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David Thewlis

David Thewlis (born David Wheeler; 20 March 1963) is an English actor of stage and screen.

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Shame that the world never got a Spirit of '76 Punk film with David Thewlis as Johnny Rotten.
Also David Thewlis is in this and he's a warrior priest so maybe it made sense that he was the God of War in Wonder Woman.
Year 3 is now available on DVD and Digital, dontcha know.
No one has made a gif of buff David Thewlis from Wonder Woman and I'm real sad about that
Oh ya, a big congrats to Ewan McGregor, Carrie *** David Thewlis, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and the rest of the cast and crew…
David Thewlis and Alan Rickman on the last day of filming Harry Potter. .
Namedrop! "was penned by Scott Z. Burns and also stars Andrew Buchan, David Thewlis and Ken Stott. It is…
Was googling for pics of David Thewlis from Mike Leigh's NAKED, and was honestly a bit disappointed it didnt return a picture of his ***
Prime Suspect 3 has (not only) Helen Mirren, but Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, David Thewlis, and Peter Capaldi. (Possibly bad *** rep too.)
Is that David Thewlis in the background?
V M Varga is one of the most fearsome villains on TV. Brilliant portrayal by David Thewlis.
Total Eclipse (1995): David Thewlis and bb Leo as Verlaine and Rimbaud
That eclipse was *** Not as *** as Total Eclipse but at least we didn't have to see David Thewlis naked.
David Thewlis' mustache would be proud!
David Thewlis' V.M. Varga is quite possibly my favourite bad guy of all time 🍦
I love david thewlis as remus but I just don't think gary works with him. He makes sirius too sullen and angry. there's not enough care
David Thewlis nailed that Varga role on Fargo sn3 . 🐐
David Thewlis is quite a beast in Mike Leigh's Naked. What a performance. Brutal to watch. Uncompromising.
Also, Red 2 is on and I forgot until right now just how much I love David Thewlis.
I'm watching Regression and just noticed that David Thewlis also plays in it omg that's so cool
I genuinely thought that was David Thewlis.
Living: David Thewlis, unreal performance in "Naked". Dead : Richard Harris, check out "The Field".
"Fargo always deals with this idea of truth & I really think Noah leaned into that for obvious reasons this season"
It's been a whole month since we finished S3 and I've thought about David Thewlis's performance as Varga every single day since.
Well will claim he met David Thewlis in a lake in the south of France once but be assured he did not!
Wonder Woman was good but not great. It was a little slow and I didn't need to see David Thewlis in comb…
There's no pictures of David Thewlis shirtless online now that's what I call a tragedy
David Thewlis & Alan Rickman pose with the team on their last day of filming Harry Potter (Leavesden Studios, Lon...
Also very glad we get to keep Ian mcckellan long after he dies in the form of David thewlis. That’s not a joke.
Always glad to see old friends like spud from trainspotting, dawn from the office and David thewlis
Been so looking forward to rewatching this. David Thewlis is SENSATIONAL.
You mean David thewlis lol thewlis was in prisoner of Azkaban, order of the Phoenix, half blood Prince…
David wenham played faramir in lord of the rings David thewlis was not in that franchise
Yo help me out, which David Thewlis was in Lord of the Rings? Was it David Thewlis or David Wenham
Also starring Peter Capaldi, Dan Stevens and David thewlis I didn't expect to see more actors I know 😛
at some point, I need a movie in which David Thewlis, Domhnall Gleeson, and David Wenham are brothers. that's all I've got so far. plot TBD
That was fun, a bit silly but superhero movies have to be a bit silly, really. David Thewlis super channelling David Warner to good effect.
Thanks for another superb season of - David Thewlis was sublime 👏🏻
Ewan McGregor and Carrie *** were fenomenal in season 3.. But the standing ovation goes to David Thewlis! What a performance!
I deadass would have been a David thewlis acc if I never found out who tom was he's the only reason I know toms yee…
I couldn't take the climactic battle seriously because David Thewlis is about as threatening as an IT consultant.
Slow burner for me but getting better David Thewlis is boss tho
David Thewlis' performance in season3 gives me the same marvelling & sick grotesque feeling I felt when reading DUmbridge
So...David Thewlis in was just an extension of his character in
I quit eating during it the instant I saw the David Thewlis toothpick scene
David Thewlis has such a unique voice that every time I heard him speak I just kept thinking of V.M. Varga from Fargo.
I randomly just pictured David Thewlis as a James Bond villain.
Yeah, it was good. Loved the fight scenes, but the villain was a bit weird. David Thewlis just didn't seem right.
Everyone's hype about Wonder Woman but I didn't know David Thewlis (Lupin) was in it and FANTASTIC😍
Also a young David Thewlis and Jason Isaacs who worked together long before Harry Potter. :D
David Thewlis is also great although all I could see was VM Varga.
Just saw Wonder Woman. Enjoyed it. But, um, David Thewlis was great except he should have lost the 'stache as Ares…
Just finished S3. I've been saying this for years but David Thewlis should be cast in everything.
David Thewlis is 90 billion times more frightening in Fargo season 3 than he is that last third of Wonder Woman.
David Thewlis is excellent in Fargo season 3!
I love David Thewlis, I really do, but Thewlis-as-Mars did not convince me. The voice did not match the body, imo.
David Thewlis plays the same character in Wonder Woman as he does in season three of Fargo except with a moustache
Overall I liked it a lot but David thewlis was a bit OTT/hammy for my taste and getting a bit fed…
Man!That David Thewlis - Mary Elizabeth face off in is all kinds of epic,Not 2 mention tht Coen brothery closeup of Varga.
If David Thewlis doesn't at least get a nomination for an Emmy there's something incredibly wrong with the world.
David Thewlis is sinster as Varga and manages to keep Fargo's tradition of having really strong villain characters
Heh, I forgot David Thewlis was in this, playing a deranged milksop.
David Thewlis, Jason Isaacs, and a character called Draco. Harry Potter or Dragonheart? 😂
Yes, I'm aware it's impossible to mention "video art" without picturing David Thewlis in The Big Lebowski, so don't…
getting hints of VM varga in david thewlis' character is the highlight so far
you and David Thewlis (Wonderwoman/Fargo) seem to have the same tattoo. Could you share the meaning behind…
It was a solid action flick, but my knowledge of WWI history got in the way. Plus... David Thewlis.
WW vs Ares was so dope but David Thewlis would not have been my first choice to play him. Really my only flaw with the movie
I really like David Thewlis but i hate that everything i see him in after HP makes him a bad guy.
I think what most superhero films are missing is david thewlis photoshopped on a masc strongman body but that's just me
Later for jacked David Thewlis. I want more Doctor Poison!!
also i spent an uncomfortable amount of my rewatch of Wonder Woman admitting to myself i would let David Thewlis be my sugar daddy i hate it
Watching S3 - Peter Capaldi, Mark Strong, David Thewlis, Ciaran Hinds all in one episode? Am I in British thespian heaven??
Can't commend Fargo highly enough. They're all great as you'd expect but David Thewlis is absotremendous. Working 2day but only 1 ep left...
The face off scene between Mary Elizabeth Winstead and David Thewlis is probably the best scene in all 3 seasons of
David Thewlis is even better though
unable to find anything about David Thewlis' politics so hoping for the best but prepared for the worst
AGREED!!! Remus appreciation post: he was one of my fave characters and David Thewlis played him PERFECTLY.
Off topic: it is a bad idea to watch this after watching Fargo this season. B/c when David Thewlis is on screen, I ONLY heard V. M. Varga.
The villains were very good and played their parts very well. And Danny Hust…
I thought David Thewlis's facial hair in Wonder Woman was ridiculous but this goes way beyond that
V.M Varga is the coolest thing bout Fargo S3. David Thewlis deserves an Oscar for his performance. But since it's TV an Emmy s…
Rewatched the 1996 Island of Dr. Moreau yesterday. Loved watching David Thewlis corpsing at Val Kilmer's Brando impersonation.
It was a cheesefest. And I love David Thewlis but he's not convincing enough as the God of War.
Wonder Woman was GREAT and it also made me really hot for david thewlis...
David Thewlis ruled as the Big Bad on Fargo because he was a loquacious British guy but not at all charming. That's rare.
And as always with Fargo, the acting was on point. Ewan MacGregor & Mary Elizabeth Winstead were standouts. David Thewlis was amazing.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead & David Thewlis this season, man... EPIC!!
Loved it, Jason. Mary Elizabeth Winstead was incredible, & David Thewlis was at his peak. If this…
Mary Elizabeth Winstead is MVP. David Thewlis' performance gets at the problems of that guy's writing.
David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Tom Noonan voiced the original "sound play" on which this movie is based.
Okay, so who had their money on David Thewlis & Ray Wise being huge parts of the best pop culture this summer?
Ray Wise was a delight. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is very good, Carrie *** rules. David Thewlis. It's a great, great season.
The time I knew Robin Wright and David Thewlis were going to star I also knew this movie will be captivating
David Thewlis is definitely playing Ares here too... Where's Diana to join forces with Gloria & Lopez and take care of business?!.
David Thewlis looks likely to be the new Lorne Malvo in Fargo series 3.
David Thewlis as Varga nearly eclipsing Lorne Malvo as the baddest dude around
Getting some Gary Oldman/John Malkovich/Tommy Lee Jones vibes on David Thewlis' portrayal of the VM Varga character. Fascinating.
...So I was thinking, Tim Roth or David Thewlis as next Doctor?? Yes!
Sirius, Lupin and Snape were all 34 years old in the third moovie. David Thewlis was 41. Gary Oldman was 46 . Alan Rickman was 58
There's three people credited as stunt doubles for David Thewlis.
Still don't know how to pronounce David Thewlis (?) name.
How about David Thewlis as the new Doctor?! He would be awesome!
never forget that one time I met David thewlis and he recognized me from a splash mountain photo 😭😂
Would be thrilled if the new were among this lovely lot... David Thewlis. Sophie Okonedo. Tilda Swinton
There's a ring on David Thewlis' left hand.I'm starting to think it's not a prop. If it's what I think,…
Dear BBC. Please can David Thewlis or Sian Brooke be the new Doctor Who? That would be great. Thanks. Or me, obvs.
Okay but David Thewlis as the new Doctor. Please?
Rhys Ifans... David Thewlis... in fact any of Anna Friel's boyfriends would make a good Doctor Who.
Secrets never stay secret for long... David Thewlis stars in detective thriller Tonight. 8.30pm.
I mean, fine, but Anna Friel would be great and is more realistic. (But they will end up going with David Thewlis.)
Jk. It's probably going to be David Thewlis.
Fingers crossed for David Thewlis replacing Peter Capaldi as the Doctor this Christmas!
David Thewlis gives one of the best performances I've ever seen
Hey! if by chance someone comes to meet tell him I made a humble tribute in his honor via https:/…
And it was only released in London last week, so when I go back to En...
"David Thewlis deliberately played Lupin as a *** junkie" how
David Thewlis' kid looks so much like him, wow. (her ig is public, I'm not being a creeper)
David Thewlis stories always put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing one involving him, yourself & John Hurt on IG I chuckled
Watching HP:PRISONER OF AZKABAN - where else you can see Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, and David Thewlis in one scene?
New on the photo blog: Actor David Thewlis, 1993 https…
yES david thewlis aka Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter movies
I first watched LIFE IS SWEET as a pre-teen and I still cannot get the David Thewlis/Jane Horrocks body-chocolate scene out of my mind.
After Cannes, my agent told me to get the next flight to LA. He w...
Oh, I am so with you there!! I also have a huge crush on David Thewlis, so...🙄
Sorry, I believe David Thewlis is appearing in season 3 of Fargo.
Harry Potter actor David Thewlis joins the cast of Season 3.
Today I learned that David Thewlis was originally cast as Hans Gruber's brother Simon. That would have been spot on…
Ps did you know that Knox Harrington the video artist is played by David Thewlis? He's pretty great & is unrecognizable in the role.
David Thewlis (Lupin) and Alan Rickman (Snape) on their last day of filming Harry Potter.
Save that for the third film. Anyone who dozes off gets a stern talking to from David Thewlis.
David Thewlis, who went on to play Professor Lupin, was at one point considered for the role of Professor Quirrell.
David Thewlis, who played Remus Lupin, also auditioned for the part of Professor Quirrell.
A quote from David Thewlis, he played Remus Lupin in the series.
Carice van Houten is in this?!?!?! So cool. Obviously not to mention Peter Capaldi and David Thewlis. AND BENNY C.
I know that David Thewlis but he looks a lot like Saul Goodman.
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*** is a who's who: Ciaran Hinds, Jonny Lee Miller, David Thewlis, Mark Strong, Peter Capaldi, James Frain...
Will have to see it. I know it's a Terrible Movie but something about it is so great to me. Also it made me 💕 David Thewlis.
david thewlis, one of my fave actors who plays my all time fave character in hp. SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED and calm.
I met the Coens here a few years ago and they said they liked my work.
I know the odd random music fact and that's it. Unless it's David Thewlis related. I'm an expert in that field
is it because you fell it was you speaking when it was David Thewlis?! Thought so
Well *** I just served David Thewlis at work today, now two Harry Potter actors have come to my shop 😂
Do they? I always assume people have seen her in things. And my second thought is always "POOR DAVID THEWLIS"
'We are all responsible for each another.' The magnificent David Thewlis in An Inspector Calls
Dreamt I had to check if David Thewlis had done anything rash in a hotel room, thankfully alright but that was not Anna Friel he was with.
yea he is. Write to Matthew Lewis too but never hear back. I do want David thewlis autograph so bad
David Thewlis' and Alan Rickman's last day on set.
It's certainly not easy having to spend a lot of time apart, and having a f...
Chucking on my David Thewlis limp every time I skirt by St Mark's Rise, blanched 93 tones
I'd only read a bit of the first book. And I just knew about all the media ...
I just spent an hour looking at pictures of Remus and David Thewlis for an hour.
david thewlis in Total Eclipse: in love with a hot rebellious *** guy. david thewlis in Harry Potter: in love with a hot rebellious *** guy
Stonehearst Asylum by Kate Beckinsale, and David Thewlis (watch on)
updates David Thewlis for rank 509 to 1497
y'all I love David Thewlis and Gary Oldman so much but I still wish the movie marauders were as young as the book marauders lmao
A brilliant quote from David Thewlis, who played Remus Lupin.
Ughh you know how I feel abt Remus Lupin aka David Thewlis
David Thewlis on Anomalisa: 'The world is enormously dangerous and scary'.
Happy birthday to a member of the HP cast, David Thewlis (53), who portrayed Remus Lupin. https…
David Thewlis talking about filming the werewolf transformation scene in the third film. https…
March 20: Happy Birthday, David Thewlis! He played Remus Lupin in the films.
Lupin & Tonks' relationship is something David Thewlis wouldve liked to see in the films. http…
David Thewlis ,who co-starred with Brando in The Island of Dr. Moreau, said he ”uses an earpiece” to help remember lines. This led to...
Happy Birthday David Thewlis! He potrayed Remus Lupin in the films.
That moment in the third Harry Potter when Gary Oldman, David Thewlis, Alan Rickman and Timothy Spall are in the same room!
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Ah, I never realized that I had a crush on David Thewlis. Of course, I have crush on so many people.
20th March 1963: David Thewlis, who played Remus Lupin, is born. 
I don't worry. I'm more stoical. Of course I have insecurities. I fear gett...
TIL in The Island of Dr. Moreau Marlon Brando wore a small radio receiver to aid him remembering his lines. Co-Star David Thewlis claimed "…
Catch my first film The Lady with Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis on right now
David Thewlis, Emma Thompson, John Hurt, Kenneth Branagh, Gary Oldman, just in the one-off roles. So much fun to watch them perform.
Emma watson and David Thewlis together :) once again. — watching Regression
. Jennifer Jason Leigh and David Thewlis voice recording for
you guys always manage to get one off my list so here goes lol! I'd love Helen McCrory, Gary Oldman and David Thewlis too ;)
I'm so excited for 'Croak', with the talents of David Thewlis, Zoe Kazan, Craig Roberts, Ken Stott and Shirley Henderson, it'll be amazing!!
David Thewlis to star in dark comedy from producer Stephen Fry...
I'd need that crane from Bertolucci's BESIEGED that moved David Thewlis' piano to ever get my 1990s 2-ton 32inch TV out of my apartment
BRITISH CINEMA RETRO:. Mike Leigh with the cast of Naked, David Thewlis and Katrin Cartlidge.
They already have people like David Thewlis, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Robin Wright, Will Smith, Leto, Affleck, Viola Davis + more gtg
Total Eclipse (1995). Directed by Agnieszka Holland. With Leonardo DiCaprio and David Thewlis. A book is amazing. What about this movie.?🙏
David Thewlis or Martin Freeman would be excellent choices for the next regeneration.
Mike Leigh's film A great watch. David Thewlis' performance is a must see for any actor.
Just watched the BBC adaptation of An Inspector Calls. Some masterful acting, not least by David Thewlis, Ken Stott and Miranda Richardson.
David Thewlis, Miranda Richardson, Ken Stott - excellent actors in BBC's - but why not Daldrey's brilliant production?
The cast of Legend are so hot, Tom Hardy, David Thewlis, Taron Egerton, Emily Browning and Charley Palmer Rothwell
It's lovely, funny, and made me emotional at a few points. Jennifer Jason Leigh and David Thewlis are aces in their voice roles.
Charlie Kaufman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, David Thewlis take the stage to a roaring ovation after
Charlie Kaufman, Tom Noonan, David Thewlis & Jennifer Jason Leigh for the beautiful, bittersweet…
Kaufman, Johnson, Tom Noonan, David Thewlis and Jennifer Jason Leigh with at the ANOMALISA Q&A.
David Thewlis is such a good actor 👌
By Ariston Anderson 'Anomalisa' stars David Thewlis as a customer service guru who thinks that everyone else in...
This week we’ve got David Thewlis on Anne Reid for ? Ben Miller on
next one is Legend with Tom Hardy, Colin Morgan, Christopher Ecclestone and possibly David Thewlis :)
From the Damned documentary, I've learned that Brian James, David Thewlis, and Ray Winstone should play brothers ("think" becomes "fink").
Oh, and one more thing: Nobody in the entire film even mentions David Thewlis. Not kindly, not badly. Just not at all. Very weird.
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David Thewlis acted Remus Lupin as *** what more do you need to prove God's existence my otp is real
I agree, it’s a relative term—Sally in Happy… perhaps rather more upbeat than David Thewlis in Naked!
I just get the feeling that Natalia Tena and David Thewlis would be extremely alike Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin ❤️
just rewatched Mike Leigh's Naked. David Thewlis still blows my mind.
it's my favourite film. I've seen about 64 David Thewlis films including Harry Potter
'Lost Soul', the documentary about Richard Stanley making 'The Island of Dr Moreau' is terrific but nothing about or from David Thewlis.
My brothers friends look like Daniel Radcliffe and David Thewlis so bad!😳🙈 🔮
David Thewlis gives on of my all time favourite performances in 'Naked'. Never has a leading role been so disgusting yet so charming.
This is more intense than Elmore. I like his style - but Leigh is beyond. David Thewlis plays protagonist. Just awesome.
The way David Thewlis says button in "Queen and Country" is oddly amusing. "Yes a button!"
If I meet David Thewlis next month, I know what my next birthday wishes will see live & meet & all
David Thewlis is in Regression, which is not premiering at TIFF.
S A M E. and i love david thewlis and Gary Oldman BUT
right? It's not a good film but watch it.David Thewlis was in it. Probably means nothing but hey lol
Emma Watson and David Thewlis are in a movie together and it is going to be wonderful.
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I also really like Ethan Hawke and David Thewlis a lot
It took me until now to put 2 & 2 together. David Thewlis, who plays Lupin in HP is the dad from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
Natalia Tena and David Thewlis being absolutely adorable while leaving me with so many Lupin and Tonks otp feels. http…
why is David Thewlis taking to Juliet?
Imagine if an alien exploded out of your chest but instead of being a xenomorph it was DAVID THEWLIS!!
best news of so far, Charlie Kaufman's stop-motion movie Anomalisa w/ David Thewlis as "man crippled by the mundanity of his life"
Oddly enough I watched that and thought "Is that David Thewlis?" who is that guy in the 2006 Omen!
I just watched Theory of Everything on the plane and David Thewlis is in it and all I could think of was "aww poor Lupin!"
So Colin Firth, David Thewlis,Jonathan Bailey and a load of other people are filming about 15 minutes away from me and I'm stuck revising
"People once thought that David Thewlis became the character of Johnny [in Naked]..."
My top 5 actor:. 1.Alan Rickman. 2.Jason Isaacs. 3.Gary Oldman. 4.David Thewlis. 5.Ralph Fiennes. It was hard to choose in the 1st and 2nd place:D
Perhaps like Mike Leigh and David Thewlis in Naked, it’s not easy to conventionally script these levels of authenticity?
Saw a glimpse of David Thewlis & disappeared into a fantasy world where he won the Oscar for NAKED, & then there were no more Oscars ever.
Anna Friel has a son with David Thewlis. They dated for ten years.
Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Emily Watson & David Thewlis- can't control my love for this cast.
This has an interesting cast: Rhys Ifans, Chloë Sevigny, David Thewlis and Crispin Glover in Mr. Nice.
3 of us with to see the Stephen Hawkins films The Theory of Everything. Highly recommended.Director: James Marsh - Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, David Thewlis, Emily Watson, Harry Lloyd, Lesley Manville, Adam Godley, Maxine Peake, Joelle Koissi, Charlotte Hope This is the extraordinary story of one of the world's greatest living minds, the renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who falls deeply in love with fellow Cambridge student Jane Wilde. Once a healthy, active young man, Hawking received an earth-shattering diagnosis at 21 years of age more »slan
The Theory of Everything starring Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, and David Thewlis is reviewed by Alonso Duralde (TheWrap and Linoleum Knife podcast), ...
The Lady Vanishes. Tell me Michael Redgrave doesn't remind you of David Thewlis.
oh man it's so amazing. Eddie and Felicity are beyond phenomenal. As are Charlie Cox and David Thewlis.
The Theory of Everything is not a great movie. If you want to see a great movie about Stephen Hawking, see A Brief History of Time, a documentary, by Errol Morris. No, "Everything" is lacking in just about everything that makes a great movie, most notably, heart. Despite my foreknowledge of his plight, I ought to have felt a lot for Dr. Hawking in this newest depiction of his life. I felt nest to nothing. Eddie Redmayne's performance is getting Oscar buzz. Of course it it as Hollywood just loves a freak - Think My Left Foot and Rain Man. What's different here is that those were superior films and one would not expect Mr. Redmayne to triumph at Oscar time as did Mssrs. Day-Lewis and Hoffman. I suppose Felicity Jones's performance is good (the film is based upon her character's real life counterpart's memoirs) but all actors here are hamstrung by poor direction and even poorer editing. I did like David Thewlis's turn as Hawking's professor/mentor but he's such a fine actor as to be bad-director-proof. There ...
Photoset: mugglenet: Happy birthday to David Thewlis, who played Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter films!
Watch the trailer featuring Brendan Gleeson and David Thewlis -->
Watch a trailer for with David Thewlis and Brendan Gleeson here!
I've said this before but Ian McKellen,Michael Gambon, Mike Myers,David Thewlis, Gary Oldman and J.K. Rowling aren't allowed to ever die.
Am I the only Harry Potter nerd in the house who noticed David Thewlis aka Remus Lupin next to…
Great news that John Boorman's QUEEN AND COUNTRY starring our David Thewlis and Julian Wadham will be…
FINAL WARNING: War Horse (2011) starring Emily Watson, David Thewlis, Peter Mullan and more, will be removed in the next couple of days!
One day I hope to be in the presence of & David Thewlis either together or separately.
“Controversy Shirt Nice...catch movie "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" (2008) David Thewlis and Vera Farmiga.
The weirdest thing in the world is David Thewlis in big lebowski. Wow.
David Thewlis is so greatly talented at acting, he's a writer and also he's very attractive and that makes me feel very very sad
I'm so in love with David Thewlis, it's unreal.
David thewlis is incredible in this
I think I might have a small problem with David Thewlis - he's just too good. If I could have a conversation with anyone right now... him.
I love how David Thewlis (Remus Lupin) and (Tonks) shipped Ronks and wanted to live up to our expectations of it so much.
- Nice to see David Thewlis in such a juicy talky part.
David Thewlis wears a small gold watch in the 2001 movie, "Gangster No. 1" -
I can't believe it,that i had seen David Thewlis aka Professor Lupin and one day later the warner bros Harry Potter studios
>> A movie about Stephen Hawking, starring Eddie Redmayne and David Thewlis!! I definitely will watch this...
David Thewlis is a friend of my partners father ^-^
Also, I REALLY want to see The Theory of Everything. David Thewlis is in it, Remus Lupin Remus Lupin!
There's two movies I want to watch solely because Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and David Thewlis (Remus Lupin) are in them.
David Thewlis as Lupin is one of the best Harry Potter film castings.
David Thewlis is that fab that he owns a ballroom
David thewlis is one of my favourite people ever. He was a big part of my childhood and it first started with dragon heart :3
Eddie Redmayne playing Stephen Hawking in a movie with Harry Lloyd and David Thewlis 😻🙆
David Thewlis would make a great Doctor Who.
Omg David Thewlis was originally considered for the role of Professor Quirrell before he got the role of Professor Lupin. Cray cray
It doesn't matter the film, whenever I see or hear David Thewlis, he will always be Remus Lupin.
Oops. Here's a tip, when googling at work for pictures of David Thewlis in Naked, be aware that you will also get David Thewlis naked.
I want to see the theory of everything so badly, and not just because of Harry Lloyd and david thewlis
Portrays him well and David Thewlis was born to play a professor, looks so good! Great choice of director too
It's a fantastic cast. David Thewlis is exceptional, closely followed by Lesley Sharp.
SO psyched for 'The Theory of Everything' with Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones & David Thewlis. Trailer:
that is a very young David Thewlis aka Remus Lupin starring in a very 80s episode of only fools and horses
OMG !!! I think I'm gonna cry with the Stephen Hawking movie. Eddie Redmayne will be Stephen Hawking and David Thewlis is here as well !!
David Bowie, alternative cover shots for Heroes, 1977
I've decided that David Thewlis needs to read audiobooks if he hasn't already. He has the best voice!
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS ??? Eddie Redmayne as hawking and it also has david thewlis in it ?!?!?
Christoph Waltz, David Thewlis star in latest, THE ZERO THEOREM. Only at the Rio in
Before the Harry Potter movies, also, he was the Lupin in my head. IDK why. (David Thewlis was pretty great as Lupin tho)
Remember when David Thewlis and Leo DiCaprio played *** lovers? Because I feel like we (especially the HP comm) don't talk about it enough.
This trailer's weird for me bc it's David Thewlis as professor of Eddie Redmayne, who'd make a great fancast Lupin
I can only say David Thewlis' name with a British accent.
brilliant photo, Paul Weller/ David Thewlis man meld. My great grandfather was a gamekeeper, I've one or two great pictures.
I don't have many rules for selecting a movie, but If David Thewlis is in it I'll almost certainly like it, but not know …
don't think many people can... . I was watching the hotness that is David Thewlis and Leonardo DiCaprio "doing the do" WoAh
Pirate Audition went really well today. Very positive. Em & I went for Sushi & saw filming next door & who should be there David Thewlis ;)
David Thewlis can play a mean Nazi SS Commandant.
Stonehearst Asylum. You had me at David Thewlis and sealed the deal with Michael Caine.
never forget the night Petra watched that david thewlis movie and I woke up to 28 texts about him and a chicken
Pretty sure I passed by David Thewlis in Covent Garden today. I gave him a weird look, but as a werewolf he must be used to it.
He is physically gross to me exactly the way David Thewlis is.
Wow. It is a great film, completely uncompromising and David Thewlis is briliant in it
too bad david thewlis wasn't at the Red 2 london premiere omg it would have been the secong Harry Potter actor I meet :)
//Somebody once asked me if I was David Thewlis 😅
I liked a video "Total Eclipse" part 3 starring Leonardo DiCaprio and David Thewlis
The part of Liam Ridgewell is being played by David Thewlis.
I love David Thewlis. I will watch any horrible crap he is ever in. And there has been some. But not GN1.
And though I don't think David Thewlis is perfection as Lupin, I do think he does a very good job, so I've come to accept it.
The other one that upset me was David Thewlis, because Lupin is my FAVORITE and I only knew Thewlis as the creep from DragonHeart.
Completely forgot that David Thewlis was in Boy in the Striped Pajamas.
I have a question for you sir. is it truth that you want David Thewlis for Hannibal Season 3? It will be awesome...
sure! It was Dave Legeno who played Greyback that died not David Thewlis
Terry Gilliam directs. Christoph Waltz and David Thewlis star. Could not be more jazzed for The Zero Theorum.
I got bloody told that David Thewlis died, he's not dead, friggin' ***
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