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David Tennant

David Tennant (born David John McDonald on 18 April 1971) is a Scottish actor.

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Jodie Whittaker managed to pull off the David Tennant method of looking cool as well as attractive and welcoming. T…
“David Tennant should replace Matt Smith as Prince Phillip in The Crown’s season 3 and 4”. Sorry princes can’t regenerate.
All I want in this world is to reprise his role of Mephistopheles with David Tennant as Dr. Faustus
"Hello, I'm David Tennant. I'm the voice of Scrooge McDuck and I'd like to welcome you to Target *boop*" Take my money!
David Tennant as the new Scrooge McDuck on Ducktales is a brilliant casting
Really hope I’m not the only one attracted to Scrooge McDuck thanks to David Tennant and his sexy voice.
Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown? Oh my! Can we at least have a David Tennant cameo?
Watching the remake of FRIGHT NIGHT with roommate & has just devolved into us catcalling Colin Farrell & David Tennant
It's just four months now till 's starring David Tennant & Robert Sheehan opens in cinem…
David Tennant will be the cover star of the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine.
Michael Jackson. Joey McIntyre. Ricky Luna. Adam Brody. David Tennant . (My crushes last for years. Current is Theo Jam…
Did you see that David Tennant is filming in Neil Gaimen/Terry Prachett 'Good Omens' btw? I meant to mention it earlier :)
Doctor Who at the Proms - David Tennant regenerates into Matt Smith - BB... vía
📷 mizgnomer: David Tennant and Billie Piper in their first photoshoot together for Doctor Who Series...
If The Shining were to get a new film adaptation, I'd be open to Ryan Reynolds, Matt Smith or David Tennant as Jack Torrence.
Olivia Colman and David Tennant are incredible in Broadchurch, nonemoreso than in S3. Just superb performances from both
film, ' Mad to be Normal' starring David Tennant and winner Elisabeth Moss has been acquired by S…
David Tennant looks like he could've been a Weasley. imagine how differently things wou…
Kelly MacDonald is so sweet. How cute 😍☔️😭 can't believe this girl got paid to kiss David Tennant and Colin Firth!
Ticket inspector licked his lip like David Tennant in Harry Potter. Is this protocol!?
Let's do some fancasts. Taron Edgerton for Red Hood. Ryan Potter for Tim Drake. Kate Beckinsale for Catwoman. David Tennant for Riddler
Currently listening to Cressida Cowell's How to be A Pirate audiobook.🎧📖 David Tennant is such an excellent narrator😍😍
An excellent one. And Pompadour was so very beautiful, strong, admirable.
How about David Tennant? No one's gonna buy Huge Jacked Man as an ethereal, eccentric sarcastic owner o…
We should've just got the rights to Broadchurch. Literally we had David Tennant play the same character
Georgia Moffett, wife of David Tennant. I hate her so much.
This show is brilliant and heartbreaking and David Tennant is everything
One of my favourites, The Girl in the Fireplace.
Wait, how did I miss Michael Sheen & David Tennant being cast as Aziraphale & Crowley?!?!
David Tennant is a beast. Anything with him in it is so good. He's like cheese
Here's a gif of David Tennant dancing on the set of Doctor Who
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today in summary:. good thing: david tennant in the Good Omens tv show! . bad thing: marilyn manson??? not retired?¿
I added a video to a playlist Learners 2007 with David Tennant
I added a video to a playlist David Tennant as John in Love in the 21st Century
Hair colour refreshed in time for comic con. Next step is David Tennant coming and falling madly in love with me.
They really could have done a lot with Barty Crouch Jr in the back half of the HP series. David Tennant would have been awesome in DH & HBP
Harkening back to some David Tennant vibes with this one. . .
Remember when David Tennant was in Star Wars as Lightsaber Ollivander?
Narcos star Adria Arjona joins David Tennant and Michael Sheen in BBC2’s
David Tennant, who played Doctor Who, was inspired as a child to become an actor because he loved the original Doctor Who series.
If that's a roundabout way of calling me a pound shop David Tennant, I'll take it.
How do you feel about David Tennant...?
Via New photo of David Tennant and Michael Sheen at Good Omens read-through .
The new Mickey short basically confirmed that John Kassir is officially Scrooge's new voice actor & that David Tennant is only 4 the reboot.
I have loved him for so long. He is the "American version of David Tennant." ♥️
David Tennant is when I started watching but i LOVE Matt Smith. I enjoyed Peter Capaldi I feel bad for him…
Has to be between David Tennant and Matt Smith🤗
That last one looks surprisingly like David Tennant.
How to make an entrance, by David Tennant (featuring Freema Agyeman) Montreal Comic Con - July 2017 Source [ X ]
David Tennant& Michael Sheen at the Good Omens read through via donnalrosenstein on Instagram
Uh. david tennant as crowley is offensive on every level like I'm honestly going to mug & knifepointe whoever decided this bad decision
Treat 4 Today for Friday 15th September. A video today.
David Tennant: "Rose was a girlfriend, even if they didn't say it.". Me:
Was at the regal -my head is um lets just say i was david tennant but no he werent there 😂😂😂
Good Omens is ramping up and bringing the heat.
Wait, is David Tennant (aka McDonald) who played the 10th Doctor in Doctor Who related to you??!! 😍.
Special thanks to Jen Nelson for including us in her photo op with David Tennant and John Barrowman!
Not surprised, brilliant show, Krysten Ritter is amazing & David Tennant is incredible as the Purple Man
David Tennant, Guy Pearce, Brendan Coyle: Who else could be filming in Gloucester next week? Hundreds are likely...…
I find it amusing that Verily Lambert never warmed to Christopher Eccleston's casting as Doctor Who, and much preferred David Tennant.
David Tennant on last night, discussing new Jodie Whittaker: "I can't think of someone bette…
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Good Omens has its stars. One is David Tennant. The other is a guy who is dressed like Matt Smith, but isn't him. Missed Opportunity.
I really loved David Tennant as the Doctor but Matt Smith might be my favorite! It's so much fun seeing him as the Doctor.
If the world ends before I see the and Pratchett TV series w/David Tennant and Michael Sheen I w…
Michael Sheen is Aziraphale and David Tennant is Crowley in the Good Omens TV adaptation.
Tree Fu Tom on CBeebies: Sophie Aldred (Puffy) starred as Ace from 1987-89. David Tennant (Twigs) appeared as Tenth…
Spent a good portion of the night hoping Orr would morph into David Tennant (for the lols) am I still on trend?
David Tennant reading Donald Trump quotes AS Scrooge McDuck was PRICELESS! Thank you,
I have the feeling it's no vet that looks like David Tennant who stole Carl Barat's clothes^^
Benedict Cumberbatch & David Tennant played Hamlet. Andrew Scott plays Hamlet. Tom Hiddleston is about to play Hamlet. I…
PHOTO OF THE DAY: David Tennant with Lucy Punch, Faye Marsay and Sally Phillips in the upcoming movie YOU, ME & HIM (2…
David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins bursting into tears in his last Christmas special is probably my favourite moment in the 10th doctor era
'It stars [David Tennant] and Arthur Darvill who played Rory but it's nothing like Doctor Who'.
Tom Hardy as James Bond, Daniel Day-Lewis as the villain, David Tennant as Q, and Christopher Nolan directing. Want.
So it's lien the movie Monuments Men but with zombies and David Tennant. 👌
David Tennant, Miranda Richardson & Roger Lloyd Pack all great. Victor Krum far too burly - depicted as a bit of a thicko which isn't right.
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Britain has David Tennant. Britain has Daniel Radcliffe. Britain has Emma Watson. Britain has John Simm. Britain has Ju…
there is a really good Royal Shakespeare Co version of Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewa…
When David Tennant took over I don't seem to recall them running pieces on his previous choices of parts...includin…
doctor who died when David Tennant left and that's the real truth
Me, watching doctor who with david tennant:
Just found out the bloke who does the "viva Medici" announcements on Just Cause 3 is former time lord Wow
So far David Tennant has been my favourite Doctor.
This is like when David Tennant said he quite liked Coldplay.
I'll watch almost anything with Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Tom Hiddleston, Matthew Goode.
David Tennant and Emilia Clarke sign up for Thunderbirds Are Go:
That's a great idea. New Jodie Whittaker could follow Tom Baker 1975, and in 2007 switching…
Jodie Whittaker to ask Broadchurch co-stars David Tennant and Arthur Darvill for Doctor Who advice via
Think those 'fans' claiming they're done with believe the BBC'll say, 'our mistake. We'll bring David Tennant back for u.'
PHOTO OF THE DAY: David Tennant with with Alice Eve and Kelly MacDonald in The Decoy Bride - 2012
David Tennant proved he was the Doctor in Christmas Invasion! What a brilliant Doctor he was! Happy Whovians!…
I mean, what beloved British character once played to great acclaim by David Tennant are they going to cast as a woman next?…
i'm voting for daughter is voting for David Tennant, we got this 🤣.
Though David Tennant is a better fit IRL
I hope for balance they publish similar pics of David Tennant and Matt Smith, but doubt they will 🍌🍒
Whoa, that may just eclipse the main game again. Just following its tradition.
Can you imagine the chaos if they had put the new on the quoting from
I got tattooed, I met Catherine Tate & David Tennant, & now I'm meeting at a book signing. 2017 is the year dreams come true.
I confuse David Tennant with Adam Scott all the time.
DuckTales: here's the first clip, featuring David Tennant's Scrooge McDuck...
you smile so much like David Tennant I mean is this some kinda British thing
Let's roll call the cast so far! We've got the amazing David Tennant!
Meet the stars of Call of Duty: WW2's Nazi Zombies mode - including Doctor Who's David Tennant
I haven't watched since David Tennant left.
You should watch it, its an great show plus David Tennant is in it 👀🙊
The Hubster and I loved those for road trips. David Tennant’s narration is hilarious.
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Treat 4 Today for Tuesday 18th July. A video today .
I love this movie too. David Tennant is a national treasure.
Ooh I haven't! Didn't realize it was a book. :-O Ok...maybe I did. But David Tennant!!!
If you thought I wasn't gonna say Remake then you really underestimated my love of David Tennant. Remake.
Confession: Whenever there's a Doctor Who regeneration I always hold out an irrational hope that it'll be David Tennant ag…
I know. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not sexist but I don't see why the need for change..
This is legit one of my favorite romcoms. Sassy Kelly MacDonald. David Tennant plays bagpipes terribly. So many Sco…
Only 5 days until the world reveal at Introducing our first cast member: DAVID TENNANT as Drostan…
David Tennant (stars in Dr. Who) announced as one of the cast members in
David Tennant, Emilia Clarke and Mark Gatiss join the cast of ITV’s Thunderbirds Are Go
It really does! "He's not David tennant so he's gonna suck! "The doctor is suppose to be a man!"
FAB news - Emilia Clarke, David Tennant and Mark Gatiss have joined the cast of Thunderbirds Are Go.
David Tennant, Emilia Clarke and Mark Gatiss will voice heroes and villains in ITV's new Thunderbirds Are Go
She comes out in Broadchurch idk if you seen it's with David Tennant who plays the 10th doctor
A quality post. BTW, I gave up watching DW when Matt Smith was cast, the first few episodes was li…
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If only this were live-action. No prob, we're still psyched! Are you caught up on
Massive double-standard here. David Tennant and Matt Smith have gone nude on TV/Film before but there wasn't a tabloid…
Drama Champ Semi-Final! David Tennant lost percents, please vote for him. ❤ via .
Time for the Semi-Final against David Tennant. Gather & vote for our prince
FFS people - David Tennant played Casanova before becoming the Doctor. Because, you know, they're actors - they pretend to…
David Tennant, Arthur Darvil... & now Jodie Whittaker. And you thought it was a COINCIDENCE that "Broadchurch" is an anagram of "Doctor Who"
David Tennant and Matt Smith are EXTRAORDINARY. Fave episode: Silence in the Library - hands…
Aww, but no David Tennant!! 😢 But I guess it makes sense, since Matt Smith is pos…
He became David Tennant so he could relish the universe like Rose,became scatterbrained Matt Smith b/c everything in his universe...
Not gonna watch it because of David Tennant or Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi? Not even fo…
I jus want David Tennant or Matt Smith back man and chuck in rose and Martha omg get donnas memory back :(
Tom Baker was before my time lol David Tennant and Catherine Tate was the best ones
9. Christopher Eccleston. 10. David Tennant. 11. Matt Smith. 12. Peter Capaldi. 13. ?. Find out tomorrow, watch this spa…
I'm very happy. Russel T Davis wrote for David Tennant before he wrote for him in Dr. who and he was…
Tom Baker has not been retroactively uncast and replaced by Lala Ward. It was still David Tennant at the helm, not Katherine Tate.
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Ah right. I didn't like him at first but come to love him. Eleven is my fave doctor although David Tennant is close too.
nope! Not a fan. Rose was definitely the best but then so was David Tennant.
My top 5 Doctors in Doctor Who are Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton, Sylvester McCoy, David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston
Matt Smith with David Tennant and Billie Piper at the press night for the West End show 'Our Boys' in 2012.
That long period of time where I did not know Matt Smith and David Tennant were two different people.
David Tennant my favourite, but loved Christopher Ecclestone & Matt Smith too - plus Tom Baker
I love Tom Baker, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Eccleston too. But Capaldi was my first Doctor and yo…
God how I've forgotten how good Doctor Who is. David Tennant and Matt Smith will always be the best doctors!
Of course my favorite is David Tennant but Matt was amazing too, his seasons are some of my favorites
David Tennant was on the rise but relatively unknown. Matt Smith was a gamble, young and an almost complete newcomer.
David Tennant is the world's favourite Doctor according to . https:/…
He's lovable in his own way as the doctor! It's the same way Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and…
Matt Smith and David Tennant both want a return :
season finale featuring quotes from Tom Baker, David Tennant and Matt Smith. Oh God it was big... 😭😭
Daily Photo!. David Tennant with Matt Smith in the episode The Day Of The Doctor from 2013 http…
It still has to be David Tennant or Matt Smith for me.tho love John simms as the master 😆
I do like Jessica Jones but I really struggle to see David Tennant as a 'villain' type character.
Ready for my prediction for the next Doctor. David Tennant
Can we please talk about how amazing David Tennant is in Because David Tennant is a m a z i n g in Jessica Jones.
just give Krysten Ritter & David Tennant all the awards for this show asdfghjkl 😱💜
hello, David Tennant, you beautiful, beautiful man
Dr. Zone is basically Dr. Who. one of the Dr. Who's was played by David Tennant. David Tennant played Barty Crouch Jr. in Goblet of Fire.
don't forget Barty Crouch Jr's confession. a missed opportunity with David Tennant portraying the character.
David Tennant, Judi Dench and Ian McKellen: The best photos from the RSC's public archive https:/…
and Donna Noble together again, all we need is a cameo from David Tennant :D
David Tennant is the style of Twenty Twelve and W1A. My working life bears similarities to that of Ian Fletcher.
I was like ten feet away from David Tennant in the green room, and I ALMOST had the courage to introduce myself.
SLIGHT chance I'll be at Awesome Con on Sunday. David Tennant and Stan Lee will be there, but Edgar Wright will only be there on Saturday...
Roses are red. . The tardis is blue. . Let's all appreciate. . David Tennant's a frog.
David Tennant plays Scrooge, Danny Pudi and Ben Schwartz are 2 of the nephews, Paul F Tompkins, Jim Rash, Lin Manuel Miranda are all in it
I miss the aloof portrayal of that both David Tennant & Matt Smith conveyed so well, no offence to Peter Capaldi obvz
David Tennant is backing Mental Health Awareness Week! Are you? Find out more about the week:
Which celebrity has never seen an episode of *** Powell's Zane Grey Theatre? Trick question. It was David Tennant
I voted for them... But once again the male lead will probably go to David Tennant. 🙄
It's true! David Tennant and are back together again. New adventures coming this November..…
David Tennant and Billie Piper will reunite to play The Doctor and Rose in three new adventures!.
and David Tennant return to Doctor Who in the Tenth Doctor Adventures: Volume Two!
Up until just now I thought David Tennant and Roger Rees were the same person. Can you believe it!
David Tennant playing the bagpipes for that deaf couple in The Decoy Bride is the best, cutest, purest thing in the world. 💕💫
Have you seen the voice actors for the new show sing the theme song??? It's SO GREAT! David Tennant, Ben Schwartz, etc. !!!
The Decoy Bride always makes me cry. David Tennant in a romantic comedy
I actually met David Tennant when I was in London in 2014, saw him in Richard II
May 6th,2006: The Girl in the Fireplace was first broadcast on this date. .David Tennant,Billie Piper and Noel Clarke
Alec Hardy / David Tennant should win an award for this rant!😂
are you/aware that David Tennant has seen Hamilton and loves it/you?
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Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman and David Tennant back mental health campaign via
April 29th,2006: School Reunion was first aired on this date. David Tennant,Billie Piper, Noel Clarke and Lis Sladen
Break a leg: David Tennant and others on the night before the big day
Didn't know that David Tennant was guest starring as Joker. The hairstyle is so generic anf hipster-…
Remember when David Tennant told the absolute truth bc same
Oliver Phelps/James Phelps = David Tennant . I DID MATH??? . No you're just fangirling.. Oh... *le sigh*
No Christopher Eccleston is the first one in the new series then David Tennant and then Matt Smith but Matt Smith is my fav
I think personally Tom Baker is my favourite Classic Who Doctor followed closely by Jon Pertwee and David Tennant is my favourite new era
Wish a Happy Birthday to the man who delighted you on & terrified you on
To celebrate 46th birthday today, we're posting a different photo each hour.
David Tennant turned 46 today but we all know how old he REALLY is 😂✨
April 18: Happy Birthday, David Tennant! He played Barty Crouch Jr. in the films.
A very Happy Birthday to the wonderful Mr David Tennant! -
Happy Birthday to the most wonderful and unbelievably humble human in this world, David Tennant! Thank you for being such…
It's even more generous of you to share it with me as well. Cheers 🍻
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Happy 46th Birthday to one my favorite Actors, David Tennant. And he is my favorite ❤ ❤.
Celebs I share my bday with: David Tennant, James Woods, Rick Moranis
can you believe david tennant won the NTA special recognition award two years ago, im still not over how shocked he was,…
Wishing a Happy Birthday to the Tenth Doctor himself, the brilliant David Tennant! . Allons-y! .
Happy Birthday to my favourite scotsman and only doctor I'll ever acknowledge aka david tennant
Happy Birthday to the talented, the super nice guy, the incredibly kind soul, the one and only, David Tennant!
Happy 46th Birthday to David Tennant! He potrayed Barty Crouch Jr. in Goblet of Fire. .
David Tennant will always and forever have a special place in my heart as the Doctor 😭❤️
Happy Birthday to one of the most kind and beautiful human beings out there, David Tennant. I hope you have an amazing da…
Happy Birthday to our favourite human, David Tennant! Thank you for being such a wonderful idol, we wish you the most hap…
Happy 46th Birthday to David Tennant! He portrayed Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Thanks much...sharing the big day with the talented I'm such a generous soul! ;-)
Happy Birthday to David Tennant! So good on that he was worth a second regeneration. Hey .. I'm open to a th…
Happy Birthday to the brilliant Tenth Doctor, David Tennant! 🎂.
Happy Birthday David Tennant you will be my 1st doctor in doctor who and I hope you will have a great one David Ten…
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"The BBC wants someone young and hot, who's kind of like David Tennant.". Me: "So, Sue Perkins?"
how DARE theresa may announce another general election on david tennant's birthday. this is blasphemy
Fun fact: It's David Tennant's birthday! This man is a phenomenal…
Happy 46th Birthday to the brilliant, David Tennant - The Tenth Doctor 🎉
I can't believe David Tennant turns 46 tomorrow, I'm so proud of everything he's accomplished and I just want him to be hap…
Happy Birthday to both of you awesome people 😎
The occasional tongue flick done by Barty Crouch Jr. wasn't in the script, it was improvised by David Tennant.
David Tennant included in a tribute to Billy Connolly on ITV tonight.
Find out if David Tennant seduced audiences In this trailer for
How can you not love David Tennant I mean,,,
On this is day in 1971 beloved actor David Tennant's was born. Known to many as the Tenth Doctor, Tennant has...
Happy Birthday to my favorite actor and human being in the world, David Tennant!.
Happy Birthday David Tennant and David Hewlett, my two favourite Davids :D
I added a video to a playlist Hamlet - David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, Penny Downie. Act one, Scene
Torn between David Tennant or Matt Smith as my fav doctor.
When u miss Matt Smith then u miss David Tennant and then u miss Chris Eccleston and you just cry forever cause u know u'll miss Pete C too
I knew was going to be David Tennant. for me would have been Chris Eccleston. ~ Every Doctor Who ranked
Big names from the celeb world including Sir Andy Murray, David Tennant and Peter Kay will take part.
So I found my David Tennant sonic screwdriver. The more I clean the more I realize how much of a nerd I was in my high school years
oh my christ David Tennant's protective dad speech is probably the best thing I've ever watched on television
David Tennant and Peter Davison reveal they HATED their regenerations
Looks interesting and David Tennant. Showing at the Quad in Derby from 7th. Missed the Edinburgh showing, bum.
Probably all queuing up to see Hugh Jackman, David Tennant & Griff Rhys Jones.
Lawyers say nine people, including actor David Tennant and former Formula One driver Eddie Irvine, have...
David Tennant and Eddie Irvine among nine new claims for NotW phone-hacking compensation filed against News UK…
So exciting seeing tickets for David Tennant and Billie Piper next to each other in a folder on my emails🤗
Bravo issue👏 I only wish David Tennant's Kilgrave was still alive to fight Charlie Cox's D…
Review: David Tennant stars in Patrick Marber's "charmless and gruelling" Don Juan in Soho
David Tennant in "rudest, raunchiest, most unabashedly guilty pleasure in town," 'Don Juan in Soho': Theater Review
from the Guardian: Don Juan in Soho review – David Tennant dazzles as a desolate hedonist
so you're just going to jump from David Tennant to Matt Smith without prior warning ok then
10 years since this hilarious Comic Relief sketch aired featuring David Tennant and Catherine Tate as Laure…
David Tennant is coming to Montreal is this real life??? 😩😭
David Tennant cashes in on seven years on: Actor to be the main attraction at convention for fans in W...
well the guy was in war&peace and he's cute but Ashley thinks david tennant is hotter but he isn't so we had a war
David tennant is honestly an amazing actor
Is that David Tennant...or am I seeing things
Confession: sometimes I have to put the captions on to make sense of David Tennant's Scottishness.
Like Cage was meh. David Tennant made Jessica Jones worth watching.
To be fair, you couldn't sleep to if your head was full with David Tennant.
Got to see David Tennant play Don Juan tonight in a modern take on Molieres play. like whoa.
I liked a video David Tennant assures us that everything will be alright
and the best onscreen partnership, Olivia Coleman & David Tennant. 👌🏻
you are one gorgeous man! Watching dr who right now and I'm like *** where's he been all my life!
Kilgrave was the one villain in all of the Netflix Marvel series that I didn't want to die. David Tennant is fantastic.
new photos of david tennant in Don Juan, sorry but i feel like i'm in heaven.
I'm sorry, but these are hilarious, and win the "David Tennant Where He Shouldn't Be" meme. EARRINGS
David Tennant is just lovely to look at.
Feelings after leaving an awkward voicemail:. *Insert gif of David Tennant saying "That sentence got away from me...yeah" that I can't find*
I didn't feel it at all with Chris Eccleston. David Tennant brought me back. But Matt Smith locked me in. Love him!
Hamlet's monologue - "To be or not to be" - David Tennant. A film of the Royal Shakespeare Company's.…
I don't know what it is about David Tennant but I just feel like he'd treat me right
I can't believe I'm watching Tipping Point and shouting at the TV because the guy didn't know the answer was David Tennant. FML.
I am also developing an undeniable crush on David Tennant
Going by the graphics, my guesses are: David Tennant, Adam West, Nathan Fillion, Tim Curry, Stephen Amell
📷 pipertennant: First look at David Tennant and cast of Don Juan in Soho The Broadchurch actor returns...
"I think the verse melody sounds like David Bowie." - Neil Tennant talking about All Over The World. Yes, I agree actually. 😉😍👍
:"get in the bin you Poundland David Tennant" though omfgb
Get in the bin you Poundland David Tennant
sorry but you can't deny that about David Tennant😍😍
Don Juan in Soho was everything I wanted it to be. Disgusting, decadent and thoroughly entertaining. David tennant was marvellous! 🙌
David Tennant and Adrian Scarborough lead a riotous and occasionally satirical production of Great fun.
Sometimes I just look at David Tennant's face and everything is ok for one moment..
There is something quite sexy about David Tennant 🙈
There's never enough Or David Tennant's voice. Yes, no, brilliant. Brilliant. That's all good then.
No one can beat David Tennant as doctor who
Via First production photos of in Don Juan In Soho. .
David Tennant, Adrian Scarborough and Gawn Grainger were fantastic in tonight.
Shout out to David Tennant for being the most incredible Doctor and also taking a photo with me…
The Doctor, Kilgrave and Alec Hardy. 3 very different roles played by David Tennant, all superb. He's an underrated actor that's for sure.
Check out this EXCLUSIVE interview with Adam Paul Harvey who was in Mad to be Normal with David Tennant. -JY.
Definitely had to keep rewinding to hear David Tennant, but I must admit,I quite enjoyed listening to him again. Lovin Alec Hardy
another is "What we did on our Holidays" David Tennant, Rosamund Pike & of course Billy Connelly Funny as ***
David Tennant playing Alec Hardy on a date was a bit special.
I could watch David Tennant act in anything but I particularly want to see a spin off of Alec Hardy just going on dates.…
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That was David Tennant's best MILLAR of the whole three series
First look at David Tennant in a Reasonably Fast Car on Top Gear - Radio Times... gorgeous as ever!
That moment when you discover a trailer for David Tennant's Doctor that's cut like Logan's 'Hurt' trailer and you're hit by all the feels.
I like Kristen Ritter and all but David Tennant made the show. His Killgrave was phenomenal.
Top Gear, episode 2 recap: this was one for the petrolheads but that David Tennant interview was ... via
David Tennant returns to tonight as he takes on an old adversary in a Reasonably Fast Car:
David Tennant accidentally dented his car on Top Gear and it was hilarious
David Tennant thinks Chris Chibnall was "the only choice" to take over the reigns from Steven Moffat
David Tennant admits son's World Book Day outfit may have been on the 'inappropriate' side via
whole voice cast is amazing. David Tennant is Scrooge. Alex Hirsch from Gravity Falls is involved. This will be great.
ive never seen DuckTales but David Tennant and Kate Micucci being in it kinda makes me want to see what the reboots like
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