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David Stern

David Joel Stern (born September 22, 1942) is the commissioner of the National Basketball Association.

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Ur on a list with David He's the R word according to everybody.😂 otherwise that's an impressive list.👍
So much of David Stern's tenure as NBA commissioner boiled down to "We can't let our black players scare these white folks"
Congratulations to David Stern and Hakeem on induction to FIBA basketball hall of fame.
Former Commissioner David Stern, Hakeem Olajuwon, others inducted to Hall of Fame -
too easy. Where is David Stern vetoing trades when I need him?
Macaulay Culkin receives heartfelt musical birthday video from his Home Alone nemesis David Stern
Congrats to former commissioner, David Stern, on his induction into the Hall of Fame!
UK newspaper The Metro write an entire article calling you 'David Stern'
Former Commissioner David J. Stern is being honoured as an inductee of the 2016 Class of FIBA Hall of Fame
BREAKING: David Stern vetoes trade that would have sent Chris Paul to Lakers, Gasol to Rockets".
David Stern should have sent Anthony Davis to the Clippers would have been good for the Unibrow
Wow! just shared how David Stern tried to 'punk' Carmelo Anthony, telling him not to go and hear Min…
David Stern just voided the Chris Paul-to-Lakers trade. Adam Silver is having Warriors arrested. This new approach is way…
3 people who are deceitful and wrong. Bennet, David Stern, & Howard Schulz. I'll never support anything they do.
If this was still David Stern's NBA, the 3-point line would be eliminated in August.
I need David Stern to come back and block this transaction like he blocked CP3 from my Lakers 😐
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Lakers been cursed since Dan Gilbert cried to David Stern to block CP3 trade...
I think my blame scale is the following:. 1) Howard Schultz. 2) David Stern. 3/4) Olympia & Clay Bennett (tied)
Knicks training staff, Doc Rivers the GM, Rajon Rondo to himself, Doc the Coach, David Stern idk
I can't imagine David Stern or Roger Goodell ever offering an explanation of a league policy as well thought out as Adam Silver just did
You know you've been on YouTube for too long when you end up on a video called "David Stern funniest moments"
Jim Rome irks David Stern by asking if NBA Draft Lottery is fixed
MLB didn't need Bud Lite. They needed a David Stern type to come in and change the culture. They're stuck in the 80's. Baseball needs change
Everyone gauging the position on a team returning to must keep in mind, Adam Silver is NOT David Stern. He has a SOUL still.
David Stern was the era of the phantom call. Adam Silver is the era of swallowing the whistle nh
Shout out to Isaiah Rider chilling in the untailored David Stern mandated Men's Warehouse special in the background.
Still upset at David Stern for overturning the CP3 trade to LA. Lord knows how many rings we could've had by now.
Adam Silver's training as Sith Lord from David Stern is complete.
I hope they never enjoy a championship until a wrong has been righted and we can ship David Stern to North Korea!
*** where'd you find this rare pic of David Stern??
hilariously corrupt as well, David Stern was so bad and Adam Silver may b worse
The good news for and DGreen may be the fact David Stern is no longer making these decisions.
.acknowledged David Stern would alter his punishment decisions.
I think anyone who doesn't say that they'd like people to think that t...
Wow. That was one of the most classless on-air moments I've ever heard anywhere. ~David Stern's last appearance on your show
David Stern suspended half of Knicks team in 1999. During the playoffs He dont care if it was the Playoffs or TV
David Stern could give a *** about Playoff series a d,TV partners. He suspended half if Knicks team in 1999
Draymond should be thankful David Stern isnt commish. Ala spurs vs suns in '07.
Thank God David Stern is no longer commissioner. If he was, Draymond would probably be suspended for the series so his buddy Clay could adv.
helpful to make decisions or process the advice of others. If you asked David Stern if his legal background was important in
If draymond doesn't get suspended, Adam Silver is as bad david stern, and I don't think any one wants that title
David Stern would suspend him - I hate I'm writing about it because I like State D Green needs to be suspended. Kids Imitate.
the NBA has been rigged since David stern left the league I remember one year he said he wanted the lakers in the finals
if David Stern were here he'd be in OKC for Game 4 like "Yea I suspended Draymond, WHAT?"
I would. And do. I usually say "There are some things you could improve."
fact of the day for u "Cleveland fans" he will never win without David stern
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don't forget that trade David Stern block
I liked a video from Did David Stern Fix The 1985 NBA Draft?
you them David Stern sneakers right?
just like David Stern changed the hard defense because Micheal couldn't get past the 80s pistons
If this were still David Stern's NBA, not only would Draymond not be suspended, but Crawford and Bavetta would be assigned Game 4.
I still see David Stern got his goons lol
Donaghy implicated other refs. David J. Stern protected them. Silver is his protégé.
When David Stern retired in 2014 ... I'm surprised they didn't mention his involvement in this transaction
I'm also fairly certain David Stern would have already suspended DG for Game 4.
Yeah well Lakers wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for David Stern. And Miami is still incomplete w/o Goran
is that what happened? The rest of the world outside OKC and David stern's house remembers it a lil differently
Ya know David Stern is turning over in his grave man.
bro the lakers vs the heat would've been the best finals series EVER if that would've happened, David stern chested y'all 😂😂
You can also thank the biggest villain of all- Howard Schultz! Not too fond of David Stern or our city "leaders" then and now!
LeBron James is seen by many as Commissioner David Stern’s golden boy, his teacher’s pet, his Chosen One,
it is! And David stern isn't even there anymore, it was supposed to change when he left!
...and we thought David Stern retired.
David Stern is going to love this Golden State rally in second half.
On a side note, Adam Silver and David Stern are probably in a smoke-filled back-room pulling all kinds of levers for that GSW comeback here
Adam Silver should call David Stern to figure out how to fix the Western Conference Finals. Just like 2002.
such a David Stern move to keep Foster working playoff games dispute his incompetence
Is David Stern back at the helm of the NBA tonight? Wondering.
David Stern was more transparent than Adam Silver
Somewhere, David Stern is buying combat gear & camo face paint; plotting to defend his beloved NBA dress-code.
sure, just kidding. David Stern, for one. But I think you're immently qualified. But, it must be with Lakers.
Imagine the NBA now if David Stern didn't randomly veto the Chris Paul to LAL would be completely different.
Even the great David Stern couldn't cook up controversy like this Dr. Adam Silver is a genius
Jerry Buss cursed the Clippers when David Stern vetoed the CP3 trade. He haunts them to this day.
I thought Adam Silver was commissioner now! This sounds like David Stern!!!
David Stern ended a legacy too early.
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Everytime i see Chris Paul I think what if David Stern wasn't such a bad Commissioner and we would have had him and Kobe together
NBA commissioner David Stern should be required to wear shorts to work too.
lmao that serious tells you it was rigged. I feel like it isn't anymore because David Stern isn't the commissioner anymore.
if David Stern was EL commissioner then PAO and CZ fans would be pretty relaxed right now...
We need a 30 for 30 on how David Stern hoed Chris Paul and the demise of the Lakers after Jerry Buss.
our headmaster made David Stern look like David Gallop.
Q & A with Rick Mahorn over the phone was dope. Kept it real and a lil shade thrown at David Stern 😂. Great & moving conversation by a champ
They just kill things. Can we send them Clay Bennett, David Stern, Howard Schultz...?. Things no one will miss.
OKC Thunder fans really expecting to win this game like David Stern isn't sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings with the remote.
Never play in a game against the Lakers, with Bob Delaney & *** Bavetta as the referees, & David Stern as the commissioner
David Stern glad he ain't commissioner no more
To clarify, David Stern isn't the only one who is at fault. Clay Bennett, Howard Schultz, Seattle City Council etc.
Anthony Davis is top pick of 2012 NBA Draft!: Check out league commissioner David Stern as he announces t...
"But why not watch NBA basketball for your winter sport?". Because eff the NBA, David Stern and Clay Bennett for stealing the Seattle Sonics
The question is was he fined by commissioner David Stern for these comments? Lol!
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Mark my words Bernie Sanders had been living a double life from 1984-2014 where he disguised himself as former NBA commissioner David Stern
David Stern isn't the commissioner anymore lol
6. David Stern was an excellent Commissioner, probably the best of all time
question 11. Michael Jordan was given a timeout for gambling by David Stern. It was called a "retirement". True or False
Von Miller is on my fade list right now. Right after David Stern. I know I'm forgetting some ppl but off top thats it right now.
God a Lakers' fan and David Stern the devil and Dan Gilbert, and Mark Cuban are his minions
David Stern giving best wishes to NBA referee *** Bavetta via video for receiving the Jerry Colangelo Award.
David Stern had the bug for diversity, so did Pistons owner Bill Davidson!!
David Stern forced Michael Jordan out of the NBA in 93, so the gambling issues can blow over.. And his father was set up to be murdered.
David Stern is the primary reason. Also, Kevin Johnson being their mayor sure helped too.
Ex-NBA commissioner David Stern also on hand for the game.
Former NBA commissioner David Stern is in attendance tonight, good to see him, he was always candid when answering my questions
Word on the street is David Stern has become the new NFL commissioner and his first action was to veto the Rams move to LA.
If I won I would finally get to live out my dream of making Clay Bennett, David Stern, and Howard Schultz life a living ***
David Stern and Clay Bennett think the NFL is handling its relocation process poorly
Thank goodness David Stern, not Roger Goodell, was the commissioner
during Clay Bennett's theft of the Sonics and David Stern with Adam Silver's help of blocking the move of the kings
We almost got the *** Kings but David Stern had to be a *** about it as well and deny us the move.
Oh Jesus - LA pick goes to Sixers if 4th or lower. So longtime David Stern buddy Jerry Colangelo could have 37% chance at …
Four years ago today, David Stern vetoed the Chris Paul-to-Lakers trade. Dwight was rumored to be coming next.
In '08, David Stern put Donnie Walsh in NY to clean up the Now, the NBA has its man in Philly...
David Stern rigged NBA so Cavs get LeBron. Deadass Lakers gonna get Ben Simmons
NJ Biz: if not Hobbs, they would have tried offering the job to David Stern.
I still blame you David Stern and the NBA for Kobe not having 6th and possibly 7 rings.
I forgot David Stern came in and started to ref those games
Fakers record since David Stern left office: 35-102
Just shook hands with & met David stern. Hanukkah present to me.🕎✡
That is awesome David!!! Thank you. The National Space Society along with the EIS team helped Dr Stern on promo
The reason will not forgive David Stern. by brianhwat…
The reason will not forgive David Stern.
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David Stern is either a Clemson or Duke fan. No other explanation.
Can we elect David Stern mayor of NYC, maybe he'll make sure get some fair officials.
yea the one David stern helped him win.
Adam Silver >>>> David Stern as an NBA commissioner.
Would love to see the NBA expand to Mexico City .
David Stern is going to suspend a lot of Baylor players.
"You can't blame jazz musicians or David stern with his NBA fashion issues." -
It doesn't matter how many years go by... I still LOATHE the sight of David Stern.
you David Stern'ing people's roster moves next year smh Max wanna be Billy King so bad
Most wonderful schoolin'. John Cleary and rocked old time n'orleans r&b at tonight.
if I get smoked I gotta get smoked eight my pride intact I can't be a David Stern
Yooo can David Stern do LA a solid and veto this Greinke thing or what? I feel like he owes us one.
Told u it get greater later, dont be a david stern i mean a playa hater
David Price won't have to worry about money for a while.
.calls David Stern the most important person in the history of basketball because of the way he changed how sports are run.
manufactured FAME is all I'm saying. His skill set wasn't enough he needed David Stern and the officials to get him ahead
Buss interview running 2nd to David Stern's final interview as Commish (as most listened to in history.
The league was waiting for the day for David Stern to step down and usher in a new era and that's exactly what's happening.
The league couldn't stand David Stern but they wouldn't admit it!!!
David Stern hated Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant. AI because he introduced and changed pop culture in the NBA.Kobe because of off-court probs
I jusr re watched the 2001 ASG 😂😂😂 David Stern was so mad he has to give AI ASG MVP.He didn't want to present him with it.
Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. Who is fixed to a star does…
Celtics-Kings play tomorrow in Mexico City, a hotbed of fandom (by
I love listening to ask questions at Todd Stern presser. Awesome NPR voice in full effect.
Liability and compensation for loss and damage a line the US can't cross, Todd Stern says/reiterates for the umpteenth time
Stern "However, we are in active discussions with island states to find a way to reference 1.5C in an 'appropriate…
Stern on 1.5C: "We haven't landed anywhere yet but we hear the concern of those countries & we think the concerns are legit…
...but then Stern reiterates that the global goal established is 2˚C...but they are in active discussions with Island nations re 1.5˚C
.asks Todd Stern about 1.5˚C...he says "some recognition" is a matter of great importance to many countries around the world.
Didn't know David Stern was the new commissioner of the NFL. Seems the packers are getting the Kobe Bryant treatment.
Kobe Bryant and the Lakers probably wouldn't be so *** bad right now if David Stern hadn't vetoed the Chris Paul trade in 2011.
My 37th audiobook is now live on Audible! Are You For Real?! by David Stern is a GREAT guide book for success.
Mexico City could be NBA's next hotbed via
Why have they stuck with the riff from Car Wash for all these years. Was that David Stern's fav jam?
Chris Paul/ David Stern effect from vetoing that trade
would be a Sonics fan but David Stern in his infinite "Wisdom" allowed bs. Washington native present
yeah. Now that the devil David "Veto" Stern outta there we can get back to prospering.
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the 1 time he had a chance David Stern said nahh
If the Lakers get the pick, David Stern would unretire to Veto it
Man David Stern couldnt wait till Allen Iverson hit the door. I remember him presenting AI with a MVP trophy & the look o…
Cameron says you're either for us or you're against us. A stern face of war.
"David Stern wonder why the league losing money" lmao
My take is Dana White is the the new "David Stern" in sports,hes making UFC "Worldwide"
Goodell is quickly eclipsing David Stern as sketchiest commissioner ever.
. The biggest rip off in Nba tree history perpetrated by David Stern during his last season as NBA commissioner
Chris Paul probably mad at David Stern like "man I could've been won two with Kobe"
David Stern will return as Commissioner of the NBA
by xtgmedia XTGMEDIA interviewing David Stern, former NBA Commissioner
On stage with legendary commissioner David Stern
Carl holding it down w/ then-NBA commissioner David Stern, scooping some quality time w/ solid range of Qs . .
Walton gave props to David Stern. Now I know he's crazy.
Sounded like David Stern movie...hate the show and channel, but listen daily. Lol. Personally, I love the mix of hosts.
I got to read letters from Jim Varney (Ernest), former NBA commissioner David Stern, and Jesse Helms today. This dissertation is strange
Too bad Kevin Johnson and David Stern and Clay Bennett had to stick their noses in; or the team would be in Seattle by now.
The Grizzlies led to two things. 1) David Stern's "Screw Cascadia" strategy and 2) Stu Jackson showing being inept can be rewarding.
Well deserved! Too bad David Stern screwed Nash out of best shot at ring in 2007 w/ suspensions of Diaw & Stoudemire.
Staples Center showing a tribute for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Video shows David Stern, who sparks boos. No one forgets about …
Dikembe Mutombo thanks Alonzo Mourning, David Stern and many others during his speech
then the Ghost of David Stern is gonna have Marcus Smart disappeared
All of this Goodell/NFL drama makes me believe Michael Jordan/David Stern conspiracy theory a little bit more.
As good as Michael Jordan was, David Stern had a vested interest in the Bulls success. A shooting guard with no fouls in the 4th? Yup.
New York City, are you prepared for the possibility of David Stern running for mayor in 2017?.
David Stern as mayor of NYC:. - Ban the New York Knicks from the city. - Arrest J.R Smith if he ever comes to New York. - Blow up MSG.
David Stern is reportedly being urged to run for New York City Mayor
Report: David Stern's friends want him to run for New York City mayor: Longtime NBA commissioner David Stern h...
Report: David Stern is being pushed to run for New York City mayor in 2017:
You think David Stern should be the mayor of NY?
even David Stern wouldn't seep this low. Just make Brady retire and return midseason
Do you think David Stern would come out of retirement to restore credibility to the NFL?
No, but David Stern ignored Sterling's discriminatory practices for like 30 years. Surely that was more important.
Or would David Stern suspend the greatest of all-time for suspected gambling problems?
No, but David Stern probably thought about doing it.
imagine if David Stern would've let CP3 go to the Lakers with Kobe 👍
Thank you to everybody who attended our 1st Talk of Emet. David Stern great, coffee great! For upcoming event info
David stern was trien to remove vet players last Olympics, didn't happen tho.
.should have blocked La'el to the Cowboys like David Stern blocked CP3 to the Lakers. That O-Line is going to be unfair.
Too bad David stern rigged that season for the Miami cheat😒 smh
re tape allegations David Stern obviously from SE England/London Hamilton is clearly US accent There are NO RUSSIAN intonation
as a fan, this guy can go cry to David Stern about rough play.
David Stern have too much money for his teeth to be looking like that... Unreal
so dope that David Stern recognized that and embraced it
Remember that time David Stern gave Vladimir Putin a jersey?
I found coupling the equation with a graphic helps relate "form of equation" to "experimental behavior" http…
Theoreticians: stop telling us not to be scared of your equations. I'm not. Explain them well, like I do my methods, then con…
The *** who created this assume David Stern is British because he works for the BBC. He isn't, he's American.
"BBC reporter" David L. Stern reporting from Kiev on MH17 crash on July, 17th 2014, speaking already about BUK
David Stern just watching the 1985 Finals feeling super confident that no one will ever figure out the frozen envelope.
If only Bud Selig could've veto those blue jay trades like david stern did to the lakers lol
Roger Goodell should have resigned a long time ago, people will care more about him going away then they cared about David Stern leaving
The David Stern in their leaked recording - Has a different accent to the real David Stern - http…
Clay Bennett, David Stern, & Howard Schultz make a dubious list. in list of Top 25 Sports Villains:
. David L Stern link. be it be verified?
Source: - David L. leaked phone calls from several weeks before downing.
. David L. Stern: Say it again. I did not hear, what? . X: Soldiers who work on "the complex"..
David Stern would have never done this to Michael Jordan. *** Bart Giamatti wouldn't have done this to Pete Rose!
What might have happened around the league if David Stern didn't veto the CP3 to LA trade in 2011. (Part 2)
NBA Sunday: David Stern on Adam Silver: Back in February, at New York University's School of Profes...
In Q&A with Nancy Lieberman, she credits David Stern for advice & lists several coaches who helped her reach NBA:
Roger Goodell has taken the baton from David Stern as the worst commissioner of a Pro Sports.
Goodell can't accept defeat...Just when you thought A league commissioner couldn't sink any lower than David Stern
The time David Stern was also the commissioner of the NBL.
Having grown up in L.A. Never met a Clipper fan in my life until David Stern gave them Chris Paul.
David Stern ruined Chris Paul's Career and just retired
Lol Cavs just dropped 240 mil in free agency, but Dan Gilbert went running to David Stern to veto Chris Paul coming to the…
our politicians screwed us over. So did Howard Schultz and David Stern. Bennett was a snake but we know that.
Thanks Howard Schultz, David Stern and the rest of the clowns who made that possible
That means Geico (Warren Buffet), Mark Cuban, and David Stern have all invested in esports in the last 6 months. Get ready everyone.
I wonder if laker fans know Dan Gilbert's email was the thing that inspired David Stern to veto that Chris Paul trade . .
Kelly Oubre Jr., Terry Rozier and Rashad Vaugn the next 3 picks it's getting late David Stern had a better pace
David Stern transformed AI into Mr Rogers, man. Love it.
I have found the Complete Jewish Bible, an English translation by Dr. David Stern, released in 1998, to b…
They still boo Adam Silver by way of David Stern
When I see the new NBA commish on tv, I think of David Stern. And I forget he's not the man. And I can't remember the new guy's name.
I'm just joking. Not as fun to make NBA Commish = Vince McMahon jokes now that David Stern has retired.
My favorite part of the game was when David Stern told refs to give the ball to Warriors, and then they realized he wasn't commish anymore.
David Stern aint the commish no more so how was he able to pay off the refs again for lebron?
WTH? The way the refs are calling this game, you were to think David Stern is the commish again!
I'm starting to think David Stern came back to be commish again Vince McMahon-style for this game.
David Stern and Bill Simmons combine their powers to fix FIFA. That is my odd Sunday prediction
Going by my TL, David Stern, Houston Nutt, Frank Stallone, John Oliver, Gerard Depardieu, Dave Brandon or Loretta Lynch will now run FIFA.
David Stern? You mean Howard Schultz, who sold them, right?
It's all David Stern fault, he vetoed the trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers to be alongside Kobe & Dwight Howard. Smh.
The Lakers are going to get the No. 1 pick, but David Stern is going to swoop in and block it.
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