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Deal Breaker

Deal Breaker is a 1995 thriller novel by Harlan Coben and is the first of the novels which feature Myron Bolitar.

Harlan Coben Myron Bolitar

options. If the possible lack of humanity of your post pregnancy outcome is a deal breaker, you may try these steps one more time. But (77)
I will no longer watch your news programs. Sinclair, demanding tRump propoganda must be shown, is a deal breaker 4 me.
1. That human capital thing. 2. and the fear of discovery of skeletons in the cupboard can be a huge deal breaker .
I love the of my phone. Lack of Fast Charging is a deal breaker. . should have had it!.
That I'm trans, something I make quite clear and it's really weird that she didn't see beforehand, tells me it's a deal breaker, stands up,
Is vomit in the hair really a deal breaker? I've been on worse dates.
The "super *** was a deal breaker, Edan. I needed to believe u were healthier than that.
Smoking is the ultimate deal breaker 😷
My fiancée is black, Filipino mix and I'm a full Mexican. We have little disagreements here and there,…
Definitely preferred but not a deal breaker. In the end I'm just happy to get good head
The real deal breaker is if they are a dog or cat I need someone whose going to try to love my dog as much as I do.
If so, this should be an IMMEDIATE deal breaker.
If a guy told me he plays league it'd be a deal breaker for me
😂😂 deal breaker. Where's the free after $50?!
I just had to explain to a guy why supporting Trump is a deal breaker, which in turn became a deal breaker.
Seriously a deal breaker in a relationship would be a loud chewer. I can. Not. Handle. It. So many people I can't be around when they eat.
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The military? That's the deal breaker. If everyone recognizes the danger so much, why can't we get rid of him?
And we're spending the weekend in Austin so prob a deal breaker!
listen, I'm not fit... so it's not a deal breaker, abs are overrated lol give me husky with a lil definition
when can we sign in to NBC sports app using YouTube authentication? It's a deal breaker if that option isn't added.
What's your relationship deal-breaker? Trent Harmon shares his on Powered by
In all honesty, his work with CLEAT wouldn't have been a deal breaker for me had he revealed and explained in the first place.
Why is shipping a deal breaker? Lol. I can spend $200.00 and the shipping be $5.99. I'll try to find a coupon code…
dear kids: Anger directed at you is a deal-breaker
Shipping really be a deal breaker lol
Great win but *** to have Chapman on the mound, especially under Trump. Message to kids: sexual/domestic assault is not a deal-breaker.
Not a deal breaker per day but I prefer a partner who takes care of themselves in that aspect
If "took money from _ industry" is a deal-breaker for Sanders diehards, how do they excuse his being elected with NRA…
3% done with Deal Breaker, by Harlan Coben: The first Myron Bolitar novel. A sports agen...
The deal breaker of my past relationship (it was zillion years ago) was when I was made to choose between my bff and the ex
No, mosta7el, this is a deal breaker
I'm sorry, but even if you're 95% nice, supporting TAW is a deal-breaker. I can't trust you if you're OK with this: ht…
If you smoke cigarettes, it's an automatic deal breaker.
Sorry, Hillary's corrpuption is deal breaker for me, I'd never vote for her, even if he did eventually endorse.
But is a short kini really a deal breaker?
Changes to stamp duty prove a deal breaker
okay, but do I have to run the full court? Because that's a deal breaker
I'll take the job. I can't speak polish though. Is that a deal breaker?
A deal-breaker for any planned action at DNC may be what happens here in Cleveland, one week before.
67. Now like I said, if the weakness is a deal breaker for you, then don’t even enter into the relationship.
52. Now when it comes to weaknesses like habits, you should not demand change unless it is a deal breaker for you.
Pasting as a deal-breaker UX detail: I uninstalled an app without even logging in since I couldn't paste the password from
What is your favorite part of a home? Are you big on amenities? Is the kitchen a deal breaker for you?
I'm alone so it isn't a deal breaker but i can see it being a thing for others.
well it's for me then. Tpp is a deal breaker.
never done deal with them & oddly signing Romero last year may been huge ice breaker is first time talked to mino since 2012
Satellite dish can get reception just about anywhere. The Wi-Fi would not be a deal breaker.Sweet, sweet solitude
blood is a deal breaker for every girl. Fraud for most.
Dating tip: Take her for a walk on the beach early on. Cause bunions are a deal breaker.
He had every characteristic of the real deal & that was the deal breaker. https:…
If the Dangerfield lovefest isnt bad enough the effects mic on the St.Kilda cheersquad chanting Paddy McCartin is the deal breaker
I guess people who oppose ritual sacrifice are "one issue people" if they find that a deal breaker?
how is having a deal breaker that you will not bend to anything other than integrity? Intellectual or otherwise?
Open borders is a deal breaker. If you're ok with open borders, you're low info
Bad breath is my deal breaker. I will never talk to you again if your breath stinks the first time we meet. You obviously selfish.”
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I honestly don't think I could ever date someone who didn't believe in that is a deal breaker.👽
that would be a deal breaker for me, I refuse to run anything beyond 7.
The deal breaker about streaming services is that you easily get access to new albums than you having to dig for them.
why so few runners this weekend? Definitely a deal breaker when it comes to a nice day out 🙁
I would back over anybody but he isn't an MP which I imagine is an instant deal-breaker. If that changes...
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Oliver Queen's voice when screaming or being hysterical is such a deal-breaker
The EU may have to eat freedom of movement if that's the deal breaker (assuming UK gov heeds public will).
Are tats a deal breaker for you Todd?
cafe also has no Miku coasters left so that is the final deal breaker
It's not a deal breaker, just something I'd have liked to be kept in (given its on Chinese version).
I changed my mind, really don't want a smoker to join my team, it's a deal breaker fo me😔😔.
steph no 😭 sorry but I'm afraid we can't b friends anymore that's a deal breaker for me 😂😂😂
Ouch...yeah, plot holes is a deal breaker for me. Maybe when it comes out on dvd, I'll rent it. I'll save my ticket money for now
for the right price.. Anything is possible, but like I said no Dubois = deal breaker for them anyways.
This was extremely painful to watch! Abuse is UNACCEPTABLE, inappropriate language, throwing & hitting is a deal breaker!
Infected by Scott Sigler, Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben, The Informationist by Taylor Stevens and a Polish one
Snoring is a deal breaker from me. I will not stand for it!
Teeth - that is my thing and the biggest deal breaker
Thinking ANYONE is, is a deal breaker for me and a serious character flaw
no I hate when guys call me hot. It is honestly a deal breaker😂
you gon end up like Chilli if that's a deal breaker. Forever searching cause you asking for too much. 😂
Having magic is not only a deal breaker but apparently not normal. Well it's not like this was new to me.
Date deal breaker if you ask a girl who her favorite L Word character is and she says Jenny Schecter get the check immediately
I know I have my priorities straight! Peoples Shoes are a deal breaker in any case! 😋
There will always be a flaw. A deal breaker. Something they can't deal with. Because they do not WANT to.
wouldn't be allowed to keep the beard though. Might be a deal breaker
My personal deal breaker for Hillary is her unwavering pro-Israel stance and the awful things she's said about Palestinians in the past.
Apparently now sending someone pictures of your home is a deal-breaker. In the words of Andi Deris, "Y, LORD, Y, TELL ME Y"
you know I hate those pop tarts.. Sorry that's a deal breaker 🙅🏻
Only deal breaker for my relationship: no TFA.
My one deal breaker for me is no surprises, just be honest with me. I hate to find things out via social media or other people.
Honestly when I'm deciding on a girl my deal breaker is whether or not I can see myself having lazy, touchy, cuddling days with them 😂😍
Snoring is literally a deal breaker for me 🙅🏼
// I don't mind either, though DM's would be preferable (The character limit) But if it's a deal breaker then go for the TL ^_^
House hunters international is fascinating ; "this house has everything but there's no dishwasher and that's a deal breaker for me." REALLY
1. Show up on time. In business, punctuality or lack thereof can be a deal-breaker. Those who are successful in business…
WAIT deal breaker: is she taking your food??
not only that.We need to change animal welfare policies for livestock that provide food. Canada must do better. My deal breaker.
I really hope yall don't continue making phones with no micro SD slot...thts a BIG deal breaker
yea Delaware is a tough pill to swallow lol 😕, everything else I can deal but that's a deal breaker
Ben Carson has far too many violations of the statements. Deal breaker for me
I know smart people who are mad that I said this was final deal breaker.They know I'm a cruz girl anyway.But Just NO to this
To be perfectly clear, the fact that you took the Obamacare Medicaid money wasn’t a deal breaker for me.
idk if its a deal breaker but I'd prefer her be natural
Is cheating in a relationship a deal breaker for you or will you stay?
Absolutely right. responded as a business man not a troubling but not a deal breaker for me.
"You let me go to jail". And that wasn't an instant deal breaker? I thank God for blessing me with an education & a job with benefits
there are bills on the list I wish voted for but it's not a deal breaker for me.
Bangkok Post: "Operation Sovereign Borders... remains the ultimate deal breaker for Jakarta" .
If my dog doesn't like you that's a deal breaker.
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Well that's a deal breaker. I'll be your human I guess.
They recently changed the ingredients to GF but still used contaminated oats. As a celiac, that's a deal breaker! 😕
I think how sweet you like your sweet tea could be a deal breaker. I like the diabetes and liquid cavities type.
I've been very specific about the type of man I want to marry. Must have a deep connection/relationship w/God...that's my deal breaker
for me guns are a total deal breaker: you cannot enter my home armed, period. Not allowed. I also refuse to date men wh…
It's not a Deal Breaker if you have the Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch ... five, no, THREE!
If you're a dry texter it's a deal breaker
well we are screwed then. Jim Buss is an instant deal breaker. Good grief.
spotify has a pretty dope app but Apple has the full taytay catalogue so that's gonna be the deal breaker for me LOL
trying to determine if it's something thats deal breaker for me. If I overlook this is it something that is making me compromise
Needing me to like your creative/musical output might be one of the biggest friendship deal breaker I have.
raw eggs in a glass of milk? That's a deal breaker. Ok, I'm over it. Hi there!
So, Then what was the deal breaker, Mr Mulcair?
1st date deal breaker question: Do you have any Meghan Trainor on your iPod.
Having messed up teeth is a deal breaker for me. I can't 😕
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...and no scrobbling which is a deal breaker for me. I'll stick with Rdio thank you very much.
Bowman better be right about Marko Dano.That was probably the deal breaker.
When I was touring units, the lack of Central A/C on some of them was a complete deal breaker
exactly. I don't think there should even be a login bonus. But WM is a deal breaker.
If the fact that she was ok with Gigli existing wasn't a deal breaker, then I'm not sure what the issue could be.
She's pretty but putting water on her cereal is a deal breaker...I don't mess with those girls or people lol
By one once scary!! The sand is another deal breaker too :/ plus a lot of drunk ppl in general causing trouble -___-
I thought I was in love but she smokes cigarettes so deal breaker.
It's not a deal I won't suddenly stop liking you. But it was a reason why.
Cheating is definitely a deal breaker for me .
I'd love to hang out with but honestly if his mom Jackie or weren't there it'd be a deal breaker
Tempted to buy one to see what made them think it'd be a deal breaker like their tablets were.
The way a person eats wings can be a deal breaker in my books. I don't believe in wasteful wing eaters, I'm african. I don't play.
And Spotify Premium's 50% off student discount is also a deal breaker lol.
He is still serviceable, just a questionable value at his price point. That is the real deal breaker in today's NHL.
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F1 rim size a deal-breaker: Michelin: Michelin has no interest in supplying tyres to Formula One unless the sp...
not really, I played the first one and skipped the previous two. Not really a deal breaker. Just get it you'll get addicted lol
that was the deal breaker from the beginning for me. I don't listen to pop charts etc.
No Last.FM scrobbler for Apple Music. Deal breaker. Going back to Tidal.
Korpedo is the deal breaker. Looks like I'm an Oilers fan now.
Do I have to give up my triscuts? Because that's a deal breaker for me! Lol
I usually look for a specific critiques that double as spoilers to let me know if it's a deal breaker or not.
I don't mean a deal breaker. I mean the game is broken because of a bug
sorry ma'am but I believe that is a Deal Breaker
Censored music is a deal breaker for me. End of story.
Man, it's a real deal breaker if bae doesn't watch scary movies. I take this VERY seriously.
Hillary Clinton's missing emails think this is a deal breaker
Is there any way to migrate spotify playlists to apple music?! Deal breaker if not.😐
No matter what anyone says Money is always a deal breaker. It decides if you do or don't do something.
is cheating a deal breaker Ina relationship?
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That chapstick might be the deal breaker. I heard it has grit.
Oxycodone. Not good, but still not as bad as rape or beating your spouse. At least in reality. In sports, it's a deal breaker.
I'm just saying its not a deal breaker for me as long as the game is good
Why wouldn't anyone so superior want his creation to worship him? That's a real deal breaker IMHO.
So she doesn't have nail polish? She never does her own nails. May be a deal breaker
On page 14 of 352 of Deal Breaker, by Harlan Coben
Who says Middle Aged don't care about teeth?Married or not. Deal Breaker # 5 Bad Teeth
A JOB in Western Sydney - Labourer for production work Must be able to lift 25kg repeatable - lifting for entire shift from a conveyor belt - So NO bad backs - Day shift - Coolroom environment Forklift ticket preferable but if you don't have it. Its not a deal breaker to apply for the position contact Adminwith your Resume
Music is definitely a deal breaker for me.
Is not being able to cook a deal breaker in a relationship?
I dunno, that Knicks contract is kind of a deal-breaker for me.
off to track in the morning... after a little bit of persuading...wifey??? I have to bring the bike home in one piece ready for next weekend. Hope the track is not the deal or maybe the old bloke!
a gentleman indeed 😉 nup sorry. You can have blackcurrant, il be having orange...unless thats a deal breaker?
You have a westie! That's a deal breaker for me. I'm a westie fanatic. :-) . Best dogs ever!
A relationship that's not built on trust is a definite deal BREAKER.
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yeah, for me, 4k right now isn't a deal breaker, low light with clarity and dslr form factor, will make my M5 shine even more
Breakfast is usually the deal breaker, even in films
Ofentse must be kinky like that, coitus under water type ish or else I really don't understand why it's a deal breaker
also if you can catch me Charmander thatd be a deal breaker as well
its a cast iron egg tree, lacquered. Is it included? I mean its not a deal breaker but I would like to know.
Up and in Dorchester already for a car check. Being treated to breakfast by was the deal breaker for me to join him! 😁😆
You should give Odd Thomas a go. I expected to dislike it. Music is awkward at times, but not a deal-breaker.
Bad sex is a deal breaker. Sorry but you gotta go 👉
Too nervous about my presentation to sleep! This is a deal breaker!
Would love to try out your services, providing parts, but the part spec form is a deal breaker. Any alternatives?
I actually have noticed that, it's a deal breaker for me
If I feel faint again that's my deal breaker and I'll text my tutor
If I went out on a date & he wasted his ranch dressing... Deal Breaker! × 20
looks good for secure cloud storage, with attractive pricing - but I can't see an iOS app? Bit of a deal-breaker :-(
Well, if it wasn't for the fact that I have unreliable hours due to my illness. That's pretty much a deal breaker.
I'd do anything for love, except stop calling you Greg. That's totes a deal breaker. Now put on the doctor coat, stethosco…
Game 7, that game is the deal breaker
Not liking godzilla is a deal breaker for me kuz some times I just need to have a godzilla movie marathon
A bad personality is a deal breaker.
Some teeth can really be a deal breaker. Like big *** gaps. Can't do it ✋ I feel like my tongue will get stuck.
If she eats her peas one at a time it's a definite deal breaker
deal-breaker: Welcome to America where everyone is equal except everyone
ISO: Looking for a GM Quadrajet from a small block chev, or a 550-625cfm Holley, edelbrock, carter, etc carb in good working condition for a reasonable price. Prefer electric choke but not a deal breaker. Have cash or possible trades depending what you need. Closer to Penticton the better.
And their cologne is always on point... Deal breaker 😍👍
Mandals are an absolute deal breaker 🙅🚫
Only disliking Bill Murray is a deal breaker.
oh my gosh !! Edith I swear don't get my hopes up !! Like that's a deal breaker!😍👌
I mean seriously, who does that? Definitely not the United States. If the United States really cared about producing clean, renewable energy, we'd do the same thing, no matter the cost to install them. But then the electric companies would be put out of business. They've done this since electricity was harnessed by Nikola Tesla (That's right, screw you Edison). Tesla got screwed over because he wanted to provide free, wireless, sustainable, clean electric energy, but it being free is a deal breaker. Tesla was ahead of his time, he didn't envision a world of wires. The Tesla Coil will power a florescent bulb by it just being near the coil. His tower would have used the planet to electrify the air so that your cell phone, car, flashlight, tv, refrigerator, stove, microwave, Playstation, Xbox, remote control, (the list goes on and on) wouldn't need a wire or an expensive battery. I wouldn't be surprised that if it was true that in the show Warehouse 13, Tesla is mentioned in the first episode as having inven ...
In job interviews I always found that a list of duties was a real "deal breaker."
Matt and Kim suck that's a deal breaker for me.
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and I were supposed to get married. First The OC and then Arrow. Now I see she's a clipper fan... Deal breaker
Saw an ad for Sony's cloud-based, collaborative NLE so I thought I'd give it a try. Waiting while assets upload is feeling like deal-breaker
AM I RIGHT? we've all done it, texted instead of called, called instead of showed up & made faces/had conversations with the phone then sent a refined milder message... but, IF it's life altering, a deal breaker, or earth shaking YOU DON'T TEXT IT!
Some Things will never change. There are things that may be a deal breaker but some things just will never change.
Out of curiosity, how many people think that smoking and/or drinking is a deal breaker?
Ok Guys.just a suggestion: If you are not so good looking, at least be funny or intelligent. You must be one or the other.Funny will take you far, and intelligence too.please don't be boring...that's a deal breaker. At least for me...just saying.
This is true. If you are both serious about your relationship with God you will spend time on prayer with each other and for each other. A regular prayer time with each other on the phone or by mail or on line. It is part of the glue that holds a couple together in the hard times and prepares you for whatever is next. Courting, or engaged, prayer with each other is a deal breaker.
Polaroid vintage cameras are best thing ever and it's shocking how cheap they are on eBay and there in excellent condition. less $15 is definitely a deal breaker tbh 😱😱
BF from other room."will you calm down...". Not a hockey fan, not a deal
Sometimes I wonder if we'll make it. You don't even like the Fast and the Furious movies. A true, real, deal breaker.
I have a new son,,he was either lost or abandoned months ago, a friend found him.She did everything possible to locate owner,,,posters about lost dog over half of the city craigs list,newspapers etc etc.Wrong dog answers.So she brought him over here today,,I know him,,he cones in to hang out with my boys its like it was THE perfect fit,,he FOUND his home...only one possible problem,,he and my Lady Olivia must get along,,I THINK its just a period of adjustment but that could be a deal breaker,,I hate to see him living back outside again,,he was not happy..He is a little love he had no name he does now LOL its JW.Now friend is going to help out with vet expences.get ready for cute. Jw,,in first pic mini dashhund,,,second pic,,CJ hogging the pic(my Rat Terrier) JW in back,,lil Albert refused to have his pic taken as said it was a bad hair day lol boys.
It's so hot you can hear the summer veggies growing! Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil & cukes are very happy right now. Be sure to Water Your Seedlings! Lack of water is a deal breaker for young plants. Also, if they are in a hot, southwest facing space, you may need to provide some afternoon shade for a few days.
Anyone have access to decorations? Streamers? Balloons? Not a deal breaker, but that's the only thing on the list that is left to buy/donate!
The amount of patience I've had to practice lately is astounding! Today was almost a deal breaker with maintaining my composure ! It's all good though, it will pay off soon. Thank you wine!
Afternoon question...what is a first date deal breaker...
.knowing my luck He would be allergic to something in my dish and that was the Deal Breaker . LOL
This bottle of wine is corked. Annoying but not a deal breaker after today :/ make that this week.
A deal breaker for me is when a guy can't laugh at himself. He has to be willing to make fun of himself a little.
change self thing to make a breaker tomoro is final decision and make sure ya walk away smiling.Note to self.
Still looking for a potential apartment in kv... any help would be gratefully appreciated :-( Looking for something with two bedrooms and potentially pet friendly (but that wouldn't be a deal breaker...)
This week's deal breaker: Is he closer to middle age than you are to 21? Shut it down.
I heard n saw on my news feed of another bomb blast in Abuja, guess they had to make another statement this May 1st,but the deal breaker is that if Abuja is not safe, where else in this country is? Baba God save your children#
Have decided not to worry about Mr. Beaver over the I am switching my concerns to KILLER BEES!! (some folks call them "carpenter bees"...but I call them by their REAL name!)... I have had the house treated TWO times with Malathion this spring. but, they are back!... they are a deal breaker with prospective buyers who think they are like termites and will destroy the house... they are more obvious, and disturbing...they are curious about people.especially me when I have hornet spray in my hand! They hover like helicopters just inches from your face and I am sure I hear little tiny curses coming from them... I have been researching websites and Clemson Extension info. IF ANYONE has a cure...please clue me in...or i will be squirting Seven dust and wood putty in each hole...could get difficult and costly. carole
Hey, I got an idea. Let's pack up all of our steel drums and go to Sandusky tomorrow after school. They have this cool water park and they always have some kinda crazy convention going on. I'm sure they like steel drum music. Let's learn a couple of songs to play, too. I heard about this one tune called "Sleeping", or " Dreaming", or something like that. We'll learn that, too. Let's just make a day of it. Maybe we could even get some shirts printed up so we could all look the same. They would have to be convict orange, though. That's a deal breaker. What'd ya think, sound like fun?
Steve Harvey TV is looking for women in relationships: Do you know if the man you're seeing is serious about you? Does he have an odd behavior or character trait that makes you question where the relationship is going? Would you like to know if something he does is considered a deal breaker? We're looking for females that have been dating or are engaged and concerned about their man's actions. Please respond with name, age, contact info and a current photo to blncasting
LOCATION NEEDED: In need of a location with open field and barn for a shoot. Great if the barn has electricity, but not a deal breaker. PM me with any info or questions.
"Simply put, the difference between love now and in the past, is we don’t believe in building with someone anymore, and we all just want finished products of people. The idea of being broke together and going through trials and tribulations, while growing in love is unappealing to our generation. We don’t want to learn how to love someone, we want them to be perfectly lovable when we’re ready, and any flaw in them will be over-exaggerated and seen as a deal breaker, as if our *** are flawless. We don’t want to become better people through the love and support of a unified family fighting for financial security. All of the things we propagate about the past, are the very same things we aren’t interested in pursuing in our own lives anymore." ...he just said a How true is this though?
Looking for a responsible, reliable, and trustworthy individual to babysit in our home Monday through Friday. Some days it would just be Charliegh, some days it would be all three kids. This might sound sexist but oh well, I prefer a female. MUST be good with kids and dogs. Pay varies from day to day if all 3 kids are home or if its just baby, we would discuss that. Non-smoker is preferable, but its not a deal breaker if you smoke. No housework or cooking, just re-heating pre-made meals and serving the kids. Just clean up after yourself, I can clean up after my kids. If you know anyone who is trustworthy and not a psycho PLEASE send them my way. If they are referred to us we will do a background check and the whole 9 yards. Nanny-cams, you name it.
Mid 2000's exmark lazer z Has 60 inch deck Newer tires and more! It needs a deck belt but if that's a deal breaker I will buy the belt. Runs good never let us down but we are upgrading are fleet. Asking 3350.00 OBO
Evan (last name unknown) was the six year old ring bearer to my four year old flower girl. His ninja moves and all white tuxedo made me melt. Unfortunately my crush was short lived as I soon found out at the reception that Evan was too shy to dance. For me, that's always been a deal breaker.
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Question of the day: What is a deal breaker in your relationships (both friendly, business and intimate)?
Just got called about the Lakers vacancy... apparently, staying in Lynnwood is a deal breaker!
Looking for a home with a Lease option to purchase. Will be ready to Purchase later in the year or first of 2015. Would prefer to stay in the Pine View School area but not a deal breaker for the right property. 1800+ SF FT. 4+ Bed or 3 with office. 2+ Bath. 2+ garage.
Looking to buy a new place. Not having a pool is a deal breaker.
Hey all! 31 y/o *** here looking for a new place in SF by August 1 (can be sooner). Potential deal breaker: I have a friendly older cat. (See photo with all the cheez.) I've been working as a paralegal at a criminal defense firm for the past 9 years and will be starting law school in the fall. Friendly, responsible, clean, etc. I tend to socialize outside of the home, although I realize all my friends will be books and my home will be the library come this fall. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions!
Casually ISO 16.5''-17'' cc saddle with a mw or w tree. Prefer knee and thigh blocks as I am an eventer but not a deal breaker. NO M.TOULOUSE MODELS unless they have been reflocked with wool. Thank you!
Is smoking we'd a deal breaker in a relationship ?? Any body know i dnt think it is do you I respect that more
Once again... the dynamics of this project has changed. .. im willing to entertain touring options for the feedback its getting. ... its no longer a deal breaker. . I.M . Me. Jason Luttrell
Dakotah , this is the pool we need when we buy a house. Pretty sure it's a deal breaker for any house that it's not in or possible to be put in. Lol
The bf's doctor just said he needs to cut back on his salt intake. The Italian woman in me wonders if this isn't a deal breaker. 😉
In all honesty its a total deal breaker if we dont dig the same music... I see no future!
At the risk of sounding political. I had a OPT IN / phone call that dialed me into an interview of a candidate. What the heck, I had time to listen on speaker phone... and I listened--- and listened... and listened- All the right stuff being said--- but for me, the deal breaker was Common Core. I hoped I hadn't missed her position and was bound and determine at that point to listen until it was mentioned. She did and she's against it. I'm not telling anyone to vote for her--- but if your against common core I would suggest you visit the page, ask questions (and I did this morning and was shocked to see how fast she replied) We need all the help we can get with this issue.
Ah! Deal breaker. Comcast selling off Columbus, OH markets to "new company"? Now I'm definitely not moving back they have to pry my free cable and internets from my cold dead hands lmao
I remember the first time I seen who he really is, not a deal breaker but annoying as *** still today. Believe this. People don't change, they can improve but they are who they are. That was my opportunity to!
I respect dog breeding standards and all that but I just can't hitch my wagon to cropping ears ...ever.. Deal breaker
Inconsistency is such a deal breaker ... I don't require much but U have to keep my attention... I have a short attention span with dudes...
Don't date forever: Tips For Single People By Ike Osakioduwa Popular Radio Presenter Ik Osakioduwa took to his social media page to discuss tips for army of single people in Nigeria This is what Ik said: "Watch out for how he or she treats people who seem to be below them in status. They may treat you the same one day Girls if you don't plan to cook after marriage, DISCUSS IT OH. Lord knows that's a deal breaker for a lot of men Get a job. Try not to be a liability Develop a strong sense of self worth. Insecurity is TOTALLY UNATTRACTIVE in guys and girls Don't date forever It's Ok to explore possibilities but, Don't date people you KNOW you NEVER want to be married to Before you eventually get married confess some of your kinky desires. (Not all sha. Just in case it doesn't work out) Ladies, your clothes should be tight enough to show that u ’re woman, but loose enough to show that u ’re a lady" Do you agree with Ik On his submission?
Doesn't get more exciting then that. Run n gun...100 yards from 2 toms and a handful of hens on the roost. Biggest mistake not getting closer, one Tom come to field to investigate my calls but wouldn't cross entire field or come just inside the bush for easy shot. Very close call!! 30 yards further and no decoy's the deal breaker. Lessons learned.
What is a deal breaker in a relationship?
Deal breaker for me. When a girl asks me if I can shave her back. I'm outta there.
Has money ever been a deal breaker in a previous relationship? Should there be a 50/50 split when it comes to paying the bills? Ian & Vanessa
Desperately seeking a vehicle in good working order, needs to be automatic, 4 door preferred but not a deal breaker, must be an Alberta vehicle.have very little money but my van s transmission is not doing so well. So please someone help me out. Thank you
The upkeep of a females home Says a lot. It's also a deal breaker for a *** like me cus anybody that knows me know I keep a nice, clean and elegant pad even if I live in the ghetto you'll still be in comfort!!
For the most part I agreed with the Bundy's, but to read that the militia stated about God giving the land to settlers.well, that's a deal breaker for me, as we all know the entire US belonged to the Native Americans, who were here thousands of years before any settlers showed up. They have first dibs on this land..
To whom it may concern (& you know who you are) I don't expect all the people I like, to like all the people I like. It doesn't even bother me that some friends of friends have no use for me, or vice versa. I figure my friends can manage their own relationships without guidance or coercion from me. I expect the same courtesy from others. So if this a deal breaker, show yourself out. I won't stop you.
I am so happy I decided not to purchase the car in the video this time last year - when I test drove the M5, the best mileage I received was 11mpg (highway) which was a definite deal breaker. The guy in the video is seeing 7.7mpg city - OMG!
Hi friends, I have a friend looking for a nice trail mule. It needs to be very reliable and gentle. This friend is 70 yrs old and wants a "good strong" mule to ride and enjoy. A gaited mule would be wonderful but not a deal breaker if not. This mule would have the BEST of homes. He is located in Central TX. Thanks ahead of time!!
FYI for those that have been inquiring on taking me on a date, so you know a big deal breaker for this woman is if you don't workout also we will NEVER be official unless my significant other is drinking Shakeology. JUST SAYIN ;-))
Hello! My name is Christina. I've lived in Charlotte, NC my whole life, and I just got back from being an exchange student in Germany. I do aerial and bikram yoga. I love to garden and crochet. I started horseback riding when I was 7. I watch The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy. I'm a vegan. That sounds like a deal breaker to some people, but really it only means that we won't be splitting a pizza. Others have labeled me a hippie, and I'm fine with that! I want to be a nutrition major. Cooking and (trying to) meal-prep is a big part of my life now, and I plan on continuing to cook at App. I share! The cello is my main instrument, but I also play string bass and bass guitar. I don't look like it yet, but I'm an avid gym goer. I have 1 dog, fish, 7 hermit crabs, and 2 rats. I'd like to attend parties and have fun on weekends, but I've also been known to Netflix binge. I'm outgoing and up for whatever my roommate would like to do. I love trying new things, meeting new people, and getting out of my comfort . ...
I am participating in obstacle course challenges and am looking for a great match between rider and horse. In search of a horse with the following traits: • Smooth gaits, would love a soft slow lope • Ability to navigate obstacles, on a wooden bridge, over logs, open gates, walk up to a barrel, gate, etc. • Likes trails • Friendly, loving, not hot • 15H Under if possible (not a deal breaker) • The obvious, no buck, no bite, no bolt, no rear • Side passing a plus • Not arena or buddy sour is a super plus, plus
first come first served... *** I might even PAY you to take them!! 1 Pointer/Pittie (1year), 1 pittie puppy (6 months), 1 Boston/Staffie (18 months). shoot, if it's a deal breaker, I will throw in my own personal 1 yr old Boxer mix! argh! my sofa table just flew across the kitchen! :/.
Reviews (good AND bad) for a residential cleaning service? I know many individuals have their own business, but I am strictly interested in those who are bonded, licensed and insured. I am also very interested in those that "clean green", but it's not a deal breaker. Thanks!
Sooo I think its time to get a new phone.I am not happy about this at all I enjoy my slider phone its simple efficient and sleek! Obviously I'm the only one who shares my views but I have agreed to a slight upgrade my only deal breaker requirement is that it must have buttons I don't want an all touch screen! I might as well just get a jitterbug now and get it over with!
Not a deal breaker, as long as he loves me & is faithful & he doesn't mind me getting older. Sounds like this can be my
If a girl takes Advil instead of's a deal breaker...
What would be a deal breaker for you, regarding the opposite sex?
So I'm trying to keep the baby asleep so I can pack and the kids come in the house all loud opening and closing doors, my boyfriend yells for them and starts his obnoxious truck, but he stayed asleep. Then I go to grab my kindle off the couch and THAT was the deal breaker... lol what the ***
Just remember ladies summer is around the corner so that means flip flops and sandle weather and never ever forget hammer toe is a deal breaker
Fellas, if a woman you are dating has a fake booty it looks nice, you can't tell it's fake, but then you two decide to take it to the next level (sex) and her butt doesn't feel how it looks. What would you do in this situation? Is this something she should have disclose in the beginning? Is it a deal breaker and you don't talk to her anymore??
I considered running tonight despite the rain. The lightning was the deal breaker. There's always tomorrow.
Is it too much to ask that a woman is healthy? What part of "not interested in illegal drugs, it's a deal breaker" is hard to understand? Why waste my time or theirs?? It seems almost every woman I date drinks to excess, smokes pot, takes anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds, or something similar. Is there a physically, mentally and spiritually healthy single woman in this world??? Add in sweet, sexy, loving, and God-fearing and THAT is what I call a BEAUTIFUL woman. I "almost" give up. Ugh.
Ladies: Would it be a deal breaker if the man you were dating made 3x your salary?
looking for a vehicle (preferably an SUV-style, but not a deal breaker), runs, in good shape, safe!, will last a while longer, fairly low mileage...would like to not spend anymore than $5,000...if anyone knows of anything, let me know! *Side note, yes, I've looked on Uncle Henrys, no, nothing good came up.*
Time Sensitive! $25 Sign up ending in a few days! SO EXCITED FOR EVERYONE THAT HAS JOINED MY FUN LIFE!!! What a life changing deal breaker for everyone!! We sure have the best deal guaranteed WORLDWIDE!!! If you are sitting on the fence waiting for something to happen, you had better jumpoff and join now. offers one of the highest paid Compensation Plans in the industry. With our new Comp Plan changes, we will be paying over 73% to our Team for sharing our amazing products with their friends and family! And...we added a Bonus Pool for EACH qualified Member to earn as the ENTIRE company grows!. *ONLY FIVE MORE DAYS* MAKE SURE YOU SIGN UP NOW IF YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT! $25 SIGN UP ENDING IN FIVE DAYS!!! LET’S GET IT STARTED!!! NEED TO REFRESH YOUR MEMORY ON THIS FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY, FILL IN THE REQUIRED INFORMATION (NAME, NUMBER AND EMAIL) SO I CAN REACH YOU MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT.
I have a question for the readers out there. (Writers are welcome to chime in, as well.) When you are reading a story and there are glaring inaccuracies about the setting, how big of a deal breaker is it for you? Examples: Scottsdale, AZ being referred to as a podunk town with nothing to do but hang out at a rundown bowling alley or Bozeman, MT being in the middle of a desert surrounded by miles and miles of sand dunes.
So Jarod gets transferred to the new hospital (facility) last night around 8PM...he gets a double room with a roommate and was told he could have a private room.Deal breaker one.then they take him to get weighed at 5AM and at that time some wonderful thoughtful person steals his two day old ipad (gift from his cousin and family). Deal breaker number two.I asked for hand sanitizer for use per the doctor at the first and second hospital.I was told to wash our hands.Deal breaker three.I'm headed to the administration office right now.
Anyone wanna sell any IG stuff? looking for basilisks. lemen russ's. sentinals, etc. basically any vehicles except chimeras. also i would pay a good price for any assembled/unassembled infantry and heavy wep teams i wont have to strip/repair. unpainted preferable for all of the above but not a deal breaker on the vehicles
Johnna Davis. Over it, found the deal breaker. Yep I flipped the switch.
If you buy a pizza ticket from us for $5 unlimited pizza, Mitchel Barthel will give you his number and a chance to go on a date!! It's a deal breaker!!
Is a hand washing sink that isn't hands free a deal breaker?
ISO: I'm looking for an 18-18.5 close contact saddle. Must have a long flap. An adjustable gullet would be a plus (but not a deal breaker). My price range will depend on the saddle. I would prefer a Pessoa or Toulouse, but I'll look at any brand so long as it is made well and the leather is good quality. I am very seriously looking! Please feel free to pm me or comment bellow. Thank you in advance!
Question 4: What's your pet peeve that's a deal breaker in a relationship??
What is a deal breaker for when it comes to a relationship?
Question, is this a deal breaker? U find the perfect person and you love them. But there is one catch, this persons bff is a clown, like a clown the whole time (as in big nose and white skin) he is going to live with u guys, he is well behaved but Is this a deal breaker? Call us at (480) 655 0907
Happy Hump Day! Today's Question stemming from yesterday's discussion: How much does it matter if a potential boo/date/jumpoff whatever you wanna call it cooks or not? Should this person be cooking for you in the early stages of getting to know each other? Is it a deal breaker if they tell you they hate cooking or they don't have time to cook or if they just can't dang cook?
Hey Associates of Doom, people wanting to become Associates of Doom, people who are or know someone who is looking for a cool summer opportunity: Puffs of Doom is looking to hire 2 Market Managers for our Summer Farmers Markets. We are looking for people who are timely, trustworthy, responsible, dependable, fun, interested in farmers markets, fabulous and want to become a part of the Doom Crew. People will preferably have their own car but it is not a deal breaker. If you or someone you know fits this description -- hit me up with a dm or email!
Last time Jimmy Johns forgot my pop, this time they forget my mayo packets.. not a deal breaker, just annoying
15 days until this Miss becomes a Mrs.! 15 reasons I chose Kyler Berezay 1. He loves disney (an obvious deal breaker!) 2. He lets me teach him new dance moves 3. He dances with me 4. He supports me in my dance dreams 5. He makes me uncontrollably laugh 6. We can be goofy together 7. Even though It embarrasses me, I love when he serenades me in song 8. The light of Christ shines through him 9. He is a hard worker 10. He puts those in need before himself 11. He helps me be a better person 13. He listens to me.sometimes 14. His spontaneity and adventurous side 15. I love him and he loves me
I wanna dawg. Not no kilker breeds not no bigg *** horse dawg. Justa regla dawg, a mutt like me. for free, house broken helps, not a deal breaker. Must have Bar skills thassa deal breaker. Must be able to drive or at least read a map . Hit me back
Various Harlan Coben books. If you have never read him, he is wonderful! He will catch you from the first couple pages! Gone for Good, Long Lost, There will be No Second Chance, One False Move, The Final Detail, Hold Tight, The Woods, Darkest Fear, Play Dead, Just One Look, Promise Me, Live Wire, Deal Breaker, Fade Away, Drop Shot. Asking $20.00. Located in Landaff, NH.
Hello Sharon Betts, Your digital library loan has ended. If you purchase Deal Breaker: The First Myron Bolitar Novel from the Kindle Store or borrow it again from your local library, all of your notes and highlights will be preserved. Again - love technology
I just finished "Deal Breaker" by Harlan Coben. This is the first Myron Bolitar novel (published in 1995) and it is wonderful. I've read several Bolitar novels before and enjoy them very much. If you like a "who done it" with lots of colorful characters, a logical plot and a great conclusion, read this book or any of the other Bolitar stories. First rate.
finished Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben and gave it 5 stars
The debut of Myron Bolitar, a hotheaded, tenderhearted sports agent and one of the most fascinating and complex heroes in suspense fiction, Deal Breaker is a page-turning classic from Edgar Awardâwinner and master storyteller Harlan Coben.  âOne of the most engaging heroes in mystery fiction.ââDennis Lehane  Sports agent Myron Bolitar is poised on the edge of the big time. So is...
Nice! I highly recommend his Myron Bolitar series. It begins with Deal Breaker. Otherwise, Tell No One is brilliant too :)
Five "Deal Breaker" songs? The five songs that, if someone doesn't dig them, you pretty much know they do not share your aesthetic. "Waterloo Sunset", "Caroline No", "Judy Is A Punk", "I Got A Right" and "Only Love Can Break Your Heart".
You are looking for a good surgeon, not a person who is competent with the computer. If you disagree with the surgeon's aesthetics then get another...
^is desperate and at wits end! I'm disgusted.I said I wasn't gonna ever trade you in because I loved you but.The Yukon must go... I have ant bites on my arm, my leg, my fingers, and my *** (that's the deal breaker) Raid is my current air freshener and perfume.. *** man? So this weekend on my shopping I go because I can't deal! I didn't know how to break the news to my hubby so since fb is the gossip mill...
"To date someone who sings while he cooks in his pyjamas before I go to sleep" Yes, YES please. This is my deal breaker.
I need a support system not someone telling me on on the edge of a cliff and that this is a deal breaker.
Relationships (marriage, business, etc) break up when they are too comfortable.
Cargo shorts are a deal breaker, fellas! Come on
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