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Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time (DST)—also summer time in several countries, in British English, and European official terminology (see Terminology)—is the practice of advancing clocks so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less.

United States

foreign language night on wnkj radio (starts at 07:30 pm central daylight saving time. God bless
Why are we doing dumb things because "it's how it's always been done?" Go away, Daylight Saving Time, and take Electoral…
When a caption writes itself. Daylight saving time & porch weather, aka spring, in neighborhood, Bloomfield by
Now $2 off for the month of March, just in time to keep baby dry for Daylight Saving!
This time next week, the Qld Govt will have responded to daylight saving petition. Keep watch here:
Benjamin Franklin introduced Daylight Saving Time in a satirical essay—the concept wasn't necessarily meant to be taken seri…
A lovely post from our partner park for you:. "Hawai‘i does not observe Daylight Saving Time. But...
I really do prefer Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time. I don't mind the dark in the morning if it means light in the evening.
Reminder: Daylight Saving Time is hot garbage, and it's tonight
Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 12. You're welcome.
A reminder to put your clocks back 1 hour tonight before you go to bed. Daylight saving time is here! 🕐🔙🕑
Wife is gone on a work trip (SXSW!) and I have the kids alone for daylight saving time and a possible blizzard. This is fin…
Daylight saving time begins at 2 a.m. on Sunday (tonight). Set clocks forward one hour. I think DST should be abolished.
Remember to set your clocks forward at 2am for Daylight Saving Time!
Alberta is close to scrapping daylight saving time, staying in CST/MDT. The upsides and the dark sides to that idea: https:/…
Daylight saving time 2017: Surprising things about springing forward |
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Daylight Saving Time 2017: What to know, when to spring forward -
Blame it on Ben. How we wound up with daylight saving time: via
Daylight Saving Time tonight, make sure to move your clock forward an hour
you may need to set your clocks forward one hour tonight as Daylight Saving Time starts at 2 AM on March…
Do you have new batteries in your house? Time to run to the store. This weekend is ‘Spring Forward’ for daylight saving time!
Daylight saving time means it’s time to check your smoke alarms! ‘Spring’ to the store to pick up some new batteries!
Daylight Saving Time started in 1916 when Dave Lightsaving, Jr. was an hour late to work & convinced his boss that all th…
While I love the having it be light longer so I can walk the dog in the evenings, I don't​ like the transition.
Reminder: Set clocks ahead for daylight saving time
I'm on a crusade to end Daylight Saving Time. Who's with me?
Latest research suggests DST time change can be harmful to our health and cost us money...hmmm
Daylight Saving Time starts at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. Turn your clocks ahead 1 hour before going to bed tonight. https:…
Daylight Saving Time begins tonight. Set clocks ahead 1 hour before heading to bed & check batteries in home safety dev…
DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME BEGINS: Remember to spring forward one hour on Sunday the 12th!
Ready or not, daylight saving time starts this weekend
Despite Daylight Saving Time’s origins as an energy saving strategy, research suggests...
Daylight saving time starts tonight. Spring forward and sleep fast.
Don't forget to change the clocks this weekend! And here are 5 things to know about Daylight Savings Time
Time marches on, with a bit more skip this weekend, as daylight saving time officially re-emerges at 2 a.m.
Enjoy an extra hour of daylight starting tomorrow! Daylight Saving Time starts tonight, be sure to set your clocks ahead 1 hour.
Don't forget to SPRING FORWARD 🌱 It’s almost time to turn your clocks ahead, Daylight Saving Time begins at 2am 3/12 ⏰
6YO:🤔. So daylight saving time means I get to go to school an hour late on Monday?. Me: No. . 6YO: THEN WHAT'S THE…
Spring ahead! Don't forget to set your clocks an hour ahead before you go to bed tonight. Daylight-saving time starts tomorrow.
Daylight Saving Time is this weekend: When and why do we 'spring' forward?
Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday!. Kanawha County Ambulance reminds you to set any old-timey clocks...
Yes, Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday & it's the one where we lose an hour of sleep as the clock springs forward.
State Rep. Jason Isaac aims to close the curtains on Daylight Saving Time
If this week sucked, just go ahead and blame Daylight Saving Time. Read more >>>
Samuel was born first, but Ronan is officially "older" - Twins born as Daylight Saving Time ends cause rare twist
In bizarre Daylight Saving Time twist, one twin who was born after the other in Massachusetts is older on paper.
Breast Cancer Awareness
It's Daylight Saving Time make sure to turn back time at 2am (late Saturday night or early Sunday...
Do we still need Daylight Saving Time? Learn why we change clocks twice a year in this brief history.…
Daylight saving time: Central Interior mayors to debate motion to end time change
Burning daylight Last at you turned on than anyone could away Time us (move on) Move
Egypt re-applies Daylight Saving Time. The Egyptian Cabinet announced that Daylight savings time will be...
Do you observe Daylight Saving Time? If so, you might want to update your time listing to 4 PM PDT. Thanks.
There is a simple way of treating the spring tiredness for all humanity just stop daylight saving time. It has no meaning.
plus minus one hour for daylight saving time switch. Week is not a unit.
Arizona observes MST all year. We don't follow daylight saving time.
.It said EST on the page, but with it being daylight saving time at the moment, I find that confusing.
Daylight Saving Time in the US is back, and so is the "time jump" problem I've been reporting for 4 years. Ticket 2181068
Never thought about that. EST is so standard. Another reason to do a way with Daylight Saving Time! What is it instead of EST?
My pet peeve of the day is when people say "EST" even though it is daylight saving time! What is your pet peeve of the day? Gripe with me!
The daylight saving time change is proof that time is irrelevant
Hamilton should stay in Daylight Saving Time all year.
5pm EDT because most of the country, including Portland, is on Daylight Saving Time :-)
No, the time zones are incorrect. Portland observes Daylight Saving Time, so worship starts at 2 p.m. PDT which is 5 p.m. EDT
The feed actually begins at 2pm PDT, not PST, as the Pacific coast observes Daylight Saving Time. If you're on PST, you'll start late
Less than 6 months until Daylight Saving Time ends
*The beauty of daylight-saving time is that it just makes everyone feel Sunnier*
8 tips to battle Daylight Saving Time sleepiness
Interesting article on the impact of daylight saving time on fatal vehicle crashes (paywall)
Plz make it so! I'm not a vampire!Bill Would Keep Florida on Daylight-Saving Time Permanently+
If this is true why can't we leave it this way/ Daylight-saving time is an inconvenience for criminals
Maybe I’m in love. with you like that. baby weasel riding. the flying woodpecker’s. back. —Regie Cabico on our http…
March 31st is the day in 1918 that Daylight saving time goes into effect in the United States for the first time.
Your graphic says "savings" time. There is no 's' at the end of Daylight Saving Time. Oops.
Not a bad train trip, especially later in the year during daylight saving time. Direct train doesn't work for weekend trip.
I won the Daylight Saving Time achievement in Quantum Break for 39 pts -
😂. I really would like him to abolish Daylight Saving Time, though!
Proof that Daylight Savings Time is ruining our lives.
It's just the second day!!! This is what happens when you don't use Daylight Saving Time! :-P
Enjoyed presenting on the floor today and discussing the benefits of year round daylight saving time. https…
Scientists estimate that sleep lost due to daylight saving time reduces the average lifespan by nearly two full months.
Which countries observe Daylight Saving Time? Why don't all countries do it? by Elian Van Den Eynde
ArkansasOnline - Ask the Expert - This time of year has me wondering, does daylight saving time really lead to ...
though I wholeheartedly agree with the lack of daylight saving time but while it exists is time
Why daylight saving time can be bad for your health _ fox5 san diego - san diego news, weather, traffic and sports ...
It seems to be my life's mission to educate people on difference between Daylight Saving and Standard Time.
Linger Longer in Luxury with a Kia Sorento SXL:   Daylight Saving Time might be a bit harsh on the...
Last day of Spring Break. I suppose I should turn my clock ahead an hour. I haven't had to use it since Daylight Saving Time began a wk ago.
we lose an hour for Daylight Saving Time
Mexico not being on Daylight Saving Time is really messing with my soccer viewing. 10 PM EDT start times are brutal.
I hate Daylight Saving Time. Now I have to wait around at the end of the work day until it's safe to fly my broom home. 😒
Daylight Saving Time: Why Does It Exist? (It’s Not for Farming) Get rid of it.
Research and Persuasive Posters on a real life topic -Daylight Saving Time -many opinions!! 😴 https:/…
Still not used to Daylight Saving Time. Utterly unproductive this wknd. Ah well
…Smell the coffee, eye focus to see him. Deep voice goes, "Daylight Saving Time, doesn't mean I'm letting you loose an ***
I consider the first day of Daylight Saving Time to be the first day of Summah
Daylight Saving Time: Why are they saving it and where do they keep it?.
27/03/2016 - Daylight Saving Time. Clocks go forward by "One Hour"! . England
Was it my imagination,or did George Osbourne say they're bringing in a tax on Daylight Saving Time?
Beat the Daylight Saving Time blues: don't set your clock ahead at all and just be late for everything for the next 6 month…
Daylight Saving Time began early this morning in most U.S. states, except Hawaii and most of Arizona? https:…
Did you remember Daylight Saving Time? If not ... surprise!
Daylight Saving Time already started but there's hardly any 🌞🌞 as usual in the Pacific Northwest.
Daylight Saving Time: A Government Annoyance | Mises Daily The lunacy of changing clocks twice/year has to end.
Daylight Saving Time begins tomorrow. Set your clocks forward one hour. And you might want to go to bed a little...
Before we spring forward, see the pros and cons of Daylight Saving Time: (
A reminder: Daylight Saving Time goes into effect this weekend, which will move Destiny’s daily reset time back to 2:00 AM Pacific.
[Buzz60] Pros and cons of Daylight Saving Time: Patrick Jones (looks into the debate about…
CK MORNINGS: on to the next round, Easter Craft Show in Dresden, and Daylight Saving Time on Sunday!
Daylight Saving Time can impact health and safety. Read more about a new campaign to increase awareness:
Heads up Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend! Spring forward and miss out on an hour of sleep.
I can't wait until Daylight Saving Time starts. I'm so sick of leaving work and it's dark already!
Ending Daylight Saving Time could go on the ballot: SALT LAKE CITY — An idea to end Daylight Saving Time in Utah…
An end to Daylight Saving Time? One lawmaker says we should make the time change a thing of the past
Lawmakers want to end Daylight Saving Time in Washington - State Rep. Elizabeth Scott of Monroe told a...
Why don't we stay on permanent Daylight saving time in the Winter, and have an extra hour of sun at Day's end?
After being a developer for the better part of 20 years,timezone arithmetic still hurts my brain. Found this useful
I have logged out logged back in. Deleted/reinstalled. Set time to update via Internet and auto daylight saving time adjust.
thank heaven for daylight saving time being over, I'm staying up an extra hour to watch the bits of the sale
rides again in 96 days, 13 hours and 13 minutes, and counting, adjusted for Daylight Saving Time...
Who would have thought something as simple as this could lead to a heart attack?
I wish we could abolish time zones... Or, at least, Daylight Saving time.
Fires are the only way I make it through daylight saving time. A fire pit, a chiminea, the fireplace...Anywhere! ;)
Correction friends, daylight saving time ends on March 13th! Sorry about that.
Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2016 begins at 2:00 AM on. Sunday, March 13. and ends at 2:00 AM on. Sunday, November 6
when is that?! We need more light! I wish we could switch to permanent daylight saving time and ditch standard time.
Make sure to set your clocks back tonight. with the Official Timekeeper of Daylight Saving Time. https:/…
Adjusted for Daylight Saving Time, rides again in 97 days, 22 hours and 27 minutes, and counting...
Sir,any plan to have Daylight Saving Time or 2/3 Time Zones to cover the approx 3000 kms east/west distance to save resources ?
In the summer it's 2 hours because AZ doesn't do Daylight Saving time.
If you forgot to check your Smoke Alarms Daylight saving time. NYE is a perfect time !
.Can you imaging Kirk Picard or Janeway having to explain daylight saving time? 😂
That's like a really intense daylight saving time.
Daylight Saving Time is a good excuse to fall back on an old favorite.
Still not the same calendar! :-) In March, the official one also shows, for example, Daylight Saving Time on 27th.
===Eastern Pacific islands and other areas===. ==Central Daylight Time==. [[Daylight saving time]] (DST) is in effect in much of the…
Tee hee. Since AZ doesn't observe daylight saving's time, for half the year we're an hour ahead of our timezone. Made it before CA!
If in Brazil remember the time change tomorrow!
no! Brazil is on daylight saving time period so im +1 hour ahead until march
Yeah yeah, happy. But New Year's Eve has as much spiritual significance, and as much relevance to what's real, as daylight saving time does.
MayoClinic: With Daylight Saving Time approaching, learn why health is imp…
Daylight saving time, New Years is not for another 33 minutes.
NYE is a lot like daylight saving time except you change calendars instead of clocks.
Thanks! At this time of the year, I'm two hours ahead (we don't do daylight saving...)
yeah and the daylight stupid saving time thing too lol. 1/2 of year I'm closer to the usa and the other 1/2 closer to europe
I will spend the 2nd* week of March complaining about the stupidity of Daylight Saving Time. *First & third weeks too
I want to see daylight saving time repealed
But also Feliz Ano Novo to the millions of people in that part of Brazil in daylight saving time. Party on, Rio! Olympics are coming!
I think leap years should be like daylight saving time - move back 24 hours on a Sunday night.
Im one hour ahead cuz of daylight saving time, wishing in advance cause I dont know if I'll be here around midnight
Thanks to daylight saving time, nobody in the world celebrates the new year with us. We're lonely here in our timezone
That's real cool! Does it account for daylight saving time?
All purpose parts banner
On the latest SoftLayer podcast: security and Daylight Saving Time drive us insane
Change your smoke detector's batteries on January 1st & July 4th . Safer Holidays and those not on Daylight Saving Time. You h…
On the latest podcast: security and Daylight Saving Time drive u…
Everybody should follow the natural hours. Should the U.S. abandon Daylight Saving Time?
Woke up at 3:30. Wasn't normal to wake up at 4:30 with Daylight Saving Time...😕 Fall Back, or Spring Forward. Doesn't matter.Hard to adjust.
Most states have returned from Daylight Saving Time. Arizona never changes clocks, but is on Mountain Standard Time (MST), same as Utah
Who else loves getting an extra hour of sleep when Daylight Saving Time ends?
It's time to make daylight saving time year-round * 63
It's that time of year when we once again is daylight saving time still a thing?
Ah, yes. Daylight Saving Time ends today. Now I can comfortably churn this butter at 5am, once again.
LPT: Daylight Saving Time change over is a good time to replace the battery in your smoke alarms. It's recommended you replace the ba...
When Does The Time ChangeClocks in most of Canada will go back an hour early Sunday morning…
Watch a Brilliant Video Explaining the History and Quirks of Daylight Saving Time via
I forgot it was daylight saving time , man the🕛🕔 thur me all off !
Using Daylight Saving Time to drink for another hour.
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Looking happy is so much work... Not smiling saves so much energy, it's like daylight saving time but better
¦ Did you change your clocks when daylight saving time ended?
The idea of daylight saving time is: conventional business hours are poorly chosen, so let’s periodically redefine time itself.
THIS WEEK'S SLEEP NEWS: Surviving Daylight Saving Time; What to do if you have central apnea and can't use ASV
I cheated on my girl at 1:30 am. When it turned 2:00 it was 1:00 again so technically it never happened, thank you dayligh…
How daylight-saving time could be hurting your health — via
Can turning the back help make up for lost sleep?
State fire marshal: Test smoke alarms when turning clocks back for Daylight Saving Time.
Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday at 2AM. Set your clocks back 1 hr Sat. night. Don't miss a sunrise like this..
Daylight Saving Time: Myths, truths: Ready or not, Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday.
Along with Halloween, Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend — is your outdoor lighting timer worthy?
Clocks go back. What is Daylight Saving Time and why do we do it? ¦ 59
Dear Beach Club Member,. . We would like to remind you that Daylight Saving Time is ending tomorrow Sunday,...
Don’t forget the clocks go back at 2am tomorrow morning! Read more about why we adopted Daylight Saving Time:
Daylight saving bit tough early this morn. Got up at 6 and it was dark. Friday it was completely light at that time. Will take a few days. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Does wreak havoc in your household? Study shows that teens lose sleep after saving time change.
Daylight saving takes time to adjust
Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday... are you happy about this? It makes early starts a bit harder! :p Ted
Neither Hawaii nor Arizona recognize daylight saving time.
And we're back to it being dark again when I get up for work. Worst. I'm feeling personally attack by daylight saving time.
Many places use daylight saving time (typically by putting clocks forward an hour) for longer daylight in the evenings.
New Zealand starts Daylight Saving Time today on the 27th of September. It ends on Apr 3, 2016.
It's time to spring forward for daylight saving
I hate how daylight saving messes with my body clock. I'm dyslexic. I don't do numbers, time changes or spelling. You should know this! 😘
The time of nz has got changed as daylight saving last night. Just letting you guys know. Cheers. .
Apart from it being midnight and feeling like 11, I’m pretty stoked daylight saving is here. Light & time to do things after work, whoop!
The only confusing part about Daylight Saving so far for me was at 4am this morning I was playing 3DS, and it had a diff time to my phone
I'm all discombobulated by daylight saving and naps and carbs and what even is the time? I mean I know but it doesn't feel right
Who's enjoying daylight saving time?
Time zones and daylight saving time in Australia. Any questions?
Can anyone explain to me why Daylight Saving Time STARTS in spring? I'm sure that there is more Daylight that...
Its so weird with daylight saving time change.
"What f***ing time even is it? Tea time? I'm not f***ng hungry." Glad we're all adjusting to daylight saving.
Just about seven o clock on Daylight Saving time
Daylight saving time's good, says no one ever.
Daylight saving time control freaks
Daylight saving time makes me confused. ⌚️
Aside from international flights, daylight saving is as close as you'll get to time travel.
Study shows that teens lose sleep after change to daylight saving time
sunday afternoon daylight saving time .,. god help me,. at bedtime . just came out of a DARK winter. my body ant going 2 catch up.,. lizzy1
ohhh so that's why it's SO late. 'daylight saving time' again. plus one hour to the clock 😫
Nope. It was daylight saving last night. So we're on Summer time now. 3.18 pm
Daylight Saving Time is so much 'fun'.
Is there is daylight saving or something as my phone went one hour ahead but this time date is stable.
So tired, these daylight saving time changes really stuffs me up 😴 but I still have to work.
For those that struggle with Daylight Saving & their kids, here's a guide to how to get your children used to the...
Hawaii and Arizona are the only 2 U.S. states that do not observe daylight saving time
Daylight saving time is the greatest
I wish it was Daylight saving time all year
Daylight saving time change over is crazy annoying!
hi i'm in arizona where they don't honor daylight saving time but i will make sure they honor DIVISION CHAMPION NEW YORK METS TIME
The start of daylight saving is a horrific time
Daylight saving time is today. Was totally confused by the time this morning.
RWC at Daylight Saving changeover time is great, because you're so wrecked from getting up early that an hour here or there doesn't matter
only my analogue video that's been set to daylight saving for 20 years can be trusted -helps working out English summer time 2
Is there any way we can have daylight saving without loosing time today? It's too early for my brain to function 💀
If you or your loved ones die of a heart attack tomorrow, be sure to credit daylight saving.
Daylight saving starts today - bring on summer: Are you confused about what time it really is? You're not alone,…
from memory they test the tsunami warnings at both the daylight saving time swaps. Also, check your smoke alarms. 👍🏼☺️
I say, must be time to declare war on something: after all, 'tis the season to be Imperial! Happy Daylight Saving everyone
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Who knows anything about war time daylight saving time in Newfoundland?
Daylight saving time started earlier. Hello to late sunsets.
Reminder to self: daylight saving saving time ends at 2AM on Sunday 11/1
New Zealand now on daylight saving time three hours ahead of Australian east Coast and five hours ahead of Perth
Some councils are testing tsunami warning systems as daylight saving starts this morning. A good time to check home smoke alarms.
Speaking of which, when is the next daylight saving time in the UK?
Thank you no thank you daylight saving 😩😂 At home in time for the Manu vs the Boks! Up the Manu! 🔵⚪️🔴
Open House this Sunday the 27th of September from 1:00 - 3:00. Don't forget, Daylight Saving Time ends on November...
Daylight saving time is pointless and a scam for profits and to catch bugs.
There are clocks in my house I never switched to daylight saving time months ago. Today my laziness has finally paid off.
Daylight Saving Time costs the U.S. an estimated $434 million in lost productivity and decreased health.
If we change clock twice a year for "Daylight Saving Time" surely we can push reset button on abortion.
Love that movie! But remember to observe Daylight Saving Time. It's EDT/PDT!
Daylight Saving Time is upon us! And it begins Sunday at 2am. Don't forget to SPRING FORWARD your clocks!
Today's Worst Hits: the Daylight Saving Time pedants are losing ground over…time.
Daylight Saving Time policies in Russia are very very confusing ;)
Listen The time in now is 10:53 am . With no daylight saving !!. I hope u fix this so soon .
oh probably because we're in Daylight Saving Time!
Do you adjust feeding time with Daylight saving Should sell public housing to established tenants Release land for beginners
but what if the person seeing the meeting isn't in the US? Or is in AZ? Do other places have daylight saving time?
So many people typing EST/PST etc instead of EDT/PDT. We're in Daylight Saving Time, people! Sigh.
Yup it is hawaii is in its own time zone and doesnt follow daylight saving time
It does. (Daylight saving time and normal time.)
Jun 10, 1917: Newfoundland Daylight Savings Time comes into force. It is the first use of daylight saving time in North America
Changing the number without changing the facts... that's the Daylight Saving Time of network notes.
A study released in 2006 suggested that Daylight Saving Time causes brain damage in students.
Ok Joburg (SA), It's time to consider daylight saving...
4 creative clocks by Architects, Alessi and more to add some style to your home or office
im close for the season got to hit me up at Daylight Saving Time Ends.😉
Cinderella is lucky she lived in a state that observed Daylight Saving Time. Gave her an extra hour of dancing and romancing.
Listening to the original broadcasts from D-Day, all times given in "Eastern War Time"---year-round Daylight Saving Time instituted in 1942.
Malinvestment occurs when interest rates are manipulated 2…
My Mum vs. Technology. The time is set to Alaskan Daylight Saving Time and the keyboard is in Danish BUT she *hasn't* touched it like.
Namibia: Daylight saving time resumes on 06 September 2015
I will concede I'm not always sure which country is in which zone and when daylight saving time starts. So please, timezones.
1916 Daylight Saving, British Summer Time, intro'd in GB for the 1st time to encourage longer hours in factories & on farms
In 1916, Daylight Saving Time was introduced in Britain as a war-time measure to save fuel (to much confusion!)
1916 – Clocks and watches go forward one hour as the Daylight Saving Act (Summer Time) is introduced.
Beauty on the water. Can we keep Daylight Saving Time permanently!
they are on daylight saving time and 350 is fajr in Islamabad
Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight (do you folks observe daylight saving time?)?
. Daylight Saving Time -cancel it!!! That extra hour of sunlight burns my lawn. LOL
An extra hour of sunshine to enjoy after a hard days work? Daylight Savings certainly gets our vote!
Daylight savings time isn't saving me much. Good night.
1922: Town sets clocks back but Bowdoin waits bc all commencement info was sent out in Daylight Saving time.
Update your maps at Navteq
est or edt ? On daylight saving time not standard time.
i think i might actually give marc middleton of an actual cash payout if he'd just stop saying EST during daylight saving time
An extra hour of sunshine? Daylight savings time in Cayman will start in March 2016. .
It doesn't start the same time as Daylight Saving Time but, yep. Plus the gig is primarily for UK so, current UK time zone
Aah That annoying Daylight Saving is now over. We're the same time zone. Until October
Montmorency Tart Cherry Concentrate Juice promotes better read at ht…
Can't wait for Daylight Saving Time to end this weekend so the clock in my car will have the correct time.
Would you like to stay on daylight saving time all year round, or do you like the time change?
Alex is so fat when he bends over, we enter Daylight Saving Time.
I dont mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing Ive saved all year.
Daylight saving time. Dislike breaks a nail with ad lib. Daylight saving time. While dislike is a practice, stage directions are increased.
You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight-saving time.
Having Daylight Saving Time all year round could decrease deaths from traffic accidents, saving up to 366 lives.
DateTimeOffset can alleviate headaches due to Daylight Saving Time (and maybe cause some).
I blundered : it's UTC +2 because of Daylight saving time. Sorry if I misled you =(
Huh. Hong Kong *used* to have daylight saving time. I did not know that.
It's Daylight Saving Time!. Don't forget to turn your clocks BACK an hour before you go to bed tonight.
Daylight Saving Time, spring arrival, school spring breaks, holiday weekend approaching ... take your pick.Go for the DVR
Great weather on the east coast + Daylight Saving Time + spring break = massive audience declines last night.
Hawaii has its own time zone and does not observe Daylight Saving Time.
Lazy protip: if you wait long enough to adjust your clock for Daylight Saving Time it'll be right again
Daylight Saving Time is not observed by this time zone» (Vista 64 bit)
Don't Forget on Sunday, 5 April 2015 move your clock backward one hour at 3am (End of Daylight Saving Time)
5 ways to survive the start of Daylight Saving Time.
Allow John Oliver to remind you why Daylight Saving Time makes no sense:
'Daylight Saving Time is the worst,' a 3-minute rant by John Oliver
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