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David Steinberg

David Steinberg (born August 9, 1942) is a Canadian comedian, actor, writer, director, and author. At the height of his popularity, during the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was one of the best-known stand-up comics in the United States.

Peter Pan Martin Short Captain Hook John Candy Johnny Carson Groucho Marx Smothers Brothers

.and David Steinberg take the stage. You know what that means. It’s time...
Followed one Jason Momoa lookalike and 3 other lookalikes started to follow me. . *likes David Beckham* . Now I wait...
Prof David Steinberg: "backsliding from what is the critical question"
This video rips *** And look at young David Steinberg.
Come listen tonight as I chat with my author David Steinberg and Marsha Casper Cook. David is always great for...
Hire people who are good at what you're not good at. -- David A. Steinberg, Co-Founder/CEO, Zeta Global…
NEW PODCAST: Level-up your ad campaign w/ big data. David Steinberg of explains on Radio.…
The landscape is littered with entrepreneurs who go brand first without really having the product to back it up.…
West Ham pay a high price for keeping faith in Slaven Bilic too long | Jacob Steinberg
We believe machine learning is going to be really the next big evolution in marketing and CRM. (Video + Transcript)…
Sally Field, David Steinberg and Burt Reynolds on vacation in Grenada.
I agree. I'm offended too. I like most of his shows except when David Steinberg directs. Those are not good.
Great piece on featuring and scenes from our 2017 week with
It'll get better with Joan Embery, David Steinberg & Itzhak Perlman.
Lucky me! :) Yes, of course you can email it to me. d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de
Watching Inside Comedy is good for the soul.
Our National Tax Leader on what families can do today to drive success for their
; Big Bird on Speed. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Audio book complete, unabridged David Harrel
names... they come Up with them upon birth or by name change to become an artist entertainer.. not David Steinberg..its his name
who never would have dealt with David Wright back injury if not for saving money on Bonilla, signing Hampton, g…
if the had quoted David Steinberg.. when he wanted to insult the hosts.. that would have been with "WIT"..
as David Steinberg once said.. and David is the King ...CDN too.. "critics r like unics at a gangbang"...they see but cant getAction
4 people have died in Sheriff Clarke's jail, including a baby, and a mentally ill man kept without water for a week https:/…
; . NINA SIMONE on DAVID BOWIE, JANIS JOPLIN and singing STARS( Live at Montreux, 1976)
David J. Steinberg just provided an update on activist position in Great Elm Capital Group Inc $GEC
.President Emeritus reflects on LIU's inclusive history:
did you meet a David Steinberg at Sunday school?
Allan Havey. Richard Pryor. Louis CK. George Carlin, Eddie. Gilbert. David Steinberg. Off top of my head and really…
he was the best Carson guest behind David Steinberg and Rodney
CONGRATULATIONS to members Starr Tyrka, David Steinberg, Julie McAdoo and Todd Edwards who were chosen to...
My vote would be Susan Thompson, David Steinberg and James Armstrong Richardson.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Just found out that your David Steinberg passed away several years ago. How sad. Great actor.
Can create a lasting through Find out here.
Ooooh, also David Steinberg and others on currency crises and political regimes, 2015 ?
Cont. notes David Steinberg, a cosmetic formulation consultant. “How do you guarantee the purity of extracts..he notes a subtle rise in
My mother used to say she pictured Him looking a bit like the comedian David Steinberg.
QUOTE: "We were the guys on the other side. It was hilarious." - David Steinberg
Hey when you were on the why didn't you talk hockey with Oscar? Are you a hockey fan? Curious.
The odd thing about comedy is that the more personal you are, th...
I used to have a theory actually that, if you've had a good chil...
.binge watching session is saving me from having comedy conversation withdrawal. Thank you;…
. David Steinberg, Psychiatrist. . Booga Booga!!. I can't take it anymore.
.. backstage with them in Philadelphia in ’72 when I met David Steinberg
David Steinberg from Californication stars in Digging for the Truth about an ostentatious Helicopter pilot named July
Comedians talk to other comedians the way jazz musicians can talk t...
I just noticed that David Steinberg interviewed Ben Stiller in-between ferns on Inside Comedy. Someone PLEASE tell me this was intentional
The whole idea of doing the Hollywood thing never even occurred ...
hi David, the ladies of My Model Maid would love to come clean the set som…
Groucho Marx interview with David Steinberg on Music Scene TV Show (Jan ... via
How can you maintain a spirit and that will stand the test of time?
I starred in a Broadway play that was Sidney Poitier's first direc...
when are you going to do another Podcast? I need it.
1-star analyst David Steinberg from Jefferies reiterated a BUY on $CORI. David has a -3.2% avg rtrn
Does anyone knows how do I get DLS Capital (David Steinberg) letters or reports?
NEW ARTICLE: 'How Well Does Theory Travel? David Garland in the Global South' by 's Jonny Steinberg -
David Steinberg tells that he is astonished about Douglas Ginsburg's marijuana disclosure & how Democrats r rushing 2 fess up.
David Steinberg tells that Ed Meese would hang a picture of Alzheimer while Michael Deaver would hang Pinocchio.
David Steinberg tells that William F. Buckley asked the presidential candidates what portrait they would hang in their office.
David Steinberg tells he got a satellite dish and constantly gets "Alf" & "The Chosen" with Robby Benson
tells David Steinberg that women weren't allowed to wear brassieres in bra commercials until recently
tells David Steinberg about this great Japanese soap commercial with a bubble
tells David Steinberg the best commercials don't sell the product. Can you say GEICO?
& David Steinberg agree that the beer/urinal commercial would never air in the U.S.
DL edition of my debut novel for today only, the book some woman on the internet called "disturbing."
Free today only, my raunchy coming-of-age novel critics call "sleazy, indecent, disgusting, w no redeeming quality"
☆★☆ Last Stop This Town by David Steinberg is on eBooksHabit! Get it now:
BRIEF-Zealand Pharma: US FDA approves Soliqua 100/33 for treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes
Great Canadian comics are often outsiders and insiders at the sam...
Being a lawyer in New York *** because you're working eighty, s...
You don't need to be stable to be a stand-up comedian.
Money isn't the most important thing in life, and cultural issue. -David Steinberg
My father never lived to see his dream come true of an all-Yiddish-speaking Canada. –David Steinberg
Commentary:David I. Steinberg -- Shock but not awe amid US foreign policy 'brain drain'-
When I talk to Steve Martin, he's joyful when he talks about com...
You might have never heard of software company Zeta Global. CEO David Steinberg has 300 million reasons not to worry https…
The worst thing that can happen to a comedian is to do a documentary...
Drs. Gary Steinberg, Andrea Apolo and David McConkey at conference of Advocacy Network.…
David I'm writing Kids In The Hall AUTHORIZED biography and I'd love to have your comments for it. Can you DM a contact?
Check out this podcast I did, discussing directing 1st feature, measures of success, film vs tv, and more...
Do you know where I would go to get screeners/license clips for Sit Down Comedy?
I don't really dissect comedy. Nothing kills off humor more than ove...
I think I saw you in shul today. Hope you had a good Yom Kippur.
Podcast talking about directing my first feature. Writing, mistakes, what is success?
How Miss Dial got made... interview with writer-director
The show notes for 23 with David Steinberg, as featured on ->
⛳ $Beat David Steinberg, crossing devices, and VR ads that smash you in the face - VB Engage by TheRealSJR
Detroit is now 0-13 v Cleveland since began her article about how Detroit is better than Cleveland. https:/…
Why is the lower half of 's face airbrushed/blurry on . Very distracting.
Hey David, did you ever have Robin on your TV show?
Wow, David Steinberg... You were my very first celebrity crush. :)
Attorney David Steinberg explains the basics of workers compensation benefits.
hey, could I possibly get a follow on my account huge fan x
a little theatre at Second City, Tim Sims playhouse
i met her when she did a one woman play of her Greek wedding show at a little theatre at
New ep w the multi talented, adorable at her humorous best.
Love watching Johnny Carson on ! David Steinberg on now talking about birth of cable TV!
and David Steinberg discuss the state of cable TV.
tells David Steinberg that women who marry men in jail know where their husbands are.
David Steinberg was 40 at the time of this appearance on He is now 73.
David Steinberg talks to about the kidnapping of the race horse Shergar. It is believed it was kidnapped & killed by the IRA.
David Steinberg tells that he knew the Hitler Diaries were fake when it made reference to Ron Howard.
You know it's 1983 if and David Steinberg are discussing the Hitler Diaries
tells David Steinberg about the tacky carpeting on the set.
How the founder of 2 billion-dollar companies bounced back after bankruptcy.
How the founder of two billion-dollar companies bounced back after bankruptcy
"If you want colorful answers, ask colorless questions." - David Steinberg, PhD at
Little Giant Ladders
"Remove the bias when asking questions. Use words that unlock the doors... Be sensitive to sensitive topics" - David Steinberg
"If you want colorful questions, ask colorless questions" - David Steinberg
"Minimize the force of your questions to maximize the response" - David Steinberg
"Why aren't business people taught to ask questions like investigative reporters?" - David Steinberg
When I started, you didn't make a lot of money by being a comedian. Yo...
I started writing this feature comedy in New York - a Chris Farley veh...
David Steinberg was the reason the Smothers Brothers got cancelled.
With at the Reminiscing on our 5 decades of
I don't believe any particular ethnic group is smarter than any other ...
Robert Klein talks about his roots at & working w/ legendary Burt Reynolds!
If he didn't change his name to David Freedom after 9/11 he's against America
US moves on and highlight glaring discrepancies, writes Visiting Scholar David I. Steinberg.
5 hour flight today: gives me a chance to hear Robert Kelin talk w/
Silences are the most underrated part of comedy.
The winner of the tiferes shlomo £40,000 raffle is David Steinberg Gateshead
David will you be my 200th or 201 follower?. I asked but if you act first you get the book. or someone does
Media blitz on Obama in Hiroshima overshadows bizarre contradiction in US policy: Vietnam & Myanmar (David Steinberg)
Cute: David Steinberg thinks he knows better than what's in best interest, how to deal w/
David Price on the mound. MVP on first. Edwin at the dish. What are you doing, fans?
Steinberg has really jumped the shark with this one: "...although some anomalies in human rights certainly...
Commentary: David I. Steinberg -- U.S. moves on Vietnam and Myanmar highlight glaring discrepancies
Podcasts also listening to for Splitsider this week: The Podcast &
listen to act of kindness showed me as young man. Check out epis:
So enjoyed my talk on podcast. Also on Sideshow Network website:
A spontaneous interview feels differently than anything else you see o...
I ask because David Steinberg wrote for it. Did you ever think the YW US dub has similar humor to P&F?
This week on the Podcast: A taste of what’s to come with Robert Klein. —>
I rewrote it and I took all your notes. Read it again, that kind of pe...
I solved the crossword puzzle 'NY Times, Friday, May 13, 2016 ' by David Phillips and David Steinberg / Will Shortz in 00:16:30.
Johnny Carson terrifies David Steinberg with a rubber snake.
I added a video to a playlist Alan Zweibel of SNL, Billy Crystal, Garry Shandling, David Steinberg
via Comedy legends Mel Brooks and David Steinberg reminisce in Beverly Hills
Just another day at house producing new podcast for
LIVE on Recording the first David Steinberg Podcast w Kathy Griffin
Will this wind up on HBO for the East Coasters who can't schlep in to
No joke! So many of his movies are top on my list of all time favorite comedies.
Will you get Mel to sit in the sex fiend chair?
This should be available to watch on TV or maybe Periscope. I love Comic Genius!
Why your company might need a new name
. Let me come. I will only eat some salad. I promise.
Here's an interesting video on how technology can save your work-life balance: via
I'm in! Instead of laughing at my jokes y'all can fix them instead, like old times!
I think we need to have a Wrong Guy anniversary dinner.
watching "something short of paradise". Because sarandons nipples are the best thing in it.
eugen_russ: The single biggest risk you take with
The single biggest risk you take with
Co-founder of says changing his company's helped boost sales & acquire new clients via
Inc: Why you can't let customer data fall through the cracks
Game On by David Steinberg, Invasion of the Overworld by Mark Cheverton, Herbert's Wormhole by Peter Nelson
Saw this: The Verge talks to comic theoriest Scott McCloud, Comixology founders John Roberts and David Steinberg, and Symbolia creative…
Bradley David Steinberg chose law over art, baseball and travel — but he has created time for it all
"Nice" doctors may be better at treating + on why: htt…
How to Evolve into a Better Investor, with David Steinberg of DLS Capita... via
ThankU...But I've always dreamed of my having a showbiz funeral -w/ you,Marty,Gilbert
Come to NYC. I'll arrange a dinner.
Alan you're towering again. Moments like this I wish I were in show biz. LOVE ALL 3
Discover how can protect healt care
finished Burma/Myanmar by David Steinberg and gave it 3 stars - thorough but hard to follow
Can help reduce or even eliminate fraud? via
Mac attack! by Steinberg, David, 1962-: Loud Boy and his friends call upon their superpowers…
Can help reduce or even eliminate fraud? It can and will, says via
On page 10 of 302 of This Thing We Call Sex, by David Steinberg: After reading a couple es...
We sponsored the South Tampa Chamber networking event. David Steinberg & Daniel Renner were in the house!
.premieres Season 4 with on Tuesday, May 5 at 11pm. About:
In any talk about the cost of these days the discussion goes to fraud
David Steinberg from Brokeback Mountain stars in Sports Night about a tolerant Sales representative named Markay
David Hyde Pierce Directs a Campy, but Cobwebby Wedding Comedy: “Shoulda” has a stock set-up: The Steinberg an...
Tuesday Nostalgia Time . Blasts from the past (still going strong).
Mullets, 'murica, and David Spade — it's gotta be a new trailer for Joe Dirt 2
David Steinberg on the Tactics of Deep Value Investing: . David Steinberg on the Tactics of Deep Val...
A must read article on the inner workings of men and sex. David Steinberg's article is nearly 20 years old, and...
Free Showtime preview weekend. Binge-watching episodes with the excellent David Steinberg. Not going to bed anytime soon.
Catch Inside Comedy on this spring! Hosted by veteran comedian Prepare yourself for some exciting interviews!
Oh really?! That's excellent :) Weird issue though! Have you contacted Steinberg with it?
Mr. Brooks, do you have access to David Suskind episode about Jewish Sons? You, David Steinberg & George Segal were guests.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Thanks for the info. I so enjoy your "non-interview" interview style. More like old friends chatting.
David Steinberg used to have lunch every Tuesday with Groucho Marx, Jack Benny and George Burns. That's a lot legendary comedy over lunch.
Both Hyde Park Town Justices to retire. Justices John Kennedy and David Steinberg have announced their intent to...
3 of 5 stars to This Has All Been Wonderful by David Steinberg
David Steinberg explains the cycle of success via /r/funny
David Steinberg explains the cycle of success
David Steinberg explains the cycle of success:
One of my favorite movies. Poster hangs in my living room.
nice, I could think of a lot worse company. Lucky man.
Both you and Al Pacino Rock in different ways! One of you is very funny and the other makes me want to run and hide! LOL!
W Al Pacino at screening of The Humbling. Amazing Performance. Brilliantly directed by Barry Levinson.
"I want to be to sex what Julia Child is to a chicken" - David Steinberg, 1969.
One of my favorite comedies of all time.
Caught the Stan Lee style cameo of in - it only took me 17 years. .
SCTV's hilarious "Peter Pan" with the late, great John Candy as Divine, and Martin Short as David Steinberg.
David, you have to have on new season. Pure genius!
SCTV Peter Pan, w/ John Candy as Divine as Peter and Martin Short as David Steinberg as Captain Hook:
Now you're starting to sound like my agent.
If only the sequel was available for you.
I'm sure you get is all the time but is the show coming back?
watching it for the first time in a while right now. Never knew directed! I'm available for the sequel
It is a masterpiece, thank you for creating such a timeless, endlessly quotable film
When you stick your head in the water machine, it kills me every time!
The commentary was so funny.I cant believe you broke your ankles making this movie
On behalf of , and Thanks for all the kind comments about The Wrong Guy
Congrats to Simpsons' J. Stewart Burns, David Steinberg & me as well as Nora Smith & Greg Thompson on WGA noms!
Pvphs senior David Steinberg's puzzle in today's WSJ.
Think tankers pitch their best video ideas to Slackers and American Pie screenwriter David Steinberg.
Martin Short as David Steinberg as Captain Hook hits it out of the park!
. I am interested. Former head of recruitment at dreamworks. David Steinberg referred me to you . Debbegois my email
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Hi Alison, David Steinberg suggested I should contact you anout recruitment jobs in animation. I think you looked at my linkedin account.
Peter Pan live on SCTV, starring Divine and David Steinberg:.
Kyle Orland, David Thomas (and Scott Steinberg co-wrote this book. And they are all in GJP.
EAVESDROPLET: "Hey, I love Chicago. I'm from Nebraska." (Man at Hydeout Bar in San Francisco by David Steinberg)
EAVESDROPLET: "That's a perfectly normal and rational thing to be crazy about." (Young man on Polk St., by Davi…
I'm sure NBC's will be great, but not better than the version with Divine & David Steinberg
A behind-the-scenes snap from our interview yesterday with entertainment lawyer David Steinberg of…
Great weekend of comedy. Last night Zack Galifianakis. Tonight Larry David in conversation with David Steinberg. Those guys got game!
Video: Frank Moore 1946-2013 from Frank Moore on Vimeo.Photographs by David Steinberg. Music: “Thee...
I have been nominated by David Abrams to write three positive things about my day for three consecutive days, and...
I was fortunate to have met: David A. Steinberg, President of 'UNITY'-Journalists for Diversity, Inc. from...
"is the first true customer lifecycle platform”-CEO, David Steinberg
president David Steinberg addresses and says a future joint conference is up in the air.
safe travels! Btw that guy from unity is David Steinberg
just saw Quality Balls. So great. You are amazing. Do a talk miss seeing you on TV. Love you.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
At the end of the dream rode away on a bicycle into the night.
I just woke up from a nap, had a really weird dream wherein I talked to outside a restaurant.
I really enjoy your interviews on Inside Comedy
Aung San Suu Kyi’s ‘silence’ on the Rohingya: Has ‘The Lady’ lost her voice? Posted on June 1, 2014 by admin pic- horz --- Burma Times 1 June 2014 (CNN) — Having endured nearly 15 years of house arrest with grace and courage, Aung San Suu Kyi has earned a reputation throughout the world as a political superstar of rare moral stature. But for some, mostly from outside the country but also from within, the aura surrounding Myanmar’s most famous daughter has dimmed in recent years. “I think everyone agrees now she has been a disappointment when it comes to human rights promotion,” said David Mathieson, Human Rights Watch’s senior researcher on Myanmar. The Nobel Peace Prize winner’s glittering international reputation means that visiting dignitaries still clamor for a meeting since she emerged from detention in 2010 and set about pressing her case to become the next president of post-reform Myanmar. “Everyone that arrives in Rangoon (Yangon) expects to get a photo op,” said Mathieso ...
Inform your founder of XL Marketing David Steinberg, that his photos are being used on FB via Steve Tom
the Sam Eberle Blues Band Friday night. Went to Supriya and Raam's wedding Saturday (danced for a couple of hours to Sam Eberle's Band, again) and went to dinner and a movie with Sumati and David Steinberg on Sunday, as a gift from them. Thankful Bhavani and I still enjoy a party weekend. ;-)
Reason to binge watch: today's the last day you can catch all 3 seasons of on Showtime On Demand.
Prof. David Steinberg sheds some light on the paradoxes of US policy towards Myanmar - engagement with sanctions
Just watched a delightful documentary about David Steinberg who, later in life, directed Golden Girls, Mad About You, Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Behind on my Inside Comedy. Just watched Bette. THANK U 4including Johnny's song @ the end. Loved it! Love seeing u again!
Watching the same David Steinberg doc you watched, It's not about jokes. It's about stand-up activism. Not a $400M Seinfeld.
Proud of this Great Team, proud of the seniors... Menuer, Nate, Joe, Nick, David, Ryan, Tommy, Schad, and Hendrick. …
“David Steinberg kicks off the first task force meeting Joyce should be req…
watching a documentary about David Steinberg. Everyone's talking about how funny he is. Then come the clips. Not funny.
Would you share our story? A small donation could help save a life.
My column is up. Few others associate and but it made sense to me I must confess.
Legendary comedian David Steinberg is the subject of a new Showtime documentary called Quality Balls
Would you and your followers donate $1 to help save a life? God bless.
David Steinberg tells fellow Millennials why Minneapolis is a great place to live...
"...comes from Second City, and that's the best training you can have." Well, thank you very much
The meaning of "success" part 2 of 2 by comedian David Steinberg
An insightful account and explanation of internal contradictions in US policy toward Myanmar by David Steinberg. the definition of "Success" by comedian David Steinberg part 1 of 2
Thanks to our backers David Steinberg & Fred Kaufman. See all are perks here~
Always glad to see interviewed in a documentary on stand-up.
Set your DVR for a comedy about death. in The End tomorrow at 11:25a ET/8:25a PT on MGM HD.
Watching this great doc on comedian David Steinberg.
Great changes are happening at Steinberg. Excited to see what the future has in store for this incredible team.
A sneak peek! Welcome! Program (Schedule subject to change.) Happy 10th! (Please make sure you sign in the Welcome Book. Make sure you keep half of your ticket, and put the other half in the basket for the drawing for the artwork that is labeled as giveaways. Please be seated at any table that is not reserved. Reserved tables near the front are for performers, special guests, and their families. Please help yourselves to the refreshments.) (Participants' Reception: 5:30pm) Welcome Reception in the “PHS Café:” 6:00pm Please view the artwork displayed in memory of Mr. William A. Gaines, beloved art teacher from Paulsboro High School, and visit the 4 stations of community art in hallway. (No running, or roughhousing in the building. Please silence your phones. Thank you!) (If you would like to read poetry, please sign up on the clipboard near the stage area. Poets will read in the order of sign up. The first 14 poets to sign up will read interspersed throughout the program, one poem, pleas ...
Today at the wedding a lady came up to me and said, "I LOVED YOUR BOOK." And I thanked her. "That chapter on David Steinberg was really funny." Me, "But there was no chapter on David Steinberg." "Yes, the one where he. wait... aren't you?" "No, I'm Steve Bluestein." "Oh" and she felt really badly and tried to apologize. Now I love this lady so it really didn't bother me at all... because five minutes before that someone told me they still laugh at my joke, "I'm a quadra-sexual... I'll do anything for a quarter." That was Ed Bluestone's joke not mine. and When I went to the table to get the card that tells you what table you're sitting at. There was no card for me. So... when this lovely lady, who I love, told me she loved my book... all I heard was... I LOVED YOUR BOOK. IT'S A WHOLE NEW STEVE.
Love hearing David Steinberg of called a nerd. Aren't we all nerds here?
I’m watching "Quality Balls:The David Steinberg Story" and earning great rewards from
Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader via
We are looking for a exhibitionist couple for a demo photoshoot w David Steinberg 5/31. Interested?
When I was 13, my mother got into legal trouble and ended up in jail for three months. During that time, a woman named Lynn Cohen lived with me while my mother was away. She worked the faire and was going to Agoura every weekend, so I was too. I ended up as a washer woman working with Lori Rose and Deena Gornick (spelling?). David Springhorn was my "father." I think they were all probably 10 years older than me. They were brilliant performers. It was an awesome adventure and a great escape from a troubled childhood. My father had died recently, and my mother was struggling with addiction and other issues, so I really needed it. I did some parades and did Court for a few years, where I met some wonderful friends I still know today. I had a tiny part in a court danced show, and got to perform Buffins with swords! Eventually, I found Newcastle dancers, which were I had the most wonderful time! I loved dancing, and have so many friends still from that magical time. I left for a few years and came bac ...
ever try reaching out to David Steinberg to do the pod?
SF's Steinberg has a new president with Rob Steinberg turning over management to David Hart
Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader -
...and from San Francisco news: Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader (Biz Journal)
[SF Biz Journal] Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader
Day 2 Turner Classic movies Whit Stillman,Richard Linklater,Jason Lee and David Steinberg good times were had by all!!
Regina Rex's closure Sunday was the first public development in a campaign begun six months ago by the building's landlord, David Steinberg, that placed pressure on the half-dozen gallery tenants i...
[San Jose Biz] Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader
Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader
Steinberg Architects taps David Hart as new leader: Steinberg Architects has a new presid... via
Dear Met you at Banff Fest in 02. U told me I had to learn how to lie. No can do to :^)
David Steinberg on the flaws in the US Chabot and Crowley Bill
Join our exclusive live chat with comedian Monday 11:00 PT.
Documentary Review:. QUALITY BALLS . If u love humor & laughing out loud. this documentary is for u!. 5 St…
QUALITY BALLS is brilliant! 'Watching it now. LOVE the FBI story. Unbelievable. But totally believable! …
David Steinberger is the CEO of comiXology, the most widely used digital comics platform and carries both Marvel and DC and many others.
I'm sorry to hear that happened. Can we get the model code of your device? Thanks! ^David
Congrats David. Well deserved. When they have the dinner to present it, you can sit anywhere.Not There!
I grew up watching the very cool Steinberg on Carson. Congrats Mr Steinberg on the honor!
The Showtime documentary on David Steinberg is a great watch
We are pleased to announce this year's Johnny Carson Comedy Legend Award recipient...Mr. David Steinberg!
a lifesize David Steinberg bobblehead for starters, for everyone
Steinberg to be honored with Johnny Carson Comedy Legend award: The New York Times has called David St...
David Steinberg said Reagan was "Teflon Reagan" because he reminds people of their grandfather. True
great pic! Looking forward to seeing Paul here at Calgary Expo in a couple of hours. Huge Mad About You fan.
First appearance on The Tonight Show. "Hadji, Faisal, come in look at this!"
I rap a lot about my buddy, David Brenner tonight on Inside Comedy at 11pm with Steinberg on Showtime. RIP DB
If u had a great childhood & a good marriage & a little bit of money,you'd make a lousy comedian - David Steinberg from When Jews Were Funny
The thing that helps humour is oppression; the thing that kills humour is assimilation." - David Steinberg, from 'When Jews Were Funny'
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