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. "So then Dean Blandino and Stephen Jones got on the bus and were snorting..". "We'll be back after these words from our sponsor"
So Roger Godell gave Dean Blandino the book. Get ready for him to hot shot the territory.
Dean Blandino: Impossible to tell if Will Parks stepped out of bounds on return via
and cutest couple is. Troy Vincent and Dean Blandino!
T.O., eagles, 1994 49ers, 2007 NY Giants, Dean Blandino, josh Donaldson, joey bats but he got his ...
Dean blandino hands down right now smh
Could be big: Dean Blandino had call with all 32 NFL special teams coordinators to talk possible kickoff changes.
"for an explanation of the USGA's rules, here's dean blandino"
It looked a bit like he caught, but calling Dean Blandino to find out.
Al Riveron. Roger Goodell, Troy Vincent, and Dean Blandino are going to do their best to kill the NFL and ruin the NFL.
Dean Blandino: We've talked with Randy Moss, Tim Brown, Jordy Nelson and others to clarify catch rule
Gene Steratore must have said something mean about Dean Blandino's family at the holiday party to get stuck with this dog of a game.
I'd love to hear Dean Blandino's explanation of what happened moments ago in SD/OAK...Or maybe not.
Consider!?!? Dean Blandino, you are the weakest link...
Time for Dean Blandino to get on the NFL batphone to the MetLife Stadium press box.
mr. Bennett, I love your you being a bear. And, the Bears had that game stolen by Walt Coleman & Dean Blandino.
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ICYMI, Dean Blandino and Walt Coleman on the overturned INT that became a Lions TD
NFL head of officials Dean Blandino admits Lions should have kept football on illegal batting call.
NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino: Crew erred on end-zone call.
At about the 11-minute mark of this video, Dean Blandino explains wage Stfford fumble from last week
Dean Blandino says the NFL is trying to "simplify the rules." I'd say they've got a ways to go.
oh yeah, and screw dean blandino, Caitlyn's more of a man. he's such an kiss ***
."hv2hv ball long eno to become a runner." Easy incomplete here But what's:"long eno to bcm a runner"
Dean Blandino insulting anyone with half brain today stating "there's no audio so we just going to let it rest"
When I see Dean Blandino on the Official review I think how much of a liar and a crook that man is.
Dean Blandino said the NFL doesn't have any audio of Cam Newton-Ed Hochuli exchange and is going to "leave it alone"
"Pass interference is very subjective." VP of Officiating Dean Blandino. Adding to my theory I had about the league & revenue yrs ago
NFL's Dean Blandino: "Historically penalties level off as the season progresses and I anticipate that will be the case this year too.”
It's amazing how Dean Blandino the head official never blames the refs for making mistakes. He just makes excuses.
NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino joined tonight on for Official Review:
irregardless is not a word. It is just regardless, Dean Blandino
domain names
Watching the w/ Dean Blandino explain the terrible calls made by the refs this week. You are wrong sir, and u said irregardless
Yeah. This is a bad look for Cam. I never once thought Hoculi said something like that.
NFL officiating exec: Hochuli didn't tell Newton 'you're not old enough'
NFL not planning further investigation into Ed Hochuli matter: NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino...
Ed Hochuli’s boss accepts his denial of telling Cam Newton he was “not old enough” to get a call
Dean Blandino: Cam Newton didn't get call because he was outside pocket and threw on run.
As if the NFL didn't *** me off enough this year. Ed Hochuli insists he didn't make questionable remark
Dean Blandino breaks down the hit on Cam Newton.
Watch: Dean Blandino Breaks Down Newton Hit: This certainly has become a hot button issue for...
Should we just start calling the NFL the National FLAG League? Jesus Dean Blandino. Calm down your penalty happy ***
Dean Blandino just said last week that if the QB's hand is moving forward at all, it's a pass. No one has any idea wha…
NFL's Dean Blandino: Ed Hochuli insists he didn't make questionable remark to Cam Newton via
Cam Newton just sounds like a little whiny baby. Play football & STFU Cam. Hochuli is 1 of games best refs
League backs ref's denial in no-call discussion with Newton: NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said…
Did you speak with Got his side of the story? NFL VP Blandino accepts Ed Hochuli’s denial of ageism
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How do Jeff Tripplette and Dean Blandino still have jobs? Awful, insulting and condescending to boot.
NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino says Terrell Suggs' hit on Bradford was legal ht…
Wow. Dean Blandino lied in a press conference. Need to suspend him ASAP.
Hold on, Dean Blandino, what about this catch?
check out Dean Blandino explaining the "Calvin Johnson Rule" using a very similar catch by Julian Thomas as an example
Dean Blandino knows more about the rules than John and declared it wasn't a catch. Hate all you want.
Just listened to NFL head of officials Dean Blandino; now convinced ruling was terrible. He said Dez Bryant didn't make effort 2 reach out toward goal line? If he reached out "with two hands" it would have been a catch. "It has to be more obvious (that he reached for goal line). Umm huh?
Wonder if Dean Blandino's still allowed on Jerruh's party bus?
control rule reminds me of transfer rule ...At least MLB/Joe Torre got it right in the end. Will NFL/Dean Blandino?
Dean Blandino segment should be interesting again this week.
Dean Blandino apparently didn't have a good enough time on the Cowboys party bus.
Dean Blandino's invitation to Jerry Jones party bus this offseason has been rescinded
Refs: "so what do you think, catch or no?". Dean Blandino: "Jerry Jones just called and told me it was a catch"
Joe Buck needs to refer to Dean Blandino as 1985 Intercontinental Champion Dean Blandino
Surprised they never threw a flag there. Jerry Jones must be giving Dean Blandino it tight.
Can't believe Dean Blandino didn't give Dallas their time out back.
Dean blandino from the Cowboys party bus outside. Rules in favor of.
Wow. Several extremely late, extremely low hits on Romo after ball is gone. Can someone tell Dean Blandino, he's ignoring my calls this week
That spot made me picture the Dallas Cowboys party bus parked in Dean Blandino's driveway
Does anyone else suspect is a nod to Dean Blandino?
😑 “TMZ reported that Dean Blandino, head of officiating, was partying on a Cowboys bus with Stephen Jones. http:…
Dean Blandino's cellphone rings: *in best Jerry Jones voice* "Now Dean. Time for your boys to go out there and earn their money. I didn't come up here for all of this and lose. Remember, we are America's 1% Team." LOL
Dean Blandino explained what went wrong in Dallas. He needs to figure out how to keep it from happening again.
“Dean Blandino explained what went wrong in Dallas. .
Refs czar: Holding call missed vs. Dallas LB: NFL head of officials Dean Blandino said Monday that the no-call on pass interference a...
NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino say Cowboys LB Anthony Hitchens should’ve been flagged for defensive holding http…
Jason Garrett talking about PI call reversed yesterday, says he's not surprised Dean Blandino says pass interference should've been called
Dean Blandino can't offer an explanation. Too busy taking another ride on the Cowboys party bus.
Dean Blandino, NFL Head of officiating on Cowboys party bus with Jerry Jones son.
No, I don't think the game was fixed. Yes, Dean Blandino was spotted rocking out on Cowboys' party bus this summer:
Back in August, NFL's head of officiating, Dean Blandino, was caught partying w/Jerry Jones' son in LA. Just saying.
Dean Blandino, Dallas fan and NFL VP of Officiating, says he'll discuss the flag on NFLN Monday. And yes, Dallas fan: ht…
Dean Blandino, seen leaving Cowboys "party bus" in August. Never disciplined for this by
It should probably be mentioned here that the game was indeed played in Dallas, in the presence of owner Jerry Jones, in his multi-billion dollar palace known as AT&T Stadium in some places and “Jerry World” in others. It should also be known that a Cowboys’ win means a matchup with the Green Bay Packers next weekend, a game that will be sure to garner far bigger TV ratings than if it were the Carolina Panthers heading to Lambeau Field, which would have been the matchup had the Lions won (they’d have played at Seattle under those circumstances). And finally, it should probably be known that NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino was spotted hanging out and laughing it up with Jones and his son Stephen (a Cowboys’ executive) on a Cowboys’ party bus last summer. Conspiracy? Perhaps. Here’s former league head of officiating and current FOX Sports’ rules expert Mike Pereira on the call. Mike Pereira ✔ Follow I am out of here. Biggest call was the DPI pickup. It was DPI and it was defensive ** ...
Dean Blandino: Antonio Brown TD overturn was right call:
NFL VP of officiating Dean Blandino has seen the still image of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown appearing to get his feet inbounds on a touchdown try late in Monday night's game against Houston.
According to Mike Signora, it WAS reviewed by Dean Blandino. Your also refer to "the NFL’s own Mike Pereira". He's
Pereira: Dean Blandino should make NFL's first comments on calls: In the wake of the Nick Foles/Chris Baker in...
Not that we needed confirmation, but NFL VP/officiating Dean Blandino explains how the Jets were robbed of TD.
Was really hoping Mike Greenberg would spend 10 minutes on the Cowboys party bus with Dean Blandino. Didn’t happen.
Gonna ask Dean Blandino about the Jerry Jones nonsense?
New post: Dean Blandino: NFL 'not going to change how we're calling the game' -
Good News: Per Dean Blandino informed Gene Steratore crew to rein in any chippiness in game
Beef over last 10 seconds might be legit GREEN BAY, Wis. — NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino was ...
After review, the NFL is throwing another flag on referee Jeff Triplette after all. Dean Blandino, the league's vice president of officiating, said in his weekly NFL Network appearance on Tuesday that
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Goodell: NFL to consider centralizing replay reviews NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell indicated Wednesday that the league is considering making fundamental changes with how in-game replay reviews are handled. "I think our officials do an incredible job, but there's always room for improvement," Goodell told NFL Media's Albert Breer at the NFL's Special League Meeting in Irving, Texas. "We've had some errors that we think we need to correct. Some of the things we're discussing is how to do that, whether there are changes to replay, or to how we train or what we do on the field." Goodell was asked about potentially expanding the role of NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino on Sundays when it comes to replays. ProFootballTalk reported Sunday that the league will consider bringing all replay reviews in-house. "With respect to replay ... we're going to look at everything," Goodell said. "Our number one focus is to make sure we're providing the best officiating. We always think we can improve. Consiste ...
NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino confirmed that Jeff Triplette and his crew made an error for the second consecutive week when Bengals' BenJarvus Green-Ellis was awarded a TD.
NFL officials are talking about revamping the tuck rule. Dean Blandino, the league’s director of officiating, said in a video distributed to the media that the NFL’s Competition Committee plans to review the tuck rule, which was made famous on January 19, 2002, when an apparent Tom Brady fumble was ...
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