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David Wilson

David Wilson is a Canadian former figure skater who currently works as a choreographer out of the Toronto Cricket and Skating Club.

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This Alan Wilson vs. David Pascoe stuff should keep enthralled for awhile: via
And I missed it because of the weather! Nice to know it is on video...
Country music saves most of my days
Sarah Hanson-Young will call for Wilson Security to be stripped of contracts on Manus Island & Nauru at a press confer…
A letter to be published in the Guardian's Books section, or whatever's appropriate for that, is what I had in mind
Our own David Wilson and chatting at the reception.
David could you Direct message me when you get a chance thanks.
.A great book. Next read Secret of Our Success by
If you'd actually look at typical simple models, you'd see this makes little difference to most of them.
.Something as basic as relative fitness should be at the core of simple models.
Saracens George Kruis cited for alleged bite on Bath prop David Wilson
Oh come on. Economists are very well aware of this issue by now. But simple models should NOT include most known effects.
Your biggest fan over 35 years of age may be a certain David Wilson.
.Yeah, I've been told that women stay away from those fields because they don't want to deal with creepy autistic guys.
Evolution led to I'm a who looks at his Revcon with some kind of affection
.Maybe, but both are flexible enough to respond to the selection pressures of their social environments.
.Check out on Thursday, which will feature the inaugural article of a series.
For real! Consider writing a letter to the editor?
Au contraire. The feeds the stupidity of the masses
What books do you recommend to learn about the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis?
Iceland and the other Nordic countries have a lot of reverse dominance aka Christopher Boehm. More needed elsewhere.
It's almost as glasses that are part empty also often turn out to be part full.
Sorry, but the ability of a complex social system does not map directly onto the ability of individuals.
The Selfish Gene is sadly dated by now. Instead, learn about the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis.
.but are men on average more competitive than women? And women perhaps more cooperative?
.Please share this special edition of TVOL on EP with your followers:
Hey, I DID invite Gould to the 1993 HBES conference and was forced by the program committee to dis-invite him!
Funny to look at raw numbers minus context.
This interview makes it crystal clear that orthodox economics cannot progress beyond its root assumptions.
Funny to look back on the days when men were thought to be mentally superior to women!
George Kruis could miss Australia tour after he is cited for allegedly biting Bath's David Wilson
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
David Wilson and George Kruis to face disciplinary panel
Economists don't understand that life is relative by
Bath's David Wilson and Saracens' George Kruis to face disciplinary panel.
So, Brinks Mat gang, David Cameron's dad & Ukr Pres Poroshenko walk into a bar & cello player says what do you want me t…
David Cameron's dad left £2.7m in his will in tax haven of Jersey
Cameron's dad owned "investment fund run from Bahamas but named after the family’s ancestral home in Aberdeenshire" https…
Can anyone explain why it's "morally wrong" for comedians to not pay tax, but it's a private matter for Dodgy Dave?. htt…
'Morally wrong' said Cameron about Jimmy Carr's tax avoidance. 'A private matter' he said about his own family's.
Biting charge could put Saracens lock George Kruis out for the season Gouging, biting, stamping…
UK NEWS ONLINE: Wilson and Kruis cited after incident: Bath's David Wilson is cited for mak...
David Wilson and Kathy Johnson chatting backstage with Javier Fernandez.
Thank you Larry Mitchell for your 2nd truck purchase in two years from David Wilson at Cloninger Ford of Hickory.
Q&A with Toyota racing president David Wilson: WOW! delivers breaking news and infor...
with Frank (Ogan and our neighbour David Wilson. Today na...
View of Portland, Oregon with Mount Hood in the background. Photo shared by David Wilson.
Instead of taking David Wilson at the end of R1 ('12 Draft), we advocated Cordy Glenn for a decaying NYG OLine.
grab him. This is who Reese wanted during the draft but Bucs jumped us and took him and we got stuck with David Wilson
Congratulations Heather and David Wilson for winning the first "Body By Murph" Biggest Loser Contest with a...
Rollins baserunner thinks he has a double, but is gunned down by David Wilson!
Review essay: David Wilson's Looking for Laura: Public Criminology and Hot News via
David Wilson with the double backflip!
a thing? I think you confused the Rally Dog...
"12 Days of Goodness" continued today with David Wyman and Wilson The 12th Pony giving back and putting smiles on...
is not worried about - he is the RALLY DOG and... are Good!
They get one back when Fowler signs, and they don't really need Fowler.
I don't think draft picks matter this year since they decided to give STL 2 of them 😉
Cost is higher than that because they'd also lose a draft pick. Don't see this happening.
You guys are going to make and jealous in the middle...
Might've gotten "schlonged" in Coors, but I wish they'd started you over Hammel in the post-season.
When that hot girls stalker makes her leave 😒
Have you considered getting a matching nose ring? Think it'd look styllish.
I agree, though, downgrade from Lackey.
73 days to the first spring training game and 106 days to opening day, not that I'm counting...
We will be bringing back for the next 3 nights as there will be several giveaways and more as a way for us to s…
Want to join us? We are always looking for fresh voices. Apply here:
for a chance to WIN an autographed photo signed by Javier Baez! (must be following)
Of course, hard to argue with Rodgers, Brady, Cam, Ben, Wilson, or Palmer.
We’ve got more YBF Christmas pics that will def get you in the holiday spirit! Ciara and Russell Wilson gave ...
Our melbouurne Renegades. coached by Sakes [David Saker]. Good to have him back at his home, Melbourne.
Look what's on ShoutDRIVE right now! 'David Guetta/Showtek/Magic!/Sonny Wilson - Sun Goes Down (Summer Remix)'
total white people carnage at Moore Wilson's. Punch ups over ham and foie gras. Frozen turkey used to kill a man.
Skye just couldn't wait until Christmas Day.. Just one tho 󾔓🏻 she one happy little princess now 󾓑󾆷 Cheryl Fletcher Ashley David Da Costa
David Wilson from Collier Park On Course Golf, WA shows us how to get out of trouble easily. If you want to...
David Wilson homes came into assembly today to name the winner & 5 runners up of the naming of a new housing developmen…
.study: identifying with Tea Party correlates strongly with higher scientific knowledge
.Pew study -- conservatives/Republicans are much more knowledgable than leftists/Democrats
that's easily explained by leftist being more envious than right wingers. Envy is a deadly sin.
in US this hasn't happened, classic liberal/libertarian atheists as me are as rare as black conservatives.
.Pew study -- leftists are stingier, stupider than conservatives
.Strong Republicans have a 5.48 IQ point advantage over Strong Democrats:
Generalizations are almost always untrue.
.Libertarians are more intelleligent, rational & analytic than leftists & conservatives:
According to NDT about a third of all scientists believe in God and some of them in Intelligent Design.
David Wilson Toyota lied to me 2 get me in then ran me around for 30 min playing a charade. I'm 1/2 inch from buying a Ford now.
But that flies in the face of Christianity. Christ never lobbied the Roman government.
This is not so accurate these days. A lot more identifying as small "l" libertarian.
oh, them. I usually group them with the anarchists instead.
Why do you mention that Hayekians deny Darwinian evolution so late in the article, without proving it or stating relevance?
Are u not aware of the difference between creationism and biblical literalism? Use of straw man doesn't help
The idea that evolution and the existence of a creator are mutually exclusive is philosophically ignorant.
I'm a libertarian and a creationist. Uh oh.
Funny. I know lots of libertarians. Lots. Not one is a creationist.
Thank you David! Your comments are much appreciated! Hopefully see you soon.
point taken, although I wonder if there is such a thing as a non-political libertarian.
Dear please protect science funding for our children's future. David Wilson
Evangelicals and neoconservatives believe in a strong central government, origins are communistic.
maybe a change is happening? I identify with both these groups pretty closely.
This guy doesn't seem to understand the diff between creationism and intelligent design, or much else...
Thank you so much for their solidarity in light show at just now.
Congratulations to our driver, David Wilson, on winning the Unsung Hero
because those facts don't serve the sophistry of and his ilk. Doesn't advance his ideological narrative.
The fact that the formulators of libertarianism were often agnostics or atheists doesn't matter to
Well the necessary connection is that it serves the prog narrative for people like to shackle them together.
- Gurus are strictly for numbskulls, anyway.
We're playing David Wilson’s multi winning Out of the Black video on 4Music tonight at 00:30
Get your iPhone insurance today!
. Libertarians:. 1. In office and . 2. Creationist . First, we have people in office?
.You should look up differences between Republican & Libertarian before pontificating on such things.
. That's a gigantic straw man, and I suspect you've pulled those figures out of your anatomy
...the point the same way. They know an invidious comparison when used on them.
...cretinous too, if not more. It's just when someone highlights those they don't treat.
Proof? Or assertion?. I think Gary North might be but young earth creationist? Dunno
Buy your at Ashcroft Place by in with
Well done, a humble balancing act when seen in perspective of "Darwins Cathedral".
It's time to get your HORNS up. IT'S HORNS GAMEDAY! (photo: Jeff Wilson)
Hype over Christine Michael is worse than David Wilson. Wilson actually touched the ball, despite us having no reason to think he was good.
Red Cross shows off gear From left to right, David Wilson, Sarah…
Film shoot today at Wilson and Co Grimsby . Art Directing today is PABs . Tom Leigh, Louis Bailey and David Wilson.
Join Mark & Jess from the WINX-FM Morning Show, David Wilson from the Preston Automotive Group, & Amanda Showell...
>> Forum Post: Imagine if David Wilson was on this team with Cruz & OBJ
I'm not going (I opted for Steven Wilson instead) but the current David Gilmour set list looks cracking. There's a good mix of new and old.
Polo boys making us proud at the St David's - Rick Wilson tournament. Great final boys won silver. Well done St. D. http:/…
the guy who called himself David Duke without the baggage is going to be Majority Leader... Let that sink in it
so then, that Killswitch Engage x Craig David mash up is a bit good isn't it:
Hey David Bama Wilson : nikondave Do u want to get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? U better check my bi0. Thx
Brian Wilson sings Here Today with Al Jardine & David Marks live at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, 10/20/2013 -
David De Gea amd James Wilson sign new contract for Manchester United --
David Connor finds Kooper Wilson for a 12-YD TD pass to cut the Eldon lead to 52-14 before the final whistle.
David Mullins plows ahead for the 1-yard TD. Buffalo Gap fails to convert on the try for 2, but leads Wilson 12-0. 2Q 8:44.7
End of 1Q: Buffalo Gap 6, Wilson Memorial 0. Bison will start 2Q with a first down at Wilson 38 after a big 17-yard run by David Mullins.
That is some funny stuff right here!!! Thanks David Wilson
This ones for the bruthas... Good one David Wilson Enjoy your day!!
Listen to David Guetta, Showtek Ft. Magic! & Sonny Wilson - Sun Goes Down (Airtrack Remix) by Airtrack on
A solar grill developed by Professor David Wilson at MIT allows users to cook emissions-free day or
Wilson's 3A Narrows co-mvp David Jenkins Jr. says he's reclassifying to class of 2017.
What happens to you if heaven is full? "Heaven's Waiting Room" by Author Clare Wilson
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Thanks David. And yo he was my fantasy QB so I'm HURTING... If Romo has any questions abt Super Bowls, R Wilson can answer 'em
Well Jerry Reese thought drafting David Wilson over TE's Colby Fleener & Dwayne Allen was a good idea.
Dawg I watched Tom Coughlin not play David Wilson for like 6 weeks for one fumble. Why is Preston Parker on the field?
David Wilson fumble once, go to bench. PP drop passes left & right for 2 seasons, stays in lineup. TC=Bizzaro World Coach
honor 2 have the president of my alma mater Morgan state university Dr. David Wilson come to Atl for lunch w/me
it's not Reese's fault T2, Nicks, Phillips had careers end at age 24-25. David Wilson at 23. Awful luck
The last 2 years I took David Wilson, Gio Bernard and Zac Stacy within the first 3 rounds of fantasy drafts. Who will best a bust this year?
I won my 20 team league a couple years ago on the backs of David Wilson and Rod Streater lol
Narre Warren Junior Footy Under 15 team 1986. Garry Wilson, on extreme right. David Wilson was boundary umpire,...
Great day of class with Dr. David Wilson covered massive paradigms of mission history today. My head is spinning...
Memorials belong to descendants of commemorated/patron of monument (see David Wilson in Church Monuments). Families might sue?
Bishop Sankey looks like a healthy David Wilson and that is not a bad thing w/ Marcus Mariota in town.
David Wilson greeted by his ex-'mates (from left) Rueben Randle, Odell Beckham, and Adrien Robinson.
Storms building in South Park. Thanks to David Wilson in Fairplay for pic. forecast:
tell me when to stop! HM football: David Williams (WR) Jack Trudeau, Tony Eason, David Wilson, Dana Howard
East English Village Prep 2016 OLB/SS David Wilson is attending camp this weekend.
Yes, George Osborne can write printer-standard fonts by hand
David Wilson with an amazing double backflip celebration!! (Vine by Best Celebrations)
looks like the course could eat us up boys Wilson
Hey, Wilson gets two or three days off a week! They're called "David and Anibal's Starts"
Awesome. So happy to see Jorge back in the lineup, and to see the team SCORING...
Rondon, heating up the upper 90s and shutting them down. Go
The GWMO is currently in preparation with the UK’s Professor David Wilson in charge of the research team. Just...
Wilson the Volleyball has its own IMDB actor page.
I have no idea what that umpire was looking at... but that was out by half a foot.
Hokie Nation- Sports Haven has one of your all time favorite's! David Wilson signed Mini Helmet & Football avilable.
yeah hopefully he can replace David Wilson as our HB for the future
David Wilson is somebody I FEEL BAD FOR! He did nothing CARELESS to cause that neck injury!!
David Wilson has to be just shaking his head at the carelessness and mindlessness of JPP.
David Lee is going to be fantastic for the Celtics, love the move by Danny Ainge.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Celtics are pretty solid up front: David Lee, Amir Johnson, Kelly Olynyk, Jared Sullinger and Tyler Zeller.
Media can register free to see Alan Wilson of + David Cotton of + at
IN FULL: Read a full transcript of today's press conference with David Weir & Danny Wilson:
List of companies in which figures Gareth Wilson.
Nice nice game. And congrats on the win. The bats came alive in those last innings.
You remember correctly. And Ryoji Ikeda in the Japanese Glass gallery? Jane and Lou Wilson, David Byrne…
David Wilson Homes and Symphony Fitted Kitchen - All Units - Full read by eBay
Church of Saint David of Wales Young Families: Join us this Saturday at the Kensinger home for a pool party at...
VIDEO: Watch today's press conference with Danny Wilson & David Weir to promote general sale of season tickets:
Clerk of the House, Mary Harris, retired today. The new Clerk, David Wilson, starts Monday. http:/…
David Wilson and Jamie Grant. One of them is an MCC playing member
Recently, David Wilson led an delegation on a return visit to China:
When Ben Wallace said David Wilson was his father
"Lori Stevens is my biological mother. My biological father is David Wilson".
David Wilson the biological father of Laurie's son Ben Wallace?!??!? 🙈 I can't even handle this...
Former RB David Wilson finishes in last place in his triple jump debut
David Wilson set to make pro debut in triple jump: They say there are no second acts in American lives, but Da...
Former Giants RB David Wilson (getting ready for a training session and his upcoming pro track debut: h…
Giants RB David Wilson, whose career was cut due to spinal stenosis, will make his pro track and field debut Saturday on …
Ex-RB David Wilson (is competing in the triple jump at the Adidas Grand Prix in NYC on 6/23: ht…
Great news - Joanne Froggatt to star in Dark Angel inspired David Wilson's Mary Ann Cotton pub by Waterside Press
David Wright diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Same injury that ex Giants RB David Wilson was forced to retire from
IP News: What should influence your decision to opt-out of the UPC?: David Wilson, Rachel Montagnon an...
Media call to train at DSC w/Kathy Johnson this season. Will work on programs w/David Wilson at Toronto's Cric…
What a line up of presenters we have for this years conference . Steve Ahern, David Wilson, David Sice, Michael...
Five RBs were taken in the first two rounds of the 2012 draft: Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, David Wilson, Isaiah Pead, L…
David Wilson, Jahvid Best, Ryan Williams, Doug Martin, LeShoure don't do anything for you if they lose all their skills due to inj
That's if you have a short memory though. Doug Martin, David Wilson, Ryan Mathews all went 1st round.
The future of David Wilson's Toyota of Las Vegas at @ James Johnson Sells…
Detroit, MI (East English Village Prep) '16 OLB David Wilson will be attending 2015
two years ago I was the guy that took Lamar Miller, David Wilson and Zach Sudfeld
In today's Three and Out: the recoveries of Marcus Lattimore and David Wilson take different turns.
England prop David Wilson ruled out of Six Nations with neck injury -
Consolidation in the field of IA & IE David Wilson, David Wilson PC Anna Marie Musson
In May/'13, Freeman was traded to the Wranglers with David Wilson, Eric Decker, & Tom Brady for Matt Ryan, Matt Forte, & Jordy Nelson.
Scotland's only Tory MP David Mundell accused of hiding allegiance in election leaflet .
Wilson County jobless rate drops in February: Wilson County ranks fourth in the state behind Williamson, David...
- went to school with David Wilson in Todmorden. Manager of a team in Sweden now I believe.
.wins council by-election seats: Craig Walker in Fife, Sarah King in West Lothian http:…
Kat-Lew, N. Salem lead top-heavy administrator list for Westchester, Rockland, Putnam schools
“inventive & funny & clever...It is all directed with great pace by Wilson & offers plenty of laughs"
- Wilson said we have to cut spending first. It's in the clip. She walked people thru David Teal's preso. There's no there there.
Tim Wilson should stand as an independent candidate -the whole country benefits from principled representatives
Welcome to the team, He joins us for the and the 99th Running of the
New on TVOL--Everything that you always wanted to know about laissez faire economics--my interview with Alan Kirman:
Is excited for tomorrow! Featuring Dagmar Morgan, Hugh Wilson, David Bateman and Arlene Paculan. Hosted by ME!...
New on TVOL--All psychology is evolutionary psychology, by Michael Price:
.Your worsest nightmare just got worserist
Dear - how could the issue a detailed press release about your fiscal autonomy attack 6 hours b…
So did Ed Miliband refuse to do a deal with the SNP to keep Cameron out?
Article published by regarding the Interim Manager .
Chief exec of David Wilson Homes owner Barratt, of Leics, is to step down:
I am looking forward to a day of learning and reflection on leadership with Dr. David McAllister Wilson, President o…
David Wilson to sing both anthems at Scotland v Gibraltar – SkySports
playing Tecmo bowl on the NES with David Wilson!!
Wilson: Gibraltar comes first: Scotsman David Wilson takes charge of Gibraltar for the first time on Sunday at...
Congratulations to Gillian Porter & David Wilson as they celebrate their wedding day here at Villa…
Had a great time at the shoot with kelly Kerry Bavin and David Wilson hope you liked the makeup! Look forward to seeing the images 󾌸
David Wilson: Brian Eno & Me: Brian was in Dublin working with U2 when Luciano Pavarotti called to ask Bono t...
Saffron Walden County High met David Wilson and on their tour to see last week.
Bath have lost another prop, though. Already without Paul James and David Wilson, Henry Thomas now off injured.
Your favorite David Wilson, my VT guy, is gonna be deadly!
NMMC-Tupelo names new president | David Wilson will take over March 30.
NMMC-Tupelo names new president - Shelby Baptist's David Wilson from Birmingham. Will take over in Tupelo March 30
Useful footnote to Oborne: HSBC put advertising with Guardian group 'on pause' after being approached re tax story http:/…
We walked in and a Terry asked me why David Wilson wasn't playing..I haven't stopped laughing
Hope to see David Wilson preaching the in Canada as well. Canada is a very big market 4 Naoussa.
Conway lawyers David Wilson and Ben Grant succeed in procurement case before Federal Court of Appeal:
...but it's debateable if Rangers saga is part of decline or has slowed it
I'm not sure about replenished bit considering ongoing circulation falls
it's a zombie david got me for vals day wanted it a while Wilson was 25 quid
Likewise with yours. Who does it benefit drawing attention to comments that were said before internet existed?
Why don't they ignore and block it so its marginalised?
If senior elected politicians draw attention to this nonsesen are they not elevating it as well?
"Students first. The training of students is the most important thing." David Kurpius in response to a forum question
The Telegraph are shills for international financiers, or something like that
Why are so many Gers fans against an EGM in London when they voted 'No' so major decisions would be made there?
There is one drawback in a Bishop making this point about democracy...
"Journalism is a modern flexible degree" - David Kurpius
I love David Wilson the criminologist! He's ace man love his programmes intelligent guy 👍
As for this I can't help but laugh. Bo 'nationalism' so therefore yay austerity? Reevaluate your thought p…
Is freedom of press for journalists marginalised by owners' interests & compliant editors? Discuss
Peter Oborne has performed a great public service today -
Abergavenny market and for £4 got ''The Wilson Plot'' by David Leigh. is this going to infuriate me? the blurb does before i start
Dear After these revelations... can we assume you are not a member of the 4th estate?
David Wilson...killer psychopaths on channel 5...this professor knows his stuff, clever man 😀 totally respect his views
Who is willing to donate a 2for1 dominos deal to the David Wilson library to help me through this tough Tuesday evening
.That bastion of the 4th estate which protected us from Salmond's independence
David, have you bought new album yet? 🙈
Do elected & senior politicians draw too much attention to abuse online instead of ignoring, blocking & marginalising it?
Is it sad that I'm exited to get in n watch David Wilson's killer psychopaths
absolute love the stuff David Wilson does, very intelligent man
"If we don’t have democratic control of the economy, we don’t have democracy." htt…
We should all sleep well knowing David Wilson is about analysing all these killers the bloke is everywhere
What I wonder is in professor David wilson's rucksack? My sister thinks it's his packed lunch. He seems very attached to it
I think they need Paul Sinclair to come back to steady the ship (Did I just write that?)
I just don't get Prof David Wilson and his Psychopaths He's as annoying as *** and speaks with the conviction of a toddler.
Make sure you switch over to at 9pm to see with our
Affordable homes in Yorktown aren't easy to buy via This is why affordable housing in Westchester NY is a scam
Professor David Wilson is becoming increasingly more popular and I could listen to him all day, I guess I could say this news pleases me 👌
It's time for the second episode of on now. Read about it here:
Veratti & David luiz is Sam Wilson and me I don't care
We are very pleased to welcome David Wilson as our new Wines of Naoussa Ambassador! David has a wonderful radio...
Matt and Huff combine their powers with, Walter Lee of Rockett Queen and David Wilson of This Day…
David Wilson to miss entire Six Nations with neck injury as England injuries stack up
OL Brett Jones has passed his physical and signed with the AND officially release retired RB David Wilson.
Giants officially sign Brett Jones, waive David Wilson (yes, David Wilson): It's that housekeeping time of yea...
Giants have officially announced signing of Brett Jones. Team also announced it has waived David Wilson.
Giants announce the signing of CFL offensive lineman Brett Jones and officially release retired RB David Wilson.
confirm the signing of star OL Brett Jones and also officially waive RB David Wilson via
The Giants have also officially waived RB David Wilson, who retired last year due to a neck injury.
Six Nations 2015: Fresh injury blow for England as prop David Wilson battles with neck problem -...
inquests hearing evidence from David Wilson, ambulanceman in '89 who took Lee Nicol, 14, & Carl Lewis, 18, to hospital.
The three first-round running backs from the 2012 NFL Draft: Trent Richardson, Doug Martin, David Wilson.
Marvin Austin, Sinorice Moss, Travis Beckum, Jernigan, David Wilson, Adrien Robinson, Sintim, Phillip Dillard do I need to go on?
Former NY Giants RB David Wilson hopes to triple jump in indoor season via
Just picked up David Wilson, Ray Rice, Rob Bironas, and Geno Smith for my Week 16 matchup. 7th place here we come!
Sitting in the backyard under the stars and 2 quilts with my honey David Wilson watching the meteor shower. better way to spend a Saturday night!!!
Justin Pugh blocked me cause I told him that David Wilson could play right tackle better than him
Donnell can't play anymore. His ball-handling issues are worse than David Wilson's.
URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: please can you pray for our president David Wilson. Last night his Dad got rushed into...
Thanks to got to chat to Tony for the book. Really nice guy. Been looking for David Wilson too but can't find him.
David Wilson with an amazing double backflip celebration!!
ENG TRY: David Wilson crashes over after a massive drive from the forwards
If we drafted Alshon Jeffery or Lavonte David instead of David Wilson >>>>
“Oh well, at least me and David Wilson are still best friends. ch…
Theater Club Variety Show tonight! Come support the American Cancer Society and enjoy the show- David Wilson will be singing. 7:00 pm!
"David Wilson's double backflip celebration! miss seeing you do this
.front row, including David Wilson and Paul James, getting destroyed by Wow!
feature on ‘little black box’ with comment from our own David Wilson ttp:// thanks
Woke up to low lites of my G-Men losing to the Eagles, 27-0.which was expected. Since, our O-line wanted to play like they were a *** pee wee football team. But, what I didn't expect to see was Victor Cruz laying on the field...hurt! Why did Coughlin go for it on 4th down? Why couldn't he just kick the fg and walk away with the three pts? Then, maybe VC80 wouldn't have gotten injured. Ppl say getting hurt is part of the game. It part of being an athlete. It happens. Yes, all of that is true. But, it still shakes me up (and this goes for any player for any team in any sport) to see an athlete laying crumbled on the ground. First, David Wilson is told he has no chance in ever playing football again and has to retire. Now, VC is done for the year with his knee injury. Looks like this season will be another looonnng one for us. Smh
Ahead of his 100th game for David Wilson is described by Mike Ford as one of the best props in the world:
Somehow Knile Davis went undrafted in both my fantasy leagues, but David Wilson (retired) and James White (no games played yet) were picked
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