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David Steinberg

David Steinberg (born August 9, 1942) is a Canadian comedian, actor, writer, director, and author. At the height of his popularity, during the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was one of the best-known stand-up comics in the United States.

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David Steinberg explains the cycle of success via /r/funny
David Steinberg explains the cycle of success
David Steinberg explains the cycle of success:
One of my favorite movies. Poster hangs in my living room.
nice, I could think of a lot worse company. Lucky man.
Both you and Al Pacino Rock in different ways! One of you is very funny and the other makes me want to run and hide! LOL!
W Al Pacino at screening of The Humbling. Amazing Performance. Brilliantly directed by Barry Levinson.
"I want to be to sex what Julia Child is to a chicken" - David Steinberg, 1969.
One of my favorite comedies of all time.
Caught the Stan Lee style cameo of in - it only took me 17 years. .
SCTV's hilarious "Peter Pan" with the late, great John Candy as Divine, and Martin Short as David Steinberg.
David, you have to have on new season. Pure genius!
SCTV Peter Pan, w/ John Candy as Divine as Peter and Martin Short as David Steinberg as Captain Hook:
Now you're starting to sound like my agent.
If only the sequel was available for you.
I'm sure you get is all the time but is the show coming back?
Update your maps at Navteq
watching it for the first time in a while right now. Never knew directed! I'm available for the sequel
It is a masterpiece, thank you for creating such a timeless, endlessly quotable film
When you stick your head in the water machine, it kills me every time!
The commentary was so funny.I cant believe you broke your ankles making this movie
On behalf of , and Thanks for all the kind comments about The Wrong Guy
Congrats to Simpsons' J. Stewart Burns, David Steinberg & me as well as Nora Smith & Greg Thompson on WGA noms!
Pvphs senior David Steinberg's puzzle in today's WSJ.
Think tankers pitch their best video ideas to Slackers and American Pie screenwriter David Steinberg.
Martin Short as David Steinberg as Captain Hook hits it out of the park!
. I am interested. Former head of recruitment at dreamworks. David Steinberg referred me to you . Debbegois my email
Hi Alison, David Steinberg suggested I should contact you anout recruitment jobs in animation. I think you looked at my linkedin account.
Peter Pan live on SCTV, starring Divine and David Steinberg:.
Kyle Orland, David Thomas (and Scott Steinberg co-wrote this book. And they are all in GJP.
EAVESDROPLET: "Hey, I love Chicago. I'm from Nebraska." (Man at Hydeout Bar in San Francisco by David Steinberg)
EAVESDROPLET: "That's a perfectly normal and rational thing to be crazy about." (Young man on Polk St., by Davi…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I'm sure NBC's will be great, but not better than the version with Divine & David Steinberg
A behind-the-scenes snap from our interview yesterday with entertainment lawyer David Steinberg of…
"David Steinberg was the reason the Smothers Brothers got ..".
Great weekend of comedy. Last night Zack Galifianakis. Tonight Larry David in conversation with David Steinberg. Those guys got game!
Video: Frank Moore 1946-2013 from Frank Moore on Vimeo.Photographs by David Steinberg. Music: “Thee...
I have been nominated by David Abrams to write three positive things about my day for three consecutive days, and...
I was fortunate to have met: David A. Steinberg, President of 'UNITY'-Journalists for Diversity, Inc. from...
"is the first true customer lifecycle platform”-CEO, David Steinberg
president David Steinberg addresses and says a future joint conference is up in the air.
safe travels! Btw that guy from unity is David Steinberg
just saw Quality Balls. So great. You are amazing. Do a talk miss seeing you on TV. Love you.
At the end of the dream rode away on a bicycle into the night.
I just woke up from a nap, had a really weird dream wherein I talked to outside a restaurant.
I really enjoy your interviews on Inside Comedy
Aung San Suu Kyi’s ‘silence’ on the Rohingya: Has ‘The Lady’ lost her voice? Posted on June 1, 2014 by admin pic- horz --- Burma Times 1 June 2014 (CNN) — Having endured nearly 15 years of house arrest with grace and courage, Aung San Suu Kyi has earned a reputation throughout the world as a political superstar of rare moral stature. But for some, mostly from outside the country but also from within, the aura surrounding Myanmar’s most famous daughter has dimmed in recent years. “I think everyone agrees now she has been a disappointment when it comes to human rights promotion,” said David Mathieson, Human Rights Watch’s senior researcher on Myanmar. The Nobel Peace Prize winner’s glittering international reputation means that visiting dignitaries still clamor for a meeting since she emerged from detention in 2010 and set about pressing her case to become the next president of post-reform Myanmar. “Everyone that arrives in Rangoon (Yangon) expects to get a photo op,” said Mathieso ...
Inform your founder of XL Marketing David Steinberg, that his photos are being used on FB via Steve Tom
the Sam Eberle Blues Band Friday night. Went to Supriya and Raam's wedding Saturday (danced for a couple of hours to Sam Eberle's Band, again) and went to dinner and a movie with Sumati and David Steinberg on Sunday, as a gift from them. Thankful Bhavani and I still enjoy a party weekend. ;-)
Reason to binge watch: today's the last day you can catch all 3 seasons of on Showtime On Demand.
Thank you to my performers and my crew for helping create another successful Seattle Erotic Art Festival - There's still time to check out the exhibition and Kerry Cox's literary performances, as well as the Jury Panel and David Steinberg's presentation. Open til 4.
Prof. David Steinberg sheds some light on the paradoxes of US policy towards Myanmar - engagement with sanctions
Just watched a delightful documentary about David Steinberg who, later in life, directed Golden Girls, Mad About You, Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Behind on my Inside Comedy. Just watched Bette. THANK U 4including Johnny's song @ the end. Loved it! Love seeing u again!
Watching the same David Steinberg doc you watched, It's not about jokes. It's about stand-up activism. Not a $400M Seinfeld.
Proud of this Great Team, proud of the seniors... Menuer, Nate, Joe, Nick, David, Ryan, Tommy, Schad, and Hendrick. …
“David Steinberg kicks off the first task force meeting Joyce should be req…
watching a documentary about David Steinberg. Everyone's talking about how funny he is. Then come the clips. Not funny.
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My column is up. Few others associate and but it made sense to me I must confess.
Legendary comedian David Steinberg is the subject of a new Showtime documentary called Quality Balls
Would you and your followers donate $1 to help save a life? God bless.
David Steinberg tells fellow Millennials why Minneapolis is a great place to live...
"...comes from Second City, and that's the best training you can have." Well, thank you very much
The meaning of "success" part 2 of 2 by comedian David Steinberg
An insightful account and explanation of internal contradictions in US policy toward Myanmar by David Steinberg. the definition of "Success" by comedian David Steinberg part 1 of 2
Thanks to our backers David Steinberg & Fred Kaufman. See all are perks here~
Always glad to see interviewed in a documentary on stand-up.
Set your DVR for a comedy about death. in The End tomorrow at 11:25a ET/8:25a PT on MGM HD.
I will show two photos and give two workshops at Seattle Erotic Art Festival, May 30-June 1. Info at
Watching this great doc on comedian David Steinberg.
Great changes are happening at Steinberg. Excited to see what the future has in store for this incredible team.
A sneak peek! Welcome! Program (Schedule subject to change.) Happy 10th! (Please make sure you sign in the Welcome Book. Make sure you keep half of your ticket, and put the other half in the basket for the drawing for the artwork that is labeled as giveaways. Please be seated at any table that is not reserved. Reserved tables near the front are for performers, special guests, and their families. Please help yourselves to the refreshments.) (Participants' Reception: 5:30pm) Welcome Reception in the “PHS Café:” 6:00pm Please view the artwork displayed in memory of Mr. William A. Gaines, beloved art teacher from Paulsboro High School, and visit the 4 stations of community art in hallway. (No running, or roughhousing in the building. Please silence your phones. Thank you!) (If you would like to read poetry, please sign up on the clipboard near the stage area. Poets will read in the order of sign up. The first 14 poets to sign up will read interspersed throughout the program, one poem, pleas ...
Today at the wedding a lady came up to me and said, "I LOVED YOUR BOOK." And I thanked her. "That chapter on David Steinberg was really funny." Me, "But there was no chapter on David Steinberg." "Yes, the one where he. wait... aren't you?" "No, I'm Steve Bluestein." "Oh" and she felt really badly and tried to apologize. Now I love this lady so it really didn't bother me at all... because five minutes before that someone told me they still laugh at my joke, "I'm a quadra-sexual... I'll do anything for a quarter." That was Ed Bluestone's joke not mine. and When I went to the table to get the card that tells you what table you're sitting at. There was no card for me. So... when this lovely lady, who I love, told me she loved my book... all I heard was... I LOVED YOUR BOOK. IT'S A WHOLE NEW STEVE.
Love hearing David Steinberg of called a nerd. Aren't we all nerds here?
I’m watching "Quality Balls:The David Steinberg Story" and earning great rewards from
Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader via
We are looking for a exhibitionist couple for a demo photoshoot w David Steinberg 5/31. Interested?
When I was 13, my mother got into legal trouble and ended up in jail for three months. During that time, a woman named Lynn Cohen lived with me while my mother was away. She worked the faire and was going to Agoura every weekend, so I was too. I ended up as a washer woman working with Lori Rose and Deena Gornick (spelling?). David Springhorn was my "father." I think they were all probably 10 years older than me. They were brilliant performers. It was an awesome adventure and a great escape from a troubled childhood. My father had died recently, and my mother was struggling with addiction and other issues, so I really needed it. I did some parades and did Court for a few years, where I met some wonderful friends I still know today. I had a tiny part in a court danced show, and got to perform Buffins with swords! Eventually, I found Newcastle dancers, which were I had the most wonderful time! I loved dancing, and have so many friends still from that magical time. I left for a few years and came bac ...
ever try reaching out to David Steinberg to do the pod?
SF's Steinberg has a new president with Rob Steinberg turning over management to David Hart
Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader -
...and from San Francisco news: Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader (Biz Journal)
[SF Biz Journal] Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader
Day 2 Turner Classic movies Whit Stillman,Richard Linklater,Jason Lee and David Steinberg good times were had by all!!
Regina Rex's closure Sunday was the first public development in a campaign begun six months ago by the building's landlord, David Steinberg, that placed pressure on the half-dozen gallery tenants i...
[San Jose Biz] Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader
Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader
Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader: Steinberg Architects has a new presid... via
Dear Met you at Banff Fest in 02. U told me I had to learn how to lie. No can do to :^)
David Steinberg on the flaws in the US Chabot and Crowley Bill
Join our exclusive live chat with comedian Monday 11:00 PT.
Documentary Review:. QUALITY BALLS . If u love humor & laughing out loud. this documentary is for u!. 5 St…
QUALITY BALLS is brilliant! 'Watching it now. LOVE the FBI story. Unbelievable. But totally believable! …
David Steinberger is the CEO of comiXology, the most widely used digital comics platform and carries both Marvel and DC and many others.
I'm sorry to hear that happened. Can we get the model code of your device? Thanks! ^David
Congrats David. Well deserved. When they have the dinner to present it, you can sit anywhere.Not There!
I grew up watching the very cool Steinberg on Carson. Congrats Mr Steinberg on the honor!
The Showtime documentary on David Steinberg is a great watch
We are pleased to announce this year's Johnny Carson Comedy Legend Award recipient...Mr. David Steinberg!
a lifesize David Steinberg bobblehead for starters, for everyone
Steinberg to be honored with Johnny Carson Comedy Legend award: The New York Times has called David St...
David Steinberg said Reagan was "Teflon Reagan" because he reminds people of their grandfather. True
great pic! Looking forward to seeing Paul here at Calgary Expo in a couple of hours. Huge Mad About You fan.
First appearance on The Tonight Show. "Hadji, Faisal, come in look at this!"
I rap a lot about my buddy, David Brenner tonight on Inside Comedy at 11pm with Steinberg on Showtime. RIP DB
If u had a great childhood & a good marriage & a little bit of money,you'd make a lousy comedian - David Steinberg from When Jews Were Funny
The thing that helps humour is oppression; the thing that kills humour is assimilation." - David Steinberg, from 'When Jews Were Funny'
That's a whole lot of funny in one picture.
sharing from my channel, here's a snippet of Paul on Letterman from 1995:)
Oh, the jerk from 'Aliens'. If it wasn't for him, we never would have had to put up with the third one.
I can't help but picture that suit he wore in Aliens.
Me and One of my favorites. Still mad about him.
. I guess David Steinberg would interview Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, and Mitch Hedberg now.
Just finished This Has All Been Wonderful by David Steinberg - great read!!
on One Leg: Parashat Kedoshim with Aryeh Ben David and Beth Steinberg -
loved Quality Balls. Your rapport with Carson was remarkable...or should I say connection
My nu show 700 Mondays:Poignant impressions of funny looking teachers + an actual bowl of cereal from my childhood.
Having withdrawals. I have nothing to do with showbiz or comedy, but find it very enlightenin…
Thank you, David Steinberg for such a gracious article. See all you New Mexicans soon...complete tour to come!
The highs and lows of entrepreneurship with David Steinberg for
Website Builder 728x90
Lessons of Rapid Growth, Loyalty from a Serial Entrepreneur:  Serial entrepreneur David Steinberg has hit the ...
When I started, you didn't make a lot of money by being a comedian. You didn't get a lot of respect. (David Steinberg)
Inside Comedy w/ David Steinberg is a real treat. Any fans of comedy should def check it out
My Tea With ‘Dudi’: Watching a first-rate documentary a few weeks ago on Showtime about David Steinberg, the c...
The Moment with Brian Koppelman - Comedy legend David Steinberg tells Brian Koppelman about how his jokes got a ne...
David Steinberg is running out of funny people for his series. Anybody out there know a good joke?
Mobster Joey Gallo was assassinated in Little Italy 40 years ago and his widow remembers being there as bullets flew It’s been 40 years since Joey “Crazy Joe” Gallo was gunned down in Little Italy’s Umberto’s Clam House, but the mobster’s bride of only three weeks remembers the notorious gangland slaying as if it were yesterday. “It was very dramatic,’’ recalled Sina Essary, whose daughter Lisa, then 10, was also there when the assassins’ bullets rang out. “This was the first time in history that the Mafia had shot and killed someone in front of his sister, wife and child,” she said. Essary, now 70, can’t forget the chaos that erupted as Gallo’s party sat at a table in the early hours of April 7, 1972, and prepared to dig into second helpings of scungilli, shrimp and pasta when four assassins barged in and fired as many as two dozen gunshots. SHORT HONEYMOON:Sina Essary, now (above) and at her 1972 wedding to Joey Gallo, who was gunned down in front of her. 1972 wedding to Joey ...
My amazing boss and colleague, Dr. David Steinberg, leads school leaders on how to increase employee engagement.
As a Australian comedian thank you for your show Inside Comedy! Great laughers & insights to the biz.
New strategy for Day 12 Goal to get to invite onto Whining - Plese!
Love when Fred typing an email & did the "carriage return" typewriter move. That Fred ...very tech-savvy
Hey David Steinberger, mind if I reach between your legs and grab some nuts?
Inside Comedy best show on tv, loved u for 40 years!
I rewrote it and I took all your notes. Read it again, that kind of persistence paid off. David Steinberg
you could of almost interviewed Catherine & Fred together! Their careers have interlinked so often!
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April Fools Day is the anniversary of the breast cancer diagnosis I got in 2005. It was a tiny lump. .9 cm. Stage one. Never showed up on a mammogram. I found it myself. I've been just fine. But I count my blessings each April fools day. Actually Beth and I had a lot of fun making art out if the experience. Photographer David Steinberg did these nice shots of us shaving each others heads when my hair started falling out from chemo. These photos were then printed in On Our Backs. Cancer erotica! True love. What an adventure! We also did a theater piece about it which we toured for 2 years.
Is it just me or is starting to look like a Jim Carrey character?
loved your show tonight! Does not get better than Fred Willard and Catherine O'Hara!
What a talent! I saw him at Carnegie Hall many, many years ago. Inherited skills and creativity.
Two of the most lovable comic actors of our time. Terrific show as always David.
is excellent. And is an unsung comic genius. I think his finest hour is still in front of him.
Sitting shiva for the joke that just died. RT“why do comics wear black?”
Look who I found at the Friars Club. Two comedy masters. &
David J. Steinberg in TV Show CHARMED - Checkout this new video on...
East Coast: 30 mins until a new with & guests and Catherine O'Hara!
Hey Richard. Why was interviewing u in a dark room? Did u develop some photos after the show?
Only would suggest that great series like starring David Steinberg is like Talk to Al Jazeera
*mumbling Yosemite Sam obscenities because I won't be able to see this brilliant pairing*
And now I have another reason to be jealous of
Be sure to watch "Inside Comedy" tonight when interviews and Catherine O'Hara. 11:00 on
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I love your show..Listen to it all the time.
Tonight's new with features guests Catherine O'Hara and 11PM ET/PT:
That.. Or we could just draw a Star of David on his driveway 😂
Gottfried/Lewis ep was a study in body language-never have I been so delighted/distracted by hand gestures
Chris Russo, yes you have big ears, we all know that. No need to have a David Steinberg 70's hair style to try to hide it.
Tonight on Inside Comedy the two people I want to be when I grow up: interviews Catherine O'Hara!
Watch the Conscious Coupling of & Catherine O'Hara on tonight. 11pm on
Like funny? Watch documentary where you'll discover legendary badass Thanks for the heads-up,
Steinberg vs Pittenger is David vs Goliath but we know who won THAT battle. vs establishment .
On Monday's new host talks with funnyman
Bea Arthur to David Steinberg (her Director): "Why do people take such an instant dislike to me?" Steinberg: "It just saves time."
WATCH THIS! Entertaining, interesting, funny documentary on David Steinberg.
Very much agree with David Steinberg on potential for nationalist backlash against current opening in Myanmar :
I will never forget your MD routines from your TV show years ago. Big fan!
hi Mr. Steinberg...I wish you were my mentor, even digital mentor would suffice.they say one can wish...
domain names
I could watch all day long, keep making more. You are one classy guy !
thanks for making Long time fan. Make it an hour.
Netflix added Berserk- still a riot 30 yrs on & now 2 a whole new generation. Great comedy lives on!
One of our great understated actors.
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Enjoy! Enjoy! I know your the mentor. Your not lucky your smart!
please follow me so I can DM you. I have a question. Thanks
Youth Empowerment Workshop coming soon! We are looking for investors.
He was pretty good with Sal DiPasquale and you too:
watched Quality Balls with my parents and shiksa girlfriend. We all laughed. Thanks for being you.
anytime . You'd be great in upcoming GILDED AGE.
I hadn't ever seen Bette Midler sing to Johnny. It gave me chills, thank you.
On the next tells about a defining moment in his career:
Groucho guest stars on an episode of the short lived variety series "Music Scene", hosted by David Steinberg. This is not the full show, but does contain all...
I love your show and I have been a fan since you started on TV, and we both know how long ago that was so I will not say
Coming up on the show tonight, some fun with Steven Volz, the DIY science guy, romance novelist Kevin Symmons, comedian David Steinberg, Chazz Palminteri starring in "A Bronx Tale," Dr. Friedman Schaub with the "Fear and Anxiety Solution," Dr. Judith Schlesinger, author of "The Insanity Hoax," and so much more. Join me for some interesting conversation in the late night on WBZ News Radio 1030!
documentary David Steinberg Story nominated for Barbara Sears Award for Best Visual Rese…
two of my favourite people in one shot. Great great picture. I miss his brilliance...
Went to Showtime On-demand and found the film "Quality Balls," which is a documentary about the brilliant David Steinberg.what an absolute treat!
TUNE-IN and WATCH ANDREW DICE CLAY on the INSIDE COMEDY with David Steinberg (Showtime) on Monday, February 24th at 11pm.
I've been such a fan of this man since the late 60's. He's so funny:
*correction: I’ll bring my copy of GTD ©David Allen Co 2002 to in hopes of a autograph.
Liberal failures always trace back to having glossed over the biggest problems, the showstoppers that should kill bad ideas before they get out of committee. Instead, an unfounded trust in the power of technology, the future, or in the sense of being on the cutting edge of everything gets these manic ideas passed and signed. During the Bush era, I heard plenty of appeals to a futuristic savior as a means for avoiding war: Dude, it’s 2005. You’re telling me they can’t come up with a better strategy for Iraq than shooting the bad guys some more? Yes. I was correct; our shiny new 2005 thinking could not halt the advancement of al-Qaeda on its own. C’mon. It’s 2014. Our cars should be electric. Yet the Chevy Volt, known to be unaffordable and requiring of a subsidy prior to construction, did not become either economical or desirable in practice. The Tesla, considered a viable product, actually is sustained by subsidy. No, “2014″ was not a rational argument for manufacturing electric cars. Then w ...
Thanks Paul. Coming from you, that so matters.
Janet Gazaway Morgan I am watching a documentary on David Steinberg and I thought about you. He is and was great.
One of my idols, on another of my idols, "The Comedian Who Changed My Life"
Classy of to end this week's INSIDE COMEDY with Bette Midler's singing to Carson.
Milton Berle and David Steinberg perform a comedy sketch on *** Clark's Live Wednesday Show. Milton Berle is pantsed and has his face scribbled on with a bl...
For those of you that remember David Steinberg you much check out this show. Very funny and informative.
Thanks Rob“I liked seeing you on Carson's show, heard you on "Unmasked" w Ron Benningt…
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Wow, I didn't know you were from Winnipeg. I thought I was the only Jewish comic in the US born there.
David Steinberg refers to critics as unics at a gangbang.
Forgot to tell you how much I enjoyed , it was a great show with Belz & Bette !
Which of today’s hottest comedians will David Steinberg laugh with this week? Watch new episodes of Mondays at 11pm on
David Steinberg gets the funniest names in comedy today to reveal their influences and icons—and the results are...
. another winning INSIDE COMEDY.loved bette.. belzer is fascinating.
The hardest thing you have to learn how to do as an entrepreneur is to be able to pivot,"-- David Steinberg, CEO of Zeta Interactive
always an acerbic leftist conspiracy theorist like no other based on Richard's comedy. "I banged my shoe on the
was really Andre Braugher in Homicide: Life on the Street. Detective Frank Pembleton. Detective John Munch was
Put him in the box and I can make him confess to anything in the most grandiose fashion with ten minute scenes
Catch this EXCELLENT clip of on 's Inside Comedy, on Showtime! This show ROCKS, people!
.tells on how he got Munch on "H:LoTS": sneaking a peek at other actors' auditions.
You're so vain - Carly Simon. Was written about who? A: Comedian, David Steinberg
Did you know that Carly Simon's song "You're so vain"... isn't about Warren Beatty? It's about comedian David Steinberg. He lived in the apartment right below her. LOL! Who knew? ;)
Today I Celebrate three important people in my life; All University presidents who were/are more than acquaintances. First: Dr. Rose Channing, President of Middlesex County College. Dr. Channing agreed to be in a production of Born Yesterday at MCC. She had a small role, and most of the cast and crew did not know how to "act" with the College President around. I was bold and went over, introduced myself and chatted. She was quite nervous, maybe even "out of her element" by being in the show. She later told me I made her feel at ease.She became a great advocate of my work. I remember watching her light up as I performed at the MCC Scholarship Ball. I remember her graciously supporting the plays I produced independently at MCC, giving me the space- waiving rental fees, really supporting me as a Theatre Artist. Second: Dr. David Steinberg, of Long Island University. This man never missed a concert or performance I invited him to. I guess I was the only student with the nerve/balls to walk over to the Preside ...
My Fathers Place - many, MANY a good time was had here !! Hearing Kenny Rankin "live" for the first time, being insulted by David Steinberg outside by the entrance, experiencing Jonathan Edwards after an "Alice B Toklas brownie", and chatting with "Eppy" about who would be coming there in the future.
Another terrific episode of "Inside Comedy" tonight when David Steinberg interviews Bette Midler and Richard Belzer at 11:00 on Showtime.
The Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies is pleased to announce "The Ruth and David Steinberg Prize for Hebrew Language Studies”.
David Steinberg gives great interview on Great guests this season beginning with & Jimmy Fallon.
Showtime's "Inside Comedy," hosted by David Steinberg and just started the new season, is just WONDERFUL.
on this date (feb 16) 1945: Glenn Gould auditions for school, tinkling the ivory at the Toronto Conservatory of Music. 1963: In a small, private ceremony, Paul Anka marries Marie Ann Alison Dezogheb in Paris. 1969: Blood Sweat & Tears appear on The Ed Sullivan Show. 1972: Taylor Hawkins, drummer for Alanis Morisette and Foo Fighters is born. 1977: Brad Walst, bassist for Three Days Grace is born. 1977: The Juno Awards are held in Toronto. David Steinberg is host. Patsy Gallant, Burton Cummings, Sweeney Todd, Murray McLauchlan, Carroll Baker, and even Heart take home awards. Gordon Lightfoot gets greedy and takes home a pair of them. 1990: KD Lang is featured on the cover of the first issue of Entertainment Weekly, published by Time magazine. 1994: The Arrogant Worms play at The Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ont. The tapes are used for part of their RUSSEL'S SHORTS album. 2010: Cold Lake, Alberta'sAngels To Ashes play the first of two shows in Saskatoon, the first time they've played there.
Tthe incomparable Bette Midler sits down with host David Steinberg on INSIDE COMEDY, sharing stories about her start in comedy, meeting Barry Manilow for the first time, and a memorable audition for The Tonight Show.
If you want a great 90 minutes of entertainment go to Showtime on Demand.Documentaries. Quality Balls the David Steinberg Story. I forgot how funny he is
I just watched a TV show about the comedian David Steinberg, This guy was brilliant. I used to watch him and think he was kind of boring, but now I see the brilliance in his humor. I always wondered why Tommy Smothers show got cancelled by CBS way back when. It was the show on TV and then 2 appearances of David Steinberg caused CBS to cancel The Smothers Bros show. Biblical references killed the show. This show about the life of David Steinberg is called "Quality Balls" on Showtime. Its all very innocent stuff, but so eye opening as to how sensitive we all were and still are in many ways. Hats off to guys like David Steinberg.
The life and controversial career of legendary comedian David Steinberg.
David Steinberg is an enthusiastic guy, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He’s been the bar ...
"If you can't be with the one you love, pet the dog you're with." ~David Steinberg
Quality balls David Steinberg - the new documentary on Showtime Networks is gold
I apologize if this is not the right place for this but with several of the other debate fb sites inactive I thought I'd post a quick note here. Many of you know Greg Simerly the for Director of Debate at SIU. According to his sister Greg is not doing well at all. David Steinberg has been in contact with her but there is no more information. My thoughts and prayers are with Greg at this time.
One of my comic heroes from the time of my childhood and certainly one of my comedy inspirations - almost worked with you when I worked with David Steinberg on Mike Nesmith's show - "Little Me" on Broadway - was amazing and I can still quote some of your lines/songs. R.I.P. SID CAESAR.
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Zeta Interactive CEO David Steinberg is a naturalborn entrepreneur. He started when he was 16 and he hasnt stopped since.
Watch interview on the season premiere, this Mon at 11PM ET/PT:
Tomorrow on my show: comedy legend and Post-Dispatch reporter
"If you've had a happy childhood, a little money in the bank, and a good marriage, you're gonna make a horrible comedian." David Steinberg
Q&A with David Steinberg on The Smothers Brothers, his upcoming Showtime docu and changing his name from Duddy
I've found a way to lower my age without lying. All I have to do is factor in the windchill, and I'm immediately and scientifically years younger without lying. My profound thanks to David Steinberg for this invaluable tip.
Need you on more talkshows, always enjoy you so much.
Hope youre on his new gig often. Youve been such a joy to watch for years.
doing jimmy? There has to be an easier way to get on the show.
shout out David Steinberg.Had a huge crush on U when I was like 12. Still do.UR so funny and cute! :)
Loved doing last night. Jimmy Fallon is the real deal.
.guest stars next Wednesday on an all new episode of
Just heard David Steinberg interviewed by Scott Simon---he was asked how old he is-his answer was 69--- but said that when you factor in the wind chill factor it felt like 72.
I am actually only 45, but with the wind chill factor, I'm 64. (ripped off from David Steinberg this morning on NPR.)
Up ahead: the Oscar song dust-up; & the great David Steinberg on his career of improv biblical riffing!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
February 1, 2014 Volunteer - "When we volunteer or give to charity, it helps our bodies cope..." David Steinberg, MSW intern from the University of Connecticut (to read more of this article look for my next post today on A Different Way to Look at Stress) "Volunteering helps others, but it can also help you, too. If you're upset about something that's happened — like a hurricane or other disaster — doing something about it can be a great way to cope with your feelings. Volunteering also lets you see your own life in new ways. Sometimes it's easy to worry about stuff like grades or get annoyed because you don't have the most expensive sneakers or the newest computer game. Volunteering lets you spend some time focusing on others for a while." KidsHealth (see link in Comments below)
Why does look like Julian Asange's older brother.
It was great seeing David Steinberg on He was always one of my favorites of the comedians to do Johnny Carson's show
I didn't even hear the interview because David Steinberg's finger was too loud!
would have been nice to hear what happened during the interview w/ It sounded funny!😜
is interviewing David Steinberg, what's up with that finger? I cant take my eyes off of it.
.every wk for decades & he didn't say nothin' on Fallon but that's OK. yep yep yep yep yep
I remember the time I hosted the tonight show,..or was I on acid. either way it was great.
.sharing such awesome Tonight Show hosting stories right now on
everybody knows I give .a big much well deserved S/o every .. Hope he mentions me on .later...(well, I do)
Tonight's the night on on David Beckham, David Steinberg and Busta Rhymes!
David Steinberg comes across as such a genial, emotionally healthy fellow one can appreciate why he's survived so long in the comedy game when some of his contemporaries didn't. So it's easy to for...
Ready to watch with David Beckham, & musical guest
Almost showtime! Excited for David Beckham, plus Justin Vernon of sitting in with
Tonight on our show: David Beckham, and music from Plus, it's
International soccer star David Beckham; comedian David Steinberg; musical guest Busta Rhymes performs with The Roots all tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at 11:30 on KETK!
Tonight on our show: David Beckham, David Steinberg and music from Busta Rhymes!! Plus, it's
"A Jewish princess makes love with her eyes closed because she can't bear seeing another person's pleasure"-David Steinberg who has season three premiere on Monday on Showtime. He will be interviewing Jimmy Fallon and Zack Zach Galifianakis
TIL my favourite programming language (Haskell) has an unofficial slogan: "Avoid success at all costs." Which is basically our mantra at Weird Canada. What better language to power WC 2.0! So excited! /cc Mike Verdone Kyle Valade David Steinberg Steven Taschuk Marie Claire
Tomorrow (Friday) at 1pm EST David Steinberg be doing his first
Get ready to laugh. David Steinberg joins HuffPost Live with a sneak peek of Season 3 of "Inside Comedy" and to tell us about "Quality Balls - The David Steinberg Story" on Showtime!
Meet David Steinberg, host of Inside Comedy and subject of the upcoming documentary premiere Quality Balls- The David Steinberg Story, premiering February 3r...
Cary Bayer is a nationally-known author and workshop leader who’s clients include Oscar-winners Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Pietro Scalia (JFK and Black Hawk Down) Emmy-winner Judy Henderson (Homeland), comic/director David Steinberg, and Quality Inns, will be teaching a powerfully-transformative class on February 1. It will include practical techniques that you can use at home to attract your soul mate into your life.
Anyone want to sit in on an interview with David Steinberg, a stand up comedian with an HBO documentary, at SiriusXM? You must be free at 3:30pm on Thursday. Thanks
Customer Service Director, David Steinberg, writes about excellence in customer service in the QQ blog today...
My friend David Steinberg who is a wonderful photographer and did six of the 12 photos on this calendar. NSFW images
If Paul ever needs a drumer,David Steinberg,,,anyone second me on that one
Oh Canada kicked off Golden Globes Awards weekend with a Special Performance by rock legend Burton Cummings and Hosts Catherine OâHara and David Steinberg, benefiting the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights
The Bishop Miege community has lost so many beautiful and special people in the past few years. I remember how wonderful of a community it was to be a part of, how close-knit and supportive it was. So I'd just like to send my love to everyone at Miege. I can't even put into words the respect and love I had for David Steinberg. He played a huge part in my growth as a theater student at Miege and I loved having him around as a teacher and a mentor. I can't imagine my time there without him. He is truly loved by me and so many other and he will be missed wholeheartedly. I'm keeping Paul Steinberg and the rest of Mr. Steinberg's family in my thoughts. Thank you for everything you did, Mr. Steinberg. You accomplished so much and changed so many lives for the better in the process. Rest in peace, David Steinberg. Thank you.
Dearest Miege Community- It’s with deepest sorrow to relay the news of the passing of David Steinberg, Bishop Miege Theatre and Video Production Teacher. We learned of Mr. Steinberg's death earlier this afternoon, and we ask that you and your family keep the family of David Steinberg in your prayers and thoughts. Details of Funeral Services will be shared as they become available. Peace!
I don't really dissect comedy. Nothing kills off humor more than overanalyzing it. ~ David Steinberg
welcome to the group Davis David Steinberg..Please read the rules and enjoy
Between a Birdie and a Bogey: In which I am called out for my preferences by David Steinberg. But in a good way.
Yamaha domination... They already own Steinberg so there could be some interesting products in year or two.
Christmas Miracles Continue to Confound and Delight Written by Bob Adelmann font size decrease font size increase font size Print E-mail Christmas Miracles Continue to Confound and Delight Every Christmas, Dr. David Steinberg, an oncologist at the Lahey Clinic Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, lifts the spirits of other doctors and nurses with a recitation of the year’s miracles. In 2003 it was Brandon Connor, whose tumor suddenly disappeared on the eve of his surgery. Doctors discovered a tumor growing near his spine while he was still inside his mother’s womb. Five weeks after his birth, doctors brought the bad news to his parents, Kristin and Mike Connor: Brandon had neuroblastoma, one of the deadliest forms of childhood cancers. Surgery risked paralysis, so the Connors waited, hoping that the tumor might recede as they sometimes do. Not with Brandon. When he turned two, the surgeons scheduled Brandon for surgery. The night before the surgery was scheduled a final workup revealed no t .. ...
Comedy doesnt just happen. David Steinberg shares tips from the greats on doing the legwork for getting laughs.
Tips from Thomas Jefferson School of Law Professor David Steinberg on surviving the semester.
So excited to know the U. S. will get to enjoy your documentary.
Hope you enjoy my "sermon" of sorts. An Emmy-winning PSA I directed starring standup .
Wow, thanks Great to hear from you. Mom and my favorite uncle fondly recalling the great ones. Old TV clips are fantastic
Well, I need to make the Hawaiian chicken for the party tomorrow-it is the Society for Poet's Christmas Party tomorrow, 6pm, David Steinberg's house. I'll be there late-I have to work, won't be home until 5:30, and have to freshen up, get the food ready to travel, etc., before we can leave. Cindy Steinberg, is Steven going to be there? Looking forward to seeing everyone! Peace and poetry!
We have this thing in New York we call satire. Maybe David Steinberg took all of Canada's with him over the border.
Marathoning all of by and with the fam. So *** good.
Been watching Showtime Series Inside Comedy hosted by David Steinberg. After seeing the Chris Rock episode and the Carol Burnett/Susie Essman episode, I think I am hooked. In other news, Allison Gerber makes a mean mimosa.
Understanding what can do will set the tone for what actions will be taken once the results are presented.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I don't believe any of David Steinberg's score from has been released by itself... Yet :)
I'll have to check on the name, but it was written by the show's composer David Steinberg and was the shows original theme song.
A show about a Jewish Family in Winnipeg that runs a driving on ITUNEScanada. retw…
OK, here ya go - In no particular order. In your status line, list 10 albums that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard - they don't have to be the "right" or "great" works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so I'll see your list. 1. THAT *** S CRAZY, Richard Pryor 2. HANGING IN THERE, Hudson & Landry 3. FAREWELL TO THE SEVENTIES, David Steinberg 4. FORWARD INTO THE PAST, The Firesign Theater 5. THE BEATLES, The Beatles 6. LOW, David Bowie 7. RUMORS, Fleetwood Mac 8. BLOODROCK, Bloodrock 9. THICK AS A BRICK, Jethro Tull 10. ANIMALS, Pink Floyd See, kids? That is what we call some WHITE-TRASH HONESTY. Let's hear from you, Bec Doyle HV Hyche Bones McCauley Aaron W. Graham Walter Murray Lindsey Jackson Joseph Mudloff Rhonda Talbot Yolonda Ross Francine Torres
Identifying business questions & actionable insights is the foundation of utilizing for marketing campaigns.
For no apparent reason at all I remind u: Significantly, the Smothers Brothers received their Freedom of Speech Award [in 2012] from comic David Steinberg, whose controversial mock sermons on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour played a key part in having that variety show yanked and the brothers fired, despite three successful seasons on CBS from 1967 to 1969 and an announced renewal for a fourth.
This A&E controversy seems trivial when you compare other "flubs" on air. The Smothers Brothers show was cancelled in 1969 with the backdrop of the Democratic Convention riots in Chicago during the '68 convention. The Brothers soon found themselves in regular conflicts with CBS' network censors. At the start of the 1968/69 season, the network ordered that the Smothers deliver their shows finished and ready to air ten days before air-date so that the censors could edit the shows as necessary. In the season premiere, CBS deleted the entire segment of Belafonte singing "Lord, Don't Stop the Carnival" against a backdrop of the havoc during the 1968 Democratic National Convention, along with two lines from a satire of their main competitor, Bonanza. As the year progressed, battles over content continued, including a David Steinberg sermon about Moses and the Burning Bush. In foot ball, I was so defensive that I was offensive. So even you can be offensive with your defensive style.
Thank you for posting this - I love David Steinberg and Ernie Hudson and John Candy was a dream co-star and sent me flowers after the shoot.
David Steinberg B"H Back around 1978, R'Shlomo took some of the chèvre to a hotel in Jerusalem for a symposium on the three branches of Judaism. A rabbi represented each of the 3 branches: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism. I was dismayed listening to each Rabbi having nothing positive to say, but only blaming the other for Judaism's problems. It was really ugly. Then R'Shlomo, acting as a guest speaker, was asked to speak, and he said, "Sweetest friends, I AM NOT AN ORTHODOX JEW. I AM NOT A CONSERVATIVE JEW. (and with a chuckle) I AM NOT A REFORM JEW. I AM JUST TRYING TO BE A JEW!". At this point the atmosphere was transformed to one of love and acceptance. While R'Shlomo did indeed love, accept and treasure every Jew, it was obvious to anybody that spent considerable time with him, that he was totally dedicated to Torah true Judaism. Regarding any of R'Shlomo's halachally questionable actions, I personally have no doubt that he did it only for the sake of saving Jewish souls and bringing them b ...
Hey Sarah Clotfelter and David Steinberg this is me
Suu Kyi Hints at Boycott of 2015 Vote - Wall Street Journal - December 18, 2013 (Abridged) (Page A11) Myanmar Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi signaled that her party would boycott general elections in 2015 if the constitution isn't amended to allow her to run for president. The Nobel Laureate's comments raised the stakes around the election and its potential to upset Myanmar's progress towards democracy. Nyan Win, the spokesman for Ms. Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy, said Tuesday in an interview that the party has "at the present time, not decided whether to run or not". The NLD would be a strong contender to win in 2015, and would likely select Ms. Suu Kyi as president if she were allowed to run. Ms. Suu Kyi's comments carry significant weight, and raise the specter of sliding back toward pre-reform Myanmar, when Western sanctions against its former military junta were still in place. "Supposing 2015 is free and fair, but the constitution is not changed by then, the key question is what will ...
David Steinberg collaborates with veteran New York Times constructor Bernice Gordon on a puzzle that is historic because of their 83-year age difference. At 99, Gordon is the oldest currently publishing New York Times crossword constructor; at 16, Steinberg is the youngest.
David Steinberg is published in the New York Times for the first time. He is only 14. At the age of 12, he was introduced to the New York Times crossword puzzle by his parents and, after seeing Merl Reagle build a puzzle in the movie Wordplay, began constructing.
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