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David Zwirner

David Zwirner (born October 23, 1964 in Cologne, Germany) is a gallerist and art dealer and owner of the David Zwirner Gallery in New York City.

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I got loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA @ David Zwirner Gallery
Renzo Piano's first commercial gallery to be designed for David Zwirner
.to design new gallery in New York.
New Yorkers, if you haven't been to both Yayoi Kusama's exhibits yet, we just made your weekend plans easier. 😎
“You want to be the gallery that blinks,” says David Zwirner. “That’s been my ambition.”
hello dear business sirs can one of you email me the WSJ profile of David Zwirner 🐥
David Zwirner is going to open his new in New York in 2020. It will be housed in the Renzo Piano-designed…
this week and wants your PATTERNS song suggestions, inspired by Japanese artist Yay…
Mega-dealer plans a new gallery building by Renzo Piano -
At a time when many small and midsize galleries are being priced out of the business because of the costs of prime…
Excited to be working with David Zwirner to launch their first Asian gallery later this month
Mega-dealers' taking over the world: David Zwirner plans a new art gallery via
David Zwirner is looking forward to a new Renzo Piano-designed site on West 21st Street, and looking back, with an exhibit…
• Archinect: Renzo Piano to design new $50M art gallery for mega-dealer David Zwirner: That…
.is opening a new Chelsea gallery — a five-story, $50 million structure designed by Renzo Piano (via…
David Zwirner to expand again with another New York gallery opening in 2020
David Zwirner taps Renzo Piano to design new $50 million Chelsea gallery
BIG ART NEWS A Mega-dealer is getting more mega: David Zwirner is planning a new $50m gallery in Chelsea, designed by Renzo…
.is moving into a new $50 million gallery space in Chelsea
Who tryna hIT this David Zwirner opening reception satin
David Zwirner is pleased to announce that the gallery now represents the estate of Franz West (1947–2012). Work by…
Remember. when negativity multiplies, the results are always positive @ David Zwirner
Just for the record, I saw Yayoi Kusama’s ‘infinity room’ at the David Zwirner Gallery in 2013 before it became a mainstream photo booth.
The new projects of Sean Slemon are desirably optimal for the greedy, dubious portico of David Zwirner.
Raymond Pettibon at David Zwirner. It sounds powerful, but it is very, very powerful.
Work by Felix Gonzalez-Torres is on view at David Zwirner in NYC through June 24. Felix…
Drawing from museum and private collections, the exhibition at David Zwirner includes a number…
Currently on view at David Zwirner in NYC is an exhibition of extraordinary works by the late…
Show at David Zwirner was pleasing; however, Shay Kun's new work was moist and stale.
Thanks for giving me great material to haunt my dreams tonight @ David Zwirner…
That creeping feeling: a review of R. Crumb's 'Art and Beauty'.
"We can all enjoy the art of someone who hates women just fine; he’s not the only one."
David Zwirner's Gallery in Chelsea. Stunning building and John McCracken installation.
Really good Richard Hamilton work riffing on Pernod Ricard merch. @ David Zwirner…
David Zwirner exhibits new sculptural work by American artist Jordan Wolfson
Fascinating response to R Crumb's (Fritz the Cat) Art & Beauty in London by Suzie McCracken at The Quietus.
I nudge in your direction this considered, cogent and lucid review of R. Crumb’s Art & Beauty by
we went to Crumb too and while we can't disagree with some of the comments he is still talented
Art & Beauty R.Crumb at The David Zwirner Gallery in London via
"I see the misogyny seething through every pencil stroke, and the attempts to obscure it."
Sigmar Polke first exhibition at David Zwirner is open at the gallery’s 537 West 20th Street location
• Art Daily: David Zwirner opens xhibition of new paintings by Belgian artist Luc Tuymans…
David Zwirner opens xhibition of new paintings by Luc Tuymans
Spend the amount of time you'd wait in line to see JW To c quietly @ David Zwirner…
Sigmar Polke at David Zwirner: most exciting work I've seen from him.
The David Zwirner museum is a must for next week
Craft/Work gets a little bit creeped out by R.Crumb's selfie drawings
Excellent Crumb exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery, London. Check it out and tell them Liam sent you.
The Archive is a Set of Relations, Not a Record of History: Thomas Ruff
David Zwirner's first exhibition dedicated to the work of Sigmar Polke opens in New York
RICHARD HAMILTON - Cadaques at David Zwirner. In the exhibition are…
📷 davidurbanke: Yulu and I went to the Dan Flavin exhibit at David Zwirner today.
A review of the inimitable Sherrie Levine @ now live on our blog:
Exhibition Spotlight: Sherrie Levine at now on the Off the Highline:
selection: first feature for today is fomofeed at David Zwirner Gallery
If you go to the David Zwirner Gallery and don't take selfies, did you even go at all?
Artnews. Late in February, the conceptual artist Sherrie Levine opened a show at David Zwirner’s New York...
John Baldessari at 83 bought his first painting. A picture by Giorgio MORANDI from David Zwirner.
jane lombard gallery at w19th st 10th ave! 💕 its small but you can get good pics! Its near the David Zwirner Gallery
- David Zwirner is an American art dealer and owner of the…
Exhibition of new works by American artist Sherrie Levine on view at David Zwirner
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Everyone in NYC should go and check out "Encasements" at the David Zwirner Gallery. It's beautiful, trippy and reminds me of The 1975 🙌🏽.
The David Zwirner Gallery is always on point ✨👌🏽.
David Zwirner has such a strict no photo policy but they forget the only reason people go there is bc of the pics they see on Instagram
"Brilliant show of 12 Cuban concrete artists of the 1950s & 60s" -
Concrete Cuba’ at David Zwirner, New York: In 1930, Theo van Doesburg suggested what concrete might mean in th...
"When the U.S. loosened travel restrictions to Cuba in 2014, Havana jumped to the top of everyone’s cultural...
The early years & works of Tom Wesselman's fruitful career in
David Zwirner Gallery presents an of the earliest collages by Tom Wesselman.
This is my favourite work in the de Keyser exhibition at David Zwirner
selection: first feature for today is at David Zwirner Gallery |
Great painting by Rafael Soriano (1958) part of the 'Concrete Cuba' show at David Zwirner Gallery in NY
Most comprehensive presentation to date of Doug Wheeler's work opens at David Zwirner
David Zwirner's Doug Wheeler show sounds like an amazing mashup of Flavin, Robert Irwin, and DeWain Valentine
So, it's all about Cuban art this year.
Doug Wheeler’s experiential art goes on view at David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea Saturday via
Cuban art is finally able to be seen at NYC galleries!
Exhibition of paintings from the 1940s to the 1960s by Giorgio Morandi on view at David Zwirner Gio
Several New York galleries are showcasing Cuban artists — past and present
A real treat for lovers in New York - Choreography by James Welling.
Giacometti portrait of James Lord sells to David Zwirner for $18.5 mil hammer He is on his phone.
I liked a video Bridget Riley at DAVID ZWIRNER
- is organizing an not to be missed - James Welling 'Choreography'.
Some of the most important works by great Donald Judd are on view gallery
Elements of dance fused with architecture and landscape - 'Choreography' by James Welling.
Enjoy the magic of architecture and landscape through of James Welling .
Oscar Murillo binary function on artnet
Recommend: binary function until 20 Nov with canvas!
The Donald Judd exhibition celebrates one of the most important movements
David Zwirner Gallery: Bridget Riley Exhibit. Check it out in the 'Event Coverage by TRUCE' section.…
“By the great Alice Neel. 1930s At David Zwirner Gallery / 20th St.
Fashion - Bridget Riley, David Zwirner, New York: David Zwirner opens the gallery's first exhibition with..
watched on Preview of Donald Judd at David Zwirner
The works by the legend of contemporary Donald Judd in at David Zwirner
David Zwirner and MoMA president Glenn Lowery at the exhibition gallery
Natural morta (still life), 1962 by Giorgio Morandi at David Zwirner, Chelsea, NYC
David Zwirner and Glenn Lowery of MoMA are touring the Giorgio Morandi exhibition right now
What world icons are showing at gallery?
Giorgio Morandi Exhibition opens tonight at David Zwirner Gallery in NYC
This work is on the wall. I'm off the wall. @ David Zwirner…
An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Bridget Riley will open tonight at David Zwirner in NYC…
Opening tonight at David Zwirner in NYC is a fantastic exhibition of paintings, including recent…
Attention art fanatics: Bridget Riley is showing her work this Thursday @ David Zwirner's for the first time in nyc since 2007 DONT MISS IT.
'Why should I hang everything in a straight line? I can sound out my work' --Wolfgang Tillmans htt…
David Rolf Sachs Among Third Round of Investors in affluent hipster art auction site
Everyone's top row on IG has at least one David Zwirner Gallery photo.
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Today is the last day for the David Zwirner Gallery and I'm not going cause I have no one to go with and my friends don't love art 😒😒😒
I see all the cool hippie ppl went to the David Zwirner Gallery already so it should be pretty quiet
the David Zwirner Gallery next since they manage his estate
Thanks for the tip The Dan Flavin exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery was mind blowing.
Wayment ... I'm supposed to be going to the Dan Flavin art exhibit @ the David Zwirner Gallery. I'm torn 😪
Must see: Dan Flavin exhibit at David Zwirner Gallery in NYC. (Girl stretching not included).
David Zwirner hired docents to fend off selfie-takers--its shows of late are, after all, selfie-magnets
Just one word… David Zwirner's New York gallery until August 7th.
De Wain Valentine's first New York survey in 30 years opens at David Zwirner | Art | Wallpaper* via
I liked a video from Luc Tuymans' 'The Shore': new paintings at David Zwirner
So in love with latest exhibit at David Zwirner. Click the link in our profile for…
I'd recommend the Carol Bove show at David Zwirner in Mayfair too.
(Seeing Spots) has been published on Fashterior Design. The David Zwirner Gallery in Manhattan presents ...
Took a day vacation from finals week to play with friends. @ David Zwirner Gallery
david zwirner's photo of the Goo cover art revisited by Pettibon
Finally made it to the David Zwirner Gallery!!! So excited ☺️☺️
David Zwirner Gallery follow on snapchat to see all the exhibits i visited today
Carol Bove’s The Plastic Unit is calculatingly laid out. Read our review
offtheeasel: Paintings and pastels by Lisa Yuskavage via Juxt…
Paintings and pastels by Lisa Yuskavage via
We Greg Lulay about the gallery's presentation
Paintings and Pastels by Lisa Yuskavage @ David Zwirner, NY: Lisa Yuskavage currently has an... via
For that West Coast Light and Spaciousness vibe, you can't beat John McCracken at David Zwirner
Dying to see the new Kusama exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery
admiring my new decor with all my friends @ David Zwirner Gallery
New Yorkers go sticker crazy at Yayoi Kusama's Latest "Obliteration Room." Catch it at the David Zwirner u…
Enjoyed the VIP opening festivities at Frieze Art Fair in New York, here at the David Zwirner booth…
It's a living room as the number of stickers grow. @ David Zwirner Gallery
All of this weekend's best new art shows, including Yayoi Kusama at David Zwirner
Yayoi Kusama's "Give Me Love" is still showing until June 13 at the David Zwirner Gallery
The kitchen is a mess you ungrateful kids @ David Zwirner Gallery
Diaporama : heystella: Went to the Kusama exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery yesterday. Probably...
Staring at Richard Serra's "Equal" sculptures with fellow fashion killas. @ David Zwirner Gallery
Photo: Staring at Richard Serra’s “Equal” sculptures with fellow fashion killas. (at David Zwirner Gallery)
Took part in a little hands on exhibit today @ David Zwirner Gallery
Very cool stuff at the David Zwirner Gallery!
Artful Circle has a dotty time at the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea
I wanna go to the David Zwirner Gallery!
Can't wait to go to this. Yayoi Kusama's new interactive exhibition Give Me Love at the David Zwirner Gallery, NY
No line at David Zwirner Gallery for Yayoi Kusama probably because there's no infinity room for selfies but there are LOTS OF STICKERS
Will anyone go to the new exhibition at David Zwirner's gallery with me?
is coming back to David Zwirner Gallery for another groundbreaking
Asking about prices at David Zwirner, Andrea Rosen, and Venus Over Manhattan
Gérard Faggionato Moves to David Zwirner as London Galleries Feel the Pinch Via
Q3: LC71NYDZ13DW by Doug Wheeler at the David Zwirner Gallery in NYC. Viewers were immersed into a bare, ethereal dimension of light
Little Giant Ladders
Michael Riedel: Laws of Form at David Zwirner, London | âThereâs no content being produced, because Iâm in the...
Take a Vertigo Inducing Walk into the Infinite Inside Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Rooms at David Zwirner
Seeing the Doug Wheeler exhibition tomorrow at the David Zwirner Gallery in
In NYC? Make sure to see the new Doug Wheeler exhibition at David Zwirner, 537 West 20th Street, open…
Me on Doug Wheeler's latest spectacular work at David Zwirner. It recalls both flight and Venetian painting:
Watch out Larry Gagosian - behind the scenes of David Zwirner's life by the
It is Jeffrey Deitch, not Larry Gagosian or David Zwirner or Sotheby’s now-ex-capo Tobias Meyer or collector Steve Cohen, who is probably the most exceptional and representative figure of the post-Warhol art world—a strange and slippery amalgam of tight-lipped wallflower and PR-savvy showman. The Greek-Cypriot super-­collector Dakis Joannou, whom he’s known and advised since the eighties, jokes that Deitch is “superhuman.” He’s certainly Zelig-like. Deitch claims to be the first person to have bought Basquiat (“five little drawings for $50 each”), midwifed the incredible ascent of Jeff Koons, . forged the loss-leader gallery model of supporting exciting and attention-getting but deeply weird work with an aggressive backroom secondary-market hustle, helped give Art Basel Miami its bacchanalian gloss with his annual music-art extravaganzas (Fischerspooner, Devendra Banhart, Santigold, Chicks on Speed), and abetted the process by which the ­contemporary-art museum became a showcase and play ...
Last week to see the exquisite retrospective of John McCracken's work at David Zwirner Gallery.
Representing over forty artists and estates, David Zwirner is a contemporary art gallery .
David Zwirner is home to innovative, singular, and pioneering exhibitions across a variety of media and genres, and has become known for presenting historically-researched exhibitions and publications devoted to the work of modern and contemporary artists. The gallery has helped foster the careers o...
David Zwirner Art Gallery it's an ex. by Yayoi Kusama's i'm not sure if it's still running it was last month
While David Zwirner is known for representing contemporary artists, he has a deep love of Renaissance art. See the fascinating and unexpected connections between today’s artists and the Renaissance, and take a look at some of the works in his collection. For more information:
For Stan Douglas's twelfth solo exhibition at David Zwirner, the artist debuts a new film set in a reconstruction of the Columbia 30th Street Studio. This legendary recording studio, known as one of the finest in the world, was opened in 1949 by Columbia Records in an abandoned Armenian church on…
Check out the video for the Stan Douglas Video that I produced! (Luanda Kinshasa at the David Zwirner Gallery...
Read my Metro New York review for in at David Zwirner Gallery, The Kitchen, and ZieherSmith
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.on the deep and unexpected connections between contemporary and Renaissance art:
A video I was watching at David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea. Funky.
So, David Zwirner and Larry Gagosian both have Caesar haircuts?
Boundary-pushing exhibitions that provoke the mind, tug at the soul & expand the imagination -
David Zwirner is pleased to present Sculpture, an exhibition by Yutaka Sone in the London gallery. The show brings together the artistâs three sculptures of island citiesâHong Kong Island (Chinese) (1998), Little Manhattan (2007â2009), and the recently completed Venezia (2013)âeach metropolis...
For valentines day I want to go to the David Zwirner museum! 🎨😍
David Zwirner is starting the year with a fantastic show featuring Flavin, Judd, and Sandback
David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of prints by Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, and Fred Sandback. While predominantly known for their three dimensional works, drawing and printmaking were valued techniques that each of these artists engaged with throughout their careers. The mechanical and…
★★★ Visit David ZWIRNER a Contemporary Art Gallery with Locations in New York & London. Their Site is Check it out!
Group Exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery. Prints: Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Fred Sandback will open at David...
ICYMI: here's my Grad Medieval Animals & Eco Syllabus for Spring14
Hi gang, here's my Animals and Ecology in the Middle Ages syllabus:.
a href= target= _blank David Zwirner /a debuts a new film by Stan Douglas, on view at the gallery’s 533 West 19th
POSITION: Research & Exhibitions Intern Part Time: 2-4 days a week, 10 am to 6 pm Start Day: February 3, 2014 David Zwirner is seeking an intern to work in the gallery's Research & Exhibitions department. The gallery’s secondary market division focuses primarily on work from the 1960s and 70s by American and European artists and represents a number of artist’s estates including Estate of Dan Flavin, Judd Foundation; Estate of Ad Reinhardt; Estate of Fred Sandback, and the Estate of Al Taylor. The qualified candidate will work on research projects pertaining to the gallery’s estate artists, secondary market inventory, and historical exhibitions. Tasks include assisting with library research and provenance documentation, proofreading, and other exhibition-related research projects. Preferred candidates will be working towards a graduate degree in art history and will have strong writing and editing skills. An interest in art from the 1960s and 1970s a plus. Interested applicants should send a brief co ...
Infinity Mirrored Room By Yayoi Kusama Gives Visitors A Taste Of Space ! Eccentric Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s intriguing art installation at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York tussles with a tough concept that most of us have a difficult time wrapping our heads around – infinity. Her “I Who Have Arrived In Heaven” installation features infinity rooms that let visitors take a step into an enchanting and endless space. The installation’s mirror room, “Souls of Millions of Light Years Away,” is brilliantly simple – it’s a room in which the walls, the floor and the ceiling are mirrors. This seemingly infinite space is populated by hanging, blinking LEDs, which make the space seem like a galaxy or a nebula. The fascinating experience it offers has made it very popular, generating long lines at the Zwirner gallery and tons of trippy, cosmic selfies on Flickr. The installation will be on display until Dec. 21st, 2013. Kusama is a wildly creative and imaginative artist, so it’s no surpr ...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Chaos has broken out in front of David Zwirner Gallery on West 19th Street, where people have been lining up to see Yayoi Kusama's “Infinity Mirrored Room — The Souls of Millions of Light Years Awa...
In recent years, the big contemporary art galleries have expanded aggressively, opening outposts around the world. Last month, Art Review published its annual list of the most powerful people in the art world. David Zwirner, the forty-nine-year-old New York gallerist and art dealer, was No. 2, after...
top 10 lines of 2013 i couldn't be bothered to wait in: Yayoi Kusama @ david zwirner, starbucks bathroom lines in general (at least 5 different states), f21 checkout in soho, bathroom line at bossa nova, leftfield, 285 kent, checkout at duane reade in times sq for a pack of tissues, pharmacy pick up line 10 min before I was supposed to be at work, trader joe's in union square to buy one pack of frozen turkey burgers, to exit at the bedford & n7th exit at bedford L stop. left all lines and either stole whatever i was going to buy or placed it on the floor, peed on the street, or just went home instead.
Yayoi Kusama has hung 75 colored LED bulbs in a mirror-lined room at the David Zwirner Gallery, and her creation has become an event.
/NYC, David Zwirner Gallery, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama contemplates life and death in her sprawling debut exhibition/
Really lovely, relaxing day - the first in a while :)). Yayoi Kusama and Ad Reinhardt at David Zwirner, brunch at Chelsea market, new gloves at Macy's, and now prickly pear sorbet at Rosa Mexicano with the family. Checking this out later tonight. Happy happy happy.
In what's being called the next Rain Room for New York, eccentric Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is showing off her newest installations at David Zwirner galler…
back to Chelsea...Jon Rafman at Zach Feuer, Matthew Day Jackson at Hauser & Wirth, John McCracken and Raymond Pettibon at David Zwirner...
This is what will appear in the forthcoming edition of Hyperallergic Weekend, blurb courtesy of Thomas Micchelli. John Yau sets his sights on the competing shows by Jeff Koons at David Zwirner and Gagosian: “The loud and continuous message that Koons’ work sends, and which those who support him embrace, is that the amount of money required for the fabrication and acquisition of his work is the shining mark of his success.” Yau also discusses the sculpture of George Sugarman, whose work, more than that of anyone else who emerged in the postwar period, “proves that not every artist had to be aligned with Minimalism, Pop Art, Color Field painting or Abstract Expressionism in order to be good.” Thomas Micchelli looks at the new paintings by Dan Colen: “There’s no question that Colen’s paintings are well made — but would we give them a second look if we passed them in the lobby of an Orlando resort hotel?” Guest writer Michael Leong reviews the book No Medium by Craig Dworkin, whose central ...
Christian - the world's premier sparkle artist- sits down to color with Ryan Hill. Topics covered: Anthony Romero, Austin Wilde, David Zwirner, Larry Kramer,...
FRIEZE: A tale of two art worlds Giant pieces take over New York as artists super-size their work—but bigger is not necessarily better By Charlotte Burns. From Frieze New York daily edition Two mammoth sculptures by the American artist Paul McCarthy straddle New York’s rivers this week. The 181,000kg bronze Sisters, 2013, hulks down by the Hudson River, while Balloon Dog, 2013, the artist’s irreverent 80ft-tall take on the Jeff Koons original, squats beside the Frieze New York tent next to the East River. Meanwhile, Koons himself, an artist of huge ambition with the production costs to match, has rival shows opening this week at David Zwirner and Gagosian galleries. From Ugo Rondinone’s colossal figures at Rockefeller Plaza to Orly Genger’s installation in Madison Square Park (her work is made from 1.4 million feet of rope, equating to nearly 20 times the length of Manhattan), artists in the city are super-sizing their work to fill public spaces and huge commercial galleries. “The market, whic ...
Donald Judd @ the new David Zwirner Gallery on 20th Street.
Donald Judd opening at David Zwirner 20th street tonight
If asteroid doesn't hit us, I'm going to the FLAVIN/JUDD opening tonight at David Zwirner new building - 537 W 20
Michael Riedel snaps photos of the installation of his exhibition, PowerPoint, opening on Saturday at David Zwirner
Photo: v-magazine: Preview of Michael Riedel’s Powerpoint, opening Saturday at David Zwirner
things I've learned today - Fred Sandback's bits of string at David Zwirner are great but I still don't understand shadows
Michael Riedel's musical invitation to his solo show Thats commitment to an invitation! Brilliant!
Michael Riedel has a new show — a must-see if u're in NY (& make sure you get one of them invitations!)
So, is he like a Wayde Guyton for the people who like good looking things?
A pop song and original invitation cards serve as both advertisement for and elegant primer on the German artist&work.
The pop jam Michael Riedel commissioned to serve as his exhibition invitation is hysterical and catchy:
Michael Riedel's upcoming exhibition PowerPoint and the catchy song that accompanies it is featured on
It's almost ready! Our new gallery for David Zwirner opens this Friday 2/15 with works by Dan Flavin and Donald Judd.
(New York – February 7, 2013) David Zwirner is pleased to announce the representation of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.
An exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art explores contemporary art through the filter of the blues.
Select on & Kusama Leaves Gagosian, Joins David Zwirner via Art in Ameri...
Francis Alÿs, others, "Reel-Unreel" at David Zwirner: I'd sat mesmerized 15 mins before it occurred to me to snap pic
After months of rumors, it's official - Yayoi Kusama is joining David Zwirner's Gallery after leaving Gagosian:
Fred Sandback... A must see at David Zwirner Gallery!
Yayoi Kusama, after parting ways with Gagosian Gallery, joins David Zwirner.
It's official: Yayoi Kusama has left Gagosian Gallery and is now represented by in N.Y. by David Zwirner
Carol Vogel of breaks the news that Yayoi Kusama is now represented by David Zwirner. Read the press release -
Thanks to wonderful for her amazing talk on Fred Sandback at David Zwirner. Best work ever!
Yayoi Kusama is now represented by David Zwirner
It has been rumored for a while that Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama may leave Gagosian for David Zwirner Gallery
I don't even know David but him and Alex seem to have a lot of sexual tension
David Zwirner opens huge, new Manhattan gallery
Just found out that Kusama is now represented by David Zwirner. Wow.
The rumors are true Yayoi Kusama will now be represented by David Zwirner
Did you miss out on all the Kraftwerk fun when you couldn’t get your hands on tickets to their sold-out shows at MoMA and the Tate Modern? Fear not, now you can take a Krautrock tour of Tate Modern instead. From Richter’s Cage paintings to Heartfield’s photomontages, recreate the band’s robo-Dada vi...
"famous Yayoi Kusama is now represented by David Zwirner --
, Zwirner means ,Thread-er... David is ensnaring those big hitters lõöõk
Yayoi Kusama reveals her new reps after ditching Gagosian Gallery RT
David Zwirner will now represent Yayoi Kusama after she announced her departure from Gagosian Gallery last month
Carol Vogel announces the union of David Zwirner Gallery with Yayoi Kusama: Ms. Kusama will continue to be represented by Ota Fine Arts in Tokyo and Singapore as well as Victoria Miro in London, and Mr. Zwirner confirmed that he … Continue reading →
Luck tymans in David zwimmer is super good
Brooklyn-based artist responsible for cover art of Beck's Guero, has first London show in five years at new gallery
And since I am talking galleries, how about Francis Alys's video shot in Kabul? Wonderful. At David Zwirner Gallery the Feb. 9.
Opening reception Luc Tuymans at David Zwirner Gallery NYC: Thursday, January 10, 6 – 8 PM Press preview with the artist: Thursday, January 10, 10 AM (contact Julia Joern to RSVP) In his tenth show at David Zwirner, Belgian painter Luc Tuymans shows all new works. The Summer is Over was originally planned to be on view in November-December 2012, but due to Hurricane Sandy, it was reschedule to January 2013. Since 1994 when Luc Tuymans had his U.S. debut at David Zwirner’s original location in SoHo, the artist has presented exhibitions at the gallery, every two years, premiering a new, thematic series of paintings. 2012-2013 marks an exception: the artist has two consecutive exhibitions: Allo! for David Zwirner’s new London gallery (October – November 2012) and The Summer is Over for New York (January – February 2013). The Summer is Over coincides with the publication of Luc Tuymans: Exhibitions at David Zwirner, 1994-2012 (Ludion). Opening with a conversation between the artist and Zwirner, this ...
Jeff Koons jumps ship at Gagosian Gallery for a show with David Zwirner Gallery
Art world hot topic: Jeff Koons has teamed up with dealer David Zwirner (so what's happening with gagosian?)-
Jeff Koons plans a show with David Zwirner
"So news that Jeff Koons is planning a big show at David Zwirner and not Gagosian or Sonnabend — where he has had lo...
Read issue two of our daily fair edition, published from Art Basel Miami Beach, with dealers' reactions to the US fiscal cliff, news on Frida Kahlo's first sale returning to market, Jeff Koons showing with David Zwirner, and more.
"From now on I'm just gonna sell Silly Bandz." - David Zwirner
Widespread devastation was in painful evidence in scores and scores of ground floor galleries between Tenth and Eleventh Avenues. Almost every ground floor gallery had been inundated with four or more feet of water. All of the many basement storage facilities were flooded. Computers and desk equipment were wiped out. Reams and reams of irretrievable historical material stored in notebooks and gallery files were washed away, destroyed. Sculptures, crates, furniture, and paintings floated inside water-filled galleries, ramming walls and other works of art. Whole shows were destroyed. Desks floated free. Glass doors had shattered from the pressure of the water inside the galleries. Walls already reeked of mildew or had rotted through. Damage to art has been far-reaching. I had to turn away when I saw Belgium painter Luc Tuymans going into David Zwirner to inspect a waterlogged painting of his. I watched outside Printed Matter as box after box of their own printed editions and titles were brought up from the ...
An hour in Chelsea last Saturday was a final look at what could become the old, pre-Sandy gallery scene.
“We were expecting a foot of water, and we got four,” said David Zwirner of
I've written a review of Luc Tuymans at David Zwirner, London. I thought it was ok work well done!
David Zwirner is postponing the current exhibitions, due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
Gallery district in flooded knee-deep in water, David Zwirner Gallery on W19th under water
Apparently David Zwirner Gallery in NY is now under water...
lostprofiles: Installation view of John McCracken’s “New Works in Bronze and Steel” at David Zwirner 2010
Born in Shanghai in 1960 and based in Dijon, France, Yan Pei-Ming has gained international recognition for his large-sized, monochromatic portraits. His subjects, which range from historical figures, political leaders, and celebrities to anonymous soldiers, serial killers, female prisoners, orphans,...
Gaddafi corpse inspires artist trio PARIS: The day after Muammar Gaddafi died, Chinese artist Yan Pei-Ming set to work painting a wall-sized oil of his corpse - the first in an unlikely trio of artworks inspired by the Libyan strongman's grisly demise. "He died such a dramatic, cruel death," the artist, who lives and works in France, told AFP, "He became a victim of his own victims." "The day after he died, I started work on the subject based on the images that were available to me." Entitled simply "Gaddafi's corpse, October 21, 2011", the resulting artwork went on display at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York last spring - although it has yet to find a buyer. Measuring 4.0 metres by 2.8 (13 feet by 9), the oil in shades of grey depicts the dictator's body lying on the ground, in a mortuary chamber in the Libyan city of Misrata. "All revolutions end in blood. It's an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," added Yan, who was born in 1960 and lived through China's cultural revolution before arriving in F ...
David Zwirner Opens Up: On the eve of the opening of his palatial new London gallery, dealer David Zwirner spoke to the Financial Times about his decision to stay in the family business, his commitment to Minimalism, and his struggle to educate clients who are more interested in market value than art history. "Then the moment came when I mentioned that Stan Douglas was in Documenta and the client said, ‘What’s Documenta?’ Connoisseurship is really not valued, sometimes it is even looked down on," he said. [FT]
Art News ► AO Newslink: David Zwirner talks to the Financial Times about educating his clients and his new galle...
Doug McClemont on Stand still like the hummingbird at David Zwirner: "Pencil portrait drawings by the still...
Blue chip gallery showcases works by its staff: "People Who Work Here" curated by
Scaling the Gallery Walls: [image] Bryan Derballa for The Wall Street Journal. Artist and David Zwirner employee...
Rawson Projects is curating a group show at David Zwirner that opens on July 11
Reviews: Will Heinrich on Alice Neels at and Jutta Koether at Bortolami:
wrote one year ago this week about ArtBinder taming and & more
Alice Neel @ David Zwirner Gallery today. An older women view the paintings near pretty much summed up the show:...
Review: Neel at Zwirner, Koether at Bortolami: The rosy pink color that dominates the Bortolami show's eight pai...
Photo: (via » AO On Site: Lisa Yuskavage Paintings on view at David Zwirner February 19th to March 28th,...
Touché need to,you would love it.there's so many art galleries such as David Zwirner ...
Did not expect this portrait from Yan Pei Ming at David Zwirner. At All.
Meow (David Zwirner, USA) yes, my first post has got to be a big cat.
NY gallery David Zwirner brought fresh works specially made for . Would be good to see that more often
she was a WPA artist? when America put its $ where it's mouth is re Art: Alice Neel thru June 23 -
Late portraits & still lifes by Alice Neel, ongoing - through June 23 -
Of to dinner and cocktails in the honor of Luc Tuyman and Yan Pei-Ming at The China Club. Thank you David Zwirner Gallery for the invite! 😃
Followed by a dinner in the honor of luc Tuymans (Belgian painter) with David Zwirner Gallery folks. :) EXCITED NAKO!
With an art career spanning from 1920 to the 1980s, Alice Neel painted family, poets, singers, bohemians, strangers and celebrities. She famously stuck with figurative painting when it was least fashionable, all the while keeping the " conventional" subject matter honest, funny and slightly morbid.
If you're in New York (through June 23), the David Zwirner Gallery is showing 17 portraits/still lifes by Alice Neel:
Alice Neel's son RICHARD in front of portrait his mom painted of him in 1969, on show now at David Zwirner...
Stan Douglas at David Zwirner takes the persona of a photojournalist covering the birth of disco and Angola civil war
Check out this preview on of Art Cologne 2012 - which includes mention of David Zwirner booth
David Zwirner is pleased to participate in this year’s Art Cologne, opening April 18th
Marco Materazzi @ David Zwirner, in front of Adel Abdessemed's sculpture, Coup de tête, depicting the famous headbutt
Bobby Elliott: For the Sake of the Stir: Adel Abdessemed at David Zwirner: There are a lot of things about the C...
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf: Adel Abdessemed's second solo exhibition on view at David Zwirner
A studio visit with painter Lisa Yuskavage & the story behind her new paintings at David Zwirner:
New paintings by Philadelphia-born artist Lisa Yuskavage on view at David Zwirner ...
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