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David Ross

David Ross (born 1945, Blackburn, Lancashire) is an English actor who has worked in theatre, cinema, and television.

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David Ross takes 2nd place in Dancing with the Stars: Former Cubs catcher David Ross took…
This morning at 705AM we visit with Lindsay Arnold, dancing with David Ross in the Finals of Dancing With the...
David Ross is 'Speechless' after tango-ing to 'DWTS' finale via
Lindsay Arnold of DANCING WITH THE STARS (her celebrity partner is David Ross) – they’re in the FINALS!! Friday...
David Ross made a cameo as a Wrigley Field maintenance worker in last night's Chicago Fire because of course he did. htt…
David Ross is ‘Speechless’ after tango-ing to ‘DWTS’ finale stupid get up should be banned.
David Ross and his dance partner Lindsay Arnold beat out Simone Biles for the last spot in the fi... - via App
David Ross and Lindsay Arnold make the finals of “Dancing With The Stars”
NIFWA Manager of the Year 2016-17 is David Healy. Assistant Manager Ross Oliver accepted the trophy on his behal…
America is trying to GIVE David Ross another title win?
Dancing with the Stars: Was David Ross or Simone Biles eliminated?
ICYMI: WATCH: David Ross tangos to 'Castle on the Hill' on DWTS:
"..and somehow David Ross is the new Bill Engvall and has made it to the finale despite being clearly the worst dancer." . . 💀
Plus, is great! I'm from NJ & don't follow baseball, but I've been voting for David Ross because of who he is!…
so glad i feel asleep and missed simone being kicked off. David ross still there a joke. No reason watch next week.
" Dancing with the Stars: David Ross and Lindsay Arnold Dance Glittering Tango to Ed… "
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I blame the judges for Simone's elimination. They did not give true critic to David Ross' dances, they scored him on being nice
Why in the world is Simone Biles not in the DWTS finals!!? She is way better than David Ross! Veto!!!
hello please follow me I produce the breakfast show with Paul Ross on talkRADIO and I'd love to talk to David. Thank you
David ross is gonna win, deal with it
How tf is David Ross going to the DWTS finale but Simone Biles isn' what. lol
They were all waiting for him to go home. Now show them what you got David Ross! 💙
Congratulations, to David Ross and Lindsey Arnold who made the final of Dancing With the stars.
Remember Cubs' 26-5 start last year? David Ross was catching most of those games when Mon…
Did Cubs' David Ross foxtrot into the 'Dancing with the Stars' finals?
ESPN press release announces David Ross will make network debut Wednesday...That's a relief. I was wondering what happened…
I'm telling y'all cub fans need to stop voting David Ross. Yes we love him but this is a DANCING SHOW! COME ON GUYS…
David Healy wins the NIFWA Manager of the Year award. Ross Oliver picks the award up on David's behalf.
I knew David Ross had potential on DWTS, but I thought he would be elimanated by week 7 or 8.
Just keep dancing! . continued his dominance, earning himself a trip to the finals:
If David Ross wins the mirror ball on I am Done With This Sh
This is literally David Ross on yet he's going to the finals over Simone...
Again I love The Cubs and I love David Ross (I bawled when they won the World Series) but Simone shouldn't have been eliminated
ICYMI: WATCH: David Ross dances to "You make feel so young" on DWTS:
David Ross improved lots tonight but that he's in the finals and is not is madness. Thanks, Cubs fans, for ruining
Feel bad for David Ross. Everyone in that room, inc his partner, thought he should've been eliminated. Yeah, sure. Still.
I'm going to stop watching if they can't show more integrity than this. It's not a dance contest, David Ross can't dance Simone Biles
The shock on the judges faces...I guess they wanted David Ross to be voted off, even after praising him so extravag…
I get it Cubs Fans are loyal, but David Ross deserved to GO HOME weeks ago 😝😝😝😝
how disrespectful of the voters David Ross yeah he wanted World Series for Chicago big deal Simone 1 gold medals for our country
This is what Cleveland fans looked like after David Ross hit a home run off of Andrew Miller in Game 7 of the World Series
Did Cubs David Ross foxtrot into the Dancing with the Stars finals?
I don't understand why people would rather see David Ross dance then Simone Biles Simone didn't even make it to the final 3 that's BS
I have a theory for why the Cubs suck right now: David Ross stole the Cubs' skill so he could use it for Dancing With The Stars. 👀.
Don't tell me David Ross is still in it? *facepalm* I'm a Cubs fan but I'm not blind, lol. He should have left a while back.
Good Lord.are you kidding?David Ross has all of Chicago voting for him. He got more votes. Race had NOTHING to do with it!
david ross at least deserved to be congratulated on making it to the finals!! So it was shocking, no need to steal his mome…
don't get me wrong, i absolutely ADORE david ross❤but him beating Simone Biles to the finals is a COMPLETE shock😮
No way in *** David Ross should still be on the show.
David Ross really should not still be on DWTS but he's so cute i'm not even mad
Holy cow! David Ross is in the finals of 'Dancing with the Stars' via
That's how big baseball is people. David Ross not the best dancer the past 3 weeks, yet has made the finals! ⚾️👏.
Congrats to David Ross on advancing to the finale on Dancing With The Stars. 🕺🏼👴🏼
Yes, 2 out of final 4 are dancers. Thought this was about amateur dancers. Can't blame America for voting for Davi…
The miracle on the dance floor. David Ross has reached the Finals
5 million people attended the Cubs parade. Is it really a shock to anyone that David Ross is going to win He could sit on a chair.
Former Cub David Ross had just one word to describe Monday's semifinals: Speechless. This is why:
Me trying to figure out how David Ross stayed and Simone got sent home
Idc if David Ross has a nice personality, this is a DANCING competition and the best dancer should win. Simone got robb…
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Whata s next for former Cubs catcher David Ross? A new cereal
'David Ross stole the hearts of the DWTS judges tonight! GoCubsGo
David Ross wins in Dunfermline South for Tories - and it's his birthday. The crowd on the floor serenades him!
Did we have an in about 10 minutes ago? It rattled the doors up here on the third floor.
At this point Im kind of just expecting David Ross to win DWTS. Even if he never gets higher than 8s from the judges.
How the f*** is David Ross still on DWTS he's awful
pulls off a miracle in the 'Dancing' ballroom
Cubs fans waited 100 years for a win. They're hungry for another one ;) David Ross escapes...
It's annoying that both David Ross and Bonner Bolton are still on DWTS. They've both been at the bottom since day 1!
David Ross still winning for the Cubs. All Star game might get high jacked again.
Yo I love David Ross as much as the rest of us Cubs fans but y'all gotta chill. Can't keep robbing dancers that are technically better
elimination I'm pretty stunned David Ross is still on. I'm assuming it's becuzhe's MLB.Not a good dancer.Not better than the 3 gone.👎🏻
How is it that David Ross and Bonner Bolton made it further than Heather and Nancy?
Yoo David Ross jus stopped by in n out 🤙🏽
David Ross has the best personality.
All of Chicago must be voting for David Ross bc he just keeps hanging around. At least Nancy went on her best night!
How about the love and support for David Ross, those bad *** dance moves are on to the next round! Nice job Rossy!
I LOVE David Ross...that segment, too much. 😂
David Ross should have gone home before Nancy Kerrigan. Unfair!
David Ross laughing at a fart like a 12 year old boy is the funniest thing I have ever seen
David Ross pulls off a miracle in the 'Dancing' ballroom - Chicago Sun-Times
😂😂😂 what can I say I'm the me Bob Ross
team with Goku, puss n boots, david west, Vegeta, and ross teeter
I have nothing against David Ross but how did he survive and Heather Morris was sent home last week?
“The thing is, it didn’t cost the president anything to have that entertainment,” Ross told laughing guests. It cost…
How did David Ross do on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ week 7 on a double elimination week?
Dance contest? Who do I look like? David Ross? (He does have better moves than I thought though)
David Ross got lucky again. Must have Cubs and Red Sox Nation behind him. Not that I want to see him go, he's just not good enough.
Congratulations, have a fantastic honeymoon.
Moving on! . With a little sci-fi salsa, is advancing to the next round of
And David Ross is still there... like now it's just a popularity contest. Should be called "Vo…
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Did Cubs' David Ross survive double elimination on 'Dancing with the Stars'? - Chicago Tribune
was flawless dahling 40/40 make sure to cast your votes .. David Ross has all of Chicago voting leggings!!!
David Ross had the look on this week's "Dancing with the Stars," but did he survive a double elimination?. Spoilers…
The 2016 proved impossible to beat, & wound up winning it all. . 2017 is doing the same on
David Brooks, Ross Douhat, Bret Stephens, David Frum, and a gun with four bullets.
Member notice | We will be replacing the main stairwell carpet today at David Ross - please take care and follow diversion signs in place.
ICYMI: WATCH: David Ross dances to Disney's Cars on DWTS show:
my life is that episode of Friends where Ross drinks all those margaritas & keeps telling everyone that hes fine when he c…
The only person I want to see win is David Ross. He's what the show is about, no dancing experience yet kicks butt every week.
David Ross is likeable, but not that great a dancer. Nancy Kerrigan was very good tonig…
Dancing David Ross does it again via
Or they needed David Ross to give them the whole song and dance
Is David Ross taking over as Cubs skipper? Grandpa is sorely missed. As for Hawks, it's OVAH! Go Jimmy Buckets
At least we can agree that Theo Epstein, John Lester, and David Ross are the GOATs
David Ross book coming 5/9/17. Will be getting this one. Can't wait to read it!
Psh, David Ross deserved more than those 7s. Lindsay thought so too.
Will David Ross return to dance another week on 'DWTS'?
David Fizdale was NOT happy with the officiating in Game 2 (via
After that dancing w the stars performance I'm not sure how much respect I have left for David Ross
I hardly watch dwts but I still vote because I love David Ross 😅👌
(Chicago Tribune) Ross needs jump-start on 'Dancing with the Stars' : Warning: Spoilers ahead..
The old man’s still got it. revs it up on another entertaining appearance:
David Ross back for another week on DWTS - The Florida Oracle -
Panthers wrap up Top 30 visits with WR Fred Ross, OT David Sharpe today; and RBs Alvin Kamara and Curtis Samuel, OLB Tanne…
Chicago Cubs: David Ross, Lindsay Arnold looking to rebound on DWTS - Cubbies Crib
Survive, advance and keep dancing! David Ross back for another week on DWTS via
Disney Night on 'Dancing With the Stars' saw David Ross and Lindsay Arnold channel 'Cars 3'
Did David Ross get the judges' motors running with his "Cars 3" number on "Dancing with the Stars"?…
David Ross back for another week on DWTS
Anthony Rizzo couldn't help but cry when talking about David Ross at the Cubs victory parade…
Anthony Rizzo made an appearance during David Ross' Dancing with the Stars practice & there was twerking involved!
David Ross making this list and Anthony Rizzo NOT making it devalues the whole experiment to me
David Ross rehearsed for six hours Wednesday, but he floated to Wrigley Field. My column on the Cubs' Mike Eruzione:
Dancing "star" David Ross has a song in his heart and a story to sell. on his new life:
JUST LIKE OLD TIMES - ALMOST! David Ross threw out tonight's 1st pitch to Jon Lester at Wrigley Field!
John Lackey got his jewelry, but he’s not going anywhere…yet. on the rings, David Ross and more: https…
Maddon said he thinks David Ross will go into coaching "when he's done dancing."
Everyone at Wrigley Field is voting for David Ross on dancing with the stars 😂
David Ross' DWTS performance was streamed at Wrigley Field!
The aired David Ross' dance from at Wrigley Field
When Wrigley Field was checking up on David Ross on Dancing With The Stars:
.The Cubs liked what they saw from David Ross. 😂
reveals Anthony Rizzo learned the Magic Mike dance with David Ross!
Chicago Cubs: David Ross strips, gyrates to high scores on DWTS
Not trying to be bitter, but I'm so over David Ross it isn't even funny.
David Ross goes full Magic the horror of Anthony Rizzo
What else needs to be said? Grandpa performance was something else!
7. David Ross and Lindsay Arnold's Jazz. -Overscored. -Not as cringey as I expected it to be
WATCH: David Ross dances to 'Candy Shop' from 50 Cent on DWTS:
David Ross dancing to Candy Shop was epic 😩😂
👀 former Red Sox catcher reveal his on style on my blog:
Mr. T is pure style, David Ross pure 'Magic' on 'DWTS' via
thoughts on David Ross dancing on dwts
Toulouse Watch: David Ross goes with striptease on Dancing With The Stars - 247Sports
Music by Sinding coming up with host Ross Amico, & David Dubal presents Sinding's piano concerto (1st mvt) on The Wed 10 pm.
Buster & I do what we do best - overreact! To the Astros, Indians, Royals bullpen, Blake Treinen, Thor's blister an…
Baseball > Mlb>Anthony Rizzo was 'horrified' by David Ross' 'Magic M--
I have vote every week as many times as you could. 2 phones and a IPad! Go David Ross! Cubs fans are rooting for you to win!!
I'll say it, I'm sick of David Ross
Last night on David Ross and his partner danced to "Go Cubs Go" 😂
Did you miss David Ross' dancing last night? has the story and it's unlocked for you stragglers:
This might be the greatest thing on the internet. David Ross, everybody.
David Ross dancing to Candy Shop was everything I never knew I needed
David Ross on is what America needs right now 😂🕺
Former Cubs player David Ross shocked the world with his 'Magic Mike' inspired routine on 'DWTS'
Everyone needs to watch David Ross's dance from DWTS last night that just made my whole week 😭
Still don't get why everyone loves David Ross so much. He was a back up catcher basically his whole career.
New song TEAMMATE by David Ross and Don Yaeger, Read by Gregory Abbey by HachetteAudio just went up, listen at
2016 Cubs 41116 Jason Heyward drives a single with the bases loaded that brings home David Ross: via
If you thought David Ross deserved to be Jason LaRue's backup for the Reds don't let the 2 World Series sway you, judge him by his DWTS work
David Ross and Jason Heyward are some of my favorite players because morale won that World Series.
David Ross broke Andrew Miller's back and made him humble
Andrew Miller still not over giving up that homer to David Ross
Today's is fr. Alpha Flight 36. (1986) Bill Mantlo, writer. Art by David Ross and Gerry Talaoc
David Ross and Lindsay Arnold dance the Quickstep to "Go Cubs Go" by Steve Goodman on the Dancing with the Stars'
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Loved Benito Santiago forever. Just realized he lost his job to David Ross in 2005... ⚾that's baseball
like David Ross for example. What better way to spend retirement than dancing?
WATCH: David Ross dances to 'Go Go' on dancing with the stars:
David Ross is so cute!!! I liked his dance a lot surprisingly.
David Ross' dance on dancing with the stars was fantastic 😍💙
David ross was pretty good on DWTS.
The internal struggle of wanting to cheer for David Ross, but he's dancing to Go Cubs Go.
I have an unending love for David Ross. But not anywhere near enough to actually watch Dancing With The Stars.
Knowing I don't watch sports, (only wrestling) but David Ross did an amazing dancing tonight.
How can anyone not like David Ross' personality? I hope he & go far!
David Ross on dancing with the stars?
Two years ago I wasnt a fan of watching David Ross hit. Now Im waiting for him to dance. We've come a long way baby.
So... and came up CLUTCH on tonight. Move those hips, . https…
I'm a big David Ross fan, but that performance was arguably one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.
I'm excited that it's the first time has its first baseball player, even though I know nothing about David Ross.
Cubs plan to party, pull for David Ross on DWTS
I want David Ross to only dance to Cubs teammates' walk up songs on DWTS
I love the Cubs, but share your disdain for David Ross. He sucked. My feelings when he is mentioned by Cub…
David Ross on dancing with the stars is the best thing I've ever seen in my life.
Little fun fact that nobody knows is that david ross is the only guy to ever play in the mlb to the age of 40
Now Trending: Chicago Cubs: David Ross surprises, impresses on Dancing with the Stars via
I'm David Ross shedding a tear when Rizzo and Arrieta skyped him
WATCH: David Ross' message to his former teammates after DWTS:
Are you having a hard time not going "Hi" in Ross's voice when David Schwimmer comes on?
VIDEO: David Ross makes his debut on Dancing With The Stars
My DWTS top contenders predictions: Simone Biles, Heather Morris, Rashad Jennings, and David Ross. Yes, I still care about this show.
Retired Cubs catcher David Ross scores high marks on "Dancing with the Stars"
Cubs' David Ross scores high marks on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Here's how David Ross opened up tonight.
Presenting: David Ross in a bedazzled Cubs uniform for his Dancing with the Stars debut. (via
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I have to be at the airport in 6 hours, my suitcase is completely empty and I'm watching sloth and David Ross videos
I just hope David Ross and Rashad Jennings make it to the finale
First week and I like Rashad Jennings, Nancy Kerrigan, Heather Morris, David Ross and Simone Biles. Funny that 4 out of 5 are athletes
Rashad Jennings, David Ross, Bonner Bolton, Nancy Kerrigan and Simone Biles on Pretty good season for sports fans.
I mean, David Ross just did a quickstep to tie Nancy Kerrigan for tonight's high score on so sports things are weird.
Well.. you other dancers can just go home after watching David Ross... thanks for playing Charo..Mr. T.. Nancy Kerrigan..😆
David Ross is sliding into the ballroom! 5 things you need to know about World Series-winning Cubs player
David Ross will dance to Steve Goodman's "Go Cubs Go" on "Dancing with the Stars"
David Ross will dance to 'Go Cubs Go' on 'Dancing with the Stars'
As the first MLB player on the show, David Ross will hit it out of the park with his partner Lindsay Arnold! ht…
David Ross, Lindsay Arnold create clever DWTS team name
Former Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross has a long way to go before winning
Former Cubs catcher David Ross to be on DWTS.
I'l be rooting for Simone Biles, Bonner Bolton, Charo, Rashad Jennings, Chris Kattan, Nancy Kerrigan, David Ross, and Mr. T on
David Ross, Rashad Jennings among 12 contestants for the next season of Dancing with the Stars http…
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David Ross is going straight from a World Series W to replacing Rizzo & Bryant with Nick Viall & Mr. T
David Ross becomes 1st baseball player to compete on Dancing With The Stars
David Ross is one retiree whos staying active
Anthony Rizzo offers his support and advice for David Ross, who will take part in Season 24 of "D... - via App
Kris Bryant evaluates David Ross' chances on "Dancing With the Stars" and breaks down Ross' reper... - via App
David Ross is the first MLB player to be on dancing with the stars.
Cubs report on ESPN 1000 coming up. Good react from players on David Ross and Theo swing !
David Ross will compete on the upcoming season of "Dancing with the Stars" via http…
Kris Bryant on David Ross being on 'Dancing with the Stars' -- 'He's the early favorite'…
David Ross is by far the most famous backup catcher in history.
Might actually watch this season of dancing with the Stars only cause David Ross will be in
In happier news, David Ross of the Cubs is on Dancing With the we have that to look forward to, which is nice.
"Hopefully there is enough Tylenol to get him going" — Kris Bryant on David Ross' "Dancing with the Stars" chances…
David Ross to star in next season of 'Dancing With the Stars'
excuse me David Ross is not underwhelming.
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David Ross is gonna be in dwts lmao this is magic
'Grandpa Rossy' David Ross, Rashad Jennings and Nancy Kerrigan added to be Running Backs
Former Cub David Ross to appear on ‘Dancing with the Stars’
I can't believe David Ross is going to be the first MLB player on DWTS! And he's paired with Lindsey! Definitely my favorite team so far 👏🏼
Most excited for David Ross, and Bonner Bolton on this season of Can't wait for it to begin!
season 24 full cast: Nick Viall, Mr. T, Nancy Kerrigan, and more (first impressions)
.David Ross first MLB player to join 'Dancing With the Stars' cast
Former Cubs catcher David Ross to compete on 'Dancing with the Stars'
ICYMI: Report: David Ross will be on Dancing with the Stars:
David Ross and Nancy Kerrigan among new ‘Dancing with the Stars’ competitors
So proud of my peer Ross Slevindowski giving up cider for lent , nice!
David Ross, Rashad Jennings and Nancy Kerrigan are the latest athletes to sign up for Dancing with the Stars
David Ross, Simone Biles will be on 'Dancing with the Stars'
He can do everything: David Ross to compete on ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars'
David Ross will try to waltz his way to a championship on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ via
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Though we still remember trying to scale that dugout railing 🤔🙄😳
Cubs' David Ross joins 'Dancing With the Stars' cast NOOO! why?
Watch Kris Bryant declare David Ross the early favorite to win Dancing with the Stars.
looking forward to seeing Nick Viall, David Ross & Simone Biles on 😍
A whole new ballgame: Former catcher David Ross will compete on this season!
DWTS watchers and fans: Your favorite grandpa, David Ross, will be on the show. Others include Bachelor’s Nick Viall.
BREAKING NEWS: former legend David Ross is expected to be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars 24
Fun fact: David Ross last AB of his career was a 402ft HR he barreled at 104 MPH in game 7 of the World Series. Nice way…
The thought of David Ross doing an on-field interview on with Rizzo and Bryant warms my soul
Ryne Sandberg and David Ross, flanking Kyle Schwarber, going opposite ways on managing careers:…
Honored to have sung the National Anthem for Ryan Sandberg, Kyle Schwarber and David Ross yesterday!
Click to see Kris Bryant on top of yet another leaderboard, stay to see David Ross' impressive base running stats.
World Series hero David Ross returns to the Cubs in a front-office role
Welcome back The today named David Ross to the role of special assistant to baseball operations.
if you're excited to hear David Ross is still apart of the Cubs.
"Your welcome Jon Lester, for making sure no one would steal second when you couldn't throw to first" -David Ross
David Ross is joining the Cubs front office as a special assistant to baseball operations.
Also looking forward to the bios on Durocher & Stengel. And the autobios by David Ross, Keith Hernandez & Tim Raines.
David Ross: By engaging the science Base with UK farmers and industry we can do great things, nationally and internationally
I think if everybody just watched Bob Ross a little more every day the world would be a better place to live
Secretary for WisDOT and former Superior Mayor, David Ross, might be just what Superior needs to kick start the Bel…
Is Kevin Costner going to play David Ross in his new movie?
Watch this Awesome Video about Capital Pool Checkers and if interested you can join the club too!…
Chicago Cubs: David Ross walks off into the sunset as a champion - Cubbies Crib
- At Famous Daves yum ! Try out the macaroni and look at my friends in couples kissing.
Hey, so, a local artist is having her artwork displayed and its partially a tribute to Bob Ross and partially a tribute to David Bowie.
Great first meeting today with Unity Club Member, David Ross, at our new home
This is a fun game. Who plays Rizzo, KB, Zobrist? . How about Kevin Costner as David Ross?
Fine! I'll come back under ONE condition. I get to team with and when we win, we David Ross-esque high five. Er, high one.
David Ross won't be Jon Lester's batterymate anymore. on who might be the best fit:
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more disturbing the Curtis Samuel grab or the Cubs cup bump after David Ross homer in?
Awesome video shot a few blocks from home, DC at its best | Made in Shaw” by David Ross.
can u fix the knifing from David Hasselhof. You can't knife the Aliens backpack :P
As cult hero status go it's still David Freese > David Ross.
GM Jed Hoyer say there is "Definitely interest on our part" on the possibility of retired C David Ross joining the front office.
David Ross is writing a book about Game 7 and his life in baseball
David Ross will be releasing his own book on May 9th called "Teammate: My Life In Baseball".
Sam Arthur(L) and David Ross (R) from Inside Golf Magazine Australia with Bali National GM Mark Holland after an en…
Ellen awards Kris Bryant with a Cubs tuxedo and David Ross with a Cubs walker
grandparossy_3 David Ross gets a walker as a retirement gift from Ellen
Ellen gives David Ross custom walker for retirement... via
Ellen gives David Ross custom walker for retirement, Kris Bryant Cubs tuxedo for his wedding
Kris Bryant and David Ross stopped by Ellen and left with a customized tuxedo and a walker
Mike Montgomery (from left), Kyle Schwarber, Jason Heyward, and David Ross brought the Commissioner's Trophy to Sun…
Why did nobody talk about how David Ross and Dexter Fowler slammed their pissers together on live TV in game 7 of the WS?
Competing Cubs tonight: Kris Bryant and David Ross on Kimmel while Fowler, Zobrist and Rizzo are on Fallon.
Kris Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. . Zobrist, Rizzo, and Fowler on Jimmy Fallon tonight. . David Ross and Bryant on Ellen tmrw. ThankMeLater
Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler also appear as strippers alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in ... -…
Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, & Dexter Fowler stole the show on SNL this weekend. Oh, Bill Murray was there too!
Bill Murray, & Chicago Cubs Rizzo, Fowler, & David Ross on SNL this past weekend: Best song in baseball for sure.
3 Chicago Cubs born in different decades homered in game7 of the 2016 World Series David Ross , Dexter Fowler and Javy Baez.
let some Nutt job go on way too long about the Cubs tonight. My god. I'll bet they even own a David Ross jersey. Congrats.😉
It just *** realizing there's a good chance that we won't have David Ross, Dexter Fowler, or Bill Murray on the r…
Dexter Fowler, David Ross and Anthony Rizzo were just on SNL
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