David Stern & Gary Bettman

David Joel Stern (born September 22, 1942) is the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. Gary Bruce Bettman (born June 2, 1952) is the commissioner of the National Hockey League (NHL), a post he has held since February 1, 1993. Previously, Bettman was a senior vice-president and general counsel to the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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yeah. Gary Bettman is almost as bad a commissioner as Roger Goodell and Bud Selig. Is David Stern busy?
I previously suggested that Gary Bettman was a Sleeper Agent planted by the NBA dictator, David Stern, but i should have said Russia
He's had opinions on David Stern for years. Gary Bettman. Selig. That wasn't new territory.
David Stern is so disappointed in Gary Bettman right now.
Roger Goodell is not an attorney, unlike Adam Silver (and David Stern), Gary Bettman and Rob Manfred.
After watching game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, I wonder if the removed the L from Finals to distinguish Gary Bettman from David Stern?
if you want Tim Tebow, Roger Goodell, David Stern, Heat "fans", Bud Selig, and Gary Bettman to be exiled to Mars fo…
I see Gary Bettman on the phone to David Stern at this moment asking, "How do you kill the sun?"
How has the 4 major sports in North America (NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA) manage to have the WORST commissioners... Bud Selig has fumbled the whole PED issue in the MLB, Roger Goodell has tried to ruin the NFL with all of the rule changes, David Stern has turned the NBA into an absolute joke, and Gary Bettman has had 3 NHL lockouts during his tenure. Granted it's not all them, it's the owners as well, but they've really started ruining sports.
Sports Fans did you know the Commissioners of the NHL,NBA and MLB are Jewish? They are Gary Bettman,Bud Selig and David Stern. There are also many owners of professional sports teams that are also Jewish.Any thoughts? Pretty amazing since we are less than 4% of the population in America.
David Stern, commissioner of the NBA? JewISH. Bud Selig, commissioner of MLB? JewISH. Gary Bettman, commissioner of the NHL? JewISH, as previously profiled. Heck, even Don Garber, the commissioner of Major League Soccer, is JewISH! I'm pretty sure Roger Goodell commissioner of the NFL is JewISH as well. From banks to entertainment they run it all. Nothing but maybe for some.
BOLD PREDICTIONS: Gary Bettman will be replaced by NBA Commissioner David Stern so that fans can boo him instead.
Call me a sore loser all you want, I'm not giving the Kings credit. How the *** are you going to call an offside by less than a step on Keith and not f* call an icing on an obvious one.. I hope Gary Bettman and David Stern have a tea party and Bettman decides to retire, too. Ridiculous, so many times we've been screwed in the playoffs, whether it is a missed PP, a bad call leading to the opposing teams PP, or a goal waved off by Hjalmersson. When will we finally see a fair officiated game? If you're a die-hard Hawks fan you'll feel my pain. - Eli
Gary Bettman used to be a vp for the NBA, NBA's chief competitor is the NHL in the winter, well played David Stern well played
what does Bud Selig, Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, and David Stern all have in common? All are corrupt and they all are joke on humanity
Bobby V writing a book on leadership is like Gary Bettman writing a book on being liked. "Even My Friends Boo Me" (foreward by David Stern)
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Commissioner of Year: Roger Goodell. In fairness, he was competing against David Stern, Bud Selig, and Gary Bettman.
The history of strikes in lockouts by the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, with emphasis on the negotiators, including Gary Bettman, Donald Fehr, Bob Goodenow, Bud Selig, Bowie Kuhn, David Stern, Pete Rozelle, Ed Garvey, Billy Hunter and Marvin Miller.
Because we haven’t written enough about the business of sports lately, here are eight people with NHL connections that made SportsBusiness Journal’s list of “50 Most Influential People in Sports Business”: 5. Phil Anschutz (Owner) and Tim Leiweke (CEO), AEG – Among many other things, AEG owns the Los Angeles Kings. The company’s also for sale, if you’ve got a few billion dollars. 15. Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner – In case you were wondering, the three other commissioners were ranked No. 2 (Roger Goodell, NFL), No. 3 (Bud Selig, MLB), and No. 4 (David Stern, NBA). 19. Donald Fehr, NHLPA executive director – Hired to bring stability and strength to a players’ association that’s historically had little of one or the other, or both. Only one other union leader made the cut, the NFLPA’s DeMaurice Smith at No. 42 for his ongoing work in player safety as well as the collusion case against the NFL. The other two, Michael Weiner (MLBPA) and Billy Hunter (NBPA), aren’t quite so busy thes ...
It was 20 years ago today that Gary Bettman became the NHL commish. Also known as the day Bettman and NBA's David Stern began their conspiracy to sabotage hockey...
David Stern fines both Gary Bettman and Don Fehr for the NHL lockout,
Don't know who makes me sicker when they talk: David Stern, Larry Lucchino, Gary Bettman, Donald Fehr or Barack Obama.
I'm thankful for Gary Betmann...no, wait, check that...David Stern is thankful for Gary Bettman, I think Gary Bettman can eat it.
Well, an official cancellation to the NHL season. Gary Bettman really is the worst commissioner in the four major American sports. Rodger Goodell has issues. David Stern is bad. Bud Selig is horrible. But the other three commissioners at least are able to get their sports to run. For Bettman to have this season crash and burn after the highest rated cup in history is a major failing.
Bill Simmons, you always know how tyo make me smile: Q: My buddy and I are arguing over what a drink called the "Gary Bettman" should be. Our best so far: get the cheapest beer (Karpackie over here) and cheapest whiskey (Tesco has one called, quite simply, "Irish Whiskey" for 8 euro), drop the shot in the beer, down it, then get punched in the balls by someone shouting, "We made a bad deal!" We're thinking about creating drinks for all the commissioners. Thoughts? —Greg, Dublin, Ireland SG: The David Stern: Any whiskey that hung around for three years too long, mixed with bitters. The Bud Selig: Any cocktail that can only be enjoyed if you're 40 years old and over. The Roger Goodell: A quintuple shot of 151-proof Russian vodka, followed by the customer passing out, hitting his head on the bar and giving himself a concussion, followed by various studies about the dangers of this drink, followed by people continuing to do this drink for another four years before bartenders stop serving it.
Roger Goodell, D Smith, Gary Bettman, David Stern. Why is there so much incompetence that controls our sports?
The Blue Jays/Marlins trade was approved, thus letting a massive trade go through, something that didn't happen with Chris Paul to the Lakers in the NBA. So Bud Selig has officially one-upped David Stern. But then again, the only one not one-upping David Stern right now is Gary Bettman.
Conspiracy theory for the day: David Stern secretly put Gary Bettman in charge of the NHL so basketball would look better.
Though more games cancelled under his watch than other league commish, Gary Bettman got 5-yr contract extension in 2010
It's time we put Gary Bettman on ice, too. MT: "David Stern will step down as commissioner on Feb. 1, 2014."
With David Stern retiring as commish of the NBA, maybe Gary Bettman of the NHL will follow suit. Or you know, let's just fire Bettman. Stern had two shortened seasons in the past fourteen years. The NHL is on its way to two completely cancelled seasons in less than a decade. Plus, 1999. No Goal Bettman. That wasn't a *** goal. ***
I see that David Stern, NBA commissioner, has decided to retire after 30 years. It's too bad Gary Bettman hasn't got the retirement bug. Bring back the NHL. Lose the ***
Gary Bettman to succeed David Stern as NBA commissioner.2014
Gary Bettman should step down just as David Stern has said he will.
Gary Bettman and David Stern need to be taken behind the shed and deer slugged in the head
Any chance David Stern can tell-off Donald Fehr now and help his puppet Gary Bettman?
David Stern will be stepping down as the NBA's commissioner. Gary Bettman, you should follow in his foot steps.
Commissioners and Games lost to labor stoppages: Roger Goodell: 6 yrs on job - 0 games David Stern: 28 yrs - 704 games Bud Selig: 20 yrs - 948 games Gary Bettman: 19 yrs - 1,698 games & counting!
David Stern will be gone in a year and a half. Now we just have to get rid of Gary Bettman, Roger Goodell and Bud Selig.
In 19 years with the NHL, Gary Bettman has lost 1698 games due to work stoppage (lockout), David Stern in 28 years has lost 704, Bud Selig in 20 years has lost 948. Roger Goodell in 6 years has lost NONE. Shame on you Gary!
David Stern announces he will take over for Gary Bettman and show him how it's done.
Headlines...David Stern will retire as NBA commissioner...Wish it said Gary Bettman will retire as the NHL Commissioner. Gary Bettman a central figure of three labor stoppages...it is getting a little old...time for a change.
if you think Gary Bettman should take David Stern's job as commissioner of the NBA.
Daily reminder that Gary Bettman will *never* be the most totalitarian commissioner in North America.
Bill Simmons compares David Stern to Abu Nazir and Gary Bettman to Brody and I can't unsee the similarities.
David Stern, Bud Selig, Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman. If you ever need someone to handle the lockout, contact me. I'll be in touch.
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Wow. Prez debate is def my new favorite thing. Too bad we can't have it every weekkk! Thank you for that part of you that strives to show off to the rest of the country by touting one of the nation's biggest events while you banish our proud NFL bound abilities in our football program, probably in order to put on this "cherade" again, and fail to realize to make this school more resident friendly like a REAL school in order to attract more incoming students. But tomorrow, I'll take it. Rabinowitz, wake up get in your 100k whip that we paid for and stop spooning with Gary Bettman and David Stern alreadyyy. Its 10:30. Jeeezzz
Gary Bettman, Roger Goddell, David Stern, or Bud Selig: who is the worst commissioner in sports?
It is time to put Bill Simmons idea of a Sports Czar to the test. One person to oversee all 4 major sports with the authority to overrule all lockouts/strikes, dumb fines etc. Each sport still has its commissioner, not named David Stern or Gary Bettman, who runs the league day to day but is held accountable by the Czar. END THE NHL LOCKOUT NOW
Bobby Valentine also thinks that Gary Bettman, Bud Selig, David Stern, and Roger Goodell are all stand up guys.
A well-placed source reports Gary Bettman has told people he believes the NBA and David Stern caved in to save the 2011-12 season by giving the players between 49 and 51 percent of basketball revenue
Worst question ever... Who is the worse commissioner, David Stern or Roger Goodell? *** with the NHL about to be locked out for the 2nd time in 7 years you could add Gary Bettman. I honestly don't think there is a wrong answer!
Roger Goodell is the worst sport commissioner, which is quite an achievement considering David Stern and Gary Bettman ...
What a joke the NFL has become with the artifical refs. NFL needs to step up and make it right with the real refs. Roger Goodell and Gary Bettman are single handedly destroying two sports. And the old man pop-pop Bud Selig and David Stern aren;t far behind with their respective sports. millionaires fighting billionaires.
So, we all know Gary Bettman and Bud Selig are ridiculously terrible commissioners for their respective leagues, but how many of you are missing Paul Tagliabue in the NFL? I know I am. Goodell has become a joke. Between the mess with the NFLPA last year, and now the mess with the officials, I'm getting frustrated. I need would've thought that I'd say David Stern is, by far, the best commish in the four leagues.
Considers Roger Godell the Gary Bettman and David Stern of the NFL
Baseball's fans are the only ones who are content with their commissioner at the moment. The NFL, NHL, and NBA fans all hate Roger Goodell, Gary Bettman, and David Stern for various reasons.
You are on a deserted island with Bud Selig, David Stern, Roger Goodell, and Gary Bettman. Who do you eat last?
Great email into Bill Simmons that I read today: Isn't it entirely possible that the Big Four commissioners are colluding at this point? I'm fairly convinced Roger Goodell hired Gary Bettman to kill off hockey, which he's doing a great job at. David Stern had Roger Goodell levy Bountygate, which drives up demand for Hornets tickets. And Bud Selig is … Bud Selig. I'm telling you, it's entirely possible.
I'm not a hockey fan but from the sound of it Gary Bettman and David Stern should become BFFS. & villains unite!
I would pay to see Zdeno Chara destroy Gary Bettman, Shawn Kemp posterize David Stern and Ndamukong Suh lay out Roger Goodell
Don't know who I dislike more David Stern or Gary Bettman
Bud Selig should take over the positions currently held by Gary Bettman, David Stern and Roger Goodell so that pro sports would not suck
I will say though Gary Bettman makes David Stern look like an AMAZING commish
I would just like to say, that sending Gary Bettman to the NHL was the greatest move of David Stern's career.
Gary Bettman is the most hated commissioner in sports. David Stern would mop the floor with him in a popularity contest
As of now, the NHL players are officially locked out, for how long, we don't know. Gary Bettman's applying the lessons he learned from his mentor, David Stern, and it's destroying the league. Hockey's too great a sport to be destroyed, and it's past time for Regime Change in the National Hockey League.
David Stern's smartest move was giving Gary Bettman to the NHL...priming it for implosion under his blind, worthless guidance.
I'm convinced that Gary Bettman and David Stern are brothers, it would explain alot.
Gary Bettman makes Bud Selig, Roger Goodell, and David Stern look like saints.
Gary Bettman...how is he employed? Seriously? He's like David Stern without the success.
Gary Bettman is a smarmy version of David Stern. You thought that was impossible, but no.
Now with the NHL lockout, who out of Bug Selig, Gary Bettman, David Stern, and Roger Goodell is the least of four evils? NO ONE WINS
As much as I hate david stern, Gary Bettman is an even bigger *** .. which is saying a lot
Congrats to Gary Bettman for moving up to a close second behind David Stern as the worst commissioner in all of sports. Way to kill a league that was growing in popularity.
Its official. And I don't know how i feel other than I'm fed up. A notice to Gary Bettman: "Stop trying to be Roger Goodell or David Stern. You are shorter and have less hair. Also those sports differ greatly from yours. The media exposure is bigger and franchise revenue is better across the board. So please stop trying to play hard ball, because you must be 'this tall' to swing a bat."
about and Gary Bettman and David Stern quaking in Brian Burke's *** son shadow, LAW SOCIETy finished dead
Gary Bettman is working towards a lockout for the 2012 nhl season because 'the current economic system is broken.' You mean the economic system that was touted as the saviour of hockey after the last lockout? Again, the owners want the players to take a pay cut after the forced cut of 24% from the last lockout. I wonder what would happen if the players refused to play this season without a 24% increase in salary. Gary Bettman, David Stern and Roger Goddell are killing sports, even the Olympics missed the boat.
David Stern and Gary Bettman are just waste lol
Gary Bettman - white person. David Stern - white person. Bud Selig - really white person. Roger Goddell - white person. Sensing a trend?
If David Stern can veto the trade that sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, then Gary Bettman should veto the Rick Nash trade to the Rangers.
Gary Bettman for the sake of humanity please David Stern this trade pronto
Is the Rick Nash trade for real? David Stern just called Gary Bettman to see if he needs help vetoing this.
I believe Roger Goodell's heart is in the right place, unlike Bud Selig's. David Stern and Gary Bettman have no hearts.
Every time I think David Stern is the worst person in all of sports, Gary Bettman reminds the world that he exists
David Stern is a villain. Gary Bettman is utterly incompetent. Bud Selig destroyed the soul of baseball. I weep for my country.
I can't decide which commissioner sounds more annoying... Gary Bettman or David Stern
I really cant stand David Stern. Behind Gary Bettman I think he is the next worst commissioner in sports.
Understandable why David Stern and Gary Bettman are so tight.
it's time for David Stern, Gary Bettman , to get new leaderships in there leagues , time for both to resign
Hoped Jim Rome today would interview Roger Goddell, Bud Selig or Gary Bettman. Maybe any of those would go haywire like with David Stern.
David Stern is approaching Gary Bettman levels of stupidity
I love how David Stern just went all Gary Bettman and took the press away from the finals and to himself.
Easy to see that Gary Bettman apprenticed under David Stern
I have a bag of pears in my fridge with more personality then David Stern & Gary Bettman.
David Stern is so skilled he can make Gary Bettman look like a personable league commissioner.
the great eternal laugh is that David Stern recommended Gary Bettman for the NHL job.
Sidney Crosby is to Gary Bettman as Lebron James is to David Stern!
No, Los Angeles v. New York final. This is why Gary Bettman *** at least David Stern would have try to fix game 5 of the ECF and help NY.
Guess Gary Bettman never learned that trick from David Stern where the big market teams really make a difference in TV ratings
Upon seeing Devils up 2-0 on NewYork, David Stern contacted Gary Bettman and is on first plane to New Jersey. My pick: NYR 3-2 OT
Gary Bettman and David Stern need to communicate better and stop scheduling Devils and Celtics playoffs games at the same time on the same day. It's getting too warm out for wearing two jerseys.
David Stern in the stands. Imagine Roger Goodell or Gary Bettman sitting in the stands with the fans LOL
Gary Bettman is a disciple of David Stern. I'm betting the finals will be Rangers vs. Kings.
I think it's time we put a moratorium on booing commissioners. Except Bud Selig... and David Stern... and Gary Bettman...
Gary Bettman pulling a David Stern in LA tonight.
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Gary Bettman: Bud Selig and David Stern called--they say thank for being such a DB--you're making them look respectable. Please retire!
Gary Bettman needs to learn the subtleties of fixing play off games from David Stern.
Gary Bettman is doing his best David Stern impression.
The Edmonton Oilers won the NHL draft lottery for the third straight year ... and somewhere Gary Bettman is channeling his inner David Stern circa 1984.
Mike Francesa just compared his job to Gary Bettman's and David Stern's.
Brendan Shanahan might be worse than Gary Bettman. But do either compare to the Czar Goodell? Bud Selig and David Stern, just go F urself
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