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Daymond John

Daymond John (born February 23, 1969) is an American entrepreneur, investor, television personality, author and motivational speaker.

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I'm going to have a Power Lunch with in NYC
It helps to be so hungry that you have no other choice but to succeed. via
"Entrepreneurs: The only people who work 80 hours a week, to avoid working 40... Daymond John"
After Shark Tank, this cowboy went from rodeo star to fitness pioneer
Wait,wait,wait are you telling me THE Daymond John from Shark Tank is coming the University of Missouri?! Get pumped for Nov. 1st!
The 15-year-old CEO mentored by Daymond John inked a 7-figure deal to make bow ties for the NBA
Daymond John has no sympathy for people who have a weak answer to this question.
Brad Neuberg, Software Engineer and the Innovator and Founder of CoWorking is my…
Are you asking this question when interviewing potential employees?
I have enjoyed the interview you had with Daymond John...( The power of Broke)
You don't have to work for a big corporation if you don't want to. -Daymond John
FUBU Founder and “Shark Tank” shark Daymond John on this Frank Buckley Interviews podcast
Shark Tank's very own Daymond John is speaking in Jesse Aud. Nov 1st. Come meet the shark himself!
I just cracked opened the Power of Broke by Daymond John. Haven't read much these past few months.
The Shark Tank judge explained how he grew his brand & what gets his attention at the iConic Tour in New York City:…
WATCH: We played a game of BUSINESS OR BS with Shark Tank's
Barbara you and Mark Cuban. Lori Greiner . Robert Herjavec . Daymond John . Kevin O'Leary. Are my r…
I don't see why black athletes in the NFL & the NBA along with major black investors (Daymond John,Jay Z) don't form their…
'Shark Tank' judge Daymond John shares his top 3 lessons for
Daymond John on His Cancer Diagnosis, His Humble Beginnings, and the BS to Avoid in Your Startup Pitches... via
Here's a review from an attendee. My opinion of Daymond John has been crushed. I liked him.
Absolutely love this quote from Daymond John. Couldn't be more true! I'm a huge Sharktank fan…
Recently, opened up to me about loneliness, racism and entrepreneurship in America:
Daymond John reveals one of his biggest regrets in life - Finance
Daymond John, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson prove you don’t need to be rich to start a business
A5 The One Week Budget by Tiffany Aliche and the power of broke by Daymond John both on the list I created
"Shark Tank" star Daymond John reveals he was diagnosed with cancer
'Shark Tank' star Daymond John speaks out about his cancer diagnosis - ABC News
Shark Tank's Daymond John reveals he has thyroid cancer
Watched this young man do his pitch on Shark Tank. Got no deal but did get mentoring from Daymond John now business…
Early detection is so important! "Shark Tank's Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis" via
Breast Cancer Awareness
“If I would attack it now, then I wouldn’t let it attack me.” on importance of early detection: https:/…
Thank you for sharing Glad ur good!. Shark Tank's Daymond John Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis
(prayers out to for a speedy recovery ) Shark Tank's Daymond John Reveals Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis
star opens up about his thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment: "I didn't skip a beat"…
I'm sharing my story to empower people to take control of their health. We have to be diligent.
Daymond John of 'Shark Tank' on his cancer diagnosis: The entrepreneur hopes his…
How are companies embracing and start-ups?
"A man with good health has a thousand dreams but a man with bad health only has one". ~Daymond John~
3 hours of sleep 😴 very exhausted but still made it to work with Daymond John and his team Daymond John’s Success...
Interviews with Tim Storey, Shark Tank's Daymond John and Kevin Harrington and more!…
Daymond John to Founders: Never Fear the 'Power of Broke' via
YahooFinance: TheSharkDaymond: If you're a scared entrepreneur, you're dead already …
If you're a scared entrepreneur, you're dead already
Read why Shark Tank's Daymond John thinks now is the most exciting time to be an Entrepreneur! .
How to Start a Business with Zero Investment Using OPMs: Let Daymond John Shows you How
I love Daymond John's story, drive, and hustle!
Here's what Daymond John has learned from 8 years of investing on .
Hey Learn from some of the hottest wealth experts AND see Daymond John live! Register here:…
Daymond John, Founder of FUBU, Focused on Catering to an Unmet Need by
Shark Tank's Daymond John: If you're a scared entrepreneur, you're dead
"Top Level Strategies from Jay Abraham, advisor to Daymond John and Tony Robbins" by
Daymond John: "I was stop-and-frisked maybe twenty times in my life"
Check out this new trending ! paley fest, paley live, daymond john
New on paley fest, paley live, daymond john
Daymond John has seven tips on how to launch your startup like a shark:
A lot of times, I can put a product together with a distributor when I go into my Rolodex f
There really is no shortcut just because you have a name, or you have some kind of access o
How to use a mentor to be successful (By billionaire Daymond John) Please fell welcome to subscribe, like, share,
“Mentors, by far, are the most important aspects of businesses” – Daymond John
Power Fact: 23% of full-time undergraduates work a part-time job at least 20 hours each week. -Daymond John
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Shark Tank Star Daymond John: High Tech hearing aids changed my life.
Daymond John shares his journey to success and how he got there. His mom once told him that it takes
Daymond Garfield John will be an honorary guest and keynote speaker for Planting Seeds on 11 Nov – 11:30pm!…
Setting up a Business & Managing your Expectations by Daymond John
Daymond John of Shark Tank partners with LoveHandle Daymond John of Shark Tank partners w
Don't wait for the perfect time, you will wait for forever. Always take advantage of the time that you're given __Daymond John.
I believe the last thing I read at night will likely manifest when I’m sleeping. You become what you think about the most.…
the Daymond John is incredible, he started FUBU with only $40 in his pocket and turned it into a $6 billion business.
Hear one star open up about their battle with hearing loss:
Daymond John spoke to the leadership of Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate today about the instance of family &...
When you've got nothing to lose, you've got everything to gain. . Daymond John
🔥 🔥 Just finished a BRAND NEW POST, FAMILY! Check us out!
Daymond John's 5 best tactics for marketing a new product
I added a video to a playlist 22 Minutes With Daymond John
Today's buzz words are transparency & authenticity. You've got to keep it real people. Power of Broke by Daymond John
Big thanks to The Shark Daymond John owners retreat
Ready to hear from daymond John from Shark Tank!
Shark Tank’s Daymond John on the Importance of Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs by
Some of the knowledge Daymond John was talking about is starting to resonate with me.
Daymond John of Shark Tank with us this afternoon bragging about his failures - so inspirational! ❤️󾮗🏻
John says he hasn't watched a new TV show in years, including Shark Tank.
Promote your biz @ the Daymond John conf VA Beach on 9/30! h…
So good. Sarah Shaw's great interview with Daymond John, Aka “The Shark” -
CNNMoney interview: Smart hearing aids and an iPhone improve celebrity's life
The shark, Daymond John sits down with
It wasn't easy at all for Daymond John to reach success. Learn from his wise pieces of advice.
Shark Tank's Daymond John promotes entrepreneur event: The mega entrepreneur has now teamed up with Miller Li...
Damon Dash and Daymond John both made their first million at the age of 23! I know for a fact I'm just as brilliant as them.
Join us for an exciting evening with Daymond John! Tickets can be purchased at
You have to role your sleeves no matter what. . Daymond John
Why Daymond John of 'Shark Tank' Believes in 'the Power of Broke' ...
Shark Tank investor Daymond John shares his top 7 tips for a successful product: Shark Ta...
In case you missed it - Here’s Daymond John’s Best Marketing Advice for New Business Owners – Shopify
Don't swim alone! Follow us to learn the secrets of successful with Daymond John, star of
Lots of inspiration from Daymond John... thoughts on this later once I process
"Great things happen when we come together." - Daymond John
On page 130 of 288 of The Power of Broke, by Daymond John
I value an entrepreneur I can get behind and trust, because I know they are attempting to move forward in life. Daymond John
Daymond John, 'Shark Tank' host and founder of FUBU, describes what he looks for in an entrepreneur.
How Entrepreneurs, Such as Daymond John, Learn to Improve Their Game by via
"A savvy entrepreneur will not always look for investment money, first." -Daymond John
An old post, but still quality and tips -
"You can make up your own opinion, but you can't make up your own facts, go sell." - Daymond John, Shark Tank Investor
Good things come to those who expect them-Daymond john
Use all resources available to you other peoples money, mindset --other peoples magic.-Daymond John
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
You will be rewarded for solving other peoples problems-Daymond John
We have a full house today! Daymond John is about to take stage.
Broke only breaks you if you let it .But broke can make you if you let it.-Daymond John
If you have hope,in anything you do,you can make it.-Daymond John
I always tried to align myself with strategic partners, friends, and information to help me wi
Read goals in morning and at night before you sleep-Daymond John
VELDORAMOORE: Nothing is going to be handed to you.-Daymond John
Imagine the unimaginable. ZTo think just beyond my grasp-Daymond John
No company is too big to think small-Daymond John
Had to share this from our executive producer & host Yaneek Page, taking a selfie with Daymond John from Shark Tank.
Daymond John Tips Mark Cuban Out of the 'Tank': A take-it-or-leave-it offer to invest cuts off Cuban..
Guess who loves WANDA? That's right Shark Tanks own Daymond John at…
Daymond John and How to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths: Usually, it’s my job to deconstruct world-cla..
Daymond John, CEO of Fubu leads roundtable discussion with Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.
At the Global Entrepreneurs Summit and met one of the best, Daymond John.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I liked a video Daymond John on CreativeLive | Chase Jarvis LIVE | ChaseJarvis
One of Shark Tank Daymond John's best interviews on what it took for him to succeed as an entrepreneur -
Thanks for the shoutout on your FB live broadcast Daymond John!
Secrets of a brilliant brand builder - Daymond John
Sink or Swim: "Shark Tank" sharks Robert Herjavec and Daymond John feed us pro tips on surviving investing's treacherous waters
When I first got into business, I made a lot of bad decisions.
I think that in the earlier days, when I was a 'wantrepreneur,' I was ...
Daymond John reveals what he learned from losing $750,000 on the first season of 'Shark -
I consider each business investment based on concept and revenue.
Learn as many mistakes and what not to do while your business or produ...
Daymond John: How to Use the Power of Broke to Build Your Business: Daymond John started his fi..
This is the biggest mistake Daymond John of ABC's 'Shark Tank' sees small businesses making (Video).
Our Business Partner Chair, Ana Helton, met Daymond John yesterday after the amazing opening keynote address he...
I'm going to meet the day before my birthday! :) 🎁🎉💵💯 via
Daymond John's Launch Academy in Cleveland Ohio. Aniesha Whitt coming to you ...
Hamilton Collection
"Don’t let later become never. Be responsible for your dream." - Daymond John, Shark Tank
What an amazing story from Daymond John truly inspiring
The after party was so much fun. We got to chat with America Ferrera and our good friend, Daymond John! http…
Daymond John small businesses depend on shark shark advisors like us
Daymond John unspired us this morning
Thank you , Daymond John for this was an awesome invite to your launch academy. It's always a blessing when other...
Daymond John saw the instant spark between and
Only my dad would go to a cigar bar and meet Daymond John from Shark Tank
Daymond John from Shark Tank at at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.
Energy is off-the-charts on Day 1 at Daymond John's Escape Velocity Start Up in Mpls... Another big day tomorrow!...
I added a video to a playlist The Bella Twins talk business with entrepreneur Daymond John: Total
As entrepreneurs you must do your research before attending events Daymond John is a for profit…
"Truth is the easiest thing to sell." Daymond John
Well a blend of QBC's queen and daymond john will do it for me
Are you a fan of the ABC television show Shark Tank? If yes, you're in luck! . Daymond John will be at Barnes...
on Mark Cuban and the Secrets of 'Shark Tank'
I found this to be very true in reference to marketing!
'Shark Tank' investor says this daily ritual changed his life via -
Daymond John's launch academy. Great minds think alike.
Sherrie Rose and Daymond John at the The Power of Broke Tour, San Diego
"You are what you eat. You are what you wear. You are what you drive. You are where you live, what you stand for, how u love" Daymond John
“My parents always taught me that my day job would never make me rich; it’d be my homework.” – Daymond John
Hanging out with Daymond John of Shark Tank and creator of FUBU...and having a blast! Wishing our friend Barbara...
Daymond John from sharktankabc was one of the most entertaining and informative…
Queens Library Special Event: A Talk with Daymond John, "The Power of Broke" Event Sold Out, but I got my ticket & my book!
LIVE on Daymond John's he's not here but the info is great!
Diving into the mind of investor Daymond John
“As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning.” – Daymond John
“Every problem can be solved as long as they use common sense and apply the right research and techniques.” – Daymond John
“I’m a big advocate of financial intelligence.” – Daymond John
I liked a video from Daymond John Discusses the Importance of Mentors and Mentees and
In good company. featured as recommended reading by via
Excited to be part of grand opening on Apr 20 where I'm hosting my first ever popup shop: ht…
yes I am but I need a mentor could you give me any support Daymond John
Got to spend some time today with Daymond John and got some great in…
June6 Plug ATL: $10,000 Pitch Competition w/ Daymond John + guest speakers at the Atlanta Symphony Hall of the Woodruff Arts Theater
I've applied for three reality shows: Diddy, Russell Simmons and MTV. I'd certainly do it a 4th & 5th time for Mark Cuban & Daymond John.
A must read: Power of broke by Daymond John...
Excited for you all to see a bit of our work w/ Diamonds Unleashed and Daymond John next week! 💎💋
I liked a video Daymond John on The Power of Broke - with Lewis Howes
Daymond John's advice: Use the power of broke
'Shark Tank' investor reveals top tips for building your personal brand via
President Obama and "Shark Tank" star Daymond John got down in Cuba with a bunch of ent...
Who's coming to hang out with us in August?. The INCREDIBLE Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Daymond John, Vick Strizheus...
The Larry Wilson & (Daymond John). Founder of Fubu, owner of the Coogi,…
Novateur Brand Architecture is at the Daymond John's Launch Academy listening and learning! .
I liked a video from Daymond John's "Launch Academy" review
Great ready! Going to Daymond John launch academy!
Register now! HTA Summit is coming to Las Vegas this August 2016! Daymond John, Les Brown, Bob Proctor and more...
Live Event with Bob Proctor, Les Brown and Daymond John in August 2016 Bob Proctor -
'Shark Tank' investor Daymond John shares 9 business books he thinks everyone should read...
FUBU was founded in 1992 by Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin and Carlton Brown…
Distinguished Lectures Committee will host Daymond John at the Fayetteville Town Center on tomorrow at 7pm. Doors open at 6pm
Join the Bros of Beta Rho tomorrow as we attend a much anticipated lecture by Daymond John at the Fayetteville Town Center!
Grant Cardone, Kim Guerst & Daymond John have given me much inspiration and REALNESS this morning!
3 Things to Look for in Business Partners | Daymond John's Launch Academy-Watching Shark Tank got me thinkin
3 Ways to Nurture Your Inner Entrepreneur | Daymond John's Launch Academy-The more you practice these tips,
Nice to have a mutual follow from Chief Digital Officer John
Sebastian Rusk sits down w/ Shark Tank's Daymond John to chat about his new book the at Books &...
Here’s how Shark Tank’s Daymond John beats out the other Sharks to score a deal
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Our Founder Ben Davis & Shark Tank's superstar, Daymond John, at the book launch party in NYC!
FUBU founder and "Shark Tank" investor dx with as an adult, shaped his success.
A says he changed his life when he added this ritual to his daily routine
Simple yet very Powerful tips to achieve your goals & make your dreams come true. DO try this!
Daymond John shares his daily productivity ritual -
I cant express how exciting I am that I will have a chance learning from Daymond John this coming weekend. This...
Daymond John inspires the next generation.
Bodine High School students and staff were inspired by Daymond John tonight!
3 Lessons I Learned Building FUBU | Daymond John's Launch Academy-If you have the passion and the drive, you
Check out the latest news, insights, and opportunities from Daymond John's Launch Academy.
Shark Tank's Daymond John: "I Don't Want to Team Up with Any Shark at Any Giv... via
Daymond John kinda gets the shaft on deals. Entrepreneurs will take a Cuban deal over John even if it isn't in his wheelhouse
.doesn't think we're in a bubble. Here's why.
A shark worth swimming with, and an interesting read.
Failiar is success we learn from it...Daymond John s company FUBU had to fail he never gave up he had plan B,he...
Daymond John is an entrepreneur the CEO,Founder of FUBU company. He started working in a restaurent,he thought he...
Episode 67: What happens between the deals on 'Shark Tank'? Rebecca Jarvis gets the inside scoop from Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Kevin
"Daymond John Explained to Me How He Invests and It Clears Up Why He's So Often "Out"" by on
This is how decides what companies to invest in:
Branding 101 and What it Means to Lose it All with Daymond John of Fubu
Eric Patrick Thomas thank you speech Daymond John Inc. Magazine LA - wear it
Entrepreneur Daymond John next for Maverick Speakers Series. Tickets to see entrepreneur Daymond John for the...
The founder of Turbopup asks Daymond John for advice; Drop Stop creators are overwhelmed on tomorrow at 9pm
These guys should know, how to make a great first impression.
Do you have the strength to stand alone in the face of fear and criticism? . Pic: Daymond John (Shark Tank) and I...
Did OCTOPIZZO meet OBAMA and Shark Tank’s DAYMOND JOHN? He claims he did -
Daymond John Rise & Grind! Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn. You can't lose!
I was fortunate to meet and talk briefly with Daymond John (FUBU founder …
FUBU founder Daymond John killing it at the Import Summit today. thesharkdaymond
FUBU founder and Shark Tank judge Daymond John gave a speech on his story from the hood to…
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
This is a must view conversation between Kenneth Cole and FUBU's Daymond John. *btw, Kenneth Cole jeggings are...
Listening to SharkTank's Daymond John give the keynote at Import Summit 2015.
Here we go...the celebrity keynote thesharkdaymond Daymond John takes the stage!
As an you never stop learning. Daymond John
Shark Tank Partner to Daymond John, Al Bubba Baker, thank you for the fav of our Poetry. Your leadership & entrepreneurship is astounding
If I invest in a CEO, I need him or her to have experience in sales. Daymond John
Last week we attended the 2015 Quad Cities Chamber Annual Meeting with guest speaker Daymond John from Shark...
Shark Tank's Daymond John: How to not make a $6 million mistake … like I did via
Shark Tank - Daymond John on the panel of My Brothers Keeper Challenge during Super Bowl in Arizona ...event and...
Hooked on Periscope yet? Seoul, the OC, Austrailia, or Daymond John eating shrimp in a club in NYC. Killer!!
3 Important Secrets for Succeeding in Business from and
Our very own young Founder with Daymond John at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit @ Kenya
watched on Watching my favorite shark live at Daymond John!
We loved hearing from at Get Daymond's MAIC book bundle on at:
"You are constantly selling yourself because life is a series of sells and pitches" - Daymond John
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
"It's what you think that you already know that will prevent you from learning." - Daymond John
I added a video to a playlist Daymond John Building Dreams ! CEO OF FUBU
There are 5 key qualities looks for in a business leader via
Don't miss Daymond John at TBSE 2015! Be there or be square! -
Almost all the 3 socialite media houses interviewed Daymond John ?!!!???¿ really... where are the rest
Miller Lite's Tap the Future & Shark Tank's Daymond John are back in LA!
Miller Lite and Daymond John come to Miami in search of original business ideas.
Daymond John ., a new app Windrose. Easily translates & globalize Let me hear your feedback
John: Kevin, Robert, Daymond, Lori. Bryce: a real partner who understands the business and who would jump all in!
Mentors are vital to our growth as entrepreneurs, & why I invested in w/ Read it here:
Invest in yourself or no one else will. -Daymond John.
Daymond John offers a step-by-step guide to attracting celebrity influences to your business... via
Great is an easy way to increase sales via
We Ask Shark Tank’s Daymond John explains when an entrepreneur should quit their job via
Meet the 13-year-old CEO who built a $200,000 business and is mentored by
A condition of DeAndre Jordan's deal with the Mavs is Mark Cuban had to get him Daymond John's seat on Shark Tank.
"I was a hard working young man who was working at Red Lobster as a waiter. I didn’t have enough money to go to...
- D - thx for stepping up / mentorship. Founder Daymond's Branding Secrets [VIDEO] via
Daymond John of 'Shark Tank' at The Fillmore: Once again, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo was seen wining and dining, this time Tuesday...
Daymond John of 'Shark Tank' at The Fillmore - Miami Herald (blog)
Shark Tank's Daymond John on the right time to quit your job to become an entrepreneur
According to Shark Tank's customer service means going beyond what's expected via
Watch entrepreneurs pitch their business to Daymond John from “Shark Tank” in
Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship discusses his plans.
It's your people, not your product Daymond John: How I Spot Winners | -
3 fantastic stories of success and determination: "Daymond John: How I spot winners"
How does Daymond John spot winners on "Shark Tank?" via
Notable: A global Ambassador of Daymond John on hip-hop, his mom and making it big.
The most anticapitalist President ever now has Daymond John preaching capitalism worldwide. Seriously? Wonder what Daymond's thinking..
First you gotta make it, then you master it, then you matter. - Daymond John. your dress with and let YOU shine!
"You're going to fail more than you succeed so you want people to bet on the jockey and not the horse." - Daymond John
"The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance " ~ ~ Daymond John
'Shark Tank' investor Daymond John explains how his mom helped FUBU become a $350 million company.
Daymond John is probably the smartest man in the world for doing a deal with spikeball on Shark Tank
Did you have a photo taken with Daymond John? Hop over to our FB page, LIKE us and TAG YOURSELF! You have earned it
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