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David Ross

David Ross (born 1945, Blackburn, Lancashire) is an English actor who has worked in theatre, cinema, and television.

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David Ross is sliding into the ballroom! 5 things you need to know about World Series-winning Cubs player
David Ross will dance to Steve Goodman's "Go Cubs Go" on "Dancing with the Stars"
David Ross will dance to 'Go Cubs Go' on 'Dancing with the Stars'
As the first MLB player on the show, David Ross will hit it out of the park with his partner Lindsay Arnold! ht…
David Ross, Lindsay Arnold create clever DWTS team name
Former Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross has a long way to go before winning
Former Cubs catcher David Ross to be on DWTS.
Retired Cubs catcher David Ross is going to be on Dancing with the Stars
I'l be rooting for Simone Biles, Bonner Bolton, Charo, Rashad Jennings, Chris Kattan, Nancy Kerrigan, David Ross, and Mr. T on
David Ross, Rashad Jennings among 12 contestants for the next season of Dancing with the Stars http…
David Ross is going straight from a World Series W to replacing Rizzo & Bryant with Nick Viall & Mr. T
David Ross becomes 1st baseball player to compete on Dancing With The Stars
David Ross is one retiree whos staying active
Anthony Rizzo offers his support and advice for David Ross, who will take part in Season 24 of "D... - via App
Kris Bryant evaluates David Ross' chances on "Dancing With the Stars" and breaks down Ross' reper... - via App
David Ross is the first MLB player to be on dancing with the stars.
Cubs report on ESPN 1000 coming up. Good react from players on David Ross and Theo swing !
David Ross will compete on the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars" via http…
Kris Bryant on David Ross being on 'Dancing with the Stars' -- 'He's the early favorite'…
David Ross is by far the most famous backup catcher in history.
Might actually watch this season of dancing with the Stars only cause David Ross will be in
In happier news, David Ross of the Cubs is on Dancing With the we have that to look forward to, which is nice.
"Hopefully there is enough Tylenol to get him going" — Kris Bryant on David Ross' "Dancing with the Stars" chances…
David Ross to star in next season of 'Dancing With the Stars'
excuse me David Ross is not underwhelming.
David Ross is gonna be in dwts lmao this is magic
'Grandpa Rossy' David Ross, Rashad Jennings and Nancy Kerrigan added to be Running Backs
Former Cub David Ross to appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
I can't believe David Ross is going to be the first MLB player on DWTS! And he's paired with Lindsey! Definitely my favorite team so far 👏🏼
Most excited for David Ross, and Bonner Bolton on this season of Can't wait for it to begin!
season 24 full cast: Nick Viall, Mr. T, Nancy Kerrigan, and more (first impressions)
.David Ross first MLB player to join 'Dancing With the Stars' cast
Former Cubs catcher David Ross to compete on 'Dancing with the Stars'
ICYMI: Report: David Ross will be on Dancing with the Stars:
David Ross and Nancy Kerrigan among new ‘Dancing with the Stars’ competitors
So proud of my peer Ross Slevindowski giving up cider for lent , nice!
David Ross, Rashad Jennings and Nancy Kerrigan are the latest athletes to sign up for Dancing with the Stars
David Ross, Simone Biles will be on 'Dancing with the Stars'
He can do everything: David Ross to compete on ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars'
David Ross will try to waltz his way to a championship on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ via
Though we still remember trying to scale that dugout railing 🤔🙄😳
Cubs' David Ross joins 'Dancing With the Stars' cast NOOO! why?
Watch Kris Bryant declare David Ross the early favorite to win Dancing with the Stars.
looking forward to seeing Nick Viall, David Ross & Simone Biles on 😍
A whole new ballgame: Former catcher David Ross will compete on this season!
DWTS watchers and fans: Your favorite grandpa, David Ross, will be on the show. Others include Bachelor’s Nick Viall.
Update your maps at Navteq
BREAKING NEWS: former legend David Ross is expected to be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars 24
Fun fact: David Ross last AB of his career was a 402ft HR he barreled at 104 MPH in game 7 of the World Series. Nice way…
The thought of David Ross doing an on-field interview on with Rizzo and Bryant warms my soul
Ryne Sandberg and David Ross, flanking Kyle Schwarber, going opposite ways on managing careers:…
Honored to have sung the National Anthem for Ryan Sandberg, Kyle Schwarber and David Ross yesterday!
Click to see Kris Bryant on top of yet another leaderboard, stay to see David Ross' impressive base running stats.
World Series hero David Ross returns to the Cubs in a front-office role
Welcome back The today named David Ross to the role of special assistant to baseball operations.
if you're excited to hear David Ross is still apart of the Cubs.
"Your welcome Jon Lester, for making sure no one would steal second when you couldn't throw to first" -David Ross
David Ross is joining the Cubs front office as a special assistant to baseball operations.
Also looking forward to the bios on Durocher & Stengel. And the autobios by David Ross, Keith Hernandez & Tim Raines.
David Ross: By engaging the science Base with UK farmers and industry we can do great things, nationally and internationally
I think if everybody just watched Bob Ross a little more every day the world would be a better place to live
Secretary for WisDOT and former Superior Mayor, David Ross, might be just what Superior needs to kick start the Bel…
Is Kevin Costner going to play David Ross in his new movie?
Watch this Awesome Video about Capital Pool Checkers and if interested you can join the club too!…
Chicago Cubs: David Ross walks off into the sunset as a champion - Cubbies Crib
- At Famous Daves yum ! Try out the macaroni and look at my friends in couples kissing.
Hey, so, a local artist is having her artwork displayed and its partially a tribute to Bob Ross and partially a tribute to David Bowie.
Great first meeting today with Unity Club Member, David Ross, at our new home
This is a fun game. Who plays Rizzo, KB, Zobrist? . How about Kevin Costner as David Ross?
Fine! I'll come back under ONE condition. I get to team with and when we win, we David Ross-esque high five. Er, high one.
David Ross won't be Jon Lester's batterymate anymore. on who might be the best fit:
more disturbing the Curtis Samuel grab or the Cubs cup bump after David Ross homer in?
Awesome video shot a few blocks from home, DC at its best | Made in Shaw” by David Ross.
can u fix the knifing from David Hasselhof. You can't knife the Aliens backpack :P
As cult hero status go it's still David Freese > David Ross.
GM Jed Hoyer say there is "Definitely interest on our part" on the possibility of retired C David Ross joining the front office.
David Ross is writing a book about Game 7 and his life in baseball
David Ross will be releasing his own book on May 9th called "Teammate: My Life In Baseball".
Sam Arthur(L) and David Ross (R) from Inside Golf Magazine Australia with Bali National GM Mark Holland after an en…
Ellen awards Kris Bryant with a Cubs tuxedo and David Ross with a Cubs walker
grandparossy_3 David Ross gets a walker as a retirement gift from Ellen
Ellen gives David Ross custom walker for retirement... via
Ellen gives David Ross custom walker for retirement, Kris Bryant Cubs tuxedo for his wedding
Kris Bryant and David Ross stopped by Ellen and left with a customized tuxedo and a walker
Mike Montgomery (from left), Kyle Schwarber, Jason Heyward, and David Ross brought the Commissioner's Trophy to Sun…
Why did nobody talk about how David Ross and Dexter Fowler slammed their pissers together on live TV in game 7 of the WS?
Competing Cubs tonight: Kris Bryant and David Ross on Kimmel while Fowler, Zobrist and Rizzo are on Fallon.
Kris Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. . Zobrist, Rizzo, and Fowler on Jimmy Fallon tonight. . David Ross and Bryant on Ellen tmrw. ThankMeLater
Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler also appear as strippers alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in ... -…
Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, & Dexter Fowler stole the show on SNL this weekend. Oh, Bill Murray was there too!
Bill Murray, & Chicago Cubs Rizzo, Fowler, & David Ross on SNL this past weekend: Best song in baseball for sure.
3 Chicago Cubs born in different decades homered in game7 of the 2016 World Series David Ross , Dexter Fowler and Javy Baez.
let some Nutt job go on way too long about the Cubs tonight. My god. I'll bet they even own a David Ross jersey. Congrats.😉
It just *** realizing there's a good chance that we won't have David Ross, Dexter Fowler, or Bill Murray on the r…
Dexter Fowler, David Ross and Anthony Rizzo were just on SNL
This is funny and I'm not being bias. Featuring Chicago Cubs Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, &Dexter Fowler as strippers.
Bill Murray joined Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, and Dexter Fowler on SNL to sing ‘Go Cubs, Go’.
David Ross on SNL, life is worth living
Watch an emotional tear up during his tribute to http…
i'm certain the highlight of Colin Jost's life is bumping *** with David Ross
Why did David Ross celebrate World Series HR by bumping crotches?
Ok but why were David Ross, Rizzo and Fowler on SNL as male strippers rn
Why a 39-year-old back-up catcher is the real star of the World Series via
Bill Murray, Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, and Dexter Fowler in barbershop outfits signing "Go Cubs Go" - the best thing SNL…
Heres the ridiculous selfie David Ross took onstage at the Cubs rally
Seeing Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, and David Ross sing "Go Cubs Go" with Bill Murray on was pretty stinking cool.
Now we know what David Ross will be doing for a job next year.
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Not just 'two others,' but lead-off magician Dexter Fowler and Grandpa David Ross. Sheesh!
Dexter Fowler, David Ross and Anthony Rizzo making an appearance as... male strippers on Saturday Night Live. Ross is enj…
Technology: "All technology should be assumed guilty until proven innocent." David Ross Brower
David Ross is so sexy. Can that be Becks next game show?
Just saw three hump one of their youngest fans. David Ross as Magic Mike. Gotta love SNL.
Rizzo out competing David Ross for the dad bod award...
David Ross, Thank you, we love you and thank-you for being the roc…
I liked a video Beer Money with Anthony Rizzo & David Ross
Chicago Cubs's Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler do cameo on SNL with Benedict Cumberbatch. .
David Ross Oldest Playr in Wrld Series. Hit a home run in Game 7 & got carried off the field. Not a bad way to go out.
Watch tear up as he introduces at the World Series rally:
David Ross, Dexter Fowler and Anthony Rizzo make appearance on The celebration tour continues and it shouldn't…
WATCH: David Ross, Anthony Rizzo and Dexter Fowler made an appearance on SNL
Like the Cubbies' David Ross, coach Boehme goes yard with this after game choice!
World Series champion David Ross' 2nd favorite school lost 31-10 to the team his favorite school beat 56-3
Jon Lester and David Ross played for the Cubs tonight . Their numbers are 34 and 3. 34-3=31 . The Indians blew a 3-1 lead
I think would be the better authority on that, but I would go with: . 1. David Ross. 2. David Ross. 3. David Ross
Find some one to be the David Ross to your Jon Lester.
David Ross reminds me that Eric Hinske(Mr October) has World Series Rings with the Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs
thanks bro, Ur the David Ross to my Jon Lester 👌🏻
: New CBS sitcom CurseBreakers, Jon Lester and David Ross visit grade schools, teach kids not to curse.
Anthony Rizzo gets choked up describing his friendship with David Ross
Holy cow Ben Zobrist, Anthony Rizzo, and David Ross's speeches today were simply amazing in front of a crowd of 5 million people.
Here is the incredible moment where Anthony Rizzo gets emotional thanking David Ross for teaching him to be a winner. h…
"He's like a brother to me." -Anthony Rizzo on the impact that David Ross had on him on & off the field.
bet we are related, one day I will meet you to be able to say that David Ross signed Aaron Ross's Cubs jersey. 😈
What is John Lester going to do next year when he can't throw to first base or to David Ross?
Anthony Rizzo chokes up introducing David Ross. That'll get you.
Bro John Lester not pitching to David Ross is gonna seem weird
David Ross and John Lester are the greatest duo of all time
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Carl Edwards Jr. is here to close your World Series G7 in a game where Rajai Davis and David Ross have homered. Nice littl…
In August, had an idea of how David Ross' final season would end. Last night, the Cubs made it come true. (via…
Hurts to hear Urban Meyer refer to 39-year old David Ross as "the old guy."
Meyer said he fell asleep during Game 7 after David Ross's home run last night.
Mark my word fans, the 2016 Cubs, led by John Lacey, John Lester and David Ross will win the World Series this…
David Ross will be managing an MLB team within the next 3 years
Chgo Cubs secret? Here it is from John Lester: "This team is more concerned about David Ross being happy than our winn…
Congrats to Jon Lester, Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, & John Lackey on winning the with the
Did You Know: Cubs C David Ross is the first Civil War veteran to ever homer in of the
Grace Christian Academy and Grace Church would like to congratulate David Ross on his World Series Championship...
David Ross is the Ray Allen of the MLB 😂😂😂
The last time the Cubs won the World Series:. -Teddy Roosevelt was president. -Avg price of gas was 20 cents. -David Ross wa…
David Ross career is officially over. His last plate appearance was a walk, and his last at bat was a home run in game…
David Ross becomes the first player to homer in both 1908 & 2016 MLB World Series
Personally, it's amazing to see David Ross crank one and win it all in his last game. He became a favorite for me during his time in ATL.
Why does David Ross sound like Allen from the hangover giving his rooftop speach
Joe Maddon can't even let David Ross do an interview without stealing the spotlight. WORST.
I see David Ross as a manager someday down the road.
David Ross gets carries off into the sunset. Not Jared Allen style. But close.
David Ross is 1st class all the way! Sounds like little leaguer!!
David Ross. He's what every ball player hopes to be one day
David Ross hits a home run in his last at bat; Kris Bryant smiling like a little leaguer on the last out; history made. I love baseball.
In 2004 my Sox had Mark Bellhorn. had David Ross in 2016. Both hit huge WS homeruns. Evidently it takes an Auburn OG to break a curse.
"They're going to make a movie about this movie" well said David Ross!
My new adoration for David Ross and complete disgust for Aroldis Chapman are having a real battle right now
The last time the Indians won the series David Ross was 50
David Ross's career is officially over.
Cody Allen walking David Ross after that 8th inning is sorta inexcusable, btw.
Cody Allen just threw 6-of-7 balls to David Ross and Jason Heyward. Good grief.
Cody Allen just pitched around that slugger David Ross
Oh boy. Leadoff walk from Cody Allen to David Ross.
How do you walk David Ross? Allen is done, they need to get him out of there.
Cody Allen walks David Ross to lead off the ninth as the rain starts to fall,
David Ross is gonna hit another bomb
David Ross with a dramatic home run in the postseason. We've seen that before.
I thought if David Ross was clean shaven he could pass for Jason Stratham, the action movie star. :)
David Ross the only player to hit a home run in his first game (18,000 BC, Mesozoic Era) and his last game, (2016 A.D.) pe…
shoutout to Climax, GA. David Ross making SOWEGA relevant
What a moment for David Ross in his final game.
David Ross' solo homer to center gives the a 6-3 lead in the 6th inning!
David Ross is the oldest player (39) ever to hit a HR in Game 7 of the World Series.
You think anyone ever hit a HR in Game 7 of a World Series & then never played another game? That could be David Ross' legacy…
David Ross is going to have a heck of a story to tell his grandkids about the last baseball game he ever played.
Per Elias, David Ross the first Cub to homer in both the 1908 and 2016 World’s Series.
A solo homer in the final game of your career?. Not a bad way to go out, David Ross.
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Replacing Hendricks made David Ross' insurance 6th run possible. This is why baseball is the most complex sport.
David Ross also hit a solo shot in Game 9 of the 1908 World Series. Small world.
Reminder that David Ross' first career home run came off Mark Grace.
David Ross ending it on a good note.
David Ross is everything right about baseball right now.
David Ross and Michael cuddyer on the patriots I'm honored
I am speaking English Nicholas the only good part about Jon Lester is David Ross
David Ross is Azor Ahai reborn and the Lord of Light's chosen warrior.
David Ross hitting a home run in Game can't script it any better
David Ross. Man. That's so awesome for him. Last game of his career and to hit a bomb like that.
39 years old. About to retire from baseball & David Ross just went yard off Andre Miller. Wow!!
Way to go David Ross! Class act and glad to see him go big fly in his last game!
My wife as David Ross rounds the bases: "Good for you, 40 year old man."
So much respect for David Ross. He deserves that one 👴🏻
Anthony Rizzo told David Ross he’s in a 'glass case of emotion' watching Game 7
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I love David Ross, but he's not really doing a lot to calm Anthony Rizzo's nerves.
Now, when David Ross told Anthony Rizzo "it's only gonna get worse", did he foresee that happening?
Chiefs trainers are saying David Ross is just fine.
Jon Lester in, David Ross in, Keith Moreland in, Shawon Dunston in, Andre Dawson in, Frank Chance in.
R.A. Dickey and Josh Thole pointing to and saying what's the big deal as C David Ross enters with LH Jon Lester
calling it now Dave Martinez Rockies manager and David Ross cubs new bench coach
I know this is premature but I just read a report that Davy Martinez is a Rockies candidate... could David Ross be Cubs new
Wire: Eddie Vedder dedicated the seventh-inning stretch to David Ross
Eddie Vedder tribute to the final Wrigley gam of David Ross--up near the top of my 45 year list of great people--was a 2 min ba…
Eddie Vedder dedicated his 7th inning stretch to David Ross. Awesome Moment.
Eddie Vedder dedicated his performance of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” to retiring Cubs catcher David Ross
Bears now trying to sign David Ross, willing to trade Jay Cutler for him.
John Lackey, Jon Lester, and David Ross won the 2013 with the Red Sox along with Mike Napoli.
ll Sporting ll David Ross baseball card (Chicago Cubs Post Season) 2016 Topps by Autograph Warehouse Buy...
"Who does this? The Legend of Kyle Schwarber is who does this." - Cubs catcher David Ross
David Ross was drafted by Dodgers and played for Yakima in 1998, John Lackey played for Boise in 1999 as an Angel.
Lot of Red Sox connections in this matchup. Jon Lester, John Lackey, and David Ross played with Mike Napoli on 2013 WS title team
Check out Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross' glovework in Game 1 of World Series
Jon Lester & David Ross will be the 7th P/C combo to start a WS game together for 2 different teams, and 1st since 1940 (c/o
David Ross is gonna make a good manager one day
"Awesome Auburn man" - David Ross gets support from former teammate Tim Hudson. STORY
David Ross is a backup catcher who's been in town for 2 years. I'm lost why he deserves…
The local show has to abid by local rules which means in SA people under 18 years will not be allowed…
David Ross explains how exhibition came about,now on Live
Joe Maddon said he liked David Ross against Andrew Miller with the bases loaded in the seventh inning in Game 1...
Now on the founder of David Ross speaks on the what to expect at the event thi…
David Ross is a dime a dozen career backup catcher that gets treated like a first ballot Hall of Famer. Only the Cubs. 😑
David Ross isn't having anymore of that. Nasty tag.
Young man to David Ross: "Can I have your bat?". David Ross: "No, I have to use it. Well I have to try to use it." . Fantas…
Andrew Miller got out of a crucial jam with his signature Slider that David Ross just couldn't resist. Crazy.
Website Builder 728x90
craziest stat from tonight has to be David Ross playing in the 1908 World Series and the 2016 World Series
David Ross is the oldest catcher to get a hit in the since Jimmie Wilson in 1940
Upset alert: David Ross ended up playing 30 more games than Ryan Hanigan over the the life of their two-year contracts
I'd rather have David ross over d'arnaud
Coming up after 7am - the founder of David Ross. 3 million people have attended these expos globall…
David Ross doing whatever it takes to get his buddy Lester out of a jam.
David Ross strikes out with the bases loaded to end a threat in the 7th. Photos from the Game 1 loss in Cleveland:…
The only former in this series are all on the Cubs: David Ross, Travis Wood, & Aroldis Chapman.
Well done to David Ross who has qualified in top position in the UK Titleist Order of Merit photographed with club…
I was once at a game where David Ross hit a flyball and nearly ended Mike Cameron's career on a collision with Carlos Beltran.
Just heard a caller on the score mention benching Anthony Rizzo and playing David Ross at first.
A bench Anthony Rizzo for David Ross at 1st call just happened. I love sports radio
Caller just told and that he'd bench Anthony Rizzo for David Ross. Yikes.
Why 39-year-old David Ross is the heart and soul of the Chicago Cubs
Javy is the MVP of the series in my book but *** David Ross did some incredible things too. Give 'em both credit.
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Ross oldest catcher to homer in postseason history: David Ross, a surprise starter as John Lackey's bat...
David Ross does it again, this time with a Sac-Fly. And John Lackey is out of the game
I follow too many ⚾️people. About 87 just said David Ross is the oldest C to homer in postseason since Bob Boone.
Another first for David Ross. At 39, he just became the oldest catcher in history with a postseason HR. Previous oldest: Bob Boone (38)
About what you'd expect from a catcher running in the 13th inning. I wanted David Ross to go Jake Taylor. But alas.
David Ross is the first player w/ 2 first names to hit into a double play in an extra inning game -Matt Excursion.
The last time David Ross was up this late in San Francisco, Danny Tanner was hosting the morning talkshow
David Ross magic right here callin it
David Ross went to bed at 6pm. He's awake and ready to tackle the day now. Hit a homer and then pitch a scoreless frame t…
Look for David Ross to pick up the save tonight
I'm glad we could hear from both Matt Moore and David Ross about how great the Cubs are
Matt Vasgersian/David Ross interview sounds a little odd...sounds like Frank the Tank after taking a tranquilizer t…
David Ross sounds 1000X more intelligent than Matt Moore! (and confident )
In game interviews are so dumb. No one cares what David Ross or Matt Moore have to say about the game. Jeesshh.
David Ross calls Javier Baez 'best defensive player I've ever played with'...
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I'll take your David Ross and raise you a Matt f-ing Holliday.
David Ross ' old Soldier' in Losing Breen and our fab Director Eric 'Doc' Benson.
Had John MacDonald ever been on a good Jays team at the end, he'd have recieved the David Ross treatment
I better walk out of an office building someday and get the respect and standing ovation that David Ross just got at Wrigley for retiring
There comes a time where you have to learn how to win. You have to figure it out. It's not just talent. – David Ross
Really classy by Yadier Molina to stand between the mound and home plate and hold the game up while David Ross got a stand…
CSAC will be in Schererville, IN. this morning for the David Ross & Hector Rondon signing. All Memberships 10% off! Join us!
David Ross celebrated the Cubs' division title with a single shot at a Chicago bar.
Old Man Strength in full effect with David Ross
Looks like Dexter Fowler, Joe Smith, Travis Wood and David Ross getting a close look at Arkansas-TCU. But no TV time for Eric Hinske?
Mark Grace is still awaiting his thank you from his good buddy & catcher, David Ross.
I miss you guys so much. Ryan Spilborghs and Drew Goodman are a mess. They think David Ross catches Arrieta & mispronounce names
Downtown day to night. Timelapse by James Ross.
Where's a video of giving David Schwimmer an award and saying bravo Ross? I need to see it.
Unfinished Business: Paintings from the 1970s & 1980s by Ross Bleckner, Eric Fischl & David Salle Opens
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Also predicted by David Brooks as Ross Perot 2.0 and the destruction of the Trump brand. Already losing business
If Theresa May is to launch new grammar schools it would be a great move.
Going passed the big one makes me think of ❤️
Me 3 0 in the this weekend. Have a great day my winners Zane Lowe, Nick Ross & David Abraham. 🎂🎂🎂
If marketing was an official sport in the big event, what skill would you need to win gold?
Company Stern David Ross just submited new SEC filing
Regrexit's a myth peddled by the David Lammys of this world, politicians who only like democracy when it suits them. h…
Sifu David Ross don't be afraid of extreme workouts -
READ THIS no game tonight. I don’t have a good time when I play. I have a good time when it’s over and we win.
David Ross and Anthony Rizzo are my friendship goals
David Schwimmer managed to recover by being terrific in People vs OJ, but Ross is a character that deserves the maximum loathng imaginable
seriously though I'd love to see Apollo and Midnighter have an Alex Ross Harley Joker Waltz covered in glitter. for Orlando
do you know if David will release a 11th batch?
October will see GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS make it's U.S. Blu-ray debut. What happened to James Foley? Went from David Mamet to E L James.
yeah it was in 2010, david ross was after in 2012 that's when Uggla joined us
I'd cry honestly, last braves grand slam I saw was David Ross
14U Rays Green represent at PBR Future games in Westfield,IN. Saucedo Smith Verlanic Ross Rajkovich Manriquez Berg. htt…
Ortiz makes plays at 1B, but Red Sox lose to Dodgers 3-0: David Ortiz was hitless in three at-bats, Ross Stri...
out of all of you pick Ross as an example??? 😂😂😂😂
Same! My favorites is David/Ross and Matthew/Chandler. But I love them all equally 😊
Chicago teammates & are set on sending out on top. http…
he is last years David Ross. With Wilson up and Ross there I don't see why we need him.
David Karoly and Ross Garnaut are internationally respected for their expertise. You are angry, irrational and ignorant.
A great interview to read between Rizzo, KB, and G-Pa Rossy. How to be a great teammate, and keep things loose
The retirement tour is in full swing. Let & explain. ht…
Poor Betsy-Ross I had to put her Thunder Shirt and she was very clingy. I also gave her
This song is ridiculunk and I LOVE IT Me Too by
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