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Dayton Moore

Dayton Moore (born February 17, 1967) is the general manager of the Kansas City Royals. He succeeded Allard Baird.

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why did that Dayton Moore account get suspended?
$18 million to a guy who is hitting under .200 and $14 million to another who has a 5.00 ERA. Great contracts Dayton Moore
At least we only have 150 million invested in Kennedy and Gordon. Dayton Moore needs to step up his gam…
This is why Dayton Moore should've gotten another pitcher at the deadline.. Inconsistency from the rotation has cost the royals big time.
Unquestionably the most painful part of this story for me - that photo. Can Dayto…
I'm just kidding around and poking fun at Dayton Moore for being a *** and…
Oh I don't. I don't care what folks think of me. I took a ton of abuse when I was one of the few who d…
As Dayton Moore told a group of college students, "The most important decision you'll ever make is who you marry."
Dayton Moore is a true professional top to bottom. We are lucky to have him in KC
KC is lucky to have Dayton Moore and Peter goodness
Buchter and Maurer suck. Dayton Moore's magic ran out last year. EVERY move he's made hasn't panned out.
Dayton Moore & his entire family (immediate & Royals-extended) must be extremely proud of his son Robert for this w…
If I'm Dayton Moore, im not exactly pleased with my teams efforts after the trade deadline.
Have read reports of Red Sox, Orioles ownership meddling in trades. Credit Glass family for backing off and letting Dayton Moore work.
Right now Dayton Moore feels like Matt Damon at the beginning of Rounders. All in and "wet fart" noise.
The right of the Bosniaks to determine the name of their language is entrenched in both international law and Dayto…
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You gotta respect the ways Ned is gonna find to never bench Alex even after Dayton Moore made a clear mo…
The same day Dayton Moore picked up Melky in another title push, his mentor was recognized at HOF. .
“It certainly made sense for us, in this case, to move forward & strengthen our team.”–GM Dayton Moore on Trade Deadline.
I'm not sure Dayton Moore disclosed the point of the Melky trade to Ned Yost. I am sure Yost can't read L/R splits on a chart.
I'm guessing Dayton Moore right about now is probably feeling like Matt Damon at the beginning of Rounders.
I respect Dayton Moore a lot, but getting Ian Kennedy is one of the worst moves he's ever made. Just saying...
Seconded. There's like six images of Dayton Moore, most of which are from 2012 or something.
We desperately need new pictures of Dayton Moore because we keep re-using these ones . Come on, and…
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Also, shout out to Dayton Moore and the for really going for it this year. Super gutsy move.
I trust Dayton Moore but *** Soria is still on the roster ill never know.
dear Dayton Moore . time to cut your losses with soria.he's suppose to keep runners off base & derail their line!.
I want to thank Dayton Moore, The Glass Family and the entire Kansas City Royals Organization…
Up next: Dayton Moore and David Glass from the
kansascity​.com >> How Dayton Moore has reshaped the Royals roster since opening day
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fans, Dayton Moore found a way to significantly upgrade SP, bullpen, and the lineup WITHOUT trading any of KC's top 10 prospects.
Thank you Dayton Moore and Mr Glass for going all in 1 more time. Let's go get this thing.
3 more minutes for the royals to get Bryce Harper. What's taking so long Dayton Moore?
Dayton Moore didn't rule out any final moves before today's trade deadline. But roster is pretty full, not many places to s…
Dayton Moore should frame this and hang it in his office.
“Perfect,” general manager Dayton Moore said. On the trade for Melky Cabrera and what it means for the Royals:
ICYMI, Dayton Moore & Christina Lively joined the to talk Blue KC
Will always love Dayton Moore. But trading Wade Davis in the last year of "going for it" was abyssmal. KH was always an 8th inning guy.
Reminder that Dayton Moore had to get approval to increase payroll to get Travis Wood
Do you believe that Dayton Moore signed Travis Wood to replace Brian Flynn? Or for the possibility to st…
After the World Series win what good moves and contracts has GM Dayton Moore made. So many bad deals.
Dayton Moore won't consider doing anything until at least the 40-game mark, but you're right. It's time to build for future.
If I was Dayton Moore, I'd be on the phone trying to ship them Cain and Herrera ASAP.
Had the privilege of being w/ 175 Pastors listening to Dayton Moore promoting Faith & Family day…
Listen now on , GM Dayton Moore says owner David Glass is asking him questions about why team doesn't look the same.
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Dayton Moore indicated last week he had one more deal in the works before Spring Training -- this obviously was it.
Dayton Moore said he anticipates one more move before Spring Training. Likely starter or reliever. Mentioned trade as possib…
Royals GM Dayton Moore: Dominican officials say no sign of alcohol at scene of Yordano Ventura wreck.
Reading this makes my heart hurt more. Dayton Moore on Yordano Ventura: 'We’re gonna miss him'
Royals: GM Dayton Moore says Yordano Ventura "always brought a smile to everyone he interacted with" (ESPN)
Dayton Moore statement on Yordano Ventura: "He was so young and so talented, full of youthful exuberance and always brought…
Dayton Moore: "It's very rewarding to be able to get him (Danny Duffy)signed long term" by MLB Network Radio
Dayton Moore and the continue to show the league and the how things can be done. Grats to Danny Duffy & thank you!
Danny is a Dayton Moore apologist. He can literally do no wrong.
As long as Dayton Moore is not Dave Dombrowski, then great!
Ring. Ring. That sound is GM calling Dayton Moore to see about trade for Wade Davis or Kelvin Herrera
Dayton Moore on chances of Eddie Volquez being with in 2017: "We're gonna need pitching."
Raul Mondesi Jr is already the best 2B in the Dayton Moore era
.I'd nominate Diamondbacks GM Dave Stewart as having a worse off season than Dayton Moore.
It took Dayton Moore in KC to get David Glass to spend. Have to get closer to be worth it. Starts with smart deals.
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You saying Chris Young for Mike Stanton straight up cant happen? Dayton Moore is the only man who could pull it off
The inept ways of the are all on the shoulders of the horrible decisions made by Dayton Moore & Ned Yost this past off season.
72 hours until safe at home with the Kansas City Royals. .
As good as Dayton Moore's signings were last year, this years are equally as bad. Gordon & Kennedy might be 2 worst contracts in KC history
This crappy team is the result of GM Dayton Moore signing people with his heart instead of business decision
the have put Smyly, Odorizzi and Moore available. Dayton needs to be on the phone now seeing what it'd take
The only knock on Dayton Moore's royals career has been the failure to develop starting pitching. Its the reason why poor rotation thus far
Dayton Moore brought a WS title to KC, so his leash is long.but why give 70 million to Gordo with this disaster of a starting rotation?
For as good as Dayton Moore has been at developing a bullpen and position players, is as bad as he's been at developing starting pitching.
Dayton Moore is accountable for this debocle. Embarrassing
Dayton Moore, is there NOBODY else in the minors to start over Chris Young? Gives up 3+ bombs every start.
who else do we have to put in the rotation to pitch though? That's GM Dayton Moore's failing as much as it is Yost's.
Dayton Moore officially has a problem with the starting staff. Young is done and Ventura is 50-50 at best. It's not over but time 4 a change
Dayton Moore once said "pitching is the currency of the game" by that logic, the Royals are impoverished.
Dayton Moore needs to make a trade for another pitcher to get Young out of there.
I like direction of It will take time. Took Dayton Moore-almost a decade to right the ship.
Hey Dayton Moore, its time to get rid of Yordano.NOW~!!!
good call out!! Yes he's so cute. Dayton Moore though is also easy on the eyes. Hoyer from the Cubs not too bad either
Whit needs a permanent place on this team. Calling Dayton Moore now.
Team Kansas City, coached by GM Dayton Moore, makes debut at 14U West Championships:
huge royals fan. But Dayton Moore seems to be blinded by that shine on the trophy.
The Terrell Ghost Walk goes on! Be there tonight, corner of N. Frances and W. Moore Ave, Terrell, TX. Dayton...
I'm really hoping Dayton Moore says "there's no reason we can't win 15 out of the next 20" tomorrow
I just ask that this team win a World Series in my lifetime I don't care how they do it.oh hey thanks Dayton Moore, carry on
i like the move, I'll talk to my people in San Francisco and see if we can get Dayton Moore on the phone
Can you select the best Dayton Moore-acquired team for under $75?
You be the GM, select your Royals All Dayton Moore Team! via
Dayton Moore recommendation letter... . "What he lacks in skill, he makes up for in cost!". I kid, I kid!
Interesting idea from picking an All-Dayton Moore team.
4. Wang is slowly proving again how 💲💲💲 Dayton Moore is at baseball's equivalent to dumpster diving.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
If I were Dayton Moore I would trade joakim soria for a new pair of Levi's and a tall boy
Nothing will top the Omar contract but Soria's deal is quickly becoming the second worst in Dayton Moore's tenure.
If I was Dayton Moore I would trade Alex Gordon for a pair of boots, they don't even have to be new.
I think Dayton Moore put it well, "pitching is the currency of baseball."
Time to assemble your own Royals squad using the players Dayton has acquired. Go!.
Should Dayton Moore be fired for not pulling the trigger on this?
Dayton Moore isn't perfect, but he's been one of the best GM's in baseball. Many were upset about the trade, but it has been...
Mark Richt and Dayton Moore in one photo? Fandoms collide. My head explodes.
Is Dayton Moore running for office? Are Royals thinking abt starting local news channel? These FoxSportsMW commercials are that cornball.
My favorite stat is that pre-Dayton Moore, the Royals spent $250k internationally the previous ten years COMBINED.
Terry Ryan, Larry Beinfest, Dayton Moore are the miracle workers. All won championships in small markets
Dayton Moore says on he hopes to have Alex Gordon back in "maybe about ten days." Start rehab assign. "mayb…
Dayton Moore, a decade into it, and the most successful GM in Royals history. On defiance, humility, and the future: https:/…
Dayton Moore says Royals will look for ways to improve club after injuries: ... via
Congrats to Ned Yost, Dayton Moore and Lorenzo Cain, who all received awards before today's game!   10% Off
Joakim Soria is the best signing Dayton Moore and Ned Yost have ever had an 8.68 ERA is just fabulous keep up the good work...smh 😡😡 REALLY!
Billy Beane is copying off Dayton Moore's homework you guys. As a former copy cat myself, I feel it is my obligation to rat him out.
"Does that happen a lot?" - on Dayton Moore driving to STL to present the WS ring to Ben Zobrist. "It happens h…
Dayton Moore liked Ian Kennedy long before the season began. Through two starts, fans now understand why.
The best Yuniesky Betancourt story ever told: . Joe Posnanski writes about asking Dayton Moore to talk about fi...
Alex Gordon his career parallels the return of the royals from basement dwellers to champions or Dayton Moore
ICYMI, check out George Brett in the podcast page. Jeremy Guthrie at 830am, GM Dayton Moore at 930am
legend George Brett joins LIVE around 7am, former P Jeremy Guthrie on the show at 830am & GM Dayton Moore at 930a
Mark read my mind. love poaching damaged goods from ATL should have never let Dayton Moore leave.
have announced contract extensions for GM Dayton Moore and manager Ned Yost.
Dayton Moore inducted into the Kansas Baseball Hall of Fame
Having said that, the Royals work magic rebooting pitchers, so the Kennedy signing works through 2017. I'll trust Dayton Moore every time.
You could make a case for Dayton Moore as MLB’s person of the year, writes Jerry Crasnick.
Alex Gordon's decision to return to KC provides another reminder that Dayton Moore has created a culture similar to what onc…
So whatever offer the White Sox have given to Gordon and his agent, will be turnaround to see if Dayton Moore is willing to match it.
Dayton Moore should have to sing "Baby Come Back" to Alex Gordon before he signs his new contract for 75 mil.
I don't think Dayton Moore is dumb enough to sign Gordon to a deal that will screw up the salary structure of the team.
I hope Dayton Moore watched Love Actually and is outside Alex Gordon's house right now. Come on,
Bottom line: I'm gonna be disappointed if they don't sign Gordon. But not pissy, enraged, etc. I trust Dayton Moore.
GM Dayton Moore visited us at Children's Mercy & shared his leadership lessons.
Ned Yost also feels he and Dayton Moore are the most handsome manager-GM duo in baseball.
.GM Dayton Moore continues to be rewarded for his title.
When he takes questions about Gordon, Dayton Moore continues to reference long-term flexibility for guys like Hosmer, M…
Congrats to GM Dayton Moore on winning an MLB Award for Best Executive!
Royals' Dayton Moore speaks on leadership, globalization of baseball in Lawrence - Lawrence Journal World
David Glass and Dayton Moore need to hand out a new contract to Alex Gordon while the World Series film is played at KC Music Hall.
(Potential spoilers). Naturally, this ends with Wyman Manderly feeding Dayton Moore a pie made of Alex Gordon and Ben Zobrist.
Both Ned Yost and Dayton Moore said it really hasn't sunk in yet what the KC Royals accomplished- I'm the same way! We won the World Series?
Interesting quote from Dayton Moore about how the Royals prepared to face the Mets' starters. (via https:/…
that's sports for ya I guess. Dayton Moore will find some new up and coming stars, or old guys that will do something
.Cardinals fan here, but a coworker recommended I read this, so I will. Even has Dayton Moore's autograph!
well he is older.yeah he has 4 maybe 5 years left but Dayton Moore will do what he does and find another young all star outfielder
Sam Hinke is following the rebuilding w/ youth path, but unclear if he’s building the same culture of caring, loyalty …
Seeing Dayton Moore doing commercials for and supporting it so much over the years only makes me love the even more.
Oh Please Please!!! Mr Glass Dayton Moore this team as it is right now WORKS!! Please don't break it up!
Dayton Moore talks leadership principles, the rebirth of a team, and what really makes the Royals world champions.
My suggestion to Dayton Moore when it comes to both Gordo and Salvy?
make sure that we are the fathers and the husbands that we need to be," Dayton Moore-GM of KC Royals
Last offseason, Dayton Moore had a FA signing rating of "meh" by the MOST optimistic of us all. . We won the World Series.
have full and complete faith in Dayton Moore. Hope we keep zman and gordo though
I'm going to just sit back and trust Dayton Moore's process this winter.
To Dayton Moore and the entire Royals staff, give Alex Gordon whatever he wants to remain in KC
as long as Dayton Moore is at the helm, they'll definitely keep with that. Character plus talent first...
😎 don't see Dayton Moore or whoever the GM is spending boatloads of money. I think he'll sign no-name guys that fit the system
At this point Dayton Moore has earned a little bit of trust from us.
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This. Let Dayton Moore do his job and never doubt any move he ever does. Ever.
Dayton Moore deserves much of the credit for the Kansas City championship run. .
I have faith in Dayton Moore doing what's best for the team
Praying the Royals can re-sign both Gordon and Zobrist. We must let Dayton Moore hear from the fans and then fight on our knees.
We have the best GM in baseball. Literally. The BEST. I trust Dayton Moore 100% to do what's best for the team.
We won't be able to afford both Zobrist and Gordon. If Dayton Moore is smart he keeps Zobrist and thanks Gordon for all he's done.
One thing to remember going into FA...Dayton Moore puts a premium on how a player fits in the clubhouse.
Why did the part ways with Dayton Moore? With Schuerholz no longer gm only 2 years later, was he not deemed a successor?
I'm in DC filing paperwork so that Royals GM Dayton Moore can run for president!
is Dayton Moore even talking about making an offer?
The dream team that was is now slowly coming apart. But I believe in Dayton Moore.
All i want for Christmas is a Dayton Moore fathead. Someone please make this happen soon
4 books I can't wait to read. and Dayton Moore.
what ever Dayton Moore does I won't disagree with. He's proven himself.
WOW: Check out how similar and view and build organizations.
Remember, Dayton Moore was Royals GM for six years before last year. Built outstanding farm, even when skeptics ...
Yo if the Dayton Moore can find a way to take care of our boys first then somehow sign Jason Heyward for right field.. then 2-peat it is
The day GM Dayton Moore sealed his fate.
Dayton Moore was hired in 2006, and for the vast amount of time between then and ~Aug 2014 was considered one of the wo…
Dayton Moore, KC Royals GM, on the key to the amazing turnaround of the team: Important for …
Bobble idea 6. Dayton Moore on phone making trades .
Dayton Moore molded this team into champions. We appreciate that.
If Dayton Moore can get both Zobrist & Gordon re-signed, what is over/under on another 800k rally?
I called for the to fire Dayton Moore THREE separate times. Glad nobody listens to me.
Dayton Moore, More than a Season, pp. 26-27.
If you have a minute today, go look at the moves Dayton Moore made to make this team. It is amazing.
argument could be made that Royals GM Dayton Moore or Epstein are better
It is great when outspoken Christians in sports are known for their character (today Royals' Dayton Moore and Ben Zobrist). Awful, if not.
Dayton Moore has built a culture of caring, loyalty in KC Baseball alum.
Sad to see em go but it's just some necessary house keeping. Glad to see Dayton Moore staying after it. No time to waste.
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"Dad, we won the World Series." Dayton Moore watched his vision for the Royals come to fruition.
"Get ready," Dayton Moore said with the Royals down 2-0. "We're about to win a World Series." Epic team, epic story: https:…
Old enough to remember being ripped for not saying Dayton Moore and Ned Yost should be fired last summer.
Dayton Moore, Ned Yost, Lonnie Goldbert, Rene Francisco, Gene Watson, Tim Conroy all came from the Braves organization.
"He proved that one man's dreams are bigger than other people's opinions." Luke Hochevar on Dayton Moore
Mets manager Terry Collins in Royals dugout to congratulate GM Dayton Moore. Sportsmanship at its finest.
S/O to Dayton Moore though. Helluva process creating that team.
Also, 4 of last 6 World Series winners GM'd by Brian Sabean and Dayton Moore. Mea culpa for jokes at their expense over the years. Hat tip.
Any online discussion of Dayton Moore inevitably involves Brian Sabean at some point. It's an internet law now.
Less than 2 years ago, a whole lot of people opined that Dayton Moore and especially Ned Yost should be fired. 2 AL pennant…
We traded Greinke for 2 ALCS MVP players. Well done, Dayton Moore.
Alex Rodriguez thinks Dayton Moore drafted "all these guys" on the Royals. . "Lolz." . -Doug Melvin
Memories of Mike Jacobs, Jose Guillen, Kyle Davies are fading. Good for fans Dayton Moore figured it out.
Volquez and Cueto, *** Good for them, wish it was for the Dayton Moore made the right moves, but, so did Alex Anthopoulos.
Dayton Moore was the real winner last night but acquiring Johnny Cueto and Ben Zobrists late in they year!
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No better time to re-share my interview with GM Dayton Moore (and 2B Ben Zobrist (
I mean at least KC has former Braves Staffers Ned Yost and Dayton Moore...I'm trying to reach for some kind of Braves angle
If I'm Dayton Moore, I offer Gordon 4 years, $40mil. Want it? Great. Dont? Thank you for your service. He isn't worth a dollar more
Jonathan Dziedzic receiving his Naturals Pitcher of the Year Award from GM Dayton Moore
Central heirs: Royals claim division crown: The first order of business for general manager Dayton Moore's 201...
Lifetime contracts for Dayton Moore and Ned Yost. David Glass is the best owner in sports.
Once again, thank you Dayton Moore, Ned Yost,all royal players and David glass for this division title
"Anything has to be better than Jonathan Sanchez right now" - Ned Yost when the Dayton Moore got the text asking about a trade with Guthrie
I hope Dayton Moore didn't lose that receipt on that Cueto transaction
"We really wanted the professional AB in there...we need another LH bat even before Alex Gordon went down" - Royals GM Dayton Moore on BenZo
I will always love Billy Butler, but Dayton Moore made another good move for the team.
sports drive TUES 25 Aug: Royals GM Dayton Moore, 1B Eric Hosmer, Chiefs report with Mitch Holthus and more 5:05pm on 860AM KKOW
Here's prior to October '14. I'll let you search the other variations of Dayton Moore.
I have eaten my words. In Dayton Moore we trust
Dayton Moore deserves a big raise if for nothing else the signing of Morales, especially since it was a two year contract.
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I wonder if Dayton Moore sends Billy Beane a text every time Morales produces. . "Thanks for taking Billy, Billy."
The ship never sails for Dayton Moore and Co. until his contract is off the books.
Our PSA with Dayton Moore of the shows what it’s like to be homeless in Kansas City. There’s
Vargas stepped up huge last year, and Volquez this year. Dayton Moore is a fortune teller I swear
Go to the manager's office with Dayton Moore and get to
Dayton Moore told the media today at the K the national perception of the Royals as bad guys is unfounded.
If we would of had to fire Dayton Moore John Hart was my choice to get us over the hump. It didn't come to that obviously
Trying to decide if sitting behind Dayton Moore is more or less notable than sitting behind Aimee Teegarden
Dayton Moore is in the airport, 5 feet away from me, talking on the phone. Waiting for my flight. Swag
Dayton Moore should hire you to replace Yost
Dayton Moore is the man for the Kendrys Morales signing. He's been so good for us.
cheers to Dayton Moore for having the worst possible name ever on clash of clans...
it's amazing. I just hope as a royals fan the Braves don't come shopping for Dayton Moore.
That's why Dayton Moore only gave him $11 million this season. Oh, wait...
funny how Dayton Moore is considered a good GM all of a sudden when he's been a laughing stock for years
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I love ur show but DD was terrible. Look what Dayton Moore did w KC w limited payroll. Now that's a good GM, not dombrowski
It was about as "KC friendly" panel as could be possible... short of you, me, and Dayton Moore being on it.
Watch our PSA with Dayton Moore, GM of the Spread the word that There’s for the homeless:
Dayton Moore's first 5 years were a train wreck to most. Patience is the keyword to baseball if you dont have it you wont be happy ever
I have to disagree, simply because you're inferring that Dayton Moore's tenure wouldn't be considered a success.
What was I blaming Dayton Moore about? Some guys get fired after a horrible 2-3 year run. Doesn't diminish past accomplishments.
But if the win the World Series this year, they might erect a statue of Dayton Moore. Stay classy Detroit Tigers!
Pretty creative move by Dayton Moore and Ned Yost to keep Yuniesky Betancourt on the roster by moving him to catcher.
LISTEN: GM Dayton Moore tells Power Alley they knew in ST they needed an ace & they're likely done trading -
[SB Nation: Royals Review] - Dayton Moore's trade deadline history has no bearing now
The biggest difference between Indians and Royals is the GM. Look at the resumes. No excuses. Dayton Moore is better than C…
Dayton Moore is many things, but he isn't Dave Stewart.
Mike Montgomery now might be the career WAR leader for starting pitchers drafted by Dayton Moore
Chris Young was an excellent find for Dayton Moore. So was Ryan Madson. It could turn out Joe Blanton was a great find to…
Local Weekly Paper Hiring of Ned Yost helped revive the Royals and Dayton Moore
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In the wake of the All-Star voting, the prudent thing for Dayton Moore to do now is to trade Alex Rios for Mike Trout straig…
Kendrys Morales or Vmart? Hm. Rios or JD? Hmmm Chris Young and Volquez. Dayton Moore>DUMBbrowski
Dayton Moore was on with Mike Lupica on ESPN Radio yesterday. Listening now. Will pass along the best quotes.
Billy Butler is getting his championship ring presented by Dan Glass, Dayton Moore, Ned Yost and Alex Gordon. Nice hug from Alex.
Omar Infante: reminding Dayton Moore every day that not everything he touches turns to gold
Dayton Moore on Luke Hochevar "We'll probably start him somewhere in the minor leagues."
also...could you ask Dayton Moore how Kyle Zimmer is progressing
BTL starts now: hear from GM Dayton Moore, GM John Dorsey and reaction about KSU HC Bruce Weber's...
Dayton Moore: "without a doubt the most important part of us winning last year was when Raul Ibanez came available."
Dayton Moore still has 7 unsigned arbitration eligible players. Eric Hosmer, ...
Royals GM Dayton Moore has a lot of work to do to sign Kansas City's stable of arbitration eligible stars. Eric...
Ned Yost and Dayton Moore will be with the Royals as long as they want, writes Sam Mellinger.
that's why we gotta trust John Dorsey and his process like Dayton Moore lol.
John Dorsey should give Dayton Moore a call... At least he knows how to fill his team needs.
Dayton Moore on the current structure of the team, "We gotta do better."
Royals GM Dayton Moore & Mayor Sly James will flip the switch at the City Lights ceremony at 6 pm today at Barney Allis P…
Not sure what Dayton Moore feels about losing Butler, but getting an education on Rush's take on Obamacare.
.The Royals are always looking for out of state fans. And we have Dayton Moore!!!
What place did Billy Beane get? "GM Dayton Moore finishes 2nd in MLB executive of year voting”
Mid Atlantic Scouts Association Banquet Recap November 11, 2014 by Clint Longenecker/ Baseball America ABERDEEN, Md.—Ripken Stadium in Aberdeen, Md., played host to more than 100 people on Saturday night for the Mid Atlantic Scouts Association banquet to honor this year’s Hall of Fame inductees and award recipients. The Mid Atlantic Scouts Association (MASA) is a professional baseball group comprised of former and current major league scouts and front office personnel. MASA, founded in 1970 with 20 members, has more than 165 current members with scouting roots in the Mid-Atlantic region. Most of the members are area scouts but the group also includes two current scouting directors (John Barr and Mike Elias) and one general manager (Dayton Moore) in addition to many other former scouting directors (Jack Bowen, Roy Clark, Tony DeMacio, J.J. Picollo, Paul Snyder) and general managers (Murray Cook, Roland Hemond and David Littlefield). Dallas Green, former general manager of the Phillies and Cubs and mana ...
Brian Sabean: Eckerd College. Dayton Moore: George Mason University. Don't have to be an Ivy grad to put together a World Seri…
2007 draft Dayton Moore took Mike Moustakas with the 2 pick. SF took MB with 10 pick. Also how aboutChris Sale instead of Christian Colon!
John Hart has indeed taken Braves top baseball-ops job, which is great news for Kansas City, too: Dayton Moore will unquest…
Braves obviously waiting on Dayton Moore -
. # Congrats to Dayton Moore and Ned Yost both an extension of the Braves family.
Dayton Moore has never built a 90-win team or division champ. He draws an inside straight in October and we turn him into Branch Rickey.
Anyone remember when the Royals and Dayton Moore were killed for trading Wil Myers for James Shields?
Think about this. There are real, live people who think Dayton Moore is a better GM than Brian Cashman.
B. Affleck would play Dayton Moore. Kurt Russel would play Ned Yost. Bill Murray as Rusty Kuntz & Tom Wilkinson as D Glass.
It's going to be Billy Beane vs. Dayton Moore, and the legitimacy of Moneyball will finally be decided once and for all.
Pretty sure everyone in KC just realized Dayton Moore is like 4-11 standing next to Joel Goldberg.
Sorry if these don't sound encouraging, but I grew up under the influence the great baseball pessimist, John Bennett. My predictions for this post season: Jarrod Dyson will make an out on the base paths pinch running for Billy Butler while carrying a key run in his hip pocket. Before the out is even made, Billy will have retired to the club house to play cards, with special guests Ricky Henderson and Bobby Bonilla. When fielding a question about on field strategy after the game Ned Yost will reply with a comment about the size of the crowd in attendance. Aaron Crow will give up a walk off to Adam Dunn, Afterward his explanation will be, "I met with some Royals alumni before the game, one guy told that in the post season it is important to throw as hard as you can and not worry about where the ball is going, I don't remember his name it started with an L, might have been Littell?" The day after the last game the press will try to reach Dayton Moore by phone for comments on pending free agents. His respo .. ...
Hire Dayton Moore please like right now. I'll make the phone call if I have to.
Maurice Patton my money is on Dayton Moore as the next GM of the Braves. What say ye?
8 weeks ago, the haters were praying that Dayton Moore would go back to Atlanta. Now, they're demanding that David Glass keeps him!
Could the Braves be eyeing Dayton Moore for a return?
Royals owner “can't imagine” GM Dayton Moore leaving for Braves
KC GM Dayton Moore should be at the top of the Braves list. He's a Scheurholz disciple who understands scouting & development.
if copolella gets the job them I’m OK with the decision. If they bring in Dayton Moore, then we’ve made a grave mistake
The Braves would gladly give them BJ Upton for Alex Gordon and Dayton Moore
Brandon Finnegan already rates in the top 10 draft successes of Dayton Moore, right?
Dayton Moore has Atlanta blood but let's not forget his bj upton like contracts! Jeff franceour, Gil meche and Jose guillen...
There is now a 1/3 chance of reaching MLB playoffs. Royals have 50/50 shot of reaching once in Dayton Moore's season tenure.
Royals won't stand in Moore's way. Sent with At Bat
Yes yes yes please. Dayton Moore for Barves GM. Do this.
not at all. I was just Googling Dayton Moore (since my braves may hire him) and thought your piece was good and worth sharing.
David Glass is not worried about Dayton Moore leaving for Atlanta. "Dayton's a part of the family."
Dayton Moore will probably trade himself to the Braves for BJ Upton to make one last awful trade before he leaves.
The hummus was just fantastic. Really hit the spot. No Dayton Moore, though.
Wow: Braves might hire Dayton Moore, whose Royals teams have had losing records in 6 of his 8 years in charge
Royals expect Moore to remain GM through contract
So now that Frank Wren was fired, does that mean Dayton Moore and Ned Yost can move back to Atlanta now?
I'm waiting for a flight to Atlanta. Dayton Moore is not in the terminal with me. I'll keep you updated.
I'm still a little skeptical due to the Dayton Moore link and the fact that JS/Cox/Hart might balk at a young guy w/o GM experience, but...
All the Royals fans I know seem more excited about getting rid of Dayton Moore than making 1st playoffs in 29 years.
If you guys thought Wren sucked in free agency just you wait for Dayton Moore
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