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David Tutera

David Tutera, (born April 23, 1966) is an American celebrity wedding planner, bridal fashion designer, designer, author and professional speaker.

David Tutera Embellish Mon Cheri

I love David Tutera! I'm excited about his jewelry! I love that it is gorgeous and affordable! I love the *Jacqueline Bangle - Pink***
This was a big moment. The official David Tutera accepted my friend request.
I hope I can win this contest. With David tutera. $50 gift card. Is the prize.
I absolutely love David Tutera. I think he's the greatest thing to happen to reality tv and to women. will check out the gc
Stacy is simply glowing in her David Tutera for Mon Cheri Eldora gown. Check out my post over on It's a Bride's...
Frank only cares if you stay awake during David Tutera.
What do you think of this bridal gown by David Tutera For Mon Cheri?
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Ahhh, sitting in the recliner and watching David Tutera: Unveiled.. That's the life๐Ÿ˜Ž
I want David Tutera to do my wedding..
the wash came off , I'm watching David tutera he a wedding planner
Omg I love David tutera let me turn lol
I am so in love with David Tutera, he is the hottest we would go so great together, he makes me feel a way!! LOL
Can I just sit at home and watch David Tutera all day?
The only wedding show I will ever watch is David Tutera ๐Ÿ˜ he will plan my wedding one day ๐ŸŽ€
Ahh..would be so beautiful for a winter bride.."Fantasy"
Mom asks if I'm planning on getting married soon cause I'm watching "David Tutera's My Fair Wedding" -.- can't even watch Netflix in peace.
Photo: David Tutera Bouquet - Ivory โค liked on Polyvore (see more high heel platform sandals)
All my mom has been saying about planning my quince "David tutera said lighting is everything" Lmao you're so white mom
David tutera couldn't even handle the weddings we would plan
I wanna be better than David Tutera one day
I want to be a David Tutera bride so badly!
The shoes appeared at the blog as seen on David Tutera norakaren via
There's a David Tutera for Mon Cheri Bridal at Thurs-Mon this week! Check it out for great prices + gorg gowns!
DAVID TUTERA ! With this Poly girl some Lutu she though 1st Ungrateful Poly I've ever Seen on TV
(Pssstโ€ฆ.. We have a secret.). David Tutera Embellish will be giving away something special really soon. Hope...
im watching david tutera unveiled for a bat mizvah and the theme is like Union Jack flags everywhere and the cake says one direction on it
I want David Tutera to plan my wedding and parties he is awesome
David Tutera be on it with the wedding planning, he's so fab ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘Œ
I'm watching David Tutera: Unveiled and earning great rewards from
I'm David Tutera: Unveiled. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
David Tutera: Unveiled more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
David Tutera is my MCM because he makes girls dreams come true ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’Ž๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’’
My new favorite wedding dress but I want it in Pink Champagne! Style No. 114293, David Tutera for Mo
David Tutera for Mon Cheri. Just LOOK at that blush ruffled train. Yay or nay?
Caught the tail end of an old David tutera wedding. This is one of the few episodes where I totally hate the bride. She is just too mean to the groom. I'm talking no consideration for this poor sweet guy at all. Unfortunately they have a kid already. Divorce is looming large in their future. Yuck. Run boy run!
May looks gorgeous wearing David Tutera For Mon Cheri Milena in rose for her wedding in sunny Hawaii!
The five finalists in the CCA category of Networking Organization Event of the Year (in order of total number of votes) are: 164 โ€” ISES Cleveland Celebrates with David Tutera (ISES Cleveland, Nov. 6, Catan Fashions) 131 โ€” Business Expo (Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce, May 9, 700 Beta Banquet and Conference Center) 126 โ€” Money Matters (National Association of Women Business Owners, Oct. 10, Cleveland Convention Center) 124 โ€” Women of the Year in Sports and Events and Scholarship Luncheon (Women in Sports and Events Cleveland, May 14, Quicken Loans Arena Practice Courts) 70 โ€” ISES Ohio WOW Awards (International Special Events Society Cleveland, April 19, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Please congratulate them while sharing the news on social media. The winning finalist โ€” to be chosen by a panel of judges โ€” will be announced at the Feb. 26 Connectors Choice Awards at PlayhouseSquare.
Where oh where can I find David tutera escort cards?! I saw them on amaZon last night. But someone must have bought them because now there on there.
David Tutera's fabrics and McCall's dresses M6283 and M6466, featured on Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores posters.
Throwback Thursday from our trunk show with David Tutera for Mon Cheri Bridals
message from David Tutera to our brides
If I ever get married I want David tutera to plan it he does amazing jobs
Watching my fair wedding with David tutera and wishing I could have a beautiful wedding like these women on this show... But no matter if my wedding is small or large it will be beautiful as long as my family is there and as long as Justin is by my side.
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Watched an episode of my fair wedding with David Tutera earlier and I still can't wrap my mind around the fact I've met him and actually touched him. He is a brilliant wedding planner
I'm sitting here watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. There is the beautiful outside wedding and everything was just amazing. As the bride is walking down the aisle I get butterflies in my tummy and start tearing's not even my wedding...OH BOY I'M IN TROUBLE! :0)
Studying for exams, watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera,and laying in bed. snow day:)
"Rosamund" from David Tutera just arrived today! At Cable Creations Bridal and Tuxedo!
Join us as we present celebrity wedding planner and star of WE tvโ€™s hit show, โ€œDavid Tutera: Unveiledโ€ as he discusses the latest trends and answers...
I want Sabrina Soto to design my house, David Tutera to plan my next wedding and Michael Symon to cook me supper. Is that too much to ask for?! :)
So happy to read what David Tutera, the Party Planner had to say about our book!: "It's always been a wonderful experience to work on the culture of Indian weddings with Sonal. She's professional, seasoned and creates gorgeous events. This book provides everything you need to know from traditional customs to more modern touches to plan a spectacular Indian event or wedding."
Free shipping and returns on David Tutera 'Worthy' Sandal at Bold, faceted crystals sparkle on a glamorous T-strap sandal crafted with a blue Swarovski crystal at the sole so you're sure to have "something blue" for your special day.
Celebrity event planner and television personality David Tutera executes a dazzling bling bling wedding for a beautiful couple at the Park Hyatt in Philadelp...
If I ever get married I want david tutera to b my wedding planner! He's sooo *** good!
it would be so awesome if David Tutera could do my wedding BUT Im not giving up my ideas for my wedding!! i have my heart set on getting married at Arch of Reno and the reception at Sands Regency
If I ever get married, I need David Tutera. I need him. I just know we would be best friends. Does anyone know David Tutera? HOOK IT UP.
Dear me beautiful and amazing David Tutera, you can show up at my door at any time between now and nov 7th 2014... I promise to have many sweets for you to eat, and I promise I have no green in my wedding.and...we'd be best friends. Come find me. Love always... Niki!
I want to get remarried and for David Tutera to do my wedding!
Looking forward to Catersource conference again next year. Just registered and crossing my fingers to win lunch with David Tutera.
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I have decided that I would love for David Tutera to be my best guy friend. I would have sooo much entertainment
All of the great stylist out here David Tutera and that is who you get?!
Watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera... Seriously wanna slap this spoiled little witch... Get a clue and be realistic... Smh... Really... You can't have the aurora borealis at your wedding you moron... How stupid can you be? Obviously, quite.
So nick said he'll marry me if we got David Tutera as our wedding planner...any one have David's number?!?!? Lol
I kinda wanna sleep with famed wedding planner David Tutera... Goals are fun!!
Big shipment today!! New gowns from David Tutera, Tony Bowles prom and Mon Cheri Social Occasion!! Come in to see them or check them out on our!!
Happy Holidays from the David Tutera, the Party Planner family!
Anadina Gratereaux Founder of Slick Little Bride helps famed Wedding Planner and friend David Tutera find the perfect dress for Jamie and Eric's wedding at P..
We will be going to look at a couple of reception sites this weekend. I will ne meeting with the person who will be doing my hair and makeup if I do not get David Tutera to do my wedding
I been watching david tutera like everyday
Do people on My Fair Wedding have to pay for the crazy weddings David Tutera creates?
Could you see David Tutera and Neil Patrick Harris together?
"Nothing can exist until you dream it first, so Dream BIG."-David Tutera
oh you know just hanging out with David Tutera, please excuse my ratchetness next to hisโ€ฆ
Does any body else think David Tutera should lay off the spray tan!!?!?!?
Front row at the ISES event listening to one of my mentors david tutera!!!
We love our client and dear friend David Tutera, the Party Planner. He IS the man with the (Wedding) plan.
The great David Tutera speaking at the ISES event
Ok dammit...David Tutera made me cry again...and it hasn't been on long...
Literally crying because gets to meet David Tutera tonight. I love him so much
I'm gonna blame David Tutera for my unproductive day of studying (or lack of). Wedding Wednesdays before an exam...never a good combo for this girl.
Do I want to be BFFs with David Tutera(I'd say girlfriend, but that's outta the question)? Or do I actually want to BE David Tutera? I just love him! And yes, I have been watching a lot of "My Fair Wedding" while dusting, sweeping, cleaning, and doing dishes.
I want David Tutera to plan my wedding ๎”๎Ÿ๎Ÿ He's amazingg
I want my wedding done by David Tutera, he go all out!
David Tutera when I get married can you plz plan my wedding? Plz and thank you.
Watching David Tutera do these weddings they are just amazing!
I can't express to y'all my love for David Tutera.
David tutera's weddings make mf emotional. He does that
If David Tutera was planning my wedding for free, I would literally let him do whatever he wanted. He could change my hair color if he wants
There are only 2 things I want: 1. To be Kiely Jenner and 2. To have my wedding planned by David Tutera.
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My dad is watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera & is currently planning my ENTIRE wedding... too bad I'm going Vegas style Jose.
Off to Strongsville to see David Tutera live
I hope David Tutera is still around when I get married! If not, my aunt is a wedding planner ๐Ÿ˜Š
I want David Tutera to plan my wedding. He is amazing at what he does! Kudos to him.
David Tutera just makes everything better
David Tutera sent us a thank you card and a DVD of his hit show "My Fair Wedding!" Thank you David, we love you!...
If David Tutera does not do my wedding one day, I am not getting married
Client consultations... Done! Now off to a meet 'n' greet with the one and only~~~ David Tutera! Sooo excited!
This lady wanted a "Day of the Dead" themed wedding/reception and David Tutera bought it to life. I'm in love๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Can't stop watching My Fair Wedding. I love David Tutera. Also just keeps me excited for my wedding.
Imma need David Tutera to do my wedding!
I am meeting David Tutera in like 2 hrs! Oh my.
Why does David Tutera always insist on coverings the brides tattoos?! ***
David Tutera will be helping me with my wedding when I get married!
Sitting here watching David Tutera my fair wedding. has me thinking cant wait until its my turn.:-)
::sigh: if David tutera was straight
I NEED David tutera to plan my wedding
Urm why can't David Tutera come help me plan my wedding!?
I would love david tutera to do my wedding i swear his work is amazing
Yeah I've always wanted to be one & now I'm watching David Tutera. Ahhh I love that man ๐Ÿ˜
Ugh.. watching My Fair Wedding w/ David Tutera will be the death of me .. it makes me too eager for my wedding, if that ever happens lol smh
Can David Tutera just show up on my doorstep now?
I can watch David Tutera all day. I love the weddings he does. I want him to do my future wedding lol
David Tutera can plan my wedding too if he wants, I mean I would not be opposed..
I think I would give my left arm for a David Tutera wedding. And I'm left handed.
*** you David Tutera for making me cry in basically every episode!
I want a dream wedding... watching My fair wedding with David Tutera
Comes homes, turns TV on to My Fair Wedding with David Tutera ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’•
We had a bride say YES to not one but TWO David Tutera gowns today!!! A classic, elegant gown for the ceremony and a WOW dress for the reception!!! She looked so amazing in both of them!! Thank you for shopping with us!! David Tutera For Mon Cheri
I have been so obsessed with 'My fair wedding with David Tutera'. Good god. This is starting to be a problem.
What a great day! Its beautiful outside. I got some mcdonalds and david tutera is on!:)
Congratulations to Bridal Gallery by Yvonne for being awarded the Platinum status from David Tutera.
Watching David Tutera and crying. Yep. I have issues.
My brother is obsessed with David Tutera!!! Thats funny!
All I'm saying is I want a wedding from David Tutera!
David Tutera be having me in love with all his weddings ๐Ÿ˜
Watching David Tutera wedding planner, i get so emotional. Its ridiculous. Like i wanna get married in disney and and meet the the princesses.
I WANT DAVID TUTERA TO PLAN MY WEDDING (I'm still single) (rip me)
at the gym watching David Tutera.. A royal wedding in purple at Disneyland! OMG! Thought of you!
watching david tutera and this girl is getting married at disneyland and all the princesses are there...and she gets to ride in a pumpkin carriage.its my maybe Heidi will get married at disney for me? if not.vow renewal?! lol :)
I just want David tutera to be my bffโ€ฆ
and I touched David Tutera. Ladies, be jealous.
David Tutera is a beautiful angel sent from above.
Jealous of every one who has David tutera plan their wedding
If I ever get married i want David tutera to plan it lol
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Man this has got to be one of David Tutera's ugliest brides. God forgive me!
But of course I'll watch David Tutera's wedding planner show on Netflix because I feel like it. Yolo.
we are hosting an event at Catan Fashions tonight at 5:30 with Celebrity Event Planner and TV Host David Tutera.
Is it 5:30 yet?! I am so giddy and excited to meet David Tutera, the Party Planner at the ISES Cleveland event this evening! :)
Another David Tutera For Mon Cheri gown that is on it's way in to Something Blue Bridal Boutique! Meet 'Bates' . .
We are so pumped to be attending tonight's sold out ISES event with David Tutera! We can't wait to see everyone and pass along the things we learn to our lovely clients!
Two of our favorite 'A Bride's DJs' are headed to see David Tutera tonight. I'm sure they will learn some cool...
Our DJ Scott and his beautiful wife Kathy are headed to see David Tutera tonight! :)
Coming soon to Mimi Toko a NEW LABEL!!! David Tutera's range of beautiful gowns by Mon Cheri. Look out for our special designer weekend to showcase the collection. Also arriving in the new year Enzoani's new collection.
"don't look at me, don't speak to me, don't even BREATHE near me" - David Tutera xD
It's 4:40 and Josh and Kaiden are asleep and I can't fall asleep at all. Just sitting here watching David Tutera Lol.
The boys just watched 5 hours of David Tutera with me. They love me.
Spent my night watching David tutera and avoiding responsibility
Laying down in my robe and pajamas, having a cup of coffee, watching David Tutera and pinning wedding stuff.. What has my life come to ๐Ÿ™†
I wish David Tutera would plan my future wedding. He's so creative โ˜บ๏ธ
So what exactly does one wear to meet David Tutera.?
1881 - gah I love you :)) work is only fun when I'm with you and I love watching David Tutera or however you spell his name
So I get to meet David Tutera tomorrow night. I'm about to be in wedding and event heaven. Be jealous.
Yay!!! I get to see David Tutera in January.
I love watching David Tutera.but this one made mr cry like a baby. glad I am the only one
I wish David Tutera could plan my wedding.
I have watched way too much My Fair Wedding with David Tutera today oh my goodness, wedding overload! :P
I watch Say Yes to the Dress and My Fair Wedding with David Tutera WAY too much. I'm a sucker for bridal shows.
not sure if it's because it's so close to my own wedding, but watching David Tutera is making me insanely emotional.
David Tutera isn't letting me get any work done today.
David Tutera is just an incredible wedding planner. His wedding's are breath taking! I could watch this show all day!
I just want to curl up in bed and watch David Tutera all night. I hate being sick.
David Tutera, when i get engaged you will plan my wedding! I will hold you hostage if I have to but it's happening!
I freaking have a *** crush . David tutera i freaking love him!
When I'm ready to get married can my friends sign me up with David Tutera ? Thanks!
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I Love David Tutera, the Party Planner he is so amazing !
I feel like such a baby right now...tearing up cuz im watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and just thinking to myself...I know I'm gonna have my big day some day.
I was seriously thinkin about callin up David Tutera to plan my wedding. But that dude jus said you can't wear boots with a dress or drink my kinda drink. Reckon I'm gone have to plan it on my own!
I'm not sure David Tutera knows HOW to do a redneck wedding...I think he's in over his head with this one...
I need someone to contact David Tutera for me I need help!!!
New David Tutera gowns and montage moms dresses ordered ! Some arriving this week !
Brides will have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet up-close and personal with the wedding industryโ€™s most sought after โ€œwedding dream makerโ€David Tutera as he will host a special 60 minute presentation with Q & A, as well as Meet & Greet, Book Signing & Photos.
I want David Tutera to do my wedding when i get married!! Lol
I love my son. I love watching David Tutera. We are sitting here eating lunch and watching it and he goes "Mom, is he *** Cause no man acts like that." It was his reaction to a dress. Poor Courtland Watkins just does not understand planning a wedding.
I want David Tutera, the Party Planner to plan my wedding
Ultimate Cake Off while waiting for My Fair Wedding with David Tutera Cuz this is what I do without my boyfriend :P
My day off consists of David Tutera and his wedding shows...he's amazing!
It's probably not a good thing that Netflix has all the wedding shows I love to watch. I get glued to the tv, *** you David tutera!
I am, again, reminded of one of the most glaring 'symptoms' of aging: everyone on television looks (and often is) younger than your children; you don't recognize half (or more) of the newly famous stars of movies, etc.; most of the songs you recognize are "oldies"; & the beauty hints for 'any age' don't go up to your age. Sigh. I am again reminded - mainly by a series of pithy little pieces on the internet - that one should take much of it with a grain of salt & Tequila. Tips for retiring on a budget often include the literally far-fetched suggestion of retiring to another country. Yes, it all sounds very pleasant, but is unlikely except for retirees who are multi-lingual, multi-cultural, & don't have especially strong ties to their families or community. Other "brilliant" suggestions include augmenting income by such activities as baby-sitting, chauffeuring/running errands, dog walking, & house sitting. I don't know about you all, but I'm rather relieved that my children & grandchildren no longer r ...
It's a great day to shop for your Dream Dress...Last week of our Fabulous David Tutera wedding gown sale...all other designers on sale too!! Save 20%-60% off any gown in the store... Open today 11am-6pm, stop in and let us help you find your dream dress
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
5 consultation slots left to fill gor the designer weekend this weekend ! Over 25 gowns from the 2014 collection from david tutera to preview before they come in to the shops next year! Don't miss out on this event BOOK NOW!
I love David Tutera, why must you be *** :/
I love watching David Tutera ๓พฎ— I wish he could of did our ๓พ†ฃ๓พ …wedding. But we ๐Ÿ‘ฅ are still blessed with everything so far ๓พ ฆ๓พ ฅ
Watching David Tutera Unveiled , and in this episode Tammy Roman from BASKETBALL WIVES appears , wants him to plan her daughter Jazz's SUPER SWEET 17 B-day Party! Who will win this epic battle for control its TAMMY VS DAVID!!! She should let him do his job,because David is the Best in the Business his work is the bomb!Just saying
Cant sleep yet again so I am watching David Tutera and eating a PB & J. Hopefully I can get back to bed no later than 3 am since I have a busy day at work .
Weak up watching Panama parade celebration , we got float with Malta la India , good food all day , David Tutera marathon , a movie desert , and take naps all day .. Along with a great weekend , so counting the hours ,planning the next encounter .. Soon is been great having my girl home ..
Breayn Bussell I'm watching David Tutera and for some reason it made me think of you. How ya doing lady?
Horrible case of insomnia. Thank GOD David Tutera is on! That cushions the blow a little...
So my sister showed me this show about this wedding planner called David Tutera and the brides always freak out but I've always wanted for a bride to go all *cries, screams, flips all the tables, throws cake to the floor and then rolls on the floor* of the happiness and excitement xD
Ok ive made a decision. David Tutera will be doing OUR wedding...yes, IM going to marry this man. Idc if hes *** he will be MY husband one day :) sorry Kyle, find your own baby mama lol
My sister and her sweet bf are engaged! David Tutera we need you!
I like to view myself as Gordon Ramsey and David Tutera's love child. My favorite member from 1D? Probably Niall (:
Two people I'm completely infatuated with right now; David Tutera and Michael Strahan.
David Tutera and Former Partner Split The Twins via if true, DISGUSTING, SELFISH, CRUEL
I'm the love child of David Tutera and Martha Stewart. . If he weren't *** and was into cougars. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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To quote David Tutera "Kim Kardashian's wedding is like herpes. It just won't go away."
Can David Tutera please do my wedding?
Can David Tutera plan my wedding please
Hey, itโ€™s still summer - we say enjoy it while it lasts! Hereโ€™s a recipe for one of David Tutera, the Party...
David Tutera My Fair Wedding marathon!! Making this lonely day a little bit better ๐Ÿ’•
I want a David Tutera wedding dress
Watching david tutera in the morning with a side of egg in the hole
I would like David Tutera to do my wedding โ™ก
My fair wedding with David Tutera is my reason for breathing
I could watch My Fair Wedding David Tutera all day
Can David Tutera come and make my wedding over the top when I get married?
Looks like my day will consist of watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera all day. Sounds good to me!๐Ÿ‘
Tonight is the premiere of Unveiled at 9/8c on Meet bride & groom in this clip โ†’
David Tutera is like an angel. I want him to do my wedding someday.
How do I get David Tutera to plan my hypothetical wedding ?
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My day off relaxing in my room watching My Fair Wedding with david tutera love this show, he's amazing
When I get married I want David Tutera to do everything !! ๐Ÿ˜
David Tutera is the best wedding planner
This *** on David tutera would've gotten slapped, do what the bride says its not that hard ๐Ÿ˜’
My fair wedding with David Tutera is my favorite show!
I want David Tutera to plan my wedding. . That would be amazing.
Been watching the My Fair Wedding Marathon since 10am & will keep watching until the season premiere of David Tutera Unveiled.
I have officially been lazy all day lol. I managed to clean up but other than that I've been watching David Tutera on tv...
I love David tutera I want him to plan my wedding.
David Tutera could do my wedding. And I'll take his dresses!
Kickin back with my kiddo watching David Tutera and making a good luck card for Miss Arizona! Good Saturday morning!
I want to know if any of the couples from David Tutera Unveiled end up divorced
I would love to have David Tutera as my wedding planner! ๐Ÿ˜โค๐Ÿ˜โค
If I wanted a a big wedding, I'd hire David Tutera... or at least take some tips from him.
I might just beg David Tutera to plan my wedding. I would write a good sob story for a wedding with no budget.
"David Tutera weddings always get me emotional."{
David Tutera unvailed season premiere today! can wait!!! ๐Ÿ˜„๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‘ฐ
Tuts fans, don't forget the name of the show changed to David Tutera Unveiled, so you have to reset your DVRs.
Can David tutera please plan my future wedding.
Idk when I'm getting married but David Tutera WILL be involved.
Watching David Tutera and now I want to change my wedding theme ๐Ÿ˜”
Been watching David Tutera since I woke up. Love him!
my fair wedding with David Tutera day. (:
If david tutera isnt my wedding planner, i dont want a wedding
My Fair Wedding With David Tutera: Unveiled ! I like this show. I can't wait for my wedding.
My Fair Wedding Unveiled by David Tutera might replace my love for Say Yes to the Dress.
David Tutera planning my party for me ๐Ÿ‘
๐Ÿ˜ญDavid Tutera, "Kardashuians are like when you get Herpes it just does seem like it wants to go way. Please go away"๐Ÿ˜ท
Watching David Tutera for the whole day, no questions asked
Chinese food and David Tutera are what my Saturday consists of , and I'm totally okay with that โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘Œ
If Jeff Lewis and David Tutera were my best friends I'd be the happiest girl in the world
"The Kardashians are like herpes. When they show up they just don't. want. to. go away."- David Tutera
"The Kardashians to me are like herpes. They just don't seem to want to go away. PLEASE GO AWAY." -David Tutera
I want David Tutera to do my wedding omggg
I think that I just fell more in love with David Tutera! He just said he couldn't stand the Kardashians either! They should just go away!
I wish David Tutera would be my best friend. He just compared the Kardashians to herpes.
Omfg david tutera seriously hates the kardashians. ๎’
I watch too much fair wedding with David Tutera for it to be healthy
David Tutera and his hatred for the Kardashians makes me love him more ๐Ÿ˜˜
David Tutera doesn't like the kardashians ๐Ÿ˜‚
David Tutera's new season starts today!
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ David tutera don't like the kardashians
"The Kardashian's are like herpes"-David Tutera, one of the many reasons why I love him
David tutera te best decorator in the world :) I want my wedding made for him!
This is so me since I tend to have an attraction to *** men (Anderson Cooper and David Tutera) Ugh! Im In denial!
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Watching David Tutera perform his magic instead of reading my notes
Also my pilot looks like David Tutera.
the jig is up! David Tutera informed me they are noises made during belly dancing!
AND there are new episodes of David Tutera on Netflix! Tonight is magical.
I wish David tutera could do my wedding!
I'm shocked!!! But if u saw the whole family on David tutera for brenchel wedding.. They all look like that!
Dear David Tutera, please come plan my dream wedding for me. I don't even know where to start. Love, me
Can David Tutera plan my wedding please? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ he's the best..
Watching My Fair Wedding and cackling at David Tutera face palm during the Burlesque wedding episode.
David Tutera is going to be my wedding planner
David tutera gun plan my wedding idc my husband better have his money together !
I love David Tutera's show he does an awesome job with wedding planning
I'm read for this new season of David Tutera!!!
I need David Tutera in my life, such an amazing gentleman
I am in charge of decorating for my brother's birthday party. I feel like David Tutera.
THRILLED 2 announce the premier of Unveiled on will b Sat,9/7 ET/8pm CT!Get a sneak peek here: httpโ€ฆ
lmaooo OMG not!! But if David tutera did I would cry so hard
David tutera can be mean! I like it :D i dislike bobby. Big time.
I kinda gotta blame David Tutera. I enjoy his show and am up watching a merathon.
My fair wedding with David Tutera:unveiled
One last time before I go to bed.I โค David Tutera and I wanna be him when I grow up!
My fair Wedding with David Tutera at 4 am...? ๐Ÿ‘Œ
If I honestly met David Tutera, and he was my planner. I would cry.
Why can't I marry David Tutera? Like I know he's *** but he's just so wonderful. We can be like married besties ๐Ÿ‘ซโค
Watching David Tutera > , he does the BEST Weddings Hands Down ,
Y'all don't know how much I love David Tutera.
David Tutera needs to come slay my wedding
David Tutera is everything. Like I want him to plan my wedding.
If David Tutera coordinates my wedding my life would be complete ๐Ÿ™
I want David tutera to design my wedding he creates miracles ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
David Tutera is KINDA sexy in a weird way lol and his tats make him sexier ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Cant sleep watching one if my favorite shows my fair wedding with david tutera
Lol , David Tutera gonna plan it .. Even though Steven dont like him !
I mean, there's nothing to do at this hour besides lay up & watch David Tutera
I wish I could work for David Tutera. I would kill.
I just wanna work for David Tutera.
Apparently I tend to be more attracted to feminine like men... Hey its not my fault David Tutera is so cute
David Tutera is my babe. Like can we plan wedding together hunny?
Tutera watched your show tonight not sure how how you deal with these brides they are horrible you are great
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