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David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller, Sr. (born June 12, 1915) is the current patriarch of the Rockefeller family. He is the youngest and only surviving child of John D.

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David Rockefeller . Purposely collapsing US economy to drive us to his mercy. Media stage this conspiracy...
one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. -David Rockefeller Sr.
Mark Zuckerberg is David Rockefeller's grandson. He's just as bad as his ancestor at controlling the US population.
1973- DAVID ROCKEFELLER organizes the TLC & chooses ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINKSI as the 1st Director & invites Carter to be foundin…
On the cover of Newsweek before the towers were done, David Rockefeller was on the cover with his watch on 9:11.
Glimpses of My Life: A Photographic Journey by David Rockefeller signed,hardcove
Carter's very first policy statement during campaign was antinuclear. David Rockefeller protege.
YOU GUYS! I finally got laid! Grampy David Rockefeller kidnapped some Kayla girl & I sealed the deal! She said her bf was some guy
FOUND: TWO beagles near Rockefeller Preserve in BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY! Please message David W. Black if they are...
Evan Spiegel (24) is the youngest billionaire on 2015 Hurun Rich List. David Rockefeller Sr (99) is the oldest.
On any given night at the Polo Club, you might spot Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Hannah Bronfman and David Rockefeller.
The absolute best Oysters Rockefeller I have eaten! Worth the trip to "Elija's" 2 get them. http:/…
use in this case Rockefeller Foundation etc for example for clarity
Well she is an Illuminati favorite. Google her speech re: Mothership Counsel, David Rockefeller and Hillary.
Maybe if we're lucky, Godzilla will eat David Rockefeller and the JP Morgan Chase buildings.
As of this week, the first portion of the David Rockefeller Papers are open for research! These are his personal...
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David Rockefeller LOVES to sip champagne at parties! He lives right in too!
Check out Snider faculty member, David Sicilia .as he discusses Rockefeller on .episode @ 10pm tonight!
Tonight catch Prof David Sicilia talking John & Oil on on at 10pm!
David Rockefeller gives RISD Museum $2.5 million to support decorative arts and design.
Check it out David Rockefeller used 2 b ceo of CHASE-MANHATTAN ALL food stamps are processed via Chase & $15,
according to david harvey, you can thank the Rockefeller brothers for the existence of exorbitant tuition
"I am a passionate traveler, and from the time I was a child, travel formed me as much as my formal education.” – David Rockefeller
gets $2.5M gift from David Rockefeller. Money will be used for the school's museum and to support a new gallery.
David Rockefeller to give RISD Museum $2.5 million for decorative arts via
We're thrilled to announce a $2.5M gift from David to support decorative art & design at the RISD Museum http:…
Rhode Island School of Design gets $2.5M from David Rockefeller to fund endowed position: The Rhode Island Sch...
Providence Business A PROMISED gift of artwork from David Rockefeller's estate includes an eighth-century, Tang dy...
In 2008, David Rockefeller and Ted Turner received subsidies taken from the wallets!
David Rockefeller thanks corporate media for help in the march towards world government –
What does the future hold for Venezuela? | David Rockefeller Center
/is Iran,Russia,China.I know people the here this from there own devil mouth,David Rockefeller,and other elites Families.
did someone just type up one of David Rockefeller's ramblings as subtitles?
David Allis (Rockefeller) Variation in the epigenetic landscape & cancer implications
David Rockefeller: "I believe that government is the servant of the people and not their master."
Larry David Slaying the Red Carpet (click for 100 more)
Yes, that is David Rockefeller's dream, a trans-national technocrat elite led one-world gov, with no loyalty to any nation.
Nixon’s and Kissinger’s arrival in the White House in 1969 coincided with David Rockefeller’s becoming CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank.
myTeamExpedite: in requires. and and. . . -David Rockefeller …
Goldman Sachs, David Rockefeller and the Rothschilds believe that it is.
SNL40 flags flying at the Rockefeller Plaza this afternoon, where I bumped into Larry David.
Up close of Emma Stone and Larry David at Anniversary Special - 2015 red carpet (click to see 100 more)
Best All-Stars in NYC tonight are at Rockefeller Center...
In 1974 David Rockefeller / Henry Kissinger wrote the PLAN TWO THOUSAND and now it appears it's working
David Rockefeller provides insight to a Global plan.
this is a direct quote from David Rockefeller book, BOOYA!
Order Miche Bag Online!
2:20 point CFR David Rockefeller says one world gov is necessary because we're too stupid to govern ourselves.
. Feemason Cronkite itnerviewing Freemason McCloy who, along with Dulles, worked for David Rockefeller. Texas is FM infested
Congrats to former Partnership co-chair Terry Lundgren of for receiving David Rockefeller Award!
Emperor David Rockefeller of a Judea financial devil.
4 that property is own by the international banker david Rockefeller "one of the 12 owners of the fed reserve"
I'm always looking for new ideas to be more effective and cost. -David Rockefeller
Keep pushing that rock up the hill, fellow peasants:. David Rockefeller will soon be celebrating his 100th year of living as a billionaire.
David Rockefeller Sr. Net Worth: One of well known surviving members of the famous Rockefeller family, David R...
Excited to participate in the David Rockefeller Award luncheon in support of advocacy of civic endeavors.
The power of Terry Lundgren of as honoree, he just broke the fundraising record for the David Rockefeller award lunch: 3.5m.
david Rockefeller is turning 100 this year, the buddy who leading the nation around the world, I should come on...
"intellectual elite,world bankers is surely preferable 2 the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." David 91
"the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government" David 1991
Congrats to my pal Terry Lundgren on receiving the 2015 David Rockefeller Award.
Jus' uh reminder: muh Grampy David Rockefeller is workin on killin most of all uh yous. Him and his buddies.
The Federal Reserve is just a tool of The Bilderberg Fascists and David Rockefeller..
New head of David Rockefeller Fund aims to "help small, overlooked nonprofits"
Thank you to everyone who came together to make this exhibition possible - particularly Patricia, Raquel, and...
Sailors for the Sea Founded by David Rockefeller Jr. Launches Conservation Movement -
How would John D. Rockefeller run your news media company?
The . founded by David Rockefeller in 1973 . official site *** 666
Meet David Rockefeller's godson and one of the heads of the CFR.
David Rockefeller: "I owe much to mother. She had an expert's understanding, but also approached art emotionally."
Nothing works the way U think it does!: David Rockefeller's Shocking Confession
I'm not 100% sure but didnt JP morgan buy everything up from rockefeller ?
Nope. Smart money's on David Rockefeller & the rest of the Satanic tools sitting on top of the piggy bank.
Only since the globalists, David Rockefeller, Kissinger, Rothchild, Bill Ayers, Soros etc seized the Dept of Ed & media did US decline.
Message to David Rockefeller personally. Make sure he gets this symbolic message,
all we need is a big disaster and the nations will accept the New World Order -David by liridona_fre...
think of the likes of George Soros,David Rockefeller,Henry Kissinger.
.Almost as low as he bows when he greets David Rockefeller or George Soros
ya David Rockefeller pz call it extortion i Love court & jail so fun HUMILIATING WHITES! 86 322?
One tyrant King may have died but what's the deal with other two: George Bush Snr and David Rockefeller?
David Rockefeller it's a pity ur 2ethnocentric 2matter 2any God remember we're gentiles white supremacy Jews rD new Nazis ya
David Rockefeller the military genius is we will intimidate u in2 spending BILLIONS ON SECURITY or BREAK YOUR BANKS & egos?
David Rockefeller my name goes a long way inside gang politics we're pudding gangsters in front o banks break all ur windows
David Rockefeller my soul yours my unfortunate business 2remind u Uhave earned nothing u have ur a shame 2ur Grandfather now we WAR
Son of Illuminati David Rockefeller Dies in Plane Crash on Friday the 13th: via HM, INTERESTING.
David Villa takes Instagram picture inside the Rockefeller Center as New York ... - Daily Mail
Mark Zuckerberg is Jacob Greenberg is grandson of David Rockefeller? i • /r/conspiracy
DAVID ROCKEFELLER (1994)-"We r on d verge of global trnsfrmation.All we need is d right major crisis n d ntions will accept d New World Ordr
David Rockefeller this is your fault
Now if only David Rockefeller Sr. would pass away. Or Jacob De Rothschild.
"The United Nations should play an essential role in stabilizing world population". -David Rockefeller . What does he mean by 'stabilize'?!
Masterworks from the David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection : Manet to...
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David Rockefeller has worked on the New World Order & UN control of world for decades SECRETLY with the media's help.
o mie, David Rockefeller must now be quaking in his boots in a Rothschild's home.
Theirs 2 people I'll kill if I ever see them.. Nancy Grace & David Rockefeller..
That would be that plucky Obama groomed by David Rockefeller?
Yes long ago and David Rockefeller these days..
These guys never die. David Rockefeller still going strong too:
“We got a deal we are not at liberty to speak about,” David Rockefeller Jr. said
I liked a video from WeAreChange Confronts David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller rothschild took your firstborn son. it was him who crashed the plane. U gonna take that? UR the...
David Rockefeller is evil. Just look in his eye's and you can see there is no soul!
"Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials of success in life, no matter what may be ones aim." John David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller will kill 7 billion people with Haarp and Airborne Ebola
David Rockefeller Jr. opens MoMA R&D Salon 12-On Philanthropy: The arts and culture are significant parts of what makes life worth living
“Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work.” - David Rockefeller
Stone Barns' property was once part of Pocantico, the Rockefeller estate. The stone barns themselves were commissioned by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. to be a dairy farm. The complex fell into disuse during the 1950s and was mainly used for storage. In the 1970s, agricultural activity resumed when David Rockefeller's wife Peggy began a successful cattle breeding operation. Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture was created by David Rockefeller, his daughter Peggy Dulany, and their associate James Ford as a memorial for Peggy Rockefeller, who died in 1996.Stone Barns opened to the public in May 2004.
That's like looking to Kissinger or David Rockefeller for inspiration
Jeb's great-grandfather was on Federal Reserve Board, partners with Rockefeller and Harriman.
David Rockefeller Sr. is in very poor health currently too.
Evelyn Rothschild & David Rockefeller are the generals in the army of Satan→They're responsible for most of the chaos
David Rockefeller should be hung for crimes against humanity
..give President Obama the fast track power he and David Rockefeller want him 2 have? And why would Republicans, elected on the...
speaks. about population control. LISTEN to him. discussing how the should sustain. the population.
Surely nobody wants an economic crash Ah but they do dear boy. Indeed they do.
Can you explain to me why people create and post this kind of garbage? Do they really think everyone on the...
David & Annie...that bench life...people watching. . @ Rockefeller Center
Success in business requires training, discipline and hard work. Don't be frightened by these things. ~ David Rockefeller
We might have forgotten George Soros, David Rockefeller. No end to this list.
I added a video to a playlist David Rockefeller FINALLY connected to 9/11
Whatever you do, if you do it hard enough you'll enjoy it. The most important thing is to work and work hard. - David Rockefeller
Rockefeller bloodlines Rockefeller admits to wish for NWO
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David Rockefeller nuked his buildings and hired Kissinger to make it look like somebody else did it.
Hillary Clinton, John McCain on the payroll? of David Rockefeller Jr. - owner of ExxonMobil, Chevron. General Electric, Halliburton, Boeing
Mark Gerhard+Ryan Storey of California are trying to kill me.Their trying to steal from the owner of IT with David Rockefeller.
I heard that David Rockefeller Sr. is currently having huge health problems.
Obama is the fall guy. People are supposed to think he betrayed America by signing that "GMO protection act.". - Research David Rockefeller!
. David Rockefeller thanks the "librul" press. . David Rockefeller's 1991...
amazing how these people look like they'll live forever... David Rockefeller for example, 150 years old...
Might as well add David Rockefeller, etc.
CIA torture failed to reveal info on 9-11 because they didn't torture *** Cheney or David Rockefeller-
read David Rockefeller say there are 300 in his family now. Sounding like a whinging rationale of their Taketaketake mo
David Rockefeller Speaks on the Divine Right of Kings - -
Especially in view of the fact that David Rockefeller built the WTC, Kissinger works for him and L Paul Bremmer works for Kissinger
An excellent conversation today at NYPD Headquarters with the David Rockefeller Fellows.
it is legal go ask David Rockefeller
Glad to have you David! Coming to see us and the Rockefeller tree? indeed!
It is NOT JUST this family, David Rockefeller / The Rothchilds. It is the FORTY private owners of The Federal...
Re: Was the Cold War a fraud? David Rockefeller and Kruschev danced around the room together when they met in NY...
Kirk Cameron the government is upon David Rockefeller 's shoulders. moshiach ben david. he is different from...
[David Caruso surveys the aftermath of an explosion at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting]. "Oh Tannen--. [sunglasses]. ...bomb.". YYYEAHHH
“If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress”. -David Rockefeller .
America's richest man ever, John D Rockefeller born in 1839 still has an alive grandson(David) via /r/Showerthoughts
I want to go to the city tomorrow to meet Maia, David and Cierra at the Rockefeller but I probably wouldn't be able to see them anyway
David Rockefeller FINALLY connected to 9/11: WOW and people still walk around doing nothing this. via
I liked a video David Rockefeller FINALLY connected to 9/11
Bill Clinton'S CRIMINAL BACKGROUND AND, NOW, HE WANTS BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE THROUGH HIS WIFE? Most people think that the biggest felony made by Bill Clinton might be that he swore falsely under oath in the Lewinsky affair. But this is peanuts compared to the real crimes, yet undetected by most American people. THE OXFORD DAYS It was in Oxford as a student Clinton came to hear about the One World Government for the first time, and what was required to be a member of this New World Order. In an interview in 1994 Clinton said that he'd known about the "Shadow-government" already in his youth, and had been very enthusiastic to get an entrance into the "Inner Circle" and from there have the opportunity to participate in decisions regarding the future of the world. He succeeded! The "President-maker" David Rockefeller met Clinton in the mid 80's in Arkansas to prepare him for what was to come. The State of Arkansas, by the way, is a major seat for the Brotherhood elite. The south branch of the Scottish Rite o ...
I'm on a special SHEILD Crisis Committee. Germany is our main country this year. David is JD Rockefeller for a Crisis lol
how about a Soros or David Rockefeller as Palpatine meme.
. Rock, 30 is in NYC. . Rockefeller, David lived in NYC.
hey Robin, guess who invented modern feminism: David Rockefeller .
Tired of billions of tax dollars going to David Rockefeller and the Koch Brothers? Vote for PEOPLE next time.
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Also everyone, David Rockefeller is still alive. He is 99 years old this year (2014). -Donaldli Mark Ingalls
David Rockefeller (b. June 12, 1915) is a US banker and philanthropist who served as chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Corp.
Thank you David Rockefeller for making me see this clear SIGN
I had to tell David Rockefeller that I couldn't kick a table out so he could eat today. dudes left shoe costs more than my house man.
"Billionaire David Rockefeller and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation announced gifts of $75 million -
David Rockefeller answering after being accused of belonging to the Cabal
Doing a speech on "Key axiom in giving is a simple one, 'You can't take it with you'" David Rockefeller
Is it just me or is Tony Blair developing the "evil look" in his old age. See David Rockefeller & Pope as examples http:/…
– David Rockefeller, “Memoirs”. The Puppet Master list. Here’s the list of guests ranked by country. AUSTRIA...
Corrine Zuckerman and Maurice Greenberg; backed by billionaire David Rockefeller who founded the globalist Trilateral Commission think tank.
They are a grantee, but the pledge is from David Rockefeller, not the Foundation.
Did you guys hear about this .. . stuff? Grampy David Rockefeller jerks to it
David & Susan contribute to Cuckolds nonprofit to expand education programs
admittedly I don't know, but I do know that David Rockefeller is evil. From far more than just that quote
I've always supported civil rights but they're going to get used by Bolsheviks funded by David Rockefeller then I'm against them!.
Congratulations to Lukas Haynes who has been appointed executive director of the David Rockefeller Fund
you just laughed at the idea of a NWO when it has been proven to be true & even bragged about by David Rockefeller, but you deny
$150 Mil. from the Stavros Niarchos Fdn & David Rockefeller Launch Major Campus Extension for
Billionaire David Rockefeller & fndtn pledged $150M to expand the university founded by his grandfather:
DIVIDE and CONQUER. Ferguson, immigration, marijuana, *** marriage, DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Stop arguing with each other and start fighting the real enemy, the people behind the scenes pulling strings. George Soros, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates
Reagan was told to take Bush by David Rockefeller? Trilateral Commission wanted its
Globalisation in Indonesia: Spoils of a Massacre report by John Pilger, Guardian Weekend 14 July 2001 " Like the majority of humanity who are not touched by the delights of McDonald's and Starbucks, the internet and mobile phones, who cannot afford to eat enough protein, these are globalisation's unpeople." In Indonesia 35 years ago, a military dictator took over, a million people were killed and a red carpet was rolled out for western capital. It was the start of globalisation in Asia, a model for the rest of the world, leaving a legacy of sweatshops and corruption. Flying into Jakarta, it is not difficult to imagine the city below fitting the World Bank's description of Indonesia. A "model pupil of globalisation" was the last of many laurels the bank bestowed. That was almost four years ago, in the summer of 1997. Within weeks, short-term global capital had fled the country, the stock market and currency had crashed, and the number of people living in absolute poverty had reached almost 70 million. The ...
The media feed us constantly with threats of a World War III, but they don't tell us that WW III is a "Silent War"[1], and it has already started. People in general are afraid and worried about the ultimate war - where nuclear weapons will wipe out the major part of the world population, and although such a war is planned, World War III is already happening. The Third World War is foremost a quiet war with no classic weapons, but it is nevertheless almost as devastating. This is a war of silent mind control and the implanting of viruses, epidemics and other lethal diseases in the population, mostly with the help from vaccines, which are not containing what they are supposed to contain, or more accurately; there are additives in the vaccines that are designed to make us sick. This is the way AIDS was implanted upon us, as an example. AIDS was implanted in the blacks and homosexuals (useless eaters, as the Illuminati call them)[2], through the hepatitis B vaccines laced with live AIDS virus. It was implante ...
David Rockefeller, Sr. (born June 12, 1915) is the current patriarch of the Rockefeller family. He is the youngest and only surviving child of John D.
Oil $$$ is helping save the seas, thanks to tycoon's great-grandson, David Rockefeller, Jr.
Great tune Includes the world's first clap riff at the end.
Congratulations to Ellie Nieves (A14)! She was selected as a Partnership for New York City David Rockefeller Fellow.
Beginning with a Bang! From Confrontation to Intimacy: An Exhibition of Argentine ... -
David Rockefeller Metallica ♫ My Friend of Misery ♫ . You just stood there screaming. Fearing no one was listening...
ill try it later then. N Yeh I love her as much as I love David Rockefeller lol xx
The last thing your Owners want is you having access to firearms. Are you crazy, an Armed Slave? Don't worry, David Rockefeller got you!
Going to the 'David Rockefeller Fund' board meeting. Wearing vegan leather leggings from
David Rockefeller's book 'Memoirs' he admits he is part of a secret cabal working to destroy the United States and create a nwo.
David Rockefeller gives me the creeps. The evil is seen right through his eyes.
David Rockefeller's son, Richard Rockefeller, was killed in a plane crash the morning of Friday the 13th ...
The new face of Bill Gates.Getting ready to take over the NWO Depopulation sector from David Rockefeller Sr.?
Yeah I can just picture David Rockefeller on his hands & knees with bright yellow marigolds swilling out the...
David Rockefeller speaks about population control. - YouTube.flv: via
Dianne Feinstein member of the Trilateral Commission during the 1980s which was founded by by David Rockefeller and Sir Eve…
We all miss him including Evelyn Rothschild, David Rockefeller & his fellow Bohemians. God Bless! http:…
Reminder: The Bilderberg Society was founded by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and David Rockefeller.
David Rockefeller Fund: Strategic foci of David and Peggy Rockefeller's new generation of environmental philanthropy:
Farewell to mum Louisa Hirst, who made everyone smile:
It's not every day you find one of David Rockefeller's Chipp suits at a thrift store.
/ WHY would David Rockefeller be PROUD of being associated with the "NWO"? It's a horror to me, as I understand it.!!
i dont think so CFR was conformed by David Rockefeller in ISA in 1970 i know
"David Rockefeller thanks the media for CO OPERATING !!!" The POWER OF "WE"-SEARCH!"
I have been contacted by Mr. David Rockefeller folks recently,(talks daily with him) and they took Adnan Sakli out Feb 2014, (he did not wa…
David Rockefeller thanks the media for CO OPERATING !!!
David Rockefeller invented that disease, let the yanks turn it into a police state.
Rockefeller scientist C. David Allis wins the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences!
David Rockefeller United Nations And he shall judge among the nations, and shall decide among many people: and...
Rock n Roll Rosetta Stone Of David Rockefeller, and SNL cast last week
they are notes working on tying David Rockefeller ,SNL, and me,Krista together. and what things mean.
for halloween do I go as the void or david rockefeller??
“We are on the verge of a global transformation" David Rockefeller
Tune In Tomorrow! We'll be interviewing experts, Justin Rockefeller & David Richardson on divestment
Story: Michael Rockefeller — heir to the Rockefeller fortune disappeared in Dutch New Guinea
In 2008 David Rockefeller donated 100 million to Harvard --- nope. No conflict of interest in studies here at all.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Julie Strange is Lord Michael Crampton and Hymie Goldman who is David Rockefeller (aka David Zorgoff) at ten years of age+life.
Stop Madden, Sattler, David Rockefeller ( Zorgoff), & Thyssen( John Stewart) killing me from 2026 to 2029.
Donald Trump, David Rockefeller wouldn't even make China's top 25 richest - that's how rich the Chinese tycoons are
David Rockefeller speaks about population control.:
David Rockefeller is part of Lucis (Short for Lucifer), Trust's management Lucis...
David Rockefeller As an unmuddied lake, sir. Clear as an azure sky of deepest summer. You can rely on me, sir.
David Rockefeller I will never be false to David. His dynasty will continue forever, his throne, like the sun before me.
plus David Rockefeller hidden ones like King Abdullah parts of the Vatican etc
Congrats to our own Patterson Chiweshe for being honored as a David Rockefeller Fellow!
David Rockefeller FINALLY connected to 9/11: via do these ppl deserve your hate
- David Rockefeller . A major crisis like a biological weapon to put fear into the world? Like Ebola ?…
The Canadian branch of the CFR was set up by David Rockefeller, Zbig and P.E Trudeau
Wednesday, Justin Rockefeller and David Richardson headline our Clean Energy Quarterly on divestment
Thank you David Rockefeller, Jr., for your kind heart and wisdom! In Maine we are one week away from a vote...
The UN is ultimately controlled by the global elite.UN owes its location and prominence to David Rockefeller who provided both the
Little Giant Ladders
Point of information:  Doctors Without Borders, USA, was run by David Rockefeller's son before he died in an unexplained plane crash
David Rockefeller got his prediction wrong. Why was he anti Western Democracy?. ISIS May prove him right.
The ingredients to success, according to David Rockefeller, are training, discipline, and hard work.
David Rockefeller... think he was kidding now?
Ah the LSE has some infamous alumni. David Rockefeller, Keith Murdoch and so many more. Nestled near the font of
Notice how much he looks like David Rockefeller...Death incarnate is seen in the EYES.
The such as David Rockefeller have been funding the tech, to create the
Excited and looking forward to my year as David Rockefeller Fellow
Knight of Malta David Rockefeller is a mass murderer-He won't get away with 9/11-Save us Potter!
David Rockefeller is a stooge for the Jesuit Vatican-David Rockefeller did 9/11 ht…
David Rockefeller – eugenicist who funded the Holocaust, has control over the CIA, the CDC, the WHO, the UN, the...
We are excited to work with you! MT Looking forward to a great year ahead as a David Rockefeller Fellow h…
Here's what David Rockefeller, noted philanthropist, REALLY thinks.
big money: UN and David Rockefeller donated the land for its HQ!!
All must hold key leadership positions at NYC-based companies. Learn more at
Global war agenda .. US is No. 1 warmonger on Earth .., the 4 PAC Surveillance, Secret Wars, and a Global Security State in a Single-Superpower World .. The Bilderberg Group” and What They May Be Planning now .. the Bilderberg Group’s far-reaching influence on business and finance, global politics, war and peace, and control of the world’s resources and its money. “the most powerful men in the world met for the first time” in Oosterbeek, Netherlands, “debated the future of the world,” and decided to meet annually in secret. They called themselves the Bilderberg Group with a membership representing a who’s who of world power elites, mostly from America, Canada, and Western Europe with familiar names like David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soros, Donald Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdoch, other heads of state, influential senators, congressmen and parliamentarians, Pentagon an ...
Yes, many among the global elite really do want to substantially reduce the population of the planet. The following quotes are from one of my previous articles… -David Rockefeller: “The negative impact of population growth on all of our planetary ecosystems is becoming appallingly evident.” -CNN Founder Ted Turner: “A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” -Paul Ehrlich, a former science adviser to president George W. Bush and the author of “The Population Bomb”: “To our minds, the fundamental cure, reducing the scale of the human enterprise (including the size of the population) to keep its aggregate consumption within the carrying capacity of Earth is obvious but too much neglected or denied” -Barack Obama’s primary science adviser, John P. Holdren: “The development of a long-term sterilizing capsule that could be implanted under the skin and removed when pregnancy is desired opens additional possibilities for coercive ...
Spend 1/3, save 1/3 & give 1/3 away - how John D Rockefeller budgeted his income, & his kids did the same w/ thr allowance.
Hotep? Well, I feel that I have a message for our should look beyond the word I speak and hear my heart speaking to your minds...we black folk have this divine power to do so.. It falls upon all of us, regardless of race or creed, to reclaim our minds from the false institutions and charlatans who prey upon our social hopes and fears. Remember that: "the truth does not require your belief to exist, but spin, lies and propaganda do!" Religion is simply a myth (and by this I mean "an image"), and to my mind it is a perversion of nature. What have we not suffered as a people mostly coming from the minds of the so called baptized/ Christian people or Mohammadists? eg(George Bush both senior and jr, Bill gates, George Soros, Teddy Tuner, Henry Kissinger, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary aka queen Elizabeth, David Rockefeller, John Francis Queeny of GMO Monsanto Co, Theodore Roosevelt the family that prints dollars, Henry Ford the family that funds transgenic mosquitoes, Abdullah ibn Sad ibn Abi Sarh, is a ...
misuse of the name Rockefeller: that famous quote where David Rockefeller thanks the Washington Post, the New York Times and other (166/543)
paradigm: Rockefeller and Bush. Rockefeller, mostly because of David Rockefeller’s founding role in the Bilderberg Group and the (152/543)
Red - Italians and mafia. Browns I think is David Rockefeller sr in Cleveland and the dubai guys
Let me expand on the colors.. the whites -republicans. Light blue - David Rockefeller sr who I was left to believe was jr, s pic 4 many years
David Rockefeller speaks about population control.wmv: via
David Rockefeller Jacob Rothschild Moses and Elijah are seen as possibilities for the two witnesses due to the...
Is David Rockefeller still alive? Doesn't he know he's past his expiration date?
That was all due to David Rockefeller, why Nixon opened China, D.R.'s New World Order of banker Fascism..
David Rockefeller the wicked will not survive judgment,. nor will sinners in the assembly of the just.
David Rockefeller gives all his patents to Lucis Trust to Lucifer
Al Gore Leonardo DiCaprio carbon tax? Nothing's free in this world. David Rockefeller won't give up his...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Son of David leader of the dies in plane crash--> Who is killing Banksers around the world?
fun fact John D Rockefeller has a museum on the Muslim side of the City of David
Our Republic - David Rockefeller -we are on verge of global transformation just need major crisis
a semi-secret society, officially founded in June 1973[3] by David Rockefeller (Illuminati) and Zbigniew...
The oldest billionaire in the world 99. Oil!
Well, if you're blind as Helen Keller, you could see I'm David Rockefeller..
G+ Obama's speech about the Ebola in Africa, with clips of David Rockefeller onC-Span talking about popul...
David Rockefeller Jr says and Philanthropies can take lead in leveraging private sector to protect our oceans
David Rockefeller ... hmmm going on right now?
The world’s first billionaire was oil tycoon John David Rockefeller Sr. He achieved the first billionaire status in1916 as owner of
I believe it's David Rockefeller. That's what I hear on the internet. Trillionaire N.W.O. Orchestrator some say.
Rockefellers go green: Rockefeller foundation divests funds in fossil fuel industries » David Icke
The flowery euphemisms used to justify eugenics and genocide, echo the declarations of Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller . I am not responsible for other people's short memories or cognitive dissonance.
I hope the Guggenheim plan will be revived. - David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller - World Leader and Founder Of: Bohemian Grove, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral C... -
A poetic example of the corruption in the senate and Rockafeller family
George Soros why don' you go to Iraq, visit take your evil buddy David-Rockefeller and Obama, just visit ISIS instead.I'm sure thy love you.
In 1952, David Rockefeller compiled a report for President Eisenhower that concluded that a rise in the birth...
America is the last country that has any type of freedom once that pawn falls the NWO will rapidly be established all they will need is russia to make the wrong step and its game over, we need to stop people like Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and the Rothschild family if we are to survive they didnt cause 2 world wars for nothing, if we continue as we are its gonna get alot worse. Has anybody noticed the all seeing eye symbols and triangle shapes that are being pushed more in the entertainment industry if not open your eyes you may have your eyes open but you cant see. People are creating groups like we are change and anonymous to fight against this cancer spreading across the planet. Do some research do your bit.
Reading up on david rockefeller. Business.
who do you think this guys is working for?? :) a.k.a David Rockefeller
Because David Rockefeller's son was dead, abandoning America, Abe prime minister was betrayed.
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