the first time since the 1973-74 campaign when that Irish squad started 24-1 ... the 15 victories equals Notre Dame's win total from last season. -- The Fighting Irish are 3-0 in conference play (BIG EAST & ACC) for the first time ever. -- Notre Dame upped its win streak to 11 games, which is the longest for the Irish since they won 12 straight during the 2012-13 season (Nov. 17, 2012-Jan. 7, 2013). -- Tonight was the 23rd meeting all-time between Notre Dame and North Carolina and the third as ACC counterparts ... this was Notre Dame's first win in Chapel Hill ... the Irish now are 1-3 all-time at North Carolina ... the Tar Heels had won five straight versus the Irish prior to tonight ... this was Notr ...
Phenomenal hosting "Late Night w Roy" at UNC Dean Dome--great to see & hug Coach Roy Williams..he inspired ME during chemo…
Read ESPN's obit for Stuart Scott. Devastated, although most of what I saw from him was @ Late Night w/Roy Williams @ Dean Dome.
With apologies to the Hulk, make coach Roy Williams angry--Dean Dome folks like him when he's angry: |
Feel bad for my friends w/ Karl Hess loss. I remember when we lost to Wake in triple OT ('03), air just sucked out of Dean Dome
Made in NC: Repreve: A company here in the Piedmont is part of an effort to turn the Dean Dome green. Brad Jones…
here's your Thursday rundown: UNC lost to unranked Iowa in the Dean Dome. Duke beat Wisconsin at the Kohl Center.
Visiting my daughter at UNC...had to stop by the Dean Dome and drop some buckets!
"how'd that ECU game go for you guys?" About as well as you guys trying to win in the Dean Dome. O-fer.
Every time I watch Under the Dome and see Dean Norris' character, I can't help but call him Hank.
Dean Norris was so good on the Under The Dome finale
Even a top performance from Dean Norris can't save Under The Dome's finale
I used to think Dean Norris was a good actor. And then "Under the Dome" happened.
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“who's your favorite character from breaking bad that works on under the dome” I almost cried the 1st time I talked to dean
WATCH dish with the ladies all about the big season finale of
Watch out for hurricanes, Dean! (I saw you at the Dome premiere in Wilmington last year! Congrats on two seasons!)
You look handsome in all black. Very fitting for the dark character you play on "under the dome".You are bald and sexy. :)
the Dean Dome in 2005 when Marvin Williams' put-back sealed UNC's comeback win over duke.
oh and here it is combined with "Under The Dome" that has captured my Attention too, of course not like Sam's and Dean's jouney!
S o, do you think ECU will score 70 pts at the Dean Dome @ Dec 7?
Ready to hit the Dean Dome this winter tho😎
the same Presbyterian college that threatened Roy so much he had one of their fans kicked out of the dean dome
You're avi is a pic of u at the Dean Dome in a UNC shirt... But that's non of my business 🐸☕️
ECU won't touch us in basketball when they come to the Dean Dome on December 7.
They don't want it at the dean dome tho. “56-27...ECU layin the smack down on UNC smh”
wow !!! yall just come to Dean Dome so we can wipe the effin floor with yall !
Lunch on the Dean Dome floor today, definitely one of the coolest experiences in my time at Carolina!…
Go the 17 min. To Dean Dome. The other way is evil.
Just figured out that my cousin now lives 17 mins from the Dean Dome and 18 mins from Cameron Indoor. This girl is going to some games! 😊🏀👌
We loved seeing the floor of the Dean Dome filled! Hope everyone enjoyed lunch and our keynote speaker Beth...
I want to quit Under the Dome but I can't because Dean Norris
So, we had lunch in the Dean Dome. On the court. Nbd
Lunchtime at the Dean Dome! Great conversations at Business Symposium
Cannot believe it's the 25th anniversary of My FAVORITE album. Saw the concert at the Dean Dome when I was 4
No gild for the Dean Dome: A decision to go slow on plans to replace or renovate the Dean Smith Center brings a...
SAVE THE DATE: our 2014 Fast Break Against Cancer with Roy Williams will be 10/3 at the Smith Center (aka Dean Dome)! h…
We are just a couple of hours away from the Annual "Putts Fore Pride" golf outing to benefit the Sinclair Men's basketball team. Hope to see people there. The Sinclair Men's basketball is one of the top programs in the country. Each year the team take a trip to an historic place. Not only do they get to play the JV team of a Major University, but they also get to see historic sites. This year the Tartan Pride will travel to North Carolina and take on the University of North Carolina Tar Heel JV team at the Dean Dome. In the 2015-16 season it will be Washington DC and the Georgetown Hoyas JV Team. Please help out YOUR SINCLAIR TARTAN PRIDE
Now here the Big Ten is coming to the Verizon Center just a few years into the addition of a few new teams. When is the last time the ACC Tournament was at the Verizon Center? Why wasn't it there for about 10 years straight to give some fairness to Maryland, VA, VA Tech and Boston College. The ACC Tournament as great as it used to be is nothing but more home games and a screw job to any school not located in North Carolina. Why don't they just alternate between the Dean Dome and Cameron Indoor? Glad to be going to a better conference anyway. I don't care how tough it will be.
The Final Four should not be played at a football stadium. Hinkle Fieldhouse, the Dean Dome or Rupp Arena. Bring it on!
A sea of red in the Dean Dome ready to cheer on Freedom High School boys basketball in the 3A state championship game. Best wishes Patriots!
All of Carteret County is about to be in the Dean Dome today 😁
Pitt can beat North Carolina 2morrow as they nearly beat them Dean Dome. Like how Pitt attacked today, something they DIDNT do…
Can I walk up to Rodney Hood and ask, "how was that game in the Dean Dome? How was that 8 mile drive? How's Coach K?" Stay classy my friend
Wow Duke Blue Devils! What a way to choke away a win At the Dean Dome! Hope they don't do this at Cameron.
On way to Dean Dome! 41st straight Unc-Dook game I've had the privilege to attend in person! From the 1974 Walter Davis - Dean Smith miracle from 8 down with 17 seconds left and no 3 pointer! Dean began and continued!
Jabari Parker was 11 years old the last time UNC beat Duke in February in the Dean Dome.
Yall Governor Pat McCrory just said unless you stay near the Dean Dome "Do Not Go To The UNC/Duke Game tonight" .Translated; my boy fella Republican Coach K donated lots of money to my election campaign and i have already spoke to the refs and I would prefer to have plenty of empty seats(Democrats) rooting against the ***
McKale Center rocking tonight in a close game. Rupp Arena, the Dean Dome, the Carrier Dome and Cameron Indoor Stadium and McKale Center!
Tar Heels coach Roy Williams tossing t-shirts to the student section upon his arrival on the Dean Dome court.
Ambulance goes past Dean Dome. Little kid says "I know why it's here. In case Roy Williams passes out!"
Oh, by the way, Clemson plays Sunday at North Carolina, which is 339-59 (.852) at the Dean Dome and 56-0 at home vs. the Tigers.
Why is Jackson Simmons on the basketball court in the Dean Dome?
Had forgotten that the infamous preseason game when Magic Johnson got cut & thus aborted his comeback was in Chapel Hill at the Dean Dome.
Breaking news: Dean Smith has just fell off a ladder and broke his leg. He was trying to get his name off the side of the Dean Dome.
In the last week I have been to Assembly Hall, Dean Dome, and outside Cameron Indoor.
You could hear crickets in the Dean Dome tonight
Military Appreciation Night at the Dean Dome last night. Carolina vs. Texas. @ Dean E. Smith Center
If I was Roy Williams every player would run 10 laps around the Dean Dome for every free throw they missed.
No. 18 North Carolina will have a whiteout at the Dean Dome on Saturday when it hosts No. 11 Kentucky, and the Tar Heels are prepared...
Dean Dome crowd on feet as Johnson is fouled. Could close gap to 5 points.
Good luck to my Tar Heel boys as they start their new season today! I remember my first game like it was yesterday. No greater feeling than playing in the Dean Dome. Don't sleep
you and Lauren have fun tonite at Dean Dome watchin your Tar Heels. Luv u guys!
Meanwhile, most fans can draw blueprints for the inside of Cameron Indoor, the Dean Dome and Comcast Center by memory.
drive over to Cameron Indoor Stadium & find a student to take Lion Up pic! Dean Dome too!
give it time. Franklin Street and the Dean Dome. Only place nicer is Athens GA and Sanford Stadium.
So awesome! We flew over the Dean Dome and Kenan Stadium. Then dinner last night at Lou Malnati's. Fun, fun in Chicago.
no doubt-I love my Heels too! But Elon takes precedent. Even when we get killed by 50 in the Dean Dome.
UNC and Duke's thrilling battle in 2005 at the Dean Dome.
tears: you made it, baby. Welcome to the other side. @ Dean E. Smith Center / Dean Dome
when Austin rivers hit the game winner in the Dean Dome
Walking into Dean Dome with my host Tony @ Dean E. Smith Center / Dean Dome
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