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David Ruffin

Davis Eli David Ruffin (January 18, 1941 – June 1, 1991) was an American soul singer and musician most famous for his work as one of the lead singers of the Temptations from 1964 to 1968 (or the group's Classic Five period as it was later known).

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I had to stop doing my homework to sing some David Ruffin so I could stop stressin’ lmao
We can never achieve goals that envy sets for us. Looking at your friends and wishing you had what they had is a...
Woke up listening to David Ruffin. "Common Man" isn't a love song; it's a creed to stay true to yourself.
I wish David Ruffin made a Christmas song with the temptations :/
“The Temptations” because every time I think David Ruffin is going to show up on time and leave those drugs alone.
I was bout to say *** David Ruffin yo tape bout to be fire lmao
Cynthia went from David Ruffin to Ole Papa Peter, to this nice looking, nice dressing man that’s giving her a whole…
Where are the David Ruffin tenors?! Where are the Teddy P tenor and basses. Where are the El Debarge sopranos? Nowh…
so you’re the David Ruffin of the operation, basically?
I was watching The Temptations earlier & David Ruffin was so *** 💀💀
Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin are absolute friendship goals 😝
Just saying... Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to...
Those are the albums I go back to, Destiny and Off The Wall. As with David Ruffin, the voice should have been enough.
When you have to give your dude one of those talks Otis gave David Ruffin. . "Baby, this can't go on.…
Walk Away From Love - by David Ruffin on Greatest Hits R&B
Lou Rawls is a good one. I'll go with David Ruffin. If I were female, Karen Carpenter or Dusty Springfield.
I feel like making an Eddie Kendricks & David Ruffin appreciation blog 😂
David Ruffin of the Temptations in his prime.
The Beautiful talented Author Ms Genna Sapia-Ruffin. tells us in her Memoir 📖 What Living life B-4~D…
What did Evan David Ruffin looking *** say? We got each other blocked.
when David Ruffin said “I’ve got so much honey, the bees envy me” and i can relate
Any dating services suggestions? Tried pof, tagged, tinder, and all the others you have to pay for it. I feel like…
Genna & David Ruffin in happy days... Cute Couple but one must read book, very interesting 📖 in th…
David Ruffin’s Walk Away From Love is an excellent song! Ok, carry on...
is David Ruffin. and are Otis and Blue. is Paul. . The Temptation…
shout out David Ruffin, I didn't come here to see Otis. . Shout out Otis, corn, blue, and paul. fr
Every time my lil job play the Temptations, I be resisting so hard to get my David Ruffin on
Especially R&B singers from the 70s... plenty of abusers from David Ruffin to Bobby Womack to Marvin Gaye.
David Ruffin is one of the best singers of all time. His vocals still gives me chills.
This is how I feel about my sweet David Ruffin. @ Memphis, Tennessee
that's crazy lol yea David Ruffin the og dawg
When the temptations try and plan a reunion and David Ruffin get to tripping
When you have time please check out this Blog & Add it to your FB Thanks
Bannon be like: The Temptations Fire David Ruffin with A Letter while Group Watches on V... via
David Ruffin was in the temptations?
Another great who was in in a hurry "Mr. Bus Driver" David Ruffin
Glad I'm not alone on this David Ruffin cover. Thought my black card was in danger
Photoshop job was pretty amazing and plus our youth, ain't really up on David Ruffin like that lmao
Bannon is about to go full David Ruffin on them
"It's Growing" Motown was about love not hate. Written by Smokey, lead singer David Ruffin
David Ruffin died in the E/R at U of Penn Hospital on June 1, 1991
Lol yes, I am David Ruffin aka the star lol 🤣😂 naw just messing but I am down to go.
Bruh I be bumpin David Ruffin like I'm a 65yr old name Shirley.
let me be David Ruffin in peace, please.
Ahhh David Ruffin came in clutch tonight
LMAO *** I'm David Ruffin... and these are the Temptations
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Listen to David Ruffin by Jasma Marie on . Check out my single , follow my sound cloud
Man me in the studio is like David Ruffin in the crack house, I gets it in fr... headed to see my Buccs now it's a great Thursday
Kyrie got the David Ruffin "Ain't nobody coming to see you Otis!" mustache.
My grandma would get mad I liked the drunk BUT her boo was David Ruffin! 🙄🤔
He hopped out the whip like David Ruffin hopped out of the Rolls after they dropped "My Girl"
Happy Birthday and shout out to David Ruffin for inspiring the greatest clip of all time. I strive daily to be this…
Got a lil David Ruffin playing right now
I love how you can't slow dance to this song. David Ruffin is an icon. via
I felt the spirit of David Ruffin. "Ain't no one come to see you, Otis!"
When I think about The Get Down's cancellation, I feel like David Ruffin when he got kicked out of the Temptations in the movie
Playing Now at -- > Walk Away Form Love by David Ruffin - Team
He made the other wait? Who TF Trump think he is? David Ruffin? Y'all see what happened to David Ruffin.
We must not be talking bout the same person, he looks like David Ruffin!!!
They kicked us out like we David Ruffin and they the temptations lol
Lmao my brother pulled a David Ruffin last night
You got some serious soul roots in U Carl from Gospel to one & only Temps-wow David Ruffin..kind o…
I added a video to a playlist DAVID RUFFIN -"Common Man" (1973)
Greatest Crackhead of all times David Ruffin from the Temptations my Bae said Pookie from New Jack City
Classic early Motown, David Ruffin has a superb voice, not sure about the choreography though.
i ain't gon beg like David Ruffin, but i'll wait on your reply.
I legit feel like David Ruffin when the temptations kicked him out the group!
David Ruffin was really iconic... this *** is really under appreciated
Come get this money! $640 for new drivers... Use the code: DAVIDR24455UE...
David Ruffin and what's they name lmao
Otis Williams?. Melvin Franklin?. Paul Williams??. Eddie Kendricks???. David Ruffin?. I'm sorry but name me a better group.
Bobby Womack , Marvin Sease , Willie Hutch , David Ruffin , Eryka Badu , SZA, Kendrick, Cole , Krit all I need for this flight !
Listening to David Ruffin. Such an inspiration. Never tire of his voice. The greatest Temptation.
“Whatever we are waiting for - peace of mind, contentment, grace, the inner awareness of simple abundance - it...
Chris Brown hit Rihanna and did features with her later in life...Only other *** to do that was David Ruffin
This is a home studio recording cover I did of Jimmy Ruffin's What Becomes of the Broken Hearted.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
U wish u could work it like I do... But u can't... Cus there is only one David Ruffin 😂😂😂😂
I liked a video David Ruffin and The Temptations - I Wish It Would Rain (LIVE Acoustic Cover) by Cody
Yea it's pure weed ur inhaling. Probably a cleaner high. But I feel like the spirit of David Ruffin woul…
Just being honest...I'm going to have to ask my parents if people were checking for the temptations without David Ruffin?
I'm David Ruffin.. and these are the Temptations.
👏👏👏👏...I just read your clap back. That David Ruffin line was the cherry on top!
Attention Juicemakers new Juice being blended my man Andre Berry David Sanborn Tom Scott to name a few just bless...
I'm still laughing at Tank call Tyrese David Ruffin I don't know why that's so funny 😂😂😂
.said Tyrese is on some David Ruffin stuff 😂😂😂. But for real "The Bachelor" can drop today and shut everything down.
You look like David Ruffin after dope in the movie "NIGHTS LIKE THIS I WISH THAT RAINDROPS WOULD FAL"
Tyrese really out here acting like David Ruffin 😂
lmao he really is acting that way. Ole David Ruffin *** *** and I can't even give him that much credit
Tank called Tyrese david ruffin?! Lol tyrese prolly don't get that reference
and we all know how David Ruffin ended up...
David Tali Ruffin Sr. where can I get a 2400 polo 💯
I couldn't be in no group, cause my attitude would be on David Ruffin 😂
I part the part back in my hair today. Young David Ruffin outchea...
May I introduce you to the Temptations of my day,. (The first single w/o David Ruffin), Dennis Edwards was at the...
David Ruffin all day, but this is the best from Dennis Edwards… ♫ Papa Was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations —
I'm mad David Ruffin got me in here swaying freely to this breakup song lol
so you saying David Ruffin and y'all the other temptation members
Can I just say again and again that you're as David Ruffin!!
Now playing: Everlasting Love by David Ruffin at - Buy it
“The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children and grandchildren is not money or other material things...
David Ruffin is still my fav soul singer
Just want to meet a singer with a voice as powerful as David Ruffin.
Since I Lost My Baby-David Ruffin. Tammy Karabas Brody this is for your great line producing!
It was always David Ruffin for me lol
David Ruffin in the morning. Soulful start.
David Ruffin's voice always gives me the chills!
Michael covered this song because he loved David Ruffin, and because David loved him just as much, he covered I Wan…
You're like David Ruffin. They shine without you.
If I ever met David Ruffin in person
Watching concert footage of 'The Temptations.' Making me think I can cut these steps! Amazing music. David Ruffin?…
yo mal we need more David Ruffin samples in the next season what you think ??
THANK YOU for playing David Ruffin so well. I seen it a thousand times, but it's an inspiration every time.
Yo somebody give me Leon @ name, aka David Ruffin from temptations, or the dude from the 5 heartbeats, I need to thank him.
David Ruffin the greatest singer ever, don't @ me.
I added a video to a playlist David Ruffin - Statue of a Fool (HQ)
It's my main damie, the David Ruffin to our Temptations, my big brother birthday today - have a g…
*** thought they were David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks
The old Motown stuff/era is amazing. My uncle played me some David Ruffin and I was sold. Raw talent.
Aint nobody comin to see you Otis you wish you could work it the way I do but you CANT it's only one David Ruffin https:/…
Bobby Brown was literally the David Ruffin of New Edition
him, David Ruffin, Keith sweat, Frank ocean there's way more but *** bruh they just turn it on a moments notice
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You startin a music group and you need a lead singer and your choices are between Eddie Kane and David Ruffin who...
Excited to 👀 the New Edition movie just to 👀 how Bobby Brown's departure compares to David Ruffin's
Never to be forgotten: David Ruffin, the Temptations lead singer and solo star, was born today in Whynot, Mississippi in…
Dennis Edwards has a COLD voice! I regret hating on him in the movie when he replaced David Ruffin lmao
"David Ruffin and the...wait what's they name?" 🤣 "My 2017 spirit animal, I'm not slowing down,…
Trey Songz on some David Ruffin type ish lmao
PTSD *** Who's got my six? . Everyone says: "If you need anything, don't hesitate, I'll be there for you". I'm...
what if I told you David Ruffin didn't die in a crack house 🤔
Watching the temptations David Ruffin a legend
Dont FT me after 11 pm unless u tryna make love to David Ruffin
Lmao a modern David Ruffin with less the talent! It's not even funny with the accuracy tho!
This whole Trey Songz story has to be a trap... he will have a new cd out soon... He isn't David Ruffin...
Thinking about Miles Davis, David Ruffin, James Brown...the greats man. Very unhealthy men
I'm trying figure out why she got this David Ruffin *** hairstyle 🤔
Kill Bill siren just went off in my head because I saw Trey Songz being compared to David Ruffin
My dude is turning into a modern day David Ruffin right before our eyes
John Simpson on Fidel Castro was vague and pointless. A bit like getting Harry Styles to talk about David Ruffin.
You look like Myron and David Ruffin did the fusion dance since we using old jokes *** that's why
Listen to Walk Away from Love by David Ruffin on Dope😊🎤
Matched with a guy named Otis and I literally WILL quote Leon as David Ruffin in all salutations should we move forward.
David Ruffin is that dude love his greatest hits and let the slide show begin hurry hurry step right on in 💯💯
I still don't think anyone missed whoever David Ruffin was missing when he sang "I Miss You Pt. 1 &2"
My fave male vocalist are Will Downing, Phil Perry, David Ruffin, and Gerald Levert in no particular order
I feel like the number 1 stunna, put some respek on my name, the new David Ruffin, I came up from nothing, I put that on everythinggg 🔥🔥
The new David Ruffin, I came up from nothin I put that on everything.
BET he out getting high like David Ruffin
frank mir is a brown dude from the temptations I was in the first time around as David ruffin before Zulu and Rome
I'm late af, but I didn't know David Ruffin was Cynthia Bailey's baby daddy
Them clowns some Temptations my swag on David ruffin..
Quavo finna get his David Ruffin on
Got a David Ruffin beat forbyou to sample
Boul ugly ascell he look like David Ruffin but that's 💯 love em
Was that David Ruffin canoodling just now?!
If you play one David Ruffin song, you are trapped in a wonderful place playing David Ruffin for extended amounts of time
I'm a modern day version of David Ruffin
remember when I had a bonfire me you David Deonte and I think Maji and you were dumb fried and David said " you need an iron
If I'm brining 5 musicians back to life this is would be the list . In order: . 1. John Lennon . 2. Eazy E . 3. David Ruffin. 4. Bowie. 5. Pac
check out I could never love another after loving you ..the note David Ruffin hits when he says believe
In 1968, The Temptations appeared at the Valley Forge Music Fair in Pennsylvania without baritone David Ruffin. He was fired.
Rock Calendar 7-9-68: The Temptations appear at Valley Forge, PA without baritone David Ruffin, who had been fired by Motown Records.
dang they voted Bobby out like David Ruffin and Eddie King [Kane] Jr.
June, 1991: Michael Jackson paid the funeral costs of David Ruffin, lead singer of The Temptations.
Sampling Smokey Robinson, Pendergrass, David Ruffin, James Brown in various albums, Kanye shows that he's the bridge between the old & new.
Mary Jane Chronic (feat. David Ruffin) by Mac Rell ain't heard this in time slick slick track ♫
I added a video to a playlist Hall & Oates - '85 Live at the Apollo (All LP) W/David Ruffin & Eddie
domain names
Much love to Rick James for throwin' down on this track, which David Ruffin killed by the way.…
I'm still distraught by Prince untimely death... just call me & sing insatiable... Put a lil of your David Ruffin & JT flair on it
You about to die the only way you survive you gotta be 1 of 2 people . 1) Eddie Kane (5 heart beats) . 2) David Ruffin ( the temptations)
Walk Away From Love by David Ruffin is in The Black Bull, Richmond. Download it now at
'The Fear of 13' Van Hunt sings A cappella versions of 'Common Man' by David Ruffin & 'Misty Blue' by Dorothy Moore.
The best casting for one single person ever gotta be a tie between dude playing Johnny C on the OJ story and Leon playing David Ruffin
Visited the Motown Museum in Detroit with our Berry Gordy Chester Gregory and our David Ruffin , Rodney Jackson...
although interesting that doc said alleged violence by James Brown and David Ruffin not a factor
Chelsey said she David Ruffin in the Temptations 😂
Hidden Gems Prestatyn Soul Weekender special today 3pm with Aretha, Bobby Womack, Ike & Tina Turner, David Ruffin and much more.
Listen to clips from my latest album Forgotten Man. Inspired by David Ruffin and the legends of Soul.
Can we take a moment to appreciate the aesthetics David Ruffin served us back in 1975
David Ruffin disses Melvin Franklin and his pimp Otis Williams
Face the opposition! Norman Whitfield's production on David Ruffin "Come on band...higher!"
David Ruffin was the ultimate savage for singing that Smoky Robinson is the🐐 for writing it🙏🏾
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I love the part on the Temptations where they first let David Ruffin sing
now you know David Ruffin was my dawg lmao "David Ruffin and the who" 😂😂😂
Mood 23/6 󾌡󾌡󾌡 lol ft Rodney who plays David Ruffin in Motown the musical with me lol "I wanna take a nap"...
I listen to 3 ppl. Jayz. Future. David Ruffin. That's it. That's all
Shaun Livingston is what David Ruffin would look like if he were lightskin
The late great Mr. David Ruffin (USA) of the Temptations. One of my favorite artist of all time.
David Ruffin is the greatest singer of all time. No debate needed
David Ruffin sings lead for in 1967. Ruffin was born this day in 1941. | (I Know) I'm Losing You" |
The late David Ruffin, born this day in 1941, sang lead this gem | "(I Know) I'm Losing You." |
African American singer, David Ruffin, was born on this date, in 1941. One of the greatest lead singers Motown... htt…
There are amazingly wonderful people in all walks of life; some familiar to us and others not. Stretch yourself...
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Girl cause why David Ruffin snap like that when they was singing "shout"
thanks for sharing David Ruffin, have a great Wednesday :) (Want this FREE? >>
David Ruffin is one of the greatest. Nothing can convince me otherwise.
Paul williams and David Ruffin will forever be the
Never to be forgotten: David Ruffin, Temptations lead singer was born today in 1941.
where would rank David Ruffin all time amongst lead singers like Nat King Cole Sam Cooke Luther just 2 name a few ?
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Loving patsy cline, Luther Ingram, Otis Redding, teddy Pendergass, brook Benton and David Ruffin mad respect to you all amazing classics :D
Tammy Terrell was involved with David Ruffin and Marvin Gaye was in love with her.
Now playing: Wild Honey by David Ruffin at - Buy it
Stevie, Prince, Luther, possibly David Ruffin off the top of my head.
Man U and light show some lying *** David Ruffin new wave oven turkey stuffing snow in the bluffing *** *** it's more than bars
Motown state of mind I got 4 bars off the top/Fighting temptations feelin more confident than David Ruffin's *** heh heh 💡
Money, sneakers, woman all want me to touch em/I'm Croley, those are my Temptations, Rap Game David Ruffin/
David Ruffin was the best Temptation there was
Just heard my son David Ruffin in the background of somebody's movie getting crazy
All About feat smooth by David Ruffin on OUT NOW‼️‼️
"Aint nobody coming to see you Santa" - David Ruffin
You dirty. David Ruffin did his thing
These youngsters don't no nothing bout David Ruffin Wish It Would Rain.
Young thug type look like the *** who played David Ruffin in the temptations movie
He and David Ruffin briefly re-joined the Temptations for a 1982 reunion tour.
Young Thug look like dude who played David Ruffin . I swea
Listen, Leon as David Ruffin, is by far the best thing about this movie 😭😭😭
"There ain't no temptations without David Ruffin!!"
Lmao Grizz really show up when you google "David Ruffin dashiki"
If I'm stuck at the day job on a 70°F Saturday morning, may as well groove to David Ruffin while crunching numbers.
man she gon make me turn into a Ike Turner/David Ruffin type of *** 😡😡😡
Who decided to put David Ruffin, in a basketball movie. 😂
Er. Um, if'n any of you know Cesar Millán, tell him I need him to holla at my dog, David Ruffin.
James Brown and David Ruffin did Tammie Terrell so wrong broke my heart watching her
I'm watching 's Unsung about David Ruffin, & Dennis Edwards is being interviewed, & I screamed when I saw him.
Every time I see Ben Carson I think of when David Ruffin told Otis that ain't nobody coming to see him.
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Tammi Terrell was with David Ruffin and James Brown who both were abusive yet she was just great friends with Marvin Gaye who loved her.
I'm listening to Walk Away From Love by David Ruffin on
David Ruffin is one of my seven favorite singers. Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Curtis Mayfield, Bobby Womack, Bunny...
David Ruffin said as his former band mates stood and watched from the inside of Motown records 💀
Word cuz Tammi Terrell got her *** WHOOPED throughout her career. David Ruffin, James Brown, more.
David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks are music geniuses . '
Donnie Hathaway and Curtis Mayfield back / They snappin bout / Who gon get up on that *** stage wt David Ruffin .
Sag's are the David Ruffin if astrology.
Yo if this dude Mal dressed up as David Ruffin, I'd be no good son. I would be showing those pics all Thanksgiving in tears.
Name That . We would've made it...but the girl in the middle went David Ruffin on us.…
Boosie on the TL. David Ruffin in the iMessage.
Vocally, I think David Ruffin had a much stronger, soulful sound than Marvin Gaye. Gaye was the Truth; but David was the way and the light.
I walked into a party bout 3 years ago and they instantly started calling me David Ruffin...I scorched they ***
David Ruffin hit EVERYTHING.wit his fist 😂😂 his fists ain't discriminate
Mood: Feeling like David Ruffin when he left the temptations
" shorty told me I got baggage, then I said 'Louie luggage is best'.. that's word to Charlie Bird & my David Ruffin cassettes.." ♫ ♫
That *** David Ruffin will forever b a legend along with Ike Turner..the "damaged ones" will always be the best.
My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create...
the temps ain't nothing but a group IN SEARCH of a David Ruffin !!
a Louisiana native..and one of the greatest showman ever!Mr.David ruffin :)
But right after David Ruffin is Eddie Kendricks though
Stevie Wonder had a full head of hair at David Ruffin's funeral,
David Ruffin had such a gifted voice but a tragic life.
David Ruffin was a sexy little troll!
My favorite unsung is on... David Ruffin
I just realized i still got that david ruffin pic as my avi 😂😂
Davon look like David Ruffin from the temptations
David Ruffin's daughter looks JUST like him.and that is not a good thing 😒
if you think Berry Gordy, Marvin Gaye and David Ruffin won't running thru them shorties on Motown, you trippin.
Just watched back-to-back programs on David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks. Great stuff!
Malcom X, Cab Calloway, Chuck Berry, David Ruffin, James Brown all wore
One thing yall don't know. I love me some willie hutch, the manhattans, David Ruffin, BB king, Otis Reding.
there's an untold STORY of David Ruffin's death. Betrayal, traces of heorin, missing $40K. Police & media failed.
yeah they coming. I got Luther, Frank Sinatra, Teddy, David Ruffin and Donny Hathaway.
Word word I see you. In no particular order, I got Luther, Frank Sinatra, David Ruffin, Donnie Hathaway, & Teddy
Straight Outta Compton was nice. Still can't compare to David Ruffin and the Temptations.
Berry Gordy, Diana Ross, David Ruffin and Marvin *** all lived on Outer Drive for a moment.
Michael Jackson paid for David Ruffin's funeral. I had no clue. That's amazing
Watched the performance of Daryl Hall & John Oates with David Ruffin & Eddie Kendrick again. Amazing!
So Tasha Scott was David Ruffin of the group?
Berry Gordy is a vampire, how he outlive David Ruffin, Marvin Gaye & Michael Jackson?
David Ruffin was a real crack head.
If I had lived during the 70's I would have dated Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Ray Dorset, Robin Gibb, Andy Gibb, or John Oates 😍😍😍😍
Mark Jackson about to walk up there like David Ruffin
Who is it that "ain't nobody" comin' to see? . A. Blue. B. David Ruffin. C. Otis.
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Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Dennis Edwards & Nate Evans - Live at the BBC. My dad's fav love this - david ruffin👌
I'm listening to I've Lost Everything I've Ever Loved by David Ruffin on
. Temptations reminded me of My dad, Angel, Choco, . Gregory, and U as David Ruffin. . Always My Temptations Forever!
Me and my brother agree that it should've been David Ruffin and the Temptations at least at one point
O girl aka David Ruffin chick about to cry in the car.
I wasn't saying the REAL David Ruffin was fine 😂😭😭
Shi called that young lady David Ruffin. Where's my inhaler?
She in Steph mentions looking like David Ruffin 😂
Watching the temptations.. David ruffin went out like a typical weenie
Future is the present day David Ruffin.
The look on David Ruffin face when he realized he couldn't sell that ticket because the concert already happened was classic
Leon as David Ruffin will forever be my most favorite 😍😍😍😍
Leon was the best person to play David Ruffin.
I did NOT know eddie was sniffing coke with David Ruffin
When David Ruffin stole the mic from Dennis 😫
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Lmfao na I be acting like David Ruffin bro lol when they got signed 😭😭
I have the attitude of David Ruffin. yep.
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