David Stern & World Peace

David Joel Stern (born September 22, 1942) is the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. World Peace is an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people. 5.0/5

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Dwight Howard to the Lakers? Kobe, Nash, Howard, Gasol, & World Peace? That's unfair for the rest of the NBA. David Stern needs 2 step in
ESPN rants: 1) Dear OKC, Kobe went 9-25 from the field in Games 2 and 3. Game 2, 2 FTs...you win; Game 3, 18 FTs...he wins. Just sayin' 2) World Peace dropping a knee on Russell Westbrook for a loose ball...David Stern, how about you forget looking into flopping and start looking into assault. 3) "Andrew Luck will miss a few weeks of practice in May/Jun to finish his Stanford degree, should the Colts be worries?" was a headline on SportsCenter today. Really?!? The 1-15 Colts are worried about their All-Star genius QB missing some May practices...missing time with the team that only won a game last season?!? Come on... 4) Kudos: Pau Gasol wins Citizenship award...Congrats!!!
World Peace ur a total joke if David Stern had any *** he would kick ur low class *** of basketball. Take it from Roger Goodell and do something about it!!!
Series MVP for the Lakers goes to David Stern for suspending Metta World Peace six playoff games instead of seven.
David Stern is a woman in a man's body.He has too be the biggest fruitcake I've ever seen.Roger Goodell should be the Commissioner...He would have suspended Metta World Peace or Ron Artest or Nelson Mandela or any other name that fool can think of for at least a year.why is he still "commissioner".
Stern: World Peace's past weighed in suspension | David Stern said Wednesday the elbow that...
David Stern suspended World Peace for seven games Tuesday. Does anyone else think that sounds weird?
Its Unfortunate that David Stern, Comish of the NBA suspended World Peace, I was looking forward not hearing about Wars.
David Stern is a joke for only suspending the Laker's World Peace for 7 games. Now I know why I hate the NBA.
And in recent news, NBA Commissioner David Stern has suspended world peace. Sorry Syria, regions of Africa, and the DMZ to list a few.
props to David Stern for stopping World Peace
David Stern suspended World Peace. I didn't know that the NBA commissioner had that much control over world happenings.
Headline of the day: David Stern suspends World Peace! :D
David Stern suspended World Peace...imagine that for a second...
Will the State Department or UN address the troubling fact that the NBA has officially suspended World Peace? Now we know that David Stern is the master behind the curtain.
7 game suspension for World Peace??? REALLY??? Is that ALL??? I heard this is the 14th suspension of his career. C'mon David Stern... time to permanently retire this fool.
David Stern suspends World Peace. That's one powerful commissioner right there!
David Stern suspended World Peace. Only right now is this a good thing.
David Stern should have made World Peace change his name back to Ron Artest as punishment. 750am
Artest or World Peace received a seven game suspension with no pay for striking James Harden on Sunday. This suspension is an insult to the league, players, and fans. Your telling me that any player who decideds to strike somebody on the head maliciously will simply receive a seven game suspension? A guy in the NHL was taken to court for a similar hit. David Stern only cares of marketing thus protecting the leagues baby faces like Kobe and Labron. If any baby face would of been elbowed on the head, the attacker would have been suspended for half a season! The NBA only protects the intergrity and safety of the players that will make them billions! PIPEBOMB!
At last some justice in the sports world-I would of taken away the win as it was this foull that gave the Lakers the game-it messed up the entire team! Metta World Peace suspended for 7Updated: April 24, 2012, 8:08 PM ETESPN.com Los Angeles Lakers forward Metta World Peace has been suspended seven games by the NBA for his elbow to the head of Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden. More on the Lakers For more news, notes and analysis of the Lakers, check out the Land O' Lakers blog from the Kamenetzky Brothers. Blog The elbow, delivered late in the first half of the Lakers' double-overtime win Sunday, knocked Harden to the ground and resulted in a flagrant 2 on World Peace. Harden has since been diagnosed with a concussion and he has not yet been cleared to play. "The concussion suffered by James Harden demonstrates the danger posed by violent acts of this kind, particularly when they are directed at the head area," NBA Commissioner David Stern said in a statement. "We remain committed to taking necessa ...
Since the owners obviously dont like LA. and since David Stern represents the owners. Id say the World Peace will be no more this season. Its too bad. the guy was on the verge of leading Kobe to his 6th. mock him all u like but we all get too excited. Just be glad ure not caught on tape.
David Stern needs to get a backbone and clean up the NBA. Clearly there was nothing accidental about Ron Artest`s (oh my bad) Metta World Peace deliberate attack on James Harden. This guy is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off at any moment. He should be thown out of the NBA and change his name back to Ron Artest because there is nothing about him that represents World Peace.
David Stern should put World Peace in the ring with Jon "Bones" Jones for 3 rounds and say "U win, no suspension"
NBA Commissioner David Stern has indicated he is cracking down on violent hits. So does that mean that for the playoffs we'll all have to get along without World Peace?
Metta World Peace( I still call him Ron Artest ) Will have a Long time to Work on World Peace in his Head! Do what you do best David Stern!
David Stern needs to grow a pair and kick Ron Artest/Metta World Peace out of the league! Another reason for me NOT to watch the NBA! 13 suspensions...hmmm I think he's had his second chances...make his *** get a job and earn his money like the rest of us!
A day away from the headline we’ve been waiting a lifetime for: "Commissioner David Stern suspends World Peace."
So much for "World Peace". Artest is back in business! He is gonna get it good. David Stern is gonna flex some muscle on this one. He already has a dislike for the Lakers in my opinion.
Wow, Artest, World Peace, whatever your name is, I hope David Stern suspends you for the rest of the season and playoffs, and pay any concussion related medical issues or complications for James Harden for the rest of your life.
I think we may actually hear the words, "I am now suspending World Peace" from David Stern's mouth!
Jesus Christ, I David Stern will channel his inn Roger Goodell and Artest will be suspended for the rest of the yr.World Peace is a misnomer
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