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De Blasio

Bill De Blasio (born Warren Wilhelm, Jr.; May 8, 1961) is the 109th and current mayor of New York City.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park pop up pool is coming back next summer, says De Blasio
Just curious; De Blasio and Rahm Emmanuel were elected, locally, by black people ... Are they serving…
Yes, this is real. Mayor De Blasio says he wants Government to takeover property
Glow of De Blasio’s Primary Victory Is Dimmed by a Cuomo Speech
Thank you, de Blasio, for signing the bill to ban wild animals in circuses into law!
It was Mayor De Blasio who stopped ALL NYPD Surveillance of Mosques & Muslims in NYC. .
Aunt of supports family of calling for justice thru prosecution and accountability from Mayor…
Readers sound off on Bill De Blasio, Jemele Hill and Bruce Springsteen - New York Daily News
During his time in office, Mayor De Blasio has consistently failed to rein in the NYPD ... come November 7th, it...
I just don't want 2 see a President Bernie Sanders, Michelle Oba…
A really good step as Mayor De Blasio announces plan to greatly increase in 14,500 NYC buildings.
Wake up Italian Americans Deblasio will tear down NYC Columbus Circle statue after election https…
Corruption, phonyism, and descrimination. A tale of Deblasio's city. .
wishesAll haters a don't mind them backturning . https…
Interesting that de Blasio admin decided to give this exclusive to the Washington Post
Bill De Blasio is about as left as they become, which makes him a total whack! New Yorkers wake up before it's too late!
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Why Malliotakis views de Blasio's primary as proof she can beat him
Cuomo compared Bloomberg to his dad while ignoring de Blasio. These dynamics are like an awkward Sunday dinner. https:/…
De Blasio faces questions about level of support after low primary turnout overall
Yesterday proved that New Yorkers want to make our city more fair and affordable for everyone. .
Low voter turnout proof Dems don't love de Blasio: Malliotakis via
Here's what had to say about just 14 percent of Democrats voting in the primary.
VOTE FOR Nicole Malliotakis for Mayor of NYC. It's time we have a Woman as Mayor of New York City. WE HAD ENOUGH OF CROOKED LY…
Cuomo compares Bloomberg with FDR, also his father, doesn’t stay for de Blasio speech
De Blasio will be gone him out quickly.
De Blasio is a communist loving *** He's the perfect example of what not to vote for.
My campaign needs 250 residents to donate $175 by 9/18 to qualify for matching funds & 2 debates w/ de Blasio. https…
There are consequences for threatening a sitting President- you know that - right? Oh w…
Red diaper baby De Blasio is at it again. Vote him out.
No doubt. King de Blasio, or so he thinks
The NY tabloids♥ De Blasio back. I'd say tabloid culture has spread beyond the Post and NYDN and is thriving. Media…
A plea to Democrats to back anyone but de Blasio
I like how De Blasio said the nypd was on their side and now we see them getting arrested by the nypd... smh
Smart subway, stupid voters. Step down de Blasio. If you love NYC, leave it…
An incredible quote from de Blasio, who's been plenty friendly with private developers, and the system he inherited https:…
Coming from De Blasio who went to G20/Germany to support Antifa Terrorists.
NYMag (and by extension all snarky cynical New Yorkers) tries to kvetch about Mayor De Blasio…but he’s pretty good. https:…
Every crime they committ De Blasio needs to be charged as an accomplice
Too bad we can't deport de Blasio. Worst mayor ever. Dinkins thanks him.
You can't pile it much higher than Bill De Blasio.
I have a message for Don’t mess with your fellow New Yorkers. .
Be glad when De Blasio's term is up then he can stay in Germany with his buddies and give speeches to protesters
De Blasio's 'Trump is a spoiled brat' isn't the worst thing he lobbies at president in new rant
(1) There we go. The final masks are dropping.
Stringer trying to make nice between Big Bird and Cuomo. Fuggedaboutit! Cuomo not getting in sand box with CRIMINAL!
Dana Loesch: If people want to freak out over a supposed threat, check out Bill De Blasio’s feed
De Blasio should charge tourists more for this. The Staten Island Ferry will become like NASCAR. Hope guy is ok.
De Blasio offers alternative to removing objectionable statues
Bill De Blasio. With friends like him... - By
We're the Taliban... de Blasio is a mullah... 😱
Scoop: used personal email for city business, according to a memo obtained by
De Blasio opens historical can of worms, . New York cannot find better?
De Blasio, top aides used personal email addresses for city business, investigation finds
With hate speech on the rise why has Mayor De Blasio abandoned plans for anti-bias trainings?
The Assassination of Charlotte the Groundhog by the Coward Bill De Blasio
New York Times: "Mayor of the People" de Blasio used private email to hide doing favors for big money donors
Yes. And how come de blasio doesn't know who the state of New York was named after?
New York City News Search (De Blasio opens historical can of worms, faces barrage of monument questions) New ... -
Investigation shows DeBlasio used personal email to cover up pay to play messages. It's closing in on this CRIMINAL!.
Homeless booted from subways so de Blasio could have 'clean' ride
Everything that's wrong with NY state is found in their politicians like Cuomo &…
Make this Lady The Mayor.This is A Brave American,Patriotic Woman.Hooray for Her.De Blasio is A Gutless Co…
Yesterday, I had the chance to attend Mayor Bill De Blasio's Harlem Town Hall. As Harlem residents, what issues concern…
Islamic Mayor of New York de Blasio welcomes this takeover.
Malliotakis rips de Blasio for dealings with ‘sleazy’ donor
Governor De Blasio, you are a coward and a disgrace to our society. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Everyday people have had it w/ these filthy, gutless, crooks we call politicians !!. De blasio gets a smacked down !. h…
Marijuana arrests are 4th most common arrest in NYC, 91% of those arrested are PoC. This must stop. .
A reminder: there was a grand jury in hyped-up de Blasio investigation, but no charges were ever filed.
Malliotakis hits de Blasio on 'pay to play mentality'
Mayor De Blasio allows Sharia law to creep into school & community. Appeasement will eventually destroy freedom.
Watch: Senior citizen goes in on Mayor De Blasio at town hall meeting
This is what makes Harlem Harlem, because people like 96 year-old Catherine Nixon care...
Feels like Biden & De Blasio get a pass despite just as problematic or if not being more problematic.
Summer reception at Gracie Mansion- Mayor De Blasio got the biggest cheer when he advised real…
De Blasio challengers knock his rationale for Democratic debate   10% Off
Warren Wilhelm Jr from Boston came to NYC and thinks his Bill De Blasio name changed his character. Sorry. Blaz is a low-life,…
De Blasio bravely stands up for NYPD cops denied donut service via
Sex offender-40 arrests-rubs up on 12yr old girl-midtown; that's de. Blasio's NYC where sex crimes have increased 22% http…
De Blasio agrees to debate his long-shot primary foes
The real "tale of two cities" is that it's Bill De Blasio's friends & donors vs. everybody else.
De Blasio's going to win reelection by a thousand points
"To make himself look Democratic and open...he's going to debate," on debate rationale.
de Blasio is defender of NYC tax $ when it comes to subway, but he wants nearly $4M in public $ for virtually non-existent p…
Mayor Bill De Blasio! Lefferts Gardens full of energy for Vote de Blasio!!!
Malliotakis demands probe of de Blasio’s education spending
De Blasio: New York runs just fine without me there
16 reasons why this year was awful for Mayor De Blasio-he needs to be indited!
Mayor Bill De Blasio Tuesday announced plans for Healthview, a 77,000 square-foot medical facility that will be...
He will go down as the worst Mayor just like De Blasio
I spoke with about the rise in homelessness in NYC, and how Mayor De Blasio's progressive agenda is making…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
86% of marijuana arrests are black or Latino, notwithstanding promises. See report. https:…
NY Post on NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio's trip to Hamburg.
Putting illegals before citizens is OVER. Its time to put Ppl like DeBlasio are outdated. Vote them OUT. https:…
Crying Chuck is as fake as de Blasio's concern for citizens of New York.
It just took me almost two hours to get home. Am I real New Yorker if I blame de Blasio?
Mayor De Blasio is a class act. Cud teach the White Asylum's warden& staff a thing or 2 on leadership!
De Blasio, commissioners get earful at resource fair in Queens
Bill De Blasio stand for Riots,Flag Burning,Illegal Aliens,Before he would stand up and fight fo…
Story doesn't mention that this good boy saved a deer but Cuomo & De Blasio collectively killed one; fine with that…
had no idea de Blasio could work the pole like that
NYPD Officers turn their back AGAIN on Mayor Bill De Blasio at Funeral of Fallen Officer. I hope he noticed.
Again, did you actually read the article? Why are you tagging de Blasio?
My lemon ice glow is wearing off as de Blasio is 45 min late to his event at a park in Corona.
Bill De Blasio is the definition of the problem with liberal left wing politics
Bill De Blasio is the definition of the liberal problem with left wing politics
Did you read the article? What does it have to do with de Blasio?
So I pay just under 4% personal tax to NYC so De Blasio can fly to Germany on the city's dime to protest Trump?
Meet Nicole Malliotakis, GOP's top pick in NYC mayoral race. She would become NYC's first woman mayor while unseating De Blasi…
Why de Blasio is painting rival Nicole Malliotakis as a Trump clone via
de Blasio should explain to women how NYC is safe when felony & misdemeanor sex crimes up over 25% & 22% 2013-2016 https…
Eric Garner’s daughter blasts talk of "progress" on third anniversary of chokehold death
Meant to mention this: yesterday, after de Blasio event, Peter Lindert gave keynote at ECINEQ
My small army of millennials ready to make Bill De Blasio a 1-term mayor because they care about their future.
Carl, who would you vote for among these, if you had to: Kamala Harris, Liz Warren, De Blasio, Zuckerberg.
Red Bill De Blasio Skips Police Ceremony, Flies to Germany to Protest Trump, “As the city mourns, its leader flees”… https:…
No wonder why the NYPD hates de blasio. Chooses to miss the NYPD ceremony to protest in Germany. please just s…
De Blasio's back to promoting himself and ignoring New York's needs . HATED by Please vote against him. https:…
.De Blasio should be standing with his officers honoring the memory of that officer that gave her life.…
Good thing de Blasio is in Germany protesting our President.
It's hard to think of a worse Mayor than de Blasio. I've never seen so many homeless people on the…
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New York city mayor Bill De Blasio interrupts protest schedule in Germany to read news concerning subway accident in distant…
The mayor's overseas jaunt was kept under wraps until just 90 minutes before he took off from Newark Airport
de Blasio and Brown, the Laurel and Hardy of the East and West coasts. Fie, fie, a pox…
⚡️ “NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio is heading to Germany for G20”.
Horrible man. Horrible Mayor. NYPD deserve better. NYC people deserve better. De Blasio should stay in Europe and not b…
NYC mayor Bill De Blasio is facing criticism for heading to Hamburg, Germany, where he is expected to appear at a G-20 Sum…
These are the people Mayor Bill De Blasio will be protesting the G20 with this weekend instead of attending the ceremon…
De Blasio might have a hard time wearing black bloc though.
How much jet fuel did crybaby De Blasio burn to go to Germany and whine about Trump with his antifa pals? Climate change my…
Bill De Blasio Skips & snubs Police Ceremony, in his eagerness to Fly to Germany to Protest Trump
Police put their lives at risk every single day to protect us. Shame on de Blasio for not bothering to show up and honor…
Please tell us De Blasio was among the injured.
Did you know that Comrade Bill DeBlasio {NYC's cop hating mayor} IS USIN…
.To see De Blasio go to another country, while his officer was assassinated, shows you the tone deafness…
Cops funerals are so sad, so proud. We honor the Brothers and Sisters in Blue who gave their all. Screw de Blasio.
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De Blasio Worked for Sandinistas, Honeymooned in Cuba via The real Warren Wilhelm !!
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio skips NYPD swearing-in ceremony just one day after officer assassination to rally against G20 s…
Mr De Blasio, the most stupid politician on earth.. I hope this airplane ticket must be paid by his own pocket!!!
Bill De Blasio is a total *** and everyone knows it. Yep, he delivered money to the protesters in Hamburg.
John Podesta should be in jail for:. +++. Putin De Blasio Trump-Putin Melanie Trump and Putin
"The best thing de Blasio can do is skip the NYPD swearing-in ceremony and go abroad because the cops I know can't stand hi…
In Dyker Heights pointing out how Mayor De Blasio is failing @ most basic responsibilities of city govt. Policy…
de Blasio is missing the funeral for Assassinated NYPD Police Officer Familiar, AND TODAY's swearing in of 524 new Police R…
So far 160 police officers have injured by protesters at this year's G20 summit. Whose side are you on Mr. Mayor??
NYC homelessness is up 40%, police officer executed, jets to German to cheer on fascists. https…
.Everything Mayor De Blasio has done has been anti-police, anti-law enforcement
Bill De Blasio, Bernie Sanders and a terrorist sympathizer. Liberalism and Radical Islam go hand in hand.
Mayor Bill De Blasio to speak at Riots, skipping Swearing-In Ceremony. Tells you all you need to know. http…
De Blasio and Sarsour: anti American traitorous pieces of scum
Blaz does not understand leading by example. Never risked his life for another like our cops. He sees only himself.
A cop was just assassinated and de Blasio is on his way to Germany to protest our President.
De Blasio jets to Germany to join G-20 protesters, skips police ceremony
Doesn't this *** Bill De Blasio have anything better to do than heading to Hamburg, Germany, to appear at a G-20 Summit p…
Mayor De Blasio jets to to protest .1 day after NYPD officer murdered/skips ceremony for new recruits in o…
De Blasio on the radio accidentally said he wishes panhandling were illegal and Brian Lehrer is like uhhh...
De Blasio administration plans comprehensive rezoning of Inwood [Pro]
De Blasio hopes pols will extend mayoral control of city schools
De Blasio: Blame Cuomo for horrible subway system: Lmfao its YOUR CITY you fix it. Pass the buck? Wow
De Blasio wants lawmakers to go back to Albany to cut schools deal
Mayoral candidate rips de Blasio over empty storefronts via
Borough presidents, who claim to back mayoral control, must immediately sign over their appointees to de Blasio.
He may criticize the media but de Blasio has benefited from some pretty favorable coverage of his affordable housin…
Bill De Blasio: America wants New York City to transition to nokill at ACC - S...
Although I guess it makes sense Cuomo would do this inasmuch as it's sure to annoy Bill De Blasio.
“We have a small business crisis on our hands,” said Albanese.
Little Giant Ladders
De Blasio, Assembly negotiating failed. It can't be worth losing control over city schools just to spite charters & appease union.
De Blasio to legislature: Extend my control of schools
“In order to [close Rikers], it will require a seismic change in the way people think about violent offenses”
Yesterday, I debated the bill pushed by Mayor De Blasio to more than double the speed cameras in NYC. The program...
De Blasio: Blame Cuomo for horrible subway system
No one parties like the weatherman. Come volunteer for Team de Blasio so you can meet him! @ New…
De Blasio, construction unions close to a deal on extra training requirements: report
De Blasio: Blame Cuomo for horrible subway system: Both are destroying NYS/NYC incompetent.
Construction Companies and their Insurance Carriers continue to fight against worker safety.
Challenger to de Blasio ties mayor to L-pocalypse via
NYC Mayor Bill de-B to present his plan for closing Rikers Island Jail Complex.
De Blasio: Blame Cuomo for horrible subway system via
De Blasio: Blame Cuomo for horrible subway system
Uh Mayor De Blasio, how is a pedestrian supposed to cross this street? 1/
Ya, now I hear Horse and Carriage and my mind goes to De Blasio's Central Park horse carriage policy.
De Blasio set to lose control of city schools via
Plan to close Rikers Island requires major shift on how accused violent criminals are treated:
Good, close Rikers. And while we're at it, let's close Clinton and Attica and move our fellow New Yorkers downstate.
For $42/student, districts can build principal pipelines + get better school leaders (like our own BPLC!).
We continue to push to bring Citi Bike to more communities across the five boroughs, including uptown! Today, I...
Media critic Bill De Blasio is a great manipulator of the media.
De Blasio: Lawmakers must return to cut deal on NYC schools
This is similar to de Blasio bringing back Bill Bratton to the NYPD. It gives Cuomo someone with gravitas and a proven track…
Stalemate in Albany May End de Blasio’s Control of City Schools
It's true - there is a profusion of empty storefronts in And they're staying empty..
Thankful for all who protect our residents' rights!
Good morning Mayor De Blasio, I am a constituent whom like to be informed of your upcoming town hall meetings in Brooklyn..
De Blasio in 2020 would be a gift for the GOP. Please run.
The legislature went home last night without voting to extend mayoral control, in plcae since the Bloomberg years.
Read story that broke the details on the report unveiled today.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
appoints de Blasio opponent who endorses for Mayor! can't be too happy right now https:…
Council members, including urge to close a deal with to bring the service citywide.
Brother of Kalief Browder to run for mayor against de Blasio - NY Daily News
Oh wait De Blasio represented Sandinistas and he's mayor of NYC.
De Blasio's argument: I'm the Mayor,therefore do what I say & not what I do; what arrogance! Should set the example.
"De Blasio and Council Agree, and Disagree, on Immigrants" by LIZ ROBBINS and J. DAVID GOODMAN via NYT
Disagree and disagree with this clown named de Blasio
The and the US media are trying to hide this evil from the American people. Don't let them do it.
Unions' agenda has been labor of love for de Blasio
"We have to be impressed by the work of our NYPD officers," on continued crime reduction in NYC
& announce the safest May ever on record in NYC. Read more & watch live ⬇️⬇️
Even if De Blasio is replaced idk what good that will do 😧
Mayor Bill De Blasio here in PBQN visiting P.S. 81 in the working on getting a playground & air…
Looking for a bold vision for NYC streets? Bill De Blasio is still not your guy.
Mayor Bill De Blasio and the Muslim Community eats Iftar-2017
Environmental crusader de Blasio: My daily SUV trips not an issue
He's a low-level political plant. No one cares what he calls for. He's an embarrassing joke to the U.K. Just like D…
De Blasio, who gets driven 12 miles to the gym each morning, says people have to change their habits to fight climate cha…
AFTER THE FACT!. De Blasio claims he always objected to ex-terror leader as Puerto Rican parade honoree
de Blasio, I still think you're a moron, a mistake, an anomaly. Do us all a huge favor and resign.
For weeks, Mayor De Blasio said he would march in the Puerto Rican Day Parade. "It’s as simple as that.” It wasn't.
Who will he blame when U.S. attacked? De Blasio? Emmanuel? He is the scummiest politician in U.S. history--worse than Bu…
De Blasio: I don’t understand why Trump is trying to undermine Londons mayor
Jacob Schwartz don't forget about this future democratic leader in NY. .
What happend ? all you used to love Russia,like your Messiah…
De Blasio and his won't back congestion pricing to reduce gridlock
SUV-loving de Blasio says he does plenty to help save planet
De Blasio at least $250G in debt to active City Hall lobbyists
What is it with Democrats and pedophilia?
Bill De Blasio is a climate change via
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De Blasio, Mark-Viverito boost spending on pet projects
.'I don’t understand' why Trump is 'trying to undermine' London's mayor
Here's an article to go along with that:
My question answered - MSM pushes fake Kushner story to carry us through the weekend - let's focus on De Blasio's pal…
De Blasio cuomo MTA don't you just love paying taxes to these morons?
"The mayor wants to live his life the way he wants to live his life, even if it means wasting carbon (& taxpayer $)" https:…
Bill De Blasio says he tried — privately — to pressure parade organizers to cut ties with FALN terrorist – twitchy
"Making something (pizza) secret makes it special.". De Blasio reads book to kids that mirrors fund-raising probe https…
De Blasio: 'Children Will Die' Because of Trump's Budget /// No, children die when the are massacred by terrorists. ht…
Lieberman is not too happy, 1 Train Upper West Side: Pr Bail-outs and De Blasio's "Territory". Same game, Pr+Brawls…
De Blasio's ThriveNYC program will deliver too little assistance to those who need it. via
De Blasio and Manhattan BP Gale Brewer greet Rockaway commuters as they touch down at Pier 11/Wall Street.
De Blasio compares Dietl to Trump over remark about his wife: Mayoral hopeful Bo Dietl is…
Mayoral hopeful Bo Dietl is doubling down on his "Diet Trump" campaign approach. De Blasio compares Dietl to Trump…
De Blasio plan to hike cigarette prices sparks debate about black market NYC, what do *you* think?
De Blasio budgeting for senior homeowner tax break, contingent on Albany.
De Blasio donor accused of corruption wants Israel…
Your values, Mayor De Blasio, are in the wrong planet and of strongly questionable nature..
Thank Goodness that they got a quote from convicted felon Bernard Kerik on this...
New effort is part of plan for a 32-mile waterfront pedestrian promenade & bicycling path around Manhattan:
Malliotakis, registering to run for mayor, says she's 'had enough' of de Blasio
De Blasio has lost touch with reality via
De Blasio needs a lot of help from Cuomo, Trump to fund pre-K expansion
"A Debate Over the Home of New York’s Fashion Industry" by VALERIYA SAFRONOVA via NYT Fashion & Style…
Mayor De Blasio on says his past conflict with the NYPD was with the PBA, not the rank & file officers
Mayor De Blasio statement regarding federal judge ruling: "Once again a federal court has told the Trump administration: ‘…
Stupid DE Blasio is a destroyer of America,his kind is Evil for our country & there…
De Blasio claims unfair tax system too complex to fix quickly
New York Mayor to ask Congress for $35 million to protect Trump. New York Mayor Bill De Blasio will announce Mon
De Blasio budgets $100M to close pedestrian Greenway gap
And 11210,11230,11218,11229 It's an epidemic and De blasio doesn't give a *** Residents say they will teach him…
The Orthodox practice of "Snip, suck, herpes" is allowed to continue in NYC simply because of politics.
Sometimes a Mayor deserves re-election because his values and his performance make NYC a better place. https:/…
Nothing, just trying to expose your naive de Blasio bashing based on lies and made up imaginations.
In NYC more African Americans babies are aborted than born, but let's worry about cigarettes .
I've been saying this about for 3 years !
.smartest way to stop sanctuary cities is like Why can't Trump do that?
.if you can change a legit De Blasio fan's mind on sanctuary cities, I'll give you Z $100,000. How's that sound?
.your poll asks "Can you see any reason for a Obviously, De Blasio, etc. do. Can you show them wrong?
Free preschool enriches lives of children & parents who may struggle to afford childcare. I applaud this initiative htt…
De Blasio administration dismisses sanctuary city warning from Department of Justice via
De Blasio administration dismisses sanctuary city warning from DOJ The Feds need the cities more than the cities...
De Blasio lays into Trump administration over Department of Justice statement
Another constructions on the playgrounds? De Blasio, you have no shame!
De Blasio's like a mail-room attendant who's suddenly made CEO.
Despite dropping de Blasio, feds still after Westchester's Rob Astorino and his Chaplin via
One of the schools I love most is being destroyed. Very sad and frustrating.つ Action Take Back CPE1 Rally
Tell Mayor De Blasio: Fire All the Officers involved in the Ramarley Graham Killing and Cover Up!
What a phoney. His city is falling. De Blasio is probably looking for money for his lawyers. Trump…
Meek Mill and Drake feud doesn't compare to de Blasio and Cuomo
We need a full time Mayor. Donate today to our campaign 👇.
Bill De Blasio, billdeblasio is now trending in United Kingdom.
NYPD defies de Blasio, works with ICE
So, they shutting down Rikers Island for good.. I wonder where they gon house all the inmates. . Cardell Collins...
de Blasio's Election Plan: Unite the Left by Promising to Close Rikers Island Prison in 2027 - via…
Mayor De Blasio: "I feel bad for Jeff Session. He creates fear and creations the notion that immigrants cause crime"
Regarding the NYPD alerting feds to court appearances, Mayor De Blasio says it refers only to detainer requests
Mayor De Blasio at press conference says he has "no intention of opening a jail on Staten Island" . cc:
NYPD is notifying ICE when illegal criminals are about to be released. In other words, saying🖕to Mayor De…
The City Council is calling on de Blasio to make room in his budget for Fair Fares and bike-share expansion.
NYC Mayor De Blasio wants jobs for ex-cons first & foremost
De Blasio squeezes into coach seat on flight to West Coast - New York Post
NYPD alerts ICE of ppl's court dates, so they can come capture them there. De Blasio must tell them to stand down. https…
Looks like he could use some extra leg room
Bill De Blasio, is now trending in United Kingdom.
Mayor De Blasio connects racist murder to Trump, ‘atmosphere of hate’
My day has gotten progressively more insane
This is a great read -- got her hands on draft schedule for de Blasio's upcoming week on Staten Island
. NYPD defies de Blasio, works with ICE via
So True. De Blasio AKA BIG BIRD is a criminal as well as Quomo the Criminal!
KUDOS: NYPD flips de Blasio a giant bird over sanctuary city status.
I love this. More of our brothers in blue need to step up. Forget your snowflake mayors, call ICE!.
De Blasio, unhappy with "uncertainty" of state budget situation, does see opportunity to keep pushing "mansion tax"
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