David Stern & Roger Goodell

David Joel Stern (born September 22, 1942) is the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. Roger S. Goodell (born February 19, 1959) is the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL), having been chosen to succeed the retiring Paul Tagliabue on August 8, 2006. He was chosen over four finalists for the position, winning a close vote on the fifth ballot before being unanimously approved by acclamation of the owners. 5.0/5

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yeah. Gary Bettman is almost as bad a commissioner as Roger Goodell and Bud Selig. Is David Stern busy?
*** like Roger Goodell, Bud Selig, David Stern and ESPN politicized sports long before Trump said a word about it.
I can't imagine David Stern or Roger Goodell ever offering an explanation of a league policy as well thought out as Adam Silver just did
Thank goodness David Stern, not Roger Goodell, was the commissioner
Roger Goodell should have resigned a long time ago, people will care more about him going away then they cared about David Stern leaving
Roger Goodell has taken the baton from David Stern as the worst commissioner of a Pro Sports.
Roger Goodell is Stannis, harsh, but reasonable, David Stern is Joffrey, evil and cowardly and Sepp Blatter is Ramsay Snow, EVIL AS F***!
Danny Shelton and Roger Goodell was the NFL's response to Darius Miles and David Stern
Somewhere tonight David Stern is nodding approvingly at a hologram of Roger Goodell hissing "well done, my young apprentice."
David Stern called Roger Goodell to congratulate NFL on adapting Jordan Rules to Cowboy Rules to maximize TV ratings
David Stern thinks Roger Goodell is fixing games at this point.
Roger Goodell first spoke with David Stern before deciding to pick that flag up.
Roger Goodell is the new David Stern with the blatant rigging of most of these games. Absolutely disgusting!
I can't prove that David Stern is advising Roger Goodell but all evidence points that way.
Roger Goodell is not an attorney, unlike Adam Silver (and David Stern), Gary Bettman and Rob Manfred.
Be what it may most people hated David Stern but he did a darn good job with the NBA. Roger Goodell and the NFL, eh... not so much
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My candidate to replace Roger Goodell at the NFL is former NBA Commissioner David Stern.
Roger Goodell: Cant cover-up a video tape. David Stern: Single-handily convinced Earth the world's best bball player wa…
This statement is ridiculous. RTRoger Goodell is like the David Stern of the N-F-L. Except more ridiculous.
Given Dombrowski's track record, I expect him to end up as MLB commissioner, the Tigers receive Roger Goodell and David Stern in return.
Roger Goodells handling of Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsays legal troubles are suspicious at best. Why hasn't he been suspended? This dude has laid an iron hand down on players but the owner gets to continue with business as usual? Just like David Stern changing the way players dressed in their way to games but allowing Clippers owner Donald Sterling to get away with all the craziness that we're learning he's done within the league!
If you don't believe in the power of organizational power and wealth, look at David Stern, Roger Goodell, Bud Selig, and now Adam Silver. CP3 is rich, the person that pays CP3 is wealthy, but when someone can tell the person who pays CP3, that they have a restraining order against coming to their own house, and then will probably FORCE them to sell their house... now, THAT is POWER.
Not only are the LA Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks currently playing games on Australia that count while everyone else is still doing spring training, but when those two teams return to the US having begun to assert their places in the standings, they too will play more exhibition games before the season starts in full. Having thought about that ridiculousness, now consider that if you want to judge MLB under Bud Selig, the natural people to put him up against are David Stern and Roger Goodell.
Here's a sports debate for the day. It was just revealed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was paid $44.2 million for the latest fiscal year where terms were available for public disclosure. Bud Selig, the Major League Baseball commissioner, was paid around $30 million a year, and recently retired NBA Commissioner David Stern also made around $30 million a year. Their salaries are higher than that of any player in their particular sport. Does anyone have a problem with this? The next negotiations for their respective collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) could be interesting.
I would circle the calendar date to see a talk show featuring David Stern and Roger Goodell as guests - but talk producers are too smart to schedule them together - they think more of David Stern than that
David Stern's best quality is that he isn't Roger Goodell or Bud Selig.
David Stern is the greatest commissioner in the history of sports. He's brought the NBA to levels that people would have thought impossible. He's dealt with hot head players, douchey owners, and fans calling for his head, and the entire time he continually made the sport bigger. Roger Goodell needs to learn from him. Stern didn't change the rules of basketball completely, the additions to the rules he made were small, and beneficial. Sad day to see him go.
Alright! David Stern is gone! Now just gotta get rid of Roger Goodell and sports will be alright again...
David Stern was NBA commissioner for 30 yrs. NFL had three during those 30 (Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliabue, Roger Goodell)
if you want Tim Tebow, Roger Goodell, David Stern, Heat "fans", Bud Selig, and Gary Bettman to be exiled to Mars fo…
Who is the lesser of two evils, David Stern or Roger Goodell???
who's the most lameball commissioner in sports: Roger Goodell or David Stern? at least we don't have to worry bout Stern anymore since he's bout to resign in 8 days
How has the 4 major sports in North America (NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA) manage to have the WORST commissioners... Bud Selig has fumbled the whole PED issue in the MLB, Roger Goodell has tried to ruin the NFL with all of the rule changes, David Stern has turned the NBA into an absolute joke, and Gary Bettman has had 3 NHL lockouts during his tenure. Granted it's not all them, it's the owners as well, but they've really started ruining sports.
Well, it looks like the Steelers are doing their part, now we need KC to help out, but I hear there sitting Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles and Tamba Hali and some others. I've always hated that about the end of the year in the NFL. Maybe Roger Goodell will fine the Chiefs or suspend someone for this. I know its the Chiefs prerogative, but didn't David Stern suspend or fine Greg Popovich for resting players in a game that had far less significance than the SD vs. KC game today?
RFT “Roger Goodell needs to be the new NBA commissioner once David Stern retires.. Maybe the nba won't be so soft anymore”
The difference between David Stern & Roger Goodell is that Stern would have had the refs redo that play over & over unti…
David Stern, Roger Goodell, Bud Selig, and white people are like plantation owners if they condemn use of n-word says
David Stern, commissioner of the NBA? JewISH. Bud Selig, commissioner of MLB? JewISH. Gary Bettman, commissioner of the NHL? JewISH, as previously profiled. Heck, even Don Garber, the commissioner of Major League Soccer, is JewISH! I'm pretty sure Roger Goodell commissioner of the NFL is JewISH as well. From banks to entertainment they run it all. Nothing but maybe for some.
Mike Wilbon just called Bud Selig, Roger Goodell, and David Stern "plantation owners". I guess it makes sense that some people can say whatever they want.
Watching the opening night of the NBA made me realize how strong David Stern and Roger Goodell's friendship must be..
David Stern watching this game, nodding in agreement with Roger Goodell's booking.
So Bud Selig is calling it quits at the end of the 2014 season... Why the long wait? Does he expect a Mariano Rivera type send off? Let me at least act as if I'm the first to say "Good riddance". Absolutely the worst sports commissioner ever! David Stern has nothing on this guy. From the steroid era, to the midseason classic being played for home field advantage in the World Series. Bad judgment, followed by poor decision making. I hope Roger Goodell isn't far behind.
Ya,first nba comish David Stern is stepping down and now mlb comish Bud Selig is going to retire.Now if we could only get the nfl comish Roger Goodell to quit,the nfl would be so much better.
David Stern needs to take notes from Roger Goodell
I hate that so much. Like, more than I hate the Packers, Roger Goodell and David Stern combined
Glad to learn Roger Goodell and the NFL haven't been pressured by the Administration to promote Obamacare yet. I hope to get a response from David Stern and the NBA regarding my letter next.
what does Bud Selig, Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, and David Stern all have in common? All are corrupt and they all are joke on humanity
Commissioner of Year: Roger Goodell. In fairness, he was competing against David Stern, Bud Selig, and Gary Bettman.
PED rant. Sorry. If people in my beer softball league "cheat" to enhance their performance, you better believe it's something that's embedded in our professional sports culture. We're creatures of the times. The times being advancements in technology. From cellphones to blood doping, we all want the next big thing that will separate us from one another. There is no such thing as natural competition in sports anymore. If Babe Ruth and the rest of the guys who didn't play with black guys had access to HGH and the technology we have today, you better believe the hemorrhoid era would have been the steroid era. It's something that professional sports needs to quit pretending that they're fighting and just accept out loud as much as they do behind closed doors. I'm looking at you David Stern, Roger Goodell, and the biggest 2 face of them all, Bud Selig. You guys don't want PED testing just as much as the Players Union people, but to make it appear as you're trying to combat it, you make it so players can figure ...
Its the regular referees vs OWNERS not Roger Goodell ... Just like the NBA was players vs OWNERS not David Stern.
Because we haven’t written enough about the business of sports lately, here are eight people with NHL connections that made SportsBusiness Journal’s list of “50 Most Influential People in Sports Business”: 5. Phil Anschutz (Owner) and Tim Leiweke (CEO), AEG – Among many other things, AEG owns the Los Angeles Kings. The company’s also for sale, if you’ve got a few billion dollars. 15. Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner – In case you were wondering, the three other commissioners were ranked No. 2 (Roger Goodell, NFL), No. 3 (Bud Selig, MLB), and No. 4 (David Stern, NBA). 19. Donald Fehr, NHLPA executive director – Hired to bring stability and strength to a players’ association that’s historically had little of one or the other, or both. Only one other union leader made the cut, the NFLPA’s DeMaurice Smith at No. 42 for his ongoing work in player safety as well as the collusion case against the NFL. The other two, Michael Weiner (MLBPA) and Billy Hunter (NBPA), aren’t quite so busy thes ...
David Stern has fined Quinton Dial $250K, Roger Goodell has suspended him 4 games & Bud Selig has awarded him home field in the World Series
Roger Goodell just got off the phone with David Stern. Will punish Harbaugh for sitting Alex Smith.
Roger Goodell's taking the opposite approach of David Stern & offering Rex Ryan $5 million to bench Jets' starters for the rest of season.
David Stern fines Spurs 250K for starting backups. Roger Goodell to spend weekend calculating how much he can fine Chiefs for 2012 season.
David Stern and Roger Goodell should go skydiving together. Into a volcano.
People who complain about Roger Goodell need to check themselves. David Stern is the worst commissioner in sports. Bar None!
Roger Goodell, D Smith, Gary Bettman, David Stern. Why is there so much incompetence that controls our sports?
God! Roger Goodell is such a Not nearly as bad as David Stern, but objectionable enough. Goodell just voided Sean Payton's contract extension with the Saints, making him a free agent after the suspension ends. Isn't this overkill? You thought he was guilty in a pay-for-injury program. You suspended him for the whole season. That's good enough! What is the point of voiding the remainder of his contract? Do you seriously think that Sean Payton will even consider signing with one of the league's other 31 teams???
David Stern has announced he will retire shortly. Now if we could just Roger Goodell to do the same.
Why isn't David Stern & Roger Goodell best friends. They're both over sensitive dummies.
Peace out to David Stern. If you can get Roger Goodell to retire early, I'll send you guys parting gifts that match those Iron Fists...
David Stern is not the commissioner who needs to retire. Roger Goodell should retire!
David Stern, Bud Selig or Roger Goodell. Who is the best commissioner of there respective sports?
David Stern will retire in 2014 as NBA commissioner. Roger Goodell plans on replacing him so he can fine even more black athletes.
David Stern retiring from basketball commissioner. Sweet now let's get that pansy Roger Goodell out from football and I'll be copesthetic
Commissioners and Games lost to labor stoppages: Roger Goodell: 6 yrs on job - 0 games David Stern: 28 yrs - 704 games Bud Selig: 20 yrs - 948 games Gary Bettman: 19 yrs - 1,698 games & counting!
David Stern will be gone in a year and a half. Now we just have to get rid of Gary Bettman, Roger Goodell and Bud Selig.
David Stern will be retiring as NBA Commissioner in 2014. I'd like to announce to the NBA that I'd like that job.…unless the NFL gets rid of Roger Goodell. Then I would really rather have his job.
David Stern is retiring... Now if we can only find a way to convince Roger Goodell to do the same...
In 19 years with the NHL, Gary Bettman has lost 1698 games due to work stoppage (lockout), David Stern in 28 years has lost 704, Bud Selig in 20 years has lost 948. Roger Goodell in 6 years has lost NONE. Shame on you Gary!
David Stern, Bud Selig, Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman. If you ever need someone to handle the lockout, contact me. I'll be in touch.
"No one has done more for any sport than Roger Goodell" - Tom Jackson *** must have never heard of David Stern. T. J. took far to many shots to the head I guess.
Looks like Roger Goodell has been talking to David Stern“Floppers beware the NBA may start fining players who flop for calls”
While Gary Bettman and Roger Goodell continue to look like clowns, David Stern keeps improving his product.
Never thought I'd say this, but I respect David Stern and Bud Selig way more than I respect Roger Goodell, the greedy, power-hungered crazy.
Bobby Valentine also thinks that Gary Bettman, Bud Selig, David Stern, and Roger Goodell are all stand up guys.
I don't blame major league commissioners for lockouts or strikes. They work for the owners and have an impossible job that I can't judge. It is when they act on their own - David Stern's veto of the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers, Roger Goodell's treatment of Saints players, that they deserve criticism for botching the job.
David Stern and Roger Goodell are ruining professional sports.
Roger Goodell is a true gangsta and is the new Sports Don. I thought David Stern, Don King and Bob Arum were the realest when it came to screwing over the fans and redistributing sports money and wealth in the process. Hats off to you Roger Goodell with the biggest heist move I've seen since the Iraq War, TARP Bailout, first Ocean's Eleven movie and the Enron scandal.
Worst question ever... Who is the worse commissioner, David Stern or Roger Goodell? *** with the NHL about to be locked out for the 2nd time in 7 years you could add Gary Bettman. I honestly don't think there is a wrong answer!
Roger Goodell is the worst sport commissioner, which is quite an achievement considering David Stern and Gary Bettman ...
Not sure how Roger Goodell comes out of this on top. Both he and Bettman need to learn some * from David Stern.
I, for one, want to thank Roger Goodell for giving David Stern a run for his money as teh worst pro sports commisioner. Well played sir! Well played!
David Stern is jamming this right now, watching Roger Goodell's conference on mute. ♫ Hello – Lionel Richie
After watching highlights and reading the outrage of the final call last night, I realize unless the real refs are as upset as the fans (which legally as refs that can't show favoritism) we won't see them anytime soon. Roger Goodell is no less a *** than David Stern
From David Stern with the NBA to Roger Goodell, these commissioners really think they're more important than the game, the players and the fans. acting like dictators and expect everybody to do whatever they say. this season is a complete mess. it just keeps getting worse every game and every week. PAY THE FKN REFS!
What a joke the NFL has become with the artifical refs. NFL needs to step up and make it right with the real refs. Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman are single handedly destroying two sports. And the old man pop-pop Bud Selig and David Stern aren;t far behind with their respective sports. millionaires fighting billionaires.
Want someone to blame for the current officiating crisis in the NFL? How about David Stern? David Stern (the NBA commish) has managed to not only force substandard and subjective officiating down the throats of his players, coaches, and fans, but has actually created an environment where any questioning of his regime is punishable by fines upwards of $100,000. After looking at Roger Goodell's actions regarding player discipline over the past few years, isn't it obvious who his role model is?
You can say what you want about David Stern, but he's by far the best commish in sports. Gary Bettman of the NHL keeps allowing lockouts, Roger Goodell of the NFL allows replacement refs to endanger his employees, and Bud Selig is trapped in the silent film era by being stingy on expanding instant replay. We should be thankful for David Stern right now after watching what football, baseball, and hockey has been put through.
Left a message for Roger Goodell. Called him David Stern...
I'm actually campaigning harder for Roger Goodell and David Stern to leave office than Obama.
So I think the Vegas Casino owners needs to call and thank the referee who granted the final touchdown...I love this crazy controversy...basically raises the middle finger to Roger Goodell...he is almost as hated as David Stern now. This is a very David Stern like move...
Who killed Roger Goodell? Was it a SAINTS fan?Packers fan? David Stern for being demoted to the 2nd most hated man in sports?Gregg Williams?
Roger Goodell is making David stern seem like the POPE
Bud Selig and David Stern thank you for being a joke Roger Goodell!!!
In 3 weeks of a football season Roger Goodell just reached David Stern Status in the NFL.And anybody who knows anything about the NBA knows that everyone hates David Stern.
Somewhere Vince McMahon is smiling. Somewhere David Stern is texting "Great Game!!! LOLZ" to Roger Goodell. Shameful...
Dear NFL & Roger Goodell, our REAL refs are still worse than your REPLACEMENT refs. Love David Stern & the NBA.
Roger Goodell needs to be fired immediately. This referee situation is embarrassing to the whole NFL. The lockout, terrible new rules, no new contract for the refs. Worst commissioner in sports, beats David Stern by a longshot
David Stern and Bud Selig are breathing a sigh of relief. Roger Goodell just surpassed them as the worst commissioner in all of sports.
Baseball's fans are the only ones who are content with their commissioner at the moment. The NFL, NHL, and NBA fans all hate Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, and David Stern for various reasons.
You are on a deserted island with Bud Selig, David Stern, Roger Goodell, and Gary Bettman. Who do you eat last?
I thought David Stern was bad, Roger Goodell is the biggest joke in sports...embarrassment
David Stern called Roger Goodell to veto the win for the Packers and to give it to Seattle. smh
Roger Goodell, you have a big big problem. FIX IT! Your going down as the worst commissioner in pro sports.and that's saying alot with Bud Selig and David Stern around
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Roger Goodell and David Stern are the WORST commissioners in the history of sports
Great email into Bill Simmons that I read today: Isn't it entirely possible that the Big Four commissioners are colluding at this point? I'm fairly convinced Roger Goodell hired Gary Bettman to kill off hockey, which he's doing a great job at. David Stern had Roger Goodell levy Bountygate, which drives up demand for Hornets tickets. And Bud Selig is … Bud Selig. I'm telling you, it's entirely possible.
I would pay to see Zdeno Chara destroy Gary Bettman, Shawn Kemp posterize David Stern and Ndamukong Suh lay out Roger Goodell
Bud Selig should take over the positions currently held by Gary Bettman, David Stern and Roger Goodell so that pro sports would not suck
the NHL hired Gary Bettmen because he had such experience with the NBA and David Stern, well i hope he can take a page outta stern's playbook and realize its better to have a somewhat of a season than no season at all.better yet take what Roger Goodell did, took an impossible situation and came together to make it happen, dont lose your sport, dont lose your fans over mere percentile differences in revenue sharing (yes those percentiles add up to millions) but you need revenue to be able to split it up right? how can you split zero dollars?
Gary Bettman makes Bud Selig, Roger Goodell, and David Stern look like saints.
Now with the NHL lockout, who out of Bug Selig, Gary Bettman, David Stern, and Roger Goodell is the least of four evils? NO ONE WINS
Its official. And I don't know how i feel other than I'm fed up. A notice to Gary Bettman: "Stop trying to be Roger Goodell or David Stern. You are shorter and have less hair. Also those sports differ greatly from yours. The media exposure is bigger and franchise revenue is better across the board. So please stop trying to play hard ball, because you must be 'this tall' to swing a bat."
On Reddit, President Obama didn't answer my question about eliminating dictators like David Stern and Roger Goodell.
"How to earn respect as a commissioner" by David Stern. Forwarded by Roger Goodell
I know what it feels like to be David Stern & Roger Goodell. But there leagues have never been more popular. Neither has mine.
I hate the NBA. I thought the lockout was about fairness. That's what David Stern said. Why don't they let the Lakers and the Heat play for the Championship right now. The rest of the games are a waste of time. If Stern wants to see how to do the job look no further than Roger Goodell.
Roger Goodell and David Stern taught him well.
David Stern just informed Roger Goodell to hit Chad Johnson with "The Artest."
Drew Brees is right. So are most NBA players about their commissioner. David Stern and Roger Goodell, unfortunately, must go, and soon.
hopefully David Stern and Roger Goodell have been keeping up with and taking notes on the PSU case and happened to catch wind of the heavy sentence that was handed down. THAT is how you hand down a JUST punishment. maybe those two can take this all into account and fix their leagues of thugs, rapist, drunks, and bounty systems. Maybe then we won't hear of any more Cincinatti Bengals running drug rings from their homes, Detroit Lions players receiving their umpteenth DUI, Players like Pacman Jones will think twice about beating whatever woman they are with, guys like Ben Roethlisberger and Kobe Bryant will not simply be fined after raping women, players like Ron Artest will no longer be given the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth chance to be a constant issue within their league, and teams like the Saints will be stripped of all glory they may have had and will have all hope for immediate future success taken right out of their hands for the crimes they have committed. Maybe then teams and players w ...
I believe Roger Goodell's heart is in the right place, unlike Bud Selig's. David Stern and Gary Bettman have no hearts.
With David Stern around rigging and ruining the NBA, it's times like this I shout, "THANK GOD FOR THE NFL!" Don't ruin it Roger Goodell
What about David Stern and Roger Goodell? They suck too.
I wish commissioners like David Stern and Roger Goodell would stop treating professional sports as purely a money-making machine.
Oh lawd, Kobe called David Stern's Olympic age limit idea stupid. If he was in the NFL, Roger Goodell woulda suspended his *** for a year.
Idk who's a worse Commissioner David Stern or Roger Goodell ?
That awkward moment when Bud Seling is still a better commish than David Stern and Roger Goodell. THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING.
Steve Nash to the Lakers, Ray Allen to the Heat & David Stern to swap commissioner jobs with Roger Goodell
Who is the toughest commissioner in Sports? Roger Goodell or David Stern
David Stern has blocked the Steve Nash trade because Roger Goodell informed him that Nash was deeply involved in Bounty Gate.
The NFL fans boo'd Roger Goodell cause of the strike and his stern-ness, but the NBA boo David Stern cause he's and a-hole.
One observation from a mother, I like the man hug Roger Goodell gives in the NFL draft versus the David Stern hand shake. Show some love man
David Stern n Roger Goodell mite as well retire
Kinda upset that David Stern doesn't all out man hug the players like Roger Goodell on draft day
Hard to tell who is disliked more.. David Stern or Roger Goodell.. I can't stand either one..
BREAKING NEWS: At the NBA Draft the crowd booed David Stern more than they booed Roger Goodell at the NFL Draft
Who's worst David Stern or Roger Goodell>Goodell...he has all the power to suspend n fine players n he go overboard!!smh
I thought Roger Goodell got booed a lot during the draft. He has obviously been topped my David Stern in that category...LOL
I'm not a fan of Roger Goodell, but he's got nothing on David Stern in terms of arrogance.
I wonder why they hate David Stern tho.he's nothing like Roger Goodell
They treating David Stern like he Roger Goodell... Is Stern a Jew too?
David Stern encourages the boos...Roger Goodell looks like he cries when booed.
David Stern is such an *** but he's been the GOAT tonight. So much better than Roger Goodell.
I enjoy how much the fans boo people like Roger Goodell and David Stern...just warms the cockles in my heart.
I love David Stern that jack *** is funny. Roger Goodell took the boo's like a panzeee.
I think David Stern is more hated than Roger Goodell
*** I thought Roger Goodell gets booed. David Stern is gettin Booed like ***
Good thing David Stern doesn't hug like Roger Goodell or we'd have just seen him embrace Tyler Zeller's groin...
Every time David Stern and Roger Goodell come out in public all you hear is bo!!!
Who is hated more... David Stern or Roger Goodell ?
I wonder if David Stern and Roger Goodell call each other in the middle of the night and just cry.
I like Roger Goodell much better than David Stern.
David Stern makes Roger Goodell say "Thank God I dnt have that man job"
they booing David Stern 10x worse then Roger Goodell lol
The crowd usually stops booing Roger Goodell by this point at the NFL Draft; David Stern's obviously not quite so lucky!
I don't care what anyone says, David Stern is way cooler then Roger Goodell.
How come the NBA draftees don't give David Stern a bear hug like they NFL picks do with Roger Goodell?
Why doesn't David Stern give out hugs like Roger Goodell?
Roger Goodell is much more affectionate with the draft picks than David Stern.
I think David Stern's boos were louder than Roger Goodell's boos
NFL, be happy you have Roger Goodell as your commissioner, instead of David Stern. That man is so corrupt.
David Stern: "No. Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" [To Jim Rome after being asked if the NBA lottery was rigged in favor of the Hornets] Stern just jumped to the top of my Professional Sporting Commissioners Power Rankings List. 1) David Stern 2) Mike Silve 3) Whoever runs MLB 4) The French Judge from the Olympics 5) Roger Goodell
Random Thought. David Stern needs to go! And take Roger Goodell and that ghoulish Bud Selig with him! Just a thought.
Random NBA thought: I wish David Stern had the balls to go after guys for flopping like Roger Goodell did with helmet to helmet contact.
Props to for keepin it real you can say what u want but would David Stern, Roger Goodell, or Bud Selig ever give this much info
I need to relate this decision to David Stern and/or Roger Goodell in his customary humorous sarcasm before I go to bed tonight.
After Doc River's 3rd Quarter speech about coming out with punches, Roger Goodell contacted David Stern about fining Boston
Calls! David Stern is messing up the like Roger Goodell is missing up the
Bud Selig does not have the charisma of David Stern or Roger Goodell
Is it just us or is it painfully uncomfortable watching Bud Selig trying to channel David Stern and Roger Goodell?
We still Official..Mvnn is like Roger Goodell && im like David Stern..We still team && always will be... I thank GOD for our long lasting friendship.. It's The Commission or League of Extraordinary Gentleman
The question is when will Roger Goodell screw Houston over? Bud Selig *** and so does David Stern
Way to throw the book at those Miami thugs, David Stern is a joke ! What would Roger Goodell have given them ?
I'm sure David Stern reads every VP email in his building. Roger Goodell suspends anyone at one mass forward infraction.
Ron Artest is a crap, in the 2nd quarter of the LA/OKC game Westbrook goes down with the ball and RON tried to get the ball from him. They were battling for the ball and then it was over. Westbrook is still on the ground an slaps Artest on the back of the leg. Then Ron standing up drops his knee into Westbrook, and the D-bag announcers had the nerve to say his knee fell on Westbrook because the slap knocked him off balance. THAT IS A BUNCH OF BULL. Ron Artest still in the NBA is a *** joke, it has to be. He is a violent person and sooner or later he is going to hurt someone real bad. Roger Goodell would come down with a Iron Fist on Artest, so I guess David Stern must be afraid of him.
World Peace ur a total joke if David Stern had any *** he would kick ur low class *** of basketball. Take it from Roger Goodell and do something about it!!!
I know I might sound a lil bitter, but I can't root for the Lakers or the Thunder...I hope they both lose...David Stern, make that happen...Roger Goodell would do it.
David Stern is a woman in a man's body.He has too be the biggest fruitcake I've ever seen.Roger Goodell should be the Commissioner...He would have suspended Metta World Peace or Ron Artest or Nelson Mandela or any other name that fool can think of for at least a year.why is he still "commissioner".
Roger Goodell is being a POLICE COMMISSIONER in the - like David Stern is a DISTRICT ATTORNEY in the
Everyone hates Roger Goodell, but how much do you actually like Bud Selig and David Stern.
The technical fouls are just out of control, who does David Stern thin he is Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell is about to call David Stern and tell him "I think the NBA has a bounty for J. Harden's head, literally."
It's funny I thought David Stern was the worst commissioner but Roger Goodell has him beat
Roger Goodell and David Stern are always trying to one up the other to see who can be the most hated Sports Commissioner
David Stern, Roger Goodell and Bud Selig need to go...Time for new commissioners.
David Stern & Bud Selig could stand to learn something from Roger Goodell. Well done, commish.
I finally see someone who is worse of a Commissioner than David Stern. His name is Roger Goodell.
David Stern doesnt like the knicks, Roger Goodell doesnt like the Raiders
NFL Draft observations: 1) The Colts may not have a defense, a line or a good RB, but they have LOTS of tight ends 2) The Packers will never admit they need help on defense even though every player they've drafted plays defense 3) Jon Gruden loves EVERY player in the draft. 4) Mel Kiper's hair remains strong 5) Forget Mickey Loomis, Adam Schefter has every team's phone line feeding his Blackberry 6) For something that lasts 3 days, the draft really moves fast 7) Seattle has a lot of quarterbacks 8) It never fails--someone drafts a punter way too high and gets killed for it --thank you Jacksonville 9) I'd love to know what David Stern is thinking when he sees Roger Goodell hugging every player...for a really long time. 10) Bill Polian has championship chops but he's also really annoying.
“Roger Goodell looks like he could fire a retard girl on Christmas and not bat an eye.” David Stern school of Totalitarian.
.timeline is incredible. I don't think we'll see Roger Goodell and David Stern trading F-bombs with followers.
What is Roger Goodell doing? Could you imagine if David Stern got bear hugs from Anthony Davis and Andre Drummond in June?
Why is Roger Goodell getting booed? He is a great commissioner unlike Bud Selig who sends the Astros to the AL or David Stern who won't let the Rockets make a trade.
The way the crowd booed Roger Goodell you would think David Stern was on stage...
Of course David Stern's favorite team is the Miami Heat, and then the Lakers, so I'll put a few boxes of macaroni on it that he makes Stu Jackson (clueless *** about as useful to the NBA as Biden is to the United States), will be forced by Stern to suspend World Fool to 2 games. Too bad Roger Goodell wasn't the commissioner of all 4 major sports, because he is the only one who has a clue.
David Stern need 2 go Roger Goodell on that ***
Y'all crazy if y'all don't think David Stern won't channel his inner-Roger Goodell. He's not fooling w/ Ron's demented lunacy anymore.
Sure hope David Stern goes all Roger Goodell on
Ron Artest is an *** He better be glad David Stern isnt built like Roger Goodell
Jesus Christ, I David Stern will channel his inn Roger Goodell and Artest will be suspended for the rest of the yr.World Peace is a misnomer
David Stern better put on his Roger Goodell boots and hand out a suspension. bout 18 games. Just to make sure.
If Brendan Shanahan, Roger Goodell & David Stern had a child, it would look like this:
Roger Goodell trying to to get sued by everybody :-D He'll never be commissioner as long as David Stern with law suits.
Flyers and Pens lucky that Roger Goodell or David Stern not the NHL commissioner. If they were, a bunch of guys would be suspended a while.
If Ozzie Guillen wants to speak about dictators, he can replace Castro's name with the BCS, David Stern, or Roger Goodell.
So, Bud Selig, David Stern and Roger Goodell, when are you going to let the SEC join your leagues? The NCAA has taken a beating lately!
If I had superpowers, the first thing I'd do is throw David Stern and Roger Goodell into the sun
I dont blame David Stern and Roger Goodell for being racists.
Bud Selig is the worst. So are Roger Goodell and David Stern. Also, all of FIFA and UEFA.
Electronic Device Insurance
Roger Goodell is a joke, almost as laughable as David Stern, but not quiet. Corporate Sports Are Fixed.
Why are sports commissioners so bad? I can't stand Roger Goodell, David Stern, Bud Selig, Mike Helton, etc
Roger Goodell I bet has no friends...seems like such a *** ..or friends he has are named David Stern and Bud Selig...equal size ***
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