David Stern & Tom Benson

David Joel Stern (born September 22, 1942) is the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. Tom Benson (born 1927) is the owner of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Hornets. 5.0/5

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That deal David Stern made with Tom Benson - Benson buys the team and gets the pick - is kinda paying off.
99% of the time in the NBA, if a largely marketable superstar were to leave a larger market where he has already been dubbed a phenom for a smaller market, they would be looked down at throughout the league and ultimately David Stern would probably throw a rock through the windshield of their car. However with the Houston Rockets massive chinese fanbase because of the Yao Ming days and Houston badly hurting after the failed Chris Paul "trade" I have no doubt the Jeremy Lin acquisition is something the league is actually quite happy about. The league is about marketability in general, and I wouldnt be surprised at all if Stern and the Knicks had a handshake/wink-wink deal privately about this. Ya know, kinda llike when Tom Benson bought the doomed New Orleans Hornets and then somehow the Hornets were awarded the 1st pick in the draft a week or so later. The NBA is shady and I only rank Boxing and College Football higher on the sports corruption scale, but as a lifelong basketball fan I can tell this is abo ...
I want to thank Tom Benson for buying the Hornets so David Stern couldn't keep Nash from going to the Lakers
I know David Stern somewhere like "this isn't what i had in mind...smh" at least he suckered Tom Benson
David Stern says to Tom Benson: "Buy the New Orleans Hornets and I'll make sure you get the pick in the NBA Draft!" Done deal!
I think you mean Stern, but David Stern no longer has control of the Hornets. HOWEVER, new owner Tom Benson is planning a change.
David Stern, Anthony Davis,Tom Benson, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley all just put on nWo shirts.
With each passing day, the NBA is becoming more like the WWE. Yesterday, was a prime example of how David Stern has fixed the league. He gives Tom Benson the pick if he buys the Hornets, the Heat get every foul call, and don't get me started on the CP3 debacle
Hornets win top pick in draft to convince Saints owner Tom Benson to buy team and stay in N.O. ala David Stern hm
Because Anthony Davis was the price David Stern was willing to give up so Tom Benson could pay full freight, or so it goes
Hey Tom Benson. Because you have agreed to take the Hornets off our hands help yourself to the # 1pick. Regards, David Stern
"If you pay my price for the Hornets franchise, I'll give you the draft pick." David Stern. "Ok!" Tom Benson.
I don't see why people shocked that David Stern sold the first pick of the NBA draft to Tom Benson. *** Everything in America is for sell at the end of the day even you! lol
Package Deal for Tom Benson and the NOH for the pick. David Stern just sold his soul. Conspiracy Theory!
CONSPIRACY ALERT: Do U think David Stern told Tom Benson he would get the No.1 pick in the draft if He bought the Hornets?!? He been Shady since the CP3 trade! Ijs...
Not one to usually subscribe to conspiracy theories, but that draft lottery was so rigged. So the Hornets, still owned by the NBA for another month, get the number one pick, hmmm. Tom Benson low balled the league for so long, then just decided to pay David Stern's price out of nowhere? That number one pick was included.
And the winner of the NBA Lottery is... David Stern! What? You mean -- Oh, I'm sorry. Tom Benson is "buying" the New Orleans Hornets from the NBA. Nothing suspicious at all!
Wow, David Stern just gift wrapped the pick to NO and Tom Benson
My pick for the lottery tonight? It'll be a, "Thanks for buying an NBA Team" gift to Tom Benson's Hornets via David Stern.
We all know that David Stern made a side deal with Tom Benson. The Hornets are getting the No. 1 pick and Anthony Davis
Tom Benson won't get his wish to rename his NBA team the 'Jazz.'
ESPN’s Ed Werner attempted to ask Tom Benson about the Saints; David Stern instantly shuts that down
So, I managed to watch the Hornets' Press Conference today introducing Tom Benson as the new owner. David Stern was there, but so was Jacka** Jindal. As usual, he was up there appearing to take credit for the sale. We really have to get that evil, lying, peanut head b***d recalled. This state won't survive as long as he is in office.
New Hornets owner, Tom Benson, is willing to change the teams' nickname and he has asked for suggestions.David Stern has said that the Jazz name will stay in Utah. So what nickname would you suggest ???
meeting with league owner David Stern and our new owner for the first time Tom Benson! The future looks bright!
Just in case you haven't heard, NBA Commissioner David Stern has announced Tom Benson as the new owner of your New Orleans Hornets.
"New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson has spoken with NBA Commissioner David Stern about purchasing the Hornets" That would be great for N.O.
Tom Benson spoke with NBA's David Stern about buying New Orleans Hornets
owner Tom Benson wasn't in NYC at all today meeting with David Stern, Saints PR man Greg Bensel said, despite a report.
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