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Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim (born Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar), also known as Dawood Ebrahim, and Sheikh Dawood Hassan, is the head of the Indian organized crime syndicate D-Company in Mumbai.

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did u sign on this? If not do it immediately! No wonder I hate Bollywood more than anything else!
I am waiting for a shot whr they will show Dawood Ibrahim smoking cigar wearing his aviators
How many people know that Sonia Gandhi sleeps with Ahmed Patel who is very close to Dawood Ibrahim? Still many *** argue in favor of Congress OR any of its proxies like AAP just to keep nationalist BJP away from center.
Sonia Gandhi sleeps wid Ahmed Patel who is a close friend of Dawood Ibrahim -- Is there any doubt why Congress is so *** anti-Hindu?
If Narendra Modi wins the election-2014.. Then next time in 2019 there would be candidates like: Chota Rajan Dawood Ibrahim Shiv Narayan Gopal Sandhvi Prayag Singh We are supporting a person who doesn't give equal respects to all the religions.. Still ppl says he deserves to be a PM??? So, that's why we call our country as "Incredible India".. I don't know politics but atleast I have humanity and respect for other religions.. I don't hate BJP but I truely hate Narendra Singh Modi.. I hate Osama, Narayan ,Dawood.. Similarly I hate Modi.. Ppl who supports Modi means support terrorism..
thank u,. but u should have an eye on Dawood Ibrahim for FIXING matches!. LOL!. DUBAI...DUBAI!. BEST OF LUCK:)
. AAP Anjali Damania said "not only Mukhtar Ansari they will take support if Dawood Ibrahim"
Govt hopes to bring self-exiled Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Khan Dawood home from Cardiff
with Proofs: Narendra Modi's Varanasi rival Congress candidate Ajay Rai bought AK-47 rifles from Shahbuddin, says secret Bihar police report (Don't forget to watch on at 9pm tonight) Varanasi: In a major revelation tonight on Rajat Sharma's Aaj Ki Baat on India TV, Ajay Rai, the Congress candidate fielded against BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, has been accused of buying AK-47 rifles from underworld don Shahbuddin in Bihar. This has been revealed in a 82-page report sent in 2003 by the then Director General of Bihar Police D P Ojha to the then UP Home Secretary. Ajay Rai was then ex-MLA from Kolasala, Varanasi, and the report mentions him as a criminal associate of Mohammed Shahbuddin, now in jail. The then DGP wrote in his confidential report: "His (Shahbuddin) craving for modern weapons increased. Around 1996, he acquired a large number of AK-47 rifles from Kashmir. He kept 8-10 rifles with him, and sold the remaining AK-47 rifles to Kolasla MLA Ajay Rai and a criminal from Ranchi Anil Sh ...
And this is why we dont want losers from Bollywood to comment on Indian politics
Just finish off India's most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim! Not only IPL scams, India's many other problems will be solved !
.Amusing. The amount of ransom asked by SC will put Dawood Ibrahim to shame.
specifically, the story of one Dawood Ibrahim is fascinating. He's got the backstory of a real life Michael Corleone.
Watch the video «Indian Media Gone Mad Over Dawood Ibrahim» uploaded by Pak Videos on Dailymotion.
The Indian government has proposed joint action with the United States to arrest fugitive gangster and country's most wanted terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim. Indian intelligence agencies have claimed for long that the gangster is living in Pakistan.
& gang for u to finance more films after stand taken by on Modi.
Dawood Ibrahim run away from saved heaven was hidden india are chutiya
Dawood Ibrahim did not demolish the Babri Masjid, Neither did he oversee the 2002 pogrom you Modi Bootlickers
Best of luck dawood Ibrahim was clearly hidden india are chutiya
Dawood Ibrahim to finance more films after stand taken by Bollywood on Modi
Dawood Ibrahim touched by the Bollywood's Anti-Modi stand; to finance more films.
sharjaah... m gonna watch dis ipl match in hope I get to see dawood ibrahim ... cmon cameramen u people can do it find the guy
SHARPE SHOOTER Rajendra Sadashiv Nikhalje ( Chotta Rajan's real name), was the sword arm of don Dawood Ibrahim till the two parted ways over the latter’s role in the Bombay blasts. Differences had arisen in 1992 itself after Dawood henchman Subhash Thakur killed three Chhota Rajan groupies. But after the blasts, they fell out completely, with Rajan positioning himself as a ‘patriotic don’ not wanting to betray his country, and challenging the hegemony of Dawood as a “people’s gangster”. Over a hundred men have been eliminated in five years since the inter-gang rivalry started in Mumbai. Some top D Company sharp shooters like Mohan Kuttian, Sadhu Shetty and Jaspal Singh too abandoned ship along with Chhota Rajan, who fled Dubai, Dawood’s stronghold, after the bitter parting of ways. Turf battles in Mumbai took the shape of *** for-tat killings. In June 1995, the D Company killed hotelier Ramanath Payyade, who paid protection money to Chhota Rajan. Earlier, they killed film producer Mukesh Dug ...
I just want to ask few simple questions from all BJP (NDA) supporters... What is Mr.Modi's stand on issues other than Ram Mandir and Hindutva, namely, 1. POK, 2. China's aggression, 3. FDI.. Yes or No? (Because Walmart has recently announced 50 more whole sale stores which is a threat to the indigenous business and your silence is shying away the agreement) 4. Rate of Development Gujarat? (because Gujarat was a very developed (and Industrialized) state even before 'Modi'. Figure: Gujarat's growth rate which was 14.97 percent during 1980-1990 and 12.77 percent during 1990-2000 fell to 9.82 percent during his period from 2001-2011) 5. Jan lokpal bill? (Why didn't you vote it in Delhi Assembly and blame Kejriwal of running) 6. Rising prices of natural gas? 7. Ways of controlling Inflation? 8.Pathetic condition of agriculture? 9. Security of Indian citizens in abroad? 10. How many road are you going to construct? 11. How to improve indigenous business? (of which your policies have always been against) 12. Whe ...
Waiting for MR DAWOOD IBRAHIM to see today !! !! !!
I know that's why it says ra will send pictures. Lol
Aww Ra digga had the baby. Congrats & maggot 👶💗
“FINALY .”Awww congrats welcome y'all both to parenthood
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Shame on the part of the all Indian Secular Political parties..especially Congress I tomorrow he may say that DAWOOD IBRAHIM was the Sargent of the Indian Troops at the time of CAR GILL WAR
Between mangalore to Calicut, Mr. Dawood Ibrahim has land of more than 500 acrs. And assets worth 10,000 Crores. This is what we call greenery of development in Kerala. Our healthy intellectuals and party men here keeps mum scared of 'imported guns from Saudi Arabia'.
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Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is currently on the wanted list of Interpol for organised crime and counterfeiting.
Azam khan is worse than dawood Ibrahim .
See the result of Peculiar Secular Parties Anti Hindu action results, the Azam khan's open stand on reliigious Muslim line, Growth of IM, SIMI,, OWasi, Bukhari's Stature ! Influence of ISI, HUJI, LET & Others, Ruling Indian Mafia Gang by Dawood Ibrahim from pakistan ! Still your eyes are not opened ! Vote for real Secular Parties BJP & and NDA group is best bet to get Secular India Restoration CONGRESS & SO CALLED SECULAR PARTIES have RUINED PEACE LOVING INDIANS !
Y'all got to stop pulling y'all tights an jeans over y'all stomach
A request to Dawood Ibrahim :) Why don't you implement shariah in the bollywood movies you produce :) courtesy : deepak kamat
Congrats to my man join the squad man lol, give ra & the baby my love bro 🙋
I'm there today , I'm bout to txt you
Once Upon a time in Mumbai and Once Upon a time in mumbai dobaara if these movies r based on real life of Dawood Ibrahim B-) then I am his fan ☆
. The 1993 Bombay bombings were a series of 13 bomb explosions that took place in Bombay (now Mumbai), Maharashtra, India on Friday, 12 March 1993. The coordinated attacks were the most destructive bomb explosions in Indian history. The single-day attacks resulted in over 250 fatalities and 700 injuries. The attacks were coordinated by Dawood Ibrahim, don of the Bombay- based international organised crime syndicate named D-Company
If sources are to be believed, shifting of IPL venue to match fixers' paradise UAE is a part of Sushil Kumar Shinde's bigger plan to catch Dawood Ibrahim.
Rs 4,000 crores used on betting during World T20 final Tue, Apr 8, 2014 12:14 IST Seekuge Prasanna of Sri Lanka celebrates winning the ICC World Twenty20 Bangladesh 2014 Final between India and Sri Lanka at Sher-e-Bangla Mirpur Stadium. Betting, a dark part of the sport, has grown immensely these years, and according to reports from DNA India, almost around Rs4,000 crore was laid as bets for the final World T20 match between India and Sri Lanka on Sunday which took place at Dhaka, Bangladesh. The odds, however, favoured Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team with odds for India placed at 80 paise, which translates to a profit of Rs. 1.80 on every rupee betted on India. Sri Lanka weren’t very far behind with odds placed at 85 paise in their favour, a profit of Rs. 1. 85 on every rupee for people betting on a Sri Lankan victory. “We are keeping a close watch. We will act if we receive specific information about betting,” Sadanand Date, JCP of Crime Branch told DNA on Saturday. A convict held up in Ulhasnagar, ...
I finally finished Byculla to Bangkok! Excellent research. For people who were in Mumbai during 80s/90s till date, the book fills the gaps in great detail between news reports about gangsters. Soft touch for Dawood Ibrahim which I sensed in Dongri to Dubai is maintained here. But otherwise, great description of characters, their motivations, even their love lives, etc! I have realized I am too much into crime reading!!
WHAT MODI CAN DO & MEDIA'S ROLE IN PROJECTING MODI AS THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR P.M. : Media is playing a big role in boosting Modi's candidature & to some extent being able to convince the fence sitters , whose opinion may go in any direction . Fence sitters do n't analyse political scenarios & least interested in brain storming .they do n't bother whether the reporting in media is only propaganda or truth . Generally our memory is very short lived , Many don't want to recall past happenings . All Media owners are affiliated to some of the national parties . It is understandable that their views can n't be neutral & they definitely try to exploit by superimposing their thinking on public . Secondly , they are n't in media business for charity . Tomorrow if Dawood Ibrahim greases their palm , they will n't hesitate to declare him the best ever candidate for Prime Minister or President & this is the time for increasing readership ! The blatant example of bad media reporting is when the son of Mukesh Am ...
After Sabir Ali now Dawood Ibrahim will join BJP confirmed by BJP Spokesperson Mukhtar Naqvi.
Muqtaar Abas Naqvi ,spoke person BJP, said BJP will accept even Dawood Ibrahim! Ps. I did not say it , just sharing day up still running.BJP & Congress Paid workers have disappeared after Delhi high court findings about BJP & Congress fundings .pls file an missing FIR pls atleast irrespective of how long it takes to find them..
_ Dawood Ibrahim rules India. _ are three very big areas that control all the black money in the country: 1) POLITICS. Our netas are siphoning off nations wealth and lining their own pockets. They are hand in glove with the underworld. Ask anyone in Bombay about who is underworld's representative in the city. All will say Sharad Pawar. Wiki: "Sharad Pawar is also alleged to have close links with the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim through Ibrahim's henchman Lakhan Singh based in the Middle East and close relationship with Shahid Balwa, also a suspect in the 2G spectrum scam. These allegations were strengthened by the revelation about Balwa's business partner, Vinod Goenka's controversial commercial project in Yerawada, Pune." 2) BOLLYWOOD Everyone knows how performing artists get opportunities in Indian Cinemas. How underworld don calls the shots. Underworld funds our movies so they will control the industry. Tip of the underworld iceberg in Wiki: "As finances are not regulated, some funding also comes from ...
Sabir Ali is the direct relative of Dawood Ibrahim & he has literally abused NaMo many times.We don't want BJP 2 be the shelter of a traitor
MAIL TODAY EXCLUSIVE: Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has asked its old confidant Dawood Ibrahim for help in attacking the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, central intelligence agencies claim. The alleged plot has been revealed in a secret note by the intelligence agenci...
Indian Muslim are strong on film industry they rule ,all there atomic program is Muslim ,Bombay ka don koon Dawood Ibrahim
& Kasab foot soldiers are hanged; Narendra Modi, Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed go scot free. Justice needs to …
New Delhi: Even as a heated debate ensues on the safety of Narendra Modi, a report on Wednesday claimed that Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has finalised a plan to eliminate BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate. An English daily reported, quoting central intelligence agencies, that ISI has given the contract to kill Modi to its long time pawn against India, Dawood Ibrahim. The input was reportedly part of a secret note prepared by intelligence agencies after the bomb attacks on Modi’s Patna rally which had left eight people dead. Indian Mujahideen has been found to be behind the terror strike. Modi is already among the most protected people in the country. He is a 'Z+' category protectee of the elite 'black cat' commandos of the National Security Guard and a first-ring of twelve commandos give him proximate security every time he moves. The BJP has been demanding a high-level security for Modi including bringing him under the Special Protection Group (SPG) but the request was rejected by th ...
Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Suresh Raina are also involved in fixing, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai sprkngz match was fixed - I signed this bouquet is handed over to the investigation committee and Dawood Ibrahim's brother Anees Ibrahim is involved in this - Indian police Officer smpth Kumar
Sanjay Dutt has been living outside jail for the last few weeks while he should have been inside for a long time. That means Dawood Ibrahim does not have to worry much. If he is ever caught and jailed in India, he will be able enjoy life outside prison a lot, thanks to his many political patrons and their incredible clout. Blessed are such people.
I can tell u india does not need dawood ibrahim as long as we have
"By his good character a believer will attain the degree of one who prays during the night and fasts during the day" […
Not clear who's funding Taliban . I suspect hands of Indians like Tiger Memom, Dawood Ibrahim, Yasin Malik and Geelani
How inspiring- Dawood Ibrahim- as opposed to becoming a politician- same end result.
One young man asked me, " Tell me sir, if Modi ji becomes the PM of India, will we teach Pakistan a lesson ?'' I was surprised ! "Why do you want to teach Pakistan a lesson ?", I asked ! He said, " Do you know sir, the Pakistanis play football with the cut heads of our jawans ! I've seen a video !" I was stunned ! But still I said, " Can a country go to war for this reason ? Modi ji will take this matter up in the UN !'' The young man was unsatisfied. He asked," And what about the Terrorist camps in POK ? Will Modi ji bomb those ? And will he send commandos to kill or capture Dawood Ibrahim from Karachi ?" I sighed ! Nobody can do like that , he doesn't understand ! Diplomacy is a complicated matter ! It can't be drastically changed ! Modi ji will also do exactly the same thing as Man Mohan Singh is doing ! Only his messages to Pakistan will be a little stronger ! In effect nothing will change ! The young man changed track ! "Tell me sir, will the corruption reduce, if Modi ji becomes the PM ?" " Definite ...
The Hindu 'Law needed to deal with corruption in sports' 11 Feb 2014 10:50 AM New Delhi, February 11, 2014 The Supreme Court-appointed panel, which probed charges of betting and spot-fixing in the IPL, has recommended enactment of a substantive law to deal with corruption in sports. "The status of law in regard to betting and fixing has created operational impediment to investigating and prosecuting agencies in combating these corrupt influences in sport. It is imperative to enact a substantive law making all forms of manipulation of sports, corruption and malpractices of sports a criminal offence. The law must be applicable uniformly in the country," the report said. "The law must provide for stringent and deterrent punishments. This is necessary because [the] influx of hawala money and involvement of terrorist elements in betting and fixing of sports are causing a serious threat to national security." The report said: "The fact that the Mumbai police did not accept the role of Dawood Ibrahim in the bett ...
Meanwhile, Dawood Ibrahim has already started hacking Ambanis account .
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Mr. Pawar has suddenly woken up and rediscovered the satan eh. er. Narendra Modi. How about your best friend Dawood Ibrahim
. Just like Dawood Ibrahim as promised by Mr. Gopinath Munde ?
Within one week of Sharad Pawar taking over as Maharashtra CM Dawood Ibrahim's bombs killed 350 and injured 1,200 in Mumbai 1/n
Dawood Ibrahim have envoy completely by kill indian people
declared the defendant for 'Ajmar Ali Kasab' (Medha Patkar) as a 'Lok Sabha' candidate from 'North East Mumbai' , so whenever another blasts takes place the terrorist can have a minister to let them scoot free.They say that they have fielded the sympathiser of 'Dawood Ibrahim' (Anjali Damaniya) against 'Nitin Gadkari''s constituency (get your facts clear that this seat has a leader representing it at the Lok-Sabha). In 'AAP''s website they say that 'Milind Deora' is from though the fact is he is from 'Congress'. I just want to say "khujliwal" don't make people
With Pirated DVDs, U.S. Troops May Unwittingly Fund Terrorism If you have recently watched this year's Academy Award winning film The Hurt Locker you may have noticed that the young boy who figures prominently in parts of the film was selling DVD's outside of Jeremy Renner's military base. Now you have to ask yourself, why did the writers make this boy a DVD merchant, wouldn't a fig or rug merchant have played better into the typical U.S. stereotypes of the Middle East? The answer is that the writers of this film, despite taking license with certain parts of the truth concerning EOD units, were trying to convey the truth about life for American soldiers at war in the modern era as accurately as possible. If you ask any soldiers you know who have done tours in Iraq or Afghanistan what they did for entertainment on base, I guarantee you that 9 out of 10 times you will hear them say "we watched DVD's." Friends of mine have in fact returned from a year's tour in Iraq with hundreds if not perhaps 1000+ pirated ...
Dawood Ibrahim come on kill india people Madurchod bakwas just waiting n watch
Buying Pirated DVDs? You Could Be Funding Terror! Reported in INDIAN EXPRESS and DECCAN CHRONICLE Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:40 am March 5: That Dawood Ibr-ahim’s underworld empire is involved in Bollywood in many ways is a well-known fact. Now, a report has revealed that it is also deeply involved in film piracy, the profits of which go towards actively funding terrorist activities. The research report Film Piracy, Organised Crime, and Terrorism, released by the California-based RAND Corporation, documents the startling nexus between organised crime and intellectual property theft. In the report, D-Company, confirmed by RAND to be operating out of Pakistan, figures not only as a big conductor of the film piracy business but also as a key link between piracy and terror funding. The report says Dawood Ibrahim is India’s “godfather of godfathers” who runs criminal gangs from Bang-kok to Dubai. “Ibrahim’s gang syndicate, called D-Company, engages in strong-arm protection, drug trafficking, extortion, and ...
Will Kejriwal Answer these questions: 1) What are your views on J &K,Indian Mujahideen/SIMI, Kashmiri Pandits, Bangladesh infiltrators and Naxalism, terrorism,Khap Panchayats, Racism. 2)What's your policy on Pakistan, America and China. 3) Ford foundation is proven to be backed by CIA. You yourself admitted that you took money from Ford Foundation. Clarify your position with respect to Ford foundation 4)Yogendra Yadav said AAP has no qualms in taking donation from Ambani..What is your stand on this hypocrisy. 5)High court stayed your controversial decision to reward bill defaulters... Do you still support this unconstitutional step 6)Why you said on National TV you don't have a house when you have a house in Gurgaon and a plot in Ghaziabad 7)Why did you give 372 crores subsidy to Anil Ambani's DISCOM.. 8) Why are silent on your foreign funding 9)Why did you shield your colleague Somnath Bharti, a serial offender by doing drama in front of railway bhawan 10) there is an allegation against you of misapprop ...
Dawood Ibrahim is an NRI. So his contributions will be "legitimate"!
Dawood Ibrahim is No. 4 on the Forbes 2008 list of The World's 10 Most Wanted Criminals And Most Powerful.
What u will do to catch Terrorist dawood ibrahim??
Don't expect turnaround and development politics from friend and mentor of Dawood Ibrahim.
If Modi says that Dawood Ibrahim is welcome to fight election in India will he become Secular?
"Lets not forget His links with those convicted for the Mumbai bombing hmm Aslam Bhatti, Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon, Javed Chickna 1/2
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
[Isn't she the one who even invited Dawood Ibrahim to AAP???]
In India if our politicians have connections/ relations with Dawood Ibrahim no one will question "What kind of relationship one shares with under world dons?" However, if politicians have relations with Industrialists for sure you will be asked to explain "What kind of relationship one shares with industrialists?"
A reply to Kum/Smt. (whatever the case may be) Harithra Sriharan daughter of Nalini and Murugan, killers of Rajiv Gandhi: Dear Harithra Sriharan, You are 22 and I am 47. Being 25 years older than you and to post some harsh words against you is injustice. But there is no age for justice. From the time we remember things till old age we are children to our parents. In that sense even in 47 i am a child to my parents Accepting this norm I am writing this. i was conceived when my parents had honeymoon. Both of them are dead and i can assure that they never murdered any; not even conspired to it. If you are 22 as reported in Times of India (21/02/2014) you were born in 1992 and conceived 9 months earlier. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on 21/05/1991. So apart from honeymooning your parents were conspiring to kill Rajiv Gandhi. I don’t know if you know Mahabharata. Duryodhana’s mother Gandhari never blessed her son to win the war for the 18 days. All she said was ‘dharma (truth) will win’. The ill acts . ...
its becoz rajiv shukla met Dawood ibrahim in 2005 in pak, his career shoot up frm tht point IPL starts
TOI Must ask MEA, when is he going to be Invited by Salman Khurshid as our State Guest? When will he be taken to Ajmer Sharif and offer him a Shahi Meals at the Cost of Indians Tax Money? If Khangress Continues to be in Office for the Next Term, there are every possibilities that this man may Grace our Republic Day Parade in the coming years along with Hafiz Saeed & Dawood Ibrahim.
The Big secret is going to unlock- Pakistan inter services intelligence (ISI) has turned to its old confident dawood ibrahim seeking his aid to attack the Bjp's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
Innocent, my foot. All criminals will join , tomorrow Dawood Ibrahim will join
Suhel Seth says in CNN IBN, there r ppl who respect Dawood Ibrahim as well. dig at Rajdeep Sardesai?
Pakistan should hand over the terrorists like Maulana Masood Azhar,Dawood Ibrahim to India if it sincerely wants normalcy with India.
India’s most wanted man Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar and Pakistan-linked terrorists and terror groups figure prominen...
I want IPL to happen in UAE, merge with CCL and then matchfixing shud happen under Dawood Ibrahim. Bollywood movie script ready !!!
In the Congress Raaj The CBI would have surely given a Clean Chit to Dawood Ibrahim & Co.& Would have Blamed BJP/RSS for all terrorism.
Congress and BJP claiming fight against corruption is like Dawood Ibrahim claiming to eradicate terrorism
Sunil Bohra To Depict Dawood In A Positive Way In His next Directorial Vneture!!! From 'D' and 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai' to 'D-Day', there have been several films on Dawood Ibrahim. And now there's one more, but with a different spin to it, or so the director claims. Sunil Bohra who co-produced films like 'Gangs of Wasseypur' and 'Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster', is all set to direct a film revolving around India's most wanted terrorist. Bohra has written the screenplay that traces the journey of an Indian who goes to Pakistan to meet Dawood who he idolises. TV actor Pavan Shankar of Kasamh Se fame, plays this role. Casting director Mukesh Chhabra is on the lookout for an actor to play Dawood. Bohra will also be producing and distributing the film to avoid any "creative interference." When contacted, Bohra confirmed the news saying, "Yes, it's true that I'm making a sliceof-life film on Dawood Ibrahim and the underworld. In a way, this film is a tribute to him. I want to bring to the fore the other side of t ...
Shamsher Khan Pathan should focus on bringing Dawood Ibrahim back to India so we could prosecute him for crimes!
Yes Dawood Ibrahim's also emerge once in a life time !
What is the logic behind movies like this ? Argh
New Delhi: IN a huge embarrassment to Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde, who had earlier said the US agencies were helping India nab Dawood Ibrahim, Minister of State for Home Mullappally Ramachandran on Tuesday claimed that the ministry had made no formal request seeking the US aid so far. "No such formal request has been made by this ministry to the US government," Ramachandran informed the Rajya Sabha in a written reply. The Centre's response came in reply to a question of Shiv Sena member Anil Desai, who asked if it was true that the government had requested the US government to track down the wanted terrorist.
NewsFlash: Sunil Bohra to direct a film on Dawood Ibrahim
Bollywood and cricket are two enemies of India. Both controlled by ISI and Dawood Ibrahim and their agents in India
Sunil Bohra to 'pay tribute' to Dawood Ibrahim with his directorial debut
Dawood, Pak-linked terrorists on UK sanctions list
Government on Wednesday said it has not made any request to the US to track down the country's most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim.
Dawood Ibrahim and Pakistan-linked terrorists top UK sanctions list cc
While watching the drama in parliament I wonder why Dawood Ibrahim is hiding in Pakistan,while likes of him a nestling safely in Parliament. Easiest way out for him is to get elected from a constituency and the taxpayer of this country will protect him
Madan Lal Khurana alleged that senior party leader Sushma Swaraj had links with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim... Via
If Rajiv Gandhi's killers are released and celebrated you might invite Dawood Ibrahim as our Chief Guest for Republic Day.
Genius Home Minister's claims on Dawood contradicted by his own MoS | No request to US to track down Dawood
No request to US to track down Dawood Ibrahim: Govt
The Prophet (S) said, "Anyone who incites a woman against her husband is not one of us" [Abu Dawood].
The Prophet (S) said, "The person nearest to Allaah is one who is the first to offer greeting" [Abu Dawood].
Terrorists who killed Rajeev Gandhi and Beant Singh are to be freed soon.Time to pardon Dawood Ibrahim and felicitate 26/11 terrorists.
In future dawood Ibrahim, and other terrorist will be caught...court will give them death penalty but Congress will try to release them form supreme hai hamare dushmano ka Hindustan me future...thanks in advance to ke liye ye jaruri hai.
Headlines : 1. Anna Hazare announces his support to Mamta Banarjee. 2. Defence minister AK Antony said that five cases of alleged spying in armed forces have been reported from 2011 to prasent. 3. Modi vs Chidambaram: Gujrat CM slams centre for 'service tax' on his raily tickets. 4. Raj Thackeray visits newly appointed Mumbai chief Rakesh Maria. 5. India will continue to engage with Srilanka to get fishermen released from lankan prisons. 6. Handicapped & Backward welfare minister Ambika Chawdhary kicked up a storm by calling Modi 'RAVAN. 7. Shinde had recently said Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan and joint efforts with the US were being made to nab him.
Dawood Ibrahim and Pak-linked terrorists and terror groups figure prominently in an updated list of financial sanctions imposed by British govt.
"NAMO TEA STALL".. A live example of making Business & Money out of Politics. What Change people expect in Corruption from such Business makers? If Pakistan is bound to Shelter & Protect Dawood Ibrahim for mutual benefits... Then Gujrat too is bound to Shelter & Protect Reliance for mutual benefits!
The IPL scam and 2014! Rajinder Puri Sports fans are stunned by the exposures of corruption in the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches. The Justice Mukul Mugdal Committee to probe the IPL corruption has submitted its findings to the apex court after sifting all the evidence available including many taped conversations between betting bookies. Briefly, their findings are that there was systematic match fixing in which BCCI officials, celebrity owners of teams and top cricket players are suspected of involvement. The illegal money generated by betting syndicates had sanction from underworld don Dawood Ibrahim for possible use in terrorist activities. Most damningly, the BCCI President’s own son-in-law has been charged with corruption and match fixing. Much before the committee’s report there were widespread media allegations, including in these columns, of the same charges. The Justice Mudgal Committee has merely confirmed the suspicions. One would not like to join the popular hand wringing angu ...
Letters to the editor From a fair game to a putrid sideshow SIR, I have read the news items regarding the Mudgal report on the IPL cricket fixtures that have been marred by spot-fixing, betting, alleged exchange of filthy lucre between Srinivasan, his son-in-law Meiyappan of India Cements, MS Dhoni, Sreeshant, and if I am not wrong, Dawood Ibrahim as well. Equipped with the power of money, they are equally guilty of denuding a fair game to a putrid political sideshow. People in general are gradually losing interest in the gentleman’s game of cricket. From the chairman to the peon of BCCI, all were interested in making money. Srini is being economical with the truth when he feigns ignorance. And the truth is being airbrushed by Meiyappan, Dhoni and CSK. Those involved in the scandal deserve to be severely punished. Srinivasan has made the BCCI his own fiefdom to ensure a one-man show. He is now said to be eyeing the ICC chairman’s post. Should that ambition be fulfilled, the world of crick ...
Three class nine students left home hoping to get rich in a short span of time by capturing fugitive Dawood Ibrahim. The trio, who went missing last week, returned home after failing in their mission
Lets talk FACTS: Kejriwal breeding ground for NAXALS: EVERY THREE DAYS ONE INDIAN SOLDIER IS BEING KILLED BY NAXALS as per Mail Today report, NAXALS are being Funded by ISI & CHINA as per IB reports. Both ISI & China are in favor of AAP and they are against Modi. ... The political affairs committee of Gang Kejriwal in its meeting held in Delhi on Sunday formally expressed its 'consensus' on the name of Chhattisgarh tribal teacher Soni Sori (37) as the party's candidate from Maoist-affected Bastar constituency. Sori, who was arrested in 2011 by Chhattisgarh police for allegedly acting as courier in fund transfer from Essar Group to the outlawed CPI (Maoist), has been granted bail by Supreme Court on February 7. Six cases were registered against her. She has been acquitted in four so far. Delhi-based activist Himanshu Kumar, mentor and associate of Soni Sori, confirmed about the decision of AAP taken in the political affairs committee. 1. Soni Sori, a last-minute addition to AAP candidate list to contest fr ...
Some time i think .Is kejri is really good For national politics.?.and his party can do best for our motherland. Suddenly i get an answer from my heart No .becoz of following reasons.. 1) kashmir gifted to pakistan 2) one community (muslim) is pleased on the cost of other (hindu) 3) Dawood ibrahim become the son in law of welcomed by anjali damaniya. 4) naxal movement increased in our country 5) america participate in law making policy in parliament .as his party is funded by them. 6) pakistan and china start their land occupation near border ... 6) india become a safe place for the terrorist and their group. 7) time to time you will get a dharna show .which create a embrasment for us .since kejri have habbit to go for same.. no matter on which constitutional post he is.. 8) bangladeshi will have all the rights in india .they get a new bangaladesi pm in india... 9) the nation turned from secular to islamic. 10) wecome to india a cononial country of get massage on your mobile. But . ...
why kejriwal is pointing ambani's, so far he didn't told anything abt Dawood Ibrahim, other deshdrohi's
Before on mind about india she irritating me so much 2nd she left india not irritating me but nothing allah help me so im saying teri ma ki chut boys *** of world Dawood Ibrahim n hafeez sneed kill of india ppl n india get off
This govt has no willingness to recover thousands of crores looted by Subhroto roy and Mukesh and Mallya. incidentally they call themselves the "rich elite". Then where does Dawood ibrahim stand.?
Tunda chargesheet points to Pakistan complicity in 90s' serial blasts, reveals names of top LeT commanders Neeraj Chauhan,TNN | Feb 17, 2014, 02.55 AM IST Abdul Karim Tunda New Delhi: Indicting Lashkar-e-Taiba's one-armed bomber Abdul Karim Tunda for the terror strikes in Indian cities between 1994 and 1998, the Delhi Police has blamed Pakistan's ISI for masterminding the attacks. The chargesheet, filed on February 11 and a copy of which has been accessed by TOI, gives a detailed list of LeT's hierarchy apart from details of ISI officers and Dawood Ibrahim with whom Tunda had close relations. The chargesheet also gives details of other terror outfits like Jaish-e-Mohammad, Indian Mujahideen and Babbar Khalsa International. It says that in 2010, Colonel Imtiaz of ISI and Iqbal Kana had assigned Tunda the task of sending RDX to India via Bangladesh, to be used by BKI terrorists to target the Commonwealth Games in the national capital. The chargesheet gives details some senior ISI functionaries, whose phone ...
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CHARGES LEVELED BY FORMER HOME SECRETARY ON THE HOME MINISTER OF INDIA: Former Home Secretary RK Singh, who has joined the BJP, has slammed Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde New Delhi: Former home secretary RK Singh, who recently joined the BJP, has pummeled Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde with a series of allegations, including that he took money for police postings, interfered in police work and lied about working with the US to catch Dawood Ibrahim. HERE ARE THE LATEST UPDATES ON THIS STORY: 1. Mr Singh, who retired as home secretary in June, accused his former boss of regularly interfering with police work and taking money for cop postings. 2. He alleges the home minister's role in a cover-up attempt linked to the "2G scam" or the illegal allocation of 2G spectrum to private companies at throaway prices. 3. The former home secretary has attacked the home minister's claims that when he went to the US, the American attorney general, under whom the FBI works, assured all help to bring Dawood to book. . ...
One was Dawood ibrahim who blast the Mumbai with help of Pakistan and ONE IS THIS KEJRIWAL WHO BLAST DELHI people votes. now planning to Blast INDIA with help of AMERICA. Mr kejriwal ji please dont play with INDIAN PEOPLE hearts. you r just one of the AGENT OF AMERICA, thats true.
Holy crap does dawood Ibrahim has a protocol or does he have a protocol
BANKRUPT PAKISTAN INCREASES SMUGGLING OF ILLICIT DRUGS TO INDIA - NEW INDIAN EXPRESS Bankrupt Pak Banks on Drugs Trade for Funds By G Parthasarathy Published: 16th February 2014 06:00 AM Last Updated: 14th February 2014 11:24 AM While New Delhi has been improving the infrastructure for expanding trade with Pakistan across the Wagah-Attari land border, a new source of concern has emerged in trade across the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir. There are presently two check posts across which cross-LoC trade occurs. These are at the Poonch-Rawalkot checkpoint in Jammu region and the Uri-Muzaffarabad checkpoint in Kashmir Valley. A truck carrying 100 kg of heroin (brown sugar) from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) was intercepted by Indian authorities in the third week of January at the Salamabad Trade Facilitation Centre in the Uri sector. The estimated value of the brown sugar seized is Rs 100 crore. When New Delhi impounded the heroin and filed charges against the driver, Islamabad reacted astonishingly. It prevent . ...
We came to know it was Sonia who is running the government and not MMS. Now we realise it is actually Ambani and not the Sonia who is running the govt. Who is next... Dawood Ibrahim or may be ultimately God is running the govt... :)
Hasbara Aterorrist joins the rank of Bhatkal, Osama Bin Laden, Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim
Lucknow: Alimuddin alias Baba, one of Dawood Ibrahim's shooter has been arrested in Uttar Pradesh, said an official on Thursday. Alimuddin was absconding for past twenty decades in custom officer LD Arora murder case. Baba was arrested late on Wednesday from a house in Fatehpur, around 120 km from here, after police received a specific tip-off, said an official of the Uttar Pradesh Police's Special Task Force. Alimuddin's movements were being monitored through electronic surveillance for some time and police zeroed in on him while he was staying at the house of Shamim alias Shammu. According to an official, he has admitted that mafia-turned-politician Babloo Srivastava, then an associate of Dawood Ibrahim, offered him money to kill Arora. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had declared an amount of Rs.100,000 on Alimuddin's head but he managed to hoodwink the federal investigation agency for two decades. Arora, an assistant custom collector posted in Mumbai, was shot dead near his residence in Alla ...
The 1993 Bombay Blasts After the demolition of the Babri Masjid in December 1992, communal riots broke out in Mumbai and other parts of India. Mumbai was badly hit by the Hindu and Muslim communities baying for each other's blood. The riots spread out over 2 months from December 1992 to January 1993 claimed the lives of nearly 575 Muslims and 275 Hindus.Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim masterminded serial blasts in Mumbai in March 1993 which claimed nearly 250 lives and left hundreds injured. Why were Weapons Smuggled into Mumbai? Dawood wanted to arm his Muslim brothers with assault rifles and hand grenades.The weapons and explosives were smuggled into India by the Dawood Ibrahim's D-gang and distributed among various underworld elements.A part of the consignment was delivered to Sanjay Dutt by the Dawood Ibrahim gang and he had kept it at his house. How did Sanjay Dutt Get in touch with the D-Gang? Sanjay Dutt said that he got the arms at the instance of Anees Ibrahim, the younger brother of Dawood Ibrahim ...
Excerpts from ipl probe report The report also noted an investigation conducted by the Indian edition of Sports Illustrated that had recorded conversations between a "prominent Indian capped" player and various bookies. The journalist could identify the "voice" of this player, who was part of the Indian squad during the 2011 World Cup and is also part of the "present" Indian team. "A journalist who apparently was connected with recording of tapes for Sports Illustrated revealed that the said investigation found links to Dawood Ibrahim [India's most wanted criminal] and that the money laundered through booking activities were being used for funding terrorist activities," Dutta's report stated.
LeT Culprit, say UN, US “Qasmani Arif...chief coordinator of the relations of the [LeT] with other organisations...has worked with Lashkar-e-Tayyiba to facilitate terrorist attacks including...the bombing of February 2007 in the Samjhauta Express in Panipat ( India ).” This is what resolution [No 1267] of the Committee on Sanctions of the United Nations Security Council [UNSC] dated 29.6.2009 declares. Adding that Qasmani was funded by Dawood Ibrahim and he did the fundraising for the LeT and the al-Qaida, the UNSC said, “In exchange for their support, al-Qaida provided support staff for the February 2007 bombing of the Samjhauta Express in Panipat.” This resolution is available on the UN site. Two days later, on July 1, 2009, the United States Treasury Department said in its press release: “Arif Qasmani has worked with the LeT to facilitate terrorist attacks, including...Samjota Express bombing.” The US named four Pakistanis, including Arif Qasmani as terrorists, under Executive Order No 1322 ...
Salman Khurshid, the muslim dog of Khangress... in his usual drama, says that HINDUS SIKHS must try to forget the past wounds. Salman Khurshid, this nation does not belong to you or to your mummy sonia khan !!! You deserve to be thrown into dungeons alongwith Dawood Ibrahim and his mentors like Shinde, Powar etc etc...
As per this Moron Only Kasab, Dawood Ibrahim, Osama, Hafiz Saeed, Abu Salem, Memon Brothers, Abu Azmi, Shakeel Ahmed, Hazam Khan, Mohammed Azaruddin, SRK, Owaisi, Zakir Naik, Bhatkal Brothers, Salman Khurshid and all the Islamic Terrorists and their Supporters, Admirers, are Better Muslims. Rest all are Bad Muslims because they Believe in Real secularism, they Respect Other Religions, they are Open Minded, they Believe in Only One Marriage and Two Children, they Love & Die for India, they Hate Pakistan & Pakistanis, they Hate Islamic Terrorism, they Hate Jihad, they Hate Fanatics, they Sing Vande Mataram, they Say Bharat Mata Ki Jai and above all the Love Modi.
Three school students embarked on a "mission" to get-rich-quick by hunting down Dawood Ibrahim and handing over the underworld don to authorities. The sheepish students are now back home after they ran out of money. The class nine students of St Michael High School in this Bihar capital went missing last week and only returned home after their mission to catch Dawood Ibrahim failed, said police Monday. ( Must See: Exposed! Dawood Ibrahim's new hideout in Karachi ) Patna police is stunned over their motive and mission. Police have now appealed to parents to take greater care of their children. "Please take care of your wards and keep a watch on their activities, so that they don't take the wrong path," Patna Senior Superintendent of Police Manu Maharaj said. India's top intelligence agencies are trying hard for years to catch the fugitive Dawood Ibrahim. And till date they have failed to make a breakthrough. ( Also Read: Kapil Dev ordered Dawood Ibrahim to leave dressing room in 1987 ) But the three studen ...
In his interview to TV channels, Singh had claimed that Delhi Police was stopped by Shinde from questioning a Mumbai-based businessman, who is said to have "some kind of links" with Dawood Ibrahim, in connection with the betting in Indian Premier League, a T-20 cricketing tournament. Singh also attacked Shinde, saying that he is not fit to be the Home Minister and Finance Minister P Chidambaram is "100 times better" than him. "Singh is now a political man. His allegations are political in nature. He is now with BJP. I do not see him as a former home secretary but as a BJP man. I will not react to his allegations," he told reporters here. BJP- Bureaucrat Janta Party.
The tragedy of Islam is it has the biggest supporters among leading criminals, terrorists, and hypocrites such as Dawood Ibrahim, Mullah Fazlullah, Hafiz Saeed and Imran Khan.
ANI_news: Sartaj Aziz: I dont think so (about Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan) but on Mumbai case, a judicial commission is going to Mumbai.
India does a favor to Dawood Ibrahim. Gives him a heads up to go underground
Raja Bhaiya's foreign trip has been labeled as a 'Study Tour', he must have gone to Dawood Ibrahim or Carlos then... 󾍇󾮛
BJP president Nitin Gadkari said the intelligence quotient level of Swami Vivekanand and Dawood Ibrahim was almost the same, but the spiritual leader had used it for nation building while the underworld don for pursuing crime.
Just by chance Mohammed Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim's houses are surrounded by security instead?
Bangalore, August 14 (ANI): Bangalore Police chief on Friday said that they have credible inputs to believe that gangster Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Shakeel with.
"while some people called me a madman gone eccentric for the lust of money and power to others i was jst a visionary" -- Dawood Ibrahim Kaskhar.
Why do some actors take so much pride in essaying the role of Dawood Ibrahim? Not realizing that he's afterall a terrorist and not a hero.. And the only reason directors approach them for the role is coz they LOOK like a terrorist. Be ASHAMED. Don't be proud. *** :@
RAJIV GANDHI:–-Rajiv Gandhi was son of Mohammad Yunus,changed his religion to become a Catholic to marry Sania Maino of Turin, Italy. Rajiv became Roberto. His daughter’s name is Bianca(priyanka) and son’s name is Raul(Rahul). he mislead people of India that he was a Mechanical Engineer but he not passes a single exam .He gave press conference in London after Prime Minister that he was a parsi but cremated as per vedic rites in full view of India’s public. From 1962 to 1965, he was enrolled for a Mechanical Engineering course at Trinity College, Cambridge. But, he left Cambridge without a degree because, he could not pass exams. Next year in 1966, he joined Imperial College, London but, again left it without a degree. When her mother Indira died in 1984 he has given full support to Congress supporters in Delhi to spread pogroms in Delhi , Gave huge amount of money, Liquors,Arms to Congressmen to spread violence against Sikhs only for vote-Bank politics, played with emotions of people. In 1989 he a ...
Things would have been different in India,if The SICKULAR MPs who have wrote letter to U.S to deny visa to Modi , would have ever wrote letter to Pakistan Govt to ,surrender the India's most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim to India , without any delay
India News: Ravi Sharma of India News shows how America is preparing an operation to bring an end to the road of Dawood Ibrahim, the famous underworld ...
India: Biggest villain of India, Dawood Ibrahim has been hiding in Pakistan for a long time now. Nawaz Sharif's important party leader Shahryar Khan has chan...
Truly amazing fact of Dhoom3-- last 25 years Indian police not arrest dawood ibrahim and we alway tell America to do something and American police take help of 2 Indian officers to arrest American thief! what an idea Sirji!
These same Ministers shrilly strident against the US treatment of Devyani, have remained effete and mute when it comes to demanding the capture of those who beheaded the Indian soldier, extradition of Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memon, who couldn't prevail on the UK to handover Dawood aide Mirchi. What's the Devyani power? Or is it they protect their own kind - incestuous insular Indian criminality?
The voters of Delhi had voted against corrupt Congress Government. Still, AAP is forming government in alliance with Congress to fight against corruption. It is similar to say that a Government at Centre will fight against terrorism with the support of Dawood Ibrahim. Even Dawood will be ready for such an understanding as it will provide him space to regain his lost empire in India.
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The government is going to check the status of properties believed to belong to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim after it found that the locks on one attached property had been broken, allegedly by the gangster's brother.
FROM TELEGRAPH.CO.UK 9/11: How Osama Bin Laden caused our banking meltdown and financial crisis When historians look back on the financial and economic turbulence of our times, they will date it not from the start of the banking crisis in 2007, but to the bursting of the technology bubble at the turn of the century, or perhaps even earlier to the height of the Asian financial crisis in 1998. The policies put in place to address these two events – first the dramatic accumulation of foreign exchange reserves by Asian economies to bolster themselves against future crises, and then the monetary easing applied by the Federal Reserve to deal with the aftermath of the dotcom boom – were to lead directly to today's banking meltdown and accompanying, rolling series of debt crises. Yet these events were only the beginning. What really set the future in stone was the policy response to 9/11, the shocking series of terrorist attacks which have their 10th anniversary this weekend. Not in his wildest dreams could O ...
Dawood Ibrahim just need to scream "MODI" ..once & He will get 'Clean Chit' from Media, 'Free Biryani' from Congress 'Moral Support' from Oppositions parties. & 'One Parliamentary Seat' of his choice...with guarantee of win..
Devyani Khobragade had broken the US law she had to be's is not India where Lalu came out of Jail and declare himself Krishna. Our congress government is desperate to gain Muslim Vote by putting lots of Nautanki against US, if they are so sincere then Mr.Salman Khurshid go and ask blood of Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Sayed from Pakistan and stop eating biryani with them.
If Posting at the UN gives diplomatic Immunity retroactively- then Pakistan should make Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim their permanent UN diplomats!
M F Hussain was an absconding accused, not a painter-in-exile. He escaped Indian law to live in the Gulf. A court case is no excuse to abscond be it Hussain or Dawood Ibrahim. Should we call the latter too "in-exile"?
Bigg Boss season 7 fake We then saw Salman Khan making fun of Kushal who had told Gauhar that his father sends 3 lakh messages to people in Lucknow to vote for his son. This by the way is coming from the same man who says “DHOOM MACHALE” after every episode to “promote” his friend Aamir Khan’s film and here he is making fun of a father supporting his son? Didn’t Salman Khan’s brother just come to the show to PROMOTE his film too? - He also added that he is taking a PANGA or problem with Sachin Joshi who he a few moments ago called VERY POWERFUL ! Yes Yes we know he is Goa Gutka baron Jagdish Joshi’s son who had been questioned by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for allegedly helping gangster Dawood Ibrahim to build a Gutka Plant in Karachi along with owner of Manikchand Group. p.s.- Salman Fans don't read it, its not in his favor!
Dawood Ibrahim, the so called terrorist has been killed on LOC by a suspended indian army men sent on a mission to Pakistan. PAK Army is so irresponsible they were unable to catch/kill a single indian person. Unfortunately i saw the whole thing and i was surprised and shocked for a moment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . but then i realized indian army is very capable in every related bollywood movie. D-Day is just another example. LOL
Would u allow India to drone us?? They want to take out Dawood Ibrahim & Hafiz Saeed...Comment pls.
Do you know ... "India's most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim ki daughter, Mahrukh Ibrahim, is married to the son of Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad. Javed 's son and Ibrahim's daughter met while studying together in the UK." Any comment ...???
goals made: wanna start my own magazine , newspaper, my Own ..Institute, my Own tv channel and chain of restaurants.till then, for now, only fulfilling my PASSIONS.all performing arts ..and a li'l Journalism, li'l later, join FBI or CBI...of course, national issues and ALL causes Definitely my area of concern, no second thoughts dere, anything for my country and then global peace, even a life attack threat by Dawood ibrahim is okay accepted , But wat i Wanna do , i hAVE to do.. whether live or die..No one can stop especiallly wen it is for the good of soo manyyy millions and billions of people across the globe, the Whole Human clan... wats to b done, HAiZZZ to b done.didnt sleep today at all.. was doing a lot of thinking.
Watch "BJP comparing NRIs with Dawood Ibrahim" on YouTube -
Bollywood Stars Disappeared From the Glam World- Bollywood is the world where people only remember them who are on talks daily. Here we will read about some of the shining stars of the same, who have disappeared these days and are no long in this world of glamour. 1) Mandakini Mandakini, born on July 30, 1969 originally named as Yasmeen Joseph is a Bollywood actor of old days. She had a very short spanned career in Hindi movies and the buzz in the town was that she had an affair the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. At the age of 16 she was casted as the lead role of the 'Ram Teri Ganga Maili' by Raj Kapoor. She also did a few more successful movies like Dance Dance and Pyaar Karke Dekho. After Zordar she quit acting and continued living with her husband and children in Mumbai Andheri. 2) Mamta Kulkarni- Mamta born on 20 April 1972 was a Bollywood actor who was a part of many commercial hit movies like Karan Arjun and Sabse Bada Khiladi, Aashiq Awara and Krantiveer. Her Father was an IPS Officer in Mumbai P ...
The denials made by Pakistan notwithstanding, the neighboring country continues to protect and shield Dawood Ibrahim and Hafeez Saeed, two of the most ...
ORGANIZED CRIME. NOTE: not all of these are correctly spelled, im not sure of also not sure about the grammar... . and i dont know if all of these will be in the quiz . Sicilian Mafia giovannni falcone - most successful prosecutor in Sicily francesca morvillo-falcone paolo borsellino - partner of falcone don vito cascioferro - wealthy catle ruslter weapon of choice - the SHOTGUN OMERTA - oath of silence, blood smurge in a picture of a saint and burnt, i will burn like this if i betray the mafia MURDER - final test benito mussolini - italian journalist.No one came to the speach. don calogero "calo" vizzini - christian democrat, mafia boss of villalba. he's last words beautiful life is. Luciano Leggio - favorite assassin, ran catle rusling, leader of corleonesi grand hotel de palm(october of 1957) - summit that lasted for 4 days. THE CUPOLA michele navarra - was the boss of sicilian mafia, murdered by luciano leggio gaetano badalamenti - charter member of CUPOLA using pizza parlor as a heroic ...
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Sani Abacha And The Top 10 Worst (Best) Money Launderers EVER. The most surprising thing about the following list of the world’s worst money launderers is that, although managing to launder over US$50 billion between them, the combined total amount spent behind bars for their crimes is less than one year. We guess that really makes them the “best” money launderers, in a way. 10. Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich Born in the Ukraine, Mogilevich is believed by European and United States federal law enforcement agencies to be the “boss of bosses” of most Russian Mafia syndicates in the world. Mogilevich’s nicknames include “The Brainy Don” because of his business acumen, and he has been called “the most dangerous mobster in the world”. Mogilevich was arrested in Moscow in 2008, for suspected tax evasion but was released less than a year later. The Russian interior ministry stated that the charges against him “are not of a particularly grave nature”. He is on the FBI ‘Ten Most Wanted list ...
Dawood Ibrahim(under world don) is a three months baby, still drinking milk from his mother in dubai...that is the status of that kid.
Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Though your initials spell as MAN but you have not done a manly deed a couple of days back when you were on a TV channel responding to some questions raised by the journalist. Let me start by giving my introduction and go on to explain what I expect to achieve by writing this open letter to you. I am an Indian working in U.S and am alluding to your comparing NRIs living abroad who supported AAP with Dawood Ibrahim. It seems that you have forgotten the basic tenet of democracy where a citizen can support any political party that they want to. Mr. Naqvi I am an ordinary Indian citizen with a love for my motherland dear to my heart. It is highly possible that had the politicians back home not degenerated the social fabric/dialogue so low that I would still be living in India and in that case you would not have the guts to accord the status of a Dawood to me. Rather than praising the contributions of NRIs towards the betterment of things back home you are bogging them down. How pathet ...
Don Dawood Ibrahim used to stay in Mumbai and he used to operate his gang from his home in Mayanagari. Dawood left Mumbai in 1984. For more info log on to: w...
Questioning on NRI funding and calling NRIs as Dawood Ibrahim. Facepalm on Go to school you MOFOs. I look at these politicians and I listen to their worthless words. A tight slap in UP will be a good jerk to boost Indian democracy.
Why Manoj Prabhakar is my HERO? . . . . . . . Watching the Tehelka sting operation carried out by Investigative journalist Aniruddha Bahal and cricketer Manoj Prabhakar, I was shocked to discover some of the ugliest facts of Indian Cricket..So shocking were the revelations that I couldn't sleep the entire night...Do you know that Kapil Dev is the most corrupt cricketer, a big fat liar and a motherf*...Here are some of the facts about him . . 1. In 1994, in a tournament in Sri Lanka, Kapil Dev offered all-rounder Manoj Prabhakar 25 lacs to underperform in a match against Pakistan. An agitated Prabhakar shouted at him and told "How can a man in your position do this"...He told Kapil to leave the room...A kolkata scribe heard this heated conversation from an adjacent suite. . . . 2. Former BCCI secretary Jaywant Lele tells on tape "If there are any black sheep then there are only 3 names- Azhar, Jadeja and Kapil"..."What is Jadeja is all Kapil"...Everyone in the BCCI top brass knew about this. . . . 3. In 19 ...
Shame on BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Nakvi who called NRIs foreigners and compared NRIs with Dawood Ibrahim.
Justice Pinaki Ghosh and Justice Shailendra Prasad Talukdar Is conversion of a minor girl of 15 is valid in law? If not, then the conversion of minor girl Anita stands null and void in the court of law. So treating her marriage according to Muslim Marriage Act does not arise. Furthermore, eloping with a minor girl of 15 without the consent of her parents is a clear case of kidnapping, which is a highly criminal offence and how the honourable judges have overlooked this crime on the part of Shahidul before granting him the said anticipatory bail.President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad charged had been plotted from neighbouring Pakistan. The foreign ministry called in Pakistan's charge d'affaires over the bombing, which targeted one of the Islamic republic's most prestigious institutions in a region that has been a hotbed of Sunni insurgency against the Shiite Muslim regime., Union Minister for Minority Affairs, who is an Islamic leader and Congress politician from Maharashtra, is one of the most important pro-Jihadi ...
Shame on BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqawi for comparing NRIs with Dawood Ibrahim. Shame on you...
I am and all the Indians living outside India, who are donating AAP, are Dawood Ibrahim - Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, BJP
AAP may be good at making noise for water,electricity,roads,ration card,gas cylinder etc etc but will it be able to tackle indo pak relations,LOC,CHINA agression,foreign policy,Dawood Ibrahim,Maoists, nuclear policy etc. is a big question.If they get experience by sitting in opposition will be better for us.This will also stop "manmani" of ruling party.
Nacqui of BJP claimed that the NRIs who supported AAP in Delhi elections are like Dawood Ibrahim! What a nonsense. Height of temerity! Aam aadmi will teach him a lesson!
BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on a TV channel debate said, "Even Dawood Ibrahim is a NRI" while referring to NRI donors of seems that these BJP leaders will never learn a lesson from previous experience. We have more than once that the people abroad who donate to are Indian passport holders. They are donating for a better India and are legally entitled to do so. NRI's are not criminals, they are as much Indian as those living in India. Jai Hind!
An old man of 70 plus is sitting hungry to make our DEMOCRACY meaningful, but the entire media and our great leaders like SONIA AND RAHUL, and their henchmen are talking of Art 377, and of *** rights. the entire newspaper is full of JOHN ABRAHAM, KARAN JOHAR, Tharoor, SIBAL ETC critising the SC judgement. Almost 11lakh crores have been siphoned off from the country as BLACK MONEY , an increase of 28% from last year and TOI has just a small column dedicated for this. JOHN ABRAHAM, SIBAL, RAHUL, KEJRIWAL etc have supported *** rights as if this is what is going to make our democracy stronger and meaningful. Yesterday, another news surprised me ; Sunny is Boldest Bollywood actress. Not knowing Sunny, I thought she is probably another Preity Zinta who openly came out against Dawood Ibrahim, so I started reading the column and then I realised The new definition of being BOLD. I am convinced now ours is a nation with misplaced priorities and has no future. People may call me a CYNICAL but I am sure even after 2 ...
To NRIs, You should collectively send a letter to the Foreign Ministry & the Chief Justice of India against Naqvi's comment where he compared "NRIs to Dawood Ibrahim". A complaint drive should be launched!
Naqvi saheb,seen your comments. You have equated NRI to a foreigners and Dawood Ibrahim- bankruptcy of idea in BJP
Mr you compared NRI with dawood Ibrahim. same NRI finance bjp in gujarat as well. Ab paisa jata dekh ker clarify ker rahe hein
Explains why that country happily supports Hafeez Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim and other terrorist or lumpen elements!
Just donated 2500 to AAP. Thank you This "Dawood Ibrahim" of India will donate even more now.
I think there shd be debate Abt NRI's contribution to India. BJP leader compares NRI's to Dawood Ibrahim.
Pakistan is country in free fall. It is ruled by Dawood Ibrahim
if NRI are compare with Dawood Ibrahim...than we Indians can also compare with Asaram. Illiterate BJP.
Seems he's close to Chota Shakeel "According to , NRIs working for are equal to Dawood Ibrahim…
So I'm no different from Dawood Ibrahim as per BJP/Naqvi. This arrogance will result in such a slap on the face for in 2014
Naqvi,BJP:"Even Dawood Ibrahim is a NRI" while referred to NRI donors of U know why I show sanghis by pigs? h…
For delhi elections this naxal called Tauqeer raza, who will they call for LS elections. Dawood ibrahim
BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (compares NRI's donating to with Dawood Ibrahim.
United states of America must carry out drone attacks on the Hide outs of Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon and Hafeez Saeed and kill them
Under world don Dawood Ibrahim exporting drugs from Hyderabad. Abdul Aziz arrested in this connection
This shud be quite fun to watch "Dawood Ibrahim planning to kill Narendra Zee Media Bureau"
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26/11 and the Rs 4000 crore diesel scam via Dawood
As the nation shifts into election mode, here is a list of 10 things I would do - in random order - if I were to become the Prime Minister of India with a clear mandate. I have deliberately left out economic issues, and things like the crying need for a uniform civil code, because that would require another list. In other words, here are a minimum of 10 reasons why I will never become Prime Minister. One: Scrap article 370. If we truly believe that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, then we must scrap this discriminatory article immediately. If too many people object, as they surely will, I would raise some other issue to divert the nation's attention, and then push this through as an emergency measure. Simultaneously. I would charge all the secessionists - and those who raise Pakistani flags on Indian soil - with treason and sedition. Escort them to the border, and give them 10 minutes to disappear into their avowed homeland. If they are still there after 10 minutes, treat them as intrud ...
and not to forget dawood ibrahim 26th dec.. Again no 8
if u want to see the love story of an underworld don DAWOOD the last epsiode of...'ye hai bindass.
There are only two dons in the whole world... one is "Dawood Ibrahim" and the other is the great "Koli Fayaz".
winning means Dawood Ibrahim just got richer.
MODI will make our country strong and secure.1) we have to bulid our infrastructure, starting with Road , Electricity, etc thinking at least 50 years ahead.2) Research and development should be given more importance and more funds alloted 3) CBI should be made independent.4) we have to bring in a mechanism to evaluate the performance of MLA, MP , Ministers both state and central including Chief Minister and Prime Minister and Chairman and councilor of Corporations and Municiplaity. If the performance is not up to the mark or if they are found corrupt or found engaged in criminal activity they should be stripped of their membership of Parliament/ Assembly - Eg - DMK Knimozhi has been reelected to Rajyasaba, DMK Raja continues to be an MP etc. The present corrupt UPA govt has reduced all the democratic institutions to a joke.Supreme court has had to pull up and tell the UPA govt what to do because of its inability and corruption.4) India's reputation in the comity of nations has come down due to the inca .. ...
"Threat to Modi’s life from Dawood Ibrahim" Aziz Burney Narendra Modi faces threat to his life from Dawood Ibrahim; Lashkar-e-Taibaand Indian Mujahideen are baying for his blood. The intelligence agencies of our country have intercepted information to this effect which gives a detailed account of when Dawood Ibrahim and ISI met. In other words, our intelligence agencies have a hawk’s eye. They have word by word information about the conversations held between Dawood Ibrahim and ISI. Secret plans are accessible to us. Congratulations! We are proud of our intelligence agencies. Therefore, at least now Modi should not worry about Dawood Ibrahim and ISI because when our intelligence agencies have the means and resources to know the details of the conversations held behind closed doors outside our country, what harm can Dawood and iSI do in India. However, only Dawood Ibrahim and ISI and our IB may know what their plans are, but so far as my view is concerned, we would not like Narendra Modi to be killed. ...
if u hv little respect left over as journalist,show raw data of GUNDA,KALLUDADA,DAWOOD IBRAHIM
Are we a “Soft State” or an “Incompetent State”?? - 5 years ago on this day (26th Nov’2008), Mumbai was brought to its knees by 10 Pakistani terrorists with brute force of guns and grenades, a nightmare which continues to haunt every patriotic and nationalistic citizen of this country till today. This terror attacks shook India and stunned the world, revealing huge *** in our anti-terror policy and preparedness. The masterminds of this deadly attack are still roaming free and the country harbouring, financing, training and using these terrorists – Pakistan - is laughing at our weakness, dismissing us as a soft state. Inspite of ample evidence, Pakistan is still living in denial about its involvement & use of aggression & terrorism as a state policy against India. Indian citizens too have become used to live with disappointment at our Govts. failure to act decisively and bring the real perpetrators of 26/11 and other such attacks to justice. Our Govt. says that war is not the way to assert ...
Guess who else doesn't want Modi to become the P..M of India? Quite literally, the blast from the past - Dawood Ibrahim!
American govt thousands of miles away came to Pakistan and killed Osama Bin Laden. India can not kill Dawood Ibrahim and other terrorists who live in Pakistan and have Offiicial pakistani support. They organise attacks against India but Indian govt can not do anything. we have a weakest and useless govt at the centre headed by good-for-nothing Manmohan. UPA govt is afraid of losing Muslim votes if it takes action aganist Pakistan. Policy paralysis and non-governance. The people of India are just waiting for this utterly hopeless govt to go. Salman Khurshid must be replaced immediately. He is hand in glove with Pakistan.
you know that getting Dawood Ibrahim to justice in an Indian court is priceless
When Dawood Ahmed was born he drove his mum to the hospital
Dawood Ahmed can cough in 7 different languages.
How Dawood killed Ashok Joshi Mumbai, August 2: Dawood Ibrahim knew he could lord over the underworld. All he had to do was get rid of the fiery Kanjurmarg-based gangster Ashok Joshi. Dawood's desperation was evident when he ordered Maya Dolas and Dilip Buwa to storm Joshi's hideout in Kanjur Village in 1988. A labyrinth of narrow lanes in what had been a fishing village made the task near-impossible. The operation failed. Dawood found his Trojan Horse when Joshi driver Shyam Sunder Nair shifted allegiance and contacted Anil Parab, who had broken away from Joshi over an internal dispute. Nair informed the rival camp at Tilak Nagar that he was driving Joshi to Pune on the night of December 3, 1988. But Dawood was not taking chances, especially after the Dolas fiasco. He also knew Joshi suspected Nair of treachery. Still, the Dawood camp was almost certain that Joshi would not change his plans. Dawood ordered Chhota Rajan to launch an attack from Tilak Nagar, the erstwhile nerve centre of mafia activities i ...
getting dawood Ibrahim proclaimed offender with Interpol help is more important than bus routes to pak for peace!
India seeks U.S. help to arrest Dawood Ibrahim
India's home minister says India and the US will work to extradite Dawood Ibrahim from soon. I'm no expert, but I don't think 1/2
This MIM supporters FB page is happy that Dawood Ibrahim has taken Supari to kill
Those who use this law are no better than Dawood Ibrahim, Hafeez Saeed
There is Dawood Ibrahim in underworld & in media, is just chhota Shakil !!!
loses 6th Wicket as Sohaib Maqsood out after scoring 22 runs . I think Dawood Ibrahim is angry with Pakistan!! :-)
he says Salman has links with Dawood Ibrahim ! *** !
You take a survey of all those who work for Dawood Ibrahim..
UP gave goons to deshdrohi Dawood Ibrahim.. Dawood Ibrahim owns UP and people like you..LOL
Seen a lot of moaning on my TL about how corrupt British boxing is,who is buying it ? Vince Mcmohan or Dawood Ibrahim ?
Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar on the List via via
Narendra the target, ISI turns to Ibrahim for help. Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence...
got a friend request from Dawood Ibrahim :D
After failed Patna Attack ISI now requesting Dawood to undertake elimination of Bhai along SaudiGroups
Bollywoods fascination for is ubiquitous.We at Kindle look through a few of his famous incarnations.
Bollywood's fascination with Dawood Ibrahim has come down through ages...
Narendrabhai has many enemies. While the Khangress has familiar bed-fellows?
ISI & CBI came to rescue .that hotel is owned by benami of dawood Ibrahim according to subramanian swamy
Every passing day it's becoming clearer. 2014 elections to be fought between a nationalist hero and anti-nationals
Narendra Modi the target, Pak ISI turns to Dawood Ibrahim for help : North, News - India Today via
Sir, kindly see this TOI report for more info: Dawood Ibrahim active in Alang ship-breaking business
ibrahim want to come 2 India, he has full confidence in "internal Inquiry" of With 20K salary of 20 ppl, he can bcom saint!
Drone strike "Out of 7 mud rooms only 2 destroyed" If India had this capability could it take out Dawood Ibrahim an Indian citizen-criminal?
choose between corrupt criminal and dawood ibrahim? what will u take? Madani supporter or petty looter?
Its time to party when India Catched Dawood Ibrahim
I think world will never ever be able to confirm Aditya Chopra & Rani Mukharjee marriage & Dawood Ibrahim's whereabouts before my death.
So we have another PM deserving candidate from Khangress. :P
So Manya Surve was killed by Dawood Ibrahim and muslim police officer.. How can this not be communal :-(
fOoD fOr ThOuGhT: There has been a Harshad Mehta and there is a Ratan Tata. There has been a Dawood Ibrahim and a Hemant Karkare. Monika Bedi or a Priyanka Chopra. Or you can be larger than life, Sachin Tendulkar is an example. This is ‘the’ city where people come to make their career and end up making their life, it depends what dreams you want to realise!
Lata Mangeshkar should be stripped of Bharat Ratna as she has praised Modi. Instead it should be given to Digvijay Singh or say Sushil Kumar Shinde who give huge respect to Hafiz Mohammed Sayeed and Dawood Ibrahim. Others in waiting for the coveted award are Mulayam Singh Yadav, Laoo Prasad, Nitish Kumar etc. whose name should also be considered.
raise Narendra Modi & you become India's Most Wanted She sang her first song even before Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or many other Congress leaders were born. Not one but several generations grew up to her melodious voice and many more will do so in the years to come. She was won the highest civilian honor in India and her patriotic songs can bring a tear down anyone's eye. Yet, that does not stop enlightened Congressmen from rebuking Lata Mangeshkar because she has committed the worst crime in the rule book of the Congress party- praise Narendra Modi! The likes of Lata Mangeshkar, Goldman Sachs, Nambi Narayanan join a very exclusive list of ‘India's Most Wanted'- the dreaded list of people who have committed crimes even bigger than Dawood Ibrahim or Tiger Memon. I guess, then all of you and I are also on the MOST WANTED list... Samarth
Dawood Ibrahim would have been the chairman of BCCI along with Sharad Pawar ! Nawaz Sharief wud have got Bharat Ratna along with Benazir Bhutto ! Shah Rukh Khan would have built "Jannat" at Islamabad ! Asauddin Oawisi wud have been the Chief Minister of Hyderabad ! Thank God that had not happend ! I Just imagined , If india was not partioned ;-)
Indian propaganda against ISI BY BELHARVI Saturday, November 02, 2013 - On 29 September 2013 Hindustan Times — a leading Indian daily carried an article both in its print and web editions stating that an upcoming TV channel “The BOL” was about to be launched and Dawood Ibrahim is investing in the project. The article further alleged that the BOL TV channel was being backed by Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency “ISI” together with members of underworld. The legal notice issued to Hindustan Times resulted into an internal investigation by the management and removal of offended article from the website along with clarification and regrets. The entire allegation fired back uncovering the real face of Indian propagandist. In Pakistan, palmed off analysts and panelists advance India’s arguments but general public in Pakistan takes exception to Indian media allegations directed against their country and its security institutions. One can see India’s duplicity that on one hand India talks abou ...
How the underworld dons like Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Shakeel, Abu Salem and Chhota Rajan have become criminally...
Dawood Ibrahim has retired. Chota Rajan has become Inactive. Abu Salem is in Jail. Then who is leading the...
He still hasn't forgiven Chetan Sharma"Dawood Ibrahim offered cars to Indian cricketers in 86: Vengsarkar
BREAKING NEWS GEO NETWORK’S INDIAN MISADVENTURE WITH Hindustan Times – A TALE OF CONSPIRACY GONE HAYWIRE! • Internal Investigation Report of Hindustan Times after publishing the false Dawood Ibrahim – BOL story LEAKED! • GEO/Jang Owner Mir Shakeel ur Rahman, Businessman Jahangir Siddiqui and their rendezvous with Indian Intelligence & Hindustan Times Senior official unraveled. The story mentioned below might not win an Oscar for best screenplay for a motion picture but it sure does consist of all elements for an exciting Hollywood Noir Thriller- an international conspiracy, a mafia lord, meetings in the dark of the night and a toe-curling investigation. For the sake of amusement, let’s call it the grand script for “Geo Network’s Indian Misadventure with Hindustan Times – A tale of conspiracy gone haywire!” The story is told by the leaked internal investigation report carried out by Hindustan Times after publishing an article based on nothing but thin air, that resulted in facing litiga ...
So Mumbai Underworld was not all about Haji Mastan, Dawood Ibrahim, Varadarajan Mudaliar, Karim Lala, Chotta Rajan & the rest . There was also a Jenabhai, Gangubhai, Sapna Did, Tarannum Khan & co. who were equally powerful & influential as well. Interesting .
Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim are well protected from American thugs n their lackeys in the sub-continent.
Fear is the world's biggest industry. It dominates every sector of the society: politics, religion, finance, underworld, police. From Ku Klux Klan to Al Qaeda. From Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim. From Shiv Sena to Maharastra Navnirman Sena. The all that you need is the ability to strike fear.
Stupidiot kid asks again - Dawood Ibrahim is a 'DON'. he has the 'KEY' to mumbai's unhealthy riches. So can he be called 'DONKEY'?
Lot of polititians, newspapers 12 year back warned giving kochi port to dubai port like giving matresses and pillow to dawood ibrahim
Pig face , donkey *** crow shaped dawood ibrahim. Whole sale and retail broker of arabic girls
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Arabic girls whole sale and retail broker/ dawood ibrahim / son of *** All arabic girls sales copy right reserved to that ***
According to Transparency International, India ranks 94th out of of 127 countries on the corruption index. The world’s largest democracy is soon turning into a haven of corrupt politicians and government officers. The number of scams in which these politicians are involved, are being brought to light every new day. What is more heart wrenching is that some of the politicians are no ordinary politicians but serve on the ranks of Chief Ministers and Cabinet Ministers. The question arises what is going to be our future as a nation? with so many new scams exposed daily and the amounts involved being staggering. What amounts to corruption at such such high levels? Why are we so ill equipped to handle such cases and not have a swifter trial for these cases and why is not justice meted out to the criminals to set examples for others. The answer lies partly in the psyche of Indian mind and partly in the fault of our several outdated laws, rules and regulations of our country. Greed is considered to be a cardin ...
Bhai I also sent and morphed pic of Narendra Modi with Dawood ibrahim...please do not go that level..
Delhi Police get Tunda's custody for seven days - New Delhi, Sep 18 (IANS): A Delhi court Wednesday sent Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) bomb-maker and terrorist Abdul Karim Tunda to seven days' custody of Delhi Police. Metropolitan Magistrate Amit Bansal sent Tunda, 70, to police custody till Sep 18 after Delhi Police investigators said they were yet to identify those who allegedly helped him illegally bring Pakistani nationals into India. "The contacts of Abdul Karim Tunda who helped in illegal infiltration of Pakistani national... are yet to be identified and traced in Uttar Dinajpur in West Bengal," police said. Tunda was presented in the court after the end of his four days police custody. Police sought another seven days' custody of Tunda saying he was to be taken to Pilkhuwa in Uttar Pradesh from where explosives were to be recovered and some co-accused were to be arrested. Due to ther recent communal tension in Pilkhuwa, they could not go inside the town while he was in their custody, police ...
Dawood ibrahim anees ibrahim, chota shakeel teach this new management of kolencherry to usa, dubai in economic downturn
Dawood ibrahim group has given new management course to Kolencherry people zero investment 1000 crore return
In school book in fathers name column we have one father& for dawood ibrahim he has to write all males visited mumbai 1940- 1960
Patti kunna dawood ibrahim son of *** . Before comming and fighting third party go ask your mother who your father is
Dawood ibrahim pig given free accomodation in dubai ,GCC to service the *** of sheika girls in dubai & GCC arab nations
Dawood ibrahim anees ibrahim chotta shakeel contracted to lick the *** of sheika women in dubai & GCC
Dawood ibrahim contracted to lick and suck *** of sheika womens in dubai
This roguish NCP police! Remember Sharad Cancer Pawar has secular connection with Dawood Ibrahim.
SP is in a dilemma because if it requests for an impartial CBI inquiry in to the muzaffarnagr riots then probably half of the cabinet along with the CM will be put behind bars,a real interesting development and a great event for the speculation bazaar and the betting mafia. There is already rumors that Dawood ibrahim is taking keen interest and personally organizing the satta bazaar. Anybody taking chances attempting to make big can take the risk
" China – Handle with care Why Rise of china is a threat to INDIA..? a) China is gradually becoming an Economic super power. With increase in Economic power, they are increasing their military capabilities. India is under direct threat because we have border issues and we have given refugee (asylum) to Dalai Lama & 1000s of his followers who came to India on Tibet issue which is not to the liking of china. b) Because of fear of attack from china, we are tight folded; we cannot even attack/respond to *** aggressiveness. i) We are unable to do justice to 5 Soldiers who were beheaded by Pakistan soldiers/militants (it doesn’t matter, they are from Pakistan), ii) We cannot hang Hafiz Sayeed , who is brain child of Mumbai attacks , and conducting Anti-India rallies in Pakistan iii) We cannot even bring Dawood Ibrahim , who is staying happily in Islamabad ? Can Pakistan do all these things if we don’t have threat from China..? One solution I could think of is: Attack the economic might of China. My Idea . ...
Actors Courtly Matters Source: BollyCurry brings to you some Bollywood actors and actresses and the court cases they are currently involved in. While Bollywood stars may seem untouchable in most cases, even they are not above the law. Just like numerous other human beings, some of them have also had run-ins with the law! Today BollyCurry brings to you some of these Bollywood actors and actresses and the cases they are involved in, in no particular order. When we're talking about court cases against actors, one actor that comes into mind is King Khan himself, who recently got into trouble after appearing to act in a drunken manner with IPL security guards during the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium. Shah Rukh Khan claimed that he may have overreacted, but only because his children were manhandled. However, he was found guilty and was banned from entering the MCA Stadium for 5 years. Just goes to show that sometimes it doesn ...
even Dawood Ibrahim has chance of becoming PM of this secular nation.He just need to say " Modi is a mass murderer"
Didn't Rajiv Shukla while on a cricket tour of Pakistan go and meet Dawood Ibrahim?
We talked about Hafiz Saeed, Dawood ibrahim, Yasin bhatkal...when we will talk about national threats like
Expect Dawood Ibrahim to be "caught" days b4 the first round of voting for Shinde has already hinted as much.
Shiv Sena mocks Modi, says as PM he will drag Dawood Ibrahim to India
Me: Amma I've landed in Bombay. Mom: Its not like Dawood Ibrahim has landed. Cut the call. Let me sleep. *call disconnects*.
Indians bashing America for being racists is equivalent to Dawood Ibrahim venting his anger on UP's sand mafia for its illegal activities!
If you make it to Forbes, you're doing something right.
what compelling? If I share stage with Dawood Ibrahim will u accept?
Seems like that! Not possible to convince all with out performance? hafeez hai ya dawood ibrahim!"
New Delhi, September 22: The split between the mythical and mystical underworld dons of India – Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan – has turned into a war between the super intelligence agencies of India and Pakistan. The Indian sensitive agencies and military intelligence have failed so far to achieve their goal of eliminating Dawood Ibrahim, despite their successful penetration into the D-Company. Likewise Chota Rajan, once the second in command of Dawood, is being protected by the Indian agencies. But observers watching the underworld scene say Chota Rajan is fast losing ground as it has become difficult for him to lie low in Muslim countries. One highly placed source told the South Asia Tribune Rajan is in constant touch with the underworld of Japan. Recently, he said, a meeting of the underworld dons was held in Tokyo directly under the nose of the Japanese police. The dons elected their new chief who allegedly has links with Rajan. Therefore, intelligence experts say Rajan could shift base from Mala ...
No wonder Dawood Ibrahim called Jethmalani when he wanted to surrender
Rishi kapoor - This man can do any role perfectly...! Let it be a headmaster, dawood ibrahim or a dad...!!
Let Pak PM deliver Hafiz Sayyed and Dawood Ibrahim.Then they can play all the cricket they want in India
India should have zero ties wid Pakistan..not even diplomatic unless until Hafiz Saeed n Dawood Ibrahim are handed over...
An Exclusive Report On Dawood Ibrahim5 mins ago4 ViewsDawood Ibrahim is an underworld don and run their operations in India. According to the Interpol report published in 2008 is among the first 10 people in the world wanted. Forbes reported that Dawood is in position 57 among the world’s most power...
IPL spot-fixing: Chandila, two others get bail Get Latest News on : Ajit Chandila, Match Fixing, Spot Fixing IANS September 9, 2013 16:12:49 IST New Delhi : A Delhi court Monday granted bail to suspended Rajasthan Royals cricketer Ajit Chandila and two others booked in the IPL spot-fixing scam. Additional Sessions Judge Dharmesh Sharma also granted bail to former Ranji player Baburao Yadav and bookie Deepak Kumar. Chandila was booked under the provisions of the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA). On May 16, Delhi Police arrested three Rajasthan Royals players — S. Sreesanth, Chandila and Ankeet Chavan — on spot-fixing charges on the basis of phone conversations and footage of IPL matches in which they were caught giving predetermined signals to bookies. Delhi Police had invoked provisions of MCOCA against 28 accused in the case, including the three cricketers, alleging that they were acting under the command of underworld dons Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel. The other 21 accused, i ...
Dawood Ibrahim: "Dear India, I heard you have changed the eligibility of top posts. How about me as President after Pranab Mukerjee?"
10 live bombs spotted in Mangalore few mins ago. Means Yasin Bhatkal n co. is following foot steps of Dawood Ibrahim wat he did in Mumbai in 1993, i.e. deserting the city in which dey grew up. not surprisingly Mangalore ruling party is also Congress, so der will be full support provided in delivery of RDX with all Clean Chits on check posts
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