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David Wright

David Allen Wright (born December 20, 1982) is an American baseball player, who plays third base for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball.

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David Wright refuses to give up comeback attempt to rejoin Mets
Biggest takeaway is that David Wright remains determined to find his way back on to a big league field.
David Wright still believes he has something to give on the ballfield: .
David Wright give it up haven't been relevant for like 4 years.
Gary and Ron on the David Wright news
David Wright is certain about what he'll be doing next season
David Wright also told reporters today he has no desire to become a manager. So please, please, please stop asking.
Sandy with the latest on David Wright
Today's Mets health report:. Wilmer done for the year. David Wright is not dying. Lmao this team is incredible.
David Wright: "I'm not dying.". ... ... Me: you can't be dying if you're already dead
Brian & Roger talked about the crazy Mets stories from the last 2 weeks + a David Wright conspiracy WAKE UP SHEEPLE. https…
Inside Baseball from rolling, keep losing, needs, notes on all 15 NL teams:.
David Wright should be allowed to decide on his future
David Wright = Jon Snow. Talented, pure heart, doesnt care if he dies. Difference is David doesnt have witches, armies &…
David Wright has earned the right to go out on his terms, writes
David Wright still eyeing return despite another surgery
The David Wright of the NFL. Plus, it is ANOTHER concussion.
I really hope the best for David Wright like he's a good dude, he deserves a good ending.
Asked why he wants to keep pushing to come back, when others may not, David Wright says: "The easy answer to that is I love…
"I think I still have something to give" --- David Wright
David Wright is a beast. How anyone can knock his drive is beyond me. Animal mentality to get back on the field. Nothing but…
Come and meet your Sector David Neighborhood Coordination Officers on September 15,2017 at 5:30pm in the J.Hood Wright Recre…
David Wright on his mindset after shoulder surgery
Wright believes he has more to offer in 2018. Sent with At Bat
David Wright is OK with the Mets adding a 3B. He just hopes to help next year:
David Wright still eyeing return despite another surgery.
My update on David Wright's surgery and future plans...
Surgery aside, Mets' David Wright hopeful of playing again (Associated Press)
Mets' Wright still eyeing return despite surgery
Sports news: Mets' Wright still eyeing return despite surgery
David Wright not giving up, surgery tom. Conforto, Rivera, Edgin surgery this week. My story:
amazinavenue​.com >> This Week in Mets Quotes: Jose Reyes and Terry Collins react to David Wright being
Jose Reyes' dream of playing the infield with David Wright again may be over - New York Daily News
Jose Reyes’ dream of playing with David Wright again may be over -
"If he wants to continue to try and try, we're behind him." Jose Reyes with all the feels for David Wright. https:…
And for those who keep asking: David Wright is not retiring. (Sandy Alderson said earlier this month that he didn't foresee that either.)
David Wright rehab terminated shoulder pain continues this should be the end of the road Conforto a ?? 4 n…
Chesapeake's David Wright continues to have shoulder pain, so the Mets shut him down.
Even if it's one game. Even if it's next year, the Mets need to give David Wright one last game in front of the home cro…
Needless to say, if David Wright has to retire, it's a sad day for him, the and baseball. What's next is extremely…
I think this is end of the road for David Wright. He will retire and maybe coach or work in Mets organization. Too…
If David Wright retires this year I am officially giving up on 2017.
David wright pretty much at this point
David Wright still feels shoulder pain he said. He's done. Offer him a front office job and have a day for him. Time to retire.
Yoenis Cespedes will miss the rest of the season as injuries continue to trouble Mets.
Should David Wright manage the Mets in the immediate future? Also, @ me an opinion if you feel so inclined.
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Mets maladies: Hamstring ends Yoenis Cespedes' year, while David Wright still has shoulder pain
BREAKING: David Wright shuts down rehab assignment with due to shoulder pain
Wright halts rehab with shoulder pain
If Tim Tebow wasn't able to heal David Wright in St. Lucie than no one can. Time to give Eric Campbell a call.
Yoenis Cespedes' latest hamstring injury ends his season
Michelle and I drowned our David Wright related sorrows in pizza and ice cream. The only proper way to cope.
Yet another setback for Mets captain David Wright, who halts his rehab due to shoulder pain: htt…
David Wright has more back injuries than Brian Lee ... — The government owes him bigtime
David Wright just needs to accept that he will never be healthy enough to play again. He needs to retire.
Anyone who is mocking David Wright is an absolute moron. Dude is pure class and has been working his *** off to come back.
David Wright's latest comeback attempt ends with more pain, more questions. Could this be the end?…
QB battle for Jets a total joke. Petty will be in week 2. Hope David Wright can play one more game. Just a pinch hit.
My heart hurts for David Wright. Mets fans would give anything in the world to see him play one final time. Wish he got that ring
Ugh. David Wright has terminated his rehab assignment. Heading to NY to be re-examined.
Not sure how anybody can knock David Wright. The guy has laid his body on the line for the game and this franchise
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*me in coma since 2008*. Doctor: It's 2017. Me: Oh wow I can't wait to watch my favorite baseball player David Wright. http…
Dougie Wright gets a page in Played for to
David Wright can go kick rocks. I'm sick of hearing his name.
Mets' Cespedes out for year, Wright halts rehab
David Wright terminated his rehab assignment today, the Mets announced. He'll undergo a medical exam in NYC this week.
From what I am hearing David Wright is not thinking in terms of retirement right now, even following this latest setback.
Its time David Wright retires this is getting sadder all the time
RF david wright was great player ambassador & mentor to the mets and MLB he nds to retire dnt go out kikn & screaming Dave?
Game 3 of the 2015 World Series at Citi Field, the Captain, David Wright connects for a two-run homer into the left field se…
Sad news with David Wright terminating his rehab assignment
David Wright shut down his rehab today after complaining of shoulder pain in games very disappointing news
There are no words to describe what David Wright means to the Blue and Orange Nation. Hearing today's news is devastating to say the least.
whats your favorite picture of david wright — Him taking a picture w me
Wright halts rehab with shoulder pain: David Wright's rehab assignment has been…
[Yahoo Sports: Big League Stew] Mets shut down David Wright after just three rehab games
David Wright did the impossible - he overtook Mike Piazza as my favorite Met. This is a really sad way for it to end. Reality setting in.
David Wright as manager & Curtis Granderson back as 3rd base coach (he'll retire if he gets a ring).
The NFL embraced the young coach. I'd like to see MLB do the same and let the Mets pioneer it with a guy like David Wright.
You are as awesome as David Wright and Mike Piazza combined
.3rd baseman David Wright is back in the lineup for St. Lucie tonight in Port Charlotte against the Stone Cra…
Gates are officially open. Come out and see the Stone Crabs play host to David Wright, Tim Tebow and the St. Lucie…
No big deal but Reyes compared Michael Conforto to David Wright.
Trading Curtis Granderson is probably the saddest I'll feel next to the day I read David Wright is retiring
"I was fired up," said Travis d'Arnaud, who texted David Wright to ask permission to use his glove.
Who had Travis d'Arnaud playing third base this season before David Wright?
Always best when hitters are alive. 2018: David Wright= manager. Keith Hernandez=hi…
Michael Conforto is the third player in Mets history to hit 25+ HR at age 24 or younger. David Wright did it three 3x, D…
Want to know what's sad, Jay Bruce was a Mets player for over a year and David Wright never played with him once.
David Wright on DPRK: Negotiating matters more than miniaturization
The Bulletin's Lucien Crowder just posted a great interview with David Wright.
I'll throw in Don Mattingly too. Honestly, maybe even David Wright. Bo is alone on a level…
Hi on your show earlier leader of the Mets is not there David Wright. Perhaps Walker.Curtis right now
Pulling for David Wright, the captain, as he resumed baseball activities in Port St. Lucie .
In-game reading: David Wright has resumed baseball activities in St. Lucie.
David Wright is in Port St Lucie and has started low-level baseball activities.
I will also trade the Russell for a really nice Rizzo, David Wright, Evan Longoria, or Adam Jones.
David Wright. Endy Chavez. Didier Drogba. Lucas Duda. Wilmer Flores. Honorable mention: Jeremy Lin for that one month
Pedro Martinez, Randy Moss, Roy Jones Jr., David Wright, LeBron. Pluots are a scam; you're not the boss of me.
The only team captains in Mets history are Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, John Franco, and current captain David Wright!
Remember when David Wright hit a home run in game 3 of the World Series
who never would have dealt with David Wright back injury if not for saving money on Bonilla, signing Hampton, g…
Justin Turner is currently batting .387/.464/.547 and David Wright is making $67,000,000 over the next 3.5 seasons
As the Mets make out another check to Bobby Bonilla and David Wright
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Storm Warriors welcomes David Wright as one of the Creatives in the expert film makers pool
Hamilton Collection
Can you bring Matz and Lugo from rehab? Plus give us update on and David Wright
Please help us 48, missing from since 20/4. Seen him? Call 116 000
Heading back to Wales this morning, thankyou Ashton Jessica and Michael David Nev Wright for putting up with me.
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So totally agree with David forget the polls, if you ha…
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The time I knew Robin Wright and David Thewlis were going to star I also knew this movie will be captivating
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He can do the David wright handshake
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David West has one less point than Kyrie lol
2k12 was when i first got hip to the warriors , David Lee, Monta, Steph, and Dorrel Wright went crazy before klay e…
and yes, I feel the same way about David Wright. David I feel bad for because he was done in by injury and clearly shouldn't be playing
I blame David Wright and his ridiculous contract for Murphy leaving. But you make a valid point.
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On this date in 2001, the Mets selected an infielder David Wright (38th overall) from Hickory High School in Virginia.…
Forget David Wright ... the Mets have wasted eight years of Gary Cohen's prime. What are we going to do w this bad team if he ever leaves?
Congratulations, you are now part of the Mets organization! You can sit next to Noah Syndergaard…
16 years ago, the drafted some kid out of Norfolk, Virginia ...
It's going to be a rough offseason when David Wright announces his retirement.
David Wright looks like he should've been a cop. He has the look.
Remember this,lol?. Trump says Putin is 'not going to go into Ukraine,' despite Crimea…
signed a lot of good players. Beechy and David Wright come to mind. There are more for sure.
The concept of David Wright's 75-percent-covered-by-insurance contract as an albatross i…
my mom texted me "did you see that david wright won the game" LIKE NO MOM I DIDNT BUT THX ANYWAY
don't forget David Wright's 2015 personal vote - not automatically Labour now.
These poll numbers for are starting to look like Nixon numbers.
Once you have no shame, you can say anything.
How Donald Trump shifted kids-cancer charity money into his business:
The comics to read after you've seen Wonder Woman
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7 June 1917. Popular singer Dean Martin was born in Steubenville, Ohio. His nickname was 'The King of Cool'.
They used the compensation pick they gained from losing Mike Hampton to FA. Mike Hampton = David Wright.
Actually make that "David Wright and Michael Conforto got drafted by the day".
David Wright comes back in 2018 and is basically a back up all season, but comes off the bench to hit a walk o…
Only Lucas Duda and David Wright were on the roster both then and now. Matt Harvey and Josh Edgin would also eventually play in 2012.
Newsflash! David Wright, REALTOR and Jan Hale, Mortgage Banker, the co-founders are re-igniting Brentwood...
David Wright, both Uptons, Ryan Zimmerman, Mark Reynolds, Michael Cuddyer...lots of big leaugers
Not so much David Wright, but Ryan Zimmerman, Michael Cuddyer, the Upton B…
I loved working for David Wright. He's a great regulator who really knows his stuff & he'd be a good fit at .
They need Mike Piazza, Keith Hernandez, David Wright, Tom Seaver, and Doc Gooden back the most.
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David Wright, co-director of the Global Security Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said the missile...
Remember when David Wright in his prime would make that play Flores couldn't.
Hey. David Wright back in NY, in dug-out tonight. Not sure DiComo got it right. Getting worried DW…
I've a hard time believing Sandy Alderson didn't want to trade Jose Reyes and David Wright.
obviously this was a long time ago... David Wright isn't in a wheel chair.
Learn more about the David Wright house and how to live in the Southwest in this video, narrated by our friend,...
Kenneth shares his experience working with David Wright, Benchmark Realty. Sold his Nashville house in 48...
Two spring trainings ago, David Wright and Bobby Parnell threw away the lunch of some kid named Noah Syndergaard. Life co…
Way, way hotter than Grichuk. Grichuk looks like off-brand David Wright got dosed with STL's Eckstein serum.
Photographic evidence of Wilmer Flores wearing David Wright's jersey in today's Mets intrasquad game.
Same roster- hope not same DL. Regardless what folks say, good to have David Wright & Matt Harvey back. Team will b…
for what? 2013 Matt Harvey? 2006 David Wright? Those are the only instances where a trade is acceptable.
Mets manager Terry Collins admitted David Wright (shoulder) is unlikely to appear in any more Grapefruit…
David Wright tells Terry Collins he's willing to do whatever he can to help the Mets
David Wright and Tim Tebow...time to bring back Sydd Finch to join them as a trio.
Big Money Kerfuffles: Defending David Wright of Is he Paul Molitor II? Will he be DH on See...
Simpson struck out Ryan Freel three times in three at-bats and got Khalil Greene, Danny Bautista, Hector Luna and David Wright twice.
When the Mets decided to "make David Wright a Met for life", no one thought Justin Turner OR Daniel M…
When is David Wright scheduled to fly back to Port St Lucie?
What Mets will miss as David Wright's sad reality hits via
Mets should have been expecting this with David Wright, but it doesn't make it any less painful
With the recent news of David Wright's uncertain status for Opening Day, infielders T.J. Rivera and Gavin...
captain David Wright may miss opening day with shoulder injury https…
David Wright's shoulder impingement makes Reyes mixed league viable late. Why the Mets did not deal for Danny Valencia is beyond me...
I can't even blame Ray Ramirez but David Wright's latest setback, dude just needs to retire.
On the field at the same time today: David Wright, José Reyes, Daniel Murphy, Oliver Perez
Who plays more games for the Mets this year, Lucas Duda or David Wright?
David Wright can't throw Travis D'Arnaud can't throw Lucas Duda can't throw thank god Thor can
Breaking news: thinks David Wright is the Jon Snow of the Mets. Bigly important news.
David Wright on his first day throwing since last season
David Wright, Yoenis Cespedes and Curtis Granderson at first open workout in Port St. Lucie
Curtis Granderson, Matt Harvey and David Wright leave team meeting for first full squad practice.
Will the 34-year-old third baseman, David Wright, have an impact this season or is his career over?
I can do the positive one (among prominent players):. 1. David Wright. 2. Tom Glavine. 3. Cliff Floyd. 4. Pedro Martinez. 5.…
Andy, do you see any chance that David Wright restructures his contract to free up some payroll? I want Jerry Blevins back!
what do you expect from David Wright this season?
Is that David Wright or Ryan Flaherty playing third?
From 2005-10, only 3 players had a better fWAR than captain, David Wright (32.6). Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, & Al…
In an injury-shortened 2016, David Wright barreled more of his batted balls than any player. (mi…
I've got Rusty Staub and David Wright - these would be a great add.
When I play roulette I was play:. 10 for Eli Manning. 5 for David Wright. 31 for Mike Piazza. 4 for Greg Manassa
Anthony Cronin was in David Wright's weird, wonderful anthology The Mid-Century. He successfully traversed that 1960s chasm of the Irish sea
DS David Wright and DI Emma White of Dep't of Professional Standards conduct a VERY polite interview. Gre…
Happy birthday to The Captain of the David Wright!
Happy birthday to David Wright, who turns 34 (!) today.
Oh man I can't wait to hear the Rob that *** interview the David Wright that ***
David Wright has begun simulating baseball activities, per Alderson. Essentially means he's doing the movements without…
Terry Collins says David Wright will be in Port St. Lucie beginning in January. Wright is due to begin baseball... https…
The post David Wright era...Yoenis Cespedes becomes the Face of The Franchise.
Kellyanne Conway confirms there will be no more Clinton investigations under Trump admin, via David Wright
Yoenis Cespedes becomes the first Met to win a Silver Slugger since David Wright in '08, & the first outfielder since Carlos…
Adam Jones Scherzer Trumbo Crush Davis? In 2014 our best hitter was David Wright and Chris Capuano was our number one starting pitcher
Jeff I'm no David Wright expert, but I don't believe he played high school football.
David Wright expects to be 100 percent by Spring Training
Might have been different with a healthy Zack Wheeler, Matt Harvey, David Wright, Jacob deGrom, Steven Matz, Neil Walker...
in the MvGX redux of Survivor Nicaragua, is David Wright the new Holly Hoffman? I'm calling Day 38 boot.
Jose Reyes and David Wright face swap on Snapchat...
Anyone have any Gary Carter, David Wright, John Tavares, Ovechkin, or Malcolm Subban they are looking to move?
chase Utley has 10 more career fWAR than David Wright lmao he's arguably a top 5 2B all time
if you'd be down with David Wright as your manager and Michael Cuddyer as your bench coach
David Wright is hanging out at Camp Coleman today. One camper asked: "What inspired you to be a pitcher?"
David Wright called Jay Bruce to welcome him to NY.
Surprise, surprise... David Wright reached out to Jay Bruce to welcome him to New York.
David Wright reached out to Jay Bruce after the trade. Bruce: "In my opinion he's one of the most professional people to be around."
Are expecting David Wright to play a meaningful amount of games in '17? Not sure who should be starter then.
The say David Wright and his wife had their first child, Olivia Wright, on Saturday. Her middle name is Shea.
With that double steal, Curtis Granderson is now tied with David Wright for the team lead in stolen bases with 3.
David Wright left gifts for deserving teammates.
Uh oh... David Wright singles and Ben Gamel lines a single to center, which scoots under the legs of Anthony Gose. Whole new ballgame, 4-4.
Pretty cool gesture by Mets captain David Wright, who recognized the team's first-time All-Stars today:
Who would've thought a year ago that Jose Reyes would've replaced David Wright and Bartolo would be an all star instead of Harvey or deGrom?
Jose Reyes is playing 3rd base for the Mets and David Wright is not. What dimension am I in?
Reyes just didn't want to go after his good friends David Wright lead for stolen bases on the team
David Wright is sitting behind a cage unable to really move his head watching Oliver Perez and Jose Reyes. Life isn't fair, man.
speaks with on David Wright, Jose Reyes and more topics:
David Wright transferred to 60-day disabled list, Jose Reyes added to 40-man roster via
What? Everyone is back to loving Reyes; I need to remind everyone he's back because of David Wright.
have selected the contract of Jose Reyes, optioned Matt Reynolds to Triple-A Las Vegas and transferred David Wright to the…
Best thing about signing Jose Reyes was transforming Wilmer Flores into the ’08 David Wright.
Oh my, is it just me or does David Wright look like hes lost 20 pounds? Yikes. Doesnt look good at all.
One was David Wright bloop hit off Papelbon... The other was Josh Satin walk off vs Giants
Everyone laughs at the Mets still paying Bobby Bonilla, but with David Wright's issues, he remains their best third basem…
If we make it to the World Series, I would love to see David Wright enter the game and have a Kirk Gibson moment & end it with a ring
Excited to hear that David Wright of will be the Dir of SCG - Survey & Cert Grp.
It'll be something if it turns out the end up paying Jose Reyes more than David Wright to play for them this season.
Who knew that at this point of 2016 we would have Jose Reyes but not David Wright.. Lol
Wonder with David Wright's future in doubt would the Mets take a look at Evan Longoria??
Evan Longoria is everything I always wanted David Wright to be...
Mets need 2 get in the ear of the Commissioner DH in the NL will help David Wright big time. Also could help Molina in St Louis
"David Wright, the Forever Met, Recedes Into the Background Again" by TYLER KEPNER via NYT
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Ignorant WFAN caller compares David Wright's condition to Evan Roberts remarks " it sounds like he knows what he's talking about."
David Wright is out for the season. In other news the sky is blue & pizza tastes delicious.
This may be it unfortunately. Thank you captain, David Wright. It has been a great 12 years. Definitely top 5 greatest EVER
David Wright injury update: How long will he be out with herniated disc?
I'd feel a little bad for David Wright but then people like soften the blow
My grandfather (who I never met) once told me about the one time long ago he saw David Wright play a baseball game.
David Wright is having neck surgery, the Mets announce:
A true Mets fan always roots for David Wright to be in the starting lineup no matter what! Best of luck to the captain see you in 2017
David Wright appears ready for his neck surgery
Get well soon David Wright. *** that your career is being plagued by injuries.
I love you, David Wright. Please get well soon.
It's a real shame what has happened to the captain David Wright. Only hope for the best for him
David Wright, Jose Reyes at crossroads in their baseball lives |
My heart bleeds for David Wright today--talented, caring, and nobody loves the Mets colors more than him--Criticism of him i…
Thanks for everything, David Wright. Hate to say it but thats all she wrote.
Please pray for David Wright. This gifted athlete is having serious surgery soon.
David Wright to have surgery on herniated disk in neck
Mets make official announcement that third baseman David Wright will undergo surgery ...
Sad to hear about David Wright needing neck surgery but his health comes first. Get well Dave!
Even as a non-Met fan, I think David Wright is a great rep of the Mets, 757, Hickory, New York, Virginia, baseball ... I could go on!
BREAKING: announce David Wright will undergo neck surgery today. No timetable given for return. https:/…
You have gotta feel for David Wright as a fan right now.. The guy has done everything for the Mets and now his career is probably over
David Wright Will Undergo Neck Surgery: The procedure will repair a herniated disk and creates still more con...
nj​.com >> 7 external 3rd base options the Mets could explore with David Wright out
Prayers & thoughts to David Wright for a speedy & full recovery.
I hate to be that guy but I think David Wright's career is in huge jeopardy.
I love David Wright but I think it's time he retires
I've got love for David Wright and I want him to retire. He needs to think about quality of the rest of his life as a first priority.
David Wright will have season ending neck surgery
I'm not even talking about David Wright the ball-player ... I just want him to be able to enjoy a pain-free life.
Do the mets have insurance on David Wright? Could this help them make a trade?
lol whatever dude but David wright was a star before the injuries
Poor David Wright. Hung around for lean years - REAL lean years. Now they are finally good and he's done. A shame.
Feel SO bad for David Wright. Was so great when he came up, and what he has gone through since 2009 has been so sad.
David Wright was loyal to a fault sticking w the Mets when he had EVERY right to leave. Mets were loyal to a fault w him t…
David Wright is proof that the universe isn't fair. Couldn't be more kind, loyal or hard-working and all he gets is buzzard'…
David Wright opts for neck surgery, likely ending his season and possibly his career.
Mets' David Wright having neck surgery in California
The officially announce David Wright will have surgery on his ailing neck.
Mets announced David Wright will undergo surgery to repair herniated disc in his neck; His return is TBD
he was saying David Wright was never a star because of his postseason stats
UPDATED: With surgery set, some close to Wright fear for his career.
Captain David Wright wishing you a successful surgery, speedy recovery and return.
It's a god *** shame about David Wright's season being over. Injuries have destroyed a possible Hall of Fame career.
Unfortunately, this isn't a shock. It rather predictable. .
Bumming hard about David Wright. I don't know a team without him on it, so I hope he'll be back next year but I know it's a longshot.
.3B David Wright will undergo surgery for herniated disc in neck. No timetable set for his return.
No matter what happens with David Wright, I will still love him to death.
David neck surgery leaving Mets with unanswered questions
to undergo neck surgery. Bad news for a good guy. Is this the end? via
David Wright is having surgery today to repair a herniated disc. He is expected to miss the remainder of the season.
David Wright will have surgery to repair a herniated disk in his neck. .
say David Wright will have neck surgery and is done for the season. Watching the stars fade, especially such a likable…
Adam, sorry we didn't get into the signing process this week (see: David Wright news). We'll revisit. Thx.
I feel so bad for David Wright. He's already one of the best Mets of all time and he could have been so much more if it…
If this is it for David Wright, thanks for the memories. So glad he got to experience a World Series run
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