David Stern & Dwight Howard

David Joel Stern (born September 22, 1942) is the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. Dwight David Howard (born December 8, 1985) is an American basketball player for the Orlando Magic of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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It's all David Stern fault, he vetoed the trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers to be alongside Kobe & Dwight Howard. Smh.
Jim Buss had A CP3 trade, was pairing that up with Dwight Howard, had a plan to sign Beasley. David Stern nixed it from the…
Thanks Jim Buss- you've done what the league couldn't do-- destroy the Lakers, (although David Stern's veto of the CP3 trade didn't help either). Great job, *** You forced Phil Jackson out and hired Mike Brown and Mike D'Antoni. You let Pau Gasol go to the Bulls with zero compensation by not trading him last year. You have failed to sign one A-list free agent like Lebron, or 'Melo, and failed to keep Dwight Howard too. We aren't the Clippers Jimmy- there are 16 championship banners hanging from those rafters. Your 'big moves' are that you've now signed Jeremy Lin and Nick Young, who both play zero defense. Why Jim, why? You've also signed Kobe for two more years at $48 million with no other serious support. You've let D-Fish go...I'm sure I missed some other lame moves too. Exactly who DO we have on the team? You make "Tommy Boy" look like a genius. Jeannie Buss, please slap some sense into your brother. Oh, and we have no coach either. I'm available...
question: Who is the most despised sports figure in LA? Dwight Howard, Donald Sterling, David Stern, or others?
The 2014 NBA All Star Game is an exhibition basketball game that will be played on February 16, 2014 at New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, home of the New Orleans Pelicans. This game will be the 63rd edition of the NBA All-Star Game and will be played during the 2013–14 NBA season. The former Hornets were awarded the All-Star Game in an announcement by Commissioner David Stern on April 16, 2012.[4] This will be the second time that New Orleans is hosting the All-Star Game; the city had previously hosted the event in 2008 in the New Orleans Arena. Starters for the game were selected by the fans, who could select three frontcourt players and two guards for each conference. LeBron James was the leading vote-getter with 1,416,419 votes. Stephen Curry was also voted as a starter, which was also his first All-Star selection, after leading all Western Conference guards in the voting, while Kevin Love overtook Dwight Howard for the final frontcourt starting spot for the West.[5]
Mark Cuban chats with the FOX Sports Live crew about missing out on Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki's quality, his relationship with David Stern and more.
I called Steve Nash coming to the Lakers and Dwight Howard coming on board a year before it happened (honorable mention I also called Chris Paul but David Stern killed that) and I've been saying for the last year and a half that once Mello's contract was up in New York he was coming to the Lakers, watch the magic happen.
Dwight Howard moved on. Derrick Rose came back. Kobe Bryant won't quite yet. 9 first-time coaches are coming in. David Stern will soon head out
HOUSTON ROCKETS vs. INDIANA PACERS. Mall of Asia Arena. Tonight. 7 PM. Live on Studio 23 and Basketball TV. Dwight Howard. James Harden. Jeremy Lin. Paul George. Roy Hibbert. Danny Granger. Larry Bird. Kevin McHale. Jalen Rose. Ron Harper. Clyde Drexler. Robert Horry. David Stern. They're all here! And they're all involved one way or another in the 1st ever NBA preseason game to be played here in the Philippines. Watch history unfold. Surreal.
The grades for this NBA are: A: This year's NBA Finals between The Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs were excellent. The series went seven games and both teams put on an excellent show to close out the NBA season. B: This year's NBA Draft was pretty good and it was filled with surprises. Everybody thought that the Cleveland Cavaliers will pick Nerlens Noel as their number one pick. Instead, they picked Anthony Bennett as their number one pick. Also, it is the last year of David Stern being the commissioner for the NBA. After the NBA Draft, Hakeem Olajuwon came in to congratulate his retirement, which is a nice sendoff. C: The Dwight Howard sweepstakes. Couple of weeks ago, I was interest to see which team is Dwight Howard going to play for next season. Either the Lakers, Hawks, Warriors, Mavericks or the Rockets. Right now, I wish he would make up his *** mind and pick a team so everybody would move on with their lives. I think Dwight Howard would sign with the Rockets. D: There have been a record 12 . ...
Los Angeles Lakers management is making LA look absolutely pathetic. There is absolutely no need for banners and signs begging Dwight Howard to stay in LA. My team messed everything the Lakers could've had starting with the hire of Mike Brown. Then D'antoni over Phil? Then we sign players like Ebanks and Blake and we don't amnesty MWP. Lakers management also traded away any chance of acquiring talent in the first round of the draft until at least 2017... For Steve Nash and Howard. I had high hopes that D'antoni could turn Steve and Howard into the old Nash-and-Stoudemire... But obviously that was a mistake. The Lakers were built on the ground of defense. Not a D'antoni specialty. And Mike Brown just *** He only looked good because he was coaching the second best player in the league in LeBron. Lakers management *** they need to move over and let me take over. Jodie Meeks?! C'mon man. And part of this is David Stern's fault... But still. I'm not happy with my team right now.
LeBron and D-Wade are two of my favorite players other than Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce but I'm not routing for the Heat this year. IMO Timmy D deserves one more hoorah but I doubt that's on David Stern's agenda.
The NBA is fixed they allowed LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh team up together, but when Chris Paul wanted to go to the Lakers along with Kobe and Dwight Howard, David Stern didn't allow it... Somebody paid the NBA so that Miami can be the most dominating team in the NBA!!!
David Stern should fine Gregg Popovich again for sitting his best players and starting Dwight Howard instead.
So, lets take a look at the latest, 19 days before David Stern shuts the annual player bazaar. Dwight Howard's father says he'd be surprised if Dwight winds up in Brooklyn. As for Ben Gordon, there are reports the Nets want him to trade for a PF.
I was just thinking about how different this season would be had 1 thing not happened...had David Stern not blocked the CP3 trade last season..Here's a list of things I'm talking about: How it would affect LAL: 1)they would have arguably the best backcourt in CP3 and Kobe 2)they wouldn't have traded for Steve Nash and in turn gone all those games with Steve Blake, Darius Morris, and Chris Duhon playing PG this season and they would have a PG who is still young. 3)Mike Brown might would still be the Coach of the Lakers.(Would've avoided D'antoni's offense and the problems that Pau has had because Pau wouldn't be there anyways) 4) They probably wouldn't end up getting Dwight Howard (therefore, avoiding the whole free throw situations at the end of games) How it would affect LAC: 1)They would still have Eric Gordon and his injury problems instead of an All-Star in CP3 2) Chris Kaman would still play the center spot 3)The Clippers probably would've missed the Playoffs last season,therefore,they could've been ...
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I just wanna thank God, Jerry Buss, Kobe Bryant and even David Stern for bringing Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to L.A. *** I love my team!
Chris Brown is real close to bein added on my *** list, next to Dwight Howard, David Stern, Jersey and Cam Newton.
David Stern should fine Dwight Howard for getting blocked by Kwame Brown.
Aloha Sports Preview. Now I don't know bout y'all, but I'm lovin this time of year regardless of dis weather. SOUNDERS are in da playoffs, NFL And College Football are heatin up, and da Hoop season has begun. Dats action everyday day y'all, who doesn't love dat? Now I know we caught dirties from the NBA, but David Stern is retiring, and this season is gonna be ridiculous, so let's talk hoops. Da wild wild west looks like a to team race between my Lakers (wit Steve Nash and Dwight Howard) and the team that won't be mentioned (okc) , but San Antonio, Nawlins, and the Clippers (that's right that other team from LA finally has a legit squad) are definitely in da conversation. D Wade and da Heat gotta be favorites in the east, but don't sleep on Chicago (wit D Rose back), Indiana, Boston, or Atlanta (K Lewis you must be stoked, Georgia's top 10, Falcons are undefeated, and da Hawks are a playoff team), because theyre all capable. If none of that does it for ya, just root against (okc), and keep an eye on da K ...
says In the city, you must fight to survive. He wanted to be traded to the Lakers, then the commissioner and the city of Orlando rejected.(David Stern) "I don't know who this "Superman" thinks he is, but I want him and his dunking...DEAD...!" *loud explosions* He had one chance, and that chance was to fight back! (D12) "Listen you have to get out of here, they're trying to take away my Lakers...Trade! *BOOM* Rebounding...(D12) "Get down!" Dunks...(D12) "Get down again!" Triple the Dunks...More excitment...(Kurt Rambis) "Dwight, why is everybody trying to kill you on your way to L.A.?!" (D12) You don't understand they're trying to take my trade away!" *scenes of various rebounds, dunks, and explosions*.Coming this October, Dwight Howard is.Little Laker Boy.
Snoop Dogg on ESPN thanked David Stern for the Lakers getting Howard-“We want to thank Commissioner David Stern for vetoing the Chris Paul trade and allowing us to get Dwight Howard,” Snoop said. “I’d like to personally thank him from the city of Los Angeles. We got what we needed, so thank you Commissioner.” Snoop also talked about chemistry in LA and said, ''Do you know who we depend on? The Mamba''.
As an avid fan of the Lakers, Snoop Dogg thanks NBA Commissioner David Stern for vetoed Chris Paul that led to Dwight Howard heading to Los Angeles.
The specific reasons why Sixers' Jrue Holiday will be NBA league MVP: • Derrick Rose's ACL explodes, shattering his leg entirely. In the explosion, some ACL shrapnel gets stuck in Joakim Noah's eye and he goes blind. • Dwight Howard quits basketball to star in KAZAAM 2. He wins an Oscar. Kobe Bryant co-stars as his sidekick and contends he's still the number one guy. He refuses to be put up for Best Supporting Actor and decides to work exclusively on Bollywood films because he likes the way they dance. • Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kevin Durant play with Serge Ibaka's chemistry set in his basement and, after an accident, the four of them become attached at the knee, elbow, and ear. David Stern rules they can still play, but their half-court sets aren't nearly as effective and Nick Collison leads the Thunder in points. • Anthony Davis's unibrow takes over his whole face and he can't see or talk or breathe and he dies in a fire. Eric Gordon watches on. • LeBron James trolls everyone by pul ...
Why, then, would David Stern allow this trade to go through? Was this trade good for the Orlando Magic? No. Did they get equal, or close to equal, value for Dwight Howard? No. Why? Because they didn’t want it. They could have had Andrew Bynum, straight up, for Dwight Howard.
David Stern says Chris Paul to Lakers is unfair, but Dwight Howard to Lakers isn't??
So this year David Stern thinks its cool for Dwight Howard to play with Kobe & Steve Nash but last year he didnt let Chris Paul in LA?
The Los Angeles Lakers have probably made the biggest splash this current off-season. With the acquisition of Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison and the recent trade for center Dwight Howard, the Lakers seemed to have all the cards in their favor.
Hmm. Not a peep from Dan Gilbert or David Stern. I guess that means the Dwight Howard swap is a done deal.
Minutes after the four-team trade that sent Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers was agreed to by all involved parties, a cackling ...
I still don't get why David Stern would say Chris Paul can't go to the lakers but Steve Nash AND Dwight Howard can
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I want David Stern to explain how it was detrimental to the league for Chris Paul to go the Lakers but not Dwight Howard. They can't have the best Point Gaurd but it's ok for them to get the best Center in the league. OKC vs Lakers Western Conference Finals for the next 3 years
Why does David Stern block last years trade : Chris Paul to Lakers! But Then Lets Steve Nash and Dwight Howard go to the Lakers this year? Just Dont Make No Sense To Me!!
This Laker trade for Dwight Howard is another step towards the downfall of the NBA. They need to get rid of David Stern. The Lakers starting 5 salary gets paid more then all other teams ENTIRE ROSTER, except for Miami and NJ. Those 2 enitre team's salary is $300,000 more. The new collective barganing agreement is supposed to make sure all teams have a fair chance? the NBA turns down a trade to send Chris Paul to the Lakers when the Hornets woulda got something back in return and they approve a trade where Orlando got absolutely nothing back for the best player in the deal. The Lakers will pay $25 million in luxury tax this season and their starting 5 gets paid 30 million more than the average salary of an entire team. Next season if they resign Howard they will pay $70 million in tax. If players are allowed to get guaranteed salaries, top dollar, dictate where they play, get their bosses fired, have no respect for their boss that drafted them, charge kids money to come to their basketball camps and not sh ...
David Stern can block Chris Paul, but cant block Dwight Howard ?
Final piece of Dwight Howard multi-player deal was sending Paul Ryan to Team Romney. Just waiting David Stern to sign off on it.
Jerry Buss says this to David Stern concerning the Dwight Howard trade... "Stop this trade and see what happens!!". Lol
Thankfully his high holiness David Stern approved the deal sending Dwight Howard to the Lakers...I guess if he'd vetoed it like he did the Chris Paul deal it would have been too obvious that he had it in for the Lakers...
Someone needs to explain to me how David Stern rejects the Chris Paul trade to The Lakers last year but he is fine with the Dwight Howard trade this season. Again what was the purpose of the lockout if only five teams have a legitimate shot at winning The NBA Championship. Tim Donaghy was right when he said he wasn't fixing NBA games by himself. Stern needs to do a Vince McMahon and tell everyone that the outcomes of his games are predetermined.
The Orlando Magic will go down as the dumbest sports team in sports. 1996 they traded Shaq to the Lakers, 4 yrs later he wins the first of his 3 consecutive titles. 12 yrs later, same script different cast. They trade Dwight Howard, got nothing in return, unless you count 3 first round draft picks which probably isn't bad to a certain extent. The only other dumb move i can compare this to is when the Red Sox basically wrapped Babe Ruth in a pretty red bow and gave him to the Yankees and what did they Yankees win like 3-5 titles with Babe while Boston went nearly 100 yrs w/o a ring...David Stern need to buy partial ownership of the Magic just outta sympathy
Never mind that David Stern said he wanted the NBA to be fair. All he wants is for the Lakers to play the Heat in the finals. Money. He does not care about the Charlotte Bobcats and if you think there is any way in *** we will ever win the championship you are sadly mistaken. Dwight Howard to the Lakers come on.
Now that the Lakers/Dwight Howard trade is final: thank you David Stern for vetoing the Lakers' trade for Chris Paul last year; sometimes it's not the trade you make but the one you don't make, that makes all the difference. I won't bother to direct any analysis about money being necessary but not sufficient toward Lakers haters - some folks won't believe fat meat is greasy - I'll simply say "It's on like a pot of neckbones!"
So, let me get this straight. The Lakers now have Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Dwight Howard. All of this could have been avoided had David Stern not decided that the Lakers would be too good with Chris Paul and Kobe Bryant. Thanks for failing David.
Why did the NBA veto the Chris Paul trade but not the Dwight Howard one? Oh ya, David Stern doesn't own the Magic ..no conflict of interest there
So, David Stern won't let us get Chris Paul a year ago for fear of "super teams" but this year he lets us get Nash, Jamison, AND Dwight Howard? Uhh.what?!
Do you think when David Stern killed the Chris Paul trade he thought a year later the Lakers would just go out and get Steve Nash and Dwight Howard without giving up Pau Gasol? I bet he wishes he could kill this for "basketball reasons".
I would love to have been in the Team USA breakfast/meeting round Friday morning in London when Kobe Bryant walked in, walked right up to Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden and did his best Matt Damon impression — “How do ya like them apples?” The Lakers got Dwight Howard as part of a…
The NBA approved the four-team, multi-player trade Friday, making it official for the Lakers to acquire Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard in a deal in which center Andrew Bynum will go to the Philadelphia 76ers.
Someone explain to me how the Orlando Magic can send THE BEST center in the NBA to the Lakers and NOT get Andrew Bynum back in that deal, but rather a pile of dung from other teams? How some of these NBA GM's still have a job is beyond me... David Stern is rejoicing: Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant & Steve Nash on the same team...
Dear lakers, over the last year I felt bad not allowing cp3 to join your team.. To make it up, this year I'll hook you up with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard.. 2-1 nba is not rigged... Enjoy David Stern
So David Stern vetoed the Lakers getting Chris Paul which would have netted the Hornets, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Lamar Odom, Goran Dragic and first round picks.but Dwight Howard going to the Lakers and the Magic getting Arran Afflalo , Al Harrington, Josh McRoberts, Nicola Vucevic, Maurice Harkless and Christian Eyenga plus protected first/2nd round picks is ok?
Literally, about 2 years AGO in the summer.. i sat in Caleb Benjamin's house along with Dave Griggs and Michael Rickman , just hammering on about how the Los Angeles Lakers will get both Chris Paul (for Gasol&Odom) and Dwight Howard (For Bynum). They looked at me like i was stupid but i was EXACTLY right...although i can't help David Stern with the hater move of the century...but I TOLD YALL! LISTEN WHEN I TALK BALL!
okay David Stern, you intervene in a trade that involves Chris Paul to the Lakers but yet you approve Dwight Howard to the Lakers.This League doesn't make sense.
Well I guess we don't have 2 watch the NBA season next year since the Lakers are going to win the championship now that they got Dwight Howard, they practically stole him from the Orlando Magic, this is total bs David Stern is a loser and a joke so is the NBA thank god for the NFL!
David Stern cancels Chris Paul to the lakers but He lets Steve Nash &. Dwight Howard go??
Thank You David Stern!! Since you blocked the Chris Paul trade now the Lakers got Dwight Howard. Mitch Kupchak and Jerry Buss probably made a toast to each other sipping on Stern's favorite drink, "Hatorade". Lakers management laughing all the way to the bank lol.
Jerry Buss to David Stern: "I see your Chris Paul and I raise you a Dwight Howard" Far from a Laker fan, but I can't deny the poetic justice
How the *** did we (The Lakers) get Dwight Howard?! Can't get too excited, cause with owners like Dan Gilbert and a commissioner like David Stern, the trade isn't final...(CP3)
[ Basketball ] Open Question : Section: Are the Los Angeles Lakers better off with Dwight Howard than they would be if...?: David Stern...
Dwight Howard's a Laker until David Stern sends him some where else. I'm sure Dwayne Wade and Lebron are on the phone now with Stern saying how are we going to win another one with Dwight in LA
“R.I.P John Witherspoon? I guess he was David Stern's sacrifice to The Illuminati to get Dwight Howard to the Lakers.” YOO!!
The Lakers now have Kobe, Steve Nash, and Dwight Howard. How are they and Miami doing it? David Stern needs to think about how competative the NBA will be with just creating a small number of all-star teams.
Wow, the Lakers just basically gave up nothing for Dwight Howard! Now, I have a reason to watch the NBA next season!!! Thank you Mitch Kupchak! Finally a deal David Stern has no interference at all!
Looks like I'm not watching the NBA for a few years Dwight Howard. THANKS A LOT. Miami Vs. LA in the fake *** finals for the next 3 years. NBA basketball has gotten to the point where the Egos of player dictate the landscape of the game not the upper management.. Le Sigh... there is still hope David Stern stops this madness :)
Dan Fegan of admits that he was source who provided details of meeting btwn Dwight Howard & Magic -
David Stern points at Dwight Howard's agent as leak source - Detroit Free... GGoo
The agent for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard confirmed NBA Commissioner David Stern's accusation that Howard's representatives were the sources that provided details of Wednesday's private meeting in Los Angeles with Magic officials.
Chris Broussard from ESPN has sources confirming Dwight Howard coming back to the Magic in a 30-Team deal. David Stern has decided to veto.
David Stern should just tell Dwight Howard he has to go play with Stephon Marbury in China.
Dwight Howard says he wants to go to LA. I hope Dan Gilbert doesn't block it by complaining to David Stern about this being unfair too.
That A$$ hole David Stern stopped Chris Paul from going to the Lakers, he better stop Dwight Howard from going there too.
2013: Dwight Howard and the Illuminati beat out Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacqiaou, Bob Arum, and David Stern for the NBA championship 😒
Dwight Howard to the Lakers? Kobe, Nash, Howard, Gasol, & World Peace? That's unfair for the rest of the NBA. David Stern needs 2 step in
Breaking news: Dwight Howard takes the minimum and joins the heat. Sources say NBA Commissioner David Stern has already Fedex'd the 2012-2013 championship trophy to Pat Riley.
Oh so Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Dwight Howard can be on a team, but CP3 couldn't come to the Lakers last year? Forget you David Stern
If the Chris Paul to the Lakers deal gets killed & this 4-team Dwight Howard deal doesn't, David Stern is gonna have some 'splainin to do...
If this stupid trade between 4 teams with the quest of getting Dwight Howard to the Nets goes through, and David Stern doesn't step in, then he is the biggest hypocrite Commissioner of all time. Chris Paul couldn't go to the Lakers, but Dwight can go play with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Gerald Wallace in Brooklyn? I guess now that Miami has won their title, they are trying to play the "first year team in a new city" champions angle. Also, the Lakers better NOT re-sign Andrew Bynum, because he is an ***
Dwight Howard to Brooklyn, Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks to Cleveland, Brook Lopez to Orlando? Who else is going to Orlando besides Brook Lopez? There has to be more! David Stern needs to stop this trade for "basketball reasons." Maybe Billy King is smarter than I give him credit for. Nah, that can't be. The Orlando Magic are just way dumber and they are caving to Dwight Howard's demands.
Wow! Ray Allen going to the Miami Heat! I'm suprised David Stern doesn't just give more money to Miami so they can sign Dwight Howard as well. I mean Stern can veto trades, control outcomes of games as well as instruct the refs to make it easier for the team he wants to win.
Getting really tired of these NBA millionaires (Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, ect...) dictating where they want to play! I'd like to see a few of these cry-babies get traded to Charlotte or Washington!! It's bad for the NBA when these guys tamper within the system and David Stern needs to address it!
Let's see what David Stern has to say about Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, AND Dwight Howard potentially being on the same team.
Can you imagine if David Stern wasn't an *** and the Lakers had Chris Paul and were making moves to get Dwight Howard now? If only..
Dear Fright Coward aka Dwight Howard. The Nets just acquired Joe Johnson, resigned Gerald Wallace, and are looking to resign Williams. They've given up on u, so what are your going to do now???! Beg O-town for forgiveness, um not gonna happen. Or are u going to beg David Stern to give u the LEBRON treatment? Goodbye, ur the broken down dog with fleas. Where's my ol' Yeller problem solver.
Dwight Howard is the biggest DIVA in the game someone tell this guy this is WWE and its David Stern not Vince McMahon.
David Stern should of veto the Carmelo Anthony trade to the Knicks & then if the Magic trade Dwight Howard to the Nets veto it to
Even though I'm a Heat fan if David Stern let's Ray Allen go to Heat but not let Dwight Howard or Chris Paul go to Lakers imma be bent
The Lakers would of been in the NBA Finals if David Stern didnt block the Chris Paul and Dwight Howard trade OKC would of lost real talk
Pretty Much Sums up The Lakers Season - CHANGE IT UP Re-sign Lamar Odom. Give up on Bynum. See if the new GM in Orlando wants anyone but Bryant and Jordan Hill in return for Dwight Howard. Convince Commissioner David Stern that he owes them for vetoing the CP3 deal. Find a way to get Brandon Jennings back home and in a Lakers uniform. Release and replace Mike Brown. Tell Metta World Peace they want Ron Artest back.
U gotta think about this..if the Chris Paul trade actually didn't get played by David stern the Lakers would have had more cap space and wouldve most likely gotten Dwight Howard as well..David Stern ain't want wat was best for the hornets..the hornets still sucked..he just ain't wanna see another Lakers championship..be real when I tell u ppl be pulling strings real tight in the nba
So...Move Pau, bring back Lamar Odom. Somehow kidnap Chris Paul and trade for Dwight Howard without David Stern knowing and the Lakers should be straight. Just saying...its possible lol
Normally I don't comment much on the NBA because I'm not the biggest NBA fan but in my opinion, it's no coincidence that the reason why all of these superstar athletes are getting injured this season is because David Stern crammed WAYYY too many games in a shorter period of time. And since there was no training camp, you're seeing many teams far from full strength going into the playoffs. Most notably, Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose. There's no question that David Stern only cares about money and ratings and not the safety of the players. David Stern is right there with Bud Selig as one of the biggest moron commissioners in sports!
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