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Davina McCall

Davina Lucy Pascale McCall (born 16 October 1967) is an English television presenter. She currently hosts the Channel 4 game show The Million Pound Drop Live, Sky1's reality talent show Got to Dance, and ITV shows The Biggest Loser and Long Lost Family.

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What *** named her Davina McCall and not Shouty McShout Face?
Davina McCall rapping and dancing with Vicky McClure. Excruciatingly embarrassing. Stop it. — watching The Nightly Show
Davina Mccall is the most annoying tv presenter ever
As if the Nightly Show wasn't bad enough, Davina McCall is presenting it to stick the final nail in the coffin
Cud anything be worse than The Nightly Show wiv Davina McCall?! The absolute PITS.!!!
yes agree with you! Just watching Davina McCall on nightly show, have nearly choked on my own laughter! Hear you tomorrow 😁
Nah Some boy on the nightly show w Davina McCall just won 2 tickets to Ibiza and davina asked what will u do "hopefully lose my virginity"😂
hey Emily - we're making a new talk show with Davina McCall and would love to feature the 'GEMC' story.…
Davina McCall, 49, shows off gym-honed figure and toned pins in Minnie Mouse swimsuit.
Vogue Williams reveals EVERYONE was scared for her ahead of SHOCK injury:
Just watched the jump, any one else see Robbie fowler smashing drinks behind Davina McCall 😂😂
So I guess Eastenders are going to create an ambiguous drug taking storyline about a pathetic liar.
Sir Bradley Wiggins shocks Davina McCall as he swears on The Jump Truly arrogant man, language filth.strip the sir.
OMG we can't believe she said this live on air 😱
Sir Bradley Wiggins panics Davina McCall as he swears on - before the watershed
Davina McCall goes the extra mile for us!
The Olympic cyclist left his fellow celebrities SHOCKED with this rude word pre-watershed!.
"You just threw me under the bus" Vogue Williams left in tears after her new relationship was revealed on live TV…
The Jump’s Vogue Williams blasts Davina McCall: 'She threw me under the bus'
's Vogue Williams is definitely not happy with Davina McCall
Davina McCall 49-year-old presenter shows off her phenomenal physique:
Davina McCall kicks off The Jump with a very risky joke
tells off Sir Bradley Wiggins for SWEARING live on
The Jump 2017: Josie Gibson REFUSES to jump forcing Davina McCall's show to over-run -
Davina McCall apologising for Bradley Wiggins using the words 'Daily Mail' before the watershed
The model was also grilled about her rumoured romance with star Spencer Matthews!.
Vogue Williams BREAKS DOWN on live TV: 'You threw me under the bus'
Vogue Williams left mortified as The Jump’s Davina McCall quizzes her about Spencer Matthews romance
Vogue Williams in tears as Davina McCall confirms Spencer Matthews romance: 'You threw me under the bus!…
The Jump 2017: Mark Dolan SLAMMED by viewers for 's**t' Brexit joke -
Amazon purchase. Flowers (boxset), Davina McCall workout DVD, and Your Highness. Comes to £30.20 in total.
I'm finally getting my laptop back after it being dead for nearly 2 months. It's been so long, I feel like Davina McCall should reunite us!
Davina McCall can shove her fitness DVD's up her boney ***
If channel 5 want shock and viewers. Simple stick in Davina McCall and maybe Dermot O'Leary.
when was Davina McCall last on that?
davina McCall supposedly wants to take over bots
Mel B and Professor Green more annoying than Davina McCall running her nails down a blackboard
Stephen Mulhern is on TV more than Davina McCall these days!! 🙈
Davina Mccall to her credit selected Duke Ellington's Nutcracker suite - not my favourite Ellington but better than most choices
fab 😂. I bet Davina McCall's people will be in touch 👍. It would be a big hit, you're an inspiration 🙌
Find out why Davina McCall won't take part in Strictly Come Dancing
. ITV looking for to take part in a new presented by Davina McCall
Davina McCall and husband Matthew Robertson won't do Strictly Come Dancing - as they're worried about the 'curse'
Eeeep. We're cringing for Davina McCall over what happened to her on yesterday...…
WIN: Davina McCall's new DVD 30 Day Fat Burn lets you buddy up with the kids to get fit. Win a copy with…
Davina McCall and Kevin Kennedy open up about addiction on This Morning
Davina McCall's husband doesn't want her to do Strictly Come Dancing
Davina McCall reveals she 'concealed addiction problems' and was a 'maintenance user'
Kevin Kennedy and Davina McCall 'concealed addiction problems' .
2 gorgeous folk share their journey of Smashing Stigma of Love it
Currently listening to Davina McCall's 'Lessons I've Learned'. excellent and inspirational stuff... thank you 😀 x
Davina McCall has shared some very sad details today. This is incredibly brave of her:
davina mcCall is supposed to be good. Good luck with your work out.💗
Davina McCall opens up about her drug addiction past during candid chat on This Morning
Davina McCall used to go out with Eric Clapton. Mind blown I never knew this.
Former Celebrity Big Brother presenter Davina McCall says she wants to host if Rylan enters the house!
Davina McCall wants to return to Celebrity Big Brother
- This Morning fans accuse Davina McCall of giving them a headache, Davina McCall stepped in for Holly on...
Gavin Rossdale : Davina McCall blushes after asking ... - Read more:
All it takes is an egg timer to save your marriage says Davina McCall:
viewers went into meltdown after Gavin Rossdale swore on live TV
Website Builder 728x90
Why did Davina McCall get all of a fluster when talking about Bush with Gavin Rossdale?
Davina McCall unexpectedly reveals a heartbreaking truth about her past live on
This Morning viewers in meltdown as The Voice UK’s judge Gavin Rossdale swears on live TV
'Not for this time of day!' Davina McCall left red-faced as she asks Gavin Rossdale why his band name is Bush on……
Davina McCall and Coronation Street’s Kevin Kennedy open up about their drug and alcohol addictions on This Morning
The Davini Code? Is that the one where Davina McCall goes in search of the Ark of the Covenant?
Charlie Brooker is a genius solely on the scene in Dead Set where Davina McCall gets her throat torn out to the tune of Grace Kelly by Mika
I think we should go for a celebrity PM...Holly Willoughby, Davina McCall or Rachel Riley 😉😍
Watching that guy with the stammer on that Davina McCall show and I am so impressed. In my job, I speak to people who have a stammer all >
Davina McCall reveals how her 'alcoholic' mother betrayed her twice...
my dad has the biggest vendetta against Davina McCall it's unreal
This Time Next Year is a brilliant concept for a TV show, props to Davina McCall and the writers for that idea.
Davina McCall promises a "crazy amazing" line-up for the new series of The read more at
there’s a touch of Davina McCall about you in that image. Not meant to be a compliment or insult - just an observation.
The only instance where you've ever made love involves an old sock and a Davina McCall fitness DVD.
All purpose parts banner
Fantastic line up on Lorraine next week is Davina McCall, Sir Cliff Richard, Phil Collins and much more.
Davina McCall opens up about not trusting her mum...
Edging closer to Channel 4's dream team of Davina McCall, Roisin Conaty, Gizzi Erskine and Jimmy Doherty
Mel and Sue have quit as hosts of following its move to Channel 4. . Davina McCall:
Better yet, it'll be one of those goggle box plums and someone like Davina McCall who's best TV was on Big Brother about 10 years ago.
A few people others go mad for but I just don't 'get', feel free to comment with your own:. Susanna Reid. Holly Willoughby. Davina McCall
Long Lost Family returns on Wednesday 13th July at 9pm with Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell.
Confirmed: Long Lost Family with Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, returns Wednesday 13 July at 9pm on ITV
– Save money and keep the government happy by merging Claudia Winkleman, Davina McCall and Emma Freud.
And he keeps trying to pinch my Nectar points to buy Davina McCall work out DVDs
I had the pleasure of being contracted by and my highlight was meeting and Davina McCall. I MISS UK
If Davina McCall wears a then so must you!! As available at Apex Sports
A very sweaty selfie with the inspiring Davina McCall. . What a great workout with the new…
Find out more about the reason for Davina McCall's visit to Hawkhurst primary school here:
It's great to see Davina McCall inspiring children in Kent to Wrap, Splat, Hat!
If the UK wins this year, petition for Graham Norton and Davina McCall to present next year.
(She looked like Davina McCall is all)
She has a striking realm lance to Davina McCall 🤔😂
Davina McCall there singing of her love of kebabs!
She's like Davina McCall, but less irritating.
Suranne Jones, Davina McCall and Cher had a threesome and this woman was the result. 🇲🇰
I didn't realise Davina McCall was from Macedonia! she's gone downhill since Big Brother.
Susanna Reid takes a swipe at Loose Woman host over
Davina McCall at ITV studios today in still up there with my favourite celeb bums
New video in LESS THAN A HOUR!! Call me Davina McCall or Emma Willis whilst I give you a guided tour around my room! 😊
Find out all about our sun safe campaign Wrap Splat Hat, heroed by Davina McCall, right here:
Davina McCall. So envious of this woman. Must watch her new TV show
Davina Mccall co hosting the Sneaks session
Davina McCall is obsessed by tech. Happy to be with today
Davina McCall was diving 1330meters in her show. 4 hours and no rest room ;)
Once again I will be Hand cycling 68 miles along side Davina McCall on June 12th for Action Medical ...
...Don't forget Davina McCall and her pearls of Photoshop wisdom.
Now picture this...You’re over 50 and that was said during your job interview?
Did you see Davina on Good Morning Britain yesterday talking about Wrap Splat Hat? She was looking great! .
time - Colin Farrell, Davina McCall and Heston B to open my world to digital marketing?
hi sally hope you and your family are well did you watch good morning Britain Davina McCall was onxxdavid
hi Susanna what a great person is Davina McCall so lovely kind down to earth and a good role model xxdavid
Susanna Reid inspects Davina McCall for botox And of course pipes up...
Susanna Reid checks Davina's forehead for botox live on Good Morning Britain
'I had absolutely no idea you were that OLD': Piers Morgan, 51, says wha
Susanna Reid checks if Davina McCall has been using botox live on Good Morning Britain
TheSun: ‘This is what Katie Price did to me’: Susanna Reid inspects Davina McCall for botox …
Happy What could be more English than From sweetened with maple syrup
Davina McCall and Jessica Ennis hailed our ultimate and it's easy to see why
Paloma Faith, Davina Mccall and Roy Fielding. At last the celebrity injunction threesome is revealed!
Loving Food Detectives. Thank you for it. This is about why people believe pseudoscience so easily.
"The voices in my head told me to believe Davina McCall"
Just added: Davina McCall hand weights - Click for info
Want to have dinner with Davina McCall? Click for info:
Im hoping for Davina McCall or Fern Cotton, but I'm not that lucky.
Davina McCall tells her birth story.
Visit in Stratford today 12-3pm for a free colour consultation with Davina McCall's colourist, Trevor Halls
What I see in the mirror: Davina McCall
Right 2016, you've got about 8 months left. Davina McCall and Sonia from Eastenders ey?
didn't davina McCall do something similar about 20 years ago?
Would personally love tae see Davina McCall get a crack at the Celtic job
LOL! It'd take more than Davina McCall to bring about the end of days. xxx
I can see the resemblance to Michelle Collins but she's aged way worse than you! I get Davina McCall 😢
Hi, This is a piece about why people believe in pseudoscience so easily and what can be done about it.
Latest Angry Chef Post. Why people believe food pseudoscience. And why the solution can be found in 1980s hip hop.
Suggestions for Chris Tarrant, Jimmy White, Amanda Holden, Davina McCall and a bit of a punt... Christian Bale. Do it.
What can we imagine? Davina McCall has after using a armoured vehicle on blue Kryptonite.
Inspiring talk by Davina McCall about birth and motherhood. A former heroin addict she describes the experience...
Great McCall has ambitions to pilot a van over a charity for paralysed horses.
Davina McCall 2 in 1 Cross trainer and bike in one. - Bid Now! Only $45.0
Urgh! Davina McCall has admitted selling a shocking story about a baby chameleon to the Sun.
Why do people believe in pseudoscience?. via
Davina McCall gets her face everywhere. Fair play though, I think I would too if I looked like her!
It's Davina McCall has been wrongly using a safari park. Already a horse has been squashed logo on her website, it has been admi...
Latest post from Angry Chef. Why it is so easy to believe pseudoscience. Why the answer is found in 80's hip hop. https…
He-Man has just found out I sneaked into Castle Grayskull earlier and stole all of his Davina McCall fitness DVDs. http…
amazombies Re: Movies/TV Shows: ...hosted by Davina McCall and Paddy McGuinness, natch.
BBC have Sir David Attenborough for nature docs. ITV have Davina McCall. No contest really.
I see it's now compulsory to have either Claudia Winkleman, Fearne Cotton, Tess Daly or Davina McCall on all tv programmes.
I can't bear Sarah Cox or Davina McCall-there. That is my thought for the evening.
I'm intrigued with IT'S programming at present. Extreme Environments woth Davina Mccall being the latest Partridgesque...
Davina McCall just said she liked watching Beth Tweddle go down. Filthy mare!.
How did you persuade Davina McCall to help oot.
I'm pretty sure that Davina McCall is George Harrison's *** child. The resemblance is uncanny
Davina McCall flaunts her toned six-pack in sports bra as she takes a breathtaking pos
Davina McCall is number one on the list of the most body-positive women.
We catch up with host and action woman Davina McCall as the all-action reality TV series The Jump returns this week!
Davina McCall scales climbing wall for Duke of Edinburgh's Award challenge...
Can't believe I have just based me English GCSE on Davina McCall long lost families 😂😂😂
Davina McCall loves us! Which is all the persuasion I need.
Davina McCall's family don't want to hear what Davina McCall has to say as they know she has a DVD out. R1 breakfast should know better.
YET AGAIN Davina McCall inserts herself into Nick Grimshaw's show. Just text about anything, McCall, they'll read it. Got a product to sell?
So Davina McCall LOVES this high street fitness clothing
Incredibly fit Davina McCall shares her secret to success...
People are stopping for a poo near Davina McCall's 3.2m village mansion...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Davina McCall Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Davina McCall is one of the most successful hosts today. She is p... http…
EAMONN Holmes flirted up a storm with Davina McCall in front of his wife Ruth Langsford on This Morning today.
F1 presented by Davina McCall, Justin Lee Collins and a Big Brother runner up.
Anyway, I just done 10k on my Davina McCall exercise bike and feel like I could run up a mountain and *** a bear aff.
castings colours in sainsburys ... The one davina McCall advertises
I wonder why? Davina has supplied Night Nurse to an undercover reporter after being promised help to break into the son of Satan.
it's just that bloody awful Davina McCall
GREAT IDEA: This TV presenter can't find time to go on dates with her husband, so they go to the dentist...
Davina McCall is trekking with 7 others through the vast forests of Costa Rica
We're reuniting long lost families here on Just call us Davina McCall ;)
Life At The Extreme presented by Davina McCall and is "big, clear and simple" - Richard Klein of ITV
sometimes they sound like disappointed cats too and I feel like I'm on that Davina McCall show where she reuni…
I should know better, I have a toddler! Need to channel Davina McCall eh Keith!
TV presenter Davina McCall: Regrets are a complete waste of time -
She's been to the Davina McCall media finishing school.
dermot and davina mccall KING AND QUEEN of live tv
I want Ant and Dec to go in the jungle and Davina McCall to go in the Big Brother house
n Caroline flack are so *** poor that they actually make Davina McCall look good.
what about Davina McCall shes mega fit? And why not a woman?
Is Davina McCall right to keep her fortune from her family? explores
is that sharleen spiteri or Davina McCall?
NewsNoys Eat this: Davina McCall has used an X-ray spectrometer to examine a deep fat fryer.
is that what they call it these days? She's plain awful hopefully she won't be back next year. She mak…
Remember when New Labour put Zoe Ball, Davina McCall and Sara Cox in charge of Britain's women?
watching this darts game show with Andrew Flintoff and Davina Mccall. Bullseye it is not. Needs more Jim Bowen
Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen will appear on Sky 1 as part of a new game show hosted by Davina McCall and Andrew Flintoff.
Would love to give Davina MCcall one
Tune into tonight on ITV at 9:30pm with Keith Lemon, Davina McCall, Dave Berry and Bruno Tonioli.
Hosted a party for Davina McCall and her kids, standard
Prime time TV has been screaming out for a darts programme presented by Davina McCall.
Breast Cancer Awareness
And another thing. 'Darts based game show' hosted by davina McCall and commentary by freddy flintoff. . No.
After months of preparation, McCall has been suspended by party after accepting cash access to Captain America's spine.
Her name is Davina McCall. She also hosted the "civilian" BBUK for the first decade.
Another turkey to put on Davina McCall's CV. She's got more than Bernard bloody Matthews.
Davina McCall is on my telly, and unsurprisingly she's SHOUTING A LOT.
I'd still give Davina McCall a game!
It IS Davina McCall. I almost convinced myself it was Martina McCutcheon. I have a long drive tomorrow - it'll be fine.
Was talking to guy who used to be Davina McCall's gardener. Somehow resisted the temptation to ask him lots of juvenile questions.
They defo need to get Davina McCall in celebrity Big Brother next year lol
need to add Davina Mccall to that list of two
Davina McCall hosting a darts gameshow. *** is a place on Earth.
Just watched a Davina McCall interview and now I feel like life makes sense.
Davina McCall has said she struggling to understand Captain
you need gunge more on celb juice and get davina McCall Emma Willis and Ruth Langford all do it talk to me
I think you should get gunge on the show and get davina McCall and holly willougby to do it or Emma Willis
Buy Miche Bag Online!
What has Davina McCall done to her hair? Looks like she wants be a *** then decided against it half way through
My dad told my mum he fancied Davina McCall n everytime that hair advert comes on she sits in a huff goin "a just dont see it " psycho burd
Not a great night on Sky Sports. Choice between greyhound racing, golf and a darts-based game show hosted by Andrew Fl…
Jesus, that 180 is an absolute car crash. Why is Davina McCall hosting it, and why is it so corny 😳🙈
Holly Willoughby and Davina Mccall in the same advert. I feel like I've died and gone to ***
Want to change your life in 2016? Then get involved with this exciting new show with Davina McCall.
One Hundred and Eighty host Davina McCall is starting to understand darts... and she loves it
Love this conversation between TV presenter Davina McCall and Andi Peters
When your boyfriend is on telly, but he's just ogling Davina McCall's *** 👀
hosted by Freddie Flintoff & Davina McCall and features Phil Taylor van Gerwen, Anderson. If someone can use them please get in touch
Davina McCall. Darts. Does not compute. Helen Chamberlain & Holly Willoughby have more of an affinity with darts.
Davina McCall, Peter Gabriel, Rory Cellan-Jones queuing up to get Tim Harpers 'auto-graphene' at Xefro Intelligent Heating …
Davina McCall hostin Long Lost Family Her kids b wonderin who ther mum is in yrs to come as shes on TV more than shes at home by looks of it
Fat Sam Allardyce is on TV again on . On telly more than Davina McCall these days. Sick of the sight of him to be honest.
I think this Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell show is without a doubt the most exploitative pish on the telly these days.
Update your maps at Navteq
MKWeb published LONG LOST FAMILY: Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell return to help... Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell return with two very …
Davina McCall interview: 'You must keep your husband satisfied in the bedroom'
Davina McCall and Clare Balding smashed together in the LHC. That's who.
I wonder what smack actually feels like. Davina McCall used to jack up.
Davina McCall to auction outfit from TV show The Jump in aid of Focus 12 in Bury St Edmunds
Not sure I can put up with a hyperventilating Davina McCall at this time of a morning!! Stick to Million Pound Drop love!! X😜😝☀️
Meet the man behind David Walliams & Davina McCall fitness challenges. 'Anyone can achieve extraordinary fitness'
Eddie Izzard, David Walliams, John Bishop, and Davina McCall joking about their fundraising activities. Could have been worse.
→ Orlando Bloom SNOGS David Walliams and Davina McCall as he makes ... 925
Davina McCall is my kind of girl! OMG, now I'm a bit jealous tbh. She snugged Orlando Blooming Bloom 😩😩😩😩
Davina McCall forgetting what year it is. Good start.
this is one for Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall.
if JANET STREET PORTER or Davina McCall can appear then I want Sort it out
Davina McCall helped us by donating gym equipment to help us get fitter for our wheelchair rugby sessions. Training session tomorrow :)
Why do TV shows still employ Davina McCall?! She's incredibly annoying and has a face like a prune licking *** of a stingy nettle
Everyone's talking: Davina McCall has refused to for calling the Israeli Defence Force Machu
Big shout out tae Davina McCall fur been off the heroin 20 years well in hen xxx
Davina McCall celebrates 20 years drug free but will never stop attending Narcotics Anonymous.
McCall still attends NA meetings: Davina McCall has revealed she still attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings.
Davina McCall: I won't have one glass of wine for fear of addiction: TV presenter Davina McCall says she goes to Narcotics Anonymous ...
Davina McCall reveals she still attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings -
Davina McCall reveals she still goes to Narcotics Anonymous meetings
Davina McCall: "One glass of wine is impossible. I can’t just have one of anything so I go to Narcotics Anonymous."
I think Davina McCall showed more passion on the show than Emma Willis when she did Big Brother
In this week's mag we've got chats with Coleen Rooney, Kara Tointon & Davina McCall!
Now following Davina McCall and Holly Willoughby on here
Andrea Boardman, daughter of the comedian Stan. And Paul Hendy- did 'Don't Try This At Home' with Davina McCall.
Coleen Nolan + Davina McCall spelt her name as Linda. Why don't u have a pop at them?? u need 2 get a life + stop being petty
Davina McCall and Tim Lovejoy on the same show. Wish I'd gone into the office.
I wish to thank Daily Brunch with the twin evils of Tim Lovejoy and Davina McCall for getting me out of the house.
Alan Carr, Davina McCall and Andy Murray join forces for Stand Up ...:
It culminates in an epic live TV event hosted by Davina McCall, Alan Carr and Dr Christian Jessen. The trio wi...
- A bloke explains why he hates stuff to Frank Skinner and then gets evicted by Davina McCall.
has taught me that Davina McCall and Claudia Winkleman are not the same person.
I hope Davina McCall & Nicky Campbell are reunited again one day. They often miss each other in various cafés & parks by a matter of minutes
Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell present starting in 5 minutes on ITV
This would be so much better with Davina McCall, or anyone else really. John McCririck would be more knowledgeable
TV presenter Davina McCall completes the final leg of her 500-mile Sport Relief challenge in London.
Davina Mccall; Alan Carr and Nick Grimshaw, it's hard to work out whose the most irritating
Can't stand Davina McCall or Nick Grimshaw but I like the questions
Davina McCall is so cringeworthy on the the show where you get two questions for every ad break
What about meeting Bob Holness or seeing Davina McCall filming Street Mate?
PlsRT!Looking for London based families for Hat Trick's new quiz show studio pilot with Davina McCall
Can we assume that Davina McCall will be there for Paxman to show him his best bits?
ICYMI: Davina McCall's polka dot bikini gets Daily Mail all hot and bothered
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