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De Bruyne

The de Bruyne DB-2 Snark was a British experimental four-seat cabin monoplane designed by N. A de Bruyne and built by Aero Research Limited (ARL) of Cambridgeshire.

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Players of the season so far:. De Bruyne for Man City. Lukaku for Man Utd. Salah for Liverpool . All sold by this man... h…
De Bruyne, Monreal, Murray, Nick Pope, Leroy Sane and Wilfried Zaha have been nominated for Premier League Player of the Mon…
Most chances created in the PL this season: . Kevin De Bruyne: 30. Mesut Özil: 30. . De Bruyne's best ever season vs Ozi…
"you can't compare Hazard and De Bruyne" alright tell that to the 90% of football fans w…
Garth Crooks' team of the week: De Bruyne, Jesus, De Gea, Sterling, Cleverley. What is like asking Ryan Giggs to fight Mike Tyson? Find ou
New Transfer Window pod on its way. Mourinho, MUFC, Kane, De Bruyne and Leicester City all discussed with .
Kevin De Bruyne is on another level man one of my favourite players outside of United easily
De Bruyne cool on contract talks: Kevin De Bruyne has insisted that there is no rush for…
Kevin De Bruyne looks like a kid who, through a huge amount of private effort, is now reasonably decent at beatboxing
Kevin De Bruyne got into a heated row with officials vs Napoli... but it nothing compared to his arguments with his wife!
Two Man City players can rival Lionel Messi and Ronaldo for future Ballon d'Ors - Manchester Evening News
My top 3 players in the league at the moment are; De bruyne, Hazard and De Gea.
115 m um 89 mil and how is he a fraud just because de Bruyne is playing well stfu pogba would b…
Transfer Line – De Bruyne agent to use Neymar pay as bargaining chip in contract talks with Man City
At this point, if you still think that De Bruyne isn't the best in the league, then you genuinely just don't watch footba…
De Bruyne's vision is unreal. He could find Madeleine McCann with one of his through balls..
Man City player Kevin De Bruyne speaks about his half time row with David Silva
Kevin De Bruyne is unbelievable man, different gravy
Can we talk about this pass from De Bruyne?
What was going on between KDB and Silva at half time? The answer from gave the journos a giggle. http…
How did Sterling get one but De Bruyne didn’t?
I got to write about some Manchester City players who aren't Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne says there's no rush on contract after agent reveals plans to use Neymar's deal in talks:…
Kevin De Bruyne has more assists in his last two games (3) than Özil, Dele Alli, Hazard and Mata have combined all seas…
Kevin De Bruyne's agent plans to use Neymar's contract to negotiate the midfielder's position at Manchester City. (Sou…
This Kevin De Bruyne mash up is the best thing you'll see/hear today... 😂🎶💯. . 📹
💬 "We handled it quite well and we’re very happy with nine points in the
De Bruyne on spat with David Silva: "At home I also get into arguments with my wife, this is normal" 😂😂😂 https:/…
Kevin De Bruyne was fuming at the officials at the end and rightly so. Silva takes care of him.
When are you and De Bruyne gonna release your sextape?
Let's think about Kevin De Bruyne at Barcelona for a moment. Hope he stays at city but I'm seeing signs of a move away already.
How Guardiola is forming Kevin De Bruyne into a Manchester City master .
Manchester City transfer news: Kevin De Bruyne in no rush to sign new deal.
De Bruyne screaming "LET ME TALK!" to Silva like a sulky teen is beautiful
De Bruyne on Silva spat: “I also get into some arguments with my wife” (Source: NBC Sports)
Man City to win champions league and De Bruyne ballon d'or next year
De Bruyne hailed EPL's best by Stoke's Hughes - De Bruyne was hailed as easily the best pla…
Imagine Training with David Silva & kev De Bruyne all week you turn up St George’s Park and there’s Jordan Henderson trying to p…
Most chances created in the Premier League this season:. - De Bruyne (24) . - David Silva (23) . - Mkhitaryan (21). [via
'De Bruyne is a complete player' - Chelsea boss Conte rues one that got away
De Bruyne turned this match from a frustrating draw into a resounding win for Manchester City. Pep’s main man.
Start your Sunday with 16 Conclusions on Chelsea vs Manchester City. Ederson, Stones, Delph, Conte, De Bruyne...…
It is a painful irony for Chelsea that United and City are being inspired by Lukaku and De Bruyne. htt…
Analysing the very different dribbling/passing/shooting technique of Hazard and De Bruyne -->
REPORT: De Bruyne and Sterling make sure Manchester City top Group F.
Juliana De Bruyne in search of a guy to relax
De Bruyne expects contract talks at Man City soon
Jessica De Bruyne looking for a guy for sex
Goal contributions in games started vs top 6. Ozil-13 in 29 (45%). De Bruyne-7 in 16 (44%). Coutinho-14 in 34 (41%). Haza…
Everton have joined the chase for Kevin De Bruyne.
Angela De Bruyne wants to find a man for sex
Gabriella De Bruyne wants to get acquainted with a man for sex
Sigourney De Bruyne in search of an adult man for sex
Messi as 'False 9' at Barca. At Bayern he converted Lahm into 'false full-back'. At City he is turning De Bruyne into a…
Plenty of value on the Index this morning! Gone for Kevin De Bruyne to do the business https:…
Kevin De Bruyne open to Man City captaincy and hints at new deal. Click Here
Man City manager Pep Guardiola wants creator-in-chief Kevin De Bruyne 'to stay for as long as possible'
Andrea De Bruyne wants to meet with a date guy
Kevin De Bruyne wants to sign a new Manchester City contract. (Source: Sky Sports)
Halle De Bruyne is looking for a grown man for a relationship
De Bruyne is levels above any other AM’s
Kelsey De Bruyne looking for a guy for sex
Chelsea De Bruyne gets to know a man for a rest
Alexia De Bruyne wants to meet a guy for a relationship
Kevin De Bruyne reveals his contentment with & the desire to stay at the club. "I am very happy at City. I have no re…
If it's not De Bruyne I'll start playing football and it's coming from a Utd fan
Pep Guardiola confirms Man City are in talks with Kevin De Bruyne over his contract.
Brittany De Bruyne wants to find an adult man for sex
29 - Since his Man City debut in September 2015, no player has more assists than Kevin De Bruyne. Delivery. htt…
Keira De Bruyne wants to find a guy for sex for one night
De Bruyne: "I know I'm one of the five on the players council (along with Vincent Kompany, Fernandinho, David Silva and Ser…
Kevin De Bruyne has indicated he would be delighted to extend his contract at Manchester City. [Telegraph]
Pep Guardiola on Kevin De Bruyne's Man City contract: "We are still working. We want Kevin to stay as long as possible."
De Bruyne Reveals He Is Part of Five-Man 'Council' at Man City & Hints at Captaincy Ambitions.
Kevin De Bruyne is at City for the long haul. 😍👌
De Bruyne is the most complete midfielder in world football. He can play ACM, DM, RW, LW and even false 9. . Current ma…
please ask how in the world Chelsea let go . - De Bruyne . - Matic. - Loukaku . They are the key players to the title
Garth Crooks' team of the week: Aguero, Jesus, De Bruyne, Valencia, Kolasinac
Phil Neville there saying De Bruyne is "becoming world class" yeah about 3 years late that
GOAL, Manchester City! Kevin De Bruyne finds Sergio Aguero who rounds Simon Mignolet and opens the scoring! 1-0!
De Bruyne is really stat padding and I took him out of my FPL team before the international break. Mug.
'Building for the future' shows Manchester City's vision - De Bruyne
.spending doesn't make them Prem favourites - De Bruyne
The Belgium league is not that good, De Bruyne wasn't putting up numb…
Winners: City.. Pep is building a pretty good squad. Top Scorer: Kane again.. . Assister: De Bruyne
They already have aguero, Jesus, Sterling, Sane, Silva and De Bruyne. They don't need another attacking player.
Then who is? And please for the love of Pete don't say De Bruyne.
Silva, Silva, De Bruyne. If you like park a bus. We go open the defense with a pass
Goals from Jesus, De Bruyne & Toure & an emotional farewell to Pablo Zabaleta ensure a happy end to the season at ***
GOAL Man City 2-0 West Brom (29 mins). 2 in 2 minutes for City - Jesus returns the favour for De Bruyne, who finishes fr…
Just 2 points for De Bruyne in the 1st match of Man City’s He was captained by 82,265 managers & Tripl…
I support a club that sold De Bruyne and Lukaku and replaced them with Salah (sold him too) and 59 year old Drogba.
Scott Golbourne. Kevin De Bruyne. Davies (Barnsley). Euan Murray (Southport), . And my 5th is sent-off because I don't…
Player Ratings:. praises David Silva but has some strong words for several players including De Bruyne.
Bad pass, bad first touch, fails to track De Bruyne. Goal:
Sergio Ramos has more league goals this season than Eriksen , Coutinho , Willian , Ozil , De Bruyne and Pogba
De Bruyne and Sanchez looking to climb up the assists ladder at the Emirates Stadium.
Most assists from wide areas in the Premier League this season: . K. De Bruyne (6). C. Eriksen (5). G. Sigurdsson (5). Perfect d…
De Bruyne doubtful for Belgium's key Greece clash
Need the media to jump on Man City bottling & De Bruyne's shocker but they're not Arsenal/Özil so I wouldn't expect much. 🤔
ah say Pep go down by to 10 men and sub Silva or De Bruyne?
De Bruyne: Man City 'better and better': The Etihad Stadium's first truly great European night? A Champions League…
News: Jesus, Sane, De Bruyne and Sterling push Aguero to per... via
FULL-TIME Goals from De Bruyne, Silva, Jesus & Toure ensure City move level on points with Liverpool
1-1 with Liverpool and Pogba gets rinsed but De Bruyne, David Silva, Aguero and Yaya Toure lose 4-0 to Everton and nobody says anythin
De Bruyne's vision and range is masterful. Silva' always been a joke.
Now you know are taking the *** De Bruyne fair enough, but too have Sterling and Silva ahead off Mkhitarya…
Ozil got absolutely slaughtered, particularly, for his performance against Man City but De Bruyne has been worse here toda…
Perfectly initiated man-orientated pressing as there was a moment where Henderson tells Can to mark De Bruyne instead of Toure.
Both are playing in diff position but since u started:. Rooney at the age of 25: 43 apps - 34 goals . De Bruyne at 25: 22 a…
Spen's just claimed he was better than De Bruyne in his day. He's now on the same list as Kieron Dyer and Ishmael Miller.
Players Tomkins has more PL goals than:. De Bruyne. Payet. Pogba. Vardy. All of West Ham's strikers. Lad.
De Bruyne's miss is even better with Martin Tyler commentary.
"De Bruyne stared at the goal,and it started right back"- Jim Beglin
HOW did he miss!? De Bruyne misses from inside the 6-yard box after a whipped in cross by Silva. Should be 2-0.
Hazard vs De Bruyne 👌 in their career they played only 29 min against each other (Lille vs Genk)
the final midfielder will tend to wanna draw out Luiz from defense, and that could be de bruyne or Silva. Pree ericksen's goal
Silva De Bruyne Aguero. We didn't have a player as good as them. We're playing catch up after bad signings
Can't believe he has the balls to say this after he sold Mata and de Bruyne, converted Oscar into a defensive mid and…
You voted for Ozil and de Bruyne as your PL attacking midfielders to rival Fifa's World XI.
Kelvin de bruyne absolutely is my choice hes fantastic
De Bruyne will run the game on Saturday. I'm confident we will win it.
Claudio Bravo, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva and Sergio Aguero have all been named on the FIFA World XI shortlist for 2016.…
Jose Mourinho treatment of Kevin De Bruyne highlights a big difference between him and Pep Guardiola
In your Kevin De Bruyne has provided 9 goals in 18 games for Manchester City this season. . Vote HERE👉
Congrats to for the first correct answer, it was indeed Kevin De Bruyne! 😂. We gave you an easy one... Harder next ti…
Claudio Bravo, and all nominated for the FIFA FIFPro World11 2016!. ➡️
"I will fight to earn my place." Kevin De Bruyne's journey from Chelsea outcast to Man City superstar in quotes:
Think of Paul Robinson today. Last game was in Champ 2 yrs ago. Now he starts for Burnley with Aguero, Yaya & De Bruyne against him.
Yaya starts again. De Bruyne and Silva on the bench. Pep talk is pep.more pragmatic than Jose these days
FC100: De Bruyne the top attacking midfielder - ESPN FC (blog)
It's always Mourinho's fault. Oscar is the player José sacrificed Mata and De Bruyne for.
VIDEO: GOALLL Aguero scores after stunning assist from De Bruyne.. This guy is unstoppable! 🔥🔥.
You gonna mention that cross from De Bruyne?
New at > files this report from Manchester - De Bruyne proves he can cut it vs. very best- ..
FT Manchester City 3-1 Barcelona. have their first win v Barca, thanks to De Bruyne & Gundogan!.
De Bruyne: Kompany was left out of squad: BARCELONA -- Vincent Kompany didn't make the substitutes' bench for...
not included in Man City squad vs. Barcelona - De Bruyne
Guardiola gives De Bruyne a hug as Man City gear up for Barcelona.
Steven Davis had a full season more than De Bruyne? He only joined in Summer 2015.
Manchester City have lost 6 EPL games in 2016. De Bruyne was absent in all those games:. Leicester. Spurs. Liverpool. Man…
Being generous to Jose, the way 'the club' treated De Bruyne, Felipe Luis, Lukaku, Van Aarnholt, Ryan Bertrand & on and on, completely nuts.
De Bruyne is out, but will be celebrating today? Play here:
Kind of crazy that Chelsea have seen no need for De Bruyne, Hazard, Christensen, Felipe Luis, Lukaku
Manchester City forward Kevin De Bruyne ruled out for four weeks, reports
Spurs when they hear that De Bruyne might be out for a month..
Kevin De Bruyne has been ruled out for four weeks. Manchester City will soon starts dropping points.
The Hazard bros have never played together in an official game. It might happen soon for 🇧🇪, as De Bruyne is out. https:…
In form, but out injured. Kevin De Bruyne's been stopped in his tracks at the height of his powers…
Celtic trip is no-go for crocked Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne.
City sweating on De Bruyne hamstring injury he is out for 8 weeks.
Kevin De Bruyne has been nothing short of phenomenal. Has been absolutely everywhere. Ran the first half with ease. Wo…
Kevin De Bruyne: Manchester City wait on news of midfielder's hamstring injury
City sweating on De Bruyne hamstring injury via
De Bruyne set to miss Spurs and Barcelona clashes after tearing hamstring, writes
Whoever plays in the next 4 weeks ,please capitalise on the absence of Kevin De Bruyne
Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne ruled out for four weeks – report
With Alexis and De Bruyne in my team Costa was my captain 😭😭😭, smh.
Man City could lose De Bruyne for a month after picking up an injury in the Swansea game.
De Bruyne looks set to miss the EFL Cup derby .
BREAKING: Major blow for City as Kevin De Bruyne is ruled out for 3 months with multiple hamstring tears. (Sky Sports)
This is Kevin De Bruyne before Pep Guardiola took over at Man City. .
EXCLUSIVE: Kevin De Bruyne to miss around 4 weeks through hamstring injury, will travel to Barcelona on Monday for treatment.
De Bruyne undoubtedly the best player in the League. Since he's arrival the kid has been very consistent
It'll be interesting to see how City would cope without De Bruyne. Silva/Gundogan need to step up
Even with De Bruyne out 4 a few weeks. We are still covered
Kevin De Bruyne is set to miss our match next weekend with a hamstring injury.
Pep Guardiola wants Sterling to fill De Bruyne breach at Manchester City
Paul Pogba has created the most chances in the Premier League this season (22), followed by De Bruyne and Coutinho (20).
Kevin De Bruyne has been ruled out for up to a month as Pep Guardiola suffered a major blow to his hopes of...
you mean when hoorn puts his arm up to our strength de bruyne and he runs into his arm? City players didn't even appeal
They'll replace him with another £50 million player but apparently Kevin De Bruyne is out for Wednesday.
City sweating on De Bruyne hamstring injury
Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne ruled out for 4 weeks 
De Bruyne will travel to Barcelona for further tests but Guardiola is already resigned to the fact that he will miss around…
De Bruyne out for 4 weeks, set to miss Barcelona clash
City sweating on De Bruyne hamstring injury via BOM
my prediction is that in the absence of De Bruyne & Nolito, Pep will lose to Spurs on Sunday
Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is reportedly set to miss 4 weeks of action due to a hamstring injury.
Man City dealt huge blow as Kevin De Bruyne ruled out for a month: Will miss Spurs clash
Trending: Ibrahimovic threat over Pogba, De Bruyne out for weeks
De Bruyne Update: Kevin De Bruyne will be our for upto four weeks with hamstring injury. [
City sweating on De Bruyne hamstring injury.
Not sure how many goals would Man City put past us? . I guess 3 by De Bruyne alone, maybe 3 more by Aguero and some by S…
Pep Guardiola: "Only Messi is better than De Bruyne" . Cristiano Ronaldo plays tennis . Neymar plays golf . Luis Suarez i…
Guardiola says De Bruyne is first among equals after Messi�� via
GOAL Man City 1-0 Bournemouth (15 mins). De Bruyne fools the wall from a free-kick - sliding the ball underneath & into…
beat 2-1 in thrilling De Bruyne, Iheanacho scored for the winners https…
Last night made me realise how much I miss watching the Premier League! De Bruyne is on another level!!
De Bruyne showed why having a world class no.10 is vital. Rooney has been a terrific servant to United but he's not the play…
After seeing how ridiculous he was today, I think it's fair to say De Bruyne is rivalling Agüero for best player in th…
Love the fact it was De Bruyne that scored
Daley Blind, wow. Couldn't have been more at fault for City goals if he tried. De Bruyne was on a different planet never mind the same pitch
Mourinho thought De Bruyne needed a couple more years to reach top level at Chelsea. Two and a half years on he's ripping…
VIDEO: Kevin De Bruyne with a ruthless finish to put Man City 1-0 up. Great goal!
De Bruyne: "For the fans it is worth more than three points. The fans will celebrate tonight."
Everyone focused on Ibra wanting to prove sth to Guardiola, but people forgot de Bruyne had sth to show to Mourinho...
Still shocked to how badly we got outplayed in the first half today. What a performance by City, especially De Bruyne.
Called De Bruyne for player of the year and apparently pulled us apart today SO GOOD AT HIS BEST
Canes offense is Claudio Bravo and Canes D is De Bruyne. you understand this comparison if you woke up super early today
De Bruyne is magic. He wears a magic hat. And when he sees a big game. He cowers away in a corner and becomes absolutely ba…
De Bruyne. What a Player. Could have gone for £200m if he could dab
Graeme Souness on De Bruyne: "I think he's got everything, two great feet, he's quick, he has a football brain. He's destined…
The agressiveness of De Bruyne's first goal is something Özil will never able to do.
Jamie Carragher on De Bruyne: "We're talking about a player who could become one of the best-ever foreign players in the Prem…
Kevin De Bruyne has been involved in 19 goals in 29 Premier League games for Manchester City. Well deserved goal.
Kevin De Bruyne: No player has been directly involved in more goals than De Bruyne (3 - 1 goal, 2 assists) in the Premier Le…
Silva and De Bruyne performances made Rooney look even more pedestrian. Begs the question again about his place. Better op…
Is Mourinho the only manager in world football that would of sold Kevin De Bruyne... Such a shocking decision
After being at Old Trafford today it was clear one player was a cut above the rest: Kevin De Bruyne was incredible. So d…
Kevin De Bruyne with his MOTM award after his brilliant performance in the Manchester Derby.
Feel like De Bruyne's technique is unbelievably special.
Man City winger De Bruyne: Derby result will tell us a lot about ourselves...
- No more Blind intelligent talks man. De Bruyne flashed his career before him.
Mourinho: De Bruyne's mentality too weak for Chelsea
Man Utd 1 - Man City 2: Iheanacho and De Bruyne help Pep get the better of Jose...
De Bruyne's arguably the best player in the Premier League. Incredible.
De Bruyne's movement has been perfection. Able to find space in every attacking move
Eden Hazard on De Bruyne for Belgium:. "After a few training sessions with him, I am very surprised with him. He's a very bad player"
look how it backfires, De Bruyne a prime example, far far better than Oscar or Willian
He was in a team with David Silva, De Bruyne and Yaya Toure, couldn't hit a cows *** with a banjo
Selling Christensen is De Bruyne all over again. Weird message to send to the youth; even the best of you gets sold.
De Bruyne looks like Rodney Trotter in that sunbed episode
calm down Pep is not bringing to Manchester City calm down lol, Vidal you can have for David Silva & De Bruyne lol
Transfer news: Ibrahimovic a 'great addition' to the Premier League - De Bruyne -
You've got De Bruyne, Silva, Aguero and still want to add Aubameyang? Nah... we can't take this!
"Thibaut Courtois gave me in a night what De Bruyne couldn't in 3 years." - Kevin De Bruyne's ex-girlfriend
it'll always be Hart Zabaleta Kompany Ota Clichy or a new LB. Fernando/inho- a new signing. De Bruyne- Silva- a new signing. Aguero
Dont know why i like muller and lewandowski more than i like aguero and de bruyne
de Bruyne is so good man. Origi, michy, lukaku and benteke is goals!!
Any chances you’ll be doing a contest for some FUT City cards? I’d love to win a TOTS Aguero or MOTM De Bruyne! CTID
he's never put faith in young talent, he's mis-treated talented players like De Bruyne & Lukaku, he thinks he's bigger than the club
I can honestly see Rashford and Lingaard being dropped just like Lukaku and De Bruyne were...
more like Muller to Aguero, Boateng to Kompany, Xabi Alonso to David Silva, Ribery to Kevin De Bruyne and Neuer to Hart.
they play in front Mata,De bruyne and Coutinho whilst he plays in front of Hernanes
Belgium are the most overrated NT on the planet, who do they have besides Alderweireld, De Bruyne and Dembele?
agreed! Sang and clapped cech at every moment! As we do with all former players. Even de Bruyne
Just realised De Bruyne can score the winner against Mourinho next season in a Manchester Derby.
only the biggest talents can be starters at that level. Lukaku and De Bruyne were not at that level a few years ago
This is a young squad and that is just not his area of expertise. Quite the opposite really: Lukaku, Mata, De Bruyne, Cuadrado
Lukaku and De Bruyne should have been playing for Chelsea but for Mourinho.
. Muller to Aguero. Boateng to Kompany. Alonso to Toure. Ribery to De Bruyne . ☺?
Having to take photos with random people in the fleece for looking like Kevin De Bruyne 👍🏼
🏆🏆🏆🏆 for Midfielder picks up record award. . WATCH:
not just Mata...Lukaku, De Bruyne, Bertrand! I just wished Jose never came back now. Lost the huge respect I had for him
Sure it was. Same thing every 3rd season. Man shackled all creativity out of Eden Hazard, pushed out Mata, Lukaku, de Bruyne
other than De Bruyne Silva and Aguero (Kompany when fit) they have an extremly mid table team
I'd like to see Sterling, Kelechi, De Bruyne, Denayer kick on.
Tears in my eyes when De Bruyne scores the DERBY winner and celebrates in front of the special nonce
Scenes when Aguero is dead come August. Pep's only outlet will be Gündogan, Sterling and De Bruyne
Mata (💙💙💙), Lukaku, De Bruyne etc. JM gives a lot of debuts but not proper runs in a team.
Everyone agrees selling De Bruyne was a mistake. And Mourinho is good up to 3 years. Not a long-term signing if it happens.
Kevin De Bruyne, Marko Marin, Lukaku, etc. These are some of the clear examples of Mourinho's style towards the young talent.
Won them the league though? De Bruyne couldn't do what Hazard did for Chelsea. Not a bad decision I'd say.
Not confirmed he's far from the best. Plus, look what he did to Chelsea this season, selling De Bruyne...
followed by a similar celebration by De Bruyne in the Manchester Derby. Jose needs to be ended next Season.
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Manuel Neuer has completed more passes in the league this season than Griezmann, De Bruyne and Cristiano Ronaldo.
I hope de bruyne impregnates his daughter as payback
Don't make the same mistakes he did with lukaku, de Bruyne and other young players that he did at Chelsea
he knew that De Bruyne would bottle it in big games so let him go.
What if have a tots team with players who did not get one in a seperate team de bruyne, alaba, etc
I liked a video from Kevin De Bruyne's First Day | Inside City Special
I stopped after I took De Bruyne using a wildcard and got injured the same Gameweek
3) Payet is average. De Bruyne, Ozil, Coutinho and Eriksen are all better than him.
on a recent visit to Ghent I spent a good deal of time unsuccessfully looking for a can of Juniper with Kevin De Bruyne on it
Looking back at it, I'd take either Lukaku, Mata and De Bruyne in a heartbeat.
so martial na striker for United? He played on the wings like De BRUYNE too.
2015/2016. Raheem Sterling vs Bournemouth. What's better about this goal - De Bruyne's pass or Sterling's composure? http…
...Luis Gustavo, De Bruyne and Bas Dost scored to cancel out Aubumeyang's goal. top striking side dat
GOAL! De Bruyne puts City back in front with a fine solo goal!
I'd switch James with Jese. I'm skeptical of that MF trio, frail defensively..De Bruyne will kill them on the counter
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"De Bruyne is the future of Manchester City. I'm not sure what in the world has happened to Raheem Sterling." - Garth Crooks
I think De Bruyne should have made the list tbh
Transfers made for Gameweek 35:. Kane and Alli IN. de Bruyne and Mitrovic OUT. Harry Kane - Triple Captain (TBC).
Exactly... Injury spoils his season.. Even De bruyne
Nope but if there was a bench I would have Schmeichel, Smalling, Ozil, De Bruyne, Coutinho, Aguero, Lukak…
Kevin De Bruyne has scored a goal, made a key pass or recorded an assist once every 23 mins in the league this term.
can't believe how well De Bruyne plays
not more than Alexis Ozil and even De Bruyne
no aguero no de bruyne no kompany pfa biased against City therefore couldn't give a x
De Bruyne has stolen his spotlight, should join the coaching staff
New custom kit reward and MOTM De Bruyne is lookin fly in it! . Excited for Poor Man RTG tomorrow, goodnight!
English FA killing English football. How come there was no , and in PFA?
Lukaku is Belgian. Moaned. Flounced. Left. De Bruyne is Belgian. Moaned. Flounced. Left. . Hazard is Belgian. Pulled a fann…
No, just Arsenal fans. Doesn't deserve to be there over anyone who was picked. De Bruyne is the real missing piece
baba Koiki abeg tell us in ur opinion who u think is a better player btw Ozil & Kevin De Bruyne
Seriously De Bruyne has been better than Ozil in 2016 and he's been back for around a month lol
Kevin De Bruyne was injured the same amount of time as Payet and I'd say he has had a better season.
says the guy that sold Lukaku, de bruyne and others
JACK GAUGHAN: Gael Clichy has fired a warning to the Premier League and Europe by claiming Kevin De Bruyne is only play…
and don't even get me started when I see De Bruyne, Griezsmann etc doing good stuff
For E.g. on a scale of 1 to Ozil how good is Payet, Alli & De Bruyne?!
De bruyne has to be on this list in my opinion, he is a game changer all day everyday
I just really don’t think Dele Alli had a better season than De Bruyne or Özil.
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