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David Seaman

David Andrew Seaman MBE (born 19 September 1963 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire) is a former English football goalkeeper who played for several clubs, most notably Arsenal.

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Worked 20 days straight and I’m finally off tomorrow. Now comes school lol
Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the new David Seaman indicator
David seaman against Sheffield United at old Trafford. Clawed the ball off the line that was behin…
David seaman questioned Hillary's health too, even Breitbart does the right thing...
8/1/1918: Able Seaman Fred Morris, 19, died. He served on H.M.S. "Egmont." Fred was the son of John and Susan Morri…
Hands down the best article of 2017. founder David Seaman permanently banned from Twatter earlier th…
Bumped into David Seaman stocking up on chocolate treats at Faro Airport 2004 after a lads golfing week
'My dad brought home David Seaman's gloves' - Freddie Woodman explains his love for the after debut
'My Dad brought home David Seaman's gloves after Oxford played Arsenal' - Freddie Woodman on where his love…
chroniclelive​.co​.uk >> 'My Dad brought home David Seaman's gloves' - Newcastle's Freddie Woodman on his
All aboard the RRS Sir David Attenborough! We have just listed some exciting vacancies on board our new polar vessel. Looking…
Irish seaman Tom Crean with an armful of sledge dog puppies during the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition led by Ernes…
Who is Arsenal's leading appearance maker? — David seaman or Ray parlour
They’ll never top the year David Seaman bounced his partners head off the ice!
The owner of Comet Pizza was David Brock's boyfriend.
Anyone remember David Seaman nearly taking his partners head off?
. ResearchMedia matters trolls all Check youtube what they did to David Seaman when…
. David Seaman journalisticly wen't through&reported his youtube. The censorship was cruelsome on youtube…
. David Seaman does youtube material still. Check him out!!
. David Seaman did tons of research which he shared on youtube. This was I think around januar…
I'm only watching cos I've heard Lemar is on it! Where are the women pro's from the past like the one w…
I was wanting to go, but am going to see David Seaman's conference in Denver. Anna Kh…
Remember them Sunday nights where you watched David Seaman do a headbanger on Dancing on Ice and then watched Du Plessis…
Remember that urban legend about David Seaman needing his stomach pumped after consuming too many almonds?
'Let's focus on the positives!' - David Seaman urges England fans to enjoy the moment after sealing World Cup spot.
Glitz, glamour and razzmatazz: David Seaman on the Premier League revolution that shaped English football
Fantasy Brexit Team: Kim and Aggie, Zac Starkey, Goldie, A pot of Scottish Blend, Aled Jones, David Seaman, The cast of Game of Thrones.
The "commentators" I listen to, like HA Goodman and David Seaman, are eng…
Arsenal legend David Seaman gives insight into what Arsene Wenger is really like
My best player of all time Thiery Henry,Andy Cole,Ronaldo De Lima,Ashely Cole,Samwel Eto,Didier Drogba,David Seaman,Viera,
Arsenal legend David Seaman: This is what Stan Kroenke must change the most (Source: Daily & Sunday Express)
What's this Croatian gibberish..? One minute he's Emlyn Hughes, the next he's David Seaman.
County staying up, pitch invasion featured a bloke with one leg and a David Seaman look a like (circa Euro 96), full marks all round.
On this day in 2003, David Seaman made one of the greatest saves ever. .
Things Rotherham is famous for: James May, David Seaman, Brassed Off, The Chuckle Brothers, (me)...and entering the…
David Seaman, Ray Clemence, Petr Cech, better keepers than Complete rubbish! Best top flight keeper, ever
Hmmm... David Seaman, known nutter and nobody, or the FBI. Who to believe...?. I think I'll stick with the feds, t…
can't even trust David Seaman anymore ... He is with the Alex Jones dis info on pizzagate now. Nudging a…
.legend David Seaman urges the Gunners to "come out and say what's happening" with Arsene Wenger.
David Seaman urges Arsenal to clarify Arsene Wenger's future in charge - Daily Mail
David Seaman's You Tube account was deleted. What the *** happened to the first amendment!! Then Google deletes 144,000 pages?
Do follow David Seaman and do you know what has happened to him??? Very strange
Surely the worst backpass attempt ever was that delightful Lee Dixon chip over David Seaman.
Out with the fake news and in with some real reporting, top 2 candidates are Mark Dice and David Seaman for press passes.
David Seaman retired from football on this day in 2004. What a goalkeeper!
Petr Cech demonstrating what David Seaman should have done with Ryan Giggs shot at Villa Park Cup semi replay 1999.
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Innocent 'til proven guilty, but until a counter argument is offered to David Seaman's reports, SOMETHING is horribly wrong.
Looking forward to seeing your interview w/ David Seaman re: aired! Don't backpedal now, just do it.
David seaman: All that satan/Lucifer talk will be used to destroy the integrity of a unique & genuine citizen's investigation.
Home to the Chuckle Brothers, James May, David Seaman... Need I go on? 😂
Scandal Update from David Seaman. New information from Seaman that includes the revelation of what...
. Why not reinvite David Seaman? . Britt Pettibone is very articulate on too
I was on board with David Seaman 4 a while but he's completely lost it. His video about the NSA re PizzaGate was just laughable
What is the most compelling evidence you've seen? I've watched some David Seaman videos but they didn't impressed me
I am un following anyone that has not figured out that David Seaman is a shill and a fraud. Sorry. Can't stand stupid people.
or that David seaman doesn't include Aaron Swartz in &normalized people thinking it was suicide when questionable
Joe have David Seaman back in the show to talk about
Probably because the beaches always get trashed
I liked a video Thanks For MENTIONING Back to the Future "DAVID SEAMAN" PizzaGate Pysop? BOMBSHELL
I just started following David Seaman on
New David seaman video pizzagate current events.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Good job leaving David Seaman hanging dude and you are Alex Jones's best Journalists
Scandal Updates, Obamacare *** More Than Ever David Seaman excellent journalist. One of the good guys.
Trevor Noah the shill ask David Seaman to come on his show to talk about and we need to support him
TDS just bailed on David Seaman... check his latest Vid.
Plus, I'm 99% sure hashtag was started by David Seaman, a known tool and nobody.
EA-18G Growler is readied for flight aboard USS Nimitz CVN 68 - U.S. Navy photo by Seaman David Claypool
I liked a video David Seaman should be 100% long Ethereum- True believers don't panic and are long
absolutely. Throw money at Pettibone or David Seaman if you have money burning in your pocket, not that guy
David Seaman's posts from today. . .
Just been speaking to David Seaman on his induction into the Hall of Fame ++ Joe Hart.
England. Total mess. Joe Hart has his first EVER truly good game for England (winning points) and it's like he's David Seaman mk2. Desperate
Star spotting yesterday fundraiser for Stacey Soloman, 911, David Seaman, Jake Wood and the most famous QC on the planet!
Have you seen former Huffington Post writer David Seaman on YouTube? He crossed the "line" & now it's crystal clear to him.
Lee Dixon will be smashing a few OG's past David Seaman in today's warm up
all you'll find is pictures of Lee Tomlin & David Seaman
Joe Hart did a Rob Green who did a Paul Robinson who did a David Seaman. So there you go.
in 2002. Ronaldinho lobbed David Seaman and knocks OUT of the World Cup!.
I'm not being biased, I'm really not but Nigel Martyn was equal to David Seaman and better than David James.
Good match. But can we go back to the fact David Seaman, Darren Anderton & Terry Venables were hired to promote Independence Day now?
"Right, we need to promote this new Independence Day film, who can we get in?" Terry Venables, David Seaman and Darren Anderton, obviously.
David Seaman, Darren Anderton, Terry Venables... you should be ashamed of yourselves.
Have I just seen Terry Venables, Darren Anderton and David Seaman in an advert for Independence Day 2? Seriously?
on Shearer's bbc effort, Skinner claimed David Seaman asked him "Frank, who is Jules Rimet?" - Dave Seaman from Yorkshire.
Next up is with David Seaman, Jack Whitehall and Marvin Humes
Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian at Soccer Aid , can't wait to see him lob David Seaman again
David Seaman but with a massive nod to Bob Wilson and Pat Jennings ... two great keepers as well
I wonder how many new Manchester City fans know that David Seaman retired there!
With a great keeper in David seaman
David Seaman played for Man City. Forgot about that
These supersport people just decided to show a docu on David Seaman right after the game.
David Seaman montage videos give me goosebumps, oh but the good Lord what a player.
Watching David Seaman on PLP talking about the best save if his career. We all know which that was don't we?!?!
David Seaman's pony and moustache combo was such a viciously bad look, classic
How great was David Seaman.. Wish we had keepers to that standard now 😅😂
Nice little feature on David Seaman that. Amazing keeper but not even the best 90s keeper whose surname begins with S.
When you can't be bothered with oven gloves because you're channeling David seaman.
partaking in the art of tasting the local ales + lucky coincidence if i find the next David Seaman!!
David Seaman (32%) has saved a higher proportion of penalties in the English Premier League than Heurelho Gomes.
13 years ago today, David Seaman pulled off this incredible save.
well you will invite your mate .. Even if she didn't eat. Nice burgers though weren't they!? X
29% - Of goalkeepers to have faced 20+ pens in the PL, only David Seaman (32%) has saved a higher proportion than Heurelho Gom…
Thibaut Courtois better goalkeeper than David De Gea - David Seaman
David Seaman and one of the best saves in history.
On this day: Sheffield United are denied by incredible save from Arsenal's David Seaman...
On this day 13 years ago, David Seaman made one of the greatest saves of all time.
ON THIS DAY: In 2003, David Seaman made one of the greatest ever saves in the FA Cup semi final vs Sheffield United.
No way that Paul.I think either Petr Chech or David Seaman
Not many of us remember Lee Dixon for his finishing ability, David Seaman does though.
(27/3/91) It's 1-1 at Wembley as Niall Quinn equalises for the Republic of Ireland past David Seaman.
"Axe Arsene Wenger and Arsenal could end up like Manchester United warns David Seaman". 3 Champions league and 7 more t…
News on Jack Wilshere's Euro 2016 and David Seaman discusses the title race in Media Watch:
Manchester City's Joe Hart still England's number one by a 'long, long way', says David Seaman
George Graham summed it up perfectly. "John Lukic is a great keeper, but I just think David Seaman is the best". How true that was!
if Lee Dixon, David Seaman and Thierry Henry all think it is a penalty then it's probably a penalty.
Ladies, if you get the chance to marry David Seaman, take it. He's a keeper.
I wonder if David has hidden his house maid Vaginica Seaman in his suitcase?
I so hope David Guest brings up Vaginaca Seaman 😂😂😂
the way hart plays some time, I'd rather have David Seaman
I liked a video Phoenix from the Flames David Seaman
Pulled off a David Seaman save of century last night but at what cost?
How can this guy say Arsenal need David seaman back 😭😭😭
Unreal keepers we've had at this club Pat Jennings David Seaman Jens Lehman Petr Cech and the incomparable Manuel Almunia
I need to find a David Seaman, I can't be in a pickle jar all year
look how much David Seaman hates taxes
I'd like to check more David Seaman Q&As now to see if this obsession extended - someone definitely got audited...
David Seaman's claim to fame seems fairly underwhelming
Ronaldinho interview. Toughest opponent...Il Capitano of course .
is that David Seaman between the sticks?
Jens Lehmann played in the FA Cup Final and David Seaman as well after not playing in earlier rounds
David Seaman's save against Lombardo in the penalty shoot out to win the tie for Arsenal.
“I wanted to bring the same success that David Seaman did”
Lee Dixon, Steve Bould, Nigel Winterburn, David Seaman, Martin Keown and Tony Adams with the Premier League trophy https…
Final memories: David Seaman on the 1993 League Cup Final >>
Will Huffer in England u18s squad. Hope he follows the likes of David Seaman, Paul Robinson and Scott Carson.
Redmen TV picked Pepe Reina over David Seaman in a Premier League combined XI for Liverpool and Arsenal.Unreal.
Very interesting to hear Lee Dixon on the Super Cup highlights show saying that David Seaman used to practice free kicks with no wall...
Lee Dixon used David Seaman to say he would use no wall to save free kicks in training.
reckon SI's final deathknell was Bobby Davro, Dale Winton and David Seaman wearing it in 96
At a friends wedding today and who should appear but David Seaman. Not as a guest I might add, just at the same venue lol
so using your logic, Lee Dixon is a bigger Arsenal legend than David Seaman or Ian Wright?
omg so forgot that i saw RPatz and Twigs on Shoreditch High St. Same day as seeing David Seaman, Martin Fowler and Thom Yorke.
Christ. Curtain Road is killing it today. Spotted, David Seaman, Thom Yorke AND Martin Fowler from Eastenders. What a time to be alive
We signing David Seaman. I'm sure we wanted to get him out of retirement for the merthyr tydfil game back in 2005
David Seaman and one of the best saves ever.
Oliver Khan. Van Der Saar. Peter Schmeichel. David Seaman. Goal keepers that got better when they hit the 30yr mark, But No…
Only Petr Cech conceded less goals (16) than Arsenal's goalie David Seaman (17) in a single Premier League season after more than 35 games
ON THIS DAY, 2002: David Seaman forgot how to jump and Ronaldinho scored a stunning free-kick.
Have Arsenal finally found a successor to David Seaman? Tom Adams discusses...
Now off to BT to record with Paul Gascoigne, David Seaman & Stuart Pearce. If you have a question for any of them use the hashtag
Please ask David Seaman who he thinks the top female goalkeeper in the World Cup
.Good newsletter today, David. Enjoy it tremendously.
I can't watch snapchat stories on friday and Saturday nights man lol
David Seaman says Cech's arrival could make ...
The flying Dutchman and Schmeichel, Oliver Kahn and David Seaman all might have something to say about that. And Neuer.
my favourite footballer when I was 8? David Seaman without a doubt.
David Seaman & Andy Townsend in the pub... (Please don't forward this to people who ... (Vine by
Leading Seaman David Charles John Capelin Howe Bttn Royal Naval Division is killed at age 19. His brother will be killed in February 1917.
DO NOT MISS z new David Seaman Hour! with Biohacker Dave Asprey http…
can't forget Ben Pringle and Ralf *** and ofcourse the infamous David Seaman
David Seaman: “A lot of rumours that Petr Cech has become available. He'd start for anyone in the Premier League."
ON THIS TRANSFER DAY: In 2003, Man City signed David Seaman after his release from Arsenal at the age of 39.
Hopefully I get my id tmrw so I can be out to David seaman sat
E jo, Zidane was too amazing to watch. Same as Ronaldinho...and that his FK against David Seaman. 😭😭😭
On this day in 2003: Man City sign David Seaman leading to post this risky headline!
Exclusive: Arsenal transfer target Petr Cech ‘will be in high demand,’ says legend David Seaman
doesn't look like you Gary, u sure that's not David "safehands" seaman
David Seaman: “I don't want to disrespect Ospina or Szczesny, but Cech is a quality GK and he would seriously strengthen ***
" On this day: Man City sign David Seaman leading to Sky Sports posting this risky headline "
Tony Adams, David Seaman & Charlie George were in a box behind me
What a day! In a box next to Mertesackers wife and family, and two down from David Seaman and Tony Adams! Quality day, wrong result 👎🍺
how you doing fella. Missed Tony Adams and David Seaman they went back into their box. But such a great day
Had to get the OGs involved.David Seaman & Tony Adams
What a release when Theo scored. Everyone rampant!!! David Seaman and Tony Adams in the row behind us. How good is that?
David Seaman and Andy Townsend worked behind a bar at the FA Cup Final, all for some fans!
Paul Merson says David Seaman was the best keeper in Premier League. Two words
I'll swap you my David Seaman for your Alan Shearer?
why does my brain think that's 3 players. David Seaman . Dwight Yorke. (Sting)Ray Clemence?
33 minutes in and Lee Dixon hasn't mentioned David Seaman.
V excited that Colin Farrell is playing former Arsenal/England goalkeeping legend David Seaman in TRUE DETECTIVE s2: http…
David Seaman still looks strange with short hair and no moustache
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You got it David Seaman reached for his TV remote and broke his hand. . What was he so keen to watch??
David Seaman would probably day otherwise
Yo do you reckon we'd be having these atrocious GK issues if we had David Seaman or Jens Lehmann (or both) as coaches?
David Seaman and Dancing on Ice star Frankie Poultney share wedding day with HELLO!
Something like whenever Beckham plays good, he drinks Becks. When it’s Ben Foster he drinks Fosters. So he hated when David Seaman performs
a David Seaman of that style of Nike "star" keepers shirt is of course in the book 🙈
Swiss francs just arrived ahead of next week. 10 CHF reminiscent of David Seaman's 1996 World Cup kit.
...David Seaman, and Bryan Gunn solve crimes for a mysterious multi-millionaire fish finger magnate. The spin-off could be Gunn For Hire.
David Ospina pretty much sums Arsenal fans up. Comes in for 3 games and is the next Seaman then a few games later fans calling for his head
Why Jens and David Seaman isn't out GK coach over Gerry Peyton is 😂😂😂😂
Madonna reminding me the end of David Seaman's career, falling over ungracefully having gone too far past reasonable retirement age
Ospina should work on his reflexes . That deflection wasn't too far away ... I see David seaman saving that
It’s part of their (European) DNA. Google David Seaman and Deportivo La Coruna.
they resurface at some point. Good luck david.
The goal that retired David Seaman via /r/
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
David Seaman and Frankie Poultney share first picture from surprise wedding
Sky Sports' headline when Manchester City had signed David Seaman in order to replace Peter Schmeichel.
Lee Dixon, David Seaman and Stuart having a go at Rob; the club's chef
David Seaman is the happiest man in the world, good on him.
Do you remember when David Seaman played goalie for England?. 'Seaman's just eveywhere in the box' etc...
David Seaman on in the and the Importance of
Daily Telegraph chief football reporter Henry Winter on Joe Hart's performance: "That's the best performance from an English goalkeeper I've seen here since David Seaman for England in 1997. "He was terrific and made saves at key moments in both halves. He'll get praise alongside the likes of Zabaleta and Milner, who was tireless. "But, the man who will come out of this the best will be Manuel Pellegrini. "I hope he goes off and has a nice bottle of red to celebrate."
On the evidence of the current series of The Apprentice, I think next year's teams could be called Misogyny & Hyperbole. And is it wrong of me that I'd invariably prefer to be in the losers' caff than abseiling or playing football with David Seaman? While the rest of the team looked miserable or moody or just quietly seethed, I'd be tucking into my big breakfast & saying, "Does anyone want that last slice of fried bread?"
I'm sorry, but none of prizes for winning have been better than the penalty shoot out against David Seaman.
Plot twist: David Seaman’s on the boat ready for another kickabout.
Macaroons and Martinis on a yacht is almost as good as playing with David Seaman
"Tech changes the world more than activism" does. An Interview with David Seaman on Social Change and Altcoins:
David Seaman, old safe hands himself, dropped by when I was at work. He's a very big man. A very very big man.
David Seaman on in the Media, Social Change & the Importance of
I opened a pack containing David seaman then I got disconnected from the ea servers my pack and my coins where gone
David Seaman is an independent journalist who has been advocating for civil liberties and the rollback of the...
on in the Media, Social Change and the Importance of
David Seaman on Bitcoin in the Media, Social Change and the…
Sergio Pizarro merked David Seaman leave it lol
Paul Merson, Tony Adams, David Seaman, Martin Keown, Nigel Winterburn. My dad swept the streets by highbury and went
David Seaman has issued his backing for Wojciech Szczesny despite Arsenal’s stuttering defensive form this season.
[News] David Seaman has told Arsene Wenger to keep his faith with Wojciech Szczesny instead of launching a bid for Petr Cech.
David Seaman: 'Keep faith with Wojciech Szczesny': Arsenal legend David Seaman has told Arsene Wenger that he ...
Since when did David Seaman and Paddy Considine have the same face?!
Michael Owen burned off Tony Adams and Lee Dixon with his pace to beat David Seaman brilliantly for LFC vs Arsenal in 2001
Hi David, I've never apologised to you about putting this on the Internet. Sorry 😀
It might not be as good as David Seaman's iconic Mo but England's No1 Jo Hart is supporting - Are you?
David Seaman wins at garish goalkeeper shirts.
Party hopping *** Yo I'm drunk and idk What's the game plan
Dude with Michael Owen and David Seaman in his team rage quits. Div 9 won son. aw yis.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I wonder if anyone ever asked David Seaman to come over?
could even be considering David Seaman
The keepers of England's national wicket and goal! Once it was Alec Stewart and David Seaman
I'm hard at work eating Domino's as we speak!
David Seaman wore a green goalkeeper top that night. Was the only time I recall seeing that GK shirt. Love the navy shirt
Bruh that guy didn't even leak a nude he leaked her with bear David seaman all over her boat race madting
tell me you at least considered Lehman and David Seaman
I now know where the last place on earth where I would like to be is; David Seaman's Balcony
I just sent to The David Seaman Hour using
We nearly did. 3 and David Seaman with Nige on the bench v France 99 ish
David Seaman should of saved that goal of Ryan Giggs the treble winning season.
Are Nigel Mansel and David Seaman the same person?
Best wishes, Mr Wilson!. PS there's one thing I could never quite figure out- David Seaman and his ponytail!
I'm yet to see willy do much other than jump around the ball to let it roll in our net 🙈 wheres david seaman when you need him?
Surely David Seaman wins the fishy footballer debate?
David Seaman, Paul Merson, Lee Dixon and Alan Smith find time to watch some TV, 1992.
Robyn's Halloween outfit iv told her to do ... Get a big dirty tash, goalie strip and tie her hair in a pony tail ... Big David seaman
"David Seaman, he was amazing in shirt never won it though did he
Has to be David Seaman for certainly. Very few better than him.
David Seaman was an all time goal keeper in red and white shirt
David Seaman, he was amazing in shirt
such a beautiful man. Not quite on the level of David Seaman at his prime but close
Seems like Marvel is gonna take over lol
Dr David Seaman is killing it at the World Golf Fitness Summit.
I would consider buying some $Arch. But not until I hear a few zealots pull a David Seaman and capitulate. Little too cult like atm...
all-time fav goalkeeper is David Seaman ofcourse! and for the moment it is szczesny
done the Bobby Moore 5k cancer run and was running alongside David Seaman.
David Seaman's save vs Sheffield is still too this day the best save I have ever seen.
Happy birthday to David Seaman, the goalie turns 51 today. One of the finest top lips in football history.
Today's deadline day rumours include Jonjo Shelvey, Frimpong and a shock return to the Premier League for David Seaman
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
all the best people were born on that date. Me, your husband, Jeremy Irons, David Seaman...
The likes of Schmeichel, David James and Seaman were all class act, but I feel Cech edged them all.
David Beckham nominated Leonardo DiCaprio for the Ice Bucket challenge... We all know how that went last time 😂
I sent bitcoin to David Seaman Hour (davidseaman) using Coinbase. -cutting edge crypto-currency info. Check him out.
LIttle siblings are growing up so fast :( lol
My little brother had his first day of middle school today. I can't wait till he gets home and I can ask how his day went
David Seaman's hair and mustache were majestic!
David Seaman really could've used some better depth perception.
You’ll never let David Seaman forget, will you?
Were thinking of David Seaman when lob was going towards goal
Besitkas think David Seaman is still in goals for us
Via yesterday: Simon Raymonde on one-off football/shoegaze act the Lillies Song:
David Seaman: Regulating bitcoin is like trying to regulate email, or the numbers of hours of daylight ...
Stunned that - a man of such refined taste - should be a Spurs man. Great article tho!
A lovely article about Simon Raymond's (love affair with the mighty Spurs:
Get 6 Free VitaTops
some powerful & poetic vibes you've conjured within that link, David. Something told me click this time. Glad I did.
David Seaman other half is tiny. . Me and the BF at ascot last week
Congrats to all involved in MDBA Native Fish Strategy, winner today of DEPI's 2014 David Ashton Environment Award. http:…
Today's answer - David Seaman and Tony Adams. Well done if you got it right!
Tony Adams and David Seaman I reckon. Hope you're well Daz!
I've met David Seaman multiple times, safe hands.
My ideal lineup would involve Lord Sugar, David Seaman, the Mitchell brothers and The Rock.
Monday's teaser answer... Tony Adams. David Seaman. was first in today! Well done Scott.
My aim in life is to get a nun pregnant there's no way it'd be a holy child with my David Seaman.
singing to pogatez you're just a fat David seaman was the best
I have just taken part in the for Macmillan. I nominate David Godley and *** Seaman
David likes chicken fries. therefore we like chicken fries. all hail David.
The best thing 2 come out of Peterborough since David Seaman, play 11/18. Tix on sale Fri.
The only man that could ever and will ever pull off a ponytail was David Seaman, so stop trying
David Seaman made his debut in Nov '88 and played his last game in Oct 2002
David Seaman won't be happy about this! is a genius. I saw 2 CTwins gigs, Norwich & Mcr
The Byline: A must read for all football an music fans. Hoping for an article featuring Mark E Smith
The Byline is our new series on music & football, starting with Spurs & Simon Raymonde of
Simon Raymonde on The Cocteau Twins, Spurs, Pat Nevin & Gazza in our new series on music and football
Cocteau Twins' Simon Raymonde on his love affair with :
'…And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed About That' Simon Raymonde on his love affair with Spurs:
Here's a list of people who I think are paedophiles:. Bruce Forsyth . Noel Edmonds . Jasper Carrot. Richard O'Brien . David Seaman . Mr Tumble
Not sure I agree, but your suggestion is more helpful than David's is.
David Seaman's GK shirt from his days at Peterborough United in 1982.
😂😂 the man looks like David seaman on benefits and all the gang signs and gun fingers 😭😭
David, military industrial trolls aren't on the web...they're employed running mainstream media.
like your art!! I want something for the podcast's cover art on iTunes though, has to say "David Seaman Hour"
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