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David Walliams

David Edward Walliams (born Williams; 20 August 1971) is an English comedian, writer, children's author and actor, known for his partnership with Matt Lucas on the TV sketch show Little Britain and its predecessor Rock Profile.

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We are delighted to announce David Walliams as our new ambassador. The comedian, actor and children’s author has suppo…
Why you need a fitness challenge in 2018 – by the man who inspired David Walliams and Davina McCall
Delighted to welcome as Ambassador of The the UK’s leading charity for children wi…
I think Grandpa’s Great Escape might be my favourite David Walliams book. Just shed a tear watching the TV adaptation…
I was going to say Blankety Blank, but checked and found David Walliams redid it in 2016.
Katherine Ryan and Big Annoying Guy and more attention seeking than David Walliams
No offence to you but what is an 11 year old doing reading your column. Are there no David Walliams an…
Alan Carr and David Walliams dressed up as Trump and Melania has to be seen to be believed
Book Reviewer? I doubt it. David Walliams should sue your ugly ***
George Kent Year 10 is in Ratburger on Sky 24 December with David Walliams, Sheridan Smith and another Year 10 St.…
Life after Little Britain: Comedian David Walliams' career as a author - :
I would recommend Billionaire Boy by David Walliams because it would appeal to the same age range - Mirr…
Debbie and Chris on The Jonathan Ross Show! Whoa, Jodie Foster and David Walliams too. Yay, for the good things! xx
People getting offended over David Walliams dressing up as Kim Jong Un 😮 . Unbelievable!
People are upset that David Walliams dressed as Kim Jong Un, because heaven forbid we take the *** out of brutal dictators.
Does Kim Jong Un not have different eyes and a different skin tone to David Walliams? Not everything is offensive a…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
David Walliams, British author, blasted for his Kim Jong Un Halloween costume: Report
If you're more outraged about David Walliams dressing up as Kim Jong Un than Kim Jong Un as a brutal leader YOU ARE ILL and sh…
Sorry but David Walliams dressing up as a dictator isnt racist,it’s ridiculing him,like Mel Brooks ‘Springtime for…
Very disappointing to see David Walliams interacting with captive dolphins in Dubai - captured from the wild some years ago
Sir Tom Courtenay and Jennifer Saunders to star in David Walliams story adaptation
David Walliams adapts Grandpa’s Great Escape for TV - with . Jennifer Saunders and Tom Courtenay…
Agatha Christie's starring David Walliams and Jessica Raine, continues tonight at 9pm on WETA UK.…
I didn't know that David Walliams had depression and tried to commit suicide. So much respect for him and I relate so much. You're not alone
The World Of David Walliams, CD Collection... performed by the Comedy King himself, is now available for just £20 😊…
I ask you why do you always show puppet of David walliams
David Walliams tells of 'huge responsibility' as suicidal fans reach out to him
David Walliams, who must search for his own name and doesn’t like mild criticism of his act.
Ask someone to paddle next to you in a boat taking notes. Like when David Walliams swam the Channel. O…
Any recommendations for authors similar to Roald Dahl & David Walliams?
I liked a video David Walliams kissing contestant at Britain's Got Talent
. I am still hoping that mr david walliams notice me 😊😊😊😊
just watched you with David Walliams. Loved it. So natural and interesting - great interview technique.
8,375 views for u David Walliams my son got 3 views with Simon Cowell puppet and go…
Watching Run Fatboy Run on ITV2? Simon Pegg (Dennis Doyle) was in The Long Game in 2005. David Walliams starred in…
David Walliams has made this years Britain's Got Talent.
Tôi đã thích video What is David Walliams dying to know about Simon Cowell | Semi-Final 3 | Britain's Got
Dapper Dec Donnelly parties without his beloved sidekick McPartlin as he recovers from rehab stint
There are now 11 venues on sale for Gangsta Granny's 2018 tour. See the list here:
Happy birthday to Take a look inside his star-studded bash!
The TV presenter didn't look too bereft without his troubled best pal Ant as he took his…
Dec Donnelly takes wife to David Walliams's birthday party in London. via
GRANTHAM NEWS Grantham students are dancing their dreams with choreographers of David Walliams’ ‘Gangsta Granny’!
Had David Walliams got another book out?
New Katy News: Russell Brand joins new wife Laura Gallacher at David Walliams' birthday bash... after revealing he…
David Walliams hosts epic birthday bash attended by Russell
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Are you planning further Bernard Chumley Grand Tours with David Walliams at the Fringe Edinburgh?
1971 - The birth of David Walliams (born Williams), the English comedian known for his partnership with.
ok but a day of Ricky Gervais, David Baddiel, Fern Britten, David Walliams, er Ben Fogle is pretty good
He's big into Roald Dahl and David Walliams at the moment.
Edgar Wright & David Walliams' animated film in limbo -
This week we went to The Bristol Hippodrome to review David Walliams' Gangsta Granny, one of my boys' favourite...
David Walliams' Gansta Granny is currently on stage at Bristol Hippodrome until Saturday June 3 - here's our review…
And then she sang 'The Living Years' and got a standing ovation from Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Simon Cowell...
How the *** David Walliams wasn't part of the operation Yewtree I'll never know! What a creepy bloke that is!
Simon Cowell & the ladies get an eyeful of David Walliams' undercrackers on tonight's Britain's Got Talent!Tune in from 8…
Liam with David Walliams and James Buckley today backstage at the GN Show!!
I never lie, especially about my comedy heroes-Mrs Brown, David Walliams and Peter, I must be off to church.
We're celebrating the new David Walliams with a half price offer. Do you dare?
Don't like the look of David Walliams and Matt Lucas' new show much
Tess Daly wants Harry Styles, David Walliams and Zara Phillips to be the next contestants
New books for all Tom Gates ,David Walliams, Middle School and Dork Diaries fans
Instead of can we av' please? Amanda Holden who?David Walliams as funny as a pimple under the foreskin
Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Ant and Dec fail to turn up to Britain's Got Talent's big launch - leaving ju..…
David Walliams = James Collins if you get a request from him 😉
Joanna lumley as Emily and David Walliams as lord Southmere. Also miranda hart as Susan. You as hettie.
Year 3 wrote letters to David Walliams and are over the moon with the letter and photo he has sent back to us. Than…
On the coach trying to think of 'funny' English people who are actually funny. David Walliams no. Ricky Gervais no. James Cordon no.
so far Gordon Ramsey, Dermot Oleary, David Walliams, Davina Mccall and John Bishop have hosted it
Jimmy Carr, Michael McIntyre, David Walliams, John Bishop, Bono and Gary Barlow could probably donate enough for the rest of us
How the *** did Matt Lucas and David Walliams get away with such racism?
David Walliams was unfair to Matt Lucas in his autobiography, claiming he always turned up late for writing sessions.
Fact: People don't know that Stuart Dallas is a huge Camel fan. Here he is on The Nightly Show with David Walliams .
I am in total shock. Jane McDonald's 'fisting' gag has just popped up on the in David Walliams...
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Sir Philip Green, Emma Watson, David Walliams, Holly Valance, Sara Cox
The Nightly Show, with David Walliams, review: As flat as a Shrove Tuesday pancake
Martin will be on the at 10pm on ITV with David Walliams and Nina Conti!
from Fruit Pastel Ladies loads of fun y'day at The Nightly show. Please inform us of Bradley Walsh and David Walliams.
...ended up having dinner next to the actual real-life Barbara Windsor and chatting to David Walliams' lovely mum.
Look who got to meet David Walliams, have his book signed and high 5 Simon Cowell 👏🏻
It's here! Here's a peek at the cover for Blob, the brand new £1 book from David Walliams, which is part of our...
Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams, Simon Cowell with Ant and Dec arriving auditions in Blackpool
Simon Cowell and David Walliams arrive on a donkey to first Britain's Got Talent auditi...
Just stuck Radio Newcastle on. Mackem game with Gary Bennett, the man who sounds like a David Walliams character
David Walliams tipped for new series of Blankety Blank
Britain's Got Talent judge David Walliams in talks to host revival of 1970s gameshow Blankety Blank
David Walliams dreams up 'crazy things' for Edgar Wright movie
David Walliams 'played up' to assumption he was ***
David Walliams brings Blankety Blank back as he buys fun gift for Anne Robinson
I find Mrs Brown's Boys funny sometimes, I have laughed at bits, occasionally, but not David Walliams
Blankety Blank: Anne Robinson fires insults at David Walliams in Christmas special
Only I could get caught staring at Alesha Dixon's *** by David Walliams at BGT 😂
David Walliams' Gangsta Granny Live returns to The perfect Christmas gift for the little ones!…
DANCER NEEDED! 💃. Dancer needed for stage adaptation of David Walliams' Gangsta Granny at >…
PIC: Alan Carr and David Walliams recreated that famous nude Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry pic…
David Walliams and Alan Carr strip off to recreate infamous Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry pictures…
David Walliams shocks Gary Barlow as he strips off for Calendar Girls inspired sketch
Or Peter Kay or Michael McIntyre or David Walliams. The best hosts The Generation Game never had were Michael Barry…
Give it to him, Peter Kay, David Walliams or Michael McIntyre.
David Walliams opening monologue on his 'And Friend', a very poor Ronnie Barker ripoff. Turns over even with the great on it
David Walliams tries to rip off Ronnie Barker but is truly crap. Didn't come close to the late great master
I'm sure Matt Lucas and David Walliams will be thrilled with that comparison.
David Walliams should have packed it in after Little Britain series 2. . His stuff after has been horrendous.
Corrr... Matt Lucas and David Walliams have aged terribly...
The Matt Lucas-David Walliams reunion has come sooner than expected.
what does she like? Treehouse series, David Walliams, alice-miranda series, minecraft books, Phoebe and her unicorn series.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
David Walliams looks happy as he attends Elton John&photography bash
All smiles: David Walliams beamed as he posed alongside David Furnish, Elton John and Janet Str…
David Walliams looks happy as he attends Elton John's photography bash... just a DAY after settling £19million ...…
Walliams and ex-wife still embroiled in over money - Nov 7 @ 10:28 PM ET
David Walliams and Lara Stone fighting over assets
sounds like something DAVID Walliams would do in Little Britain 🇬🇧
Contact Music - David Walliams and Lara Stone fighting over assets
A couple of eagerly anticipated new kids books!!!. The brand new one from David Walliams, called "The Midnight...
David Walliams and ex-wife Lara Stone take divorce battle to the High Court  Telegraph Rep…
David Walliams And Ex-wife Battling Over Finances. British comedian David Walliams is locked in a court battle wit…
David Walliams' show: world premiere in Eastbourne
David Walliams and Lara Stone still embroiled in High Court fight. via
David Walliams and Lara Stone locked in High Court battle after five-year marriage ends
David Walliams is very easy on the eye in real life
David Walliams and ex-wife Lara Stone go to High Court to fight it out over assets -
David Walliams is to host this year's Royal Variety Performance, which will feature performances from Sting, Robbie Williams and Emeli…
David Walliams dresses as Trump for Jonathan Ross' Halloween bash
You're not going to Trump them with that costume! David Walliams recycles a familiar Donald get-up as Jonathan…
David Walliams & Rob Brydon are to voice characters including the Ugly Sisters in Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes:…
announce David Walliams and Rob Brydon to voice (
In 'Yes, Xmas TV' news Dominic West is to voice the Wolf in Revolting Rhymes on BBC1, with David Walliams & Rob Brydon as The Ugly Sisters.
Win 1 of 2 family tickets to the first performance of David Walliams' on 1 Nov, 7pm. Si…
VIP guests at the reception included Rod Stewart, Katherine Jenkins, Lenny Henry and David Walliams.
Guest captain David Walliams and Jonathan Ross take on Jon Richardson and Joe Lycett. Isy Suttie joins Susie Dent...
David Walliams and Joe Lycett on the same ep of 8/10 does countdown, making it the Most Bisexual panel show in british history
all i want to do today is listen to the David Walliams, Mark Gatiss, and Kathy Burke episodes of Desert Island Discs while hugging my cats
Divorce Law blog: What do Nigella Lawson, Gary Linekar, Katie Price and David Walliams all have in common?
I thought that was a young David Walliams with Charlotte from Geordie Shore !!
NEW today - Latest releases from two of our favorite British authors...David Walliams and Frank Cottrell Boyce.
here's hoping that David Walliams chooses to answer Madison's question.
Website Builder 728x90
Outdoor theatre review: David Walliams' Ratburger, Walton Gardens: THE sun was shining and 400 people were sa...
this always makes me think of David walliams omg
There's a part for David Walliams there but which character?! 😂
I was the kind of person who got bullied and loved the attention of it.
"We sit in a room for months trying to think of funny things." - David Walliams
Has anybody read any of David Walliams' Books?! . I've only heard good things and I've found this set with 65%...
Coming soon, David Walliams's Ratburger by on 2nd September. Book tickets at
Join us in Corsham Library this afternoon to expore the wacky world of David Walliams
Yeah, that's awesome!! It's good when you have a little bit of time to source the book! Maybe a David Walliams book next!
“I’ve not got a *** bone in my body, apart from one bone in particular.” DAVID WALLIAMS MAKING IT WEIRD AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT.
The world premiere of David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny is coming to the
David walliams books great fir the 'now go to sleep' move 😄
With David Walliams as Sir Humphrys [sic] and Matt Lucas as the hapless minister
(2/2) We'll be hosting a fun adaptation of David Walliams 'Ratburger' on Sun 14 Aug (5pm). Book tickets/get info ->
I want David Walliams and Matt Lucas to do something together again
I liked a video from Britain's Got Talent 2016 S10E04 David Walliams' Mom Gives the X
David Walliams' Ratburger is coming to Wales and this is where you can see it: The UK-wide tour is the theatrical…
7x07 has both Richard Ayoade *and* David Walliams…I am unreasonably excited for this.
How 8 members when Little Britain consists of Matt Lucas & David Walliams.
There's no one I hate more in the world than David Walliams. I hope that homosexual danger leaves this planet.
David Walliams is the ghost of Jack's future. What he'll be like in like 20 years ;-)
I’m seven minutes into this episode and Jack is in a shower and being spanked by David Walliams so it’s a lot already.
People think writing a children's book is something you could do in an afternoon but it's act
David Walliams is truly brilliant. Possibly the funniest of all 😂
You have to go into rehab after doing a David Walliams book. David is such an important man; publi
when I got the notification, I thought it was going to be a picture of you and David Walliams.
I don't know what I'll be like when I'm 60. I already have the traits of a retired gentleman.
Boo really likes David Walliams' books. The World's Worst Children is funny & the children are horrible
my 11 year old daughter loves David Walliams, this is her I think it's fab!
On page 290 of 443 of Demon Dentist, by David Walliams
That should have been an episode of something. Also, didn't some character keep saying, "I'm a La-dy." Maybe David Walliams?
I would recommend that anyone who wants to do comedy on TV to do radio first.
Chris Biggins has been removed from the Big Brother house. In other news, David Walliams' tongue has been removed from Simon Cowell's ***
Don't miss your chance to see Ratburger in
David Walliams, nobody can put those kids books down!!!
Ricky Gervais would have you believe otherwise, but Sacha Baron Cohen is the most successful
I used to have a silk dressing gown an uncle bought in Japan and when I came downstairs in it
Grab a Culture Pack at and win Tickets to the David Walliams
I love telling stories. I love the intimacy between the writer and reader. When you write ske
I know some of my parents' friends think 'Little Britain' is in incredibly poor taste. But s
Chemistry teacher David Walliams who also plays the oboe to grade 5 standard
On page 10 of 443 of Demon Dentist, by David Walliams: Uh oh...I'm already mentally corr...
Happy birthday to the best half of team🐀&🐶enjoy the photo of you with David Walliams' face😂 love ya❤️
I want my love interest to talk about me like David Walliams talks about Simon Cowell.
Stage version of children’s book Gangsta Granny by comedian and author David Walliams coming to Ipswich Regent
I don't have a lot to share with other men. My heart sinks when I get into a taxi and someon
[Swindon News] Nationwide tour of David Walliams' Gangsta Granny seeks young dancer to join cast in Swindon: ...
"If I was Simon Cowell for a day, i would make love to me." - David Walliams. Ich liebe David.
David Walliams and pal Barbara Windsor enjoy night out at Pet Shop Boys gig.
Up next for DreamWorks: Sources say 'Shrek 5' and a creation from Edgar Wright and David Walliams titled 'Shadows'
James Corden cops a cheeky feel of David Walliams' bum on night out in London: . After their meals at Scott's...
David Walliams joins fans in welcoming Sheridan Smith back on stage.
David Walliams & Ralf Little among those remembering Caroline Aherne, who has died of cancer
Matt Lucas is Nigel Farage, David Walliams is David Cameron & Kurt Russell is Jeremy Corbyn in:. Big Trouble in Little Britain
When the eventual movie about Brexit is made it'll be called Big Trouble in Little Britain & star Kurt Russell, Matt Lucas & David Walliams
I bet David Walliams likes to be sucked off by rent boys whilst reciting nursery rhymes.
I know it's weird but Tamsin Greig reminds me of David Walliams
The should have David Walliams as a judge selecting ridiculous acts. Oh wait, Louis Walsh is back!
David Walliams' Ratburger tickets are on sale at the Visitor Centre. Sat 2nd July 18:30 in Part of
Amanda Holden drenches David Walliams in water after he says she's LEAVING on Britain's Got Talent
David Walliams makes cheeky dig at Amanda Holden after she throws water on him | BGT
Why is David Walliams turning more and more into Jonathon Ross as the week pwogwesses?
Dan's Dad reads at bedtime. Their favourite is David Walliams. Reading 'Hamish and the Neverpeople' by Danny Wallace at the mo.
Three great books.all still HALF PRICE!! The new David Walliams hardback is ONLY £7.49!! B is for Bargain!!!
David Walliams looks like an old version of Chuck Bass 😂
David Walliams for Rocky horror picture show.
amfAR Gala 2016: David Walliams' ex Lara Stone flaunts her BREASTS in see-through gown
Sit in the beautiful walled garden at St John's Museum and enjoy David Walliams 'Ratburger' performed by...
Why does David Walliams remind me of Boman Irani
fans call for David Walliams' mum Kathleen to replace Simon Cowell on the panel
So far people have asked me to abduct. Vernon Kay. Jack Whitehall. David Walliams. Gary Lineker. Bruce Forsyth. Clare Balding. James Corden
This is the kind of performance David Walliams does beneath Lara Stone’s window at 3 am in order to coerce her to take him back.
David Walliams, Sir Michael Parkinson and Jimmy Tarbuck are among the mourners as Ronnie Corbett's funeral is held in Croydon.
David Walliams, Barry Cryer, Jimmy Tarbuck, and Rob Brydon were among the famous faces at Ronnie Corbett funeral...
David Walliams apologises for not replying to stolen letters: One of the hackers, Ryan Collins, pleaded guilty... featured in NBC s Science of Love
If it wasn't for Simon Cowell, Ant, Dec, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and all the acts, I might enjoy
David Walliams, Jason Manford and Sara Cox set for new comedy panel show - Metro
Sara Cox, David Walliams and Jason Manford for ITV panel show pilot
Alesha, 37, along with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and David Walliams slammed repeatedly on their broken buzzers in a teaser for
Lauren Silverman opts for casually chic ensemble in NYC... as David Walliams jokes her physical relationship w...
I'm surprised Rainbow Elvis didn't get David Walliams' golden buzzer. Surely the best act for Walliams?
what's more worrying is why Geoff Boycott and David Walliams are behind what I believe is Barry Fry???
Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, David Walliams & Stephen Mulhern at the launch in London
Judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon are at the press launch in W1 shortly.
Britain's Got Talent: Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon can't remember any acts (it's so awkward)
Tickets for David Walliams on 18 June SOLD OUT in 13 days! New date added- 7 July. Tickets on sale now
remember 'rock profile' with Matt Lucas and David Walliams? They definitely used this
I swear Dale Winton and David Walliams are the same person.
spotted in Te Awamutu library New Zealand. We went to the library to find a David Walliams book!
"They wanted someone camper than Dale Winton." David Walliams kicks off the
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
David Walliams tells Gary Lineker to 'SHUT UP' after embarrassing Sport Relief autocue...
If your kids love Tom Gates, Wimpy kid and anything by David Walliams then they are sure to love the Compton...
On page 292 of 416 of Awful Auntie, by David Walliams
Sport Relief: Peter Crouch and David Walliams team up for exclusive new sketch.
7yo is reading David Walliams' Awful Auntie & 9yo is re-reading Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
Joanna Lumley and David Walliams in Conversation, Cadogan Hall - Family Event in London via
how big is the budget?! Kate mosse, David Walliams? Sebastian Faulks, Rebecca cobb, mo hayder?
Appearance-wise, I quite like Jessica Raine as Tuppence, but I'm really not feeling beekeeping David Walliams as Tommy.
David Walliams and Jessica Raine talk new Agatha Christie drama...
Here is a great photo of Jessica Raine as Tuppence and David Walliams as Tommy from Partners In…
Anything by David Walliams, The Tom Gates series by Liz Pynchon, and the Fart Powder series by Jo Nesbo. All hilarious!
Tenko, but starring Miranda Hart and David Walliams, and set in Mosul.
Who would you cast in the Are You Being Served? remake? David Walliams as Mr Humphries? Shane Richie as Mr Lucas?
Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Russell Howard, Ruth Jones, James Corden & countless writers owe their success to Sad day for new talent
Oh my! 'Are you being served' reboot. I predicted this last year. David Walliams as Mr Humphries. Miranda Hart as Miss Brahms. we'll see.
Never seen Dixon's cross to Bergkamp then.You can swear for me.David Walliams style "I'm A Lady!!!
Behind the scenes filming the ITV promo for today with Ant & Dec, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon & David Walliams. https:/…
Legal Britain was marvellous comedy series and I hope David Walliams and Matt Lucas are hard at work on another season.
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