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Dead Presidents

Dead Presidents is a 1995 American crime film written by Michael Henry Brown and also written, produced and directed by the Hughes brothers (Albert and Allen Hughes), starring Larenz Tate, Keith David, Chris Tucker, Freddy Rodriguez, N'Bushe Wright and Bokeem Woodbine.

Larenz Tate Harriet Tubman Lorenz Tate Chris Tucker Bokeem Woodbine Terrence Howard New Jack City Clifton Powell Terrance Howard

Only thing that gets my attention is dead presidents
4 US Presidents were shot dead. Corollary is that being is worse than being dead. http…
Dead Presidents (1995) is criminally underrated. Not even available on BLU, feel like should remedy this.
Was definitely in Dead Presidents. Also in Grid Locked with 2pac and Tim Roth (your uncle)
"No disrespect," Dead Presidents have nothing to with the times we are living in now.Tired of hearing the comparisons because there are none
All thirty eight dead US presidents are turning in their graves 🙂🙃
US Constitution does not mention the "popular vote" as how US Presidents are elected. Flogging dead horse achieves nothing.
Person: "We should extend term limits for great presidents!". Every President Including Dead Ones: "No thanks!"
Even dead Presidents can be correct
Favourite US holidays are the ones named after dead presidents.
are you dead or alive? Nigerians need u to address us! This post frm Whitehouse denies calling u.
I'll take "What do millennials and dead presidents have in common?" for $200
I love it when dead Presidents bicker.
Man how y'all acting on Presidents' Day!? We spending all them dead presidents with only respect 😂🤑
Out of all the presidents we've ever had Donald Trump not even top 5 dead or alive racists Tbh.
MAANNN AM I GLAD I DIDNT HAVE WORK TODAY, CUZ ID BE DEAD💀 . So perfect how they scheduled to be before…
stop dead presidents is a dead *** classic and will be his best song I'm not tryna take away anything from those songs
Thinking about them dead presidents 😬💵💰
Dead presidents is hovs best song ever next to 99 problems and big pimpin
Bump some throwback logic while driving to where ever I go today . Man of the year . Dead presidents , ballin , 5 A…
I want a down to earth female who serious about them dead presidents
you can try my all time favorites, I am sure you have watched them. Menace II Society. Friday. Dead Presidents . Boyz N Da Hood
Bokeem Woodbine in Dead Presidents looks just like Mike Singletary...Where is the lie?
Terence Howard's role in Dead Presidents is the beginning of him getting type cast lol. This perm & the usage of mayne. I'm dead af.
another black war movie is Dead Presidents and a semi black war movie Hamburger Hill
just finished reading the graphic novel Deadpool Vol. 1: Dead Presidents by Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan.
In the zone listening to "Dead Presidents" by Tony George. Special Ops Warfare vol. I - Team Mason
I'm bugging how I forget about Dead Presidents & New Jack City
The rage Lorenz Tate had when he choked out Juanita (twice) in Dead Presidents is just…. Wo…
Yup, I bought that Dead Presidents maxi-single and came off of the $4 at Sam Goody.
Jim Webb is trending, which means there's a decent chance he killed a man & started carrying his head around like Cleon in Dead Presidents.
Harriet T on the $20. All the rappers will need to update lyrics on "getting stacks of dead presidents"
Our money now represents a hand full of "dead presidents" & a fearless old lady who risked her life for the sake of freedom!
I like today because I get presents from the dead presidents.
Dead Presidents is a rap song black people reference. They call dollars dead presidents.
Very glad some Leftists are admitting DemParty was/is the SlaveParty, but civilians in the Dead Presidents club? No. https:…
I just want them dead presidents.and I guess Harriet Tubman 🤔💸
Pretty sure all of those dead presidents were perverts.
Presidents gotta be dead before they go on money right?
FYI "dead presidents" was never accurate. Neither Franklin nor Hamilton were POTUS.
*Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20*. *Nas goes to studio*. "I'm out for dead presidents and Harriet Tubman to represent me"
FB comment: "Only dead presidents should be on the dollar. He (Harriet Tubman) should die before he gets to be on it.". Oh my god.
With Harriet Tubman entering the currency game, I can't talk about stacking dead presidents anymore
If Harriet becomes the new face of the twenty dollar bill Americans will no longer be able to say they got a pocket full of dead presidents
Today in 1994 Nas drops debut. Jay-Z loves it, samples Illmatic on first 2 LPs. Dead Presidents. Rap Game/Crack Game http…
"Son back when I was your age the bills had dead presidents on them so that's why Jay...y'know what take ya young *** on som…
You can no longer say 'dead presidents' and refer to money. Now it's 'dead significant people in our history'.
Trying to work out how Trump / jeff goldblum learn to summon centuries dead ex presidents
Jay-Z will now need to re-write dead presidents to accommodate Harriet Tubman on the $20
Take your Benjamins and strike your kite with lightening showers. Folded dead presidents, reveal planes striking towers - Apathy
Ask obama if i know about them presidents, keep them dead *** resting in my money clip 😴
"I was trying to get it how I live, I want them dead Presidents (and Harriet Tubman)"
Walking Dead Presidents would some quality cinema.
Hopefully now people can stop dying over dead presidents and start living for people who helped make our way of life possible.
Dead presidents all of em my friends
fact: there is an abandoned theme park filled with giant decaying statues of dead US presidents
Nothing against Harriet Tubman but I can't call money dead presidents anymore 😕
Benjamin Franklin and Harriet Tubman are making it REAL difficult to refer to money as 'dead presidents'.
Once dead presidents now dead abolitionists
If niggaz say their out for dead presidents never respect it for of all BEN FRANKLIN was never elected !
I'm looking for dead presidents to represent me
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Can't say dead presidents no more. "I got some dead presidents and a runaway, ayeee"
No more Dead Presidents. will be on the $20 Bill
Will rappers now brag about the 'dead *** in their pockets instead of 'dead presidents'?
Bills are reserved for dead Presidents!
After all these years I only just clocked that dead presidents is a metaphor for a dollar bill :/
THE DEPARTED. GRAVITY. MARKED FOR DEATH. DEAD PRESIDENTS. BOUND. All the best movies get released on my birthday weekend
The only green I'm worried about on 4/20 has dead presidents on it 💵💸
Commenter: "Now we can't say 'Dead Presidents' anymore!". Me: "Franklin wasn't a president.". Commenter: "You're an *** "…
$500,000 to Afghanistan of Dead Presidents should be given to the veterans of the Usa I'm just saying. Changing the news EZ
Like how exciting is it to be able to say we lived in the time that money could be referred to as "dead presidents." shout out
Between her, Hamilton & Franklin, the popular "Dead Presidents" slang term for money would be more inaccurate than ever.
American currency is nicknamed Dead Presidents for a reason, not dead presidents featuring this one lady that wasnt president
*** can't call money Dead Presidents no more
suddenly, "Dead Presidents" in both film and music are even more retro
I only want dead presidents on my bills 💯
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
No more dead presidents but dead slaves.
This country is falling apart with history being erased and dead presidents being disrespected.
Should we stop calling cash "dead presidents" when 3 of the 6 denominations in general use aren't former POTUS?
Change for a $20: Tubman to replace Jackson on new bills. I like dead presidents on my paper money.
Dead Presidents: An American Adventure Into the Strange Deaths and Surprising Afterlives of Our Nation's Leaders in
Love the Dead Presidents production. Solid drums, and great use of sampling from those Lonnie Liston Smith keys!
ROBBER: Fill the bag with ALL the dead presidents! I see them 100s. CLERK: Yes but Franklin was never actually presiden…
2007 at a Halloween party. That's me in a Dead Presidents costume & janetjackson was…
Banned from TV, Can't stop Won't Stop, Dead Presidents, Made you look.
Dead presidents are the best presidents
Cant knock the hustle still stacking dead presidents
Hear no evil see no evil all I see is dead presidents 💵💵💵
Hear no evil,. See no evil,. I just see dead presidents
Counting all these dead presidents is motivational. 💵💰
Dead presidents or you can call it currency
So tired of Media, pundits & GOP candidates talking about DEAD presidents . NOBODY CARES. Be present & focus on the future
Photo of 5 living U.S. presidents. I figured posting a photo of dead ones would be morbid.
Who needs a man when I got dead presidents?
Bought a safe to put them dead presidents in
For them dead presidents we will start digging graves !
Dead Presidents flavor on the portrait
Lol Dawg where can i get that track Dead presidents??? i swear thats gona be SA's Biggest track SICK!!!
boys n the hood, menace society, dead presidents, I honestly have a lot of favorite hood movies, too much to name.☹️
I used to be dead broke, now my bank full of dead presidents.
My version of dead presidents it's not just a brand it's a way of life!
Don't hit me if it ain't about them dead presidents 💸
I talked DEAD PRESIDENTS with on yesterday. Fantastic questions from listeners. Listen here:
Show some respect for these dead presidents... Money talks, so get a load of this Mandela speech...
The video I shot debuted this morning on Check out the foxy spies and giant dead presidents:
These two new cuts are honestly some of the greatest music he's made in years
Friday -- a good day for Day of the Dead Presidents.
Larenz Tate just walked in looked just like he did in Dead make up though.
On the contrary, eating "dead presidents," as popular culture is accustomed to calling it, has plenty of nutritional value!
Dead presidents adopted me and there's no family ties 💀
Just watched dead presidents for the first time.
"All i see is dead presidents, I'm the new Graça ". 😫😩🔥🔥. -
I don't get when people say they "want dead presidents" instead of saying money. The person on the bill you want, wasn't a president lol
Listen to Lil Troy X Rashawn PG Sosa - Dead Presidents (Prod.Kid Fresh) by Lil'Troy Forever on
Me & my brova For those who don't know, Produced DEAD PRESIDENTS' for Jay Z & more…
Only thing im chasing is dead presidents 💸
Just watched the movie "Dead Presidents" if I ever thought about robbing a bank or joining the military.I sure as f…
Im sorry obama but my favorite presidents are dem dead ones 💰❗️
They say the only presidents that matter is the DEAD ONE'S
Love we question it, but hate is evident, and people that have never voted will betray you for dead presidents
The term "dead presidents" refers to US money but it's usually used for the 100 dollar bill which has Ben Franklin on it who was never pres.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Car service, dead presidents, Digital Dash, Heart of the City, Power
down and out is crazy, Devil in a new dress, dead presidents
I want some cheesecake. I want some dead presidents. 😎
Dead Presidents has to be up there. Also Make It Rain ..has to be Scott Storchs greatest beat
People lust for woman, drugs, whatever .. My weakness is money . I'm a slave to the dead presidents.
I'm in love with these dead presidents 😩🙌
Happy ! I'll be posting some of the best costumes! Hash tag Dead Presidents or tag me! 🎃🎃
(Herb Scott) playing for those Dead Presidents last night at Happy…
Jay Z, AZ, Biggie, Dame Dash & others playing Monopoly with real money in the Dead Presidents video.
I wanted to fight Bokeem Woodbine after Dead Presidents tho it was his fault they got hemmed up!
Brick Squad Monopoly group, Fetti Gang, sits down with DJ Smallz and decode their new mixtape, "Dead Presidents...
5 years to the date i was facing 40 years in Leavenworth . That's when i felt like Lorenz Tate in Dead Presidents
Drake donating that money to that school was like when Clifton Powell was leaving Larenz Tate crib on Dead Presidents.
Dead presidents that's all my people need-Jideena
Set of kids reaping the benefits, not money chasing and counting dead presidents
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
start with Dead Presidents. That's the start of Duggan and Posehn's run.
Ion like dead bodies but dead presidents on my dollars? I like them.
Have an extra ticket to Live Wire for the dead presidents tonight.
. No just Trump City. The Donald doesn't like to share the spotlight with dead Presidents.
Tonight is the night! The Dead Presidents Tour invades Tickets ➜
As long as I can ball on my own ? Fast enough . Too each is own . Dead presidents will rep, me !
Couple dead presidents in my pocket
When I met Bill Clinton I was seventeen. But dead presidents is all my *** need
Go get that tape dead presidents 2 mymixtapes
Certified by Guru & Bilal off Streetsoul, SMUCKERS by T, Ye & Weezy, Dead Presidents II by Hov, You Can Do It Too by P, Pupil by Internet
. Listen to Yp & Mac Dub Dead Presidents by DeeSaVv on
DEAD PRESIDENTS . - - Check out seriously this funny joke from down under! .
Laid off for two weeks point me to the Dead Presidents cause I don't know what laid off is
Picture me now you thought i was a innocent child, dead presidents represent me.
If you gotta pocket full of 100s that's not a pocket full of dead presidents
Update your maps at Navteq
Im jus tryna get it how i live , i want them dead presidents 💸💸💸💸
In a all a black truck like da president , skr the only thing I know is Dead Presidents 👿
Now all I see is dead presidents got a sixth sense
Man the first verse of dead presidents II is perfection
I count them dead presidents everyday my *** 💸
your friends can't be real if they ain't tell you look like Terrance Howard off "Dead Presidents" in ya avi 😂😂😂
Once a part of the Race for the Times intro !!. before it was used in Dead Presidents.
Salute! one of the best actors of a generation -- Biker Boyz, Crash, A Man Apart, Dead Presidents, Love Jones, Menace to Society
Didn't that joint 'Dead Presidents' with Larenz Tate take place in Baltimore?
When you get life you gotta give that rant Larenz Tate gave at the end of 'Dead Presidents' and then throw your chair at the judge..
If I was Aaron Hernandez I would of went out like Larenz Tate in Dead Presidents
“Lookin *** "Ciara & her new dude like Bokeem Woodbine in Dead Presidents 😂
Terrence Howard was hella pretty in Dead Presidents
Huck has how much?!? Gee golly willackers, Dead Presidents and Secretary of Treasury
A little Dead Presidents with Larenz Tate and me for this
Electronic Device Insurance
I got his jacket and skully on like Larenz Tate on Dead Presidents when Cutty punched him down the stairs
Terrance Howard has been a cornball to me since he tried to cheat Larenz Tate in the pool game in "Dead Presidents". Lol
Why is Terrence Deshawn Howard talking like Mr. From The Color Purple and Kirby from Dead Presidents' lovechild?
Terrence Howard will rock a roller set! The new show Empire, Dead Presidents and Hustle & Flow.
Are you interested in some Dead Presidents? Check out the Lonnie Liston Smith Sample in action by: Sean Roman -...
Famous African Americans born on December 4 Jay-Z (Rap mogul whose first hit "Dead Presidents," became an international success, and he has since won 19 Grammy Awards and sold over 75 million albums worldwide. His albums Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and The Black Album were all featured on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. His success in music led him to launch a record label and a clothing line, become a partial owner of the Brooklyn Nets, and found the 40/40 Club) (45) Tyra Banks (a former actress and model who is one of the world's most influential people, she created the television series America's Next Top Model and True Beauty. She also hosted The Tyra Banks Show from 2005 to 2010) (41) Orlando Brown (actor who is most notable for portraying Raven's friend Eddie on the hit Disney series That's So Raven. He also made appearances on such shows as Family Matters, Lizzie McGuire and Sister, Sister) (27) Tony Todd (actor with a gravely voice and at 6'5" frame, he w ...
*** how did I forget Chris Tucker was in the Dead Presidents movie ?
That *** Anthony (Larenz Tate) should have smoked that Pimp dude on "Dead Presidents"...he was too disrespectful
Ok not too many people can compete with Hov but Cole's Dead Presidents. 🔥
Walk On By - Isaac Hayes was the main reason I fell in love with the movie Dead Presidents
When Lorenz Tate found out Clifton Powell was hitting his old lady in Dead Presidents
Watched the Inkwell last night & now watching Dead Presidents. In conclusion, Lorenz Tate is a vampire.
Can we get some more black films the from the 90s here's a few examples: The Tuskegee Airmen, Dead Presidents, Friday thanks
Shaking a chick like Larenz Tate did in Dead Presidents is the farthest I'd go lol
Dead Presidents: Garfield - James Garfield was the 20th president of the United States. This is a moment...
Order Miche Bag Online!
I didn't understand what cole meant at the end of Dead Presidents II till i signed my loan.
Challenge in Dead Island Riptide completed: Undead Presidents - Loot $100 000 more
& im so paranoid I got my strap out , cause its too many dead presidents in this dam house . cus I love this durty moneeey durty monney . I LOVE Elijah Walker VERSE ON THIS SONG... HE TRYED SINGING LOL .
did jfk rise from the dead and tell u that? JFK is still considered one of the greatest presidents whether he cheated or not lol
You owe me 500 dead white presidents
“All these dead presidents bussin out the Trueeys”gotta stay true to my religion
All these dead presidents bussin out the Trueeys
walking around w/ dead presidents in bills & metal coins. How does it make sense? You can already tap phones in Africa...
Rip the homies. my only friends are dead presidents
RIP all the dead presidents I spent on weed this year
Dead presidents speak for me, good girls be some freaks for me.
Definitely is Remy an Dead presidents. . Wish you still was
I don't rap for dead presidents! I'd rather see the president dead Eminem
Money's just paper no need to stress over some dead presidents hmu if need the green -THE KING
My pockets filled with dead presidents 💵💸💯
Only thing I trust is dead presidents
DC is a nice place to visit like we have all the dead presidents statues and stuff! Jk DC's really boring lmao
I got a pocket full of dead presidents I'mma bring them alive riding shotgun with that K on the side
Still excited that my "Dead Presidents" side project is featured in Get some prints: ht…
See em lyin thru they teeth they bite there tongues on soundcloud
My pockets a graveyard cause its full of dead presidents 💲💵💰💯
Out for dead presidents , VP's and delegates ...
Sleep isn't as important when u get familiar wit dead presidents
And when I'm feeling lonely I just dig in my pockets for dead presidents!
Mounts of dead presidents and I ain't talking Rushmore
Today's comic book haul. Bee and Puppycat, Deadpool "Dead Presidents", and Rat Queens.
Dead Presidents is by far the coldest instrumental to this day.
Yesss Reasonable Doubt was just life ! Can I live , Can't knock the hustle, D'evils, Dead Presidents ! Wtfff
Larenz Tate whooped Terrence Howard *** with that pool stick in "Dead Presidents" lmao
There is a Jay Z lyric from "Dead Presidents" that goes "it was all good just a week ago," and we can't help but call it to mind when thinking about this current "beef" between Kevin Hart and Mike ...
Ski Beatz has cooked up some major production heaters for Jay Z ("Dead Presidents"), The Outsidaz ("Rah Rah"), and Curren$y ("Michael Knight"). The North Carolina producer (who also rhymed back…
I thought about something funny the other day. As many anti-drug programs that I was exposed to as a kid like D.A.R.E; I'll say seeing characters like "Pookie" from "New Jack City", Leonardo Dicaprio from "Basketball Diaries" and Chris Tucker from "Dead Presidents" scared me into never going anywhere near drugs lol. Chris Tucker's eyes in "Dead Presidents" when they find him gave me nightmares for weeks lol.
"Im at where Im at and ill be where ill be. If I gotta go where every *** want me to be ill be confused" lol I forgot Chris Tucker played in Dead Presidents. I love the old school movies. Got a thin line between love and hate and lean on me on deck.
When Chris Tucker punched Bokeem Woodbine out the chair on Dead Presidents. "You ole fake a$$ wannabe preacher no member having mutha;:%€£+"! That is to funny . There are a couple of folk I want to punch like that...LOL!
Shoutout to the marketing director for Russian Media Group showing love to my | Dead Presidents | Video!
How to Fight All the Dead Presidents: Author Daniel O'Brien on his special historical knowledge and why Ulysses S. Grant is "sort of ...
It's a race for them Dead Presidents
BULLITIN! WWE Corporate Take Over!! Shane Over Throws Family To Take Control!!! MannyG (not really, just slow news day) I saw a report on Shane and Stephanie McMahon on current stock holdings through WWE. It seems that currently Shane McMahon owns 1,541,224 shares of WWE stock, that is reported to be over $35 million. Stephanie McMahon had sold a great deal of stock holdings last year and reportedly owns 661,678 shares of WWE stock, that amounts to about $14 million currently. No word on the holdings of Stephanie's wife,, I mean husband Paul Levesque aka Triple H.. Oh wait! According to the bleacher report (b/r) back in 2011, it had listed Triple H's worth at about 25 million Simoleons, that is late 1800's early 1900's terms, other terms include,, Smackers, Moolah, Loot, Lettuce, Greenbacks, Clams, Chedder, Bread, Big Ones, Bills, Dough, Dead Presidents, Donuts, Loot, Scratch, Sawbucks and the always popular shorter term Bucks!! Sorry, I kinda drifted there, (again). Have a Nice Day Everybody! : )
Home Thank God . Got my Popeyes gonna make it a gangsta movie night ...Goodfellas ... Scare Face ...Bronx Tale ... & Dead Presidents
The Hope So I was reading a post (Daren SoopaMan Davis) and it made mention as to why isn't the television programming for being geared in a positive direction. He mentioned that the films being shown were Dead Presidents, Menace II Society and Boys N Da Hood; all being played at the same *** time (Future voice). In response I posted, if I were the program director and I am of the ruling class, why would I show anything else. I would keep making both you and the masses believe that all YOUR people are savages, born and bred to live a life of squalor; destined to be forever remembered as slaves and break YOUR spirit by depicting the struggle that you're trying to overcome. So first up, show the violence and ignorance. Next on deck, slavery...! That's right! It's and this is all you know, been taught or care to remember. Tell Robert in marketing to run the commercials for Roots, 12 Years a Slave, The Butler, Queen, A Time to Kill, Mississippi Burning, etc. Have you at the movie theater or at home fired up . ...
Fina watch either Belly, Boyz in the hood, Dead Presidents, Juice, Menace to Society, New Jack City or New Jersey Drive lol
In the spirit of I present a question to all of you. What are some of your favorite movie soundtracks? I'll start with Judgement Night , Juice , Dead Presidents , Natural Born Killers , Pulp Fiction and the Big Chill as personal favorites of mine. Alright go.
Movies that'll change your life. . Juice, Menace II Society, Boyz n the hood, Dead Presidents.
watching Dead Presidents again , how good is the commentary combo?! Give them some sort of award!
Jay-Z - Dead Presidents (Santino Remix) One of my favorite throwback Thursday tracks.
I just left UK, I just left Paris Me and Chief So, we was countin' dead presidents
Smoking a blunt watchin dead presidents... . Chillin with the cousins
Sittin here watchin dead presidents. Realized this is one of my fav movies
My pockets full of dead presIdents nelson Mandela $$$
Pockets full of dead presidents like MT. Rushmore. . .
Just finish making some dead presidents and my home?
Dead presidents on wrapping... makers mark... its onnn... i need this soundtrack...godammmnnn...
Watchin Dead Presidents.dis 1 of my favorite parts Larenz Tate fina whoop Cowboy *** lol
- smh wide awake watching Dead Presidents
In a Dead Presidents movie kinda mood @ 3AM.So movie watching it tis.
They smell them dead presidents my pocket is a coffin
All theses dead presidents and u still ain't got no cash??? Lml
The exchange finally had dead presidents that's watsup
JAY Z performs "Dead Presidents" and "Can I Live?" live from the opening concert series for Barclays Center. More episodes of JAY Z ▻
A 90's era crime drama about a Vietnam veteran who makes an adjustment to a life of crime in order to provide for his family. Directed by Albert and Allen Hughes. Movie - Dead Presidents
Listen to Samocan / Dead Presidents by BYRON BARS | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
"Im out for dead presidents to represent me" ~The World Is Yours
I'm out for Dead Presidents 2 represent me.
Dead presidents?? I put em in my pockets right next to the condoms.. homie
I'm out for dead presidents to represent me !
All these dead presidents won't be surprised if one came alive..
Residents of indefinite dead Presidents in my basement.
For them dead PRESIDENTS,we will start digging graves...swear to God i aint nervous
I'm out for Dead Presidents to Represent me 󾓤󾓤 At Job
Gotta get these dead presidents all of them lol
Dead Presidents 3 by Jay Z shoulda been on MCHG
celebrating dead presidents and stuffing ourselves with food are our holidays, *Only in America*
Cj acting out dead presidents in the 2012
Dead Presidents...its Funny How it All relates but they still hate the Fact.
My best friends are dead presidents.
Watching Dead presidents and Harlem Nights, two films every Black man, woman and child should watch
Why are dead presidents coming to me in my dreams?!?! Aah they callin' me lol
Pocket full of dead presidents sounds better than pocket full of diba's...
Double today making those dead presidents come to life
Nas's Dead presidents track which nas took back from jay-z(plz ppl i can just send the rack to every person find it in nas's Mixtape "the prophecy vol.1)
Watch Dead Presidents online for free on Flash host, a 1995 movie streaming,
Watching dead presidents, confused about everything, thinking bout stuff and my life, mind running 1000 mph
Up watching dead presidents gettin hungry bout to go out for a early breakfast
People killing people over dead presidents
I'm out for dead presidents to represent me. NAS- the world is yours
Gotta pocket full of dead presidents.!!
I'm out fa dead presidents to represent me.
I love these dead presidents i keep them on me :)
Forget dead presidents. Put artists and musicians on money. The real people who make you "rich".
I'm out for dead presidents 2 represent me.. hit this clock tho!
I'm bringing home dead presidents that my house feels like it's haunted
Watching Dead Presidents never seen this ish a day in my life. I'm like this right now lmao. 󾍚󾍚󾍚󾍓
Dead presidents one of my favorite movies.. I probably said that already.. But word it is
got 'Dead Presidents' on my playlist. only listen to G's that other ths I dont hear.
All these dead presidents from these juug plays every *** day 4 me is juug day
Deadpool: Dead Presidents is by far the funniest thing I've read all year.
Ya i hustle dead presidents call that returns of the dead
It's all about the dead presidents.
I'm out for dead presidents to represent me ..
Watchin Dead Presidents before I hit these edits and Kirby was a gangsta
Im out for dead presidents to represent me ,,presidents
Out. Let's make stack dead presidents
󾓤 I love them dead presidents, they stay with me like residents. 󾭻
Am I the only one who prefers dead presidents 2 to dead presidents???
I'm out for dead presidents that represent me ! (whoz wooorld is this...)
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
"Dead presidents on dead money buying the wants for dead souls." -Louis Farrakhan
Hendoe dead presidents freestyle Directed by ontimefilms.
Up and can't sleep. Watching one of my best friend's Denise Caracter favorite movie. Dead Presidents. We use to watch this all the time wen we were younger. Such a Lorenz Tate lover. Lol. Miss you darling. We must be reunited soon.
I TOTALLY forgot I had this long journal entry about our trip this past summer! here it is! TLAWR – Summer 2013 “South Dakota—Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Custer State Park—Dead Presidents, Dead Generals, Dead Indians. They’ve Got it all Covered Here!” June 24-July 1, 2013 I’ve already posted a review of the KOA Kampground we stayed at while in the area, so I thought I’d just drop some thoughts and observations about our experience here. Knowing what to do with kids on a trip like this is sometimes (often?) a challenge. When I first start looking into where we can go and what we will do for TLAWR, the first thing that obviously comes to mind is, well, ME! Since I’m doing the planning and scheduling, I can’t help but first think if I will enjoy something or not. “Legoland? Nope!” “World’s Largest Shopping Mall? Nope!” “Home of the World’s Second Largest Ball of String? NOW we’re talkin’!” So, when I started thinking about going out west, I naturally thought ...
Ok, heard that a president's place is usually a residents pocket, keep em dead presidents coming, we trade they souls for all our needs
Dead Presidents is a righteous movie
My daughters mom use to come in the crib trying to argue. I'll turn on "Dead Presidents" x Jay Z. Can't eem hear what she talking bout.
Pocket full of dead presidents HISTORY ‼️
it's cool tho I get to count dead presidents 😎
I like the rain. It has no affiliation with Dead Presidents, I just really want a heavy storm so I can go stand outside in the rain
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