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Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim (born Sheikh Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar), also known as Dawood Ebrahim, and Sheikh Dawood Hassan, is the head of the Indian organized crime syndicate D-Company in Mumbai.

Hafiz Saeed Sunil Dutt Lalit Modi Rajnath Singh Chhota Rajan Sanjay Dutt Abu Salem Sushil Kumar Shinde Hafeez Saeed Kiren Rijiju Maulana Masood Azhar

Before Kohinoor lets get Dawood Ibrahim, Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallaya and black money back !!
early Wayne Madsen reports on Dawood Ibrahim link to Mumbai 2008 attacks
Dawood Ibrahim is still a muslim-an idolator of 7th century pedophile-mass murderer named Mohammed.don't see any real achievement
26) Congress leader Sushil Kumar Shinde was accused of helping a businessman close to Dawood Ibrahim
This Varma was under Dawood Ibrahim. Atleast Sunil Dutt went to jail for storing guns. This guy scot free.
.Looks like under Dawood Ibrahim grip going by his 1993 track record on RDX for Mumbai blasts. At least Sunil Dutt went to jail.
UAE is playing as Dawood Ibrahim told them to.
.How many shows has done on Dawood Ibrahim after visit to Raiwind? Evey week U use to do it.
.Can U tell your viewers >Why stopped mentioning Dawood Ibrahim after visit to Raiwind?
Fresh release: No, it's not Sanjay Dutt but a rare photo of Sunil Dutt with Dawood Ibrahim.
by the way Dawood Ibrahim was a son of Constable, stop being so kiddish
LOL, it's like Dawood Ibrahim telling to Indian police, why would you follow me if you don't like me.
. She even got threats from UnderWorld to quit bollywood films...From salman's frnds like Dawood Ibrahim & Abu Salem
Manner in which Sanjay Dutt has existed in 2 extreme worlds compel 2 think perhaps confinement never really happened
Prison may not have changed Sanjay Dutt, but who cares?. via
Dawood Ibrahim should also surrender.. Free unlimited paroles and early Sanjay Dutt like release possible if he behaves like a good boy
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Prison may not have changed but who cares?
For those asking for the 1993 article written by on Dawood Ibrahim, here is one link ::
I know. And as has been repeated ad nauseam, Dawood Ibrahim's father was a decent constable in the CID
Father's of . Dawood Ibrahim's- Constable. Hafiz Saeed's- Farmer. We shld give them secular *** as they are poor
even Dawood Ibrahim is in protectove custody
Lol... so son of so and so to classify accused... even Dawood Ibrahim was 4th son of Poor Constable with 8 kids
Madaam do you know Dawood Ibrahim is a son of a police man.
Dawood Ibrahim's father was a police constable. So what?
Don't fall into the trap of pseudo | | |
[Watch] Don't fall into the trap of pseudo patriotism
And Dawood Ibrahim's father was a poor policeman. So what?
And Dawood Ibrahim is the son of a policeman. Your point ?
Lets join hands for an operation against Dawood ibrahim as we talked earlier
Rajdeep wrote: Sharjah, one man fluent Marathi was spotted waving tricolour, vociferously cheering Indian Team.  His name …
Dawood Ibrahim's 4 properties seized in britain. Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is the only "Indian national" on a...
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Now UK nails underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's home, UK lists four Pak addresses
Modi to ask Cameron to crackdown on Dawood Ibrahim's UK operations. look: Dawood 15 properties in Britain
Bangladesh to deport Dawood Ibrahim's associate AbdulRaufDaud Merchant to India
Ask dawood ibrahim or u r doing it under his instruction
UK Government confirms 4 addresses of Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi. Dawood's UK properties are being attached. UAE...
"Government" will portray Dawood Ibrahim,Chota Shakeel,Abu Salem nd others as realistically as I portrayed Veerappan. https:/…
My next hindi film after"Veerappan" . Is"Government" nd one of its characters will be Dawood Ibrahim..Details in link. https:/…
Britain financial sanctions list confirm Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan
on asset freeze list with 4 Pakistani addresses
Dawood Ibrahim on UK asset freeze list with 4 Pakistan addresses
Abbas had threatened journalist S Balakrishnan who purchased the hotel belonging to Dawood Ibrahim in south Mumbai
Mere aziz humwatano, my enlightened position remains - only a jungjoo fauji can be a worthy successor to pious Dawood Ibrahim. Think!
Dawood Ibrahim's gang killed BJP leaders in Gujarat on order from ISI: NIA - The Economic Times
Why is RSS pracharak PM modi praising dawood Ibrahim's papa sharad rao? Doesn't this tell how patriotic RSS is?
Underworld gears up for Dawood’s b’day; Chotta Shakeel, Anees Ibrahim main organisers
Underworld gears up for Dawood Ibrahim's birthday
: Underworld gears up for Dawood Ibrahim's birthday: The Mumbai gang leader, who fled India i...
Underworld gears up for Dawood's b'day; Chotta Shakeel, Anees Ibrahim main organisers
Underworld gears up for Dawood Ibrahim's birthday; Chotta Shakeel & Anees ... - Economic Times
Yes. You right. Pakistan knows where he is because you have kept him in safe haven.
Pakistan should also be forced to give up terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Maulana Masood Azhar et al.
India prepares dossier on underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s properties in United Kingdom
Similar sentiments are expected from Dawood Ibrahim also.
r v scared of ibrahim?media treats him like a celebrity ,calls him Don.reality is ,he is no more than a Rat
u say ChotaRajan is will you call Dawood Ibrahim as ?? Terror…
Chhota Shakeel's men holed up in Indonesia might bump Chhota Rajan ? - Daily Bhaskar
men holed up in Indonesia, might bump Click for full story.
prison killed in gang-war in Mangaluru Central Prison. Killed prison Madur Yusuf believed to b Dawood Ibrahim aide.
When her father has a best friend in the name of Dawood Ibrahim, what better can you expect from her.
seems, fears poison in food. Not irrational: deep assets would be swarming, looking for ***
offers a leap to getting in striking range of Noose getting tighter.
A criminal enterprise rivaling if not exceeding the ambition of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan (HQ in Karachi) and...
Dawood Ibrahim just called me. He has decided to return the title of "Don" to protest against rising intolerance. Really pr…
Sanghis abused Sardesai when he called Dawood patriotic, but today Mr. Ibrahim has proved his patriotism. I'll want him as …
Sanghis abusing me coz I addressed Dawood as "Mr. Ibrahim". *** didn't I tell you he returned title of "Don"? He's resp…
Your father has pictures with Dawood Ibrahim and owes his career to the mercies of Hindi heroines.
LOL. Most of the Bollywood was/is slaves of Dawood Ibrahim & his hawala. Sadly, no rationalists wrote about it
Dawood Ibrahim will be caught soon, says Rajnath Singh
You people r such virus for india who creats poison in minority day & night,worst than yakub memon and dawood ibrahim...stop it
Don't worry.. Dawood will be stooge back like a PIG in our home soil. *** Dawood Ibrahim
Narendra Modi thumped his chest red over nabbing Dawood Ibrahim, in the end he is tamely bringing the Indian stooge back to his home soil in
Desi mafia bosses always have the quirkiest names. Chota Rajan, Chota Shakeel, Dawood Ibrahim...Yakub
This article by makes Dawood a Robin Hood. Events that paint him like a hero-
Bollywood obsessed with Dawood Ibrahim and underworld
I liked a video from EIC Outrage: Chhota Rajan vs Dawood Ibrahim
Interesting. Can someone please provide relevant census statistics of Marathis in Karachi, Dawood Ibrahim or Tiger Memon aside?
One can well anticipate- Innocent Dawood Ibrahim arresrted because he belong to a Minority Community.
Why has India not announced a bounty on Dawood Ibrahim ?
Happy Sunday! More Outrage for you as and talk Chhota Rajan and Dawood Ibrahim. GO!
Special commandos for Indian team escorting Chhota Rajan over Dawood Ibrahim threat
Riyaz Bhatti, an aide of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, was arrested at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai
Mumbai underworld don Chhota Rajan, ex-key aide of fugitive Dawood Ibrahim, held in Indonesian province of Bali: CBI Director Ranjit Sinha
I added a video to a playlist Pakistan itself is a Dawood Ibrahim - Tarek Fatah
Two kinds of persons become popular. Dawood Ibrahim and Anna Hajare. You know where you stand.
You would rather the Muslim Mafia, from Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim ruled Mumbai, no?
Mumbai Police question Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar in a case of abduction, extortion and assault, filed by S…
Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar, 2 aides arrested over alleged assault
yes it was from dawood ibrahim...Run.
I am sure VP Vaidik tried to change Hafeez Saeed heart : Baba Ramdev Oh So Why Dont He Tries to Change Heart of Don Dawood Ibrahim too RT
At least they are not from a film industry controlled by Dawood Ibrahim.
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Dawood Ibrahim is a criminal! Lalu is convicted criminal! Why only platform for Lalu not Dawood, dear MSM!
Ma'am,please see these two photos, a person named Dawood Ibrahim put me in a list...anything serious???
Wowww!!! Dawood Ibrahim is interested in me!! Amazing!! :-D
to meet Dawood Ibrahim's relatives for -
Dawood Ibrahim applies to become Pakistan’s ambassador to India to enjoy diplomatic immunity . Good idea!.
funny, coz his daughter is Married to Dawood Ibrahim's son..
Who is more dangerous, than a Criminal & a Terrorist,(Dawood Ibrahim)the one who supports him ( Pak Army+ISI), who is more...
First on Dawood Ibrahim's assets to be seized in UAE govt informs Indian govt.
India doesn't care as much . if Govt doesn't catch Dawood Ibrahim,. as much as Making Tihar Jail, Robert . Vadra's Permanent Sasural.
modi took guardian role for all illegal activities in India.he is protecting especially dawood Ibrahim assets & businesses
Saudi embassy may give refuge to Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed. Will GOI be bound by diplomatic immunity even then?
Dawood Ibrahim is BAD than is your Dad
Even Bin Laden & Dawood Ibrahim were not on The Pakistani Soil
Dawood Ibrahim is also wondering if why not
UAE begins crackdown on Dawood Ibrahim's properties
Sartaj Aziz has reiterated Pakistan's stance that they do not support terrorism, Dawood Ibrahim isn't in Karachi and th…
Indian's Row and United Nations' FBI tie-up to nab gangster Dawood Ibrahim:
Unprecedented crackdown on Dawood Ibrahim properties in UAE. Let us welcome this bold step taken by UAE. Modiji's visit h…
Isn't Mr Zero the lawyer for Dawood Ibrahim as well..?
This dolt's kid has married into Dawood Ibrahim's family and he is talking about self-respect. Rogue.
Sonakshi Sinha to star in biopic on Dawood Ibrahim's sister 'Haseena' - Daily News & Analysis
give it time, I'll send you into hiding like Dawood Ibrahim
.Also Maam very soon Misogynist Modi Govt is going to hunt down your dad's best friend Dawood Ibrahim http:…
Quietly but surely 56" at work.. Dawood Ibrahim's bad days begin as UAE probes his properties
Dawood focus no surprise, but a covert op should remain covert: in
This is how India plans to tackle Dawood Ibrahim and Hafiz Saeed.
Dawood Ibrahim was in Gwadar in 2004 he is investing in Gwadar & living in Karachi & is given protection by http…
This is not a secret 4 Karachities that Dawood Ibrahim living in a luxury house just opposite of Ghazi Shah in Clifton
Not sure if Dawood Ibrahim or Virat Kohli is the cause India wet its pants, because of course who'd wanna lose on their …
BCCI secretary said Indian cricket team would not play any series with Pak as the country has given shelter to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim
The nation wants to know: Why did Dawood Ibrahim's wife say he was sleeping when Times Now called?
Dawood Ibrahim is in Karachi, his wife says to Times Now via
Here's the new Dawood photo has put out. Umm. Hope there's more in the paper.
It means no talks on terrorism, dawood Ibrahim, Hafeez Saeed etc
A property bought by Dawood Ibrahim in Shireen Jinnah colony in Karachi is near Ziauddin hospital, where he is treated when required..1/2
Know how did get refuge in . Watch:
India ignored South Africa's plan to nab Dawood Ibrahim in 1994
What is similarity between Dino Morea, Tusshar kapoor, Shirish Kunder and Dawood Ibrahim . They all sleep in the day tim…
Are you sure Times now called Dawood Ibrahim and not Bobby Deol?
If India want more pics of Dawood Ibrahim, we should get him married again, he will surely post pics on FB then.
Dear Times Now, Anyone will become Dawood Ibrahim if you call them on Saturday afternoon when he is sleeping.
. new film on box office @ miss calls to dawood Ibrahim. directed by Arnab goswami
Breaking: Latest images of Dawood Ibrahim to appear in tomorrow morning to put pressure on Pakistan ahead of ter…
Why I Am Dawood Ibrahim: Misquoting is not the only, or major, mischief that… SPS®
Dawood Ibrahim has nine residences in Pak: Indian dossier
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dawood Ibrahim has nine residences in Pakistan; 1 near Bilawal Bhutto's home: Dossier
It took the entire police force to track Azam Khan's buffaloes. It only took Arnab to track down Dawood Ibrahim.
Reporter Ques: There is news that Dawood Ibrahim is in Pakistan. . Sushil Kumar Shinde responds.
If Pakistan has some sense of self-respect, it should immediately hand over Dawood Ibrahim.
Looking for Check out his friends in including politicians writes
India prepares dossier on Dawood Ibrahim, says he has 9 residences in Pakistan
Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi and you expect us to play cricket: Anurag Thakur - The Indian Express: The Indian Ex...
Plot twist : Times Now calls Dawood Ibrahim and Barkha Dutt picks up the phone.
Meanwhile, Dawood Ibrahim and his wife in Karachi.
Dawood Ibrahim has nine residences in Pakistan: Indian dossier
Before tracking down Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan, & should track down their credibility & integrity in Ind…
Dawood on NSA talks agenda, India has proof he lives in Karachi, reports
It was another Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan. Modi's media is spreading propaganda. I hope The Hindu and The Indian Express co…
Doesn't matter if you're a dangerous Don like Dawood Ibrahim, once you're married your every call will be first receiv…
Reason for To avoid NSA level meet. Doval was to share info with Sartaj Ajiz .
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
'Dawood Ibrahim wanted to surrender, CBI didn’t go along' via
When I was the HM, we had no information from any source or any agency: Sushil Kumar Shinde on Dawood Ibrahim
No!! But did hear of Sharad Pawar's connection with Dawood Ibrahim & that too when he was Defence Minister of India
Unrelatedly, Dawood Ibrahim also protested at the way Abu Salem is being treated by the Indian authorities
Rajnath Singh fishes out UPA reply to silence Congress on Dawood Ibrahim's address. via
Sena mouthpiece Saamna has asked the BJP-led Centre to bring Dawood Ibrahim back to India if it has the politi...
Today I have one simple question to Congress n BJP- if you can't bring back Lalit Modi then how will you bring back Dawood…
Enforcement Directorate to reach out to UK for information on Dawood Ibrahim's realty investments
IF Dawood Ibrahim was a patriot .that is giant IF. Innit ?
What will happen if Dawood Ibrahim also does start to reveal secrets like ? Most of big politicians will run a…
You know who else had a high intellect? Dawood Ibrahim, Harshad Mehta, Satyam Raju, PC.
how are these piliticians any less than Dawood Ibrahim or any terrorist traitor?
The irony of India is that people like Binayak Sen spent a lot of time in jail, while Dawood Ibrahim roams free.
since some are comparing with Dawood Ibrahim. You better take Dawood's interview now .
Dear Chandni chowk minority voters look does not want to help Dawood Ibrahim Bhai.note this AAP party isn't sec…
UPA Gov gave visa to relative of India's most wanted fugitive -- Dawood Ibrahim -- to visit Delhi.
which was used by Dawood Ibrahim/ISI to make money betting on cricket. 2/n
- so tomorrow ministers or PM will meet Dawood Ibrahim and help him hide in some other country.
Dawood Ibrahim was also Indian, if something happens with his family, will Sushma Swaraj help him out? Ashutosh, AAP
Dawood Ibrahim was born 1955 know about India n Israel god blessed me @ 24 Karat…
One guy posted his pic with Dawood Ibrahim while another guy posted his pic with Lalit Modi, police arrested the other…
ppl who went to d airport to see-off Dawood Ibrahim nd Warren Anderson are giving lectures to
I ur last 60 years u haven't been able to catch Dawood Ibrahim so let's say it like this LOOK WHO'S TALKING
Dawood Ibrahim, is he a terrorist or more like an Italian mafia boss
I have never seen Dawood Ibrahim and Lalit Modi together.
how qutrochi, anderson, dawood ibrahim escaped from India? all escaped with Congress humanitarian anti india strategy so you are in India
..what if MEA met Dawood Ibrahim...SO WHAT..if by chance they were socially known to each there great shakes
Even if allegations are true, how is it betraying the nation? Did she help Dawood Ibrahim ?
so will Dawood Ibrahim will be able to holiday in Venice or Denmark on Humanitarian Grounds too?
Dawood Ibrahim is also an Indian, right? :P
Some thing wrong with ! Even Dawood Ibrahim's name gives no result!Strange!
If dawood ibrahim need some favour in abroad he must hire Bansuri sawraj as lawyer. Foreign ministry will automatically help him.
Lalit Modi . Bloody chimp. match fixer and all time criminal. He is actually Dawood Ibrahim
BJP can even help Dawood Ibrahim .They are a pack of scum who will sell India
Is Lalit murderer of 100s as Dawood, or accused as Nalini to whom Priyaka met in jail?
Vasundhara Raje gave also gave Dawood Ibrahim a Character certificate...of course there is no sign on it...
Congress's Rajiv Shukla had reportedly met terrorist Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan on April 5th 2004 and discussed security issues. True?
congress blaming others for corruption is like Dawood Ibrahim claiming innocence.
feeling proud after attack by Indian Army inside Myanmar .Want Dawood Ibrahim dead or alive . Jay Hindh.
. Arnab Goswami shall be given to Pakistan in exchange of Dawood Ibrahim and his gang.
yawn! So what? is not Dawood Ibrahim. He was made a sacrificial lamb at the IPL corrupt altar!
Dawood Ibrahim can come2 India on humanitarian basis :))) as per govt. such low level by Indian govt (BJP) for wrong doings
Is Dawood Ibrahim holding an Indian passport? He was an Indian national when he fled the country.
>This is similar to Dawood Ibrahim blaming SC judge. Even B team is helping Sheila
Recall: Sonia Gandhi's UPA had given visa to Dawood's relative Miandad.
What are you mad ! I'm no1 god blessed me n god blessed dawood Ibrahim @ 24…
Sanjay Dutt, the accomplice of Dawood Ibrahim is a son of Cong leader Sunil Dutt and brother of Priya Dutt.
Intelligence Bureau core team to track Dawood Ibrahim.
Dawood Ibrahim wanted to surrender in 1994 to 'prove his innocence in 93blast, but the CBI allegedly turned down the offer-Neeraj Kumar
Shouldn't Dainik Jagran have asked questions on black money and Dawood Ibrahim to Modi ?.
NDA Government's Reply on Dawood Ibrahim's Location Same as That of UPA: Rajnath Singh: The government on Friday sought to take the s...
Seems that Ghulam Nabi Azad is more concerned about Dawood Ibrahim and his whereabouts than the central Govt. actually.
It better to welcome Rakhi Sawant & VK Singh in BJP then Dawood Ibrahim and Arun Gawli in (as Said by Anjali Damaniya).
Dawood Ibrahim still enjoying patronage of Pakistan's ISI?: "Earlier, Dawood would live...
. Nobody knows which country they are currently in:. 1) Dawood Ibrahim. 2) Narendra Modi
The only address that even Pan-Walas don't know is of Dawood Ibrahim.
Media should update themselves. They have been showing Dawood Ibrahim's same pic since 1990. Fail ek dum Phail.
Hassan Ali, Dawood Ibrahim,A Raja,Suresh Kalmadi,Robert vadra, all are roaming free with their wealth. BJP sleeping for last 1 Yr ?
Girls, learn something from Dawood Ibrahim, If you don't post many pics and daily activity on Internet you'll be "Most…
Dawood Ibrahim is not on Indian intelligence's radar: Indian Minister
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Fastest way of Cleaning Indian Politics-Give Amnesty to Dawood Ibrahim, make him Spill the names of Politicians & bus/men, & shoot them!Wow
BREAKING | Ex-Director IB Rajendra Kumar contradicts Govt's claim on Dawood Ibrahim,says Dawood has to be in Pak. LIVE:
Guess what's common between Aditya Chopra and Dawood Ibrahim! . No one has seen them and there's only one pic of each of them in the media..
I hv money equal to dawood ibrahim.
Sonu Sood said "Bhai aur don ke uppar king hota hai" in Singh is King. This clearly shows SRK is better than Salman and …
is it true that Dawood ibrahim is the real investor behind BOL.
Rahul Gandhi speaking abt Land Acquisition is like Dawood Ibrahim speaking about Law and Order
I added a video to a playlist Most Wanted Dawood Ibrahim moved to Pakistan-Afghanistan Border
here is news of Nagma's links with terrorist Dawood ibrahim
will u explain why u r with traitor Dawood ibrahim . Plz explain don't doge
- — Dawood Ibrahim alright completely me if you have most important or not
India came close to nabbing Dawood, political bosses didn't give the go ahead.
prevented the assassination of Dawood Ibrahim thus worsening the terror scenario, is right
I like Dawood Ibrahim's nature. He is a billionaire man but still Don to earth.
questionable activities of the Mumbai Port Trust decision makers, Dawood Ibrahim, Rafique Malik Tejani [an accused in the 1993 2
Breast Cancer Awareness
Political will the bigger weapon to nab him . Read more at:
You really look like Dawood Ibrahim 😁 and u r a real DON 😁
talking about is like Dawood Ibrahim talking abt Patriotism
(con)i nor an bad to threaten Cine., its said if Dawood Ibrahim recommends any heroine - cc-
Dawood Ibrahim: Political will the bigger weapon to nab him
SalGaand Attended success party of 93 Mumbai bomb blast with his chief Dawood Ibrahim.
Ya d way u refuse to hand over Dawood Ibrahim to India, despite enuf proofs tht he s n Karachi. A video tape evidence.rembr?
The bigots will burn the whole country if "Dawood" or "Ibrahim" is made un-parliamentary bcos of Dawood Ibrahim.
- — Dawood Ibrahim hiding many years so vows I have more powerful teri maa chut already get a life
Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said;. Beware of jealousy! For verily it destroys good deeds the way fire destroys wood. [A…
waiting for the day when calls Dawood Ibrahim as "BhaiSaab".
Started reading Dongri to Dubai by S. hussain Zaidi on the life of Dawood Ibrahim.
Sir, Capture/Killing of Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Maulana Masood Azhar would truly be I have a dream.
Can you ask Javed Miandad where is Dawood Ibrahim ?
1980 - Dawood Ibrahim watching cricket Match in Sharjah standing with him Indian actor Anil Kapoor RT
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Mumbai sessions court grants bail to Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar on surety Rs 50,000! no bail to Sadhvi Pragy…
Dawood Ibrahim , Hafeez Saeed , Geelani , Laqwi, Nawaz Shareef, Imran etc., have appealed Delhi walas to vote for AAP
is a Dawood Ibrahim of politics. Extortionist, Hawala Operator, liar and a cheat.
Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal brought out of court after hearing in an extortion case in Mumbai Photo Vivek Bendre
Dawood Ibrahim's brother held for extortion.
in . Did have SECRET meeting with Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai,fixed by ISI Pakistan ?.
MT Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar produced in court in extortion case. Sent to police custody for 2 days
Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar arrested in Mumbai
Is this not True that AAP got Money from ISI Pakistan & Dawood Ibrahim ?? counter me if i am wrong ?
Mumbai court sends Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar in police custody till Feb 6 in extortion case. News Flash:
so if Dawood Ibrahim Donates via Cheque AAP will accept !. shows ur Anti National !. in
. because Dawood Ibrahim is not your brother ;)
Dawood Ibrahim moved to new secure location by ISI: Sources
Stunning piece by on the terrorist leader Dawood Ibrahim of India -- via
BABY is a real hit. . Movies of khans ,make 300 crores by hawala transactions from dawood Ibrahim.
I added a video to a playlist Dawood Ibrahim’s Brother, Iqbal Kaskar, arrested for Extortion in
Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Iqbal Kaskar, two others booked for extortion via
And a tunnel connects the two! MT 2 stories about Dawood Ibrahim, claimed by Indians, he is at Pak-Afgha…
Q. what if Dawood Ibrahim donated to u by check? would u accept it?. A. arre bhai, u would 1st hav to arrest d banker who l…
When will Dawood Ibrahim be captured and punished? GOI should work hard for that.
Dawood Ibrahim’s Brother Arrested: Mumbai cops on Tuesday arrested underworld don Dawood…
waiting for reaction on arrest ofIqbal Kaskar, brother of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. question timing at least?
. RT“Dawood Ibrahim's brother arrested for alleged extortion
Hey Kamal Mitra Chenoy(AAP),. Dawood Ibrahim's bro has been caught, now its ur time to call him innocent like u said thi…
Dawood Ibrahim's brother arrested for alleged extortion
[ Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s Letter to Prime Minister on film PK dated 5 Jan 2015 ] January 5, 2015. Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, South Block, New Delhi. Dear Narendrabhai: I am writing this letter regarding the film “PK” which prima facie appears to be scripted to create in a subtle way shame and loss of self esteem of the Hindus by demeaning their religion. However, the Censor Board has already given it a certificate because of the of the malafide attitude of the Chairman of the Censor Board, Ms. Leela Samson, who otherwise is an accomplished artiste; but she does seem to be a captive of the fashionable westernised Indian psyche and who take capricious joy in taking a view in keeping with their prejudiced perception of Hinduism. Whether she should continue as the Chairman of the Censor Board in a BJP governance dispensation is a call that you have to take sometime in the near future. I am writing this letter however from a different perspective, namely, the anti Hindu bias of the financial bac ...
stop all US aid to Pakistan until Dawood Ibrahim,Hafeez Saeed and Lakhvi are extradited to India to face trial.
and BTW Dawood Ibrahim is your new boss.according to :)
now by making sure that HafizSaed, Lakvi and Dawood Ibrahim Khaskar are Wapis to their natural Ghar ie Tihar jail
Once a week, HeadlinesToday discovers that Dawood Ibrahim is in Karachi.
Dawood Ibrahim slapped Amitabh Bachchan, the reason was that Amitabh delivered dialogue like Dawood Ibrahim. :-O
Good Evening India.Shubh Sandhya Bharat. Congrats on Laden.US can nab terrorist Dawood Ibrahim from Pak,send
Dawood Ibrahim does drug running human trafficking etc actively facilitated by ISI. What'll US do?
will US ask Pakistan to hand over Dawood Ibrahim to India
Quite right. Otherwise Dawood Ibrahim&his Types will keep expanding the industry of Cricket
bans JuD and Haqqani Network. But what about Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim? Would they hand over these two to India?
Will they help us to find .Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi( Criminal)IS AND Dawood Ibrahim
Why USA army & Airforce are not targeting Dawood Ibrahim, Lakhvi, or Molana Masood azhar (Jamat Udd dawaa)?
Follow if you hate AAP as much as you hate ISIS and dawood Ibrahim and Pakistan !
Uttar Pradesh police arrest Dawood Ibrahim aide in a 16-year-old case
BJP to international community: Force Pak to hand over Lakhvi, Dawood Ibrahim - Deccan Chronicle
BJP to international community: Force Pakistan to hand over Lakhvi, Dawood to India
Things which exist but are extremely difficult to find. 1.Dawood Ibrahim. 2.An honest politician. 3.The starting point of a piece of cellotape
Dawood Ibrahim shifted to Karachi from Pak-Afghan border by ISI. ★Islam Muslims BABY Film This Friday
So Dawood Ibrahim funding is equal to NRI funding?
Dear Dawood Ibrahim, Please do call if u wanna join BJP,Obviously u will join after all its a criminals loaded party! . Thx!
On Friday imposed sanctions on two Indian nationals and a paper mill tied to Dawood Ibrahim's D Company
New instructions have been sent to corrupt media anchors by Dawood Ibrahim on how to manage uncomfortable questions by panelists.
Dawood Ibrahim gangster caught in Mumbai, friend of
Dawood Ibrahim is back in Karachi, says new intelligence report.
Dawood Ibrahim's gang member arrested in Mumbai after joint operation with Police. This is what is called "achche din"!!
Pretty hilarious! Three and a half out of five stars for me. The background around this unserious movie is serious! But what's quite evident to me is that Sony Pictures' decision of a limited and on-demand release of this movie was not because of the North Korean intimidation but was a planned propaganda pilot project to hype the movie and make it a grand success. The utopian assassination of US enemy dictator Kim Jong-un is more hypothetical but quite similar to the plot of the Bollywood Drama D-Day (2013 film) where RAW agents kill India's most wanted criminal- Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan! The ultimate thing which comes out with the movie's success is that a mad dictator with a gun sitting some ten thousand kms away just can't censor the right to freedom of expression! (y)
Dawood Sheikh Ibrahim Kaskar One of the World’s most wanted men, founder and architect of notorious D-Company, 60-year-old Dawood Ibrahim, is wanted for the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai. Interpol has issued a red collar arrest warrant against him and he also figures in UN’s Al-Qaeda Sanctions List. He is associated with real estate businesses (primarily in the UAE and Pakistan), narcotics/drug smuggling, extortion, hawala, betting and match fixing. Besides these he runs a thriving industry of fake Indian currency notes, a diamond business and has investments in the power sector. Dawood is married to Mehjabeen Shaikh and has three daughters Mahrukh (29 yrs) who is married to Junaid Miandad, Mehreen (26 yrs) and Maria aka Maazia (17 yrs). According to the Western diplomatic sources, Dawood is living in Karachi under the protection of Pakistan’s Intelligence agency, ISI. With business interests in shopping malls, real estate, and media, he has also set his eyes on a power project. While the internation ...
A report in Asia Times online reveals that Abdur Razzak Yakub is close to Iqbal Mirsi who is the right hand of mafia don Dawood Ibrahim.
Why can't Pakistan hand over Hafiz Saeed and Dawood Ibrahim to India and India hand over if we have any one who is accuse…
India asks Pakistan to hand over underworld don Dawood Ibrahim - Financial Express
Pak has been asked to hand over Dawood Ibrahim time and again, Pak should expedite this: Kiren Rijiju (MoS Home)
Pak should expedite handing over Dawood Ibrahim to India, hv asked Pak for this time & again: Kiren Rijiju (MoS Home)
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