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Dean Cain

Dean Cain (born Dean George Tanaka; July 31, 1966) is an American actor.

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No way is Dean Cain FIFTY years old???
That was a great T.V. show was Lois and Clark and actor Dean Cain played both Superman/Clark Kent back then.
Bernal bout to ask who has the mark of Cain Ima be like dean
especially when Dean had the mark of Cain
Dean gets the 9th as well for the send Cuthbert (1-4), Cain (0-4, 2R) & Hosmer (1-4, 2B) leading 7-4
I think you should sell me your soul so Dean doesn't have that mark of Cain on him anymore..,
the only Superman I recognize is Dean Cain. Because I used to live across the street from his Lex.
Good stuff. I like the parallel between George Reeves & Henry Cavill's Clark Kents. I'd also put Dean Cain in the mix.
I still think about how college Dean Cain and how I had a major crush on him as a child
Just want to say Happy 50th Birthday to my friend and colleague Mr. Dean Cain!! Enjoy your day buddy!!http…
I bet in an alternate dimension, Dean Cain doesn't give up that seat, and there is a window
Aw! Dean Cain's in it. It was made in 2014. Work musta dried up since Lois and Clark was on telly. *sad face*
Thank you, there was much material for you to analyze, not the least of which was Jared going on vacation with Dean Cain.
Did you catch Jared and Dean Cain going on vacation together?
.I feel like the Dean Cain call in is a segment.
I can't stop thinking he looks like Dean Cain from back in his "Lois & Clark: New Adventures of Superman" days.
Watching DC Super Hero Girls with Marty. He likes it 'cause of Supergirl, it's fine. Dean Cain & Helen Slater as Pa & Ma Kent!
Unlike Benny and Cain and that other one people like, Aaron is human and mortal and could grow old with Dean
Dean Cain, my name is Conchi Abad: i am spanish. Congratulations for gold medalls by Olimpic game USA
let Dean guilt trip you. He made the choice to go to Cain WITHOUT telling you. He made the choice to take on The Mark >
"No, Dean didn't have a clue on none of that." *Sam replied.* "He and that Crowely went after Cain without me [c]
All movies starring Dean Cain are horror films. The quality of the man's acting is scream-inducing.
Green Day are trending...I didn't realise it was 'things that were decent in the 90s' day. My contribution: Dean Cain.
omg the mark of Cain is off of dean
THE WOMEN noticed DEAN CAIN, Commie Charley? ... not so much!
I've got a picture of Brandon Routh signed by Dean Cain. . It's yours for $5000.
It was seriously so sketch. There's no way he kills Cain without the MoC completely taking over. Not a dis to Dean, just fact.
is so funny! It is crazily entertaining! Dean Cain gives more flavor to the show. Love it!
Dean Cain's line in Supergirl about knowing "everything there is to know about Superman." 😏
📹 dealanexmachina: Dean Cain and Laura Vandervoort talk about the possible return of Indigo and...
Another gif from where Dean Cain lights em all up and knocks em all down! Catch VENDETTA on DVD or BluRay!
Little Giant Ladders
If Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh or Dean Cain died, this funeral would be the saddest thing ever.
Dean with the Mark of Cain is a force to reckon with!
Dean was better with the mark of Cain
dean low key had the mark of Cain from the get-go
It was easy to be the bad guy throughout.
I chuckled at Brandon Routh and Dean Cain playing Maria Bamford's love interests in Maybe Tim Daly and Henry Cavill for S2?
Of course this makes Cain/Abel manifestations of their decisions, and their consequences. . ;)
Dean: CAS! Cas: Also helped Sam cure Dean of being a demon due to the Mark of Cain.
Anyone else think could be Superman?! He looks like Dean Cain? Is it just me? 🇺🇸
So Metatron is writing his story of the world & what he want's to happen; so I wonder if he wrote Dean getting the Mark of Cain +
That's so cute but wouldn't a better book be How to be like Dean Cain instead or Clark Kent.
Taylor Lautner kinda looks like Dean Cain now
Dean Cain and Helen Slater are pretty geniusly cast in Who better to parent the next generation of Kryptonians?
Superman is in court. This would never have happened to Dean Cain
that looks nothing like Dean Cain or Teri Hatcher. However it's a spot on caricature of Richard Gorshin.
Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993)
That awkward moment when I just found out that Danver family in are Helen Slater from Supergirl & Dean Cain from Lois & Clark 😮
Is Nicolas Cage the likeliest actor to find in movies on different stations? I know Mark Harmon used to to this a lot. Dean Cain, too.
Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Tyler Hoechlin: The battle of the small screen Superman
Mark Cuban is like a rich Dean Cain.
I'm juggling 3 due assignments and fearing failure while also just wanting to go back to watching James Van Der Beek feud with Dean Cain 😢
Matilly and I approve of the Dean Mark of Cain Situaish. Very juicy. Keep it coming with extra side of Crowley
who complain re: supporters sound like GOP need 2 check Tim Cain, Harold Ford, Howard Dean et al..
But Asians will never be Superman. Oh yeah, Dean Cain
. "I'm afraid Dean is no longer a demon, regrettably. He was able to get the Mark of Cain off with the help of a powerful
I would expect Dave Matthews to crash backs into our hearts long before Dean Cain soars back into relevancy.
I just watched a film so bad Dean Cain wasn't the lead.
Kinda hate Dean with the Mark of Cain
Dean Cain's mom is beautiful, I can see where he gets his great smile. Can't blieve it's been almst 20 yrs
Need a tiebreak: who's more due for a comeback, Dave Matthews or Dean Cain?
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«"There is no such thing as a cure for. . .for this, Castiel. . Cain has made himself home /in/ me. ." Dean murmured, —
One of the first selfies. Do you really not like to fly? Dean Cain on "Rosie" via
All I could think of listening to this week's was that Criminal Minds when Dean Cain was a serial killer.
Watching the lightbulb go off in his head when he compared Cain's story to Dean's was great.
Was I? I decoded the Book of the Dead before the Stynes could get it, I'M the reason Dean no longer has the Mark of Cain,
Listen to UMASS, Austin Petersen, Dean Cain, and Andrew Klavan by Louder With Crowder on
Ruby stops and looks at Dean. "Thats too much for you to take on Winchester." Ruby sighs soft. "Cain is your ticket to-
Listen to UMASS AND TRIGGLYPUFF! Austin Petersen, Dean Cain, and Andrew Klavan by on
-this didn't last long and i didn't get to see Sam.. just go." Ruby smiles sadly and pushes Dean towards Cain. "I'll go -
Ruby looks at Dean and then at Cain. She can't believe she was going to say this. "You need Cain right? Take him through.-
Ruby keeps some what close to Dean making sure that he was keeping up and that he was okay. Cain however stops and looks-
Ruby keeps a close watch on Dean as they follow Cain. She was ready to get the *** out of Purgatory. Her eyes watch the-
-Dean out of the water all the way. . "This way, quickly." Cain grumbles motioning for them to follow.
Finally watched the first How did I not know Dean Cain guest starred?! The Lois & Clark fangirl in me is loving that SO much lol
Airplane vs. Volcano is a masterpiece so far. Also is that Dean Cain flying the plane?
Sometimes, I don't like Dean w/ the Mark of Cain. Right now, I do.
Cain’s lived avenging the family he’s lost til the day he lays eyes on his mate. Awaiting Fate
Reeve obviously could do that but it was still the Silver Age material. Dean Cain was the closest we ever got to the post-Crisis Supes.
-- didn't budge. No Superman show can beat Lois and Clark for me. Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher were fantastic.
Just saw Vendetta, a WWE movie starring Dean Cain and the Big Show. It was one of the worst I've ever seen, glad it was…
Props, I should say, to Dean Cain. It was intentionally a bit campy and light but it did a good job of giving us 90s Superman.
I'm calling Dean Cain effect - the bad guy getting *** is main bad guy from The Bodyguard.
I check the cast at IMDB. No Dean Cain effect tonight!
One takeaway from tonight's fantastic episode of The actor who plays Danny has to be related to Dean Cain somehow, someway!
I rarely cheer when Dean gets beaten up - but I am here. Get him, Cain.
well its like Dean Cain as Supergirl's dad, I think they love to honor the past contributions to DC shows
Messing with snap and faceswapped and Dean Cain..scary
Great that Dean Cain has such a level head on college education.
Please ask Dean Cain about how he played a rapist, if not on this show on his next appearance.
I may disagree with you on things, but I still listen to your show, and I think Dean Cain was an underrated Superman.
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What is the outro bumper song before Dean Cain segment? housy EDM song. Please?
I may have lived under a rock for a few years but who is Dean Cain? I just learned Dean Cook, my schools dean but who is Dean Cain
Did you not hear what Steven said about Dean Cain? Jared will have his blood for that!
I liked the jail scene & I like Dean Cain all right--Tia was underused. I didn't like the final gunshot timing.
Dogboys-definitely the best Dean Cain film ever made + the most fun Tia Carrere performance outsi…
I'm just wondering Did Dean kill Cain or did he let Cain live??
I doubt it darling. Dont forget Amara has this bond with Dean through the Mark of Cain. She probably protects him and he +
-she runs with Cain to the river, in hopes of finding Dean.
Check out my article on Dean Cain for :
Then there were the live action shows such as The Flash, The Hulk and the Superman TV Series with Dean Cain.
Where are Dean Cain, Vanessa Williams and Wesley Snipes when you need them?!
Well I vote for Dean Cain he's my favorite Superhero,To Welling is close second without a doubt they are Clark
Why and when did I start following Dean Cain? That is the question.
Bob I like the way you think. Happy Superhero Day Dean Cain always.WMLA
Sorry, can't go to work this arvo. There's a true crime story starring Dean Cain on channel 7 & a dog on my lap.
Dean Cain did good Superman I liked his Lois Lane,Teri Hatcher show downhill when Lois found out Clark was Superman love your video
they could even get Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain to play Martha and Jonathan for extra campiness!
Dean Cain was the 7th actor to take the role of Superman in the series "Lois & Clark" in 1993 with over 87 Episodes
At least Becky Adlington has Dean Cain's shoulder to cry on after ending 18-month marriage!
I thought Ray was really mean to you this week :-( was funny though :-) this is what Dean Cain is upto-
It has been claimed that Rebecca Adlington has been turning to Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman star Dean Cain as she deals with
Rebecca Adlington spotted out and about with Superman actor Dean Cain after marriage breakdown
Sport star Rebecca Adlington seen in London with Dean Cain days after marriage breakdown:
What’s going on with Dean Cain and newly single Rebecca Adlington?!
Melissa gets to meet all the cool superhero people. Gal Gadot, Grant Gustin, Helen Slater, Laura Vandervoort, Dean Cain...
In fairness to Becky Adlington her estranged hubby looks about 12 & Dean Cain was bloody superman
the toilet monster from Ghoulies, the Iowa State Fair's petroleum jelly cow, Dean Cain
nope. 90's version of the Superman story. My fave. Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher played Lois and Clark
I added a video to a playlist Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher Present at the Emmys, 1993
Notch, Dean Cain and Milo all watching Men Behaving Badly in notchs big jelly bean room
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Here's a look back at one of our favorite frogs to celebrate Love this pic of Chris Kyle and Dean Cain!
In the fall of 1995 I wrote to a Lois and Clark newsletter looking for a tape of Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher on Entertainment Tonight.
My best Superman movie is Dean Cain & Teri Hatcher's Lois&Clark followed by Christopher Reeves', Henry Caville doesn't connect for me.
Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher as Superman and Lois on "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" h
Tom Welling Smallvile TV show. Dean Cain - Lois and Clark with 'spectacular' Terri Hatcher as Lois Lane
"Dean Cain's an absolute legend!" via DigitalSpy See, now this is a great article!
First Michael Keaton and now Dean Cain? is fantastic with cameos.
Dean Cain looks like a slick, Americanised Dom Joly
OMG! The line up for is amazing! Dean Cain (aka Superman) is in it, Rebecca Adlington, Linford, Beth Tweddle
Mindy McCready she's wearing a Superman T-Shirt cause she was with Dean Cain at the time..
The Jump's Brian McFadden: "Dean Cain and Sid Owen are the best skiers… and Beth Tweddle's the most via
I did not realise Michael Landes was booted off cos he looked too much like Dean Cain. Crazy!
Was the casting of Dean Cain & Helen Slater in this deliberate I wonder...?
Only just noticed they cast Helen Slater and Dean Cain as TV Supergirl's foster parents. *** that's genius.
I liked a video Did Loni and Dean Cain Have a Fling?
Yes, that it will. Nick Searcy is good at what he does, and Dean Cain, and they will bring the emotion out.
I liked a video from Dean Winchester ▪ Mark Of Cain
the mark of Cain changed him completely, both when he was demon and human. That's just canon. this isn't me hating on Dean
Gods advice to Cain in how to deal with Sin!!!. Genesis 4:7. "If you do what is right will you not be accepted? But...
Dean Wade? More like Dean Cain, cause kid is playing like Superman.
They both look like Dean Cain's Clark Kent in his Superman version. Clark Kent tau with the spectacles
I love as much as I loved the Dean Cain Superman series growing up. Perfect mix of camp girly office drama and comic book action.
Who's the better actor: Dean Cain or Pug? I knew how much I'd hate this movie before grandpa died
As Jared said "Always Keep Fighting" I fought Demon Dean and didn't get the Mark Of Cain transferred to me ;) .
Lol but Dean Cain man, dafuq were they doing with Dean Cain?? He had no business playing that role.
Every once in a while, I’m reminded that Dean Cain is a neocon and I get really sad.
I'm an actor and this is a role I'm playing. But people can get wacky.
just finished watching another ep of long time no see Dean Cain aka Superman tv series from years gone by.
Cain literally warned Dean that Sam won't be talking to GOD but LUCIFER ...
will you be my superman bahah😊. Everyone talks about magic Mike... Please Dean Cain was my first magic mike.
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I got RT'ed by Dean Cain last night which is weird, but makes for a perfect occasion to remind y'all that VENDETTA was really fun!
well if Superman Mr. Dean George Cain can play anyone can play!
Dean Cain was My First. I even had a Dean Cain pencil tin.
Dean Cain: "I know everything there is to know about superman" . OH MY GODS THIS SHOW IS FABULOUS. .
Sixers practicing at Santa Monica High School, which has produced likes of Charlie Sheen, Ronda Rousey, Dean Cain.
Supergirl is basically trolling us all by having Dean Cain as Kara's adoptive dad, right?
You watched a film starring Dean Cain and The Big Show. I think that was doomed from the start.
He was like when Dean Cain got high in How High
Dean Cain is in Supergirl?! Whoa talk about throwback to my childhood!
Just watched 'Vendetta' starring Dean Cain and The Big Show. Ludicrous, completely implausible prison thriller that seems to just give up.
"well...Dean got the Mark of Cain so they got rid of it"
I hope I'll never get to see what Cain said about Dean killing Crowley, Castiel & Sam - ever. Catching up with my fave show.. Supernatural 👀
Check out this Amazon deal: Gentle Ben 2 by Dean Cain via
Dean Cain plays Archangel Gabriel in his newest Christmas movie,
Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson made a Christmas rom-com together. That is all.
I will say that Lori Petty needs a place in the Arrowverse or Superverse. I mean, you have Helen Slater and Dean Cain here.
Have to say it seems well cast so far Dean Cain, Calista Flockhart and TK from Necessary Roughness
Just watched .. It's like a less good version of The New Adventures of Superman. Teri Hatcher & Dean Cain did it better!
On the set of our new film ILLICIT starring David Ramsey, Dionne Gipson, Dean Cain and McKinley…
I had no idea that Supergirl's adoptive parents on the new TV show are Dean Cain and Helen Slater. That's both awesome and hilarious.
My one criticism of is that Dean Cain has a long way to go before he's mentioned in the same breath with John Schneider.
Supergirl just won by having Helen Slater and Dean Cain as her earth parents!
I don't usually share dreams but enlisting Lois and Clark to help prove I was framed for murder was fun. I even hid under Dean Cain's covers
In the new series mum is Helen Slater and her dad is Dean Cain. Clever.
Is anyone planning to watch the new Supergirl series starting next week? Sounds interesting and has Helen Slater & Dean Cain on the castlist
Dean Cain be like, "I don't Always grow a beard, but when I do, I want it to rock like AlfonZo's of 20 LB Sledge... http…
Even after all these years Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher still had one of the best on screen chemistry
Dean Cain who is playing Detective James Wood - man who took down Gosnell - with Alfonzo Rachel his partner Stark. http:…
found it! Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Chris soules, Dean Cain, Ellen Cleghorne, jaleel white, jwoww,
Get to know actor Dean Cain, a competitor on Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition.
Helen Slater and Dean Cain are in I kinda love that.
Got really excited about an episode of Gentle Ben but it's the Dean Cain remake 😫😫😫😫
I'll have you know that Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo have both come out as
So Adam Baldwin & Dean Cain support gamergate? If they can hook Kevin Sorbo they have a lineup for a movie!
In a cage match between Dean Cain and park Yoo Chun, which side would you root for?
Dean Cain to host Masters of Illusion on the CW. See Masters of Illusion at the Rialto Square Theatre Sunday,...
I pick Dean Cain to play Richard Matt. This has all the elements of a perfect movie. Hopefully someone makes it!
Ah! Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher, an all-around awesome on-screen couple!
Boo! I didn't see Dean Cain or Tom Welling anywhere!
Is that Dean Cain on that park bench?
You could honestly replace Ferrell & Wiig with Dean Cain & Justine Bateman, and would be a regular ol' Lifetime movie.
Dean Cain after Christopher Reeves will always be Superman to me, not that Henry Cavil is not fast becoming him
Dean Cain sounds like a movie star nane Harold Robbins would invent.
Who is a better actor: Kevin Sorbo or Dean Cain?
I know your love for Dean Winters, but am I mistaken in thinking you like Dean Cain too?
I cringed all the way through, the only good bit was her adoptive parents being the movie super girl and Dean Cain superman lol
Graphic designers: we need to put Dean, Sam and [smudged writing] Cain? Ah yes the mark of Cain
Cain I will. -As Dean relinquished the blade Sam wanted to destroy it so bad. He knew that was a useless thought but he >>
Jensen was AMAZING. DEAN WINCHESTER ladies and gentleman. The REAL Dean, non Mark of Cain, brother to Sammy, Winchester.
"Hollywood's a very weird place. I think there's less of everything except for attitude." - Dean Cain
Exclusive Clip from ..Follows .as He Goes on a Hunting Trip:
Since she now has a girlie "Dean Cain" room , she insisted her babies match
One of my fav scene in is the one between Dean & Cain in
Too much testosterone in the same place Dean would soon break havoc &kill them all with the mark of Cain, ha ha!
(Contrarily, Sam really hadn’t been given a reason to be scared of Cain!Dean last season; DEMON!DEAN attacked him but Cain!Dean did not?)
Dean Cain needs to be in everything. I will always have a crush on him, even when he's 80 and I'm 18,353.
Ah, gotcha. I think he was at Comic Con last weekend, then name sounds familiar (I was only there for Dean Cain). Lol. :)
Whatever happened to the First Blade. Dean never used it on any of his Cain killing sprees??
Did we even get the Cain parallels? In the end, Dean cared as much for HunterX as he did for Cas & killed Death instead of Sam.
I love a smart debate. "The Rise of the New Groupthink and the Power of Working Alone" by on
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To be fair, Dean Cain just wasn't available.
I am watching tonight which has Rebekah Kochan in it as well as Dean Cain and Eric Roberts! I... http:/…
Cole's quest for revenge & Dean's Mark of Cain both need to be fed on encore episode at 9.
I made the Dean's List. Dean Cain's list of homeboys not to mess with.
no Dean Cain and Brandon Routh were...Robert Englund is Freddie Krueger...:)
_Lyon all over the board saying Dean Cain wasn't a star.
Oh my giddy aunt!! This is so awesome and makes me so upset! My poor baby Dean! Fantastic Mark of Cain Fan Vid 👏👏👍👌
Cas was the Buffy to Cain!Dean’s Angelus last season, and he needs some hugs gdi.
DEAN CAIN SHIRTLESS BEEFCAKE sexy in towel photo L129
My nominee for is Dean and Castiel from Supernatural. not the mark of cain boom
But more are coming "out" conservative ways.Dean Cain, Robert Downey,Vince Vaugn Bruce Jenner-I know but we need all we can!!
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are the two most based beings in the universe.
Dear Internet,. You're not getting a win and a Dean Ambrose title victory in the same night. Signed,. V…
Dean Cain is still so good looking. He's like an adorable bear :D
Well, considering Dean Cain is playing her (adopted) dad, that would be very weird.
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Eric Roberts, Nancy Criss, and Dean Cain on the set of Deadly Sanctuary! Deadly Sanctuary is being released on...
Dean Cain is supergirls adopted father!? . Superman is his cousins father!!!
oh Dean Cain, how the once super have fallen...
Also got to see Dean Cain and a bunch of Walking Dead peeps, best part- the amazing Stan Lee:)))
What do you think Dean Cain is doing right now
What if the darkness isnt like visual like we think. I mean the darkness tainted the mark and then it tainted lucifer & cain & then dean
-- conflict returns to his eyes and I let out a heavy sigh.] It’s not Dean I don’t trust. It’s the Mark of Cain. The man I love, the man --
I liked a video from It's Superman vs. Superman: Brandon Routh and Dean Cain
Forever ago, when I'd talk about Smallville my dad would ask “Dean Cain?” . “Tom Welling.”. “Dean Cain?" . Every. Single. Time. I’d get so mad
just like after Dean Cain...I lost love SM
I added a video to a playlist Superman Dean Cain
and my toddler cousin was watching when Dean murdered Cain... Umm, don't become a serial killer when u grow up ok
I was told I looked like Dean Cain from Lois and Clark... I rather be Christian Bale but alright...
let me meet my favorite superman Dean Cain and got to thank him for helping us vets
Met Dean Cain in the VIP room at . Awesomely nice guy and all around fun guy! .
"What did you do today, Anna?". "Oh, you know, just got a quick squeeze from Dean Cain." ❤️
Did Dean Winchester just become a demon like Cain? That was dope asf
It's Join Dean Cain for a Photo Op at today at 11:15 in Hall A! — feeling super at...
Okay, Dean Cain is just randomly seen as her step dad and then NEVER seen again for the rest of the episode. Poor DC.
This weekend I've talked to Neal Adams about The Force Awakens & Talked to Dean Cain about BvS... This had been a good weekend.
Smallville's been doing that legacy thing for so long. Heck, Dean Cain was Vandal Savage there
Dean Cain hosted his panel yesterday at
How to create the mark of cain that is on Dean Winchester's arm in the tv series Supernatural.
Dean Cain is still beautiful.. My teen crush has just popped up on screen.. Gotta love the True Movies channel
So now the Mark of Cain works like Harry Potter's scar for Dean?
Photoset: raggetymanftw: AU Meme: As Cain predicted, Sam is killed by Dean’s hands under the influence of...
Dean having the mark of Cain is so (emotional rant)
I think Cain actually shared the mark with Dean, so Cain didn't really cure himself at the time. *shrugs*
I was thinking here... is Dean REALLY cured from the MoC? Cain didn't seem to be okay after being freed from it.
Dean Cain gets a cameo in lines given to him
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I know Dean Cain is liek ttly terrible now but Lois and Clark was really important to bb Alice OK
Hey, I'm at comic con Dallas, Dean Cain is here. Do you want to paypal me to get an autog for you? Need to see if he's here tmrw
Despite the Mark of Cain, Dean tried hard to make it alright with Cas, though Cas already knew, he still played along http:…
See, even Dean Cain bites his tongue over me! *Big Grin* ❤️
Photoset: I love this moment. Dean is back to himself and he still has the Mark Of Cain on his hand. And he...
Seeing Dean Cain at the auto table got me like
They asked Dean Cain what he thought about MOS, he said "Needs more Lois & Clark"
No one talked bad about Dean Cain because he got Superman. He still gets Superman.
They were talking about Dean Cain being AmerAsian & how there wasn't crits for that
- the Mark to Cain. Of course the prophecy has chanced over time. Sam and Dean didn't stay Hunter and Dean was never -
So I've met and took pictures with Alan Tudyk and Dean Cain and met and got my Jedi Academy books signed by Kevin...
loser receives the Mark of Dean Cain, which makes them appear in terrible wwe movies
take advantage of a misplayed ball in center field as Cain and score to make it 7-4!
Awesome afternoon meeting Gus from Breaking Bad, Dean Cain and Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball. More greatness tomorrow!
Of course! Watching it now. Hero of the day is former Superman Dean Cain. So far the volcano is winning.
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... and if you ever wondered what happened to 90s TV Superman Dean Cain, he's been flying a plane around a group of violent volcanos.
Watching the Supergirl pilot, and weirdly enough I'm not hating it. Random Dean Cain cameo was nice!
found: A new low for Dean Cain - low budget sci fi airplane vs volcano
Took me a while to recognise Dean Cain in Airplane vs Volcano, via the 'tough break up, wallowing in own misery and alcohol' look.
Could Cain be alive? Maybe Dean just amputated his other hand so no more holding the blade... Monty Python, anybody?
Airplane vs Volcano on SyFy, Dean Cain approved!. Cheesy fare, but good fun.
How come Dean Cain turned like this...he was so *** sexy ! Uuh...I'm gonna watch my back.
Gonna go for it, after a few beers I'm gonna try and watch Airplane Vs Volcano on Dean Cain is in it, so it must be good!
When I worked there, I met Dean Cain and Josh Radnor 🙈
I remember watching dean cain as superman too lol so long ago
Want to see vs. Check out this EXCLUSIVE clip from
Dying over the fact that Dean Cain is 's dad!!! I'm in love already!!!
It's really cool that Dean Cain plays the father of Superman, seeing how he was once Superman himself in the 90's. :P
// Wait I just realized Michael just told Dean that he has Cain and Abel in his blood... The blood line... Pretty much saying it was -
So first, this girl playing young Kara needs to dial it back. A lot. . Hey look! Dean Cain!
for killing her former lover Cain} Hello Dean. Dont try kill me Im not here to cause you trouble.
No they killed off Dean Cain he's like one of my favorite syfy movie actors ever. airplane vs volcanio
How Dean Cain has managed 2 go all these years without a Oscar nod is beyond me. Clearly,they continually overlook the talent. . ⊙︿⊙
Photoset: laoih: “I'm not doing that... not to anyone.” Dean Winchester || the Mark of Cain 
and Keahu Kahuanui (eep spelling?) Is a good guy on Teen Wolf, but he's mixed Asian/Polynesian. (Could incl The Rock, Dean Cain)
Ever wondered what Metatron and Cain's ship name would be? Me too cc
A possible Cain and Dean Winchester showdown; didn't expect that; story living up to expectation finally
I liked a video Big Show and Dean Cain star in "Vendetta"
But seriously do I watch Tom Welling, Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, or Dean Cain?
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