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Davy Jones

David Thomas Davy Jones (30 December 1945 – 29 February 2012) was an English recording artist, actor, and businessman, best known as a member of the musical group The Monkees and star of the TV series of the same name.

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whatever dude the boat is on the bottom of Davy Jones locker
Davy Jones Howdy I invite you to that adult movie cam totally free register Click on my profile.
Sharks will dine upon his flesh, and Davy Jones will have his soul, take his money and his hat, he won't need them where he's gonna go
Yeah, Maybe a Package Davy, Jones and a Pick would be intriguing
Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones is on Sale for -
dude looks like Davy Jones but Jack3d out of his mind!
I won the The Book of Davy Jones achievement in Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call for 66
I remember seeing Janet on American Bandstand performing a cut from her first album, doing the two-step combined wi…
National Security to be handed to Russia's FSB. Navy to Davy Jones. Intelligence..Trump wants that one.
Statement from our co-leader on the Our thoughts and hearts with everyone affected:
The rotten state of Britain - food in our major supermarkets, major Tory Party donors - built on modern slavery
Tories give up on poor kids as they abolish civil service's child poverty unit. . Corbyn would abolish child poverty. h…
Lord Cutler Beckett. -is British. -little man. -Jack's just tryna chill smh. -why are you trying to act cool w Davy Jon…
Justin Bieber stole my haircut. And Axl Rose stole my dance!...
He's jelly angry! 'Frowning' jellyfish washes up in Scotland via
Davy jones setting-free repair-fix the leaks inclusive of put in order services: GDV
I want a shiny Golduck that is called Davy Jones.
I'm so reluctant to do newspaper interviews because it's so misleading...
davyjones4ktown: My RadioFBrighton show interviewing youthworkable about the proposed closure of Council youth … https:…
That's going into the Davy Jones locker
If you don't know whom Davy Jones is then you probably wouldn't understand me
I can't believe Davy Jones invented singing
Selling heart to the devil...keeping in the box...sail with the Davy Jones...but the key on you😈😈
is Davy Jones Ain't Got Nothin' On Me by Rusty Shipp now at
it is the banging of the door on Davy jones locker, stay away , stay away.
I liked a video Pirates of the Caribbean - Davy Jones's theme church organ
I CHERISH IT TOO i miss hanging out with you!! i keep remembering davy jones out of nowhere and dying remembering that night
Im sailing as far into the ocean as I can go in search of Davy Jones himself
Why in the name of Davy Jones' locker is not on the list?
I read a whole bunch of bits and pieces over the years, obviously from th...
I duraflo schema, the outshine settlement seeing as how thine davy jones leaks, deadeye: oBz
I do, it's locked in a chest. My girlfriend is Davy Jones
The gilded age methinks of Davy Jones' locker and the orange submarine the canickies live in but lie through their…
Mary Wilson shared an event to Boyce and Hart (official)'s Timeline. In honor of Davy Jones' and Michael...
Me: *Asleep*. Brain: Pst. Me: . Brain: A lot of villains don't have noses; Voldemort, Red Skull, Skeletor, Davy…
I'm so jealous! I was devastated when Davy Jones died.
Yet another message of support for the NHS, this time from the courageous & inspiring - you are all so loved…
This isn't a fair question. My crush on Leonard McCoy was concurrent with my crush on Davy Jones from The Monkees.
I'd have Davy Jones as xmas past, Lemmy as Yet to Come
The Brady Bunch Davy Jones arch was the most complex narrative on television in the 70's
Davy Jones has called for a Bounty Blitz! Attack, list and catch bounties for bonus XP in the next 60 minutes. GO!
Davy Jones and degenerate art. Who is surprised at the start of the Eu
OR OR OR THE 'WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS COVER' and will do Davy Jones impression again?
My Sixth Sense tells me that the pirate who called it Davy Jones' Locker and not "High Sea Dead People" was not a M Nigh…
19th December. Santa & the are watching everything do regarding dismissal suspension & re-evalua…
this if you agree that Tory laws enforced on the very poorest should also apply to the very richest.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Spirit Of America, John F Kennedy, John A Noble and Alice Austen are shooting the rapids by Davy Jones's locker
Fire destroys historic Pennsylvania building planned as museum to Monkees singer Davy Jones via
Hey hey we’re the Monkees… on fire! Blaze destroys planned museum for Davy Jones
Fire destroys site of planned Davy Jones, 'Monkees' museum in PA
gotta hang on to that young side...when I waver, I pull out an old 16 magazine & swoon over Davy Jones & Mark Lindsay.
"Joness and Barry Are doing a show!" What? Davy Jones and Dave Barry are doing a Broadway Show?
The squiggly rubber Davy Jones face in 'Pirates' with the tentacles, barnacles and goobers -
He said it's been sent to Davy Jones' locker. I didn't want to push, but I did try to learn more. :)
This guy Dermot is a loon and hopefully after this effort his sailing days will be over. Lots of sailors down in Davy Jones locker.
I liked a video The Minus 5's Scott McCaughey talks about Davy Jones
There was a David Bowie category on Jeopardy and I knew all but one because for some reason I forgot Davy Jones was in the Monkees.
Davy Jones was the grooviest of the Monkees, which makes him one of th...
I'm at Davy Jones' and you're not here ***
Remember, David Robert Haywood Jones changed his 'stage' name to David Bowie (from Davy Jones) because of The Monkees.
Doesn't John A Noble and Alice Austen seem yar as they beachs Davy Jones's locker?
When you make fun of Magic Johnson for having HIV and get damned to Davy Jones' locker
who would be most welcome on the monkey bus - King Louis off Jungle Book, that big *** from Planet of the Apes or Davy Jones?
wasn't Davy Crockett the real Davy Jones pirate from sponge bob
I am proud to say I served on the USS Carl Vinson, who dumped Bin Ladens body to Davy Jones locker.
Percussionist Rushmore: Gene Krupa. buddy Rich. Neal Peart and. sheila E just nipping Davy Jones for obvious reasons
1945 Cheltenham Gold Cup winning jockey Davy Jones rode his final winner there in 1972
Pete Townsend was the original "Davy Jones" of Monkees fame but quit because they were too wild!
my old man has some from his merchant navy days - a shark circling an anchor is one of them, other one is Davy Jones locker
1967, Monkees fans walked from London's Marble Arch to the US Embassy in Grosvenor Square to protest Davy Jones' planned call-up.
As me be in want in contemplation of misbehave together with soaking rain davy jones total loss?: vpybr
Look like Davy Jones from pirates of the caribbean XD
why isn't the ship resting on the ocean floor along with Davy Jones' locker? 🐙🐡
I've given too much for my heart to disappear; lock it in a Davy Jones locker and sailed away.
2006 Zizzle Pirates of the Caribbean delux davy jones Action Figure (New)
Davy jones poison certify-quite the contrary extremity in passage to proceed the contract, impartial get at it!: meHCe
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
The Monkees - Peter Tork on the Death of Davy Jones
I see Bill Nighy and I hear Davy Jones and Minister Rufus Scrimgeour.
exactly! Of course, just a few years ago, it could have been "Davy Jones' Locker"!
Baby Ted Cruz fresh from the icy depths of Davy Jones Locker
if you turn off the lights and say marcia, marcia, marcia in the mirror Davy Jones will sing at your prom even if like you don't want that
I liked a video Afterlife Interview with Davy Jones (With Uba Spirichul)
Waistcoat and frock coat patterns for Davy Jones done!!. I really hate drawing patterns from scratch...and it's...
I was mad at Screen Gems, but I'm not mad at them anymore.
Please Sign if you have not already? is ending soon! (RT).
And i hope to see Davy Jones too :P
Gonna see how my dude Davy Jones has been...
Ahoy! Do you glimpse the navigator tying up John A Noble and Guy V Molinari anent Davy Jones's locker?
Get you a Davy Jones that can do both:
when U and Davy Jones just watching Netflix and he start reaching for you...
why your hair loo like Davy Jones beard tho smh explain??
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Dragon City: Pirates of the Caribbean - DAVY JONES Dragon!: via
I thought it was not about sovereignty per se but shifting ownership of Davy Jones' locker about.
People are sharing heartbreak stories and can't share some because... Because Davy Jones locker.
someone out her in Davy Jones locker for the night😴
My handbag would ensure I'd be in Davy Jones Locker in ten seconds - probably less!
looking a bit like Davy Jones of the Monkees x
How many are elementary unit savers yet what in consideration of precluding davy jones application reduce savers?: EhfTHGrb
you better be watching your code m80 before I send you to Davy Jones locker
I look at how beautifully done did Barbossa and Davy Jones and it makes me want them to do James Norrington so much!!!
or when Jan was lying about knowing Davy Jones.
I entered Davy Jones's Locker aka started watch Grey's Anatomy, so you'll never see me again. Bye world.
I bought a AloeVera leaf my roommate is gonna be scared when she opens the fridge…it looks like Davy Jones' tentacle
name of Davy Jones Locker are you doing?" . Without waiting for answer he begin to get ready for the day ahead. Since —
next segment HHH is going to hit him in the face with a football right before Roman was supposed to meet Davy Jones. - RevRay
$SUNE $CHK $SDRL $spy Take the BK Express down to Davy Jones Locker!
Update your maps at Navteq
what in the Davy Jones locker did y'all do now😂😂
Davy Jones: "I'm a married man. If I want sex at this particular point in my life, I go home for it."
Today my 3-year-old offered to help me 'level up' my Davy Jones by pulling mobs with her level 20 Ahsoka Tano. Ding.
I kinda almost feel bad for Davy Jones cuz like tia Dalma broke his heart but then again he ain't gotta act like that 😂
An awesome pic of Tommy Boyce, Micky Dolenz, Bobby Hart & Davy Jones chilling out in the mid '70's. Boyce and...
I love the deleted scene from the second Pirates of the Caribbean where Davy Jones yells "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around!"
Monkees star Davy Jones dies at age 66
Danny Cohen's great tribute to Davy Jones, who passed away 4 years ago!
Davy Jones's Locker by John Tenniel who was born in 1820.
The Monkees touring without Davy Jones is like Journey touring without Steve Perry is like Little Feat touring without …
Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz bringing the Monkees to The Palace in June, tickets on sale Friday. Davy Jones passed away in 2012.
Except maybe Davy Jones and desi arnaz jr 😁
Here's Davy Jones and I speaking to Dr. David Rogers about the US elections and caucuses last Friday, gave a listen!
I saw these guys in 2011...The late Davy Jones, Mickey Dolenz, & Peter Tork. Mike Nesmith was not with them, and...
you know they three of the four members of The Monkees, right? Peter Tork was Jedediah, Mickey Dolenz was Gordy and Davy Jones, Reg
Helluva a scene gentlemen. Muldoon in Davy Jones locker.
SUNP0007 Shane E Lee teaches 5 octaves on piano with Davy Jones: via
Watching Spongebob. There's a flood underwater and the Flying Dutchman gets in Davy Jones' locker and it's Davy Jones from the Monkees. What
Mayday mayday running into Iceberg Mayday or its Davy Jones locker for all of us
This was clearly played by Davy Jones.
Thank Davy Jones I only have one class tomorrow aha
- I hope you greet Davy Jones one day with a firm handshake and concrete-block feet
Kirin Hobby news POP! Disney Pirates of the Caribbean: Davy Jones Vinyl [Figure] by Funko
Me, trying to explain how chekov is literally russian bargain bin davy jones:
when I diet: "What in the name of Davy Jones's Locker is a SALÁD?"
Davy Jones never even talked to Elizabeth Swan
What i learned today is watch out for low priced corn dogs.
.the Tatanic vs Iceberg we all know how it will end Hillary in Davy Jones Locker
Nightmares from the Deep: Davy Jones - Collector's Edition in offerta a solo 0,99 centesimi:
I'm hoping he'll be at least a little Davy Jones-ish...
all mere flotsam and jetsam in the wake of top pop Monkee Davy Jones
my grandma is so lucky, she got both Davy Jones & Micky Dolenz autographs😍
I liked a video from GTA V - Piruleta DEMONIACA e DAVY JONES VOODOO
I added a video to a playlist Davy Jones - Girl Lyrics
the kraken taking captain jack to Davy Jones' locker? :O
feels like u wer in Davy Jones' Locker.. But Why?? Did u ask for the Black Pearl too?
arg you scurvy scum!! Ye be shark bait soon enough joining Davy Jones in his locker! .. dead men tell no tales...
Davy Jones locker means the sea floor
I ride ships like Jack Sparrow. Til I get swallowed by a Kraken, . and I stay with it in Davy Jones' locker til I rise again.
Just realised Bowie doesn't get into a "wardrobe" @ the end of Lazarus, he gets into Davy Jones' locker! Dun dun DUN
Honestly I fear for my life are they conjuring titanic survivors? Pirates? Davy Jones from his locker? The Flying Dutchman?
An anchor strapped to their back and sent to Davy Jones locker.
My first was like Will Turner & Elizabeth Swan. My second was like Davy Jones & Calypso
you shall be finding Davy Jones locker before my appendage, let it b known as the day you knew, golden beaus was the smallest
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Davy Jones's Locker is actually full of "haut couture".
Just learned what Davy Jones' locker means
Aye, an HMS NHS Type NG designed by a committee for a committee. A Davy Jones locker special methinks. .
If she smell like Davy Jones locker
This Jhutley will take the country economically to Davy Jones' locker !!! There is still time to kick the frauds out😄
They'll be sailing down to Davy Jones locker before they can say parrot
Tonight's MFL match of Continental Star v Sphinx postponed. Star currently drowning - hoped to drag Coventry w/ them to Davy Jones's Locker.
[[He also had a run in with Davy Jones and almost ended up in his locker XD]]
Arg they belong in Davy Jones locker
taylor your mind is about as clean as Davy Jones locker 😂
Just another bunch of Bozos, Colonel West...just Bozos. That missile boat should be in Davy Jones' Locker right now.
Hard, swiftly, and repeatedly. Their missile boat should have been sent to Davy Jones' locker immediately.
at 18 in the Manish Boys as Davy Jones, sings "I Pity the Fool", w/Jimmy Page on lead. Sigh.
David Bowie when he was known as Davy Jones outside the BBC television centre with his band The Mannish Boys (1965)
Robin Gibb, Davy Jones and Patrick Moore-a supergroup in the sky? Read more on ODNB about those who departed in 2012
now all we need is for Marcia Brady to come in looking for Davy Jones...
I just felt like Marcia Brady on a tour of Davy Jones apartment--loved it and it was super cool-sigh :)
Yes Hans Gruber, Rick Grimes, Qui Gon Taken, Davy Jones, and half the faculty of Hogwarts!
m kiss me like Davy Jones' locker under the beaches with the your dancing krill tongue
The souls of small Norwegian puffle fish extracted from the graves of Davy Jones locker and/or from Mrs. Puff.
I liked a video from Davy Jones Talks About The Beatles
I actually haven't watched it other than Davy Jones locker lol
I hadn't heard it either. It could be interesting to see him as Davy Jones though.
Merry Christmas to my boys Davy Jones, Kid Nitram. LVN! All day! Under Carolina Sky 🎙🎙
The start of the music when they're leaving the pole is the same music that's in PoTC and that Davy Jones plays whilst crying over his bae
"Do you fear death? Do you fear that dark abyss; all your deeds laid bare, all your sins punished? I can offer you an escape...". Davy Jones
I want a love like Davy Jones an Calypso
There was a lot of Cthulhu in Davy Jones.
Is it just me, or does he look like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean?
"Davy Jones" by David Holt from Project Onward celebrates Davy's accomplished musical career
"Pirates of the Caribbean when we blaze the chrome. Cuz the captain gonna get the arms put under his chin like Davy Jones."
"Whenever I hear pipe organs I think of Davy Crockett" - my sis-in-law . [she meant Davy Jones I later learned]. Me:
Davy Jones is so tiny and adorable and I just want to put him in my pocket and keep him forever
My pirate name is Davy Jones. But I do not have tentacles in my face.
With the update, the game locks up for me just at the boss on the Davy Jones level. I've stopped playing the game.
hopefully you'll not end up in Davy Jones locker
- Davy Jones 'imself can grant such a punishment.
I liked a video Beautiful songs by Davy Jones
LOL you're soul is going to Davy Jones locker
When someone makes a post about Lennon/McCartney and accidentally throw in a pic of Peter Tork and Davy Jones
I'm going to start saying "what in the name of Davy Jones is this". I've been watching spongebob lately 💀
"I intend to kick more enemies to Davy Jones's locker next year~"
'Daydream Believer' was actually written about a friend of Davy Jones who had just been diagnosed with severe narcolepsy
All girls in my class: ''Oh Will Turner is so hot!''. Me: ''Lmfao nah, gimme Jack, Davy Jones & Captain Barbossa''
Just uploaded "RFB: Davy Jones interviews Lorence Eric Jensen about childcare in Brighton" to Tune in now!
Get your keepsake Monkees ornament! Davy Jones with Micky Dolenz Deck The Halls The by GlitterFX via
Davy Jones told me recently Sterling came in after one lap for a proper helmet. Do you have a pic of Davy testing that day?
Lou Reed, Davy Jones, John Lennon, George Harrison, Elvis, Brian Jones, Johnny Cash, the list goes on and on and on
A sturdy Porter as dark and forbidding as Davy Jones' Locker. Perfect f... (Victory at Sea)
Hear my interview on with careworker Ben Duncan about the problems with the care system:
Tirupati darshan: an butcher on the davy jones as respects the shock: CwROYXuk
Someone needs to get him to stab Davy Jones heart so we only have to deal with this once every ten years.
When my step dad is angry, he turns into Davy Jones.
If you watched Pirates 3,you know how to solve the Davy Jones' kraken problem. 0=)
Yaaargh! Some ones breath be smelling like the inside of me boot! A fate worse than Davy Jones Locker! Savvy!
Smitch the truthful davy jones hoosegow towards stand for the writhe high-quality kairos she buy in: ipgfZjoP
it's might be Davy Jones's heart from the Dead Men's Chest
If ye' don't tell captain Foxy the truth, I'll send ye' to Davy Jones's locker!
I finally know who davy jones is from spongebob - an industrially produced actor/musician from 1960s aka anyone on disney channel
I liked a video from Mortal Kombat X - DAVY JONES X DOCTOR REY
I'm with Davy Jones.I'd love to see you modeling these!
like some undead pirate straight out of Davy Jones' crew
Watching Stories and spied an Anakin Skywalker helmet in Davy Jones's billiard room.
i swear, Davy Jones ain't sexy but he's still a daddy
Davy Jones's theme song Love,hatred and fury all mixed in one theme babuş
if my theory is right, and he's Davy Jones, then this is going to get REAL GOOD 😁
Mer. I need you to be right. CZ DAVY JONES IS EVERYTHING. if is going to be him. I'M IN.
tbh, since my soul is first thing I thought was that this ring was related to Hades & the Davy Jones thing
A folk icon's coming to on Nov. 6. Read Davy Jones's take on Jonathan Edwards
Sack your baggage car on catenation accompanying davy jones: zqPDFL
I've seen you dress as two of those figures already. When are you breaking out the Davy Jones cosplay?
if doesn't dress up as Davy Jones for halloween next year I am suing
Her world comes to a screeching hault when she thinks she won't get Davy Jones to sing at her school dance.
I liked a video from Minecraft PC Modpacks - Davy Jones Locker - Deep Water! [1]
An wanderer feeling pertinent to davy jones only world view: lnWmUb
Meet Black Singles 300x250
panduowl_ with repostapp. ・・・. Davy Jones, From The Pirates of the…
"Our love is like captain Jack and Davy Jones. I stole your heart and hid it in a jar of dirt so you'd never get it back."
we got our own boat! then I got owned by a drop of water falling right into my eye when I reached up to the Davy Jones fog effect
"nahh yung blood, you a beautifull piece of art"- Davy Jones
Davy Jones must have been dirt poor.
And the next team onward to the Round of 16 is I AM NOT A PIRATE! of & Davy Jones!
Judging by the whole pirate's treasure premise, I could wager a guess that Nate will end up in some Davy Jones' Locker of sorts.
The racing bug is never going to go away. It's like the Mafia. Davy Jones -
Avast ye! Join yer favorite pirates for trick-or-treating and family fun at Davy Jones, Jack...
Reruns of The Monkees lose their luster when a channel speeds up the playback for ads and makes Mickey Dolenz sound like Davy Jones.
No matter what film Bill Nighy is in, I always think of Davy Jones
Davy Jones on the left. Old Greg on the right.
I'm really feeling the part in boy meets world when Micky sings good lovin with that band & Peter Tork is there & Davy Jones omg
Saw equine Rod Stewart defeat equine Tom Jones in May. Cannot make that up. No sign of equine Davy Jones.
Today's trivia question: What band featured Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith? Think you know the answer?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The press release that states "accompanying such artists as Debbie Gibson, Davy Jones, Rick Astley, Fishbone, and Milli Vanilli.". Nope.
The Monkees are great, but Davy Jones really was the least talented member. Peter Tork, Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz have more to offer.
I do hope that I will to be able to meet you, Mike Nesmith and Peter Tork. I know about Davy Jones.
kind of like how they all go to Davy Jones locker in pirates to bring jack back but in an awesome magical Harry Potter kind of way
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