David Ruffin & Otis Williams

Davis Eli David Ruffin (January 18, 1941 – June 1, 1991) was an American soul singer and musician most famous for his work as one of the lead singers of the Temptations from 1964 to 1968 (or the group's Classic Five period as it was later known). Otis Williams (born October 30, 1941) is an American baritone singer. Nicknamed Big Daddy , he has also acted as a sporadic songwriter and record producer. 5.0/5

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Otis Williams?. Melvin Franklin?. Paul Williams??. Eddie Kendricks???. David Ruffin?. I'm sorry but name me a better group.
David Ruffin disses Melvin Franklin and his pimp Otis Williams
LIVE FROM BOWMAN GYM - THE TEMPTATIONS ON WGRE! February 7, 1969, Greencastle, Ind. - A sellout crowd of DePauw University students didn't need much to "get ready" for a night of music from The Temptations. The Motown favorites performed an 8:15 p.m. concert in Bowman Gym this evening as part of DePauw's "Winter Weekend." The Temptations -- whose hits include The Way You Do the Things You Do, My Girl, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, I Wish It Would Rain, and their new single, Cloud Nine -- were selected as the result of a campus opinion poll which ranked the group as the top choice of DePauw students. The immediate sellout, with all $5 tickets being sold to DePauw students, proves that "if you give the students what they want they'll support it," says Union Building Senior Board President Russ Sklenicka. The Temptations are: David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, and Otis Williams. Join WGRE DJ Bob Crane deep in the bowels of Bowman Gym as he interviews Paul Williams of the Temptations.
Now I dedicate myself to two music genres, I also appreciate very much, represented by my favorite group THE TEMPTATIONS AND THEIR GREATEST 20 HITS (y) (y) (y) They are an American vocal group known for their success with Motown Records during the 1960s and 1970s. Famous for their choreography, distinct harmonies, and flashy wardrobe, they were highly influential to R&B and soul music. Please be so kind and do not post videos of the group until I'm done - Bitte seid so nett und postet keine Videos der Gruppe bis ich fertig bin :-) - The "Classic 5" lineup 1965: David Ruffin (bottom left), Melvin Franklin (top left), Paul Williams (top right), Otis Williams (bottom right), and Eddie Kendricks (center).
  ABOUT THE SONG "I WISH IT RAIN"   The song is one of the most melancholy in the Temptations repertoire, with lead singer David Ruffin delivering, in a pained voice, the story of a heartbroken man who wants to hide his sorrow. His woman has just left him, and he wishes that it would start raining, to hide the tears falling down his face because "a man ain't supposed to cry".   Accompanying Ruffin's mourning vocal are the vocals his bandmates Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, and Otis Williams, the subdued instrumentation of The Funk Brothers studio band, and, courtesy of Whitfield, sound effects depicting the "sunshine and blue skies", with the sound of chirping seagulls, and the sound of thunder and rain described in the song. Producer Norman Whitfield devised much of the musical structure of the song, with former Motown artist Barrett Strong composing the song's signature piano intro on a piano with only ten working keys.[1] Motown staff writer Roger Penzabene provided the song's lyri ...
The best Temptations group was David Ruffin, Paul, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams and Melvin. That group was the best of…
The Temptones & The Temptations at the Uptown Theatre, 1967 from left (back): Eddie Kendricks, Daryl Hall, David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Barry Glazer, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin; from left (front): Brian Utain, Ken Halpern
Deliver Us from Temptation: The story of the Temptations, one of Glory and Tragedy "I just finished watching The Temptations Story on TV. And I was staggered to find out every single original member of the group, except for Otis Williams has died. What makes it sadder is that none of them were that old when they died, at the very most they were in their early 50s. 1. , Paul Williams suffered from mental and emotional issues, committed suicide 2. Elbridge Bryant succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver, likely brought on by his heavy drinking, 3. David Ruffin died of a drug overdose 4. Lung cancer claimed Eddie Kendricks 5. Melvin Franklin experienced Multiple health issues And it's not just the Temptations from the Motown family that have died early; Marvin Gaye, Florence Ballad, Tammi Terrell all died prematurely and I am sure there are others. Mt.6:13 "And do not lead us into temptation, but Deliver Us from evil. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.'
I'm David Ruffin you Otis Williams ain't nobody coming to see you Otis
Paul Williams got the group on, David Ruffin elevated the group, Otis balanced the group, Melvin was the peacemaker & Edie was the charmer.
Just sitting here watching the last of the Temptations movie. Those were the good days Otis Williams, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin and Melvin Franklin were the best. Their voices were golden especially David Ruffin one of a kind . David Ruffin is sorely missed even though it's been like over 20 years since he died.
Temptations Live! was the first live album to be released by The Temptations. Recorded on October 3, 1966 in the Upper Deck of the Roostertail club in Detroit, Michigan, and released on album by Gordy (Motown) Records in 1967, the album features David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, and Otis Williams performing their regular live repertoire for a highly receptive crowd mostly consisting of young women. Included in the set are Temptations hits such as "My Girl", "My Baby", "Get Ready", "Ain't Too Proud to Beg", "Don't Look Back", and the group's then-current single, "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep". Out of the several live albums the group recorded during their career, this is the only one to feature David Ruffin. Track listing Superscripts denote lead singers for each track: (a) David Ruffin, (b) Eddie Kendricks, (c) Paul Williams, (d) Melvin Franklin. Side one Intro by Scott Regen – 1:09 Medley – 4:49 "Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" (Norman Whitfield, Edward Holland, Jr.) b "Th ...
January 3, 2014 Camelwalk Production’s Trivia Question of the day The Temptation mid-60’s lineup of Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, David Ruffin and Paul Williams have been labeled as the “Classic Temptations.” In this context, the lead singers on an overwhelmingly large portion of their songs during this time, was either David Ruffin or Eddie Kendricks, with an occasional spot lead by Paul. Can you name the only song while in this grouping where David and Eddie shared lead vocals? Which Temptation do you think did the best job as a lead singer?
And lead us not into David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, et al.
if only , Paul Williams , David Ruffin , Otis Williams , Eddie Kendricks , & Melivin Franklin woulda all stayed in the temptations v.v
i was mad as *** once i found out the real Otis Williams was waaayyy finer than David Ruffin!
OK Kiddies, since I got such a positive response to my "tease" status from last night about the upcoming Temptations podcast, I figured it would be good to send out a full fledged QOTD to solicit your ideas/opinions on what songs you'll want to hear. A couple of quick facts now and maybe I'll expand on this note in the future as things progress:   1. Not working on this by myself, I've drafted EJ (Flavors) and Jolene (Kay White Bethune) to assist me with this effort.   2. The mix is currently planned to be 5 mixes released each day of the Memorial Day holiday weekend starting on Thursday on through that Monday.   3. Going to try and cover as much of the group's significant history as possible (plus some good obscure stuff that may have been overlooked). So far the breakdown looks like:   A) Mix & - The "Classic Five" Era (David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Otis Williams & Melvin Franklin)   B) Mix - Solo Efforts by the "Lead Singers" (mostly Ruffin, Kendricks and Dennis Edwards)   C) Mix ...
David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Otis Williams & Melvin Franklin are the reasons Im in love with music.
This has been a tough week for fans of the Temptations as former lead singer Richard Street passes at age 70. Richard joined the The "Tempts" replacing the late Paul Wiliams. Richard led the classic "Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)" & "Aiming At Your Heart". In a group where everyone was a lead singer Richard joins the standouts David Ruffin, Eddie,Dennis Edwards & Ollie Woodson the most memorial voices it the group. Otis Williams remains the only original member of the group.
Tonight,another angel sings among his band members in Rock and Roll Heaven.Richard Street formerly of The Temptations has joined the band of angels,Richard began singing with Otis Williams,and Melvin Franklin as Otis Williams and The Distants,But quit when he felt the group was being expected to perform,before their royalties were commissioned,However he did travel with the group later when they became The Temptations as a stage manager,but before long he would be called upon to fill in for Paul Williams who was not battling alcoholism the way he was depicted in the film,but sickle cell anemia.However after Eddie Kendrick left the group,Richard,Like Damon Harris who passed last week he would take on a near Eddie like falsetto,Richard would also sing the lead on Dvid Ruffin's signature Tempts hit,My Girl,and although he was no David Ruffin,he was a great singer,Anyone who saw Motown 25 back in the day can vouch that although,THERE WAS ONLY ONE DAVID RUFFIN.AND WITHOUT HIM THE TEMPTS WERE BUT A GROUP IN SEA ...
Richard Street, former lead singer of THE TEMPTATIONS Three time Grammy Award, Two time American Music Award winner …. “Richard Street, former lead singer of THE TEMPTATIONS Richard Street’s passion for The Temptations goes back to its origins in 1955 as a member of the Detroit doo *** group The Distants, which included long time Temptation, Otis Williams, as well as Richard’s cousin, the late Melvin Franklin who was The Temptations legendary bass singer until his untimely death in 1995. Richard left The Distants in 1959 to form The Monitors and the other members eventually went on to record for the newly formed Motown record label as The Temptations. But Richard always kept a hand in the band. Motown president Berry Gordy hired him in 1963 as a sort of quality control producer at the label, asking him to listen to new recordings and occasionally lend his tenor voice to sweeten a vocal track. By 1969 The Temptations’ silky harmonies had made them the top R&B vocal group in the world with a strin ...
Who wanna be apart of the new Temptations with Me (David Ruffin) Matthew MattSpooky Allen (Paul Williams) we need and Otis Williams, Melvin Thompson, and Eddie Kendricks
Otis Williams (Otis Miles) was born on October 30, 1939, in Texarkana, TX where he lived with his grandmother. About 10 years later, he moved to Detroit to live with his mother. In 1959, he befriended schoolmate Melvin Franklin after hearing his voice on a track by The Voicemasters, and invited him to join his group, The Distants. By early 1961, Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams, members of a rival group, The Primes, would join members of The Distants Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin and Elbridge Bryant to form the Elgins. After auditioning for Berry Gordy and signing a contract with Motown, the group became The Temptations. In 1964, Elbridge Bryant became a problem, and was replaced by David Ruffin. Since 1995, all of the original members have passed on and only Otis Williams remains.
Am I the only white guy that knows who Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Otis Williams, Marvin Franklin and David Ruffin are?
If I had been Otis Williams, surrounded by talent like David Ruffin & Paul Williams, I'd have been a hater too.
David Ruffin: I'm the one sellin' the records. They're comin' to see me. Otis Williams: They're comin' to see the Temptations. David Ruffin: Ain't nobody comin' to see you, Otis! You wish you could work it the way I do, but you can't! Because there is only one David Ruffin. And without him, the Temps ain't nothin' but a group in SEARCH of a David Ruffin. Matter of fact, I been thinkin'. We should call the group David Ruffin And The Temptations. Yeah, that sound good to me. Y'all beggin' me not to leave you. [sings] David Ruffin: "And I refuse to let you go." Yeah, David Ruffin And The Temptations. Whatcha think? Otis Williams: [stands up] That ain't never gonna happen.
I saw them preform once; it's nice to see that Dennis Edwards is striving to keep the other Temptations group going, although they'er just a review group, and don't record like Otis Williams's Temptations, it's still nice to hear the oldies. Eddie Kendricks was apart of the review group too before he passed away. R.I.P. Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, & Ali Woodson...gone, not forgotten.
Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Otis Williams, David Ruffin, & Paul Williams Note: I do not claim ownership of this video. I am only sharing it. Cropped fr...
David Ruffin lines and Otis Williams on the notes
Watching a documentary on David Ruffin, Otis Williams just said that his voice was as "funky as an unwashed armpit" lol. RIP David
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