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David West

David Moorer West (born August 29, 1980) is an American professional basketball player for the Indiana Pacers of the NBA.

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The Warriors just signed Kevin Durant, Zaza Pachulia and David West in last 24 hours, now they're gonna
First Zaza Pachulia, now David West to the Warriors, per Ring chasers flocking to the Bay--and Dubs are h…
How in the world did the Warriors sign David West and Zaza Pachulia for under $5M combined?
Warriors signing both Zaza Pachulia and David West for a combined $4.45 million is insane.
gonna end up with Wesley Johnson, David West, Amare and Grevis
LIVE on In the gym with David West: Thomas Allen, Mike Okauru, & Myles Evans
great point Steve he is 36 this would be year 15 but everyone isn't David West. I see what you mean.
George Hill, Paul George, Danny Granger, David West, and Roy Hibbert was a great squad
Sources: David West to decline option with Spurs, ponders future Nation!
REPORT: David West to opt out of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent.
Again, Hornets had Chris Paul, JR Smith, and David West at the same time. I hate Byron Scott.
Chris Paul led a team with a washed Tyson Chandler at the time, old Peja, David West on one knee and Jeremy Pargo to the playoffs every year
Joakim Noah, Mutombo, Andrew Bynum and David West are the only players with 6+ blocks in a game 7. Mutombo only one with 7.
Also Danny Granger was a factor and ummm a guy named David West who was bullying Bosh in the paint 😂😂😂😂 did u think u had me?
This raises a good point: We should drinks beers and talk about Pero Antic. Mostly his beard and near-fight with David West tho.
NBA Rumors: David West, Ian Mahinmi to reunite with Frank Vogel in Orlando?
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David West today but Michael Jordan all time
I wanna see Draymond act tough to a guy like David West or Metta World Peace, not a quiet guy like Kanter. He would get falsed real quick
David West gave up $10 million and turned down the Warriors
But if they had David West would they have felt the need to get Frye?? 🤔
David West on the way home tonight thinking about that 12 million he left in Indiana
David West in the locker room throwing air punches like Cuba gooding Jr. In boyz n the hood he turned down 10 mill lol
Hard to believe the Pacers were really going to pay David West upward of $10million this year.
What saddens me is that David West left $12Million on his previous contract for the vet minimum of $1.2M to win with the spurs😢
David West can't play in this series. Not sure why the Spurs are still trying it.
i would pay my life savings to watch a fight between Steven Adams and David West
Tony Parker said David West had a major impact for the Spurs in G3 and that his fourth quarter play was "very important to…
David West just said get off my lawn!!!
West Ham chief aims dig at Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs: We are the champions of London -...
yeah he really doesn't have a good track record in free agency besides David West
.great piece by Danny in yesterday's Times.
Anesthesia transformed this kid into Delonte West (via Youtube/Amanda Lally)
The best player he's had prior to Griffen was David west... He NEVER had a shot
Previous recipients include David Bowie, Prince and Björk. Kanye West will be honored with... via factmag
Another day, another thing proving I made the right decision to move out of the 2nd district with all its phony...
1 lineup change for K's: WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah -- Forward David Friedmann will be in the lineu...
The best Tweak would be BOBAN over David West - No way Adams grabs 17 REB with BOBAN in -
Fred and Rose West's paedophile friends David and Pauline Williams' Devon garden dug up
The West has also destroyed Libya, a country that was prosperous until Gaddafi was murdered by David Cameron
MET Professional Academy students enjoying an address from David Moss, Exec. Dir. of Leadership West https:/…
David Cameron is planning a crackdown on free speech that could silence dissent via
David Cameron is a lying incompetent tax cheat & should be removed from office.
“The highly anticipated YEEZY footwear collection from Kanye West’s own line will be released globally on June 6." https:…
If Larry Bird wasnt a bad GM we would still have David West and would be taking Miami to 7
If David West doesn't feel like going after a loose ball, GET HIM OUT OF THERE.
Kawhi just out of it. David West out of it. Tim Duncan out of it. Just hard to watch.
~ How can you say that!!! Kasich is pro `common core`. Should be Condi Rice, Allen West, David Patreous.
West Ham are 'champions of London' over Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea, claims… https:…
'West Ham are champions of London over Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea'
/Spurs pull within 3 . /Pop puts in Andre Miller, Kyle Anderson, David West, Becky Hammon and the Coyote
You put Baze on OKC off the bench. Go get a 4 that can do a few things. David West would've been perfect. Jordan Hill.
Kawhi wasn't who he is now. No Lamarcus Aldridge or David West. Danny Green was just coming into his own. Not the same team
Spurs are a quiet and respectible team but they'd prob body any other team in a fight. Diaw, Aldridge, Duncan, Bobo and David West. Problem
David West, LaMarcus Aldrige, Tim Duncan are gonna WORK Ibaka and and Adams
David West closing in this game instead of Duncan, big plays from him, what a luxury!
I would like to see the reaction by David West.
I think I'd be a little more scared of David West than Charlie Villanueva
Anthony Staton 2016 guard for Legacy Charter/Garner Road(David West) has committed to Toccoa Falls College.
David West just channeled his inner Kawhi
So people say Colin Kaepernick will be dumb for giving back money but David West did n may be on second best team S.N. I am not doing it
Denver beat a team starting Chris Paul, David West, and Tyson Chandler by 58 points on their home floor in the NBA Playoffs.
I think Darko has to go there. Not just wasn't he particularly good, but Wade, Carmelo, Bosh, David West still on the board.
Bruh, look at how flustered David West gets after having to chase Steph
David West sums up Spurs' place in Warriors' world: "They're the best, and we're chasing them." Still.
THIS JUST IN: Tim Duncan is out tonight vs Warriors. David West will start in his spot for Spurs.
Draymond Green and David West gotta lead the league in nonsensical "And 1" screams
I like David West on paper but when I watch him he just has such an unlikeable face. Perma-sneer
[Jeff McDonald] "David West and "somebody else, they haven't told me yet" are out to tonig…
DFS litmus test tomorrow. Those that roster David West: In it for the money. Those that roster BOBAN: Have a soul and want to live a fun life
Kawhi Leonard, Patty Mills, David West, Lamarcus Aldridge, Tony Parker, and Danny Green all missed shots they normally make.Save the excuses
Jeremy Lin, Demar DeRozan, Chandler Parsons, David West, Dwight Howard... All expected to be FA this offseason... DIBS!
What about the real 1s like Stephen Jackson, Deshawn Stevenson, and David West.!!! 💯💯💯
This bench line up of Danny Green, Kyle Anderson, David West, Patty Mills & Kevin Martin 4 the Spurs is better than some starting line ups.
David West's most David West moments with the Indiana Pacers - Indy Corn Rows
ALERT: if you have to Aldrige and Duncan lineup. Replace both with Gasol and David West
CP3 was the truth in New Orleans alongside Tyson Chandler and David West
He will. Duncan has nothing for him. Pop gonna have to start LA & David West.
Pels just couldn't get into a set so Luke Babbitt tried breaking down David West. Went about as well as could be expected.
Reminder to Chris Johnson and everyone else in the NBA: you don't want any of David West.
Wizards aren't making the playoffs in the 2016 East. CP3 took the Spurs to 7 with he and David West as the only players averaging over 13ppg
On a day he saw life and death up close, David West knew what happened at the Staples Center wasn't it via
Watching Cole Aldrich take on David West, New Orleans Hornets fans can't help but wonder how formidable of a front court they could've been
Too many to mention all, but among players at Ingrid Williams memorial: Paul, Duncan, David West, A. Davis, Ryan Anderson,…
... look at New Orleans. Cp3, Tyson Chandler, Peja and David West in THEIR PRIMES & never got past 1st round. Ok
Love watching David West and Jonathan Simmons for the
Quote of the year, from David West on Zaza's elbows: " "It wasn't a big deal...I eat stuff like that – that's lif…
Kwahi Leonard could of had a dislocated shoulder!David West just spoke up, a man has to speak up, Thank You .
If I had to go into a dark alley with any three Spurs players to protect me: Stephen Jackson, David West, Vernon Maxwell.
David West, Metta WP, both Plumlee brothers, Stephen Jackson if he's still active
David West bald headed *** out there looking like Bruce Bowen
David West is starting of course. Can't mess with the threefold doomsday machine: Diaw-Ginobili-Mills.
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If the Cavs trade Haywood and Varejao for Joe Johnson and then sign David West, we can just cancel the eastern conference playoffs right now
1. Richard Jefferson needs to retire . 2. Kyle Andersons speed rating is 60. 3. David West not getting a ring this year
Tuned into Cavs vs. Spurs just in time to catch David West match up with Richard Jefferson.
David West has had enough of Richard Jefferson getting the best of him.
What year is it? We sure it's 2016? Richard Jefferson guarding David West?
David West cant even score on Jefferson in the post. What am i watching
Richard Jefferson just stole it from David West in the post. This one's over.
Sign this isn't going to be your night: Richard Jefferson strips David West in the post, leading to Shumpert 3. Cavs up 15.
My all-time NBA body guard first team:. Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Jackson, David West, Zach Randolph, Nikola Pekovic
It's kind of unfair that David West is on the Spurs. Such an unselfish player, smart, tough.basically the protoypical Spur!
That's not David West, that's Lieutenant Dan in a Terry Porter costume
West Ham 1 Man Utd 0. August 1981. Kevin Moran and David Cross go up for the ball at Pittodrie
'I was already packing': 'thanks' West for 'allowing' him to lead his own country
When David West is in a crowded area, he doesn't walk around people. He walks through them.
Smoking in pregnancy report shows ... - -
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After United's latest setback how does van Gaal compare to predecessor David Moyes?
israel_flash: ✡ broadcasted by Shin Bet reports progress in probe into West B…
>listening to bowie. >ziggy stardust. >look at album cover. >notice a sign that says "K.West". did...did david bowie predict kanye west?
Hey man why did David West pick Tony Parker over you?! Aren't you like an MVP candidate or something lmao idk
I make myself rich by making my wants few. - Henry David Thoreau
MATCH REPORT: Why not start your Sunday by reliving 2-1 victory over htt…
David Haselhoff backs campaign for YMCA gym in Southport.
Signed up: X Factor winner Louisa Johnson to sing at West Ham's ground
Where will West Ham United finish in the Premier League table this season?
thank you for the respond David , Corner West street and Oxford
Everything the West has done was to create ISIS–J Pilger vía TRUE,
West End Church Family and visitors were truly blessed by Pastor David Fraser III sermon on the Power of Prayer...totally awesome!
hi David, will west ham come to Australia soon as you have a massive fan base here !
Todd Gurley, Thomas Rawls, David Johnson and Carlos Hyde. 4 really young and talented RB in the NFC West for years to c…
NYU Professor David Denoon "China has been unsuccessful in cooperating going east, it now hopes to be successful goi…
A video of a storm brewing in west and panning around to fire north of Wooragee.
on to an even tougher challenge. They face the hot San Antonio & get to see David West for the first time on Monday.
Kanye West is the type of *** to force his daughter to take him to a Show-N-Tell.
Ya no distingo entre Adam West y David Gilmour.
Huge fire building west of Wodonga being fanned by strong north easterly winds.
Titus Copes and Dauid David Kelly sharing the softer side West High Pionner pride. Very proud of the men.
Wind West goal on a slap shot from D Redmond. WW up 3-1
ok and David said he might be down if we do west 6th not east lol
West African, West European. (black and white for you slow people)
“I’ve always believed in that next man up. Just keep yourself ready. Get out there and do your job.” -David West
hi David how are you please reply I believe you are an amazing chairman for West Ham thank you love you sd
I'm watching Batman on stars Adam West and Bert Ward, of course, this is where it goes crazy... Vincent...
Valley West had most medalists from WVC at X-calibur with 4. David Krokowski 6th, Wayne Smith 7th, Jon Lagoski 6th, TJ Pashinski 5th
Blue Lagoon, Iceland, 2015. [3000x4700px] Dusk at the hot silica pools of south west Iceland. David Sheldrick via /…
need one RB and one flex (0.5 ppr) David Johnson, Charcandrik West, Denard Robinson, Allen Hurns... Thanks Drew!
I've got David Johnson locked in need 1 for my 2nd rb please help-standard league-west-McFadden-Denard Robinson?
Ban Ki-moon says wave of violence in Israel and the West Bank 'bred from decades of Israeli - The Independent
Guest Lecture by David Cook on Islam and the West via
Arrested David Payne, 62, was spotted by a person in the dining area of the Sam’s Club on West Taft Vineland Rd Stay Tune!
need RB 1 and 2 and flex 1 pt PPR. West. Hightower. David Johnson Decker. Denver or Pitt DST?
David's Bridal, Inc. is hiring a Sales Stylist [Part-Time], apply now!
PPR Char west, bolden, or Ivory. Cobb or Michael Floyd. Wilson or Bortles? I have David Johnson. Opp has Palmer
Mine too used to worship there quite often when having business in the West End. ++David Hope was the Vicar
Oh yeah, David West is definitely going to fight that guy when Spurs/Warriors meet up.
Don't understand Doc playing Wesley Johnson over Lance Stephenson early mid or late. Spurs up 109-103 with 30secs left. David West hyped.
Jeff Withey just tried to sneak a rebound away from David West by yelling "same!" West grabbed the rebound anyway and said "shut up!"
so yall have him vs Kawhi, Aldridge, Duncan, Diaw and David West
How dare you belittle his holiness David West. He was so good he won the Oscar Robertson Trophy LOL
Byron Scott really a trash coach without Chris Paul and David West lol
Tim Duncan OUT vs. Philadelphia. Think about Lamarcus Aldridge, David West and Boris Diaw as viable options.
with David West & Aldridge play offs time u will win or go very far
LMA is still getting use to the system give it time and David West is sort of up there in age. So when Duncan and Manu does retire it will
he said Tim Duncan and David West are 2 new faces being integrated into the system lol
Reggie Miller is an *** He just said Tim Duncan and David West are the two new faces of the Spurs...
Reggie Miller just said David West and Tim Duncan were the Spurs' newest acquisitions oh god
Reggie Miller just said the Spurs have Tim Duncan & David West. Two new pieces they tryna integrate into the offense. 🤔
"Tim Duncan and David West two new pieces they are trying to integrate". Um Reggie ur head okay?
Interesting. David West's surprise describing Tim Duncan's intensity, desire to win along with rest of Spurs. Rest of NBA not about winning
"He's very intense, which is something that surprised me," David West said of Duncan. "He may not show it out...
Rasual Butler, Jonathon Simmons, David West, Patty Mills and Kyle Anderson currently on for the Spurs
David West and Tim Duncan perpetually look like they’re playing in the Saturday morning oldhead game at the park. https:…
Byron Scott had Tyson Chandler, Chris Paul, David West, Peja, James Posey, and Jarrett Jack in New Orleans. CP3 was the only iso player
If it's an all time scoring list then it's obviously Jerry West. Passing David West wouldn't make news lol
Notes: On Cory Joseph's exit, the Lamarcus Aldridge adjustment, David West & more:
Courtney Alexander had a career ending injury in a Hornets uniform. CP3 had season ending injuries. David West torn acl lol.
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We've heard stories about Byron from David West and George Karl from Ty Lawson, Andre Iguodala, and Boogie himself.
David West and Deb Harvey celebrate their autumn wedding
Also bare in mind Chris Paul was playing with Mo Peterson, past his prime Peja, David West and Chandler.
First up: Dr. David West, head of Calhoun County's Extension System. West will speak about non-native and invasive species in the watershed.
David West is the Kevin Nash of the NBA
Been rocking with NO since Baron Davis, Jamal Mashburn, David Wesley and David West
David West, Peja Stojakovic, Morris Peterson & Tyson Chandler. CP3 took this team to 56 wins in the West.
David West appreciates faith former GM showed in drafting him No. 18 overall in 2003 ... vi…
The teams I follow have picked up: Treloar, Aish, Howe, Aldridge, David West and throw in Hakim Warrick
People who are very basketball savvy prefer Roy Hibbert & David West over Monta Ellis, Jordan Hill, Myles Turner, and Joe Young.
Grab a beer at Dana's on Dana Ave...think of Tyrone Hill, Aaron Williams, Derek Strong, Brian Grant, James Posey, +David West
West: "It wasn't really a difficult decision." Happy to be a David West on media day
Among the unsurprising tidbits from Spurs media day: David West said Aldridge decision was tipping point in his own dec…
Tim Duncan, on David West's decision to give up millions to join Spurs: "I was floored by it."
Our Presido don drop ministerial list, enemies na you know. Prof. Tam David West. Femi Falana (SAN). Lt.-Gen.
Another reason west florida hospital is my favorite. David and I both got a special dinner that they offer...
I will not be responsible for a third West Oxfordshire ***
West Virginia Engineer Proves to Be a David to VW's Goliath comm:
Bradford West MP criticises Prime Minister's understanding of Islam: AN MP has accused David Cameron of "faili...
West Bromwich Albion 0-3 Manchester City. Man City's first goal has been accredited as a goal by David Silva and not to Yaya Toure
as for risk-rating: And West is West is coming out, already won the PEN/Bellwether award.
Waste & Pollution - West Virginia - Engineer Proves to be 'David' vs. Volkswagen's 'Goliath':
David Cole: ‘Muslims in the West are often held to the kind of standard normally reserved for the delicate or the ...
Its outwards and upwards for Manchester says JLL's head of North West, David Lathwood
Putin and Assad have made fools of the West
The Magic bench tried to bark at the Pacers once. David West told them to shut up so they shut up.
Your first look at David West in a Spurs jersey
David Plouffe does this guy know what he talking about "pie is big enough for both taxi and uber " give me a break Wild wild west ,ubergreed
Dimitri Payet is rated in the same bracket as David Silva by top clubs, claims Slaven Bilic: Slaven Bilic believes West Ham United's ...
West Ham boss Slaven Bilic has just compared one of his players to David Silva
The hero of the hour for West Virginia engineer is David to VW's Goliath
West Virginia Volkswagen Data was made public 1.5 yrs ago. . So, why is it big news now? Who gains? .
Tomorrow at 100% Design: What do developers really want to hear? w/ me and David West of
Sir Hilary Beckles, UWI should cancel Award to Lawyer David Brandt of ... via
team with justin riley, James Harden, david west, Nick young, and justin riley
to the Muslims in the West or the Muslims in the east you bomb or Muslims in Africa you steal from?
The Spurs have Tim Duncan Lamarcus Aldridge and David west 🔥
British PM David Cameron is taking heat for allegedly having oral sex with a dead pig while at University. "Been there", said Kanye West.
A shocking read. Putin seems to be running rings around the West & we are doing nothing. Well done
West Virginia engineer proves to be a David to VW's Goliath via
Jason Richardson was one of "my boys" when it came to fantasy basketball when I first started. Him, Rip Hamilton, & David West.
First look at the slimmed down David West. .
David West was on that team. Kevin Stocker. Jose DeLeon. Mark Davis. Bobby Thigpen. Terry Mulholland. Todd Pratt.
Tim Duncan said he is excited about the additions of Lamarcus Aldridge and David West.
of one thing can be bad. And if the 3 won, why did the Spurs sign Aldridge/David West?
Another look at David West's fit with the Part 2
Another look at David West's fit with the Spurs: Part 2
Well I start class at ACC on the 17th. I'm not hopping right now at the moment. Spurs got Aldridge and David West.
A closer look at David West's fit with the Spurs
Isaiah Hicks developing offensive game, with help from David West. Story:
Dreams of looking like David West or Brian Cushing 😤😤😤
Friendly reminder that the Spurs swapped Tiago Splitter and Aron Baynes for Lamarcus Aldridge and David West this summer.
Roy Hibbert and David West are addition by subtraction. Jordan Hill and Myles Turner are a superior front court with modern style.
Draymond Green can do a great many things, but do not ask him to guard Lamarcus Aldridge (buckets) or David West (broken bones)
So the Spurs replaced Tiago Splitter and Aron Baynes with Lamarcus Aldridge and David West. Not bad, not bad at all.
The Pacers have lost 6 out of 12 men from last years roster (Roy Hibbert, Damjan Rudez, Luis Scola, Donald Sloan, CJ Watson, and David West)
After 2+ months of losing on tv, Kevin Owens is starting to look like last year's David West.
what about the allegations made by David West against Anand Ramlogan why no fwd action there?
Summer of Spurs rages on: David West to sign in San Antonio for veteran minimum (Ball Don't Lie)
To recap, in the front court we have. Tim Duncan. Lamarcus Aldridge. David West. Boban Marjanovic. Boris Diaw. Matt Bonner. Cad…
Lou Williams, Brandon Bass, Roy Hibbert, David the East got even weaker and the West got stronger lol
but I agree. Since the spurs got LMA and David West, they are definitely going to be destructive. I couldnt disagree with Kerr
is this gonna fall through like David West and Javale McGee did on Danny's watch?
Clyde Frazier, re: David West sacrificing $10 MM to sign w/ Spurs: "If he wanted a championship ring that bad, he should've …
David West takes minimum to join Spurs, loses millions
Brandon Bass is reuniting with Byron Scott. Just need CP3, David West, JR Smith, Rasual Butler & we have a 2005 N.O. Hornets reunion in LA.
Spot on during SC interview . David West will be a great addition for Spurs . Pop loves veterans. Red Auerbach did too !
so we're gonna have to pray for a David West situation?
hm Lamarcus Aldridge, David West, and Ray McCallum...don’t know Paul. Yall better keep Cousins and *** I know that
REPORT: David West opted out of a $12 million contract to purchase front row Spurs season tickets.
David West is Trying to win a Ring that's all that really Matters at the End of the Day
Tim Duncan has taken less money in order for the Spurs to resign the players and get a player like Marco or or David West
David West chooses to sign with the Spurs over the Wizards, Cavaliers, and Heat
I love how the internet automatically assumes DAVID WEST MUST HAVE HATED THE PACERS and not "David West wants to win a championship badly".
David West took an 11 million dollar pay cut to leave the Pacers & join the Spurs.. What people will do to play w/ guys like Lebron & Duncan
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So you make the call,who would you rather have- or David West & either trade for Joe Johnson or Jamaal Crawford?
David West chooses Spurs over Cavs, Warriors b/c, he says, he wants to WIN. Now Spurs should be favored to win it ALL.…
At this juncture, with David West no longer being an option, I would much rather move Haywood for Jamal Crawford straight up.
Cavs trying to grab Jamal Crawford, Spurs got David West for the low, Clips may get Josh Smith... NBA getting crazy!
Cavs miss on West, look at Crawford - The Cleveland Cavaliers could not convince David West to take place to play ...
David West opted out of his $12 million contract to sign with a contender for $1.4 million.
The spurs have replaced Tiago Splitter and Aron Baynes with Lamarcus Aldridge and David West. Jesus Christ.
I know that, that's not the point, the point is regardless David West is better than what Malone was on the Lakers, Malone was 💩
Winner. David West does have a doppelganger in his decison: Karl Malone.
David West is passing up potentially his last big pay day for a shot at a ring. That's character. Spurs mentality no doubt.
lol yet Malones stats were better then David West this year when Malone had a smaller role on L.A. Those guys could still play
Who's losing out on more money, David West or Pierre-Paul?
LMA and David West to spurs. Cavs Mo Will and Jamal Crawford??
The internet reacts to David West signing with the Spurs and their massive free agency
David West to the Spurs ? Them boys after another ring ain't they ? Sheesh !
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So the Cavs go for big names like David West, Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, and end up with Mo Williams. Just like old times
lmaooo Idek how we got David West to sign the VET minimum with the Spurs.. I knew hed sign for less but not that much less
I hate to see Paul George posting the pictures of David West and Roy Hibbert from the past few years.
Paul George showing some huge respect toward Roy and David West later today on Instagram. truly a class act!!! You the man PG13!!
David West turned down OVER $12 million with the Pacers. West signing with the Spurs for the veterans minimum.
David West signing for the veterans minimum has to be one of the top stories this summer.
got Joe Johnson. And there is no David West to fall back up. Tough situation.
Nothing like checking your phone after a long day of golf to see the bringing in David West and one more year for Ginobili
David West decline 10.5 million more to stay in Indiana and signed with the Spurs for 1.5 million. Winnings talks money doesn'…
bruh I'm saying David West had Paul George as their star, and LA had Damian Lillard they were really on a good team
David West turns down $12.6 million from the Pacers, takes the veteran's minimum salary just to play for Popovich. Money isn'…
I've heard twice David West turned down more money from Warriors, who really could use a low-post scorer
you didn't compare David West to Karl Malone? Right?
David West = modern day Karl Malone for taking this 11 mil cut for a chance at a ring. Didn't work for Malone and the lakers
David West's big sacrifice to play for Spurs: West's team-first fabric and reliable production make for a nice...
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.Live look at Pop after David West gave up $10.5M to join the Spurs.
The Spurs just killing it with getting David West for a veteran minimum
David West's agent is currently explaining to his kids why they have to go to community college
David West is a sellout just like Karl Malone was but neither will have a ring.
David West's "paycut" is like Malone and Payton's deal going to LA... won't necessarily work
I see David West didn't call Karl Malone before he threw away that $10.5MM...
David West turned down a $12 million offer sheet from the Pacers to take the veterans minimum w/ the Spurs. Dude …
David West seriously took an $11 million pay cut to live in San Antonio. Respect.
Spurs need Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap or David West. A real second big man, not Splitter.
One Western Conference player on the San Antonio Spurs adding Lamarcus Aldridge and David West: "That *** team just wo…
David West? The Pacer that played for New Orleans w/ Chris Paul. Y'all would've been legit w/ Wall dishing him the rock
First Tyson Chandler, pretty soon either DeAndre Jordan or David West will have a ring before Chris Paul! 😂
How bad does David West want to win a ring? He opted out of $12.6 million next season in Indiana to sign for the vet mini…
David West pulling a Karl Malone and going to a great team to try to win a championship. It didn't work out for Karl. It might for D-West.
David West opts out of $16mil contract with Indiana to sign for veterans minimum ($1.6mil) with...San Antonio http:…
Little Giant Ladders
Another great reason to why David West is one of if not my favorite player in the NBA.
Free agent David West has agreed to a veteran's minimum deal with the Spurs, league source tells Yahoo Sports.
I assume will DESTROY David West for taking a ring-chasing paycut the same way he did Karl Malone back in the day.
Allure of the ring: David West declines $12 million option (IND) for $1.5 million deal (SA):
David West taking the biggest pay cut to play for a title since Karl Malone signed for next to nothing to play with the Lakers that one year
So the Spurs replaced Splitter and Baynes with Lamarcus Aldridge and David West, dope 😎
Top 5 real NBA players of all time . Stephen Jackson. Ron Artest. David West . Allen Iverson. Charles Oakley
wait. now we're pretending David West is prime Karl Malone? lol.
David West didn't even use his agent for that deal. He just let Go and let God.
U can try all u want.. Charles & Karl Malone did it tooRT David West to the Spurs... Man *** tryna go get that jewelry
David West to the Spurs. What's the next move Big Ern?
Charles Barkley: "David West and Lamarcus Aldridge must love fat women cause that's all they're gonna get in San Antonio lemme tell ya"
I'm 100% positive Dirk hates the David West signing more than the Aldridge signing...he dirtier than Bruce Bowen
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