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Davidson County

Davidson County is a county located in the U.S. state of Tennessee. As of the 2010 census, the population was 626,681. Its county seat is Nashville.

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naw, he in Davidson county. livin dat good life aha he said Fucc Rutherford county 😂
Silver Alert issued for missing Davidson County man
it Davidson county which is my surname!! Woohoo!
Playing the Norfolk county fair tonight in Simcoe,ON with
Tourists spent $16.7 billion on travel to Tennessee in 2013. Davidson County accounted for $5 billion in tourism...
Looks like there's a 70% chance of rain in Davidson County today, folks, better grab an umbrella
And tomorrow's schedule for Rowan County prep football: at Lexington, at East Davidson ...
Nothing like riding around the back roads of davidson county on a night like this
Your View: Animal shelter woes hurt Davidson: I ask the County Commissioners to move animal control to a stand...
I'll be at the County Wide Antique sell Davidson County Fair Grounds in the exhibit building Saturday & Sunday.
Congradulations to our Women Cross Country team placing first and the Men second in the Davidson County Championship today!
Whoever Laquita is, she better stop giving my number as hers for Davidson county courts. 😡
Davidson County is recruiting poll officials for the Nov. Election. For more info visit
Someone tell me why there are only two DMV's in the Davidson county. I think 15,835 ppl are at this one.
Rain is almost over in Davidson co. Williamson county will see showers for the next 45 mins or so. ^wm
105 lb hunter scores with a 510 lb bear! Cassie Davidson was able to harvest this Newton County giant!
Pray that I do not end up in Baltimore County. — at Bob Davidson Ford Lincoln
Rain and thunderstorms passing to our north. May see a few showers in Davidson County north of I 40. Radar 8:05 AM
Winston Salem us becoming the town of gravel roads and raised manholes. Let me just stay in Davidson County.
okay so I know they're corrupt everywhere but in DAVIDSON county it's really *** backwards
Yeah, and then he and Lendale White took out all the Patron in Davidson County every weekend
bellend Davidson county reg would be smooth
at a client's house in Davidson county nc it legit looked like the cullens house but creepy and dark and sinister
Man accused of sexual assault arrested in Davidson County
Once again, Davidson county, in all its liberal glory, reminds me why I chose to move to Williamson county. Conservatives, English...
Crime drops in Davidson County, report shows
The Arc of Davidson County to hold flu clinic Tuesday
The Young Athletes Program is helping Davidson County preschoolers develop motor skills and make friends:
Carter's Corner: Davidson County Preview Week 7: . Father Ryan 4-2  at  MBA 5-2. This is the TV Game of the W...
Congrats to 's Darius Morehead. He is our Week 6 Davidson Co. Player of the Week after their win over MBA.
I love Cullowhee but sometimes I'd give anything to see a Davidson County sunrise. 🙏
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Severe Thunderstorm Warning will be extended into Sumner County, probably not Davidson Co.
Nashville Jobs PHARMACIST 2-100814-142600 - State of Tennessee - Davidson County, TN: Graduation from an accr...
Unsolicited offers of help from HD Ackerman and a major county if Neil Davidson returns to LCCC
I liked a video from Nashville Flipside Presents Travis Meadows "Davidson County
Well, Alex & the Carson boys split with the ER/WR team. Now 3-3 on the fall season. Play Davidson County next weekend (Saturday) at Wingate University. After 2 today, Alex was worn out.
September 20, 2014 was a wonderful step in the right direction for animals at the Davidson County Animal Shelter. Lynn Leonard and I solicited donations yesterday morning at the entrance to the Lexington Plaza Shopping Center to help pay for decals the "Fix the Shelter" group wants to order and raised about $116. With pledges, there are enough funds to purchase them. Please note the statistics on the sign at the protest on the Square. We can do better than this in our great county. (Becky Everhart)
A huge thank you goes out to Rusty Sloop and everybody who worked hard to make this year's Ridin' Hawg Wild Poker Run for Autism event such a success. Not only did they raise a bunch of money for a great cause, but all of the leftover food was donated to the Davidson County Crisis Ministries to feed the residents of the homeless shelter. There was enough chicken stew left over to feed the multitude, along with cases of *** several cases of potato chips, boxes and boxes of oatmeal cookies, donuts and other baked goods, and at least a hundred bottles of water. It is the generosity of people like this that makes our little corner of the world such a wonderful place to live in. God Bless you all.
Thank you Paula & citizens in Davidson County N.C who came out yesterday for the picket protest against the use...
Former Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas has been killed in a single-vehicle crash in Davidson County.
Group protests use of gas chamber on animals in Davidson County
Investors! Davidson County 3 houses, pond, 5 acres, Seller financing: Seller financing is an option with appro...
When you criticize every opinion or statement it makes most of Davidson county hate you.
When every opinion or statement is criticized it really makes you hate most of Davidson County
Wow all of Davidson County c/o 2013 is in Greenville too bad I wasn't friends with anybody in high school ha ha
WHAT CAN WE DO?. A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the Davidson County, NC, pound which kills 92% of cats and... http…
Trying to keep calm in Davidson County
"Actually, no - this kind of blatant theft happens anywhere you find a "government."" — Robert Davidson
Come join NAMI Davidson County today and tomorrow at the Music City Convention Center between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Just reserved my FEEZOR for Davidson County School Board from via available for the next 4 days
One of the hardest trappers outta Davidson county.
Dad why are they setting off fireworks? "Cause we live in Davidson county. Every day is a fine day to blow something up here"
South Doyle’s Harvey Wheeler strips Cocke County’s Davidson on a 3 yard carry. Takes ball to end zone for a score just 49 seconds in
At the Davidson County Fair it's hard to tell the difference between the attractions and the people
Went 2-0 today now it's time for our boys to win the marshall county Super Bowl! 👊⚾️🏈
Millennials moving to Davidson County in droves
Don't forget to attend the diaper derby tonight at the Davidson County fair at 6 p.m. Go baby go!
"Let's take a picture in the Sheetz parking lot because we are just that cool and have nothing better to do" . -Davidson County
well my day was going good till Davidson county called me reminding me about court on Tuesday ... 😒
Davidson County couple arrested on opium trafficking charges
So proud of my best friend winning Miss Davidson County! 😍🙌
Davidson County S&P credit rating improves: … place and has improved its credit rating with the...
Congrats to the beautiful on winning ms Davidson county! I love you and miss you!
My baby is Miss Davidson County!!! So proud of you ibba, wish I could've been there to see you win! 💕😘
Pretty proud that my little county was the first to be read out.. 🙋
Team Hunter Murphy at the Davidson County Fair it was wonderful! Met so many great people
“Ledford wins the Davidson County Beauty Contest for the first time since 1989!!
IMO, Rutherford County got the best school system in the state but Davidson County is good as well
Something definitely wrong with this shelter in Davidson county. Time for us to call and do something
Another mention at a meeting in Davidson County, NC. They really want one, y’all. Seems like a smart financial decision.
Organizing at the Big Knob Fair, in the hills of Beaver County up above Rochester. We'll be there through...
Davidson County BOC votes 4-3 to approve the resolution regarding the I-85 Corporate Center, LLC.
Public hearing now being held about Section 35 of Davidson County Sewer Policy.
Davidson County meeting about to start. Looks like a full house.
Licensed to kill. I mean get married. ✅. @ Davidson County Clerk
This is horrible ! I can not believe this and only a few counties away . Davidson County Animal Shelter .
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
A Davidson County judge takes a look back at his time serving the community in Mental Health Court. . "The...
Maybe if can sign we can actually pickup station in Davidson county?
DAVIDSON COUNTY, NC. This hellhole animal shelter still gasses dogs and cats to death. They even put a mother...
Thank you for what you do. We can't do what we do without your help - Les Ashby of Salvation Army of Davidson County
A TRAIL OF DEAD DOGS & CATS. Yes, those are bodies of dead animals from Davidson County Animal Shelter in NC.
Which county has a good school system? Because Davidson county ain't cutting it.
United Way of Davidson County announced today a $1.7 million goal for the 2014-15 campaign
contact Davidson County Humane(i use the word loosely)Society-express your outrage over this issue-lets work...
Pacesetter Celebration for United Way of Davidson County at the Tom A. Finch Community YMCA.
Update: Officials ID Davidson County man who drowned in High Rock Lake
DAVIDSON COUNTY, NC --Atrocities!. "When asked how that was possible, how HSUS could celebrate a sadistic shelter...
$CCGI Reaches Agreement for Continued Operation of chargers in Nashville & Davidson County, TN
NC man apparently drowns in High Rock Lake: Davidson County officials say a 78-year-old Southmont man has...
$CCGI CarCharging Reaches Agreement for Continued Operation of 27 Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers in Nashville & Davidson County
Talking about moving away from Choctaw County makes me happy
The 2014 Lutheran Men of Davidson County Gathering is a success at Grace Lutheran!
How to have fun in the first day: Go to Davidson County while driving to the Career Center.
Davidson County rescue crews searching an area of High Rock Lake after someone reported seeing a body in the water
You served the children of Davidson County well in that position. I wish you continued success!
Crews searching for: DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Fire and rescue personnel are searching High Rock Lake in Davidson...
Crews searching in Davidson County after reports of body floating.
Davidson County Schools start today. Our kids are super excited!
I know I live in Davidson County when all these old rednecks constantly tell me "what's wrong with yer hair" 😒
We love when Simcoe County Smokers stops by at Barrie Harley-Davidson. Like if you enjoyed their pulled pork,...
Malique Fleming of is our Davidson Co. Player of the Week! Read about his night for the Burros.
Congrats to Malique Fleming of Hillsboro! He is our Davidson Co. Player of the Week for Week 0!
Our Davidson County High School FB Player of the Week had 2 picks in 2 minutes to help his team come from behind.
Appreciate being one of our great partners helping fund school based mentoring in Davidson county!
Van hits house in Davidson County: One person is hurt when a van hits a house in Davidson County.
WHAT? Davidson county sheriff Daron Hall calls me out. I was just going to make a donation to ALS. But now I...
and all of Davidson county students sighed as their alarms went off.
Tennis is at Davie County at 4:30. JV/V Soccer vs Central Davidson 5:30/7:00
Davidson County schools start tomorrow!!! Best of luck to my 9th grader!!
There's ice on the roads Davidson County Schools
SPSRAH from 8/18/2014 6:19 PM to 7:30 PM EDT for Montgomery County, Davidson County, Randolph County… Read more at
Davidson County commissioners in are saving time and money by going with iPads.
The Middle TN Career Coach will be providing assistance to the Davidson County Sheriff's Office today. Thursday...
I normally do photo sessions in Wilson County, so im not sure really where a good place to do them in davidson county or sumner county is. Any tips?
Always just a lot of messes; one fine mess after another. This old girl is just sick to death of it. Why there can't be just an iota of integrity.And this is just one example of politics as usual in Davidson County and in Tennessee. I get to hear a lot of the BS in politics round about and this is why I tell people...I DON'T WANT TO DISCUSS ANY OF IT! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! It's just really too much; over the top. No one seems willing to do anything about this...and all the other stuff. So what's the point? (I have advised some, "just keep filing complaints; one after another after another.And go public with it. What's with all the nicety-nice with those in the republican party?") Sick to death of all of it. Corrupt, just grotesquely corrupt. And so many want to know why I exited.Another example. (I know a number of people who are working hard to change status quo; but they are very few in number. Many are just willing to go along with this disgusting game.they love it and love the high drama!)
Today is the first day of school for Davidson County. I smile at the memories of my first days of school. For some reason every time I think of the first day of school, I automatically remember my first day of Jr. High. I have grown to appreciate those school days of Humboldt. I had a pretty good education there...Shout out to my enrichment colleagues... WHERE IS MRS. HUMPHREYS now days!? lol
Five Davidson County judgeships are up for grabs in the Nov. 7 election. Here's a primer.
GOOD MORNING IG!! First day for Davidson county!!! This is going to be a great school year, prayed and…
Happy 1st Day of School to all of our Davidson county mamas and kids. Who celebrated with a starbucks?
Hearing a little rumbling south my house; looks like some storms drifting into northern/central Davidson County.
A New Support Group for Moms by The Arc of Davidson County and Greater Nashville. Third Thursday of Each Month -...
rehearsal time and megatraffic (@ Boulder Scenic Area - Davidson Mesa in Boulder County, CO)
Prepping emotionally for the start of the 2014 Davidson county school year
Don't forget to check out Family Services of Davidson County 'Walk a Mile in Her Shoes' fundraiser during
Melissa Blackburn will be a great Davidson County General Sessions Judge.
Be alert tomorrow morning it's here in Davidson County (and surrounding counties as well)
Did you know? More than 41% of Davidson County census tracts have 20%+ of their households living in poverty.
EVERY *** morning there's an accident heading towards Davidson county!!
Please keep some friends in your thoughts. They need all the prayers they can get.
Davidson County sees unemployment rate rise to 6 …
I am officially endorsing Adam Dread for Judge. I encourage all my Davidson County friends to do the same.
You & me both. I think the problem will be with Davidson County. Ugh!. & pray GOP votes R 4
Hey Davidson County! I know turn signal usage isn't like the most popular thing in Nashville.but it IS helpful sometimes.
Two critically injured in rear-end collision in Davidson County: SILVER VALLEY, N.C. – Two people were critically...
Davidson County results from Bowman Gray 8-2-14.
Waiting for four o'clock ! (@ Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center in Nashville, TN)
Davidson County Board of Education meeting at 7 pm tonight at the administrative building - 250 County School Road.
Here are some highlights from the June housing report for Williamson and Davidson County. Incredible numbers!
Taken from inside the old Cook County Hospital. Thanks for sharing Dan Davidson!
This just in ... Zaxby opening new location in Davidson County on Highway 100 in front of Publix.
Firefighters battle three blazes in County - Firefighters put out three fires in Davidson County early...
Right now on -- live update on water repairs in Davidson County.
I mean I'm really in traffic. Question. Is Davidson county back in school? LP is Rutherford county so I don't know
Due to overwhelming response to our Election Night Watch Party, the location has been changed. Davidson County...
I'm Sedley, teacher librarian from Davidson County, NC. Was elem, now moving to MS/HS.
Looks like he has some Schnauzer in him... Name: DEACON . Davidson County Animal Shelter . 490 Glendale Rd...
I've been in Davidson County all weekend. I'm not leaving Rutherford today
Got cabin fever? Come to Harley-Davidson of Ocean County and check out the motorcycles!
SPSRAH from 8/3/2014 5:30 AM to 8:00 AM EDT for Guilford County, Montgomery County, Davidson Co... Read more at
but you didn't know the state fair was the Davidson county fair 😒 aw ok. 🐸☕️
Ready to graduate so I can get the *** out of Davidson county
Natty Greene' Freedom IPA with fresh local Davidson County hops from The Miller Hop Farm in Linwood.…
I think it might be season in and county. Let's move forward.
Update on Interruption to Water Service Caused by Pipe Failure: Mayor Karl Dean and Metro Water Services Director Scott Potter provided an update to media this morning on a major interruption to water services to 15,242 customers in the west and southwest portions of Davidson County caused by a catastrophic pipe failure. “In order for all homes and businesses to have sufficient water pressure, we are now implementing a strict no-irrigation policy in the affected area until permanent repair work is complete,” Mayor Dean said. “People who don’t abide by this policy are hurting their neighbors and fellow Nashvillians by using water others need for essential uses.” • Many customers in the affected area are experiencing close to normal water pressure. A small number of customers at high elevation are seeing a reduction in water capacity. • Homeowners and businesses in the impacted area are being instructed to not irrigate until water service is restored to full capacity in order to ensure all cus ...
iNWS Alert SPSRAH from 7/14/2014 5:52 PM to 6:30 PM EDT for Davidson County, Forsyth County: A ... Read more at
Saturday, May 3, 2014, was the day for our 5th annual Kentucky Derby fundraiser and what a huge success it was! We had beautiful weather, an unprecedented 190 folks attended, and we raised over $20,000 – a new record for us! This success would not have been possible without the support of many generous businesses, individuals and organizations throughout Davidson County. We would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them! Special Thanks to our Sponsors: We had 2 WIN sponsors this year! CE Print Solutions and Buttke Dairy Enterprises made contributions at the highest level and both businesses also volunteered their time on the day of the event. Our PLACE sponsors were PPG Industries, Team Rental and Party, Turlington and Company, and Industrial Federal Bank. These businesses made financial contributions and also donated auction items and other services. SHOW sponsors included Mountcastle Insurance, Orrell’s Food Service, Just One More Bite, Wake Forest Baptist Health – Lexington Medi ...
This is URGENT to Nashvillians! The Mayor is creating a Nashville Encyclopedia and recording culture and knowledge. This is the future, show up at one of the libraries at a time specified. Mayor Announces Community Meetings for Input on “Nashville Encyclopedia” Project 6/19/2014 Online Collection of Nashville History, Culture in the Works by Local Historians John Seigenthaler to Serve as Executive Editor NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mayor Karl Dean today announced a series of community meetings to solicit ideas from the public for an online encyclopedia of Nashville history and culture, which is scheduled to launch next year. John Seigenthaler, founder of the First Amendment Center and former editor and publisher of The Tennessean, is serving as executive editor of the online project, called Encyclopedia of Nashville and Davidson County. “This online encyclopedia is an opportunity to showcase our individual and collective knowledge and love of Nashville’s history and culture,” Mayor Dean said. “Nashvi ...
Anyone going by the Dury's Camera area Wednesday? There is a free coffee in it for you if you can pick up 2 rolls of film for me! I'm between Old Hickory and Concord in southern Davidson County and not sure I'll have time to get up that way tomorrow. Any takers?
Earlier tonight, the Davidson County Democratic Executive Committee had our organizational meeting for the new term. We had to elect new board members since several of the outgoing members chose not to run for reelection. When I went to tonight's meeting, the main thing on my mind was Thai food, not running for a board position. Instead, I ended up being elected one of the Regional Vice Chairs (Region IV, covering Council Districts 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 34, and 35). I had not intended to run for a board position since I am busy running for a seat on the Tennessee Democratic Executive Committee, but it was nice to have such a vote of confidence from my fellow Democratic colleagues. I will try and do the best I can to help organize and mobilize Democrats in southwestern Davidson County in order to elect Democrats in August and November.
SPSRAH from 5/27/2014 2:01 PM to 3:00 PM EDT for Davidson County, Randolph County: A STRONG THU... Read more at
Can you spare $5 or $10 to help another person in need? A donation to the Carolina Cancer Services will help provide medicine assistance, gas to and from doctor/hospital visits, and help with other needs for cancer patients right here in Davidson County. These cancer warriors are our neighbors, friends, church members, and family members. Carolina Cancer Services is a Davidson County based non-profit who relies on our local businesses and neighbors to help lend a hand to those in need. Fighting cancer is hard enough without having to worry how to pay for meds or get to an appointment. Please take a minute to make a donation and help make fighting cancer easier for our friends and neighbors in Davidson County!
Interstate 65 northbound in Davidson County is closed due to a crash near Exit 74 in Brentwood at Old Hickory Boulevard.
Precision Race has timed 7 races in the last 9 days. We want to thank all of you who came out to these Great Races for Good Causes (TM). Last weekend it was Run 4 Their lives by Freedom 4/24 (to raise awareness of the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of women and children around the world), Miss NC Crown Chasers 5K (for the Miss NC Scholarship Fund), and Race 4 Change (supporting a suite of anti-poverty organizations). This weekend we timed Harpers Ferry Half Marathon (autism awareness and advocacy), Davidson Doozie 10K & 3.6 Mile (Family Services of Davidson County), Girls on the Run of Vance County Spring 5K, and Run Like a Mother 5K & 1 Mile Kids' Run (to fuel a woman’s journey toward health and wellness). Results for all of these races are available at
I do not know why Raleigh is not issuing a severe thunderstorm warning for Davidson County but these storms rolling through are producing wind gusts in excess of 58mph...Just wanted to let Davidson/Guilford/Randolph Counties know these storms are worse than being portrayed. It took down a Bradford pear tree at my home so do not be out in these storms if you can help it. I am now back from vacation and will resume regular posting starting Monday. Be safe and God Bless.
A R Fence Co. will work with contractors, realtors, and private companies or homeowners to install or repair any style of fence. We service all of the areas surrounding Montgomery County, Tennessee, including: Nashville, Davidson County, Erin, Dover, Paris, Springfield, Ashland City, Portland, Dickson, and more. A R Fence Co will travel throughout the state of Tennessee for commercial jobs.
Well. Kelvin Jones is now the 8th circuit court judge for Davidson County. An advocate for child molesters and rapists is going to be a judge for the next 8 years. Good job people. Hope voting didn't get in the way of your TV programs. Aren't we proud.
To all my Nashville friends voting today in Davidson County, based on my 14 years as a lawyer here, I recommend that you cast a vote for my good friend Jon Peeler in the judicial race for 8th circuit court. All judicial races in Davidson County are on the Democratic primary ballot.
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee is presently looking for contract seasonal summer DRIVERS to transport our most valuable asset – our CLUB MEMBERS! Join our team and assist us with providing the with providing the exciting summer our community youth will enjoy! Skills/knowledge required: * High school diploma or GED. * Must be age 21+. * Must have a valid CDL Class B with a P endorsement for the Davidson County positions and a valid CDL Class C with P endorsement for the Williamson County positions. * Must have a valid medical certificate (pass D.O.T. physical every two years) * Must pass drug testing done at random, post-accident, and for reasonable suspicion after employment. * Possess safe driving record as documented by a clean seven-year MVR. * Experience driving a vehicle to transport passengers, preferably in a minibus or bus, in a city and urban environment. * Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.*Ability to read and interpret written information. Contact Information and P ...
Report says Davidson County still suffers from segregation - - via
Why did people in Davidson County receive mailers for Michael Clement, who's running for juvenile court judge in, um, Anderson County? 1/2
Motorcyclist killed in crash in Davidson County -
Created by the Committee To Elect Jon Peeler as Judge of the 8th Circuit Court for Davidson County, Tennessee.
Motorcyclist killed in crash in Davidson County
$85 for all in EXCELLENT used condition. Located in Northern Davidson county area
Duchess was brought into the Davidson County Animal Shelter on 4/24/14 by a good Samaritan who found her on the side of the road. She is in bad shape, unable to walk and in need of extensive vet care.
Check it out! Some of our local folks here in Davidson County and Randolph County building wheelchair ramps for families in need as part of the my the Rampin' Up Campaign taking place today, STATEWIDE!!! NCBAM is the ministry I work for part time. So much preparation and hard work has gone into getting things ready for this Saturday. We have ramps being built statewide today by various churches and volunteer groups! If you are interested in taking on a ramp project soon, let me know! We have some we are still looking for folks to take on!! Whooo Hooo!!! Rampin' Up 2014 is here!!!
Stop by Gover Harley Davidson today through 3:00pm and visit the Bark For Life of Miami County table. Learn more...
Hey fellow supporters in Davidson County, I will have more Greg Brannon signs today. If you would like to help...
Be sure to come up to the Davidson County Fairgrounds today for an awesome car show that is supporting Camp Corral. It's starts at 10am. Stop by and see me at the Thirty-One booth ;) This is going to be sooo much fun!!
Can't go down s main st going toward Davidson county house fault on fire and road is blocked there's about 5 to 7 fire trucks 5 or 6 police cars from what I saw everyone got out ok but lord please stay with them oh and good morning everybody
Learn from Master Gardeners at daylong festival: The Master Gardeners of Davidson County will be set up to hel...
My mom works for the Davidson county board of education, it's ok.
Antioch High School is hosting the Middle Tennessee Middle School Track Invitational. The Meet resumes on Saturday at 9:30am. It is a first class track meet with electronic timing, photo finishes, etc.. There are 22 schools from across Middle Tennessee represented at this meet, and the schools from Southeast Davidson County are doing very well. After the field events, Apollo Middle's Boys are in 1st place, Antioch Middle is in 4th and JFK Middle is in 6th. In the Girls' competition, Antioch Middle is currently in 2nd place and JFK Middle is in 5th. They all will make a run for the championship on Saturday! In the individual field events on Thursday, Antioch Middle's Rebekah Gimble won the girls' High Jump; Antioch Middle's Detavior Burse won the boys' High Jump; Apollo Middle's Tomas Kel Hawkins won the boys' Long Jump; and Antioch Middle's Olivia Scales won the girls' Shot Put. Saturday April 26 is a great time to come out and support the students and coaches and visit with their families and friends ...
Davidson County needs to replace the seated 8th Circuit Court incumbent Judge Carol Soloman. Soloman has...
RABIES CLINIC APRIL 26th Davidson county health department. $5.00 from 2 to 4.
4 of 5 items in our mail today were campaign pieces for the Davidson County primary. Early voting continues thru Thursday.
We have officially heard from all but one of the Davidson County Commissioners that they are in support of addressing the needs at Stoner Thomas School. Thanks to Todd Yates, Don Truell, Steve Jarvis, Larry Potts, Fred McClure, and Billy Joe Kepley. We are still awaiting from Sam Watford. Thanks commissioners for your support.
Trophies are one of a kind & look AMAZING! Ready for the live music, tasty food, vendors (including Rodney Bennett a caricature artist) and most importantly the cars!! See you all tomorrow 10am at the Davidson County Fairgrounds!! FREE Admission
UPDATE: The man arrested earlier this week in connection with an alleged dog fighting ring at his Davidson County...
Davidson County Senior Games have been this week. Had a luncheon today at the Lexington YMCA. Medal and Certificates Winners from Oak Forest United Methodist Church and their friends. J Dwight Cartner, Carol Cartner, Stewart McGuire, Billie McGuire, Amy Andrew, Dennis Anthony, Carl Matthews, Carol Matthews, Terri Bradley, Mike Bradley,Wanda Pennell. Congratulations to all.
Uugghh i want to move out of davidson county
Howdy folks, and a good Friday evening to you all. I've had the weather station on for several hours., and we've had Tornado watches in effect since early afternoon and they will stay in effect until later tonight. Right now, they say steer clear of I-40 in Davidson to get somewhere and stay put for a few hours. Happy Friday-date night is with a lavender epsom salts bath and a good book and my Joy kitty. God Bless. p.s. They're having snow in Minnesota, and we're at least warm now!
Tornado Warning for Wayne County in NC until 4:45pm EDT. Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Davidson and...
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Forsyth & Davidson County until 5:00 PM. Quarter sized hail and 60 mph + winds are possible with this storm
Severe thunderstorm warning just issued for Forsyth County, Davidson County until 5 pm
Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Davidson and Forsyth County in NC until 5:00pm EDT.
Oh my sweet Jesus. The bad weather is headed straight for me in Davidson County. I absolutely cannot deal with this right now.
ISO: A place to board a horse for cheap. Preferably on the northern side of Davidson county but am willing to look at anything.
If you do live in the Davidson county area, you should keep your eyes on the sky and keep your weather radio right by you. A tornado warning is likely to be issued for the Davidson county area soon.
SPSRAH from 4/25/2014 3:35 PM to 4:15 PM EDT for Davidson County: AN AREA OF SHOWERS AND THUNDE... Read more at
Strong storm moving into S. Davidson County right now. No warnings for our area at this time.
In some areas you can still work through County, and to scale Jamie - apparently!
April 25th and 26th. Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing of Davidson County...will be showing movie called "Lake Windfall" . This film is a portrait of interactions between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people. The plot focuses on five characters in a post-apocalyptic setting. Told with humor and emotion, this film takes an authentic look at three different types of hearing loss experiences. While navigating through this tale of awareness and survival, both hearing and deaf will realize how critical effective communication is to our collective survival. Tickets are $10 per each. Showing April 25,Friday at 7pm or April 26, Saturday at 3pm. Showing will be at 8 Franklin ST. Lexington NC 27292
We are excited about our new vendors for Ladies Night this year! Stop in to see Junius Lindsay Winery, Seventh Haven Massage, BAM Nutrition, and Davidson County Master Gardeners! Thursday May 1 from 6-8 pm!
there's a tornado watch for Davidson county😳
Tornado Watch for Anson, Davidson, Forsyth, Montgomery, Moore and Randolph County in NC until 9:00pm EDT.
Tornado Watch for Alamance, Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford and Montgomery County in NC until 9:00pm. Radar at
Tornado Watch for Alamance, Anson, Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford and Montgomery County until 9:00pm. Tune 2 WX On the Ones 4 more...
Vote for Diane Lance for District Attorney General of Davidson County on May 6th! Learn more about Diane: Contribute: www.dianelancef...
SPSRAH from 4/25/2014 12:25 PM to 1:15 PM EDT for Guilford County, Forsyth County, Davidson Cou... Read more at
It is Friday morning, April 25, 2014 and I am still shaking from the near disaster that occurred about 8:30 a.m. this morning. I was traveling down Hickory Hollow Parkway from Bell Road heading towards Una Antioch Pike. This is a very curvy section of road within Davidson County with a double yellow line and speed limits of either 25 MPH or 30 MPH. As I drove this stretch of road a white pick up truck came up on me from the back very fast…..obvisouly exceeding the posted speed limit. As I drove around a curve this truck proceeded to cross the double yellow line to pass me. I noticed that this truck had something rather unusual in the truck bed… a brown Metro issued trash container and a green re-cycle container. As the driver of this white pick up truck passed me. crossing the double yellow proceded to round a curve. Looked and approaching on the other side on the road, was a large dump truck.rounding the curve from the opposite direction. I braked hard and drove my vehicle into the sh ...
Dragons Triple A is off to Nashville to compete in the Davidson County JV Tournament. First game schedule today 4pm vs Nashville Overton.
Gaston county makes me question how ignorant one individual can possibly be
Looking for a free kitten in Davidson county
Sports fans in Davidson County will have a new indoor facility that will include two turf playing fields that can be used for soccer, lacrosse, dodge ball or many other team-based sports.
The Glenn Funk for District Attorney Camapign continues its forward momentum. We are proud to have the endorsement of 23 pastors from across Nashville-Davidson county. "I believe we need a voice…A strong voice for our community, which is why I'm voting for Glenn Funk for District Attorney." -Pastor Frank D. Stevenson, St. Luke Baptist Church
Davidson County - Join Mark at the poll tomorrow! Friday, April 25, 3:00 – 3:30p – Davidson County Board of Elections, 945 N MAIN ST, Lexington. Hope you can be there!
Any suggestions on how to get a page like this started in Davidson County?
David Corley of Old Hickory TN pictured here with a nice Davidson County trophy he took with a muzzleloader in the early 1990's.
Andrei E. Lee has made the decision to run in 2014 election for Judge of the Mental Health Court for Davidson County. She has the proper skills, qua...
There are so many people who are looking for jobs right now. This job fair was made known to us this week. We just wanted to pass this information along so you could take advantage of it, or share it with someone you know. Davidson County Job Fair This Thursday, April 24 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Hermitage Community Center 3720 James Kay Lane Hermitage, TN 37076 Contact Person: Jaylene Younge Phone: (615) 741-5198 Here are a few companies & businesses that will be at the Job Fair: Aid & Assist at Home All About Care Allegiance Staffing American Home Design Automation Personnel Services AutoZone DET Distributing Co. Golden Years, LLC Goodwill Industries of Middle TN Home Healthcare of Middle TN Interline Brands, Inc. Leviton Manufacturing Co. LGC Associates Loews Vanderbilt Hotel & Loews Business Services Center Market Stratagies International Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Mid-Cumberland Human Resources Agency Operation Stand Down Nashville, Inc. Pride Staff Reha Enterprises, LLC R. E. West Transportation ...
HALLELUJAH! I finally called the Davidson County Schools' Central Office and explained about my predicament! Metro schools have been calling me twice a week for the past few months to inform me of when "my" kids" miss school or when I can register "my" child for kindergarten! The sweet receptionist informed me that according to their records, I have two children at John Overton High School and two at McMurray Middle School. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! Luckily, she believed me and removed my number from their database. Maybe I won't have so many voicemails now! 😃
If you are voting in the Davidson County, Judges races, I'm asking for a vote for Judge, CAROL SOLOMAN, whose daughter, "Amby Offutt" (HHS '80) was a stellar basketball player & good friend. I'm also pulling for Judge, DIANNE TURNER, and BLAKE FREEMAN, who each have only one opponent in their respective races. Thank you for your Support, J.Ellis, (HHS '80)
“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” -Benjamin Franklin Still striving daily, we can't stop, we won't stop...Tina Royal for Davidson County Clerk of Superior Court-2014 Davidson County first, Davidson County Strong!
Very sad. Thank you for serving the citizens of Nashville/Davidson County. RIP Ofc. Nash
The District Attorney Candidates in Davidson County gathered at the First Amendment Center to discuss the importance of increasing diversity in the office, the prosecution of George Zimmerman, and improving issues related to the homeless, and their vision of the District Attorney position. All the candidates agreed that as the District Attorney, they would participate in a Town Hall meeting for our group. Dwight Lewis, former editor of the Tennessean did an excellent job as moderator. WAY TO GO Napier-Looby, Nashville Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Social Action Committee, and the NAACP Youth Council (Nashville Chapter)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
If your ever driving down I-85 in North Carolina you must stop at the Davidson County reststop!! The bathrooms are spectacularly fresh scented!!! Felt like i was in a pine forest!lol!
It was great to hear form Governor Bill Haslam and Tennessee Republican Party Chairman Chris Devaney at the Executive Committee meeting today. Awesome to hear about all the strides that have been made in our state, and I love being part of the Red to the Roots campaign!! Great things are in store for Nashville and Tennessee!! Five Republican judges are running in Davidson County in August, including me!! Going to be a fun summer!!!
Special thanks to Emily, Keith and the gang at Fleet Feet of W-S for providing new running shoes for Special Olympic athletes from Davidson County...just in time for the spring games on Friday! Fleet Feet's Mission: Feet First, is a true example showing love and being the hands and feet of God.
Paul J. Walwyn has announced his candidacy for General Sessions Judge in Davidson County for the May 6th Democratic primary. Walwyn has practiced law in Nashville since 1996 and has successfully represented thousands of criminal and civil cases. The son of immigrants, Walwyn’s personal story embodies the American dream in many ways. Walwyn’s father, Lloyd Walwyn, was born in Nevis, a small island of the British West Indies, one of eight children who came to the U.S. on an academic scholarship. He served as a Lt. Col in the U.S. Army and went on to become both an orthopedic surgeon and a licensed attorney. Paul’s mother, Martha, was born in Cuba and was sponsored to come to the United States as a young woman. She earned a master’s degree and was a beloved teacher in the Metro school system for many years. Education was a priority in the Walwyn home, and all three of the Walwyn siblings obtained advanced law degrees. With Spanish speaking parents, Paul grew up in a home that celebrated diversity. He ...
John Partipilo just won Gannett's company wide award for Visual Journalism for 2013! He won for his photo story on Rural Tennessee. Excerpts from the nomination letter: Tennessean Photographer John Partipilo is acutely aware of change. In his 15 years in middle Tennessee he’s seen large changes in population growth. Several counties in our MSA have shown huge growth since the 2000 Census. 44 % in Williamson and Rutherford Counties, 28% in Wilson County and 10% in Nashville’s Davidson County. He was raised on Lakota Sioux reservation in rural South Dakota and is drawn to photographing a simpler way of life. Some of his former stories include Mennonites, Kurdish in Nashville and the Plain People. He pitched a story idea to photograph the changes in rural Tennessee related to growth. He called county extension agents to get tips on potential subjects, but also got in his truck and drove the back roads in our more rural and less affluent counties. I think the results capture a simpler way of life around m ...
Davidson County officials confirm third case of rabies of 2014
Davidson County confirms second case of rabies for 2014
Guilford County Schools are OPEN today. Davidson County schools on a 2-hour delay. From Alamance-Burlington Schools: Due to continued issues in the county with downed power lines, fallen trees still obstructing some roadways, and power lines hanging too low to drive underneath safely making travel too hazardous, ABSS will be closed for students on traditional calendar on Tuesday, March 11. It will be a workday for traditional staff and AB middle college. All school sites have power restored.
LMFAO! Davidson County is on a 2 hour delay tomorrow
2 hour delay again tomorrow Davidson County
Up to 1/2" ice accumulation reported in Lexington, N.C. Numerous downed trees, power outages in Davidson County.
My first cousin two generations removed was Edward Manley 1894-1971. Ed was born in Rochester but moved west when he was a lad. Finally settling in Los Angeles CA. He was a professional musician all of his life. I don't think anyone has done any more genealogy research on Butler county and Muhlenberg County than he. Back in the day when you did it with a lot of long travel and hard work. This caught my eye on the internet. Published January 21, 1954 in the Central City Times Argus. According to Ed's conjecture John Hunt and David Engler were neighbors in Rowan County (which became Davidson County) North Carolina. They lived on Potts Creek. Both soldiers of the Revolution. Another party they knew Mr. John Harper also a Veteran resided nearby, all three of these gents removed shortly after 1800 to Mud River in the Laurel Bluffs area or Gus district. The children of these three families married. And the rest is history. :-)
State audit finds Michael Walser, a grant administrator who's worked for and Davidson County, misappropriated $397,171.
Don't Miss the next Urban Soul Cafe BOLD & BEAUTIFUL on March 2nd,2014. All Female Line Up with Live Music & Spoken Word. Plus meet Joy Kimbrough who is currently running for the Division I Criminal Court Judge for Davidson County. This event will be Hosted by Kyla Jade. 5:00pm at The Cave Nashville 600 9th Ave. South.
I had to travel alone today; I took the time to stop at the North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Davidson County.
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SAFPAW has been a leader in advocating for pets since 1997. We brought the very first "MASH" style Spay/Neuter Clinics to Nashville in the late 90's, something that had never been done before. We teamed up with Remote Area Medical out of Knoxville to show all of Davidson County that high volume spay/neuter clinics, run by animal welfare groups, can and should be the standard in how to operate a high quality and high volume s/n clinic. And we have continued to advocate for pets. We have been leading the way in spay/neuter programs ever since. In 2001 I visited my first homeless camp, Tent City off of Hermitage Avenue and began working with the folks living there so that they had access to veterinary care and other basic needs for their pets. In 2001 our mission changed and we began devoting our efforts to homeless pet owners and pet owners who are housed but live in poverty. Our primary mission is to get their pets spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas/ticks, and dewormed. We also provide pet f ...
Davidson County resident Paul Burks will likely be the first name listed on a lawsuit targeting key insiders of the alleged Lexington-based Ponzi scheme Zeek Rewards.
Need help keeping your pets warm? Middle Tennessee Pet Resource Center is providing free straw bedding for outdoor pets. Volunteers are available to take straw to animals in Davidson County - you can also pick up straw today between 1-2 PM.
So pretty much every school in Davidson County is officially closed tomorrow except
So davidson county cancelled school for Tuesday all ready??? as ***
Let us have the delay for once. Sincerely, every teenager in Davidson County.
All my weather loving friends in Williamson/Davidson county: is the bomb at forecasting weather phenomena--a must follow.
Everyone Sumner, Macon, Robertson, Davidson, and several other county schools are closed tomorrow! I will keep you updated tomorrow!
I think every school that's not in davidson county is going to have a two hour delay or a snow day
Davidson county is gonna be the only schools that don't have a delay. Like always.
I know Mt Juliet and Davidson county have shelter requirements for any outside dogs. But what about Wilson County? I live in the Wilson County part of Old Hickory. I'm always so confused about who I call here. There are dogs roaming without collars all the time in my neighborhood :( And there are dogs here that I don't believe had adequate shelters.
Of course davidson county probably want get a 2 hour delay but every other county will.
Anyone know if Fun Co for the Davidson County kids is still on for tomorrow? They aren't on any of the lists yet so just checking.
Any student that has been attending Davidson County schools for awhile knows they wouldnt Cancel that quick 😂😢
Maybe Davidson County won't be able to afford the heating bill since it's so cold, so they will let us just stay home.
Davidson county gets out all the time 😑
No school tomorrow . I love davidson county
Anyone at-risk of exposure to the extreme cold in Davidson County, or anyone coming across a person outdoors who...
Rutherford and Davidson County are stuck. No one goes anywhere.
Happily ever after... Hope was near death but saved by "Ginger's Fund" in Davidson County, NC. This beautiful...
These DA's who think we aren't gonna have school tomorrow 😂 it's davidson county they h8 us
Change to sleet and snow in Davidson County happening right on schedule. Roads rapidly turn icy this evening, as temps plummet.
SPSRAH from 1/5/2014 6:59 PM to 10:00 PM EST for Guilford County, Montgomery County, Davidson C... Read more at
“And you get a Snowday...And you get a Snowday...everybody gets a Snowday DAVIDSON COUNTY??
just bc I live in Davidson county doesn't mean I love goats. Or squirrels 💁✋
Babes the new real housewives of orange county starts tomorrow on itv2. *** having to work!!!
Hey Davidson county public schools have no class for the next two days. We are in Davidson county...
I live in a square county lol Randolph. You living what Davidson?
Apparently Davidson County is called off till Thursday.
Latest from Davidson County deputy's story offers perspective
Munchak gone. Keep Kubiak away from Davidson County please.
Rutherford,Davidson,Sumner county schools closed for tomorrow
It's supposed to be colder here than in Davidson County and they're out for the next 2 days! Come on!!!
Ok, Belmont, Lipscomb cancelled. Davidson County has cancelled. It's going to be 10, with subzero windchill. CANCEL CLASSES ALREADY.
Sources: to interview all residents of Metro Nashville-Davidson County today for its head footbal coach position.
is there any proof of us being out of school? just because Davidson county is doesn't mean we are
Check out Bash Time Party Rentals is located in Davidson County Lexington NC and delivers party equipment rentals supplies tables and chairs rentals tablecloths for graduations weddings birthdays reunions corporate events at affordable rates.
New Year’s Day shooting ruled attempted murder, suicideJan. 03, 2014 @ 05:41 PMEnterprise Staff ReportLogin DAVIDSON COUNTY —  Davidson County sheriff’s deputies are now calling a New Year’s Day shooting that left one man dead an attempted murder and suicide. “We feel like Mr. Hughes shot his wife a...
Somebody at church asked me if I go back tomorrow. No, Davidson county is stupid so I've been at school.
Grateful for Maple Grove Brethren Church on Hwy 150 in Davidson County for their chain for us.
Veronica White reports about the euthanasia debate that is still ongoing. Davidson County Commissioners voted to continue using the gas chamber.
New event. Wind Chill Warning from 1/6/2014 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST for Davidson County, Sumne... Read more at
Everybody please read the special weather statement for Davidson county from the weather channel. It's a freaking book 😂😂
I want everyone to go to the weather channel website and read the special weather statement for Davidson county in a thick southern accent.
Welcome and thanks for the follow candidate for Davidson County General Sessions Judge - Division II.
Two NC students develop HUS from E. coli outbreak.
Davidson County residents: Please help Hal Triplett get elected for sheriff!
Forsyth County and Davidson County and Randolph County. Freezing Rain Advisory in effect from 4AM to 10AM
Davidson county is out Monday and Tuesday due to weather.. Come on Wilson County
Davidson county school don't have to go until Wednesday due to cold weather
I see all the Card fans wanting Petrino back . Who would be his sponsor .. Clark County Airport or Louisville Harley Davidson ?
So Davidson county is out for Monday AND Tuesday 😒😒😒 like what the fudge
What's the move tonight Davidson county?
Davidson county which is a 1 hr bus ride since my school is going with west on a bus😁 wish me luck only 24 people make it into each of the 2
Bonfire with and friends outside of the oldest house in Davidson County... Built in 1788.…
Well The fire did not come through to my apartment but Freddy and Fran apartment is almost a complete loss. Thank God Fran got out. The firefighters in Davidson county were amazing and responded so quickly! Albo the cat sadly did not make it but the firefighter did get the other 2. Heartbreaking to have to tell mama. I am absolutely amazed by all our neighbors who game out to ask if we needed food, clothes or just a hug. Always amazing to see the community come together. Saying prayers and counting blessings tonight.
Health officials in North Carolina’s Davidson County now say they are investigating illnesses in three children ...
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