David Stern & Derrick Rose

David Joel Stern (born September 22, 1942) is the commissioner of the National Basketball Association. Derrick Martell Rose (born October 4, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Congrats to David Stern. The man that brought us Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and of course, MJ 🏀🏀
Dwight Howard moved on. Derrick Rose came back. Kobe Bryant won't quite yet. 9 first-time coaches are coming in. David Stern will soon head out
David Stern forced Derrick Rose to fake injury as unofficial suspension for gambling
Any little respect I had for the NBA is now gone. Commissioner David Stern is a corrupt tyrant that has LeBron is his back pocket and will do anything to make sure his team wins. Why did James Harden leave the Thunder? Because David Stern told him to because with him the Thunder would have been a threat to the Heat. If the Spurs won, I don't even want to know what their punishment would have been. That goes the same for the Pacers. Don't even get me started on the situation with Derrick Rose. I bet the reason he didn't come back this year was because he was told by David Stern not to so that the Bulls wouldn't have been a threat to the Heat. Remember when the trade for Chris Paul to the Lakers was blocked? David Stern didn't want the Lakers to threat the Heat, so he gave them an old Steve Nash and a broken Dwight Howard. The list goes on and on.
I'd say the NBA has a spectacular villain for Derrick Rose to come back and slay. I despise the Heat like I despised the Isiah Thomas-Pistons. What great theater that David Stern has going for him! Have a great off-season, thanks for being so responsive over the years. Steve Price Sam: Yes, now it’s up to the Bulls, especially to produce a healthy team. The Bulls seemed to have shown this past season with their great coaching and the tough play of the core of their team that with the return of Rose they should be a serious competitor to the Heat along with the Pacers and perhaps the Nets and Knicks. The Bulls could lose some or most of their bench again, but they showed last summer an ability to patch it together with productive players. So you assume they can do that again. There are questions with Miami with Dwyane Wade’s knee and whether they’ll try to move Chris Bosh and make another move. But never discount what Pat Riley can do with a roster. Still, it is a season coming up that could be very ...
After watching the Bulls/Heat & Heat/Pacers series, do you think the Bulls with Derrick Rose would have had enough to take down the defending champions?
Bye bye Memphis Grizzlies. Obviously ESPN was thinking of the San Antonio Spurs were too old to compete because they had no confidence in them. They had a commercial promoting this mediocre team "The Memphis Grizzlies are only one step away from their first NBA Championship appearance" I mean all they have to do is beat the Spurs with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan , and Manu Ginobili. All 3 of them are 4 time champions! Results.4 game sweep!! Somebody needs to tell the Commissioner David Stern that Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are not the future of his league. Zach Randolph is just another Charles Barkley (0 rings) and the only reason why anybody cares about Marc Gasol is because of his last name. 2 time champion Pau Gasol (aka "The Good Gasol") plays for the Lakers. Take note commish, the real rising stars and the future of this league consists of players like Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Deron Williams, and Brook Lopez. Now those guys you can put stock into!
the Bulls are on national television at least twice a week .. did David Stern think Derrick Rose was THAT appealing?!?!
The specific reasons why Sixers' Jrue Holiday will be NBA league MVP: • Derrick Rose's ACL explodes, shattering his leg entirely. In the explosion, some ACL shrapnel gets stuck in Joakim Noah's eye and he goes blind. • Dwight Howard quits basketball to star in KAZAAM 2. He wins an Oscar. Kobe Bryant co-stars as his sidekick and contends he's still the number one guy. He refuses to be put up for Best Supporting Actor and decides to work exclusively on Bollywood films because he likes the way they dance. • Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Kevin Durant play with Serge Ibaka's chemistry set in his basement and, after an accident, the four of them become attached at the knee, elbow, and ear. David Stern rules they can still play, but their half-court sets aren't nearly as effective and Nick Collison leads the Thunder in points. • Anthony Davis's unibrow takes over his whole face and he can't see or talk or breathe and he dies in a fire. Eric Gordon watches on. • LeBron James trolls everyone by pul ...
David Stern's proposal is unpopular among all of the current Team USA players
In breaking sports news today: Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love have all been traded to the Miami Heat for a player never to be named later. Also, the NBA ruled that Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Walton, Isiah Thomas and Larry Bird's Hall of Fame uniforms have all been changed to Heat logos. Also, the record books have been updated to reflect that the Heat have not only won every championship ever, but also every NBA game ever, even the ones that they haven't played in. And here's more breaking news, the name NBA has officially been changed to NHA (National Heat Association). David Stern is currently in negotiations to get the Heat a few Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Oscar and Noble Peace Prize awards.
NBA Commissioner David Stern recognizes Derrick Rose as the youngest player to be named Mvp! I do not claim ownership or makin' money from this video. All ri...
Miami Heat thank you speech: thanks to David Stern first and foremost for blocking the Chris Paul trade, the refs, and Derrick Rose's ACL.
Such respect the Philippines sort of gained when MVP succeeded in bringing to this shore an NBA Selection made up of certified superstars that played a series of goodwill matches that filled the Smart Areneta Coliseum to the rafters. The All-Star was composed of bona fide superstars like Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, last year’s MVP Derrick Rose, World Basketball Championship best player Kevin Durant and Chris Paul of the L.A. clippers, among others, was the first ever seen here even the Asian NBA failed to bring. That having been done, MVP has a bigger plan – own an NBA franchise -- a dream hatched last year but aborted and now looks to becoming a reality. He and the Tropang Texters coach and MVP Sports Foundation executive director Chot Reyes, in fact, are scheduled to meet with NBA Commissioner David Stern to discuss the possibility of buying the Sacramento Kings franchise. Reyes, who is presently in California with wife and two kids, told this writer he is only waiting for Pangilinan’s ...
I had a dream the other day that Ricky Rubio was Chicago's new starting PG since Derrick Rose is out for the season. Then I woke up and realized Rubio's out for the season too. stupid David Stern
Derrick Rose is out 8-12 months. It looks like David Stern's condensed schedule will last for more than one season in Chicago.
NBA Commissioner David Stern was asked if he thinks all the major injuries this year, including Derrick Rose's ACL tear, had anything to do with the lockout caused condensed schedule. ""I don't think it's related at all. Zero." What's next, Stern proclaiming players really don't smoke pot or father out-oft-wedlock children either?
NBA Commissioner David Stern said Monday that he doesn't believe Derrick Rose's ACL tear, or the other major injuries plaguing the league this season, had anything to do with a schedule condensed by a lockout.
I hope NBA commissioner is happy, Derrick Rose out for season because David Stern thought it'd be a good idea to play sixty some odd games in 3 months. let's hope you didn't ruin the career of potentially one of the greatest players ever
Normally I don't comment much on the NBA because I'm not the biggest NBA fan but in my opinion, it's no coincidence that the reason why all of these superstar athletes are getting injured this season is because David Stern crammed WAYYY too many games in a shorter period of time. And since there was no training camp, you're seeing many teams far from full strength going into the playoffs. Most notably, Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose. There's no question that David Stern only cares about money and ratings and not the safety of the players. David Stern is right there with Bud Selig as one of the biggest moron commissioners in sports!
I hear this: "Derrick Rose, in a league of very valuable players, you are the most valuable!" -David Stern, NBA Commissioner
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