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Dealey Plaza

Dealey Plaza , in the historic West End district of downtown Dallas, Texas (U.S.), is the location of the assassination of John F.

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I don't think there is anyone better to go to Dealey Plaza with than
It's time to get down to Dealey Plaza and solve this JFK conspiracy once and for all!
Hope can keep coach Worrell under control at Dealey Plaza today. Could be an adventure!!
Many have asked me about Dealey Plaza. Most of those who have asked have never been there or seen the Plaza...
Dealey Plaza is so sick. I want to see them again
they found pieces of JFK's foreskin all over Dealey Plaza
J.F.K. chilling memorial on a chilly Dallas day. @ Dealey Plaza
Street preachers out here at Dealey Plaza making people feel uncomfortable. Great.
ouch, better not take him to Dealey Plaza. ;)
Remarkable, insanely detailed & annotated infographic of the JFK assassination @ Dealey Plaza. amazing
At Dealey Plaza, Dallas, where JFK was shot in 1963
Remarkable, insanely detailed and annotated infographic of the JFK assassination at Dealey Plaza: The Rumor Mi...
First day of of the Di's @ Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
For What my Government did to this Honorable American, I am ashamed:
Glad this one could make the trip to celebrate Christmas! 🎄 @ Dealey Plaza
Re: Finally visited Dealey Plaza: It is all too silly, he was obviously hit with different types of bullets, f...
I liked a video The Attack in Dealey Plaza
I added a video to a playlist The Attack in Dealey Plaza
When u thought u were cool with Dealey Plaza but they unfollow u
. I hope the next "beautiful shot" you take is reminiscent of Dealey Plaza.
The memorial in Dealey Plaza, Dallas where JFK was assassinated.
At Dealey Plaza today. Love my dad. He got us through some dark days after mom died. So glad to see him!
Accompanied my family to Dealey Plaza this afternoon. It was smaller than I pictured it in my mind.n
Yes it (the walk through Dealey Plaza) this November 22, 2014 was filmed by more than one person... I have no...
JFK sightseeing tours located at Dealey plaza: via
Consider me photos from Dealey Plaza too, right Tommy?
Just go to Dealey Plaza. No lack of folks handing out "reference" material there.
at Dealey Plaza with Alfonso relatives and my @ The Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza
a second gunman — perhaps on the grassy knoll of Dealey Plaza
Who wants to meet up with me in Dealey Plaza in Dallas?
Awesome day at the 6th floor museum at Dealey Plaza
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Excerpt from the speech JFK would have given that day... @ Dealey Plaza
At Dealey Plaza here in where JFK was assassinated
Yet another scenic photo of Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Such an awesome city. @ Dealey Plaza
At attention. Dealey plaza. Facing the Grassy Knoll. 51 years + 7 days after.
A view of Dealey Plaza & the Grassy Knoll where JFK was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963.
Visiting the site of the JFK assassination. How surreal (@ Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX)
I love places rich with history. It was very cool to walk around Dealey Plaza and the Grassy Knoll where JFK was assassinated.
People are literally taking selfies with the 'X' in Dealey Plaza where JFK was assassinated. Grow the *** up. Get some class.
can you tell I haven't brushed my hair in 5 days @ The Grassy Knoll, Dealey Plaza
Who is excited to hear guest vocals on our album from . Nexilva ,The Dealey Plaza and TEXAS IN JULY ! . 13/01/15
there was a jaywalking event tonight in Dealey Plaza, same spot JFK was assassinated. Sure it's just coincidence
Old white man walking through Dealey Plaza last summer, rifle drawn.
Went to the former home of Lee Harvey Oswald today as well as Dealey Plaza. Pretty unbelievable experience.
And when all else fails there is always Dealey Plaza, November 22nd 1963.
The rain, the night, the lights. Dealey Plaza could not be more haunting. This city has its moments.
Reading eyewitness interviews, watching video of the protester getting run over in Minneapolis, feels like back to Dealey Plaza.
Went to Dealey Plaza and JFK Museum yesterday. Incredible experience.
UPDATE: Northbound lanes of I-35E at Dealey Plaza closed as protesters remain in the freeway.
J CORSI at DEALEY PLAZA on NOV 22 2014: via getting updates on research for my ebook http…
Really a grassy knoll joke on the Klingberg "Dealey Plaza" goal VO? Do I get a contributor credit? . :p
protesters in Dallas appear stopped by as they try to enter ramp onto I-35E - west of De…
“Two rows of officers flushing the protesters down the ramp back into Dealey Plaza.”
Update: I-35E blocked by protesters near Dealey Plaza in Downtown Dallas:
The past year has been full of career highlights. One year ago, I stood on Dealey Plaza to cover the memorial.
Every year me and my sons go to Dallas to dealey plaza every birthday for last ten years since retired just so they know !!
Traitors, Extortionist, Dealey Plaza, and Dissenter. Gonna be a heavy show, be there on Sept 20th.…
More people need to listen to Dealey Plaza.
Fav this if you listen to Dealey Plaza
.alleged pics of HW at Dealey Plaza and Texas Book Depository..sorta like him. CIA re oil Co. Zapata
Yeah, I wish I had time to to visit Dealey Plaza.
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Sixth Floor Mus @ Dealey Plaza looking for International Schools for Series Collab-Join a CILC CP for collab!
thats a curve ball ha left turn in Dallas Dealey Plaza!!! ha
"Ouch!" —John F. Kennedy after getting shot in the head in Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963.
Yes, definitely. Too many researchers, IMHO, got mired in the morass of Dealey Plaza and the GK.
Visit the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza Very spooky place
Random street preacher in Dealey Plaza! Music to no one's ears!
Abraham Lincoln was not shot at Fords theatre but Dealey plaza taking the bullet for JFK shot by a reanimated John Wilkes Boothe.
Re: Joesph Millteer: The HSCA determined that the man in question in dealey plaza was definitely not milteer. ...
Hanging out at the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was shot 50 years ago.
New photo evidence places Zoe Quinn in the vicinity of Dealey Plaza immediately prior to the assassination of JFK.
in Dealey Plaza. The man is interested in JFK! Not just great footballer but top guy too!
I've always wanted to take a tour of this. — feeling anxious at Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Dolphin Day Protest in Dallas. You have an hour to get to Dealey Plaza to join us.
I just wanna see Traitors and Dealey Plaza
Oh wicked! If you get there early, Dealey Plaza is worth checking out. Not too far of a walk to your destination.
Me & Jackie-O at the Museum @ Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot and killed. I'm standing on the X where he was hit by the fatal shot,…
Went to dealey plaza and the grassy knoll today
Book Depository from the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza.
Marching Chiefs taking an opportunity to visit historic Dealey Plaza this morning.
The road to Dealey Plaza ran through Algiers and Saigon via
So you don't go along with the magic egg theory at Dealey Plaza in 63?
Dealey Plaza. Alex is standing in the exact spot. Very moving tribute museum.
Provoke The Human by Dealey Plaza is out now on all digital outlets. Jam it!
whoa whoa I kinda wanna see dealey plaza.
November 22nd. Dealey Plaza. You can smell the trouble in the air.
Looking over Dealey Plaza! Just finished the tour. I smell a conspiracy!
Just left 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Pleasantly surprised at just how interested 60 Canadian kids actually were in it.
Hugh Aynesworth was at Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22nd 1963-interviewed eyewitness who saw Oswald in the window
Doing our homework before heading to Dealey Plaza (the sugar is the presidential limo)
Very strange to stand where filmed the assassination @ Dealey Plaza
The aerial view of Dealey Plaza sold me completely...its really simple.WHY USE Elm Street AT ALL??
I wouldn't drive around Dealey Plaza in a convertible, but otherwise, I think you're good.
Gun nuts brandish their guns in Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was shot
I just got off of the phone with Dallas Police Dept & I quote "finally..good for y'all"...I had to call the Intelligence Section and leave message. That is the part of the department that gives us permission to go where we need to in the city and protest without getting into trouble. They will fully support respect is key! :) I can't make any final announcements just yet until I hear from them. Once I have permission from the local authorities then I'm hitting up ALL social media outlets! I'm hoping to start our first rally this Sunday at 4:00pm at Dealey Plaza...just ideas. :) Petition coming soon Chad Hooten! :)
Anyone that still wants to go to the Dealey Plaza show at Voodoo in Port Charlotte tonight, you got about 2 hours to get to my house and into my van for a ride there! Message meh!
BLACK TONGUE, Villains, Lifeforms, Dealey Plaza and more! August 14th! Cornado Civic Center in New Smyrna Beach! Invite your friends! Want to play? Message me!
What an awesome day Thom and I have had. We are celebrating our anniversary ALL this week ( Friday, May 30th) --- 27 years!! We really enjoyed visiting Dealey Plaza in Dallas today. Pictures to follow!! We are looking forward to going to Fort Collins, Colorado on Saturday, the 31st to the Grace Conference at the Fathers House!! Thank you Jesus!
Honoring one of America's greatest presidents with a visit to Dealey Plaza before ^The ***
Hugh Aynesworth (8/2/1931) was a reporter for the Dallas Morning News, his assignments typically involved science and aerospace. Aynesworth was not working on 11/22/1963; however, he was in Dealey Plaza to see the presidential motorcade. He heard a shot and at first he thought it was the sound of a motorcycle backfiring. As he heard the second and third shots, he realized it was gunfire. Aynesworth said total chaos broke out in Dealey Plaza and during the chaos he told a reporter to stay at the School Book Depository to cover the action. Aynesworth heard the reports of the shooting of JD Tippit over a police radio and he was able ride with a news crew to the Texas Theatre as reports of a suspect were announced. Aynesworth was with the police as they entered the theater and arrested Oswald for the murder of Tippit. On the morning of 11/24/1963, Aynesworth would again witness history as he witnessed Jack Ruby assassinate Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters. Aynesworth went onto h ...
My 2 cents might just get me killed but what ever. here it is. What are your thoughts? 51 years ago one of the most tragic things happened to one of the most respected and loved presidents of all time. John F Kennedy was killed. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, was assassinated at 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time on Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. You will see that there is no disputing the fact that there were 2 shooters. And no it was not the grassy knawel. President Kennedy was shot by one of his very own Secret Service agents. Yes folks a simple thing like an accident happened on that unforgettable day. Why was there a cover up? I don’t dispute that fact, the fact that he was targeted for assassination. Maybe He was supposed to die that day, and I still; think that it was the elite *** of this country the illuminati or better known as the military industrial complex. These are the *** that put the hit out on him. They did not want ...
JFK (1991) Making Dealey Plaza look the same as it did in 1963 cost $4 million.
New Dealey Plaza EP was released today! "Provoke the Human" is now streaming on Spotify and available on ITunes!!
Triple underpass is right there by Dealey Plaza and the 6th Floor. Main, Commerce, and Elm, right?
Tomorrow we will be playing with Ebola, Insurgence, Dealey Plaza, and Forty Winters. This will be insane. Come out and support your local music scene! Only $10 at the door. Starts at 7:30 PM
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RIGHT !! everyone go check out my boy Jesse Kirkbride from Dealey Plaza they have just dropped their new ep it will blow your *** off !!!
The boys in Dealey Plaza just dropped an EP titled "Provoke The Human" and it crushes. Its on Itunes and Spotify, so go check it!
After being released from jury duty at 11:00, I wandered around Dallas for a while. I cozied up on a patio and enjoyed the weather while doing a little light reading. Then went to Dealey Plaza and checked out the JFK Museum. It ended up being a great day!
Hey my dudes in Dealey Plaza just dropped their EP Provoke The Human today go check it out!
Have you checked out our ex-touring buddies Dealey Plaza's new music video yet? If not, here you go! And while...
On the stand, Magneto admitted to being at Dealey Plaza's grassy knoll on Nov 22 but he was not there to assist in Kennedy's assassination.
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The brand new Dealey Plaza EP is now available! Streaming on Spotify and available on ITunes! It's BRUTALITY at it's finest!
My friend Toby wants a tattoo of Dealey Plaza on his back so we can study the JFK assassination. His back hair will be the grassy knoll.
Got that new Dealey plaza hoping the vocalist wouldn't do that thing he does and sure enough I hate it
PROVOKE THE HUMAN is now out by Dealey Plaza. Stream it on Spotify and pick it up on iTunes!
Visited the site again on Saturday with Mark Herr of Center for Self Governance. The words on the new marker at Dealey Plaza: "We in this country, in this generation, are — by destiny rather than choice — the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility — that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint — and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of ‘peace on earth, good will toward men.’ That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. For as was written long ago: ‘except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.’” (Kennedy's prepared speech for Dallas to be given November 22, 1963)
Visited Dealey Plaza in Dallas once & was shocked at crass sales of JFK assassination souvenirs. This redefines such vulgarity.
I'm creating an audiobook for JOHN RUSSO'S DEALEY PLAZA on If you're a please audition!
Idk why everyone hates on Dealey Plaza. They are sick.
Oh I am getting excited to go to Texas...Emily, the kids and I are gonna go sight seeing in Fort Worth for a day. I want to go to Dealey Plaza and the Botanic Gardens.Anyone else have any ideas that are kid friendly?
Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, Sixth Floor Location and Grassy Knoll at Dealey Plaza purported site of 2nd Shooter.
Two of my new Canadian actor friends react to a visit to Dealey Plaza.
Do you or someone you might know have any interest in sharing your memories from the 1960s and how the Kennedy assassination impacted your life? Please let me know if you'd be interested in learning more about The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza's oral history project. Thanks for helping to preserve history!
DallasNews: Court docs offer sneak peek at June trial that pits Robert Groden against city over right to sell at Dealey Plaza ...
Dealey Plaza - Ryley Dipaola - Theories. Filmed in San Francisco at DNA lounge. Visit them at:
The Wintry Gales of Reason (A rebuttal of "In the Blossom of our Sins" by Charles R. Drago) Some who represent the opposing sides debating conspiracy have seemingly forgone reasonable debate. Many remain skeptical and willing to discuss the contending evidence, others have made their decision. They do not feasibly consider most verifiable facts to deduce probable outcomes. They cannot imagine primary evidence could refute their current ideas. This has left many on the losing side of history. "Half a century passes, yet our focus remains not on the moon but on the finger pointing to it. As the 50th anniversary of the Dallas operation loomed, petitions were being signed to convince the praetorian guard of John F. Kennedy's killers to stand down and allow the truth to be spoken and justice to be pursued during the official observance of the assassination scheduled to be staged - and I do mean "staged".at the appointed hour, the black mass was celebrated. Cracked bells tolled, crocodile tears flowed, deceit- ...
The Sixth Floor Museum At Dealey Plaza: worth the stop and the 16 dollars to get in. great way to learn mor...
Was just listening to the other bands I had not heard of before on this bill (Lifeforms and Dealey Plaza). Going to be a great show! Glad to see some more deathcore and the like coming to the 502. I know there is quite a lot of critical animosity surrounding the genre. Wasted Youth, you all should get I Killed Everyone here sometime. One of my favorite deathcores. :d
Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas | Travel Blog: Since we were here in Dallas we decided to do a little sightseeing. We...
THE ATTACK IN DEALEY PLAZA - a micro-study of the JFK murder at The Screening Room - WHERES THE DRAMA?
ask for the day off. The last ten seconds of life dealey plaza (old king conquer) and lifeforms are playing too.
Dealey plaza needs to come to Vegas.
Sight seeing in after the before heading back to tonight @ Dealey Plaza
AYO DEALEY PLAZA FOLLOWED ME. Still need to listen to those ***
cant believe its been a quarter of a year since I visited Dealey Plaza. rip to a great man, your legend lives on ❤️
I want to see dealey plaza and the Sixth Floor Museum
Bike rentals gone wild at Dealey plaza in downtown Dallas. Check out this video.
ReelzChannel is getting back into the Kennedy family business, and once again likely to make some waves. In November, the network that aired the Emmy-winning 2011 miniseries "The Kennedys" will debut "JFK: The Smoking Gun," a new documentary offering the theory that John F. Kennedy was killed, not by Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle, but by the friendly-fire bullet of an inexperienced Secret Service agent. "The only possible gun that could have been in that area is that Secret Service gun. So the finding is that it was an accidental discharge. Nobody's claiming anybody did anything wrong. But at the time, in the middle of the Cold War ... remember, it wasn't a time that the U.S. government would have liked to admit a botched security detail in the most important mission they had." According to Hubbard's explanation of the docudrama, the timeline of the events of Nov. 22, 1963, will go something like this: After Lee Harvey Oswald fired an initial shot at the Kennedy motorcade in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, a Secret ...
Finished book in my JFK assassination collection: "The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination" by Lamar Waldron. In a nutshell: Lamar says mob boss Carlos Marcello was behind it. It could have been a better book. Lamar's errors regarding some of the basic facts of the shooting lead me to believe he doesn't have a good grasp on the Dealey Plaza shooting. On page 31, he writes "Connally always stated that he was struck by the first shot." Wrong. Connally had always said he heard the first shot, which he believed hit JFK, and then he was hit by a second shot. On page 32, he describes Abraham Zapruder standing to the left and in front of the grassy knoll and testifying a shot came from behind him. While true, Lamar and others who reference this quote rarely mention Zapruder denied a shot came from the knoll in a 1967 CBS-TV interview. On page 33, Lamar writes about the single-bullet theory and says "all experts agree that the angle was downward" through JFK. Wrong. Dr. Michael Baden, in a 1988 PBS Nova inter ...
They prayed even.cause who would Jesus shoot? Activists decry gun-free zones Saturday morning in Dealey Plaza
Texas-gun-free zone protest Saturday morning in Dealey Plaza
Staff writer Julissa Treviño reports: About two dozen gun-rights activists -- carrying assault rifles, other weapons, U.S. flags and signs -- stood in Dealey Plaza to advocate against gun-free zones Saturday morning. It’s the first in a series called the Life and Liberty Campaign. ...
The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza...pretty amazing! I'd like to go back after reading a book.
Judee, John and I went to the Sixth Floor Museum today in Dallas. Very surreal. @ Dealey Plaza
Time to relax. Jekyll is hiding behind the bed at the hotel and it's going to be almost impossible to get him out. Oy. This cat is ornery. Ordering from Pizza Inn and getting some dinner. Texas Rangers tickets ordered and I'll be ordering tickets for the Dealey Plaza museum. Friday is going to be fun times!
Dear Why does Dallas have a live-streaming webcam of Dealey Plaza from Lee Harvey Oswald's vantage point?
Facts about JFK's coup/assassination. E Howard Hunt from VP Nixon's Operation 40 CIA execution team led one of the several three man hit teams in Dealey Plaza. One of the shooters was Woody Harrelson's father. Woody's mother's maiden name was Oswald. George HW Bush who was CIA at the time led the team in the Dal-Tex building 2nd floor window and had phony Secret Service id on him. He was photographed and seen by several witnesses. His son George W is photographed being escorted away quickly by Zapruder's secretary - who moments before was photographed bracing Zapruder on the pedestal while filming the execution. Zapruder's business operated on 2 floors of the Dal-Tex building. Gerald Ford forged the autopsy documents moving the bullet entry wound to line up with Arlen Spectre's single bullet theory - who was rewarded with a life Senate seat in PA despite none of us liking him. E Howard Hunt removed Nixon/Agnew from office with Watergate propping up Ford as president. Watergate was about JFK evidence. ...
☆YOU'RE INVITED!☆ Health Care for All event in Dallas Host: Deborah B. Where: Dealey Plaza, @ The Bryan Pergola, Houston and Elm Street (in Dallas) When: Saturday, March 29, at 1:00 p.m. What: Two days before the Obamacare enrollment deadline, MoveOn members are hosting "Health Care for All" events across the country—and I'm hosting one near you in Dallas. With media and elected officials watching closely, we'll gather with signs and flyers in high-traffic areas to remind people that Governor Rick Perry is responsible for blocking 1,046,000 Texans from getting health coverage by refusing to accept federal money to expand Medicaid. We'll ask drivers to honk their horns for health care and hand out flyers to pedestrians with more details on how they can join the fight. We need a crowd to make sure that people in our community know we're holding politicians accountable to get people the health coverage they need. Will you join us Saturday to get the word out about "Health Care for All"?
Dealey Plaza in Dallas in front of the Grassy Knoll
Beverly Oliver Massegee Will be at the Heritage Museum on Saturday, March 29th at the Museum's Annual Meeting. She will give a speech and autograph her book. Should be a fun afternoon. More information will be updated soon! If you don't remember who Beverly is, refer to the stories titled "Bad Boys From Big Spring" earlier in the postings. One of the enigmatic figures in Dealey Plaza at the moments when John Kennedy was murdered was "The Babushka Lady," so named because she wore a scarf much like a Russian grandmother would wear. She was filming the motorcade, with an amateur movie camera. She can be seen clearly on the Zapruder film and also on various other movie films and still photographs taken in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd 1963. She was one of the few witnesses to the Kennedy assassination who was not immediately identified – thus the rather odd nickname which she acquired due to the “babushka” or triangular headscarf which she was wearing that day. In 1970 Beverly Oliver was accidentall ...
15 Facts that verify that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone: 1. Buell Wesley Frazier observed Oswald take a package into the Book Depository Building on the morning of November 22nd, 1963."I saw him go in the back door at the Loading Dock of the building that we work in, and he still had the package under his arm." 2. Oswald was seen working on the Depository's sixth floor that morning. LHO even asked a co-worker (Charles Givens) to send an elevator back up to him on the sixth floor shortly before the assassination. 8:00 am - 11:00am 11/22/1963 3. Not ONE SPECK of any bullets/bullet fragments/bullet shells OTHER THAN THOSE COMING FROM OSWALD'S 6.5-MILLIMETER MANNLICHER-CARCANO RIFLE were discovered anywhere in Dealey Plaza, the limousine, the TSBD, Parkland Hospital, or in the victims. 4.Marina Oswald admits to having taken pictures of Lee with these weapons on his person, which (all by itself) validates the "Backyard Photographs". 5. In addition, an even larger percentage of witnesses said they heard EXACTL ...
Awaiting the arrival of former US Secret Service agent Clint Hill, the last surviving person from the presidential limousine that fled from Dealey Plaza after JFK was assassinated! So excited! The JFK assassination is kind of a hobby of Debbie and I!
At the site of one of my favorite Presidents. Spent time in Dallas at Dealey Plaza were President Kennedy was assassinated , the grassy Knoll and the School Book Depository.
Israeli Orders: KILL John F Kennedy ! The Problem: JFK would not allow Israel to have the nuclear bomb and plutonium from materials created at Dimona. To make sure of it, he demanded 6 months inspections of the facility by the USA. JFK was angry with France for having built the Dimona facility in the first place and he supported Algeria in their Revolutionary War for Independence. His foreign policy absolutely enraged Ben-Gurion as well as French nationalists. The Ben-Gurion government, already under pressure from the LAVON AFFAIR and JFK , collapsed on the 16th of June 1963. Read the letter from JFK to the followup Prime Minister, LEVI ESHKOL, dated July 5, 1963. DIMONA AERIAL PHOTO DIMONA MAP THE MARILYN MONROE HONEY TRAP. The original plan to get rid of JFK failed. Then. assassinated in Dallas, Texas, Dealey Plaza, as his limousine drove by the Texas SchoAmericans Wake Up ! JFK had to be eliminated and replaced by LBJ in order for Israel to make nuclear bombs. LBJ, having several Jewish ancestors, mate ...
The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza announced the lineup for their 2014 Living History Series, which features Maurice "Mickey" Carroll on Jan. 10 and 11.
I'll be in Dallas on Saturday for the day and plan to cross one off my bucket list and visit Dealey Plaza, the Grassy Knoll and the 6th Floor museum in the Texas Book Depository. By pure fluke, a New York Times reporter, who witnessed Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald, us giving a presentation at the Book Depository on Saturday and I managed to get a ticket. Very excited! (I'm fairly confident that by late afternoon I'll have solved the whole JFK mystery so watch this space.󾓵󾮍)
THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHICH COVERED UP THE KENNEDY ASSASSINATION IS NOW COVERING UP THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S INTENT IN “OBAMACARE” (Part 2 of a 3-part narrative) Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President Kennedy. It is physically impossible. It is also scientifically impossible. Oswald might have fired the 6.5 caliber Italian rifle that was found on the sixth floor of the school depository building, although I have my doubts about, even that, but there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that he did not kill President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, whether he fired this weapon, or not. It is both physically, and scientifically impossible, for him to have done it. Thus, there is no doubt that Oswald was not the one who killed Kennedy. NO DOUBT, WHATSOEVER! The physicality issue has to do with the fact that Oswald was never placed anywhere but in the School Depository, in Dealey Plaza, while the assassination was taking place. At best, he would have been stationed above, and to the back of the presi ...
Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza was awesome! Now time for business
View of Dealey Plaza from the Texas School Book Depository. One floor above where Oswald fired his shots
In his new book, “The Kennedy Assassination, from the Oval Office to Dealey Plaza,” Radio Host Brent Holland held the last interview with Theodore “Ted” Sorenson, President John F. Kennedy's trusted advisor, speechwriter, and friend, shortly before Sorenson died in 2010. Sorenson’s interview is insightful, with a no-holds-barred sense of urgency to share his insider knowledge in what turned out to be his last interview. Host and author Holland shares not only his intuitive interviews but gives the reader a mixture of prose and astute commentary with every chapter. The host of Canada’s popular “Night Fright” radio show, Holland goes head-to-head with major players in the Kennedy assassination research circles, Mark Lane, Lee Oswald’s only legal representative, James DiEugenio, and includes high impact, first-person witness accounts such as Dr. Robert McClelland, a Parkland Hospital doctor who tried to save JFK's life, Dealey Plaza witnesses, James Tague and Beverly Oliver Massegee, and Ab ...
I've been reading the echo from dealey plaza all day pretty good read so far
The garbage that is posted on other JFK forums is beyond ludicrous , for example one conspiracy theorist posted that a Secret Service agent had been shot dead in dealey plaza that day , when I asked why would a SS agent be shot to help a conspiracy this was the response. .two reasons, 1. as a clear warning to any and all agents who thought they would fulfill their duty to the president and 2. the agent shot was the first to attempt to fulfill his 'duty to the president'.then the other agents, witnessing this agent's most horrible demise, and the runamuck of all the emergency vehicular traffic, felt they had no choice but to stand down...that, and the 'show of badges' that caused their detail to be superceded by higher authority.. )She then went on to spin an even bigger pile of dung ) ...there were more agents who deceased that day, though i am not certain of their agency affiliation. military backup was called for, and they lost to certain military equipment having been allocated for the 'event' and u .. ...
Looks like I've been hanging out in Dealey Plaza.
Happy Holidays from The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza! Just a reminder - the Museum will be open normal hours this weekend and the start of next week. The Museum will be closed on Christmas Day. The Museum wants to know - what's your favorite part of the holiday season?
Also, a homeless lady gave me a tour of Dealey Plaza.
JFK Assassination Ted Sorensen from the Oval Office to Dealey Plaza / Br...: via
Look what arrived this morning, schtick by SQgrad Dealey Plaza and her band Stickpin.
I watched the documentaries of Terror, August burns red, dealey plaza, and black dahlia murder today. Time well spent 👊
what hotel you at, were at Homewood suites dwntwn near dealey plaza
I added a video to a playlist Dealey Plaza - "Altered" Official Music Video
The issue of Roger Craig's story: I am stunned that so many people accept it. I wouldn't care if they accepted it as a possibility, but they accept it as a fact. They are quick to point to problems with the bus/cab testimonies, but Roger Craig's story doesn't benefit from that. He doesn't gain credibility because of it. His story has problems of its own. Let's look at them in a hierarchy. 1. It does appear that Oswald himself said that he rode the bus. In the very first Fritz notes from 11/22, Fritz wrote: "home by bus changed britches". In the second notes, Fritz wrote down about the cab ride including the fare of eighty-five cents. Later, Whaley said the fare was ninety-five cents, but there is no reason to think that Oswald lied about it. It's just a discrepancy- that's all. A mature person is not going to harp on it. Could Fritz have just made it up? But, these were notes to himself. And if he was willing to write down that Oswald said he was out with Bill Shelley in front, there is nothing more exone ...
Multiple snipers in Dealey Plaza like a Tea Party branding campaign, excuses for everything.
“You know Podolski is back this weekend?” Pretty certain he wasn't sighted on Dealey Plaza on Nov 22nd 1963..
It took 20 years, but now Dealey Plaza is protected and incased in Perspex!!
it's an impulse. I can't help it. Dealey plaza on tv, "IVE BEEN THERE" guaranteed. Take pity on her 😂
There are moments in history when it seemed like the world stopped. Like on Friday, November 22nd, a young President Kennedy was driving through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX. For just a little while, the day seemed beautiful and hopes were high, then in an instant Jackie was scrambling over the back o...
Go to Dealey Plaza and the 6th Floor Museum.
RICHARD HOOKE’S PROPOSED APPROXIMATE TIMELINE FOR Lee Harvey Oswald’S EXIT FROM DEALEY PLAZA 12:40 - gets into Nash Rambler WAGON in front of TSBD 12:50 - passengers (along with Latin driver) other than LHO, are dropped off somewhere near Oak Cliff, LHO takes the wheel 1:00 - LHO pulls into Tidy Lady Launderette, Oak Cliff (corner of Davis and No. Clinton) and is witnessed making a phone call by the Pennington’s (positive ID of Oswald the next day) LHO abandons light colored station wagon and begins walking south on Clinton toward Jefferson – 5 blocks to the Texas Theater 1:10 - Texas Theater concessionaire, Butch Burroughs, said Oswald arrived at Texas Theater
Lois Gibson, a forensic expert with the Houston Police Department, has proven, beyond any doubt, that the three tramps arrested in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63 were: Charles Rodgers (first), Charles Harrelson (tallest), and Chauncey Holt (tramp with the hat; and paper bag containing a radio transceiver). These Three Tramps were all CIA operatives. Lois Gibson, recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records as "The World's Most Successful Forensic Artist", has helped law enforcement bring in over 1,062 criminals, has the highest crime solving rate based on composite sketches, and is a world famous facial expert. JFK Researcher Wim Dankbaar has a fine presentation of Lois Gibson, analyzing the photos of the three tramps, on his website: and I recommend all U.S. citizens to watch it. Mz. Gibson said “I would bet the farm” that the three tramps were Charles Rogers, Charles Harrelson, and Chauncey Holt. Charles Rogers joined the CIA in 1956 and is the chief suspect in the 1965 murder and d ...
Dealey Plaza needs to put their new single up on iTunes ;) It's so killer 💀
Was George W Bush at Dealey Plaza with his Dad when JFK was killed?
A two-hour walking tour covers the creepy history of Dallas's most haunted areas with conspiracy theories and ghost stories at Dealey Plaza
I loved it but I'm a JFK nut! Took Mrs M to Dealey Plaza for our honeymoon!
Too funny!!! Love a good walk across the line for a cause
If a war broke out, I'd want with me in the trenches, entertaining troops & interrogating the enemy
That said, there was a lot of evidence that Jack Ruby was in Dealey Plaza. But he lived there. Dulles? Never seen credible ev.
Odds on will follow in winning '14 Le Cordon Bleu World, Food Journalist of the Year for work on
folks meeting at Sonny Bryan's tomorrow in the West End at 11:30 and then walking to Dealey Plaza assassination talk
who wants to see me and Sebastian Paul cover a dealey plaza song?
A great customer meeting - followed by a stop in Dealey Plaza - very eerie experience as weather is identical
Ok, In gonna share this. A crazy dream last night. I woke up with heart pounding. My Scottish and Welsh family and friends will understand most if it... In running through Dallas, maybe close to Dealey Plaza, uphill. Im trying to catch the last bus from Blaencwm / Blaenrhondda, I can see it off in the distance, it's painted cream and gilded with gold. As Im coming close I pass some kind of emergency I try to ignore as I want to catch the bus. As I run past someone calls me. It's John Jack, he's been in an accident, knows no one in Dallas so can't believe his luck in seeing me. I tell him I can carry him to the last bus from Blaencwm / Blaenrhondda .Im struggling with him over my shoulder...we make it to the bus only to find out its from Tynewydd (why this matters Ive no idea, you'd think where it's going would be more important lol!!) anyway, I stand there, exhausted...Then wake up!
missed the start of the question Surfers named Carol not born in winter? Tom Carroll
I found another generic band, they're named Dealey Plaza
Dealey Plaza: A place Dallas has long tried to avoid and forget - The man stopped on the X, adjusted his feet and...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I favorited a video from First Amendment Showdown in Dealey Plaza
1/10 coz u can't take your Woodstock n Cokes down the slides
speaking on about what means & Nathan Lyon's honour to lead Under the Southern Cross
It was Johnson that insisted on Kennedy going to Texas, it was him who insisted they go through Dealey Plaza.
A closer look at the site of the JFK assassination:
Get a closer look at Dealey Plaza—the focal point of history on Nov. 22, 1963:
Preparing with other speakers for the commemoration tomorrow at Dealey Plaza.
11/22/2013 After years in reclusion, Vivian Kubrick appears in a protest in Dallas' Dealey Plaza on the 72nd Anniversary of JFK's assassination. 12/14/2013 China lands the 6-wheeled Chang'e (Jade Rabbit) rover in the right eye (Mare Imbrium) of the Moon.
Wednesday!! Head out to speakeasy to catch Demolisher along with our brothers in Dealey Plaza, Spectrum, Existence Has Failed and many more. Its gonna be BRUTAL!!
The show this Wednesday with Demolisher (Adam Warren of Oceano), Dealey Plaza, Traitors, Beacons, Lady Musgrave, Spectrum, Illuminate Me, and Existence Has Failed Will now be moved to Speak Easy Lounge!! Everyone come out to this! Tell your friends about this and don't miss out.
It was very nice to hang out with family and friends at Dealey Plaza and 6th floor museum.
- Dealey Plaza - "Altered" - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. music video ...
From the Michael T. Griffith Collection: Attacking Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig Myers says Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig's account of seeing Oswald get into a station wagon that left Dealey Plaza lacks credibility (p. 215). After a great deal of what strikes me as waffling and nit-picking, Myers acknowledges that Craig's account of the station wagon leaving Dealey Plaza ris credible, but he suggests Craig was lying or mistaken in saying Oswald entered it. Yet, Craig, who was a decorated deputy sheriff with an outstanding record, said he was certain the man he saw get into the station wagon was Oswald. (If he wasn't Oswald, he was someone who bore a marked resemblance to Oswald.) In his attack on Craig's linkage of the station wagon to Oswald, Myers fails to bring to the reader's attention the fact that another witness said the man who got into the station wagon was the spitting image of Oswald. As he so often does with data he doesn't like, Myers buries this information in an endnote (pp. 634-635 n 604). The o ...
So I have presales for Demolisher / Lady Musgrave / Beacons / Dealey Plaza / Traitors / Illuminate Me / Spectrum / Existence Has Failed as well as Festivus! Pick one up from me!
DEALEY PLAZA in the historic West End district of downtown Dallas, Texas (U.S.), is the location of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963...
Just ate some great Mexican food. Time to relax. Off to Dealey plaza and stadium tour in the morn.
Aunt Cheryl Maxson was a little upset when she found out Dealey Plaza wasn't a shopping mall to get great deals :( I think she is more interested in finding out who shot JR Ewing as opposed to seeing where JFK was shot. Bless her heart...
It was very refreshing to receive this letter from Dennis Cimino. On another page, there is a debate going on whether Oswald got into a car with David Sanchez Morales after the assassination. They are trying to deny that Oswald traveled home alone using public transportation. They're saying the whole story was made up, concocted, by the Dallas Police, that what really happened is that Oswald was transported in a car, a Nash Rambler, driven by David Sanchez Morales, in keeping with the claims of Roger Craig, and that everything about the other story: the testimonies of bus driver McWatters, cab driver Waylie, rider Mary Bledsoe (who was Oswald's previous landlady) and that of his current landlady Earlene Roberts were false, that all of these people were forced to lie under pressure. It's weird because two of them came in by their own volition: Waylie and Bledsoe. But, I don't believe any of that, and neither does Dennis, and here is what he says about it: "I think that as 'patsy' for the murder, LHO's rol ...
Went to the Texas Book Depository today and stood on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza. Unfortunately, I've made no progress on the case.
I may be a little late but I just now watched the memorial in Dallas Texas for JFK and I really don't agree with having the memorial service in Dealey Plaza cause in my opinion it's not really celebrating his life and his accomplishments but it's publicizing the place in which he was tragically murdered and to this day we still don't know the truth. But the only thing good is that they read his speech that he never gave and made it a monument. I do want to go to Dallas and see the area and the school book depository I think every American should go there to see it for yourself but just don't agree with it being a honoring place
From Sandy Hook to Dealey Plaza, take a look at the parents, Steven Beschloss: One year later, it still may seem indelicate to question how Nancy Lanza could have populated her son’s home with deadly weapons and why she did not take action to counter his burgeoning obsession with guns, mass killers ...
My *** was so big, they shot it in Dealey plaza.
A brief walk around at the site of President John F Kennedy's assassination on November 22nd, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The area, know as Dealey Plaza, is locat...
Cole Egan's estranged father dies, leaving Cole the key to a safety deposit box. Inside the box Cole finds a videotape of the JFK assassination - filmed from the other side of Dealey Plaza. The tape offers absolute proof that Lee Harvey Oswald hadn't acted alone, if at all.
Shortly after noon on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas. By the fall of 1963, President John F. Kennedy and his political advisers were preparing for the next presidential campaign. Although he had n…
Going from the bus station to the hotel in Dallas. Just drove through Dealey Plaza. If only I wasn't so tired.
Just a short video of Dealey Plaza taken on President's Day weekend Feb 2012 early on Sunday morning. Sorry for the shakes in the video. It's hard to keep it...
Just got back home from my three week globetrotting, and I am greeted by Utah snow! I went from Denver to Dallas to Cleveland to Chicago, back to Denver, and Salt Lake City.From 17 to 20 November, I was in Denver, went to the Broncs/Chiefs game, then onto Dallas, Texas for the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. Attended a four day seminar at the beautiful Adolphus Hotel with a room full of conspiracy theorists, which was fascinating and intriguing. On the night of the 21st, Martin Sheen was part of a reader's theater at a Unity church, which was just a few blocks from the Dallas Texas Temple, and I went to see the temple after the program. On the 22nd, the anniversary day, there was a short program on Dealey Plaza, with David McCullough as the keynote speaker. I was unable to get a ticket to get in, but was able to watch the program on a large screen with hundreds of others directly behind the plaza. It was cold and drizzly, but a nice program. I ran into Mr McCullough in the lobby of the Dallas Hy ...
it was great to see my touring buddies Dealey Plaza and Abiotic last night at Payne Skate Park. Bonus points awarded to Creatures of Habit... they are sick as fuh.
The Famous Backyard Picture of Oswald Holding a Rifle Let me first give some background information, before I get into the meat of this subject. We didn’t have computers in Nov 1963, and there was no such thing as Photoshop. In 1963 it took an artist that knew how to cut and paste (scissors and glue) and careful airbrushing to alter a photograph. Then someone had to take a picture of the altered photo to make it appear legitimate. Anyone today, with a little knowledge about Photoshop, can alter a photo better than what skilled craftsmen could do back in 1963. We have come a long way in the art of deception. The day after Lee Harvey Oswald was captured, which was less than an hour after President Kennedy was shot in Dealey Plaza, a photograph of him standing in his back yard (holding a rifle in one hand and folded newspapers in the other hand) magically appears. The Dallas Police, supposedly, found the photo (there were actually two photos and negatives that were found) in the garage of the house wh ...
A day before the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination we are once again privileged to have as a guest a true American Hero, former John F. Kennedy Secret Service Agent Abraham Bolden, author of the hot and powerful book; "The Echo from the Dealey Plaza." ( Bolden's story is not anywhere near as...
This has been a profoundly moving year for me as a pilgrim to historic sites--Pearl Harbor in July and Dealey Plaza in Dallas for the JFK Remembrance a couple of weeks ago. I have learned that you need to allow yourself time to heal after visiting places like these, the tragedy lives in the ground, in the water, and it creates its own atmosphere in the air you breathe there. People heal, but I don't know if Pearl Harbor and Dealey Plaza ever will--they must be cared for still.
A half century came full circle on Nov. 22 when the city of Dallas held a ceremony at Dealey Plaza marking the anniversary of the assassination of...
I will have to make it back to Dallas when it's a little warmer. Would love to see Dealey Plaza, the Texas School Book Depository and the Museum of Art. Excited for the party tonight and getting all dolled up...doesn't happen often. :)
now here is the fourth, and head, tramp U.S. phony CIA Air Force General Edward Lansdale; CIA Dealey Plaza JFK assassination coordinator that day
Tomorrow's gonna be busy! I'm spending the day with Downturn and filling in for their vocalist at the Rise Up Booking Presents: The Christmas Breakdown 2013 in Sarasota! Come hang and enjoy kickass bands like Abiotic, Dark Sermon, Dealey Plaza, Beacons, Traitors and more! Downturn plays second at 3:15pm, but make sure you're there for every group; don't be that guy ☺ See you there!
Our headliner kicks off tomorrow at Payne Skatepark in Sarasota, Fl with Dark Sermon, Creatures of Habit, Dealey Plaza, and more! Come out and get your face melted!
This is tomorrow, come see Abiotic, Dark Sermon, the dudes in Traitors, Beacons, Dealey Plaza and more! We play second, get there early. Hang out, grab a couple free buttons. Say hi to our fill-in, Devon: Worlds tallest man and vocalist extraordinaire. Work hard, prosper.
Fifty years after the Kennedy assassination, find out what happened to eight figures whose lives became entwined with the events in Dealey Plaza.
On the Saturday afternoon that we were in Dallas we visited the site where President Kennedy was killed 50 years ago. Did I feel a little ghoulish doing this? Possibly, yet it is completely understandable that anyone visiting the city would want to see where it happened, and not, I think for vain or ghoulish reasons. Actually as we drove in from the I-35 Highway the day before we had passed the site without knowing what it was and wondered what all the people were doing there. That is an indication of how ordinary it looks in itself. I imagine that if our visit had not coincided with the Thanksgiving Day Holiday weekend and been fifty years after the event we might have passed through that space and noticed nothing unusual. When we revisited, however, we found in Dealey Plaza a banal place for an historic event. There is a museum and bookshop; and the School Book Depository Building is open to tourists with displays and a sealed off corner on the sixth floor. The "sniper's nest" - as it is styled in many ...
SMILE ITS SUNDAY A very good morning you beautiful people, and “hello” to the rest of you. Thanks to all those who liked us this week, and a BIG Something Fishy WELCOME this morning to our newest friends ALISON VINCENT, DEREK PETERS & JACKIE BEER. As I am sure you are aware, fifty years ago this week a man called John was shot dead. This was very important for 3 reasons. 1. He happened to be the president of the United States of America at the time. 2. He got “jiggy” with Marilyn Monroe! 3. The events surrounding his death prompted many commentators and pundits to announce that there was “Something fishy going on” and frankly, there nothing wrong with free publicity folks! After all the documentaries and conspiracy theories doing the rounds this week, I was hoping to hear the reminiscences of a guy, who’s recollection of that fateful November day in Dallas, involved him “...and his buddy Lee, shooting at tin cans from the sixth floor of a book depository over- looking Dealey Plaza when all ...
Did anyone see the outrageous behavior on behalf of the federalized Dallas County Sheriff's Deputies (NOT the Dallas Police) at the demonstrations in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, TX on 11/22/13? Make no mistake, they were prodding people trying to get them to fight/riot! I LOVE my country but we're getting closer and closer with each passing day to a Police State. This post-constitutional/soft tyranny is definitely turning against the people and look out if you disagree with what they're doing! It feels more and more to me like we're in the early 1930's and this is Nazi Germany. (Here come the rocks, tomatoes, and pianos!)
I have had an uncountable number of business trips to Dallas over the years and passed through Dealey Plaza many times. Finally made it to the museum in the Texas Book Depository. Interesting and sad.
Just a kid but can remember 11/22/63. Visit to Dealey Plaza last summer was surreal. Always fascinated with
Two Chobanis a day or I just can't play
Little Giant Ladders
If you missed the 50th observance at Dealey Plaza checkout live 2-hour radio broadcast
Interesting BBC News piece on Kennedy and Lincoln - comparing the legacies side by side. This mentions The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza with our associate curator, Stephen Fagin.
Traitors has ALSO has a pretty epic show coming up w/ some pretty good bands like Dealey Plaza , The Rival Within , Cycles and more ! "The Christmas Breakdown 2013" Don't miss out on this ! -RickBFP
One of the most amazing things ive seen dealey plaza Dallas Texas. Rip jfk
Alex Jones is currently bullhorning the state-run media at Dealey Plaza -
the signs are everywhere! 11:45: JFK departs Dallas airport en route to Dealey Plaza
Getting ready to head to Dealey Plaza and the 6th floor museum with Brian Ampolsk and Mira.
In Dallas,Texas taking in the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. @ Dealey Plaza
Our room with a view of good Ole Dallas!! Dealey plaza in plain site! An absolute surreal feeling to…
Room with a view in GOOOD OLE TEXAS! Dealey Plaza in plain site, an unreal sareal feeling to see that…
US marks 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy murder 23/11/13, 8:23 AM With flags fluttering at half-staff, the US has paused to mourn President John F Kennedy and a generation's shattered dreams, cut down 50 years ago by an assassin's bullet. The young leader's brutal death, a dark turning point even in an era gripped by the Cold War nuclear stand-off and bloodshed in the jungles of Vietnam, shocked a global audience of millions. Five decades on the wound is still raw, with many still obsessed by the conspiracy theories surrounding his death, and others gripped by regret for the America they imagine might have been. Advertisement President John F. Kennedy rides through Dallas moments before Kennedy was assassinated, November 22, 1963. Across the nation on Friday, at ceremonies large and small, many took comfort in reflecting upon the words of a charismatic man whose soaring rhetoric and call to service continues to inspire. "Today, we honour his memory and celebrate his enduring imprint on American history ...
At Dealey Plaza where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Still an eery feeling.
How can anyone understand the JFK assassination when they grew up on Ritalin and video games? CBBs stand tall against the sarcastic GENXers and Yers... Scanning the crowds of those in attendance at various John F. Kennedy assassination commemoration venues in Dallas it became apparent that those who continue to question the conclusions of the Warren Commission, that a lone deranged gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald shot to death the President of the United States in broad daylight on a crowded Dallas street can rightfully be called "Cynical Baby Boomers" or CBBs... It is also very apparent that many of those who deride us CBBs as "conspiracy kooks" and "JFK Truthers" are members of the post baby boom Generation X and Y crowd. These self-styled experts on all things 1960s is amazing when one considers that these debunkers were not even alive in the 1960s and were in diapers during the Watergate fiasco. The Warren Commission promoters -- and their defenses of the flummoxing report can be seen on such sites as ...
Feel weird smiling but Dealey plaza is really cool
I’m Thankful — from Dealey Plaza (Fine photo by Kael Alford for the fine
Security goon 'cops' of sheriff's dept punched Alex Jones in stomanch he said and pushed him repeatedly and denied his Constitutional Rights in those assaults on Nov 22nd at Dallas Dealey Plaza area demonstration for Constitutional Rights during Media's 50th anniversary of JFK killing/lies celebration 2013. Hopefully they will be sued and punished and be fired!
Driving around Dallas and kind of ended up at Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot and I am so excited!
I'M BACK! So whats been happening London? Texas was great fun, but bloody cold - February weather just to make the Brits feel at home! Dealey Plaza & The Alamo were sobering, amazing, thought provoking... everything I had hoped they would be.
"How the man behind the video of JFK's assassination almost didn't have his camera that day and donated profits to a slain police officer's widow" What this headline doesn't tell you is that only $25k of the $150k Zapruder received from Life magazine was donated to the widow of the officer. (He was advised that news of a Jewish man cashing in on the assassination might incite anti-Semitism, hence the donation.) And although he claimed at the time that he didn't want to see theaters making a quick buck on showing the clip, his son rented the film out for one-time showings. The family was also paid $16 million for the original in 1999 by the Justice Dept. (they wanted $30 million), and at least $40k for use in the Oliver Stone movie. (The film and rights were sold back to the family for $1 in 1975.) Even though Zapruder worked near Dealey Plaza, I'm surprised that some people haven't found his "luck" incredible, considering that he had an absolute ringside view of the killer shot to Kennedy's head, and ...
.short film about "the Umbrella Man" --a mysterious figure in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63--is just great: http:…
Sheriff's Deputy Buddy Walthers was in Dealey Plaza shortly after Kennedy was shot. His death is considered mysterious by many conspiracists.
Day 2 sports vacation: going to Dealey Plaza, tour the stadium then off to a mavericks game tonight
Another submission from Soapbox Brady but I promise this to be my last rant of the Thanksgiving weekend. So, the City of Dallas, as part of a comprehensive and appropriate remembrance honoring the LIFE of JFK rather than our continued focus on his tragic DEATH 50 years ago, finally removed the "X"pavement mark on the alleged spot where our President's life was cut short. It made me proud to be a Dallasite but, that too was cut short. It seems some sicko who hangs out at Dealey Plaza every weekend took it upon himself to paint the X mark back. (I guess he gets his kicks helping tourists crawl around looking for pieces of presidential brain matter.) He admits doing it and rather than locking this creep up, the city decides to leave it (ya know, now that all the INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION is off us, why bother?) If you think this is as wrong as I do, let them know it: Dallas City Hall 1500 Marilla St, Dallas, TX (214) 670-3738
I had to photograph Dealey Plaza for a client yesterday. It's been a while since I've been down there!
After being removed last week, 'X' marking spot of JFK's assassination returns to Dealey Plaza
View from the snipers nest, Glare in from spot light that was set up in Dealey Plaza on friday for safety.
'X' marks the spot of JFK's assassination at Dealey Plaza in Dallas once again:
Unless it's generally accepted that Abraham Zapruder lived in the streets of Dealey Plaza, I can't understand why a ridiculous number of people keep referring to the Zapruder Film as a "home movie".
If u r drinking at Scruffy Murphy's you might just get to work on time
On Friday, Nov. 22 , 50 years ago, a man was riding down Dealey Plaza in Dallas in a motorcade with his wife by...
There was a small moment in time where I was going to be in Dealey Plaza this weekend, for business would (cont)
No more lies! Alex Jones & free speech activists confront lamestream media at Dealey Plaza - http…
In the X that marks the spot where was killed has returned
Eclectic crowds flock to Dallas' Dealey Plaza before JFK memorial - Some people came to leave flowers, some to...
Dealey Plaza is creepy after dark ...
'Solemn' event to honor JFK at Dallas' Dealey Plaza - Media prepare for a ceremony at Dealey Plaza in Dallas Nov.
FOX News: Credible, compelling, detailed analysis of what really happened in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Nov 22, 1963.
Thousands mark moment of in Dealey Plaza - A crowd gathers in front of the Texas School Book Depository...
My JFK Obsession Becomes a Living Nightmare at Dealey Plaza - I was seven. Sometime during the Summer of 1960, my...
For those who think there were 4 shots in Dealey Plaza: Maybe Oswald took 4 shots and grabbed one shell casing on way out to F w/ everyone.
Did anyone see a drone in Dealey Plaza?
I took a Marine sniper to Dealey Plaza once. Let him pick his spot. He picked the picket fence on the grassy knoll.
In other Parts of the Paper, Brendan reveals details of the return of the X at Dealey Plaza
takes to Dealey Plaza to look at some of the myths surrounding the assassination of JFK http:…
Also Dealey Plaza doesn't look like that from that angle and the Secret Service agent is too young. etc etc
SMH at the morbid *** on your Dealey Plaza segment, taking cheezy group photos at the "x" where JFK was shot. No respect.
From behind the fence on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza.
Plz clk n ad f u lk: The Historian in Dealey Plaza - It is steady as you go. It is line upon line. It is...
Please play along. We have to suppress the truth! There were 7 shooters in Dealey Plaza, but we have to say there was 1!
Thousands honor JFK in moment of silence at Dealey Plaza - DALLAS -- Thousands of people bowed their heads or...
In Dealey Plaza, the X that marked the spot on Elm Street where Kennedy was killed has returned via …
The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was a seminal event in the history of our country, but not for the reasons that most people believe today. As we celebrate his life on the 50th anniversary of his death, most Americans see the killing of Kennedy as marking the end of an era of innocence, the end of Camelot. That’s all good stuff for the media and revisionist historians but the actual world-changing result was not the end of Camelot, it was the ascension of Lyndon Johnson as Kennedy’s non-elected successor. America’s political/economic course moves in almost straight lines that are periodically re-directed by major waypoints in her history. There were probably four substantial directional changes in the 20th century. First, World War I forced America, for the first time, to enter the world community as a super power. Unbeknownst to the citizens, it was also the launching pad for economic growth based upon the assumption of leadership in international trade by the United States. This chan ...
Rock Star Murders/ Clash at JFK Rally Show Audio Listen with Windows Player High LowListen with Coast Player (Pop-up blockers may need to be disabled) Download MP3s Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 Hour 4 IMPORTANT: Some mobile devices do not download MP3s. Please use your desktop computer if this is the case.Date: 11-23-13 Host: John B. Wells Guests: Alex Constantine, Alex Jones In the first half of the program, John B. Wells was joined by author Alex Constantine, detailed his research into the potential assassinations of subversive rock stars. Constantine cited a government intelligence memorandum which advised agents on a variety of methods to disrupt the lives of popular musicians. This document, revealed in 1976, suggested tactics such as destroying marriages, planting disparaging newspaper articles, and fostering rivalries amongst competing artists. "Every one of these guys talked about revolution," Constantine observed about the counterculture musicians of the 1960's, "and the people at the top don't w ...
Hello, we're back (from Dallas). Attended the 50 anniversary celebration in Dallas these past 5 days. It was awesome! Very cold, in the 30's and windy. Still the conference was great. Sunday was the highlight of the conference w/a trip to Baylor U. to see the JFK tribute and research archives. Many famous researcher's collections are now housed there. We got to see them all! Also saw were the archivist did her work of sorting, cataloguing, etc. the JFK display was most impressive. Included were the cameras of most of the people who took pictures & movies in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. There were newspapers headlining the tragedy along with much other memorabilia. A fantastic trip!
Today's Trivia Subject: The Kennedy Assassination Question was the name of the Dallas plaza in which Kennedy was assassinated? Country Club Plaza Dealey Plaza Congress Plaza Justin Herman Plaza Sam Houston Plaza
As a history nerd and conspiracy theorist :), I've always wanted to go to Dealey Plaza. It was cool to check it out yesterday.
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