David Stern & Mark Emmert

David Joel Stern (born September 22, 1942) is the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. Mark A. Emmert, Ph.D., (born December 16, 1952) was named president of the NCAA on April 27, 2010. He is the fifth CEO of the NCAA; he assumed his duties on 1 November 2010. Emmert was previously the 30th president of the University of Washington, his alma mater, taking office in June 2004, becoming the first alumnus in 48 years to lead the UW. 2.0/5

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MORE TRANSCRIPTS OF MY ROUNDTABLE CONVERSATION (w/Mark Emmert, Roger Goddell, and David Stern): EMMERT: Al, the NCAA is not really profitable; we are a non-profit organization. I make only $2 million per year; my 14 VPs only make 400 grand a year. I think I speak for my people when I say, we are just making due economically. STERN: You?! Our players are making too much money. They are biting the hands that feed them. ME: You guys realize that your individual salaries are money than the POTUS salary? (Laughter causing the guys to fall out) GODDELL: PLUUUZZZEEE!!! Are he does more than us? STERN: Hey Al, tell your kids if they REALLY want to make money, go into administration. GODDELL: Yeah Dave, right (sarcastically)! They can't spell 'administration', much less use it in a sentence. EMMERT: Sure they can. I heard a player say: Ne-Ne wouldn't give me no play cause she was on her 'ministration!! (At this point, the guys are crying with laughter. I bury my head in shame; but that last one WAS FUNNY. I try no ...
I just had a roundtable discussion with Mark Emmert, Roger Goddell, and David Stern. It was lively, to say the least. Transcripts from the conversation: Emmert: "Look Al, your *** kids are getting an education!! If they do not take advantage of it while we take advantage of them, TOO BAD!! Goddell: "Al, you know it's every male kid's dream to play in the NFL." Stern: "I beg to differ, Rog. Those kids want to be ballers! (All are laughing except me)." Emmert: "Yeah, the NCAA makes money off a kid's name, but WE GAVE THEM THAT NAME!!" Goddell: "Without us, they have nothing to strive for. I mean listen to these kids talk. Do you really think they will excel at anything else?" Stern: "Al, none of these kids will become owners, they cannot even pass a Wonderlic test, much less a 2nd grade math test (All are doubled over laughing). Emmert: Can any of them spell WONDERLIC? Goddell: Yeah, W-U-N-D-A-L-I-K!! (All are laughing hysterically) Stern: See, better to have knee injuries than to be concussed. See in th .. ...
Forget Rutgers, the NCAA should hire David Stern and fire Mark Emmert... (JF)
If this is a catastrophic knee injury for Noel, can he sue David Stern, Billy Hunter & Mark Emmert for lost earnings caused by 1&done rule?
David Stern got a case of Mark Emmert
Mark Emmert thinks David Stern overstepped his bounds today.
NCAA president Mark Emmert tried to punt the one-and-done issue to the NBA on Sunday only to have commissioner David Stern surface two nights later.
More awkward moment: Mark Emmert handing the trophy to John Calipari or David Stern to Mark Cuban last June. That's a toughie right there.
We didn't get to see David Stern hand Mark Cuban the NBA trophy but Mark Emmert handing it to Calipari might be better.
"Mark Emmert and David Stern are publicly putting heads on the issue:" You surely mean "butting heads?"
Note to David Stern: The NBA *** compared to NCAA BB Howard: Mark Emmert, David Stern exchange one-and-done salvos
David Stern Takes a Few Swings at the NCAA Regarding One-and-Done: David? Mark Emmert, line one.
In David Stern exchange with Mark Emmert over one-and-done players, guess who wins? Johnette Howard
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