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Day To Remember

Day To Remember is a British Christmas television play first transmitted 9.45pm Sunday 21st December 1986 on Channel 4 from Television South Production in association with the Theatre of Comedy Entertainment.

Jeremy McKinnon Asking Alexandria Memphis May Fire Avenged Sevenfold Rob Zombie Adam Elmakias Alice Cooper Los Angeles Joan Jett Zakk Wylde Mayday Parade

Never thought I’d ever see A Day To Remember live and here I am at riot fest living my best life watching them live 😩😭😭😭
Just saw A Day To Remember for the first time after following them for five years, thanks Daniel Rodriguez...
A Day To Remember has a show in Vegas next week and 14 year old me is begging 22 year old me to buy a ticket
Paramore, A Day To Remember and 60+ more bands have been announced for Line-up so far>>>
Guess i'm going to Riot Fest for my Birthday in September... Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Nothing More and A Day To Remember..…
All I Want // A Day To Remember. This music video was the biggest band member collab of all time
We did a pop up sushi and ramen bar for our friends at AKT and A Day To Remember for NYE. What a great time!...
I liked a video Epic Jeremy McKinnon Scream from A Day To Remember
Check out the shots from A Day To Remember's (show at Hordern Pavilion!
It’s Day 1 of the Poppy Campaign–Time to Wear your Poppy as a visual pledge to never forget:
I remember when I was bullied in 7th grade, this girl told me I was going to die alone. And still to this day I feel like it's true.
I remember one coach telling me back in 7th grade at the first day of football practice to cherish every moment
Hey its Guy Fawkes day. Remember remember the 5th of November blah blah too bad it seems to also be the day of ignoring me.
When you start your day.remember 3 things:. Try.for success. your work. God🍃🌷🍃
Wow I don't remember the last time I didn't have to set an alarm for the next day
Today is Tsunami Awareness Day! Although tsunamis are rare, it's important to remember that they can become a...
Summary of today's Friday sermon. Things we should always remember and apply to our day to day lives.
Remember, in the middle of December, u were practically a member of my family.We used to drink all day, stay up listenin' to Kanye
Remember to create something every day
Hey Aaron nice , remember save for rainy day and fight for your right to have a free society
On a day like this it's important to remember all of the best Vines...
On this day it is important to remember an inspiration phrase. Don't be upsetti, retake the holy land using a trebuchetti.
Just remember some day you'll have a daughter.. And you better pray to God she never cries on the bathroom floor like you're making girls.
I still remember how I cried every day when I was 10 because my mom made me go to football and now I cry because it's over
Donald Trump spends half his day lying and the other half trying to remember what he lied about.
remember this day like it was yesterday it was me you fred and taliyah going to 711 too get some candy😂💛 I love you
If anyone is having a bad day, just remember MSU is 2-6 in football and lost to middle Tennessee state in the first round of…
After a long tiring day remember to always treat yourself to a LITTLE retail therapy.…
I also remember the day I got my car was the first time Victor and I went out together to Martini 💃🏻
IKR! Of course I remember bc I was counting down to my Bday/Inauguration Day (Jan. 20th) like always *cheering*
I have not been making an effort to remember to vote every day for Tjis to happen
Order Miche Bag Online!
Time to give these babies a rest! Back at it in the am for a game day to remember.
It's also insane to know we have 56 days left in the year. Remember when we was on Day 1? LOL
Durham NC I am here.Yay! I hope to see you tonight! Remember tomorrow at 1pm is the last day for One Stop Early Voting.
Just remember, at the end of the day, you have so much to live for.
Watching my scene trying to remember how I did my eye makeup that day
It's funny when ppl see u eat a salad once and assume u eat healthy when in reality I'm lucky if I remember to eat 2 meals a day and-
I remember we used to go skating every day of the weekend.
I took so many pictures today met so many amazing people. Today was a day to remember GO CUBS GO 🔴⚪️🔵
On the founders day of my alma mater, I remember all d golden days I spent here. Proud to have been a part of Boys' High School.
Judge on mandatory training so adjourned to Dec 9 th which is UN World Anti Corruption Day. Vaguely remember it as someone's b…
This page is dedicated to remember those who are serving and those who have served. Remember the fallen all day, everyda…
When it comes to Father's Day, I will remember my dad for both being ...
Today is the final day to rent movies or games from BLOCKBUSTER stores. Do you remember any of your first rentals?
Today was definitely a day to remember
Voting is officially opened text . BB KISSES and send to 2366. Remember Team Kisses, ONE VOTE PER SIM PER DAY, so we can…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
We made history . . Today was a day to remember 💛
before Election Day hysteria spirals outa control lets calm down & remember u still have a few months to move out of the…
Remember Remember 5th of November! If gave emails, Guy Fawkes day to do it? Fingers crossed!
Today was definitely a day to remember! We are seniors and it hasn't even hit me 😢😢😢
One of my favorite things to do is sing my heart out to all A Day To Remember songs in the car... 💖
Hurricane Katrina: A Day To Remember this day 2005, was the deadliest and most destructive
Al never stop listening to A Day To Remember eh? Jeremy McKinnon is a babe.
All American Rejects and A Day To Remember didn't disappoint. Blink-182 was good, but I wanted Adam's Song.
"I said I'd never let you go and I never did, I said I'd never let you fall and I always meant it" . - A Day To Remember
The old guitarist for A Day To Remember just walked into this Bass Pro Shop. Holy heck.
I get to see A Day To Remember, All American Rejects, and Blink-182 in ONE concert this summer... I'm gonna explode on the SPOT
These are some of the bands that are attending the awards/gig. A Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria are playing the gig!
A Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria will be playing a show at the Troxy in London next month on Thursday June 9th.
Are you coming to see us this Saturday? Remember that it's Empty the Shelters Day in partnership with http…
Remember to always take one day at a time! You can do it
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Remember to you might change someone's day. today
A Day to Remember hits home every time
Reach for the sky, to the fullest and always remember to wake up each day with a https:…
A hat back kinda day (cap courtesy of adxperience) - remember to always breathe, take care of…
🍾tanti auguriii🍾 Happy b day my dear, hope ur having a good one 🍾🍾 remember to see the peeps without the nose and it'll be fine
Remember this when you go to vote May 5th "YOU CAN'T HAVE A 'TRULY 7 DAY NHS' WITHOUT TRULY 7 DAY FUNDING." Tory govt won't save our NHS
Remember that adversity builds character. Every day is a new chance. Your life is yours to live.
Remember to book your table for Mother's Day, Sunday, 8 May!
Breakfast done back to sleep. Wake up feeling rejuvenated. Then Attack the day . But remember to…
Happy World Media Freedom Day to all media professionals across Fiji. Remember, whoever controls the media, controls th…
Remember, before you put something in writing, someone will forward the entire thread to your customer one day.
I remember this dive very well. It's the day I trained Ray Mears for his Dry Suit course in readiness to do one...
Something important to remember every day! 'Everyone is fighting a battle that you know nothing about.Be kind. Always.'
You really valued a few people.but you were nothing to remember them each day.but they have forgotten all about you.sad isn't it?
Entry in for ballot, going for 3rd time lucky. I'll turn 40 in race week, so come on VMLM give me a b'day to remember!
Have supported Leicester City for over 60 years .A fantastic achievement a day to remember.
New York City - Day 2 is LIVE! Remember to Like, Share and Subscribe!
maybe one day I'll remember what it's like to go to sleep at a normal hour
Never go back to what broke you in the first place. Your life started to get better the day they or you left always remember that
Tomorrow, the first Wednesday of May, it’s National Remembrance Day, a time to remember those who have lost their...
Remember it's her day this coming Sunday. Spoil her with a trip to the zoo this
"Sats protest: Parents to keep children off school" I remember considering this back in the day.
I remember the day Gordon Parks shot this. Now a new generation gets to see !
Let's take a day to remember those who paid with their lives, or are behind the bars to inform the public,
I added a video to a playlist A Day To Remember - Paranoia [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
I remember the way we use to say we would be together forever and a day
I remember, I ate 4 chocolates right after I woke up.. and had 2 cups of coffee for this day. I bet I'm going to palpitate later 😭
A walk to remember: Box of Happiness offers free food twice a day
I remember waiting for LMR to release, I slept late. man I couldn't get my *** off my bed the following day.
Will someone please go to the Blink-182, A Day to Remember, All Time Low concert with me..?
Voting for the is officially open! Get your votes in for A Day to Remember at https…
Less than 24 hours to get your votes in for 'Paranoia' in Cage Match! Vote once every hour at
Keep voting for 'Paranoia' in Cage Match to get us to Round 4! Vote once/hr at https:/…
Back to work! It may feel tough after a lovely 3 day break BUT remember it could be worse, you could be this guy.
I can't even remember now what it was like to not know you, to not talk to you every day
thank you for all the happiness. I really hope one day I get to finally hug u an never let u go. Remember I love u sm 💗💕😘💚
By Friday 13th I'm not going to remember what a day off feels like... It's been a long month.
rip I hope it won't be too hard remember to eat a lot of greens so you have energy for the day+drink lots of water before Fajr
Love that kids are being educated about how they have the right to protest. Gives me hope for the future.Remember this day
If no *** told you this today, just remember to have a great day & you're beautiful 💕
I remember our first day at 100 academy now to see that your going off to be something is really amazing 🤘🏾
Remember before you call other parents scabs it is a point of privilege to be able to trot off with little Hugo to the museum for the day
EXCITING NEWS! Remember the other day I had some news to share with you all? Read my latest blog to find it out! https:/…
Remember those days when you'd have to wait for the evening news or tomorrow's papers to know what happened in a day? How d…
I can't even remember the last time I had a free day totally to myself.
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I remember playing Shenmue... It was the day the snow turned to rain.
4 years has gone by so fast, i remember my first day at BG and to think i been here this long and one semester away fro…
BIG Day of Giving is here~please remember Strauss Festival today MIDNIGHT to MIDNIGHT! We we are busy making our midnight donations.
When he see this he goon to laugh I kno he remember this day like yesterday
It promises to be a day to remember as honours the memory of Tom Simpson by going
How to plan a wedding on a budget: Have a day to remember without breaking the bank… |
Happy World Press Freedom Day! Let's remember those died or are imprisoned or prosecuted for exercising right to
I remember every Mother's Day I used to get really upset because my mom didn't have a man to give her anything and we'd watch my aunt get
Now to buy: Warped Tour, Blink 182 & A Day To Remember in LA, Young the Giant, Of Mice & Men, and more.
Blink 182 going on tour with A Day To Remember, All Time Low & All American Rejects is literal childhood dreams coming alive
"When we look back on our lives,what we will remember are the crazy things we did,the times we worked harder to make a day stand out."Miller
Be a part of something special, join our community choir and make game day something to remember!
Have a good day and remember to vote for someone that will lead the country to the next level.
Ah, I remember this last year. To this day, I'm still tasting the brown star of a Welsh Valleys' oik.
Selina I feel like am waiting 4 something tat will never happen, I want u 2 b happy, & I want to b de reason, I remember de day I met u,!
It's Purple Day. Remember to support & follow great organisations like http…
Overnight and the next day, I was just so happy. An evening to remember, and I still do
I remember one time I did a tour and the driver asked if he could bring drinks to my hotel room later in the day
how are u going to imply that Little Mix are not remembered when u remember them every single day more than ur favs http…
Time to Knock Out hope everybody has a great Day Remember say your prayers... God deserves it ALL!!!
Tom, It's 'refreshing' to hear the views of a young man, such as yourself.Remember June 23 is the day to vote!
Drivers always remember to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your driving day.
want to be safe bit would like to tell the experts how to do it. V diff from how I remember it back in our day! PC PCs 😳
On the days it feels like Saturday, just remember...Sunday's coming.
loving Will You Remember me by ... Simon is married to Kate and he's Poppy Day's uncle - I'm loving all the connections!!
Zayn released his album on 25th March for us to remember that on this day he made all of us proud not the day he made us …
Have amazing day and pkease remember to ♥
If you're ever having a bad day just remember that fans payed $2,000 to meet a cardboard cut out
A day of prayer, a day of austerity and a day to remember our many blessings as we wait for Easter Sunday. Come...
A day to remember with my man Francis Repolona 󾌧. Thank you for always making me happy, and for everything you've...
I hope you've had a good day, stay safe, and remember to take good care of yourself
'I still remember the day I was sacked by Bono'
Happy easter! Remember to eat no more than 36 eggs, per day. Our best egg recipes:
Savior, on this day and always, help me to remember all You’ve done for me.
When you feel like all hope is lost, just remember your 3rd day is coming. Join us now till 2pm to hear the rest...
I remember when i first met Gov. Vilma when i was Grade 4 and have a beso to her after dancing this...kiddos day.
We had a great first day to kick of the 2016 season! Remember we now operate daily from Brighton Pier at 10am 😎☀️🚌 htt…
Have an amazing day! 😊 Remember to stay positive, because you're a wonderful person;)💘
If He's the last One you remember before going to bed & the first when you wake up, you're blessed. He will be with you thro…
Good Morning...time to rise and shine. Remember to take your medications before starting your day. You don't...
Good Friday is a day of prayer & a day to remember the noble, pious & compassionate thoughts of Jesus Christ, that touche…
Feeling nostalgic! I remember listening to this every single day on my way to work back in the States 💭
Remember Kerry and Bama together does not make one real man.when lieing every day it's just disgusting to America.
remember when Martin hill went to Natch day
Guru ji Today on the martyrdom day. let us remember and pay respectful tribute to
Awaken and prepare to take on the day. And remember, some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you.
BTOB ask you to 'Remember That' spring day in new MV teaser!
Do you remember... on this day in 1977 Newcastle won 1-0 at home to Middlesbrough in the old First Division
Do you remember... on this day in 1983 Leeds won 2-1 at home to Crystal Palace in the Old Second Division
Trying to remember what happened a day before when you wake up in his room after swearing he will never hit it.
Impressive. I always have to remember when PI day is, then use that to figure out the first three digits…
Days roll on,. Shout it out loud. Days roll on,. We know the price we pay. A Day To Remember ~~ The Price We Pay
Added to Raj's New Music on Spotify: "End of Me" by A Day To Remember
A Day To Remember concert tomorrow so changed my profile pic to me and Jeremy McKinnon. Excited!
Guess who's back? I AM! Off to shoot my final gig of the year: The Amity Affliction + A Day To Remember at Qantas Credit Union Arena 😃
Listening to Sleeping with Sirens, Asking Alexandria, Pierce the Veil and A Day To Remember brings me back to my scene kid days.
I swear, I could watch A Day To Remember (adapted from a novel by Nicholas Sparks) over and over without not shedding tears...
if you like Jeremy McKinnon from A Day To Remember
Photo : elmakias: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember at sound check in Cardiff - more on the new blog...
same. I can go from listening to Casting Crowns to Kevin Gates to A Day To Remember
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Photo: anemoqhobia: A Day To Remember - Barfly by Jake Owens on Flickr.
My go to bands these days are Evergreen Terrace, A Day To Remember, The Acacia Strain, The Red Chord, and AnaManaGuchi.
This was taken the same day me and my boyfriend went to see A Day To Remember last year at Alexandra Palace, I've …
my favourite will always be Biffy Clyro, but I love Deaf Havana and A Day To Remember too x
T-bag!! I remember you were so sweet to me that day.. Thanks 4 making it less nerve-wracking!! Great hearing from U!
Morning! If you're having a bad day today, just remember. You didnt wake up to Back To Back 😂😂😂😂
I remember that day. I sat at sons soccer game. In my vehicle. With the ac on. Too hot to stay home or in the house.
If you're feeling bad today, just remember that you're one day closer to death.
Remember: Training Day and Kick Off Sunday are coming up fast! Make plans to be here for some exciting times!
It`s about learning to dance in the rain - remember that! Happy International Rain Day! :).
Day 59 of the free 100 Day Evolution: A Place To Remember! Go to to register/watch free! http:/…
A Day to Remember 'what separates me from you'
Remember, today, on National Chicken Wing Day, it is more important than ever to remind people that boneless wings are just…
"When you're working with your horse, remember that you're not trying to perfect every single lesson every day;...
On this day 101 years ago, World War I began. Millions gave their lives to make the world a better place. Remember the …
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Just remember, no matter how hard your day is today, you aren't & didn't wake up to So give thanks for…
Good morning! Have a great day and remember to smile!!. Justin Bieber
"Been through a lot in the last year, it's like everything I love is slipping away." - A Day To Remember.
Leave all the lights on . A Day To Remember
Driving through Florida. Ah, the land of Mayday Parade, Go Radio, and A Day To Remember.
Maybe - 'If it means a lot to you' A Day To Remember acoustic cover
my gratitude goes out to the generation that sacrifice and suffered as we remember 70 years since VE day
70 years since VE Day. Introduce your children to the stories of and remember the fallen
i remember the day i turned 18 i went to nadra for my NIC unho nai kaha birthday kai din nahi bna sakte come tomorrow 😛
Anyway, work to be done. Have a great day everyone. Just remember, election or no election, we're all very lucky and privileged.
Saddest part of my day is when it's over & we all have to go home. Happiest part is when I remember we get to do this all again tomorrow!
I remember when the Liberals were reduced to just 4 MPs. Things will be better again one day - tho' they'll get worse first
Good day to all, and remember to join us for with at 11am UK, 3.30pm India, cont..
how good Edge of Tomorrow was it's important to remember this at least once a day
Let's celebrate VE Day by preparing to leave it and try to remember a world where we defeated political tyranny and defended minorities.
We need to remember today is VE Day. Thank you.
It's Mother's Day this Sunday. Remember to spoil your Mum, you know she deserves it!
.only Labour leader I can remember that tried to stand up to big business & big media is about to be forced ou…
Please remember VE day today - without it, you would not have had the chance to vote
Remember to love your Mother more on Mothers day 10 May . Join u...
Remember to always forgive and live each day to its fullest.
Beautiful Liberty Day in Norway. Let's remember that freedom and democracy is something we sometimes have to fight for.
With all going on with please pause to remember VE Day
I remember pollo and I were at school, and we told each other we should get a turtle. That same day we went out to get one each😎
Indeed what a way to remember VE Day!!
Happy VE Day 2015 (Victory in Europe). Take a moment to remember those who sacrificed everything.
is getting ready for Find out what's happening over the wknd:
congratulations.hope you remember (some mps forget) your 1st job is to Remember your representing us . Mike Day canford heath
Whether you're pleased with the election results or not, let's take some time today, to remember those who fought...
Am the excitement of the Election but let's not forget to remember VE Day 🇬🇧🙌🏼
Hamilton Collection
Saying GoodNight is not just. putting an end to a day. Its a way of saying ,. I remember u before i go 2 sleep. Hope u can feel the care t ...
Hello, fellow gal-o! How was your day, everything okay, did you remember to pray? Fear not your troubles,... — !?!!
Remember everyone, tomorrow is Bring Yourself to Work Day!
Remember my first day of year seven too well, find it hard to believe it's been 4 and a half years
VE Day Remember those who gave up their future for us to be here today
Jumma Mubarik to All my Lovely Friends... Have a nice Day ^_^. Keep Remember me in your Prayers :)
Willow House has changed the flags at the end of the drive today to remember the fallen and honour VE day...
And now it's time to remember and everyone who fought for our freedom in WW2.
VE day anniversary today. I Will be taking a minute to remember. A generation of heroes.
70 years ago 8th May peace was declared and brought an end to nearly 6 years of war. VE Day is a celebration of peace, a time to remember
I swear A Day To Remember is perfect for any mood
thank you! I rafted during our with the other day and I was trying to remember this place!
I remember when I used to smoke weed every day. Then I found other hobbies.😂😂
• I remember this day like it was yesterday. Wish I could go back to riding like this even though I hardly EVER rid…
A day to remember for all the right reasons
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Happy everyone and happy 70th Anniversary of VE Day! A day to remember & be grateful
However, I remember that at some point I had become caught up in the day to day business of modern life,
Don't forget it's VE day, take a minute to remember everyone who gave everything for our freedom
War factory girls reunite every 10 years to remember VE day
Coming to for Get the most out of your weekend:
On Freedom Day we remember the beloved Madiba, an inspiration & a harbinger of change who strived to bring a better tomor…
Alonso on driving the MP4/4: "It was an amazing experience. I grew up watching that car win championships. A day to reme…
shades of 92! I remember talking to you that day too! ;oP
Please remember it is VE Day , not just election results. We have democracy due to the valiant efforts of our forebears
Today is a day to remember. Why?. Because in 1945 Winston Churchill announced the end of war in Europe.
A Day To Remember & Ice Nine Kills is just so perfect for today
A Day To Remember, Manchester Orchestra, Twenty One Pilots, and Bastille for the rest of the night 👌
A Day To Remember, Sleeping with sirens, Falling in reverse.
Photo: ohioisonfiire: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember in Albany NY - 9/8/2014 Photo by the amazing...
Photo: tonyturtlealert: Jeremy McKinnon and Neil Westfall of A Day To Remember by Adam Elmakias 
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Neck Deep have finished recording their new album with Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember
if you see an artist you like. Martin Garrix. Zedd. Sleeping With Sirens. A Day To Remember. Eminem. 2 Chainz. Katy Perry. T…
The fact im seeing Slipknot, A Day To Remember, Lacuna Coil, Alice Cooper, etc. on the same festival on the same day makes me :)))
A Day To Remember x have faith in me >>>
Anyone going to DC 101's show at the Patriot Center tonight? ( Rise Against, A Day To Remember, The Gaslight Anthem, The Eeries)
Got 3 tickets for A Day To Remember for tomorrow night in Edinburgh for sale, pls RT
Happy Monday! We have a big week coming up, with Noel Fielding, Passenger, A Day To Remember, Jon Richardson and Bellowhead! Phew!
Found an old CD with throwback A Day To Remember & Jonny Craig 🙌
My iTunes is wild, ranging from Alesso to Sam Smith, to Kendrick, to A Day To Remember, to Nicky Jam, to Arctic Monkeys
Photo: toxicremedy: Jeremy McKinnon - A Day To Remember / Parks and Devastation Tour. (by...
In just a few short days, A Day To Remember will be at Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie with BRING ME THE HORIZON...
it was A Day To Remember. with sleeping w/ sirens, motionless in white, and chiodos !
I'm get to see A Day To Remember, Motionless in White, and Bring Me the Horizon on Thursday! 😍😍😍
The Offspring, Say Anything, Taking Back Sunday and A Day To Remember for the morning 👍
at -- A Day To Remember et al. at Verizon Theatre At Gra...
I absolutely love music from A Day To Remember to Schoolboy Q, from Ludwig van Beethoven to Johnny Cash. I love all music!
im selling two A Day To Remember tickets for the 26th August in Motorpoint Arena, £25 each, let me know if you're interested :-)
A Day To Remember got in Hot Topic's pants! We asked some of your favorite bands to Get In Our Pants. Each band was filmed during one of their live shows wit...
Photo: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember performing with Linkin Park during their surprise set at...
I liked a video A Day To Remember with LEAD Guitar
Foto: stick-to-ur-guns: Jeremy McKinnon of A Day To Remember (photo by Adam Elmakias)
A Day To Remember ** FEW TICKETS REMAINING ** Rescheduled from February 2014 - New date: 26th August 2014. Tickets available to purchase now at the Box Office 02920 22 44 88
I got general admission tickets to A Day To Remember in Nashville and I can't even be excited. I'm still foggy from the cough medicine. 😳
Yet America get all the best tours... You Me At Six with Young Guns and A Day To Remember with Bring Me The Horizon... Lucky sods
The best part about being the Chef put in charge of a kitchen is that I can take control over the only music player in the place. I can make all the poor souls forced to work with me listen to Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate, A Day To Remember, Our Last Night and a whole hardcore playlist all day!
If you listen to country or rap listen up.. A Day To Remember, Asking Alexandria, Periphery, After The Burial, and etc. Are the higher level of music.. And country and rap just don't want to try something harder.. So if you listen to metal, degent, or pop punk, if the people that listen to country and rap start to talk crap about the music you listen to..tell them that your music artists are better..because they do harder stuff.
In about a month i'm going to start posting covers. Be prepared to see some: Asking Alexandria! Bring Me The Horizon! Motionless In White! White Chapel! The Devil Wears Prada! Attack Attack! Escape The Fate! Falling In Reverse! A Day To Remember! Sleeping With Sirens! & many many more! Step one is getting my name recognized *DONE* Step two is showing everyone what i've got! *IN PROGRESS*
Dude... I was disappointed with the Grammys when they cut off NIN to roll the credits early. I'm watching the 2014 Revolver Golden Gods awards now which is the awards show for metal and they just did the first award. How in the *** does Josh Homme beat out Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember), M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold), Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch), Papa Emaritus II (Ghost B.C.), and Jonathan Davis (Korn) for best metal vocalist. This is why I stopped reading magazines like AP and Rolling Stones, and this just turned me completly off to Revolver. It's stuff like this that makes me HATE mainstream media...
2 weeks to go German friends! Rock am Ring & Rock im Park up next after we hit South America with A Day To Remember
Had a dream that I saw the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and A Day To Remember. Live. In a bank. That's definitely a new one.
My phone goes from Tyler, The Creator to Jack Johnson to A Day To Remember to A$AP Rocky to Luke Bryan to The Strokes. I love it
A Day To Remember should be playing Toronto Riot Fest not just Denver
A Day To Remember, Wu-Tang, New Found Glory, Of Mice & Men, BMTH, Brand New, and the list goes on for days.
Hey everyone! I posted this thing on the other Humber page but I may as well do it here (but a condensed version). Don't be afraid to message me or anything! Name: Kaitlin Lee Age: 17; 18 in May! Hometown: Richmond Hill Highschool: Richmond Green Secondary School Program: Bachelor of Interior Design OR Interior Decorating (If I don't get accepted to the former) Religion: Pagan / Wicca (in training) & Buddhist. Favorite music: Oh jeez here we go. Mayday Parade, Bastille, Muse, A Day To Remember, There For Tomorrow, City & Colour, Arctic Monkeys, Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone, The Maine, Cartel, Marina & The Diamonds, Andrew Belle, Arcade Fire, Grouplove, etc. (I am open to other music in the indie / rock genres!) Favorite TV shows: AMERICAN HORROR STORY, Whose Line is it Anyway? Everybody Loves Raymond, Kings of Queens, Masterchef, Bachelor(ette), Big Bang, (Ooh and Anime; but it's not really on TV) Favorite movies: Battle Royale, Spirited Away, Kill Bill, Mean Girls, A Walk To Remember, Eden, (Jeez.. any ...
Chiodos, Memphis May Fire, Volbeat, A Day To Remember, Avenged Sevenfold, Motionless In White, Emmure, Korn, Rob Zombie. a few reasons why it's going to be an epic weekend!!
Looking for a good band to listen to. Hit up:. Of Mice & Men. A Day To Remember . Volumes. All Time Low. Just some of the many bands.
Fall Out Boy, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Misfits, All Time Low, A Day To Remember, Asking Alexandria, twenty one pilots, and Korn will be there. And Of Mice & Men, The Story So Far, Touché Amoré, The Used, Rise Against, and Bring Me The Horizon are all nominated for awards so I'm assuming they'll be there. Don't mind me, I'm just bawling my eyes out???
i got A Day To Remember shirt, BVB OM&M, and BMTH bracelets today from idk what to get when i go back. maybe do some online shops.
Well, A Day To Remember wins round 9! THIS WILL BE THE LAST ROUND! RULES: There will be between 5 - 10 rounds (maybe more if I feel like it). Each round will last 15 minutes. "Like" the comment of the band you want to stay in if it is already commented PLEASE "LIKE" THE COMMENT!!! ROUND 10 A Day To Remember vs Memphis May Fire ~KellicISreal
All IssuesIn This IssueOn Sale April 01 2014A Day To Remember pop-core protagonists of A Day To Remember align to make your playlists, mosh pits and hard drives more life-affirming than ever.Order IssueSubscribe NowDownloadWhere to Find APA DAY TO REMEMBERWritten by Ryan J. Downey They fough…
SHORT HITS! This year's Golden Gods Awards will receive a television broadcast on Saturday, May 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on VH1 Classic. The Hard Rock and Metal awards ceremony will tape on April 23 in Los Angeles, where Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose will be presented with the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award. Joan Jett will be the recipient of the Golden God Award, and Zakk Wylde will play during a special musical tribute to the Hard Rock legends who have passed away over the last year. Additional appearances will include Dave Navarro, Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Andrew Dice Clay, A Day To Remember, The Pretty Reckless and more.
never the less, Woe, is me, Dance Gavin Dance and A Day To Remember are fab
Set Your Goals and A Day To Remember for today's workout. 👌
Hey guys, I am an expiernced drummer from Atlanta who has moved to the Columbus area (Westerville). I Am 19 and Im looking to join/start a metalcore/Post-hardcore band, "rise"core, or even Electronicore: for example Memphis May Fire, Of Mice And Men, Crown The Empire, A Day To Remember, We Came as Romans, Woe is me, Issues, Trivium, Seeping With Sirens, I See Stars, ect. If anyone is interested let me know!
Get tickets for Revolver Golden Gods Featuring: Guns N' Roses, KoRn, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, A Day To Remember, Zakk Wylde, The Pretty Reckless & many more to be announced! at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, CA on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 - 7:30PM at
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Can not wait for leeds fest. On the friday alone il be seeing You Me At Six , Macklemore and Ryan Lewis , Blink 182 , The 1975 and a Day To Remember . Plus loads more. Gunna be AWESOME :P
A Day To Remember and Falling in Reverse make it ten times harder to focus but i cant get myself to change the playlist
A Day To Remember started it, but Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! Ended it.
A Day To Remember, Asking Alexandria, Tonight Alive, All Time Low and Sleeping With Sirens better announce for Warped today! Please god!
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Asking Alexandria Sleeping With Sirens August Burns Red Pierce The Veil Mayday Parade Title Fight Memphis May Fire Four Year Strong Avenged Sevenfold Riot Fest Alkaline Trio Falling In Reverse New Found Glory Warped Tour Fall Out Boy Pawn Stars Parkway Drive Deaf Havana Victory Records Happy Father Taking Back Sunday Devil Wears Prada