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Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim (born Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar), also known as Dawood Ebrahim, and Sheikh Dawood Hassan, is the head of the Indian organized crime syndicate D-Company in Mumbai.

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From Osama Bin Laden,Taliban,Hafiz Sayed,Dawood Ibrahim,all in Pakistan. Wake up people of Pakistan,save your children & yo…
With Prime Minister Modi and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval at the steering of India’s security, the time is right for striking back at Dawood Ibrahim
Waiting for BREAKING NEWS: ".travelled in Dawood Ibrahim's private jet and met his CA in Dubai".
So has gone to Dubai to take donation from Dawood Ibrahim?
i have checked too, seems to be a Dawood Ibrahim's event..
definitely not Dawood Ibrahim or Pakistan. at least for BJP.
Javed Miandad`s son with the daughter of Don Dawood Ibrahim ( Ignore the Gold Ladies )
thank u for exposing the fraud criminal Dawood Ibrahim girls
Close aide of fugitive underworld don Ibrahim arrested in ? Stay tuned with
Kejri should go to Pak-Afghanistan border,where his mentor Dawood Ibrahim is holed up and seek Chanda. Next halt at Italy's Sicilian mafia.
Dawood Ibrahim's close aide Abdul Rauf alias Daud Merchant re-arrested in Bangladesh.
Lol , man dawood ibrahim you're a faint hearted . And you knw it yourself !
Degradation of Bollywood is because of ill gotten money from drug mafia & criminals like Dawood Ibrahim.
who can terrorize gangs of . You people are Dawood Ibrahim of Politics.
If Dawood Ibrahim buys HMT watch, will you hold HMT guilty? Then why BJP holding Mamata guilty if someone buys her paintings?
if investigated antuley was backbone of Dawood Ibrahim and his smuggling business
There is one scoundrel from TMC who operates from the window of a westbengal govt. building at arms length & talks to Dawood Ibrahim openly
The same media didn't find anything in Azam Khan's statement when He said funds are given by Abu Salem, Dawood Ibrahim for MSYs Birthday.
Which actor is women beater ?? Murdered some poor ppl?? Shikar wala?? And and and dawood Ibrahim se contact?
Noone can deny AR Antulay was close to Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar.
2/3UPA.But they never made an attempt to extradite Indias most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim because they 3/3
Somebody told me that Rajdeep once called Dawood Ibrahim a patriot. Journalism at its worst best.
Dawood Ibrahim? I recently read a news item which alleges that he's in the areas bordering Afghanistan
Catching Dawood Ibrahim will affect relations with PAK and UAE. So what's BJP stand on that?
My finely tuned 6th sense tells me that is founded by Pakistan 's ISI . Also Tiger Memom, Dawood Ibrahim and Nawaz Sharif involved
Lawyer of Dawood Ibrahim need not tell us about popularity of Modi
He once exclaimed his votes saw dip on an election day on Muslim absence for death of Dawood Ibrahim's mother's funeral
SC has shown the door, matter rests there, the arrogant gayman must go. we can't allow Indian cricket 2 feed dawood Ibrahim.
"Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim moved 4 times in 5 months by ISI after India's pressure
Vishesh: PM Modi's top-secret mission to arrest Dawood Ibrahim: via
Javed Miandad & his son's father-in law , Dawood Ibrahim too part of Virat Hindutva ?
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Since Mush denied d existence of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan his denial of knowledge abt Osama in Abtabad cant b trustworthy.
Dawood Ibrahim and his connection with Uttar Pradesh via
Where is Dawood Ibrahim ? Isn't Pak sheltering the coward's family and Dawood himself ?
Hiding the likes of Dawood Ibrahim and giving someone punishment who said something about god. . Pakistan, can You make littl…
Who want to arrest dawood ibrahim/ anees/ chota shakeel etc. We just want to kill them for that we dont need pakistan
I dont know why we need pakistan to kill dawood ibrahim group or confiscate his assets
Simultaneously india can spend 500 to 5000 crore rupee to take out dawood ibrahim group using mafias in pakistan , chota rajan etc
Only job pakistan has is to arrest dawood ibrahim 75% of their assets in india 25% in uae gcc. First let us do what we can then ask others
Top 10 Current Affairs of 22nd November, 2014 1. Defence Minister clears proposal to acquire 814 artillery guns for around 16 thousnd crore rupees. 2. Union Home Minister accuses Pakistan of providing shelter to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim; says Dawood stays along the Pak-Afghan border. 3. US says, President Barack Obama's visit to India in January next year, is an opportunity to strengthen and expand bilateral strategic partnership. 4. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says, he does not favour burdening salaried and middle-class with more taxes. 5. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah dismisses Prime Minister's allegation of dynaistic politics responsible for lack of development in the state. 6. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP and Prime Minister of neglecting the rights of tribals and the poor. 7. Maharashtra Chief Minister says, Shiv Sena has been a friend and hoped to remain friends in future also. 8. A Local Court in Kolkata rejects interim bail plea of Trinamool Congress MP S ...
controlled by & Dawood Ibrahim is being openly misused for & laundering laundering .
which was otherwise going to b ruled by wretched underworld with Dawood Ibrahim at the helm covertly supported by Sharad Pawar aka secular
Amazing rumour by that was constantly in touch with Dawood Ibrahim in 1993 under pretext of news gathering
for 20 yrs they couldn't catch Dawood Ibrahim. A hack tells me, Ajit Doval sees himself as Arjun. His Fish-eye? DawoodIbrahim
Recite Surat Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas 3 times at dawn and dusk. It will suffice you in all respects. (Abu Dawood)"
Politicos react after ISIS shifts Dawood Ibrahim hideout to Pakistan-Afghanistan border - Video | The Times of India
there is a difference between ISIS & Dawood Ibrahim's D-company. one is motivated by ideas other is not
I don't think that's really Dawood Ibrahim. D.I is one of the worlds most wanted men.
“Barack Obama with a friend in Karachi, 1982 - Obama with Dawood Ibrahim.
Just not possible If that BJP takes help from MIM, I would support Dawood Ibrahim for PM.
I wonder why that breeding bull dawood ibrahim is kept in dubai. Cow sperm donar. That thing will make cow dog horse goat pregnent
Bull sperm selling was started by that international breeding bull dawood ibrahim. Sperm centre donar for cows
I liked a video DNA: Modi, Obama join hands to nab Dawood Ibrahim
3]it is just like Pak has given shelter2criminal Dawood Ibrahim in Ind as non criminal,so what is d diff?
Yes I agree.Owaisi,Imam Bukhari,Dawood Ibrahim all talk sense.They should all be awarded Bharat Ratna.
And we can't arrest a 'saint' in India itself, while they are claiming that they'll bring India's Most Wanted - Dawood Ibrahim from Pak.
Dawood Ibrahim tipped off cops about Mamta Kulkarni’s drug lord husband: Mamta Kulkarni seems to be mired in c...
If muslims has friends like alqueda, isis, kashmiri terrorist, dawood ibrahim there is no need for enemies they equal trillion enemies
If muslims/islam has people like al queda, isis, kashmiri terrorist , dawood ibrahim they are enough to destroy islam no need of outsiders
Dawood Ibrahim tipped off cops about Mamta Kulkarni's drug lord husband?
Till now L K Advani is the only man who dared to speak against Dawood Ibrahim and made moves to hunt him down. Huge Respect!
Dawood Ibrahim: the underworld don, shipping magnate, Media baron, drug trafficker, arms trafficker and the CEO of D Company syndicate.
From Ayman al-Zawahiri to 10 most wanted fugitives from around the world
Mamta Kulkarni's mafia connection: Dawood Ibrahim behind the arrest? (view pics): Vicky Goswami the husband of...
funding is of dawood ibrahim and AKD.
Says a *** Chordesai whowrote articles praising dawood Ibrahim after the Mumbai blasts in 1993 http…
*** Dawood Ibrahim alone must be richer than ISIS worth of 2 billion dollars☺
Now PC can confess to CBI- for whom he helped Arabs and Dawood Ibrahim linked companies
If Pakistan wants peace, it must give us Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim and others first, |
2) And caliph Ibrahim HA & his shura council is wise. It'll come together. In'sha'Allah.
What about hafiz saeyeed and Dawood Ibrahim?
Will not be surprised if Damaad-e-Hind calls Dawood Ibrahim and takes out a Supari on Arnab Goswami.
Okay...So Dawood Ibrahim should not be asked why he bombed Mumbai & it's wrong media asked Telgi in counterfeit stamp paper case.
TIME TO TAKE OUT DAWOOD - Dawood Ibrahim is perhaps the most notorious “underworld don” in South Asia, involved in...
Time for to Take Down american journalist says tho usa gov NOT help
Wud d same journos who believe it is deir birth right to ask any question ask one to Dawood Ibrahim or his ilk?
BJP starts membership on line for Nos of members not concern about charecter.Even Dawood Ibrahim & Chhota Rajan can become members of BJP.
What would Dawood Ibrahim be doing right now?
Let Nitish Manjhi team up wid Dawood Ibrahim ! He cndcts patch up deals, vry well ! May be lallu 2 wil contibute !
No. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) asked for this but Allah taught him and us a valuable lesson
Time for India to Take Down Dawood via h/t
Time for India to Take Down Dawood Ibrahim via | More like 20+ years overdue
Pretty straightforward to implement - will not happen anytime soon as his money is used by Indians 2!
Income Tax Department makes Dawood Ibrahim party in case.
Dawood Ibrahim is held in high esteem in Pakistan: Musharraf: via
Musharraf said pak is a land of allah, lol its a land of Osama bin laden, Dawood ibrahim , pls,don't insult God (allah)
Dear PM, how long will it take to arrest Dawood Ibrahim?
Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji is all set to play Dawood Ibrahim`s sister Haseena Parkar
The two biggest shames of the modern world: . 1) Unable to find the missing Malaysian flight. 2) Unable to handcuff Dawood Hasan Ibrahim.
A brigade of Jaish al Sham ,along with their weapons and vehicles,joins the Caliphate army, and gives bayah to Khalifa Ib…
I have been reading biography of Dawood Ibrahim by Hussain Zaidi, 'From Dongri to Dubai'. Hope Modi will complete this book by capturing D.
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Rani Mukherjee to play the role of Dawood Ibrahim's sister in her next movie !!!
After essaying the role of a cop to perfection, Rani Mukerji to play Dawood Ibrahim's sister
Reports: Rani Mukerji approached for a film on Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar
If even today Dawood Ibrahim joins BJP he would immediately become a Patriot and a moralist.
:::..S U P A R I . O R G..: Dawood Ibrahim can operate in Dubai but not Anna Hazare
♠ as Lead in Biopic of Dawood Ibrahim's Sister? ♠ ☢. Read More Here: -
Is dawood Ibrahim your Jija Mr Khetan ? What's wrong if govt take help to kill the enemy of the nation ?
CBI director had invited Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Rajan & other dignatories for tea party.
has been approached 2 play Dawood Ibrahim's sister in Apoorva Lakhia's biopic on the
^~^ Rani Mukerji to play Dawood Ibrahim's sister Haseena Parkar in her next? |
Wooohooo!!! Dawood Ibrahim better get his private jet ready for me :P
and she calls hafiz a social worker !! What's dawood Ibrahim then ?!?
From Hitler to Dawood Ibrahim, everyone intelligent in their own way.
Paid News of India is promoting Islamic terrorism by promoting Dawood Ibrahim's movies...
old article on dawood empire bhai thakur as politician shielding him Bhai thakur raid 13500 cr
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member of terrorist organisation RSS become Indian PM, after burning alive 200 Muslims. Can Pakistan make Hafiz Saeed or Dawoo…
If Sick Sena can accept Pratibha Patil as President of India, I am sure they can support Sharad Pawar as PM and Dawood Ibrahim as CM.
Shameless Shiv Sena supported Pratibha Patil in the name of Marathi manoos. In future they can support Sharad Pawar or Dawood Ibrahim.
India's National Security Advisor Ajit Doval stayed on in the US after Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to fine-tune modalities for action by the two sides against terror networks like Al Qaeda and the D-company, the group headed by Pakistan-based mob boss Dawood Ibrahim.
India, US trying to corner Dawood Ibrahim! National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, who stayed back in the US from ...
Officials hope Dawood Ibrahim will be caught soon. NSA Ajit Doval on the job.
On this glorious Dussehra, please burn effigies of Dawood Ibrahim!
Nab Dawood Ibrahim and you'll virtually destroy the anti-nationals of Bollywood. :) Good luck Mr Doval.
And for the 1st day 1st show they will invite terrorist Hafeez Sayeed and Dawood Ibrahim.
IPL spot-fixing case: Dawood Ibrahim, Chhota Shakeel declared as proclaimed ... - Times of India
Modi, Obama join hands to nab Dawood Ibrahim via
It is a good reply to the Pakistani cricketer ( Sambhandhi of Dawood Ibrahim - forgot name) who jumped up and down long ago
Can Indo -US deal pave way to destroy elusive D-company having patronage in Narendra Modi needs to get Dawood Ibrahim.
The state of Pakistan is giving state protection to its murders like hafiz sayeed,dawood ibrahim & parvez musharaff.
How many years we are hearing this *** and Bull stories on catching Dawood Ibrahim? First neutralise the men & women …
unemployed *** play lead in an nti National movie funded by dawood ibrahim.. ..!!
Do u knw soft Corner for DAWOOD Ibrahim ? Read this article
War against Global Islamic Terror: Backbone of Indiaborn underworld Dawood Ibrahim's financial Kingdom to be smashed
Suresh Rana,Sangeet Som of Muzzapurnagar,63 pple from Moradabad all riot accused, felicitated by UP BJP. Dawood Ibrahim & Hafid Sayeed next?
There will be no positive trajectory as long as Dawood Ibrahim, Maulana Masood Azhar, and Hafiz Muhammad Saeed are free
So Strange!! RT"As per our information, Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan: Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde."
think so as India today group is flagship media of Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar
Poor Imran Khan - first cops book him under anti-terrorist act, then Dawood Ibrahim's family member vouches for his honesty.
dawood Ibrahim problem about me but dawood Ibrahim well I'm oldalive for 100 billons years happy life in
it's not Ambani, but Dawood Ibrahim who's running India. Interests right from Biz, Politics,Movies, Sports... VindooDaraSingh Spotfixing
The riddle solved- is a stooge of the wanted global terrorist Dawood Ibrahim [Indian connection.]
Men must learn to look away when women commit crimes, as they would with Dawood Ibrahim & Co.
Lol. Miandad. Who sold his daughter to Dawood Ibrahim family. Pretty high moral.
This means mafia dawn Dawood Ibrahim and father in law of Miandad's son also backs Imran
Dawood Ibrahim founder of India's most notorious gang D-company is No.4 in world's most wanted...
One of the most wanted men in the world, Indian gangster Dawood Ibrahim, once walked into the Indian Cricket team's locker room.
Imran Khan says that Javed Mian Dad is also joining and sho is Waseem Akram and Javed Mian Dad brinin…
I bet any money the Pakistani army are hiding Dawood Ibrahim as well
Pehle apne gireban mein jhankho ! Stop dancing at the terrorist Dawood Ibrahim's tune.
She has threatened by Dawood Ibrahim? Kareen Kapoor converted to Sakina Khan! If this is not
Mr.President,why dont you help Bharatha(India) eliminate Dawood Ibrahim,the most wanted terrorist.
Do we need to condemn the act of Dawood Ibrahim to prove that we are law abiding citizens?
All efforts on to arrest Dawood Ibrahim: Home Minister Rajnath Singh
First they killed GEO. Now ML killed ARY by live bashing of Army and Chief. Perfect time to launch BOL( Dawood Ibrahim).
Wows our building morons was hiding bcoz of me almostly welcome dawood Ibrahim
Raina is so good at catching that if given a chance he can even catch Dawood Ibrahim.
What does Dawood Ibrahim get when he wakes up every morning?. Da Wood.
. Ya', even Dawood Ibrahim was on the floor !!!
no worries you are only a pathetic prostitute working for your Pimp- Dawood Ibrahim.
Seems like # RGV has to make cheap remarks to gain favours from his Akaa - Dawood Ibrahim & Congi Mafia
the same Javed Miandad who is sobclosely associated with Dawood Ibrahim one if the world's super criminals.
Unlike Congress BJP through NSA will make a real effort to catch Dawood Ibrahim
. Plese ensure that Dawood Ibrahim / Hafeez Saeed / Maulana Massod Azhar are brought to India dead or alive before you 2019
Senior Journalist Kamran Khan leaves Kamran is likely to join Dawood Ibrahim owned tv-
ToI published opinion of Akbaruddin Owaisi on Shiv Sena MP's action. What next? Opinion of Dawood Ibrahim on Chhota Rajan?
Bollywood's underworld link: Actors who were close to Dawood Ibrahim
One irony in this otherwise fine piece on Vaidik is that he implicitly accuses him of name dropping :)
People have actually asked me if I met Dawood Ibrahim. Of course I have, he washed my car everyday. ***
people asked me if I knew dawood Ibrahim because I lived in dubai. Of course he was washing my car everyday! LOOL
Cant compare; they are a civilised media. Ours is "street urchin"/Dawood Ibrahim style media.
is getting readable after awfully long. H/T 'I'm a and I have met Dawood'
Good one from Shekhar Gupta...must read..
Sharia compliant intoxication Boko Haram, Dawood Ibrahim tie up to sell drugs in India
Boko Haram and Dawood Ibrahim involved in dangerous liasion against India? -
HONESTY is rare !! Shekhar Gupta "I met Dawood, and I am a journalist" Read more at: … …SO ??
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Boko Haram and Dawood Ibrahim have struck a deal to sell drugs in India, discovers
Hmmm MT column on patriotism in the times of I met Dawood, & I am a journalist
But could not understand what you said dunce as I am. I met Dawood, and I am a journalist
I met Dawood, and I am a journalist
if not for rangeela,satya and sarkar,I wud had petitioned in supreme court to exchnge u for dawood ibrahim wth pkstan !
If a Item Girl says the role is challenging it is as saying Dawood Ibrahim is on a Peace March, people are more thirsty nowadays..
Ravi Shastri: Does Dawood Ibrahim still fix matches?. Srini: No, he stopped fixing matches after watching Once Upon a Time…
Sebi warns bourses against Taliban and al-Qaeda funds New Delhi July 15, 2014. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has warned stock exchanges and other entities against the Taliban-and the al-Qaeda-linked organisations and individuals, including India's most wanted fugitive Dawood Ibrahim, to ensure that markets are safe from terror financing. According to news agency PTI, circulars containing 'United Nations Security Council's Taliban and Al-Qaeda sanctions list' have been issued by Sebi to depositories and the stock exchanges, which in turn have asked other market entities, including brokers, to take note of these updated lists and ensure compliance with the same. Senior officials and top market executives said that there have been no major instance of any entities linked to these groups having found to be trading in Indian markets in the recent past, but regulations and global standards require a constant vigil for such cases. The latest circular in this regard was issued by Sebi to the N ...
Sadly Rajdeep Sardesai who describd Dawood Ibrahim as patriot is no more wth to Qstn wisdom of Ved Vaidik intrw…
Vow turns out like Rajdeep Sardesai even Shekar Gupta wrote an artcile where Dawood Ibrahim declares he is a Patriot!
Ramadan motivation:. "Whoever felt happy by his good deeds and sorrowful by his bad ones, is a believer" [Abu Dawood].
*** Fire will not touch a person who recites: 'Allaahumma ajirni minan naar' 7 times after Fajr and Maghrib" [Abu Da…
Dawood Ibrahim's sister Haseena Parkar dies of heart attack | India Today .
I request Bjp govt india to have NIA, income tax , revenue intellegence to inquire about dawood ibrahim sleeper cells kolencherry
This Paulo Coelho quote hangs framed in the office of Dawood Ibrahim
How much money this dawood ibrahim pig made by selling his whoring prostitute sisters haseena parker & others in dubai
is this your salman with Dawood ibrahim ???
Did dawood ibrahim sell his woring sisters haseena parker etc in whoring prostitute houses in gulf and made money
Whoring prostitute haseena parker the sister of dawood ibrahim dead. Oh my god! Oh my god! What a great news.
How come India couldn't do anything like this on Dawood Ibrahim Ji & Hafeez Sayeed Ji?
What all titles for this dawood ibrahim international *** son. Brother of an international *** haseena parker.
Son of biggest *** prostitute from mumbai is dawood ibrahim. International *** son.
That dawood ibrahim sister haseena parker that *** that prostitute . When god removes her from this world even mumbai
Dawood Ibrahim. Having such a strong track record, can become the next BJP President.
Watched Zero Dark Thirty the operation which killed Osama Bin Laden. Y can't We get back Dawood Ibrahim Hafeez Sayeed n many more.
Now BJP is planning to make Dawood Ibrahim as their next president. Modi ke raaj mei kucch bhi *** sakta hai!
. Dear Brazil, Please contact Dawood Ibrahim of Karachi next time . He is the greatest match fixer of all times.
What next , Dawood Ibrahim, the president of Pakistan? Surely India's politicians seem to be setting a precedent.
Dawood Ibrahim sees hope in BJP if gangster Amit Shah can become President why can't he..
Amit Shah is the new BJP chief.Hence we shouldn't be surprised if Modi Sarkar gives gallantry awards to Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan.
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Sir , succesful to Dawood Ibrahim bhee hain.. if success at any cost is the Mantra 2 be cheered, what can I say abt India's morality
Shiela ( ) doing what I had suggested Dawood Ibrahim should do .
Now god has removed that prostitute haseena parker sister of dawood ibrahim now no police can bail her out
NSA Ajit Dobhal aware ?Gangster Dawood Ibrahim to watch live streaming of sister Haseena Parkar's last rites on Skype
Dawood Ibrahim the biggest match fixer lives in Pakistan not Mumbai
. Brazil, contact ISI/Dawood Ibrahim to win matches next time.
Can N shrinivasan and Dawood Ibrahim save the day for Brazil ? Never! 😎.
Check for Dawood Ibrahim in the Brazilian stands!
No. She is world's 3rd richest woman. Far more powerful than Dawood Ibrahim.
Abu Azmi of SP comes to attend funeral of terrorist gangster Dawood Ibrahim sister
Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim's sister the Underworld queen Haseena Parkar died of a heart attack in South Mumbai's Habib Hospital.
Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's sister dies in Mumbai
Dawood Ibrahim's younger sister Haseena Parkar died in Mumbai due to Heart Attack.
Mafia don Dawood Ibrahim's sister dies of heart attack in Mumbai None
Looks like if the dastard Dawood Ibrahim kicks the bucket, plane loads of secular vermin will go to his funeral.
Abu Azmi attends d funeral of Dawood Ibrahim's sister Haseena. Is anythin left to be said?? Traitor!!
Tht the beauty of u can make Dawood Ibrahim look like an Angry young man. did exactly tht…
TOP 5 Films Based On Dawood Ibrahim (MUST WATCH) D-Day which is based on Dawood Ibrahim is releasing today. On this ocassion Lehern talks about 5 ...
For this a raja and p Chidambaram group Nokia Vodafone bad investers and dawood Ibrahim sahid balwa group good investers
This a raja , p Chidambaram group gave telecom licence to sahid balwa dawood Ibrahim group. It was supreme court order kicked them out india
Most Common Idioms in English The Most frequently Used Idioms in English A phrase is a group of words which by itself cannot make complete sentence but obtain meaning through its relation to some part of the sentence in which it stands. Examples: ‘in favor of’, ‘null and void’ , ‘at times’, ‘as a matter of fact’, ‘break down’, ‘carry out’ etc. Idiom or idiomatic phrase is a phrase which has a meaning different from the meaning of the words constituting the phrase. Some of the most commonly used idiomatic phrases are given below. 1. LION’S SHARE: the largest or the best part of the whole. Example: The lion’s share of the Government’s income goes on employee salaries. 2. MAKE ENDS MEET: to manage to live within one’s limited income carefully ensuring that income does not exceed the expenses. ( Indian English - “to make both ends meet”) Example: John has to work in night shift to make ends meet. 3. THE NAKED TRUTH: the plain truth, statement made without hiding anything. . ...
Bjp government India should do a NIA investigation about dawood Ibrahim Cia groups in and around kolencherry Kerala india
Pakistan asks Afghanistan to extradite Mullah Faziullah, a right step. Will it b followed by handing over Dawood Ibrahim to us?.
Same must be done with Hafeez Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim .Haqqani and many others that Pakistan shelter.
After his brother Sabir Ibrahim Kaskar was killed by Manya Surve, Dawood Ibrahim, his younger brother left India never to return.
12/02/1981 was the fateful day that D-Company was born, the day Manya Surve killed Dawood Ibrahim's elder brother.
Bombay was rules by the Pathan,gang from 50s until,70s when young Sabir Ibrahim Kaskar with his brother Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar stood up to em
Court allows cops to collect DNA from Dawood Ibrahim's henchman's relatives, paving way for extradition.
bismahmalik I can only think of Dawood Ibrahim. Can make Indian hunt for the fugitive easy. (ILV)
We welcome that gift along with dawood Ibrahim & company.
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Anyway we don't need you to bring Dawood Ibrahim to face justice. We have Shri. He just has to say YES.
Dear if u make emraan hashmi fans wait for trailer till july, they will become Dawood Ibrahim 4 u!!
Preity Zinta entertains Dawood Ibrahim & gives him protection money.Most Bollywood actors give protection money.All Khan's are close to him.
For all we know it could be Dawood Ibrahim trying to come back to India.
Who is Dawood Ibrahim a Vampire or a Lycan of the underworld?
Akbar was worse than Dawood Ibrahim :-/ Moth*rFu**er
Akbar was worse than Dawood Ibrahim :-/ Moth**Fu**r*
This is what India should be doing for Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim. Hope Modi Govt gets these scoundrels back for justice.
She removed the tattoo after secretly sleeping with Dawood Ibrahim at Pakistan
Matches fixed by Dawood Ibrahim are way better and interesting, man of this match would be KRK.
I feel India and Israel should operate jointly to eliminate Hafeez Sayeed and Dawood Ibrahim like USA did to Osama.
as u ask why we keep Dawood ibrahim Could u tell pls why u kept modi as he is the killer of thousand Muslims
o.O sir why are u includind dawood ibrahim its another matter im talking about TTP thats it :)
It should turn out that Dawood Ibrahim is an Indian mole in Pakistan.
Dawood Ibrahim, al Qaeda, and the ISI - Threat Matrix via
Non resident Muslim who is suspected to have links with Ibrahim Dawood. By Francois Gautier. . 3/end
Does the name Dawood Ibrahim sound familiar?
Will PM COWBOY complete his unfinished task of catching don Dawood Ibrahim? Read.
Madam what about Hafiz Sayeed and dawood Ibrahim ? They are also Terrorist, Why Pak Govt sheltered them ?
What About Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Memom. They r 100 times worse than Taliban ! Or is it OK because they targets Hindus?
You demand for a Fatwa issued against Hafeez Sayyed / Dawood Ibrahim. I will accept your contention.
Dawood Ibrahim shud simply criticize Congress-Gandhis, Right wingers will haul him as a patriotic hero :D
First thing govt of india should do is to dismiss all people in DOT who are responsible in giving telcom licence to dawood ibrahim
♥"Who imitates a people will be from among them on the Day of Judgement." (Abu Dawood)♥☀♥
Sonia is already on phone with Dawood Ibrahim planning the next terror strike against India...anything for power
Encounter - Aarti Singh to play Dawood Ibrahim's girlfriend
Encounter: Aarti Singh to play Dawood Ibrahim&girlfriend :
Somehow think the industry hates her for speaking out against Dawood Ibrahim.
Frightened of Narendra Modi, Dawood Ibrahim shifts base. Underworld don is said to have relocated near...
Secret information revealed by sources:. Dawood Ibrahim is in India, and working as a dancer. He has changed his...
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So Congress allowed Dawood Ibrahim to grow in Mumbai and now has the audacity to question Modi on terror?
Patiala court summons underworld dons Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Shakeel in the IPL match-fixing case.
Happy b'day Javed Miandad. Without you, poor Dawood Ibrahim would still be running from pillar to post to find a boy for hi…
Dawood Ibrahim is reaching EOL - Karma is catching up fast in the form of Ajith Kumar Doval & NaMo.
Karma is catching up fast with Dawood Ibrahim; in the forms of & Ajith Kumar Doval
Now that Shri.has almost been in office for 20 days,must bring Dawood Ibrahim to justice.
Court grants cops to carry DNA of Dawood Ibrahim's aide kin
Funding from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, arms from USA and ISI / Dawood Ibrahim conduits
a raja Chidambaram group did not find any problem in dawood Ibrahim sahid balwa telecom company it was supreme court who kicked them out
Dawood Phanseconvict in 1993 Mumbai serial blasts died ij JJ Hospital this evening. He met Dawood Ibrahim with T…
The darck side of modi .“Modi understands only one alphabet, and that is capital I,” Zadaphia told me. “I was threatened with death by Modi himself.” “It was in February 2005,” Zadaphia continued. “I noticed an intelligence man from the state police following me, and when I confronted him, he told me he was instructed by the home minister’s office to shadow me.” A few days later, Zadaphia said, there was a meeting of BJP legislators with the chief minister. “I asked Modi in the meeting, ‘Narendrabhai, what kind of spy activities are you doing against your own party legislators?’ I asked, why is an intelligence man following me? Then Vajubhai Vala, a senior minister, took the microphone and said ‘Okay Gordhanbhai, cool down. We will look into it, but this is not a question to be asked now.’ Modi didn’t speak at all, but I got a note from his secretary that said ‘Please meet the CM.’” “I met him at his chamber after the meeting. [Deputy home minister] Amit Shah was sitt ...
Zee News: In the IPL spot fixing case a Delhi court on Saturday, passed an order to confiscate the property of Dawood Ibrahim along with his accomplice Chhota ...
Hey, sum1 told me u r a close aid of Dawood Ibrahim. Aren't u? U are..If not den prove dat u r not?
Dawood Ibrahim is the leader of Indian organized crime syndicate D-Company founded in Mumbai. He is currently on the wanted list of Interpol for Cheating, Criminal Conspiracy and Organised Crime Syndicated. He was No. 3 on the Forbes' World's Top 10 most dreaded criminals list of 2011, rising from t...
Pretty sure potential Maha CM death is a conspiracy hatched by Dawood Ibrahim & his political servants in India.
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Dawood Ibrahim Planning to Target Delhi - Edlabandi , breaking news, latest news, andhra news, political news, movie news, andhra daily movie updates, political updates, andhra political analysis, movie reviews and Photos.
There is one more person who lived 1300 year back with marapatti face and eenampechi *** like dawood ibrahim
MY Indian colleagues seem really interested in knowing who is. Just told them he's Dawood Ibrahim's daddy.
SO SORRY. He was the only bold voice in BJP who had called for bringing notorious smuggler Dawood Ibra…
Gopinath Munde had the highest accolade of them all: from a political rival senior to him in age and stature, Sharad Pawar. Munde, Pawar often said in small gatherings, was the only other Maharashtra politician - and the only one in the opposition BJP-Shiv Sena - who knew Maharashtra as well as he did. When this comment was relayed to Munde, he smirked and stated: "But I did not have the upbringing or political grooming that Pawar did". They shared their birthdate, December 12, but Munde used to say that it's about all that's common between them. Munde was ambitious but his Vanjara caste made him a paraiah for the high table of state politics dominated by the Marathas in the Congress and Brahmins in the erstwhile Jan Sangh and later the BJP. The Emergency, when he was a college student, and his involvement in the anti-Emergency protests changed it all, Munde used to say. While serving time in jail, he happened to meet the late Pramod Mahajan who was leading the protests in Marathwada. From then on, Munde' ...
1) MPAA chief Chris Dodd addresses piracy in Mumbai speech Posted at 17 March 2012 04:12 CEST by Justin_Massoud Motion Picture Association of America CEO Christopher Dodd has urged film professionals in India to band together with Hollywood to combat content theft. Speaking at the Ficci Frames convention in Mumbai this week, Dodd reiterated the trade group’s hardline stance against piracy and invited local representatives to help do their part. Citing a study from research group Ernst & Young, Dodd said the Indian film industry loses around $1 billion each year to piracy and that 500,000 jobs in the country are threatened. “It’s simple: When content is stolen, the working men and women who labored to produce it — carpenters,truck drivers, accountants — are not fairly compensated for their work. And the small businesses that also benefit from film production — caterers, dry cleaners, and so many more — are robbed of that revenue,” said Dodd. Dodd also noted that India remains one of the big ...
Blitz Exclusive Heart-throb of Bollywood cine world and most glamorous dream girl of millions of fans around the world, Deepika Padukone secretly met infamous mafia don Dawood Ibrahim recently and she has managed Dawood to invest a large sum of money in a Hollywood movie, where Deepika will play mai…
Many criminals have been killed in encounters with policemen during Gopinath Mundeji's Tenure & most of these gangsters owe their allegiance to Dawood Ibrahim ! A strong Home Minister Maharashtra had till date !
Hats off ISI and Dawood Ibrahim for articulating Bol emergence and Geo News dooms day .
Not even one match!! Bengal's Brand ambassador did not allow a single player from Bengal to play a match in IPL.Yet we are happy for KKR's win.But Why? Just because of the "Kolkata" tag? If tomorrow Dawood Ibrahim changes his name to "Kolkata Ibrahim" will we have his statue in place of Gandhi statue in Kolkata? If sentiments are to matter I am proud of Wriddhiman Saha.He has not only made us proud but also proved his caliber to make it into the National Team. The only real gift worthy for Bengal rest all will go to SRK's pocket. Atlast Congrats KKR you deserve to be the Winners.
Court Stays Death Sentence of 1993 Mumbai Blasts Convict, Yakub Memon India’s highest court Monday stayed the execution of Yakub Memon, a man convicted of being behind a 1993 string of bombings in Mumbai that killed 257 people. Two Supreme Court judges said the execution was stayed until a higher bench of the highest court could decide whether Mr. Memon’s death sentence needs to be reviewed in an open court. The other alleged masterminds behind the attacks—Mr. Memon’s brother Tiger Memon and gangster Dawood Ibrahim–have not been captured. The bombings were allegedly carried out in retaliation for the anti-Muslim violence that broke out across the country after right-wing Hindu activists demolished a mosque in the northern city of Ayodhya in December 1992. In Mumbai, the riots killed more than 1,000 people.
Narendra Modi said in an interview that he will try to nab the dreaded underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim as soon as he comes to power.
I hope U and ur party will try 2eliminate Terrorism from ur country and handover Maulana Masood Azar n Dawood Ibrahim 2 India
Dawood Ibrahim's daughter during her wedding!
"I don't like violence, . I'm a businessman. Blood is a big expense." Dawood Ibrahim.
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Rajendra Sadashiv Nikhalje , was the sword arm of don Dawood Ibrahim till the two parted ways over the latter’s role in the Bombay blasts. Differences had arisen in 1992 itself after Dawood henchman Subhash Thakur killed three Chhota Rajan groupies. But after the blasts, they fell out completely, wi...
A Stealth Drone Bomber must be used on Dawood Ibrahim Residence by Indian Army
BollyWhore Deepika Bacame kept of Dawood Ibrahim - met him in Pakistan for her flop film finance
Katrina kaif’s arch rival Deepika Padukone is beggaring for a role in hollywood film. Shah Rukh Khan cannot help deepika for getting films in hollywood as he is supporting her in bollywood thus deepika found new person Dawood Ibrahim with whom she met in dubai to request him for a role in hollywood film.Deepika Padukone told him that she is ready to do a film in hollywood even the role she will be given is not centric
G. Jayaprakash, M.L., Advocate, Erode, Tamilnadu. Cell: 98948 95. By Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd), Former Director CBI, INDIA It is estimated that around 1,69,000 crores of fake rupees are in circulation all over India. Both Banks and Government are in a denial mode, because probably they do not know what to do. India has become the victim of an other kind of terrorism from its neighbour, Pakistan. It is economic terrorism in printing and circulating counterfeit Indian notes. The Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI’s role in printing and circulation of fake Indian currency notes has never been a secret. On its insistence, Pakistan Government has imported additional currency-standard printing paper from companies located in London to pursue its nefarious designs in India. Of late, Pakistan has been procuring currency-standard printing paper in huge quantities from London-based companies much higher than normal requirement of the country for printing its own currency. It is diverting it, to print fake Indian ...
Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim planning to target Delhi:
New Delhi: Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim planning to target Delhi
This tall and dusky Bollywood actress met Dawood Ibrahim recently latest buzz is to be believed, a popular Bollywood actress recently met India’s most wanted don, Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai, in a private meeting, for a role in a Hollywood film. It is heard that the tall and dusky Bollywood actress has already bagged the role in the film which is being financed by Mohd. Bhai Aziz, an influential businessman based out of Dubai. He is learnt to be in very good books with Dawood. Says a source: “It was a short meeting and the actress apparently was unaware about who she was meeting as the don is popularly known as Haji Seth among his associates. The only introduction which the actress got of the don was that he is a very influential high profile business tycoon who has a huge clout globally”. He added,” The don who is a big fan of the actress and he agreed to meet her only after his financer pursued him. D was dressed in a pathani outfit and has grown a beard wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Gold edition sungla ...
dawood Ibrahim, Osama bin laden, mulla omar n list goes on and on
Scared of Narendra Modi, Dawood Ibrahim, gang members go in hiding - With Narendra Modi all set to become the prime minister, India's most-wanted don, Dawood Ibrahim, has relocated himself to an unknown location close to the Af-Pak border, which is under the Taliban. His base has been in Karachi.
"We will felicitate KKR tomorrow in Kolkata for IPL victory. There is a public demand: WB CM" invite dawood ibrahim also
ENI Bureau New Delhi Indians most wanted man Dawood Ibrahim is planning an attack to target the capital to derail the peace talks between India and Pakistan According to a report, the Indian security establishment has come to know about a meeting between Ibrahim, Tiger Memon and InterServices Intell…
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