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Dean Ambrose

Jonathan Good (born December 7, 1985) is an American professional wrestler known by his ring name Jon Moxley.

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I think Rollins will be victorious but at last Dean Ambrose will retain d title. ;) ;)
I predict that Dean Ambrose will be one of the best wrestlers ever. 😃
Photo: “I ship Nikki Bella and Dean Ambrose so hard!”
Well my favorite main roster guy and diva are Paige and a tie between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt. As for NXT, my
We're in Dean Ambrose's home state. If you don't know how this match is ending, you've never watched our product befor…
Cincinnati native Dean Ambrose drops a “Great State of Ohio.” Urban Meyer would be proud of the Lunatic Fringe.
Yeah but if we had the referee from the fail mary game, Dean Ambrose would be champion right now
Dean Ambrose takes World Heavyweight Championship belt on tour of New Orleans before tonight
WWE Money in the Bank 2015 match card previews: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens…
Roman Reigns,Seth Rollins,Dean Ambrose,John Cena,Brock Lesnar,and Daniel Bryan are the Cover SuperStars of WWE 2K16!According to
you are my favorite wrestler well you and Dean Ambrose
I'm looking forward to see Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens vs John Cena at . Other matches will be boring af.
next is Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins at extreme rules
Dean Ambrose standing tall! He'll win the WWE World Heavywight Championship this Sunday. I'm glad Rollins can stand alone. At least for now.
J&J Security vs. Seth Rollins – 2-on-1 Handicap Match: Raw, June 8, 2015 Dean Ambrose will win at money in the bank
Dean Ambrose takes in the New Orleans sights: photos | via
You'd think Dean Ambrose would get hot wearing a leather jacket and jeans in Cajun Country in June
So far the Craziest thing about Dean Ambrose is wearing a Leather Jacket Inside in June.
Dean Ambrose's gimmick just may be White Person in Infomercial.
Dean Ambrose is a hero, what a bloke
May have just tapped into my inner Dean Ambrose. *** i just went past Dean Ambrose and just found my inner Jon Moxley
Dean Ambrose earlier today at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, he just looks so natural with that belt lol .
WWE payback |June 7, 2015|John Cena and Dean Ambrose get some Night of Champions: via
Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose look to their battle at Money in the Bank: WWE SmackDown, June 4, 2015: via
I added a video to a playlist WWE Raw 2/16 Dean Ambrose gets his contract signed by Bad News Barrett
Yea Dean speaks the truth Seth Rollins has had his butt kicked by Dean Ambrose so many time :-)
So like did Dean Ambrose kill the cops driving the paddy wagon? Thats my headcanon
Roman Reigns.the lapdog of Dean Ambrose
steal pa more Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley) just did an Eddie Guerrero just like when he stole the IC Title last March
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are the two most based beings in the universe.
Dear Internet,. You're not getting a win and a Dean Ambrose title victory in the same night. Signed,. V…
Dean Ambrose has "a bubbling feeling in his gut". Like Big Show when he ate Eddie's tainted burritos?
Lol my sister made the dumbest remark EVER and said Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose looks alike lol i'm dead!
Wonder if Long Island police department got calls from fans in hopes of getting Dean Ambrose.
'WWE Raw': Dean Ambrose, Hot Cop Like Kevin Connolly, I grew up not far from Nassau Coliseum and fantasized about …
Dean Ambrose has come out with a hot dog cart, an ambulance, and a police van!!. I wanna hang out with him someday!.
Can't wait for Dean Ambrose to show up in the last segment with a hot dog cart.
in Brooklyn in 2014 ended with Dean Ambrose bringing a hot dog cart. This Raw in NY has seen Ambrose arrested. Similar ending?
actually u could bring Dean Ambrose back. BUT only if he agrees to be ur lap dog. make him sqirm
Fun match between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose on Smackdown this week. Note to Kevin Owens if you could work as...
I like to compare my friendship with to that of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns . "Loser buys the beers?" htt…
The crowd is electric Dean Ambrose won and the place exploded hall
fortunately nothing much happened since Extreme Rules, Dean Ambrose being added to the 4way is a big plus.
love your rants. I don't really like the PG era that much. I only watch Dean Ambrose, Paige, Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan
Rusev, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Cesaro , Bad News Barrett, and other future talents could all one day become wwe champion.
Dean Ambrose is the next wwe world champ
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if you see your idol-. Brock Lesnar. John Cena . Randy Orton. CM Punk. Bryan . Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose. AJ. …
What would a world with Dean Ambrose as WWE world heavyweight champion be like?
Second rumor: Dean Ambrose is going to help out Seth Rollins retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
Bad News Barrett theme song, Dean Ambrose theme song, Smackdown Theme song and Raw theme song. All so cool.
For all you betting types out there. Seriously. . Dean Ambrose. MR MITB come June. . BO-LIEVE. .
Did you know that out of the male wrestlers in WWE right now, Paige would most love to face Bray Wyatt or Dean Ambrose?
RAW was quite good. Sami Zayn made his debut and Dean Ambrose is in the World title match. Fantastic.
I'm happy Dean Ambrose is in the title match at but I get the feeling he's only there to take the pinfall from Rollins. We'll see!
Bad News Barrett is being pushed well and deserves a Main Event run. Dean Ambrose or maybe Wyatt?
Not only Dolph deserves better. A lot of young talents like Dean Ambrose for example deserve better.
Dean Ambrose ganhou do Luke Harper. Ziegler do Sheamus. O John Cena ganhou do Rusev. Roman Reigns ganhou do Big Show. Esclarecedor esse ECW.
the really question is was it Dean Ambrose driving the car or Jon Jones? 😅
UPDATE: Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper have turned up. Still no word on if they dropped Jon Jones off anywhere.
i don't know what's the bigger story here, Jon Jones in trouble or Dean Ambrose winning a match
Rumor has it Jon Jones, Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper are now all on the run together, and documenting their zany road trip adventure.
for Dean Ambrose . FV for Luke Harper. Who will be the winner tonight???
Prediction: Dean Ambrose to win the Chicago Street Fight against a game Luke Harper.
Dean Ambrose takes on Luke Harper in a Chicago Street Fight! Who will win this brutal matchup? (
Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose . I want Dean Ambrose to win and I know would agree
Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose steal the show tonight
Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper tonight on ExtremRules Awsome thats gone on Grazy
I liked a video from WWE Discussion - Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper and Big Push
Dean Ambrose and John Cena have a heated war of - Raw,...
New video up in the next hour! In the latest episode: Dean Ambrose takes on John Cena in a warmup match before Payback
if WWE ever goes back to PG-14 make Dean Ambrose the face at that moment because he is the closest thing to the attitude era.
There are actually girls out there bullying Renee Young because she is going out with WWE wrestler Dean Ambrose. You pathetic little girls!
I liked a video from Renee Young Interview: On dating Dean Ambrose, comedy, life with
Dean Ambrose bangs Renee Young. He's the real star of the Shield
Since when is Renee Young married to Dean Ambrose?!?! Oh my lord.
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Dean Ambrose, Norman Reedus, Bert McCracken, Terrance...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I imagine that Lionel Hutz and Dean Ambrose would have the same babysitting style.
It's interesting that Brian Pillman and Dean Ambrose are both from Cincinnati. Ambrose is exactly like him
Intercontinental Championship Ladder match contenders to answer the open challenge:. Dean Ambrose. Stardust. Bad News Barrett.
if you see your idol. CM Punk. Aj Lee. Seth Rollins. Paige. Roman Reigns. John Cena . Dean Ambrose. The Rock. Sting. HHH. Nikki Be…
Wade Barrett's 5 reigns as IC champion is only 11 days longer than Dean Ambrose's 1 reign as US champion.
Flyin' Brian AKA the late father of Dean Ambrose vs Scotty "I wish I was in ECW" Flamingo. Really shows what we lost with Brian's death.
Hey John Cena - WWE Universe u say how did that boot to the jaw by Dean Ambrose - WWE see your...
John Cena issues an open challenge for his United States Championship, and Dean Ambrose answers the call on Raw.
Every time I see late-period Brian Pillman, I am further convinced that Dean Ambrose is his illegitimate son. Same hometown and everything.
You thought Dean Ambrose was going to win? That's adorable
why does Dean Ambrose dress like Jimmy Wang Yang and Bunkhouse Buck?
Dean Ambrose for the United States title ? Better then Cena 😂😂😂
Dean Ambrose has Never Won the Intercontinental Championship but At Wrestlemania He will surely win it
Dean Ambrose will win the Intercontinental championship at WrestleMania
Dean Ambrose talks about Triple H and Seth Rollins RAW backstage fallout
Dean Ambrose should go back to his old jimmy wang yang
I love Dean Ambrose's entrance music so much 😂
but you can bet your candy *** I'll be watching when Dean Ambrose and John Cena get inducted into the hall of fame!
I don't understand you dated Chris Sabin,Dolph Zigger,Dean Ambrose,Roman Reings and Edge
Tired of seeing the days of lightweights & pretenders: Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins etc
Roman Reigns was on Conan. Seth Rollins was on with Jon Stewart. So that means Dean Ambrose is next. Jimmy Fallon, you know what to do.
Drake Younger, Dean Ambrose...WWE has some hardcore refs. I think Necro Butcher is in line to ref a Superstars match.
Dean Ambrose is just a Drake Younger want-a-be
Dean Ambrose was going to be my second choice! I chose Bad News Barrett!
Dean Ambrose get some last minute refereeing tips from Drake Younger?
Dean Ambrose is the ref... He would've been my second choice to Barrett.
I was wanting a hardcore match between Dean Ambrose vs Bubba Ray Dudley...but I guess that will never happen...would be great
Day two of indie wrestling! Some are Paul Heyman guys or Brock Lesnar... I'm Dean Ambrose girl and…
The only show that will ever have Teddy Hart, Hailey Hatred, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Nick Gage, and Okada together htt…
Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper wearing pretty much the same thing.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Dean Ambrose & could do a before & after laundry detergent commercial
As much as I hate Hot Topic sometimes, I managed to get my Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose shirts there. Along with a Harley Quinn shirt.
who do you want to win? me Daniel,Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler but mostly Daniel Bryan. YES YES YES MOVMENT STAYS ALIVE🔥
So apparently Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are dating, tf 😭
lol lucky indeed man Dean Ambrose is one lucky man with a lady like Renee Young
Dean Ambrose hit Barrett as if Barrett had hit on Renee Young backstage or something.
I added a video to a playlist Dean Ambrose "Retaliation" (Adam Massacre cover)
The opening contest tonight on Dean Ambrose goes one on one with Bad News Barrett! CALL IT!!
Well just a rumor but Bad News R-Truth Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper looking like a tag team with their wrestling attire 😂
Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose have the most amazing chemistry.
in fairness, I would probably give the belt to Luke Harper or Dean Ambrose
Barrett vs Luke Harper vs DanielBryan vs Ziggler vs R-Truth and Dean Ambrose in the Ladder match
August Im going to RAW Live and I'm going backstage to meet them if u have any cool new John Cena, Dean Ambrose etc I will
I think the logic is "Dean Ambrose sure does lose a lot, but you know who doesn't, Roman Reigns!"
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The REAL badass isn't Roman Reigns. It's Dean Ambrose. Made BNB run and snatched the title from him.
The difference between Roman Reigns fangirls and Dean Ambrose fangirls is that Dean Ambrose can actually wrestle so our cheers are justified
can they get Brutus the Barber Beefcake to setup an appointment with Dean Ambrose?
WWE in Abu Dhabi: John Cena and Dean Ambrose beat Rusev and Luke Harper Bing John Cena
In the Main Event on on in a Non-Title Extreme Rules Match, Dean Ambrose battles Seth Rollins
How many real estate agents and lawyers do you think Dean Ambrose has tied up in his basement right now?
Our opening contest tonight on is Luke Harper going one on one with Dean Ambrose! CALL IT!!
Dean Ambrose hits Luke Harper with dirty deeds for the win -adminy2e
Dean Ambrose defeats Luke Harper in a really good match. Kudos to both guys.
Amazed how much better Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper always is, especially compared to how Dean vs Bray Wyatt always turned out.
Seriously. Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose do it all the f'n time.
I'm gonna start carrying around a clip board with a list of things I want to happen. Dean Ambrose is my life coach.
Sam Neil + Dogs is the new Dean Ambrose's face.
if you see your idol: . John Cena. Paige. Nikki Bella. Roman Reigns. Aj Lee . Dean Ambrose
John Cena, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Rusev are in Abu Dhabi for touring this week. SmackDown will have a "half crew" -
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Which viratian wanna go Abu Dhabi for Mando and meet Dean Ambrose for her.. Only if...
Dean Ambrose's win over Curtis Axel: mere exercise. After that Wade Barrett had some "bad news" for Mr. Unhinged via Titan-Tron.
Once again Wade Barrett decides not to give Dean Ambrose an intercontinental championship title shot. Not surprised.
Wade Barrett vs Dean Ambrose would be a great match for .. If has any sence they will let it play out.
Dean Ambrose letting Wade Barrett know that he wants a shot at the Intercontinental championship.
So are Dean Ambrose and Wade Barrett gonna actually feud together or…?
Don't believe that Dean Ambrose is crazy? He actually thinks the Intercontinental Title is prestigious.
Dean Ambrose is going to do anything to get Wade Barrett to accept his challenge for IC Champion at Fastlane and hope road to WrestleMania
I have loads but my most fave: Has to be a tie between Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.
WWE LIVE returns to Australia this August! . Don't miss seeing John Cena, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and more in...
well to be fair if Dean Ambrose win the IC title, it'd be fitting since all he does is job.
Has anyone else realised that the Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose never really peaked? If the Ambulance match was the blow-off that's weak
Photo: "The moment when Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns turned to each other and butted heads at the RR was...
Photoset: twinambrose: if dean read his tag sometimes..
I love this pitcher of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose they are so cute and freaking Awesome :)
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Do you like WWE? *_* If so who is your favorite wrestler. Mine is Dean Ambrose hehehe.
when will Dean Ambrose 's hoodie be restocked in medium ?
So...if Dean Ambrose is the only guy who had to get to it WWE canon that Lesnar, Reigns, Bryan & Rollins all live at the HQ?
Dean Ambrose can probably master a titty, but he isn't the master and ruler of the beef curtain.
"I'm not a normal person, I'm Dean Ambrose! I might go down but I don't stay down" 👊👊👊
Dean Ambrose saying "who's your daddy" like *** son are you aware of what you just caused
My sexuality is Dean Ambrose saying "who's your daddy"
I got 1,721 pictures of Dean ambrose on my ipad
Dean Ambrose is too crazy. I love it.
Do you have any idea at this point what Dean ambrose is going to be doing at this years WrestleMania?
Dean Ambrose- dress up like a police officer http:…
Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are just only friends outside WWE.
top 5 should be Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Shawn Michaels and Triple H
I guess Dean Ambrose is winning the Andre Battle Royal because why else feature him on Snowday Raw.
Wow Arnold Schwarzenegger wwe Hall of Fame he did Nothing for wwe if anyone should be in hall a fame it's undertaker Vader Owen heart Honky Tonk Man sting Kurt Angle and NWO should be in wwe hall a fame come on triple h your not best for business people like John Cena Daniel Bryan Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose ryback dalph Ziggler is What's best for business and why did John Cena bring back the authority who cares if edge gets curved stomped he Don't wrestle any more
Not happy with the way they used Daniel Bryan, Dolph, Dean Ambrose and a few others tbh
WWE News: Thousands Cancelling WWE Network Due To Royal Rumble Ending, Many Blocking WWE Talent From Leaving The Arena WWE Royal Rumble just ended not too long ago, but don’t tell that to the Philadelphia fans at the Wells Fargo Center. WWE fans at the arena were very angry with the Rumble match result. The Rumble match started off hot, and it only got hotter when popular star Daniel Bryan entered at No. 10. Once he arrived, he was beloved by fans, who cheered for him like crazy. However, WWE planned for Bryan to not last very long in the match. He may have spent around 10 to 15 minutes in the match before he was eliminated. Once that happened, the crowd’s energy went from a high to an incredible low. Then boos begin to happen, “No!” and “Daniel Bryan” chants flooded the arena. From then on, only three men in the match got cheered for really. Those men were Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and Damien Mizdow (Sandow). Others like Bray Wyatt continued to be cheered off and on in the match despite be ...
..That's what happens with Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Ziggler repeatedly. It's like someone handing me money & I'm using …
Okay.I just finished watching the Wade Barrett-Dean Ambrose match from Monday night and.I think I need a cigarette, yo. And I don't even smoke.
Nice win over Wade Barrett, by an injured Dean Ambrose...a healthy Ambrose will make an impact at the this Sunday
At the halfway mark, the second match of the night is about to start on Thankfully it's Dean Ambrose vs Wade Barrett.
Dean Ambrose vs Wade Barrett so AMAZING! They both so talented!
Surprised but happy with the selection of Daniel Bryan v Bray Wyatt & Dean Ambrose v Wade Barrett on 4 genuinely "over" stars 👏👏
Dean Ambrose got finally a win in a match against Wade Barrett
Clean win for Dean Ambrose over intercontinental champ Wade Barrett. He is ready to Rumble.
A perfect Sunday would be Coach K get 1,000 and Dean Ambrose or Daniel Bryan win the Rumble.
JBL, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt in the best closeline competition
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities, which three w... — Aj Lee,Dean Ambrose and Paige
Dean Ambrose is *** good looking bit every week he just gets sexier and sexier
I can't wait to see Dean Ambrose as a
Is it just me or does Dean Ambrose look like a young Richard Dawson?
Doctor, Dean Ambrose is there because we have absolutely no idea how to book him properly
*** *** Dean Ambrose is by far the most entertaining superstar currently in the WWE.
Can we just appreciate Dean Ambrose right now. 😄
my fave since a little girl is Jeff Hardy but now its Dean Ambrose
The beginnings of transforming Dean Ambrose into Captain Hook. Still better than Christopher Walken.
As we noted in the past, WWE wants to keep Bray Wyatt strong heading into WrestleMania 31 should The Undertaker decide he is able to compete at the big event. If ‘Taker is able to go, then current match plans call for The Dead Man to face Bray Wyatt at the PPV. According to The Wrestling Observer, when Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose in an Ambulance Match on Raw last week, some people backstage in WWE took the clean win as a sign that top-level WWE Execs feel Undertaker is ready to compete at WrestleMania 31. Others in the company took the win as a sign that Dean Ambrose might be turning heel soon, but the likely reason why Wyatt won the match so decisively is because WWE wants him to look like a serious threat to The Undertaker at ‘Mania.
Tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw will be from The Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana and will continue to build toward the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view on Sunday, January 25th as WWE will announce more entrants for the Royal Rumble tonight. Names already announced are: Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Rusev, Bad News Barrett, and Bray Wyatt. WWE superstar Daniel Bryan and WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar are advertised to appear. Macho Man Randy Savage will be announced for the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame on tonight’s show. Booker T joins the Raw announce crew on a full time basis. Michael Cole, JBL, and Booker T will call the show. As noted a few days ago, Jerry Lawler will move over to Smackdown. WWE is teasing that Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose will team up on Raw tonight, possibly as punishment by The Authority. The two reunited on Smackdown and defeated the team of Big Show and Seth Rollins. Plus all the fallout from the Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan firing on last week's Raw. Card su ...
how do you think Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt would fair in the hardcore division?
There were people shocked that Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose clean in their Ambulance Match on last Monday's...
Dean Ambrose to turn heel in future? More on Undertaker vs Bray Wyatt
according to some reports wants to turn Dean Ambrose heel because he is starting to do better merchandise numbers than John Cena lol.
Dean Ambrose has to turn heel cause creative have no long term plans for him &.. He sells more merchandise than John Cena... Disgusting. 👎
Dean Ambrose is to Best Brawler as John Cena is to Best on Interviews. Large quantities must mean best.
John Cena, Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan and more
They want to turn Dean Ambrose "heel" because he's outselling John Cena, gee I'd hate for someone to make the company money.
"There's plans to turn Dean Ambrose heel because creative has no plans for him at the moment, and because he's outselling John Cena merch."
John Cena and Dean Ambrose are gods. Nuff said nerd
Seth's face when Dean Ambrose theme song hit on 😂😂😂👊
"I think Mania will be Rollins vs Orton.". "But then what's Dean Ambrose doing?". "Renee Young."
Dean Ambrose reminds me a whole lot of Rowdy Roddy Piper...
What better tag team partner for Roman Reigns than Dean Ambrose? Vs Seth Rollins?! Yes! THAT IS BEST FOR BUSINESS!!!
I swear The Big Show & Seth Rollins were not expecting Dean Ambrose to team up Roman Reigns but I am so glad
Would make sense if Roman Reigns teams with Dean Ambrose tonight get all 3 former Shield member in ring
Who's Roman Reigns tag team partner? . My guess is Dean Ambrose.
Roman Reigns' partner should be Dean Ambrose. What better match up than that?! That, in fact, is what's BEST FOR BUSINESS!!!
Watching Friday night Smack Down and apparently Roman Reigns is going against Big Show and Seth Rollins, unless he can get a tag team partner. I hope Dean Ambrose comes out to help! Oh and Friday night smack down will soon become Thursday night smack down just like it used to be :)
Roman Reigns needs Dean Ambrose as his partner
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose still got each other despite Seth Rollins betraying them.
The Authority has changed the title match at the Rumble to a triple threat match including Seth Rollins! Also, tonight has been declared John Cena Appreciation Night (I'll believe that one when I see it), and up next, Ziggler puts up his title, yet again, this time against Bad News Barrett! Also announced for later on tonight: Reigns vs. Big Show Ryback vs. Seth Rollins ( aka a 3 on 1 handicap match feat. J&J Security) And the Ambulance Match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt.
ON monday tomarrow Brray wyitt vs dean ambrose in a Ambulance match on raw. you have to get one into a Ambulance and drive awaly then you are the winer. don't miss it.
Dean Ambrose is my guilty pleasure 😍
In a rare sit-down interview, Dean Ambrose describes his unusual New Year's Eve celebration, the return of The Authority and finishing his issues...
Dean Ambrose but back when he was under the ring name Jon Moxley :P. His real name is Jonathan Good
Who's better wrestler?? . for Randy Orton . for Dean Ambrose
I'd rather have Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler or Daniel Bryan win the royal rumble instead of Roman Reigns and this is co…
Photo: "So you’re going to tell me that Dean and Renee are dating because people have pictures of them...
This is a fan page dedicated to WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose. Dean's eccentric, quirkiness has made Dean become one of our favorite heels to watch!
“Photo: "Dean Ambrose at the end of that commercial promoting Smackdown being moved to Thursdays is just...
The match can only go on for so long before Dean Ambrose has a special message for his opponent on Monday night, See FULL episodes of SmackDown on WWE NETWOR...
U gt 2 love the battle btwn Dean Ambrose & Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt n Dean Ambrose are killing each other!
Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose, Bray is more vicious than Dean
I love Dean Ambrose. He has the right mechanics to win a TLC match... but not against Bray Wyatt. Bray is on another level of crazy
The fight I've been waiting for.Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt'. This should be fun!
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The only fight I want to see is Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt. They are both lunatics!
WWE Smackdown results: Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose warm up for Ambulance Match
Still think the best way to end the Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt rivalry is with a session of musical rocking chairs.
John Cena, Ryback, Ms. Hallinan and Crash Bandicoot are Loss Prevention agents. Lynn Walsh Clexton is the owner of Clexton's Supermarket. Cena & Ryback and Ms. Hallinan & Crash Bandicoot were on the lookout, and so far, none of Lynn's employees have stolen a $100 bill out the cash register. Ms. Hallinan told Lynn she might have a dishonest employee named Max Myers-Ambrose, the son of Dean Ambrose and Janell Kehrle Myers. One of Janell's kids named Kasey Myers (Janell's daughter) was seen on camera, as she put a stolen Frozen DVD in her red bag as Ms. Hallinan, Crash, Ryback and Cena were ready to catch Kasey red-handed. Kasey was caught stealin' a DVD and was banned from Lynn's supermarket. Max Myers took a $100 bill and put it in his pocket earlier today as Cena showed Lynn the camera of Max stealin' a $100 bill from the register and then Max was pulled into the office and Lynn knew that he stole cash from the register and Max gave her the $100 bill, and Lynn caught him red-handed and fired him for cash ...
if you see your favorite superstar or diva. . •AJLee. •Nikki Bella. •Brie Bella. •Roman Reigns. •Dean Ambrose. •Seth Rollins. •J…
"The last guy u ever wanna fight is the guy you know you can beat, but he dont care." - Michael P.S. Hayes on Dean Ambrose
Both Bray Wyatt & Dean Ambrose competed in a 3-1 Handicap match at last years PPV, Ambrose lost but Wyatt won …
Just listened to amazing Dean Ambrose podcast. Jericho got it wrong though, that ladder match with Shawn was at No Mercy 2008
Don't even care. I did get some free drinks for my Dean Ambrose hoodie. Good enough for me.
Smackdown Results 12/26/14 Hulk Hogan opens the show. Announces that Edge and Christian will be hosting Raw on Monday night. Interrupted by Seth Rollins. Words exchanged, Hulk calls out Dolph Ziggler. Big Show joins in but doesn't hit the ring because Roman Reigns shows up. Hulk then announces the Main Event match . Dolph Ziggler & Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins & Big Show. Ryback vs Kane. Winner : Ryback by pin fall. Rusev tried to interrupt the match but Ryback gets the win. After the match, Rusev and Kane attack Ryback who suffered the Accolade. Divas Match. Alicia Fox vs Naomi. Winner : Naomi by pin fall. Adam Rose vs R-Truth. Winner : Adam Rose by pin fall. Before the match Adam waves off the Rosebuds and handles things on his own. United States Title Match. Dean Ambrose vs Rusev. Winner : Dean Ambrose by DQ. Bray Wyatt interuppts the match by attacking Dean . Dean stands strong but looks to have a hurt shoulder again. Jimmy Uso vs Miz. Winner : Jimmy Uso by pin fall. Tag Team Match. Dolph Zig ...
for Dean Ambrose and Renee Young. for Jon Moxley and Reby Sky . htt…
I don't understand why people on tumblr are shipping Renee Young and Dean Ambrose
Dean ambrose to Renee Young: *holds shoulder* *gives a smirk* happy holidays. Renee Young and Dean Ambrose is perfect for each other 💓💓
I find bad boys like Dean Ambrose to be so attractive weee ^_^ Renee Young you are one lucky lady
“I'm sensing a little something between Dean Ambrose & Renee Young right now looks like the rumors are true!
No reaction on that headbutt. We expect that from John Cena, not Dean Ambrose. -DC
5 top superstars that made an impact of 2014. 1. Seth Rollins. 2. Brock Lesnar. 3. Dean Ambrose. 4. John Cena. 5. Rusev (sadly)
"Oh, you think Dean Ambrose is kinda tanking? Wow sorry you want him booked like John Cena"
Man! Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt can put on one *** of a fight! Seth Rollins & John Cena were good. Ziggler was amazing as always.
Bray Wyatt may have won the match but Dean Ambrose is the last man standing!
How is Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt the fight of the night? Where's John Cena and Randy Orton?!?
God I adore Dean Ambrose lol been a fan of his since his John Moxley days
John Cena wasn't in the Main Event at that PPV, Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose was.
I am 110% happy they did Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt for the street fight this year instead of John Cena and Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose is basically just a "crazy" version of John Cena on promos at this point. It's kinda sad.
stay as John Fav to change to Dean Ambrose
I need a man in my life with John Cena body but Dean Ambrose face & personality but Batista tattoos 😻👅🔥💦
I am not love with Charles Dale Lewis, maybe; More likely in love with Dean Ambrose, Jonathan Good.
SuperSmackDown LIVE results: See what went down when Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt exchanged a war of words, Roman Reigns made his in-ring return, Dolph Ziggler battled Seth Rollins and much more.
Early Preview For Tonight's WWE Raw - Big Name Confirmed Tonight's festive edition of WWE Raw will broadcast live from Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Confirmed to appear will be WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan as Guest General Manager. WWE is focusing on the following for tonight's episode. - What will happen when Santamania runs wild? - What’s Seth Rollins planning for John Cena? - How will Bray Wyatt seek vengeance on Dean Ambrose this week? - Will we see Ryback feast on Rusev this week? - Roman Reigns’ rampage continues
Breast Cancer Awareness
– Tonight’s RAW dark match Main Event is John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, Kane, and...
Seth Rollins RECENTLY botched a line in his promo and no one said anything. Dean Ambrose did his first Make A Wish and eve…
Do u think Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Guile will form The Shield? 1. Yes 2. No
To be honest Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns,Seth Rollins and Ryback are now my big favorites in WWE now
Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins And John Cena are among the five best WWE wrestlers in 2014.
For February 9 Raw they are advertising a 8 man tag with the team's of Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose taking in Seth Rollins, Kane, the Big Show and Bray Wyatt. Guess this take away the surprise of Randy coming back as a good guy. I know we all knew this but still it could have been more under wraps.
With Christmas just over a week away, WWE have posted not one but two videos to do with the Holiday season. The 1st video is their own take on the 12 Days of Christmas (and as someone who's last name is Partridge, I'm thankful they didn't stick me in a bloody pear tree for it!!!), with stars like Ryback, New Day, John Cena and Dean Ambrose taking part in the song. The 2nd video is a cartoon of WWE stars celebrating Christmas, with the WWE's own version of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". Enjoy!
Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose are worth watching.. Waiting for Sting too
My is always Dean Ambrose... I want to shake things up a bit with a new Robert Pattinson 😻❤️😘
Not a good night for Aj Lee and Dean Ambrose's eyes...
Dean Ambrose vs. ends when one man climbs the ladder & gets Vince's brass ring.
Matches I'm into on TLC is. Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt . Seth Rollins vs John Cena . Aj Lee vs Nikki Bella . Is all Im into
if you see your favorite Superstar/Diva. Aj Lee. Paige . John Cena . CM Punk. Chris Jericho . Dean Ambrose . Undertaker . Trip…
Photoset: missmithen: Dean Ambrose, on being a 12-year-old wrestling fan watching the Montreal Screwjob at...
Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt are embroiled in a very intense feud in WWE . The two former faction founders have heat that has resulted in one match thus far at Survivor Series...
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Bray Wyatt & Dean Ambrose have been given virtually nothing to work with but they keep producing excellent segments for their feud
Dean Ambrose surprises Bray Wyatt from the back of an ambulance: Raw, December 8, 2014
The feud between Dean Ambrose & Bray Wyatt continues to be the best thing on WWE TV. I'm ready for
Roman Reigns is overrated hes just another pretty boy that Vince has a *** over. Real talent is Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt
Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt Should Be the Main Event at WWE TLC via
Dean Ambrose on a chopper vs Bray Wyatt in a swamp wagon death race match!
Finally this Bray Wyatt-Dean Ambrose feud has got legs. Their Match at TLC is going to be epic.
It really should have been John Cena & Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & Bray Wyatt tonight. http:/…
This defines Dean Ambrose as a sicko? Nobody remembers Stone Cold driving up a fricken zamboni to the ring and jumping off it onto the CEO?
Congrats to Dean Ambrose on winning the Award!
I find it hilarious the doctor who misdiagnosed CM Punk also "diagnosed" Dean Ambrose with a crushed trachea and he's alre…
Dean Ambrose recites Point Break as Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes: submitted by TJClayton [link] [1 comment]
I just realized that video of Dean Ambrose doing Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes impressions is him quoting Point Break.
who should win the moment of the year? Dean Ambrose green on Rollins? or Kane selling foods
Paige should win but not Seth Rollins ! He's a sell out! Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns! Win
I'm a true Roman Reigns fan! I don't like Cena and everyone else I only like Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns!!! And Paige
Seth Rollins talking on about his bond with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns during the Shield has me all kinds of emotional.
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