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Deacon John

Deacon John Moore (born 23 June 1941, New Orleans, Louisiana) better known as Deacon John is a blues, rhythm and blues and rock and roll musician, singer, and bandleader.

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Wouldn't you say drama is a natural part of dealing with other people? John Paul said it best, *** is other people.
First time John Deacon was mentioned. Right before SYW
Love that Brian introduced John Deacon's lovely song Spread Your Wings - this is a perfect place in the set list to…
John Deacon finally changed his profile pic
Employers offering food-related perks need to be mindful of unhealthy stress eating, new study shows via
Sixty years ago today Ivan Vaughan introduced two of his pals to one another. John, the elder, sang Come Go With Me; Paul…
Look, I ampere-fectly fine with just two likes on that lame pun.
Truly childish, I mean guys, voltage are you?
Sadly, he and drummer Roger Taylor are pretty much Queen now, bassist John Deacon retired in the lat…
Longer version of John Terry's initiation [andregreen_19 IG]
My beautiful friend John Blackwell passed away 2day Plz keep his family in prayer. He was amazing manLuv u my brother h…
Man, You will be missed.. John played with me on the first tour I ever did when I was 15 years…
By now, word has gotten out about the tragic loss of the great John Blackwell. He was a friend and an inspiration. What a pl…
young John Clerk drank 1 1/2 bottles of claret before addressing the court in the Deacon Brodie trial
Available now! The John Deacon Adventure Thrillers by available from Amazon.
Our kindergarten & 1st grade got a special treat when Deacon John joined them in the church to talk to them about t…
Deacon John, being music union Prez, pays for rehearsals. When E did his CD he also paid for rehearsals. Ethical.
'Who played bass on the personnel notes of the debut album?'. 'Deacon John!'. *flexes arms* I'm ready!
He has a Deacon John gig Sat. night, a private, a wedding I think.
Listen to musician Deacon John discuss the importance of Amistad in preparation of his performance for
BREAKING: Harriers can confirm the appointment of former midfielder John Eustace as the club’s new Manager.
I have a few personal ambitions for the band.
Hey fam, I'll be gettin' down with Deacon of Funk, John Gordon, tonight at the Bitter End in the…
Every Maylor fanfiction ever: John Deacon doesn't exist and Freddie ever walks in on them
John Delf posted this photo of Ashton on Instagram recently!
Queen’s Freddie Mercury & John Deacon, July 8 1973, rehearsing for their first major tour, by Michael Putland.
Happy There is only 1 planet for us to live on. Let's work together to take care of it. https:…
porky is hopeless any fool knows it was Rodger Taylor who the drummer in queen John Deacon bass guitar
Roger Taylor was the drummer in Queen, not John Deacon
& musician Deacon John joined Council in recognition of Nola one year anniversary as Smoke Free city
John Deacon of Queen wrote Another One Bites the Dust, not Prince! Smh
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Can someone go and check on Brian May and Roger Taylor pease? Oh and have a look in on John Deacon while you're at it. Thanks 🙏🏻🎤
Here he is! . Ladies and gentlemen, Mr John Deacon
Tune in to where I'll be speaking in 15 minutes (16:45) on the hot topics in
Prepping for a deacon training tonight. Sorry, but you totally asked for this John Stott…
Engelbert Humperdinck and Queen's John Deacon make music rich list
I love the photo at the Jubilee Mass with Bishop Frank bringing the Blessed Sacrament to one of the couples!
Brian May has £120 million. John Deacon has £100 million AND his dignity. I know who the winner is.
John Deacon has the world's largest collection of Harpo Marx memorabilia.
John Deacon, aged 28, from Great Britain, arrived in New York on May 15 1846, having embarked from Liverpool.
When you start out without a record nobody knows you, but if you have a rec...
If I had my way!!... I would have introduced Steve Morse, Sammy Hagar, the bassist from muse, John Deacon, Eric Clapton, George Harrison.
NFL fined Falcons $10K for a game in 1991, counting MC Hammer as "unauthorized personnel." What was Papa John?
Deacon John will be going into St Mary's Primary School tomorrow to Distribute Ashes to the children during a Liturgy of the Word service.
Under the Influence: John Deakin, Photography and the Lure of Soho by Robin Muir – review
Really hot time between Roger Taylor and John Deacon. .
I now Follow accounts who care about John Deacon. Really. And him having an appreciation day.
I love the P- Bass my fav love seeing John Deacon play one
John Terry as manager has just been suggested on the phone-in. . Good god, give me strength.
It *** this is the stuff that ppl who call pro-wrestling 100% fake never see or get through their head
Basically sort of like Stone Cold, Edge & Christian
Like he's cleared by outside doctors but WWE is looking at the possibility he gets concussions & other injuries again
"And you had that guy that played bass". So true, John Deacon ist einfach so da
Investment consultant shares insights on UK rates in his latest blog post
I'll probably make loads of plans, and then just sit around on my bottom al...
May the Lord keep all of our service members safe and help them all to return home soon.
I think I understand why John Deacon retired. Reached the peak of entertainment in the late 80s.
Remembering Allen Toussaint: Watch Irma Thomas and Deacon John speak about his legacy
Remembering Allen Toussaint: Irma Thomas and Deacon John on his legacy: Deacon John Moore an...
Remembering Allen Toussaint: Deacon John Moore and Irma Thomas reminisce about their friend,...
How many of your have arrived to work with a hangover? Learn how to address alcohol issues at work-17Nov
Love John Deacon's bass playing on Queen's "A Day at the Races". So classy and melodic.
Would Freddie and John 'really' want the Show to still go on? Queen's John Deacon not involved
When was the last time that you saw John Deacon?
John Deacon comes out of retirement & Paul Rodgers is frontman of Queen+ again.
John Leavitt my UK ancestors were here earlier than I thought. Runaway Taylor's Apprentice to Deacon
"He was a scholar and gentleman. I don't know where they would be if he hadn't written those songs." ~Deacon John Moore
"One thing I can say about him, is he helped a lot of people in this town." ~Deacon John Moore
Tbf I can cope with someone replacing John Deacon, but you either give it up when Mercury dies or at least change the name
John Deacon's smile is so contagious I love that man
Listening to Piece of My Heart by Deacon John's Jump Blues featuring Allen Toussaint and Teedy Bou on
Listening to Let the Good Times Roll / Feel So Good by Deacon John's Jump Blues ft. Allen Toussaint on
iTunes best selling album: Deacon John's Jump Blues: Music from the Film (CD) - Deacon John
We had another great Day with Deacon John and our loved 4 legged friends. many blessing given...
Deacon John is hilarious | Thank you twas a groovy happening | Next stop Couches! |…
Jazz great Deacon John to hit the Dew Drop Oct. 9: John Moore, or known for decades as Deacon John, will be backed…
Prayers today for our neighbouring parish of in Ash & for Fr Robin, Deacon John & all who worship there & Fr David Buckley RIP
Please remember Deacon John and Rosaline in your prayers today as they arrive at the shrine of St James the Apostle.
I hope my Father preaches today so we can have something to think of all week & I hope Deacon John is there
One of the great keyboard players & one of the wonderful New Orleans bands... Deacon John & the…
Big thanks for the Deacon John for the prayer service yesterday. Always great to see him and love his support. .
John Deacon was the bassist in Queen..
If God was real and had a voice, John Mayer is a top candidate for that.
Gone fishing... If you're looking for me :)
Did you know 55% of organisations prioritise member More about our research results on
You will live for ever. So sad that John Deacon does not want to join you guys and his name is getting forgotten.
Dr.Brian May is a legend. He and Roger Taylor gave blood to Freddie constantly to keep his memory alive without John Deacon.
"“John Deacon was sitting right next to me when ‘Good Times’ was recorded,” ...Nile Rodgers told Spin in 1997."
Please please find John Deacon. We want to see him again.
Deacon john from hong Kong is so tall like cannot. Lee kwang Soo lol
I got deacon UL and John Randle UL and Mean Joe UL and 99 Jared Allen
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I think the count-up was done using the method designed by John Deacon years ago.
thank you! I'm celebrating on the beaches of Cape Cod
Congratulations to He is celebrating his 1 year anniversary here at the Diocese! We are so thankful for all that he does!
I'm having a John Deacon moment now.
Our seminar on Sep 9 is fully booked! We're planning a 2nd session, so register your interest here
I'm loving all these John Deacon edits.
"Brian is very quiet and a really good gardener... Roger likes to laugh and joke." - John Deacon
If the Marvel multi-verse theory is correct then we are blessed to live in the Universe where John Deacon and Freddie Mercury met.
🙊🙊 "George Iloka lowers his shoulder into rookie tight end John Peters
Could we have had a more Awesome day for Summer Splash??
Bass strings just arrived, be playing like John Deacon in no time
Parish_Parson: via eccalendar: Feast of Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr, 258.
Feast of St. Lawrence, deacon and martyr - August 10, 2015 - Liturgical Calendar via
Tame Impala, Kendrick Lamar, Odesza, Dan Deacon, Caribou, and Elton John. Pretty solid group of artists right there.
John Deacon from Queen in his day could seriously get it 10/10
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Deacon Ron will give a presentation on Pope John XXIII National Seminary in which he will describe the Seminary...
The livestream will be rocking today with Elton John, Slightly Stoopid, Dan Deacon, Sam Smith, Hot Chip, and more! Tune in!
The greatest showman in New Orleans... Deacon John! Wonderful band! Here is his birthday party
If you missed Deacon John's or Fr Bing's homily last weekend, they are both up on the website.
Meet the boys on the battlefront - The Wild Tchoupitoulas w/ the Neville Brothers and Deacon John
Please pray for God's blessing on Deacon John - Paul Evans, a former pupil, being ordained a priest by the Bishop of Lan…
Great time yesterday at Life Journeys with John Deacon
Are you still talking with John Deacon?
St. John's at 10. Great homily by the deacon. All the ingredients. We will go regularly to St. Mary's, however. Weighing whole xsperience.
"Spread your little wings and fly away. Fly away far away" . ~John Deacon~
Maddox was baptized into the Catholic Church today! Here we are with Father John and Deacon.
John Deacon of 'ft 'Under Pressure'.no contest
extends our deepest sympathies to Bob Gardner in the death of his sister Betty Lowery Deacon of the week John Haulbrook
John Deacon was a hottie back in the day
SCHOLARSHIP - Deacon John Holthaus served the Holy. Angels community for more than 40 years. He touched. many lives...
"The March of the Black Queen is long, a 6 minute track, and we spent ages rehearsing this. Not easy at all I can assur…
British Officer takes Paul's Horse he borrowed from Deacon John Larkin. John will have fun explaining how his dad Samuel's horse was lost
yes Deacon john I think that's how there spelling it I better ask hehehe
hi Anna have you ever played any Queen songs, and what do you think of John Deacon as a bassist?
St. John's deacon, music director Randy Knutson to be ordained - Lodi News-Sentinel
Catching up on before teaching new cfrs tomorrow! Best get some sleep
Queen - On Fire at the Bowl by John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger T
gaaah no John...I draw the line at Deacon Blue!!! 😉
Jade/Julie in diva showdown; Deacon receives life changing news.
Today's the final chance to catch us at What a great couple of days we've had so far!
John Deacon Companion of CRC and our guest Saturday at Life Journeys
Stations of the Cross tonight at 7pm, led by Deacon John. Could this be part of your Lenten journey?
Deacon John speaking to the children at 10am mass today.
It's Deacon John's birthday. He's actually only 13 yrs old since he was a leap year baby. Please leave your...
The moment you realise your keyboard player is really Queen's John Deacon.
Deacon John performs 'The Way We Were' on the Twist Stage via
Totally our own genius is Deacon John -
New Orleans' consummate entertainer Deacon John talks music and career with tonight at 6 on
Please pray for Sister Georgette, Deacon John, and our Youth Group as they travel to Washington for MARCH FOR LIFE!
Wanted to wish Deacon John a very happy birthday! Hope your day is filled w/lots of blessings!
"Lot's of marriages don't last as long as Queen have been together." - John Deacon
Ritchie realised that, like John Deacon in Queen, he was 'the other one' in band Thor... DREAM ON. . ♫ 48 x 5* ♫
John Deacon. Immense talent, taken too soon.
Foto: hoop-deaky-diddy: John Deacon and Brian May rocking it out. Hot Space Tour, 1982
John Deacon is the coolest member of Queen 🎸 ♫ Cool Cat by Queen —
John Deacon took Paul McCartney's style of melodic bass lines and took it to a different place and it's awesome.
John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, and Roger Taylor when they were young
John Arnold was ordained Deacon by Cardinal Basil Hume on 27th November 1982.
Photoset: discodeaky: John Deacon and Brian May live, 1975 and 1978.
Perfect 80s Dance music. That John Deacon bass line just makes me want to boogie.
Congratulations to Graham John Warren, ordained as Deacon on the weekend. Today, we are grateful for fellow...
Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.
As it is written in Isaiah the prophet, “Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, who shall prepare thy way;...
was just wondering how often I gives God a headache. Deacon John I am not going to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30 am
John F. Kennedy, Keegan-Michael Key, and Pope John Paul II were all members of the same fraternity.
John Deacon was truly one of the best bass players to ever pick up the instrument.
Last night's holiday party with Deacon John!
Brian May and John Deacon are guitar gods
Today in 1992, John's fifth child Luke was born. Happy 22nd birthday :-)
all I want for christmas is John Deacon
A cracking night of comedy awaits you this evening w/ JOHN HASTINGS, TOM DEACON & FIN TAYLOR. See more
Me and my big sis with Deacon John...I'm too young to know who he is but
I wonder what John Deacon is up to these days. Kind of feels like he's been erased from the Queen legacy.
Let us thank God for our blessings today and everyday. Happy Thanksgiving to all. / From me too. Deacon John.
Bill getting ready for solo show in New Orleans tonight with Dr. John, Deacon John, Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. and...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Deacon John: Homily for the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica ...
Thursday! Deacon John, Kent Burnside and more! Listen to past shows anytime!
Commissioner Mike Strain with Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne (left) and Deacon John (center) at the SoFab museum...
"you ain't notice that?" // Deacon John *** *** coming out the closet. Ol Pastor Eddie Long *** ***
Pretty sure this was one of those nights when she called me Deacon John.
We got Deacon John, Minister of Music bcarter4793 and Bishop D.S. Richard Sr.
Praise, worship and adoration night with Deacon John - what a powerful and great night filled with the Spirit.
Deacon John's "Increasing Parish Life" . This Wednesday night, discussion from 7:30p to 8:30p, in the parish...
The July09 show with Deacon John is posted now. "V" begins around the 48-min mark:
Come celebrate the legend that is Deacon John for the Deacon John Birthday Bash. Come out to hear some rhythm and blues tonight at 9:30pm
Deacon John teaching us how the Church teaches that society should always put people above profit.
to my Grad Party with Deacon John.. This pic proves Older saints can have swag too! 😂 lol
This Thursday, June 26, Deacon John speaks on the Social Teaching of the Church. 7:30pm in Pedata Hall.
Madeleine & I will miss the Birthday Bash for this wonderful musician-- Deacon John in New Orleans! So I will...
Deacon John breaks down the Beatles, then builds them right back up again. At noon on WWNO, or anytime at
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Deacon John is on stage. Getmade enjoying Deacon John @ d.b.a. New Orleans
Best things in life are free. Deacon John.
Corner of Humor . (In memory of Deacon John) . A teenager who had just received her learner's permit offered to...
Why does Deacon John always sound so NAUGHTY? Tune into Music Inside Out on WWNO this evening at 7. Or anytime at
Arguments are healthy, they clear the air. ~ John Deacon. (Deacon became an instant hit with the females for that, probably)
Here's a little bit of John Deacon ... We miss him ... But whatever makes him happy :)
WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES This Sunday at 9:00 AM Mass, Father will bless the marriages of St. Timothy Couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries with us. We ask God’s blessings on: Romeo and Marge St. Pierre 72, William and Joyce Anthony 68, Moose and Irene Krauss 67, Howard and Shirley Heimberger 66, Francis and Loretta Lussier 66, Louis and Clorinda Pelosi 66, Robert and Janice Schlenk 65, Matthew and Doris Tandy 63, Phillip and Judy Lucier 62, John and Lorraine O'Keeffe 62, Ed and Marueen Naab 61, Jim and Angie Bunn 60, Ron and Ruth Cherry 60, Lawrence and Mary Eileen Florian 60, Jack and Marie LeHive 60, Ted and Marie Rita Majewski 60, Ed and Julie Schaefer 60, Bob and Lou Smalarz 60, Al and Mary Young 60, Rudy and Doris Dupuis 59, Rich and Marge Stack 59, Ziggy and Ailene Tziganuk 59, Phillip and Anne Bartling 58, Leonard and Carolyn Lemanski 58, Lawrence and Ann Lombardi 58, Robert and Ann Marie Porta 58, Deacon John and Barbara Sullivan 58, James and Mary Arkins 57, Ralph and Rosemary Picc .. ...
Deacon John & his wife Kathy, our church parents.
Davidson talking about John Rafferty, the Dewar spad who resigned after suggesting Susan Deacon was victim of death threats.
John Deacon too 'fragile' for Queen contact
What the F does this mean... John is too fragile. Is he ok?? now we are all worried about John...
Had the best night with Cathy Parmenter Paulding Deacon John D Paulding Sr. Scott Tank Smith and also his grandmother:) went to church then applebees to eat and i. Also did karaoke, and i could not have ended the day better :) church was amazing as well cant wait till sunday and next wednesday
Had a amaxing night with my gma and my gf parents at red lobster where my amzing gf sang karioki Amanda Paulding Deacon John D Paulding Sr.
John Deacon walking around Budapest reminds me of John Stockton walking around Barcelona, no one recognizing these stars walking about.
don't suppose you know what John Deacon is up to these days? I'm always wondering but still in mystery
Roger Taylor and John Deacon at Groenoordhallen in Leiden, Netherlands (Today 11st June in 1986)
It’s really good to know, that somewhere, someone loves you. —John Deacon
tell ya what, John Deacon is the best bass guitarist ever
I added a video to a playlist Liberation Nation with Deacon John 2014 06 09
Evening Prayer 6.10.14, Ephrem of Edessa, Deacon, 373 They took up the broken pieces left over. Grace to you and p http:…
Rest in Peace Deacon John Bryant. You will be missed.
Ken Wo men's night tomorrow. 124 tee time. Joining myself and John Deacon. Anyone in?
Foto: brian-mays-hair: this is the coolest thing ever. I swear every picture I see of John Deacon during...
Has had any contact with John Deacon, writer of Adam's fave Another One Bites the Dust?
Husband is at rehearsal with Deacon John; I’m now up to ep 9 in
Wherein soccer lover John Oliver beats the crap out of FIFA on It's absolutely gorgeous
Listening to the “Agnus Dei” from John Rutter’s “Requiem” arrangement one night, Deacon Robert Ovies thought to...
Today's is St Ephrem, Deacon & Doctor, whom you can read about in this month's
Wishing a warm welcome to John Deacon, Ed Smithson, and John Yates, in the Corporate Solutions division.
Fondren Church on Bill Pitts is here to honor John Kelly becoming a deacon.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Fondren Church on Congratulations John Pitts is a deacon
Fondren Church on John Pitts becomes a deacon
Saw Laura Whitmore and John Terry at the concert and didn't have the balls the ask them for a photo, gutted 😒😩
Saw John Terry today, he's actually gorgeous 😁
On my way to Fondren Church for the ordainment of John Pitts as Deacon. Thank you God. 🙏 I am
Former Deacon John Omohundro's best impression of me.
John-The Show Must Go On (Live at Bejart Ballet premier). Very last concert of John Deacon with Queen: .
I didn't know John Deacon; of my favourite group Queen, was born in Oadby.
"Catholics respect each other's differences" . that's crap, deacon john. what about *** rights and everything else you discourage?
I just walked by Deacon John and Mr. Harrington checking their snapchats right next to each other. I'm not kidding that happened...
on Queen's first album, John Deacon was referred to as Deacon John? They thought it sounded cool! Queen:
Great service for Deacon John's testimony - was good to hear how God has worked in his life. He's a lovely guy who Im glad to call my friend
on Khashoggi's Ship with Deacon John sucking coke
God gained another beautiful angel last night, you will be deeply missed Deacon John. 👼❤️
But a heavy heart as well, RIP Deacon John. You were a heck of a dude.
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Prayers out to Deacon John and his family. You will be dearly missed 👼❤️
Prayers out to Deacon John and his family
Transitional Deacon John Large & his father. Deacon John joins us this summer.Pray for him & all ordained today. http:/…
On the album 'Queen', John Deacon was credited as Deacon John. For 'Queen II', he insisted he'd be called by his real name.
I really love when Deacon John gives the homily ☺️❤️🙏
Check out this month's cover story about Deacon John and what he consideres were important factors for his success.
"Jesus's words and teachings are our GPS." -Deacon John
Extra prayers are being asked for our own Deacon John this evening.
Deacon John is a God sent. He came to my house and really helped my mom and I.
Thank you to Msgr. Fran, Deacon John & Serra Spirit Band for joining our celebration! What a great tribute yo our foundress!
This just came from Mitch's Policamp PR dude ~ "New Orleans - Due to the impending severe weather, the "Musicians for Mitch" event originally slated for Tuesday, January 28, has been postponed until Thursday, January 30. An all-star lineup of legendary New Orleans musicians will take the stage on at House of Blues to support Mayor Mitch Landrieu's re-election. "Musicians for Mitch" will feature dozens of New Orleans' top performing artists, including Trombone Shorty, Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas, Amanda Shaw, Deacon John, Rockin' Dopsie, Jr., Meschiya Lake, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Stephanie Jordan, and many more. "Our culture is the heart and soul of this city, so I am honored to have the support of so many of our top musicians and those in the cultural community," said Mayor Landrieu. The concert begins at 7:30pm at the House of Blues. Tickets are $100 per person.
Want to volunteer for the Y Supportive Evening Meal on Mon. Jan. 27?. Sign up sheet is outside Guild Hall or see Deacon John for details.
Day 20 of with an article by Deacon John on the importance of laughing every day with your spouse.
the old town stonemasons (Davy Roche, Paddy English, Joe Deacon, John Stoneham) validated it.
I swear that was Deacon John walking out of The Speedway just now
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John Keeble, John Deacon, John Entwistle, John Bonham, John Paul Jones...I wonder what bands don't have a John in.
Happy anniversary to all celebrating including Deacon John & Pauline Bush.
Sin causes you to be out of your element which causes you to be out of righteousness which causes you to have eternal damnation ~Deacon John
They always emphasize the crap out of this mans middle initial. E.g. Deacon John Z. Doe.
Heading to Bay St. Louis for Deacon John and the Crab Festival. I can't wait to eat a ton of crabs!
Join us at College Inn for Soft Shell Crab tonight then strut on over to RocknBowl for Amanda Shaw and Deacon John.
HUGE Annual 4th of July Party at the Yacht Club Saturday night with the famous "Deacon John" Band..well you know the deal-"wildest" night of the year-look forward to seeing (don't drink the punch or you won't "see" much") everyone there!
I want to say Paul Chambers, but then everyone will call me a jazz snob, and I hate jazz snobs. So John Deacon - Queen.
jacket appearance ever, I give you John Deacon:
"Be aware not to be corrupted from love of the heretics; for this reason do not accept any false belief (dogma) in the name of love." St. John the Chrysostom and Saint John Maximovich repeated this! "Every work and voice which was not spoken by the holy fathers proved to be an innovation." St. Maximos the Confessor I have been blocked by three or more "Orthodox" ecumenists this week. I am not sure if I should be bummed or rejoicing! :) Even my Roman Catholic friends are more tolerant of my "extremist" views! :) I have been called a devil, having the spirit of Anti-Christ, a bigot, fundamentalist, extremist, and blatantly lied about saying things I never said. I agree my approach is too firm at times, but I say things how I see them. If the Saints and Church Fathers call something heretical this is the stance I take. I am sorry if you disagree. "It is for that reason that I say (teach) nothing of what is mine. I briefly express the thoughts and words passed down by Godly and wise men." St. John of Damascus ...
Liturgy Question of the Day: Should Extraordinary Ministers of Communion be blessing people at Mass during Communion time?
:O dajjsdhgfksskhff ya no seria lo mismo :I
The official 'Back Chat' music video. Taken from Queen - 'Greatest Video Hits 2'.
I don't think John Deacon had the Obama Administration in mind when he wrote his hit but boy does it seem to fit.
John Terry's like that young kid that turns up to parties in full football kit. Still, good win
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After a warm-up set by Deacon John, New Orleans tourism officials Tuesday unveiled their new...
John Richard Deacon (born 19 August 1951) is a retired English musician, best known as the bassist for the rock band Queen. Of the four members of the band, he was the last to join and also the youngest, being only 19 years old when he was recruited by the other members of the band. Deacon wrote a n...
The many hair styles of John Deacon. The Radio Ga Ga era is my personal favourite :D
get you Cath Kidson. I'm hoping Reina might come on for a duet. Maybe Deacon and John met in rehab
Congratulations to the 2013 GVWC Male & Female Visionary Leader of the Year Recipients: Deacon John L. Rouse and...
YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND :Queen bass player John Deacon wrote this. All 4 members of the group wrote at least one of...
My dream is Freddie Mercury on vocals, Brian May on guitar, Roger Taylor on drums and John Deacon on bass, oh wait...
Thanks John. Chip is such a great guy. I'm so glad the show scored a second season. "Deacon" will bring the drama!
In Honor of Jimmy Deacon and John Malloy and all other Vietnam Casualties...feel free to memorialize anyone else on this thread you may have in mind.
Dear Lesley I'm from Brazil and I'm reading your book. Please tell something me about John Deacon!
Let the good times roll! We had so much fun kicking off our campaign with Deacon John!
On the night of the Instruments A Comin' benefit, he great Deacon John was inducted into the Tipitina's Foundation Walk of Fame. He treated those lucky enoug...
"Let's just pray that this Gosnell conviction will spark more justice for women and babies in America as time goes on." -Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King
Nine out of 10 churches in America are declining or growing at a pace slower than the rate of their communities. The president of LifeWay sees this as a symptom of an underlying problem in most churches.
Might be falling a bit more in love with John Deacon's basslines.
Hopefully Jackin John dosent have an incident during today's concert
the guitarist Brian May, Roger Taylor, the drummer, and the bassist John Deacon
"John Deacon was the most prominent member of Queen." *** this view.
Freddie Mercury - A Capella. I hope you like this. I love to sing with friends and also used to do with them, Anibal Difrancia partners. Female and male frie...
Oh WoW! How we do change... Bell bottoms on Deacon John!
Say by John Mayer describes my whole life right now.
His father, James E. Webb, is an inspiration to Jim — he’s been playing and making the instrument in Tomahawk, Ky., since before he can remember.
he may not be the 'best' but I've always loved John Deacon of Queen. And Duff McKagan gets points for coolest name.
Nick performs "Another One Bites the Dust", (Queen, John Deacon) with teacher, Mark Wesling, at the Campbelltown Music Academy on April 28, 2013
In 2011, Father Corapi was removed from public ministry as a priest, following allegations of misconduct. Since that time, he has consistently maintained his innocence.
John McArthur explains the dangers of making emotional gospel pleas. This video is a small excerpt from his sermon on Mark 4:1-20 (The Parable of the Sower) ...
Deacon dolapo! "Mother's unique love for their kids.Christs unique love for us.'greater love hath no man than this.John 15 vs 13
Rev. Mr. Nemesio Paolo John Balantes Dayto was born in 1983 in Daraga, Albay, Philippines. He is the son of Nemesio (deceased) and Carmen Dayto. He has three sisters. He attended elementary school in Legazpi Port, Legazpi City, Philippines, and secondary school in Rawis, Legazpi City, Philippines, graduating in 2000. He attended Mater Salutis College, in Sipi, Daraga Albay, Philippines, earning a bachelor's degree in classical philosophy in 2006. He entered Mount Angel Seminary and earned a bachelor's degree in Sacred Theology in 2012 and a Master of Divinity degree in 2012. He was ordained a transitional deacon on May 21, 2011 by Archbishop Vlazny. His ministry training has included assignments at St. Paul Parish, Silverton, St. Mary Parish, Corvallis, St. Juan Diego and St. Mary Cathedral Parish, both in Portland. Rev. Mr. Aniceto III Villareal Guiriba was born in 1977 in Camalig, Albay, Philippines. He is one of seven children of Aniceto Guiriba, Jr., and Erlinda Villareal. He attended elementary sch . ...
Magic Conch, will I ever meet Brian May, Roger Taylor, or John Deacon?
It has John Deacon's magic bass to get things going.
If you could have any question answered, what would it be?... — Where is John Deacon?
Thanks! Yeah, although their newer hits are more famous, I do love listening to their earlier stuff. I gotta listen to all the albums in order. =)
And thank you to Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor for your glorious champion song.
My great grandmother, Mary Eastis Reynolds, with my great grandfather Winfield Pinkney Reynolds, and their three sons. My grandfather, also John Daniel Reynolds, in on the the far right. His brothers, Isham and George, were major figures in Christian music. Isham wrote 32 hymns and was head of the music department at Southwestern Theological Seminary. George sang during major revivals and crusades, sort of a George Beverly Shea of the early to mid 1900's. My grandfather Daniel lacked their musical talent but was also a very Godly man, serving as a deacon in his church.
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Happy Birthday Bro. John Wilson! Enjoy your blessed and special day.
I like this. I recently posted something speaking out against women Preachers but that's what the Bible says. Listen tho I'll be the first to tell you that God has used women to put me in my place. Just not from behind a pulpit. There was two women I worked with at one job and o boy did the Lord use the weapons He had available.
Thank you Brother MFSB & Good evening my Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a great pleasure to be with you for the coming couple of hours. Queen bass player John Deacon wrote this song. Deacon was influenced by the Chic song Good Times. In an interview with the New Musical Express, Chic bass player Bernard Edwards said: "Well, that Queen record came about because that bass player spent some time hanging out with us at our studio. But that's OK. ;-) This is the Re-Funked Mix. Yass
The FIRST John Deacon Documentary!!! This tells the story of the Queen bass player, John Deacon. He wrote hits like Another one bites the dust and I want to ...
Faithfulness My mother accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior at an early age. She loved the Lord so much; she was faithful to Him in all areas of her life. She made sure we went to church whenever the doors were open. She fulfilled the commandment, “Bring the child in the way of the Lord for he will not depart from it.” She was so committed to the Lord she was practically on every committee there was except being a deacon. She was the secretary, choir director, organ/piano player and treasury. My dad (at the time didn’t know Jesus as his Lord and Savior) made a statement to her “Since you are up at the church so much, why don’t you just live there.” That didn’t stop her. She continued to be faithful. Six to eight months before my dad died, he accepted the Lord as his Savior and he became faithful in reading His Word and praying until it was time for him to go home to be with Jesus. You see I was brought up in church. I knew everything there was to know about God, Jesus and what he did on the ...
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