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Davidson County

Davidson County is a county located in the U.S. state of Tennessee. As of the 2010 census, the population was 626,681. Its county seat is Nashville.

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John Partipilo just won Gannett's company wide award for Visual Journalism for 2013! He won for his photo story on Rural Tennessee. Excerpts from the nomination letter: Tennessean Photographer John Partipilo is acutely aware of change. In his 15 years in middle Tennessee he’s seen large changes in population growth. Several counties in our MSA have shown huge growth since the 2000 Census. 44 % in Williamson and Rutherford Counties, 28% in Wilson County and 10% in Nashville’s Davidson County. He was raised on Lakota Sioux reservation in rural South Dakota and is drawn to photographing a simpler way of life. Some of his former stories include Mennonites, Kurdish in Nashville and the Plain People. He pitched a story idea to photograph the changes in rural Tennessee related to growth. He called county extension agents to get tips on potential subjects, but also got in his truck and drove the back roads in our more rural and less affluent counties. I think the results capture a simpler way of life around m ...
Davidson County officials confirm third case of rabies of 2014
Davidson County confirms second case of rabies for 2014
Guilford County Schools are OPEN today. Davidson County schools on a 2-hour delay. From Alamance-Burlington Schools: Due to continued issues in the county with downed power lines, fallen trees still obstructing some roadways, and power lines hanging too low to drive underneath safely making travel too hazardous, ABSS will be closed for students on traditional calendar on Tuesday, March 11. It will be a workday for traditional staff and AB middle college. All school sites have power restored.
LMFAO! Davidson County is on a 2 hour delay tomorrow
2 hour delay again tomorrow Davidson County
Up to 1/2" ice accumulation reported in Lexington, N.C. Numerous downed trees, power outages in Davidson County.
My first cousin two generations removed was Edward Manley 1894-1971. Ed was born in Rochester but moved west when he was a lad. Finally settling in Los Angeles CA. He was a professional musician all of his life. I don't think anyone has done any more genealogy research on Butler county and Muhlenberg County than he. Back in the day when you did it with a lot of long travel and hard work. This caught my eye on the internet. Published January 21, 1954 in the Central City Times Argus. According to Ed's conjecture John Hunt and David Engler were neighbors in Rowan County (which became Davidson County) North Carolina. They lived on Potts Creek. Both soldiers of the Revolution. Another party they knew Mr. John Harper also a Veteran resided nearby, all three of these gents removed shortly after 1800 to Mud River in the Laurel Bluffs area or Gus district. The children of these three families married. And the rest is history. :-)
The Dispatch Published: Friday, February 21, 2014 at 5:12 p.m. . The long anticipated race for Davidson County Sheriff now has two of the major players in place. A group of 27 supporters accompanied Republican Hal Triplett to the Davidson County Board of Elections on Friday to witness him signing the official paperwork at the to be on the ballot for the primary race for the sheriff's office. Incumbent Sheriff David Grice, a Republican, filed for re-election on Feb. 11. Triplett, 63, said that this day has been a long time coming since he began his campaign almost immediately after the 2010 sheriff's election results. "I dare say that I have the longest running campaign in Davidson County," Triplett said with a laugh. Triplett said his focus, if elected, will to be a spokesman for the people and to get more citizen participation through public meetings held a regular intervals. He also stated he would like to institute an animal abuse investigator at the Davidson County Animal Shelter. "Since day one, I ha ...
State audit finds Michael Walser, a grant administrator who's worked for and Davidson County, misappropriated $397,171.
Don't Miss the next Urban Soul Cafe BOLD & BEAUTIFUL on March 2nd,2014. All Female Line Up with Live Music & Spoken Word. Plus meet Joy Kimbrough who is currently running for the Division I Criminal Court Judge for Davidson County. This event will be Hosted by Kyla Jade. 5:00pm at The Cave Nashville 600 9th Ave. South.
I had to travel alone today; I took the time to stop at the North Carolina Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Davidson County.
SAFPAW has been a leader in advocating for pets since 1997. We brought the very first "MASH" style Spay/Neuter Clinics to Nashville in the late 90's, something that had never been done before. We teamed up with Remote Area Medical out of Knoxville to show all of Davidson County that high volume spay/neuter clinics, run by animal welfare groups, can and should be the standard in how to operate a high quality and high volume s/n clinic. And we have continued to advocate for pets. We have been leading the way in spay/neuter programs ever since. In 2001 I visited my first homeless camp, Tent City off of Hermitage Avenue and began working with the folks living there so that they had access to veterinary care and other basic needs for their pets. In 2001 our mission changed and we began devoting our efforts to homeless pet owners and pet owners who are housed but live in poverty. Our primary mission is to get their pets spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas/ticks, and dewormed. We also provide pet f ...
Davidson County resident Paul Burks will likely be the first name listed on a lawsuit targeting key insiders of the alleged Lexington-based Ponzi scheme Zeek Rewards.
Need help keeping your pets warm? Middle Tennessee Pet Resource Center is providing free straw bedding for outdoor pets. Volunteers are available to take straw to animals in Davidson County - you can also pick up straw today between 1-2 PM.
So pretty much every school in Davidson County is officially closed tomorrow except
So davidson county cancelled school for Tuesday all ready??? as ***
Let us have the delay for once. Sincerely, every teenager in Davidson County.
All my weather loving friends in Williamson/Davidson county: is the bomb at forecasting weather phenomena--a must follow.
Everyone Sumner, Macon, Robertson, Davidson, and several other county schools are closed tomorrow! I will keep you updated tomorrow!
I think every school that's not in davidson county is going to have a two hour delay or a snow day
Davidson county is gonna be the only schools that don't have a delay. Like always.
I know Mt Juliet and Davidson county have shelter requirements for any outside dogs. But what about Wilson County? I live in the Wilson County part of Old Hickory. I'm always so confused about who I call here. There are dogs roaming without collars all the time in my neighborhood :( And there are dogs here that I don't believe had adequate shelters.
Of course davidson county probably want get a 2 hour delay but every other county will.
Anyone know if Fun Co for the Davidson County kids is still on for tomorrow? They aren't on any of the lists yet so just checking.
Any student that has been attending Davidson County schools for awhile knows they wouldnt Cancel that quick 😂😢
Maybe Davidson County won't be able to afford the heating bill since it's so cold, so they will let us just stay home.
Davidson county gets out all the time 😑
No school tomorrow . I love davidson county
Anyone at-risk of exposure to the extreme cold in Davidson County, or anyone coming across a person outdoors who...
Rutherford and Davidson County are stuck. No one goes anywhere.
Happily ever after... Hope was near death but saved by "Ginger's Fund" in Davidson County, NC. This beautiful...
These DA's who think we aren't gonna have school tomorrow 😂 it's davidson county they h8 us
Change to sleet and snow in Davidson County happening right on schedule. Roads rapidly turn icy this evening, as temps plummet.
SPSRAH from 1/5/2014 6:59 PM to 10:00 PM EST for Guilford County, Montgomery County, Davidson C... Read more at
“And you get a Snowday...And you get a Snowday...everybody gets a Snowday DAVIDSON COUNTY??
just bc I live in Davidson county doesn't mean I love goats. Or squirrels 💁✋
Babes the new real housewives of orange county starts tomorrow on itv2. *** having to work!!!
Hey Davidson county public schools have no class for the next two days. We are in Davidson county...
I live in a square county lol Randolph. You living what Davidson?
Apparently Davidson County is called off till Thursday.
Latest from Davidson County deputy's story offers perspective
Munchak gone. Keep Kubiak away from Davidson County please.
Rutherford,Davidson,Sumner county schools closed for tomorrow
It's supposed to be colder here than in Davidson County and they're out for the next 2 days! Come on!!!
Ok, Belmont, Lipscomb cancelled. Davidson County has cancelled. It's going to be 10, with subzero windchill. CANCEL CLASSES ALREADY.
Sources: to interview all residents of Metro Nashville-Davidson County today for its head footbal coach position.
is there any proof of us being out of school? just because Davidson county is doesn't mean we are
Check out Bash Time Party Rentals is located in Davidson County Lexington NC and delivers party equipment rentals supplies tables and chairs rentals tablecloths for graduations weddings birthdays reunions corporate events at affordable rates.
New Year’s Day shooting ruled attempted murder, suicideJan. 03, 2014 @ 05:41 PMEnterprise Staff ReportLogin DAVIDSON COUNTY —  Davidson County sheriff’s deputies are now calling a New Year’s Day shooting that left one man dead an attempted murder and suicide. “We feel like Mr. Hughes shot his wife a...
Somebody at church asked me if I go back tomorrow. No, Davidson county is stupid so I've been at school.
Grateful for Maple Grove Brethren Church on Hwy 150 in Davidson County for their chain for us.
Veronica White reports about the euthanasia debate that is still ongoing. Davidson County Commissioners voted to continue using the gas chamber.
New event. Wind Chill Warning from 1/6/2014 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST for Davidson County, Sumne... Read more at
Everybody please read the special weather statement for Davidson county from the weather channel. It's a freaking book 😂😂
I want everyone to go to the weather channel website and read the special weather statement for Davidson county in a thick southern accent.
Welcome and thanks for the follow candidate for Davidson County General Sessions Judge - Division II.
Two NC students develop HUS from E. coli outbreak.
Davidson County residents: Please help Hal Triplett get elected for sheriff!
Forsyth County and Davidson County and Randolph County. Freezing Rain Advisory in effect from 4AM to 10AM
Davidson county is out Monday and Tuesday due to weather.. Come on Wilson County
Davidson county school don't have to go until Wednesday due to cold weather
I see all the Card fans wanting Petrino back . Who would be his sponsor .. Clark County Airport or Louisville Harley Davidson ?
So Davidson county is out for Monday AND Tuesday 😒😒😒 like what the fudge
What's the move tonight Davidson county?
Davidson county which is a 1 hr bus ride since my school is going with west on a bus😁 wish me luck only 24 people make it into each of the 2
Bonfire with and friends outside of the oldest house in Davidson County... Built in 1788.…
Well The fire did not come through to my apartment but Freddy and Fran apartment is almost a complete loss. Thank God Fran got out. The firefighters in Davidson county were amazing and responded so quickly! Albo the cat sadly did not make it but the firefighter did get the other 2. Heartbreaking to have to tell mama. I am absolutely amazed by all our neighbors who game out to ask if we needed food, clothes or just a hug. Always amazing to see the community come together. Saying prayers and counting blessings tonight.
Health officials in North Carolina’s Davidson County now say they are investigating illnesses in three children ...
What a treat it was for the swimmers of Davidson County to have the opportunity to swim at the beautiful, new Greensboro Aquatic Center! Great idea and well done by the organizers and all swimmers!
For those of you in the Davidson County area that don't know yet, : MNPS Announcements Due to dangerously low temperatures forecast for Tuesday, students will report to school on Wednesday, January 8. Tuesday, January 7, is a teacher planning day.
Vote: Hal Triplett for sheriff in Davidson County, NC. He promises to dismantle the Davidson County Animals Shelter of it's gas chamber when he is sworn in! A vote for Hal is a vote in the right direction for the animals and the people of Davidson County, NC!
Jakub was 3rd on 500free in Davidson County Championship.I am so proud of him!!!
The man states he will remove the Gas Chamber at the Davidson Animal Shelter. If so he's got my vote. It's time for a change in Davidson County, who's in?
*** ..Davidson County Schools, Nashville TN, has cancelled school Mon-Wed next week because it's going to be "too cold"...highs in low teens, they expect other middle TN counties to follow this lead...sad, very sad
Well Davidson county was suppose to go back to school Tuesday and becuz of the record low temps we are goin to have they are not goin back till Wednesday... We was jus talking about this last nite becuz I said they would close becuz its too cold for kids waiting on buses... now lets see what Sumner county does... lows are gonna be 9° on Sunday nite and they are suppose to go back Monday and Monday nites lows are gonna be 4° so who knows what they will do... highs are gonna be in the teens and low 20's a lot of next week.. Kids will be excited if they get more time off... lol... its only 24° now but feels better then yesterday becuz wind is not as bad... Still too cold for me!!!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
So... Davidson county schools are closing Tuesday b/c of the single digit temperature! Lol can they close the office at work also?!?!
Happy New Year from Hospice of Davidson County. Thanks for your continued support!
TRAILER MECHANIC (tractor trailer) NEEDED!!! Must have experience and have own tools. locally and family owned business in davidson county, can make as much as 20.00 an hour. Please send a pm or comment here
LEXINGTON — The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a fatal shooting of an elderly man on New Year’s Day.
REMINDER: All NCAC Services and Classes in Davidson County will now be offered at the Tennessee Career Center in Nashville located at 665 Mainstream Drive.
Man faces attempted murder charges in shootout in Davidson County
If you live in Davidson County, please consider my friend Joy for Criminal Court Judge
FYI: If you are ever in Davidson County and find yourself in need of a locksmith to unlock a car in 24 degree weather with a wind chill of -4 degrees, in the snow, in a dark, outdoor parking lot, DO NOT CALL Nashville 24 Hour Locksmith Service. They charge a $19.00 service fee for coming out to you and they promise that they will answer ANY call for assistance in 20 minutes or less. Numerous phone calls (in excess of 6 or more) and two hours later, after the door has been opened by yourself and the generosity of one friend and a family member, they show up five minutes AFTER you get it open. Needless to say, after the last conversation with them, there was NO $19.00 service fee and their ears were nice and warm (probably on fire) when they left. I would not recommend them to anyone. Thank You to Ashley Cooper and Mendy Valenzuela, who work in the Brentwood area and graciously came to the rescue ! I hope that you are thawed out. God Bless the both of you !
FYI: Should there be a 2 hour Delay for Davidson County Schools Tomorrow Friday. Fitness A to Z, 9 AM Zumba® Class will be postponed to 10:30 am!!! If NO delay class will be at regular scheduled time of 9:00 am. check updates at Fitness A to Z 1st Class is Free or $5 gets you in, childcare is provided.
Red cross just called asking me to donate blood. Evidently they have a huge shortage right now. They will be doing a blood drive on jan 16th at Davidson county community college. I encourage all my friends and family to donate. It is quick and doesnt hurt. Anyone interested should call 1-800 redcross
Happy New Year everyone. If memory serves me correct we are coming up on the 2 year provision on the Davidson County Backyard Chicken Bill. Karen can you please give us insight on when this will be reviewed and when District 29 will finally be added this privilege as the rest of the county? I know a number of home owners in the area that currently keep chickens in our district or would like to. Also for those who are interested please comment.
The Arc Davidson County represents children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Lawyer discusses E. coli and hemolytic uremic syndrome outbreak in Davidson County, NC, and PFGE evidence. 2 Tyro Middle School students have HUS.
The family associated with the Davidson county shooting today asked that you not shared this crap from the media. This is a family matter that is private. If you have posted something please remove it.
ok here it is im moving back to Davidson County it may not be Reedy Creek but its dab gum close its in the Picket School area thanks to a friend may have to have a BBQ sometime for a house warming i really hate to leave where im at got real close to some people over hard to leave them but ive got to best for me. and that being close to family instead of seeing them every 2or 3 months i can see them just about everyday thank you Jesus if things go well should be outta here in a few weeks or less. this is to all my wonderful friends here in Landis and China Grove im really going to miss you all thank you all this is Hard to do. Eddie.
If you live in Davidson County NC vote for: Hal Triplett! He promises that if he has full control of the Animal Shelter that he will dismantle the gas chamber! So if you truly love animals.let's do this!
A super fun New Year's on the Boogie Buggy last night...(plus the Davidson County Sheriff Dept. thanked me for entertaining them while they worked & are "big fans of the Buggy"). How bout Nashville knows how to get down... HAPPY New Year EVERYBODY!
UPWARD SPORTS PROGRAM: When Davidson County (Metro) schools are closed due to inclement weather, that means Parkway's Upward Sports practices--at all participating gyms--are cancelled as well. No Upward Sports practices tonight, December 10th.
Chapter II Thursday, October 11, 2012, 2:32 pm, Davidson County Medical Examiner’s office, Nashville, TN. Sometime between October 8 and the early morning hours of October 10, 2012, 42 year-old Tana Jade Filson- Harvat was a victim to an atrocious rape/murder that has shaken Parrottville to its core. Her body was found in her own home, off of Gallatin Road, and the aftermath has left me in a mental fog that fades in between uncontrollable grief, fear, and outrage with myself. Since my employment began at Simon’s, we have embalmed suicide casualties, car-crash fatalities, even a bobcat attack victim, but nothing in my training prepared me for what the Medical Examiner, Dr. Larry Biggs, was about to tell us. I kept my composure as he debriefed us on the body’s condition, took it all in without question, but as soon as we got the body into the hearse, I lost it. My cries always reminded my daddy of the sound a howler monkey makes; loud as *** and a cross between an air-raid siren and a bad heavy-m ...
I thought fireworks were illegal in Davidson county? Dogs across the neighborhood are going nuts!!
NO EXCUSE TO DRINK AND DRIVE... The Davidson County Sheriff's Office is once again offering free rides home for revelers this New Year's Eve. Sheriff's office volunteers will be stationed outside popular party sites at 2nd Avenue and Church Street downtown, along with Five Points in east Nashville and the roundabout on Demonbreun Street. To get a ride home, all you have to do is go up to their black and white tent at those locations between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. and tell them where you live.
would also like to second a reminder from the Davidson County Sheriff's Office: "Please obey all traffic signs. And all the signs given to you by the ladies. If you get thrown out trying to steal second--no matter how much dew there is in the short porch--just dust yourself off, and wait for your next at-bat. There'll be plenty of time to yourself in the on-deck circle." Take heed, amateurs; the DCSO knows what they're talking about...
DUI Checkpoints will be in full force tonight in both Williamson, Rutherford and Davidson County. I have heard they will have a checkpoint on West End Avenue but I will post a more updated list later this evening when I know for sure. Best thing to do is take a cab but if you choose to have a drinks and drive (which is not illegal) then try to avoid the roadblocks. Have a Happy and Safe New Year!
The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office is working on prevention, with 100 volunteers offering rides for revelers from 10 o’clock tonight until 2 a.m. Wednesday. There will be three pickup areas: downtown at 2nd and Church, on the Music Row Roundabout and in Five Points. Another option is AAA's "Tow to Go," a service that provides a confidential ride home and tow, free of charge, to anyone who may have had too much to drink by calling 1-800-AAA-HELP (4357).
A Shar Pia Pup is for sale on Nashville Davidson County Yard Sale she is a sweetie no papers but they could be obtained. owner had to get a full time job and pup is crated too much. Crate and all other items go with her.
Recent memorable moments... The first photo shows Ken Crews of Lexington Home Brands with Bill Keesler, Phil Mickey and Jim Deal (all with Pastor's Pantry - Davidson County, NC). Ken dropped off a truckload of food items along with a generous monetary donation earlier this week. The other photos depict a recent visit by Hotdog Bill (yes, he did it again) to Forest Hill Memorial Park where we received another generous contribution from Wanda Wilson (proceeds from this year’s luminary project). Bill is accompanied by his “side”kicks Kayci Simmons (Mustard) and Jillian Briggs (Ketchup) in the group picture.
Hey Davidson county courthouse and all you deep pocket lawyers,, Look somewhere else this for money ,, Because ya butt aint getting form this ole cat.. He will not be around for you to screw up my week. so go down town and mess with tourist and make our city look bad as you have been doing all year ... Hope you get a grip that our city makes alot of $ on the people who come to visit, have fun and listnen to our music..
We hope to see you at the next Davidson County UCC Meeting on Wednesday, January 8, 2014.  The meeting will be held at Lexington Natural Gas Training Room, 425 Carolina Avenue, Lexington, NC at 11:30am.  Lunch will be provided by Lexington Natural Gas. Please RSVP for lunch planning purposes. Jamie…
Be safe tonight and have a HAPPY New Year! Remember the Davidson county sheriff will give your loved ones a free ride home tonight if they need one.
DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- The Davidson County Health Department tells WFMY News 2 students have been hospitalized with severe diarrhea possibly caused by an e. coli infection.
Davidson County health officials are investigating three likely cases of a highly infectious E.coli strain in children.
Hi FB Friends. My name is "Felix" and I'm still waiting for a Forever Family. Been here over 2 months and I'm starting to think there is no home for me. Can you help me? Love, Felix... Name: FELIX - Davidson County Animal Shelter 490 Glendale Rd Lexington NC 27292 Adoption Fee: $95 Type: LAB MIX Age: 1 Year Sex: M Date-In: 10/7/2013 Notes: BROWN AND WHITE ADULT WHO'S NEUTERED AND UTD ON ALL VACCINES
More than 100 volunteers from the Davidson County Sheriff's office will greet the New Year from the driver's seat while shuttling Nashville partiers home.
Creating this group to help get build a network of Davidson County citizens who want to know about the high school sports in this area. The Dispatch is our only source for getting that info. If you have kids in the Davidson County schools or just want to keep in touch with the scores and highlights, please feel free to join this group. If you know someone that I didn't invite, feel free to invite them to. I think this will be a great group to get started so that we can all see scores and highlights!
One confirmed case of E.coli in a child in Davidson County... Two other children hospitalized for what could also be the bacteria. Tune in at 6 for the latest on Fox8!
At Davidson County waiting on Moi to finish his last writing test so he can get his diploma... I'm so exited and nervous at the same time. I really hope he does good because he deserves his education that he was pushed away from getting. Please wish him luck ;)
The Davidson County Health Department says there are three sick children who likely have E. coli infections. The health department confirmed one of the cases Monday.
The Davidson County Health Department confirmed Monday they are now investigating reports of illness in three children possibly caused by E. coli infection.
Nashvillians eager to get rid of their droopy Christmas trees can drop them off at 11 sites across Davidson County through Feb. 6.
As we approach New Years Eve I just wanted the remind everyone that the Davidson County Sheriffs Office will once again be running our Sober Ride Program. (It will be my 17th yr of doing it and the 30th yr overall for the Sheriffs Office). I encourage you to get out and enjoy Nashville for all it's worth. However if you must drink don't drive. Come see us and we will take you home. We will have pick up points located at 3 spots around downtown. Call me if you have any questions.
Two children in Davidson County, North Carolina have been hospitalized with E. coli and HUS.
DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Two cases of E. coli in children have been reported in Davidson County. The Davidson County Health Department has received reports Saturday of two middle school students wi...
I am working on the 2014 campaign section of the Davidson County LP website. The graphic below is a banner that I developed. Thoughts and comments are welcome. Of course, anyone that would like to use it is welcome to do so.
Two children hit with E. coli infection Davidson County -
Obituaries: Charles Burton Thacker - Family and friends of Mr. Thacker will assemble at Woodlawn Memorial Park on Monday, Dec. 30, 2013 at 2:30 p.m. for graveside services conducted by Bro. Loyd Gale. Grandsons will serve as pallbearers. Visitation will be Sunday from 2-5 p.m. at Ligon & Bobo Funeral Home. Mr. Thacker, age 80, of Lebanon, died Dec. 27, 2013 at his home. A native of Davidson County, he was the son of the late James Carney Thacker and Mae Ruth Drake ...
DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- A second suspect has been identified and charged in connection with the shooting of a Davidson County sheriff's deputy last Thursday. Jerome David Poole, 25, of Winston-Sal...
Stopped at the Davidson County Rest Area... I read the sign and was like, "really?" (That's my mom's maiden name) so I know she is looking out for me on the road today.. should be in town around 4:30pm! Pray there won't be a lot of traffic!
Man I just want to thank the Davidson County Police for saving that *** from the worst *** whippin he ever was gonna get for trying to break into my apartment. the police were here in like less than 5 minutes im very impressed... some crackhead was beating on the doors trying to get in ... I cant believe the police got him so fast
I am very excited for a longtime friend of the family that is running for Judge of the 8th Circuit Court for Davidson County, TN--JON PEELER
Your Men's Basketball team will take on Davidson County Community College tonight at 7:00 PM. Come cheer on your Blue Stars!!
Davidson County: if you're trying to get day drunk at a darty the weekend after thanksgiving lemme know! Also my mom may be gone that night
Total of 27 Equestrian Properties for sale in the Greater Charlotte Mecklenburg County area.
have you become a resident of Davidson county yet?
Our annual fundraiser is under way! Daron Hall, Davidson County Sheriff and Board Member at The Family Center,...
it's nearly impossible to find a native from Davidson county. No one here is from here. Opposite is true in Memphis.
Not cool, Davidson County business man parked at the airport Not cool. only!
Davidson County DSS also took in five children, including boy handcuffed to porch, after caretakers were arrested on felony charges. More.
Davidson County DSS to investigate handcuffed child case |
It's really douchey to put a monster drink sticker on your car, Davidson county.
There are children in Nashville & Davidson County needing your help right now! Join us in advocating for them! Become a CASA.
YC aint got nothin for us Davidson County boys, they don't want our hands at all. & I wish somebody would test this theory
Bless it. If you're going to do the same thing with every girl venture out of davidson county atleast.
"I can't chase what's not trying to be caught. Too much pride baby."rns
We help Davidson county residents receive their high school equivalent credential. 8 more students now have the opportunity to go to college
We have been so far passed the line, where in another county
Davidson County DSS to investigate handcuffed child case
Davidson County DSS to investigate handcuffed child case - Lexington Dispatch
UPDATE: Harley-Davidson of Kokomo will continue to contribute $1 per new like to the United Way of Howard County...
Got info today of a young Veteran here in Davidson County, that is a single Dad now. He spent 1 tour in...
There ain't enough pills or cannabis in Davidson County to make me OK w being in the dental chair.
Shirley Davidson, *** Cook, Marilyn Cook & Pete Cook of Stanstead Abbotts won the county fours on Sunday
Smoking like a twin cam engine. On a Harley, not hardley but Davidson county plates.
Davidson Co Chapter meets tonight in Nashville at the Goodwill Career Solutions Building, 5:30 PM
congrats on a successful campaign launch, NC House 98, Davidson County- thanks for stepping up!
Smart Start of Davidson County sets Snacks with Santa event.
The lead photo of this article from Davidson County is awesome! Make sure to check out the whole story as well.
So, are all these emails from Davidson County Judge candidates just a part of my life now?
We have Thanksgiving Dinners to supply to some needy families in Davidson County. Please message with info and...
Someone apparently didn't check out property taxes in Davidson county, TN. Yikes.
Much Needed road trip to Davidson county! Miss my NC friends.
It is official, today I announced my candidacy for Nashville Davidson County Juvenile Court Judge!
Attorney Sheila Calloway will run for Davidson County Juvenile Court Judge. She has served as Juvenile Court Magistrate since 2004.
It's all about the music, kids, and families. (@ Davidson County Juvenile Justice Center)
I'm also told while the children involved are in protective custody in Davidson County, the SBI is joining the investigation
Nothing done went right since igot in davidson county
SPSRAH from 11/18/2013 2:41 AM to 4:00 AM EST for Guilford County, Forsyth County, Davidson Cou... Read more at
Wisconsin Couple Arrested In Nashville: A couple from Wisconsin has been arrested in Davidson County ...
Photos from Hogs, Hounds, & Heroes at Tri-County Harley Davidson on Saturday, November 16.
One Injured in Nashville Shooting: One person was injured in a shooting in Davidson County.
Rockefeller Center has hit Davidson County this year with a synthetic outdoor ice rink, gingerbread house, s'mores pit, Christmas tree lot, and more! Come experience the best of the holiday season with us at Thomasville Winterfest! $10/per person includes free skate rental! Group discounts, fundr...
Food Freaks is headed to Davidson County Fair grounds for the Antique Craft Show! Starts tomorrow and ends Sunday. Open from 8-4 both days. Come out and see us! Serving our Pickle Dog, Apple Rings, and a fried BBQ pork chop sandwich. If you get their early enough, serving sausage pancakes on a stick!
Heading to Davidson County to spend some quality time with my baby girl
Days after watching the euthanization process of animals at the Davidson County Animal Shelter, Davidson County Commissioners voted Tuesday to continue allowing use of the gas chamber.
To all the real ones holding it down I ain't got long, but hit a *** up: Montez Ridley OCA Davidson County Hill Detention Center, 506 2nd Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37211. Much love fam!
On the other hand, thought I'd call the Davidson County shelter about pulling the cat there tomorrow. Nope, closed for Veteran's day weekend, and won't reopen until Tuesday. And next Saturday is the adoption fair so can't go then. Must be fate keeping me away from her!
RALEIGH — The Veterans Honor Guard of Davidson County joined Transportation Secretary Tony Tata, U.S. Rep. Mel Watt, Board of Transportation member Jake Alexander, and other state and local elected leaders today to celebrate the completion of the I-85 Corridor Improvement Project and dedicate the ne...
Midstate sees surge in $1 million-plus home sales Last week was a monumental week in Middle Tennessee residential real estate as seven single-family homes and one condo closed for more than $1 million each. Williamson County boasted three $1 million-plus sales for the week and 16 for the month, while Davidson County held a slight edge with 18 closed sales in October. For the year, Williamson County has the lead with 124 versus Nashville’s 118 for a total of 242 properties moving for more than $1 million. In 2006 and 2007, the boom years, there were 245 and 243, respectively. Perhaps 2013 is another boom. In which case, avoiding the bust would be a good idea. The Nashville sales were, interestingly, located across the county with sales in Dorset Park (a neighborhood near Richland Country Club off of Granny White Pike), Treemont (near Tyne Boulevard and Franklin Road), the Seven Hills area (near Harding Place and Belmont Park Terrace), the Highway 70 area, Hillwood Estates (off Harding Road and Post Road) ...
How can this cute face not have a home? She's available for adoption at the Davidson County Shelter. Adoption fee is $95. She is spayed and UTD on shots. Reshare so we can find her a home of her own. She's a chiweenie.
Molly is available for adoption at Ready For Adoption : Davidson County. She is smiling pretty hoping to find her new family! So cute!
Nat Love, pronounced Nate, was the most famous black cowboy of the old west. His nickname was "Deadwood *** . Nat was born a slave in Davidson County, "Nashville" in 1854 on the plantation of Robert Love. After the Civil War and the end of slavery Nat's father tried to run his own farm but soon died. Nat won a horse raffle, sold the horse, gave his mother half the money and headed west, ending up in Dodge City Kansas where he became a cowboy. He became so skilled he gained the respect of white cowboy's and eventually won a rodeo rope, tie, throw, bridle, saddle, and bronco riding competition on the 4th of July, 1876 in Deadwood South Dakota, which is where he got the nickname "Deadwood *** . He was an expert shot and was captured by Indians in 1877 but because of his bravery they released him. He wrote an autobiography of his life and worked as a Pullman Porter in his later years. He died in Los Angeles California in 1921 at the age of 67.
What is a General Session court anyway? Many residents of Davidson County do not realize the essential role that General Sessions Court plays in keeping Nashville Metro running smoothly. General Sessions Court has jurisdiction to hear a wide variety of cases that hit home for many citizens of Davidson County. Types of cases that General Sessions may hear include criminal misdemeanors and felonies, animal control cases, housing disputes, traffic violations, orders of protection and domestic violence cases, civil disputes valued up to $25,000, and mental health committals. For those facing criminal charges in General Sessions Court, the Court will handle all stages of the legal proceedings including the preliminary hearing and setting of any bonds. General Sessions judges may issue search warrants, determine sentences and order electronic monitoring for those convicted of a crime.
All in a days work... From one meeting to the next I: secured another sponsor for my daughters' school fundraiser, got chick-fil-a for a year donated, arranged for cheerleading cows and a nugget party for our top sellers, scheduled 8 phone interviews for Tennessee Obesity Taskforce Exec Director position, tried to save $140K in state funding from leaving Davidson County and going to East TN (still working on) and drank a Panera iced tea. Now - an open house for Catholic Charities. LIVING UNITED!
You have to love Davidson County at
There's obviously nothing to do in Davidson County tonight
Davidson county fair is tha ratchet fair
good job dude, way to rep Davidson County
I think Wilson County Fair is better than Davidson County Fair.
82-year-old Davidson County man dies in house fire
Davidson County jail will have one heckuva football team if Jimmy Frank goes to the pokey.
NC Headlines: 82-year-old NC man dies in house fire: An 82-year-old Davidson County man has died in a house fire.
.tour has made it to Davidson County. 21.6% of children in poverty - 9.6% unemployment rate.
Hope I don't get sick like all of Davidson county
FUN! hard at it drawing anti littering coloring book given to every student in county
I think davidson county should have its own 16 and pregnant show
If you are in Davidson County, the emergency sirens will be TESTED at noon today.
Who will be the next Davidson County Schools superintendent? County needs your help.
Pay homage to south Memphis,and Antioch Nashville. S/0 Madison and Franklin as well. Davidson county
Davidson County always blaming the refs!
Heads up Nashvillians & Davidson County!!! If you hear a tornado siren tomorrow (Saturday Sept, the 7th) IT IS...
The van in front of me has a Tennessee license plate.and it's Davidson County, which is where a teaching job was. Wah 💔 take me back!
Jury convicts man of first-degree murder after a little over four hours of deliberating in Davidson County, NC
NCDOT to resurface several roads in Davidson County
Ward to take over as Davidson County Fire Marshal
In August there was an 18.5% increase in home sales in Davidson County from last year.
Davidson County loves sending my speeding tickets to my parents' address! My daddy won't shut up via txt! 😖
I did not know this - Austin Dillon played in the 2002 Little League World Series for Southwest Forsyth in Davidson County, N.C
I am upset with Davidson County animal shelter! thay are euthanize animals by lethal gas,I would like put a stop to gas euthanizations
Very proud of these young ladies and their effort today! They finished a suspended game from yesterday...picked up from the 1st inning and won 16-4. Played the losers bracket championship game and defeated Fairview 11-10. Fairview was the team that beat us yesterday. That win set us up to take on Alexander County...again. This time we simply ran out of gas and fell to them in a hard fought battle. All in all the Davidson County 8U All-Stars played in 5 games in two the heat and multiple thunder storms...and gave their all!!! And by virtue of finishing 2nd in the WNCBR Softball State Tournament, our girls now have the opportunity to move to the next level...the Regional Tournament in Glen Allen, Virginia. Congrats to our girls, coaches and parents. There was a lot of heart, determination and pride shown out there this weekend! And we all are very, very proud of each and every one of you!!!
Welcome Booster Club would like to congratulate the Davidson County 10U Girls All-Star Softball team for winning the North Carolina Babe Ruth state championship! Great job girls, coaches, and parents!!!
LAVERGNE, TN (WSMV) - LaVergne police exchanged gunfire with a suspect involved in a pursuit. Authorities said a LaVergne officer was chasing the person who was believed to be involved in a home robbery. The suspect, driving a Red Lincoln Navigator, shot at pursuing police. The officer returned fire, shooting out the back window of the vehicle. The vehicle entered into Davidson County. Metro police issued a "Be on the lookout" for the vehicle. The Nir Shreibman/Stones River roundabout has been shut down.
So fireworks were banned in Davidson County (Nashville), what did we do...Shot them anyway! Happy Independence Day!!
Senior Judge Walter Kurtz told the jury of 16 Davidson County residents that the trial would go into next week, as the prosecution will continue calling for witnesses Wednesday.
Mayor Announces New Hockey Center in Southeast Davidson County Community Ice Rink Will Complement New Library and Community Center NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Mayor Karl Dean today announced the addition of a community ice rink and hockey center as part of the city’s mixed-use complex to be constructed in southeast Davidson County that also includes an expanded branch library, new regional community center and park. The Nashville Predators will manage the rink, which will be available for community use and to help expand youth hockey programs. Today’s event included the ceremonial groundbreaking for the library and community center, which will be located with the hockey center on the north end of the former Hickory Hollow Mall, now known as the Global Mall at the Crossings. “I see this center becoming a hub of learning and recreation for residents in Southeast Davidson County, one of the fastest growing parts of our city,” Mayor Dean said. “Families will find it convenient to have the ice rink, communi ...
Today In Black History • June 14, 1854 Nat Love, one of the most famous cowboys of the Old West, was born enslaved in Davidson County, Tennessee. Although he had no formal education, Love learned to read and write on his own. After the end of the Civil War, Love and his family were freed and Love headed west. Over the next few years, he worked as a ranch hand for several different ranches. In 1876, he entered a 4th of July competition in Deadwood, South Dakota involving roping, bridling, saddling, and shooting. Love won every competition and was nicknamed Deadwood *** Love continued to work as a cowboy until 1889 when he married and took a job as a Pullman porter. He published his autobiography, “Life and Adventures of Nat Love, Better Known in Cattle Country as Deadwood *** ” in 1907. Love died in 1921. • June 14, 1877 Henry Ossian Flipper became the first African American cadet to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Flipper was born enslaved March 21, 1856 in Thoma .. ...
Tornado Watch for Bedford, Benton, Cannon, Cheatham, Clay, Coffee, Cumberland and Davidson County in TN until 9:00pm.
Nashville is the capital of the U.S. state of Tennessee and the county seat of Davidson County. It is located on the Cumberland River in the north-central part of the state. The city is a center for the music, health care, publishing, banking and transportation industries, and is home to a large num...
A Davidson County teenager is accused of stabbing his father in the stomach with a pair of scissors. More details:
Davidson County authorities said a 19-year-old Denton man was arrested after leading deputies on a high-speed chase for several miles on Sunday. More details:
Nice job Kevin Harvick. Way to bring the 600 trophy home to Davidson County!
William Edmondson (1870 - 1951) an African-American folk art sculptor, born in Davidson County, Tennessee In 1937 Edmondson was the first African-American artist to be given a one-person show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
A group of citizens is urging Davidson County commissioners to fund a new high school in the northern end of the county.
I'm staying outta Gallatin *** they pull me over jus cus I got Davidson County tags flashing lights in my back seat *** ain't nothing back there but my seat belts.smh
Davidson County election chief Albert Tieche dismissed at tense meeting over 2012 errors. Also, Commissioner Jim Gotto resigns in protest over handling of matter.
Find Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee land for sale at
Speculation has already started as to who will replace one of Davidson County's locally elected state representatives.
At the Greensboro Aquatic Center watching the Davidson County Dolphins kick butt in the Special Olympics qualifiers.
Rain totals through 7 am this morning for Davidson Co and Williamson Co
County court clerk of davidson county
Lol that Davidson county page is funny af lol
I feel like that Davidson county top what ever is from central because the only keep calling out central kids mostly get a life *** haa
Whoever runs the Davidson County account HAS to be from central.
That's like saying " *** you smell like you be in Davidson county " does the ozone layer even exist there?! Lol
10-year-old injured in accidental shooting Deputies are investigating after a 10-year-old boy was seriously injured
Watching cops and OF COURSE some trashy couple from Davidson County is on there
: a person is hit and killed on I-65 SB in Davidson County. Live at ten.
Let me guess: no charges will be filed, right? Davidson County Boy, 10, injured in apparent accidental
Mega call volume in the Cornelius and Davidson area for gas odors - Iredell County is blowing out a new gas line.
NHI agrees to $40M settlement over nursing home sales: A Davidson County chancery judge will likely decide how...
I just saw ten Jeeps at the same gas station parked in a row. Welcome to Davidson County.
I'm not even out of Davidson County yet and I'm tired. This is gonna be a long trip!
Going into hour 5 of Davidson County election commission meeting. Got the popcorn, Ginger.
10-year-old shot this afternoon in Davidson County... in serious condition...crew working story... one we're...
Al B signed to play at Davidson County Community College! Let's go Storm! Congrats! Made himself a player!
Lauren Felton, Karen Davidson, Lisa Thornton and Keith Kline set-up for Saline County's Relay for Life event!
Hard times out here in Davidson county right now lol
Hamilton Collection
Commissioner Herzfeld would like to understand if there is a problem between State and Davidson County Elect Commission.
McClellan says other counties had election issues on Nov. 6, but review focuses on Davidson County only
IJS!...would u rather turnt up on a Wednesday night in Davidson County...or a Friday Fulton…
Calling all dancers! Tomorrow we dance with Aaron Davidson ! Hope to see all of the Gwinnett county dancers there !
And for the record, John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School is located in Augusta, Ga. RICHMOND COUNTY.
I've been behind 3 Davidson county (Nashville) drivers this week...all terrible
Review of Nashville voting says 2 races marred: A state review of election problems in Davidson County has con...
If I seriously can't go to NSA because I don't live in Davidson County after AL of this.. I will kill someone..
Recycling ranking in Davidson County slightly improves
'Pattern of serious errors' undermined Davidson County elections, reports
With Davidson County Trustee Charlie Cardwell at The Great Futures Gala for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tenn.
'Pattern of serious errors' undermined Davidson County elections
Davidson County schools on spring break.hoping for lighter traffic this week.
Did I really just get the same haircut as every other *** man in Davidson County?
plenty of libs in Nashville proper. Davidson County is very blue!
*** that only Davidson County will be at the beach during the week of senior beach week this year
Volunteer group works to support families in Davidson County
Ill be at myrtle beach all spring break when I come home and see the Davidson county welcome sign i will cry
I'm being more stereotypical of Davidson County
With muscadines, it might as well be a Davidson County party :)
For more information or to make an appointment with a counselor, homeowners should contact Davidson County Com...
April 1st dawg thats when my bro goes back and you guys are both in Davidson county.
i keep on forgetting Davidson county is on spring break lol
I just ousted as the mayor of Davidson County Juvenile Justice Center on
If you have never seen Phil Davidson's Stark County Treasurer speech, you're missing out.
Davidson County Election Commissioner calls for extra scrutiny of foreign-born voters
The Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Davidson county has been canceled. There are currently no watches or warnings for our area.
The Davidson County Election Commission voted last week to require anyone born outside of the U.S. to show proof...
Todd Davidson, Travel Oregon CEO, speaking at the 2nd Annual Tillamook County Tourism Symposium right now.
Attend the Davidson County Election Commission meeting this Thursday at 1pm, 800 2nd Avenue South, Davidson Conference room.
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm in Boro but Sam's would be an option in Davidson County. They are MT supporters. How about Williamson ?
"I went to a rave in Davidson County." "I went to a rave." "In Davidson County." "Rave." "Davidson County."
Davidson County motorcyclist killed in crash
F Davidson county for being on spring while I'm at school!
Drove all the way to work amidst the Davidson County tornado warning sirens this morning...
Severe storms are hitting Nashville right now with golf ball size hail falling in parts of Davidson County!
The tornado warning has expired for Davidson County, says.
New severe thunderstorm warning for Downtown Nashville and most of Davidson County, Pegram and most Cheatham County.
had hail in Goodlettsville...Davidson County side
BREAKING: Another tornado warning for County until 9am
No tornado warnings for campus now. Metro sirens activated for different area of Davidson County.
Davidson county still under Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 9am, so far no damage reported in the county.
Tornado Warning for Cheatham, Davidson, Dickson and Robertson County in TN until 8:30am.
Message from Public Safety: The tornado warning for Davidson County has expired. Stay Alert, Stay Safe.
TORNADO WARNING Davidson County until 9am. We're headed toward Bellevue to wait out storm. We can see it coming from the West
Davidson Co sirens will go off every 10 minutes and sound for 3 minutes as long as an active Tornado Warning is anywhere in the county.
Message from Public Safety: Tornado warning in Davidson County. please move to a safe place.
Referee Anthony Jordan should be thrown in the Davidson County jail. He's like nothing I've ever seen.
William Cocke Young (1812–1862), early settler, soldier, jurist, and official, was born in Davidson County, Tennessee, on May 12, 1812. He moved to Texas in 1837, and settled at a place that became known as Sherry's Prairie, near Pecan Point in the area of Red River County. William Cocke Young became the first sheriff of Red River County in 1837, and on February 5, 1844, he was appointed district attorney for the Seventh Judicial District of the Republic of Texas by Sam Houston. William Cocke Young was a member of Edward H. Tarrant's company on an expedition against Indians, participated in the Battle of Village Creek, and helped bury John B. Denton, who was killed in that engagement. Later, William Cocke Young was a delegate from Red River County to the Convention of 1845. On the outbreak of the Mexican War, he and James Bourland raised a company of troops that they marched to San Antonio. In 1851, William Cocke Young moved to Shawneetown, Grayson County, where he practiced law for six years and served ...
Yesterday, in the afternoon of March 8, 2013 at Brakebill Nursing Home in Knoxville, TN, my death was hastened by the prominent criminal network that has held me hostage for six years. My wife and my attorney are criminals, and I have been victimized by four judges in the Superior Court of Glynn County, GA, by three Circuit Court judges in Davidson County, TN, and by a panel of the Court of Appeals for the middle district of TN. Several attorneys have scammed me, drugged me, kidnapped me, incapacitated me, isolated me from my family and home, and have now killed me. One of my sons stupidly assisted this process by trying to negotiate a conservatorship for me instead of just deposing me as my other son wanted to do. The lack of help by many attorneys to take on a case for which I could and would have gladly paid handsomely just because my son could not pay them up front also greatly assisted the criminal attorneys, judges, politicians, and businessmen that are scamming wealthy retirees with the intelli ...
Hello Fellow Nashvillian, I wanted to take this opportunity to directly tell you about a letter that I just sent to the Davidson County delegation asking them to protect our quality of life in Davidson County. The letter, attached here, strongly urges the Davidson County delegation to work with me t...
Nashville chamber weighs in against satellite cities bill Eric Snyder Managing Editor- Nashville Business Journal Email | LinkedIn The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce today came out against a bill that would undercut metropolitan governments in the state, one day after Nashville Mayor Karl Dean said the proposal would "gut" Nashville. The bill would allow towns falling under a metropolitan form of government to provide their own services, including police, courts and schools. In addition to Davidson County, the bill would apply to towns in Trousdale and Moore counties. "The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce opposes (the legislation) because we advocate for a predictable business environment and oppose burdensome government... ~BusyBoi
Last Modified: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 4:16 p.m. Sidney Paul Pierce, 78, of Pine Ridge Road, died Tuesday, March 5, 2013, at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem. A funeral will be at 2 p.m. Friday at the Davidson Funeral Home Chapel by the Rev. Michael Kearns. Burial will follow in Forest Hill Memorial Park. The family will receive friends from 3 to 6 p.m. Thursday at the home. Mr. Pierce was born July 24,1934, in Davidson County to Sidney Lee Pierce and Sadie Tedder Pierce. He was retired from C.W. Transport, where he was a truck driver, and a member of Welcome Church of God. He entered the U.S. Army when he was 15 years old and was injured at age 16, for which he received the Purple Heart. He later enlisted in U.S. Navy and then served in the National Guard. He was also a member of the VFW Post 3074. He was preceded in death by his sisters, Ruth Coppley, Betty Coppley and Seba Norman. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Rhonda Maners Pierce of the home; his sons, Rickey Pierce and wife Cynth ...
Snowing in Nashville-Davidson County on March 1st. This Global Warming thang is really wearing me out...
A measure introduced at the North Carolina legislature would allow the state's public high schools to offer Bible study. The bill, introduced by Sen. Stan Bingham, R-Davidson County, on Tuesday would allow local school boards to offer students elective courses for credit on the Old Testament, the Ne...
Metro Government is expanding and upgrading its Tornado Warning Siren System by adding 20 new sirens and changing the sound of all the sirens. The number of siren sites will increase from 73 to 93 across Davidson County, and the sound of all the sirens will change from its current electronic tones to a mechanically generated tone similar in sound to an old-fashioned air-raid warning, which will be easier to hear and will travel farther. Construction of the new sites and upgrading of the system is set to begin in late February. Installation of the 20 new siren locations is expected to be completed by March 7. The upgrade of the existing system is estimated for completion by the end of April. With the approach of the spring severe weather season, the entire system will continue to remain in operation at all times, if needed. “This improved and expanded weather siren system will help keep Davidson County residents safe during tornado season,” Mayor Karl Dean said. “Sirens are crucial to alert people ou ...
SPSRAH from 2/26/2013 10:19 AM to 11:30 AM EST for Forsyth County, Davidson County: FREEZING RA... Read more at
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