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David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller, Sr. (born June 12, 1915) is the current patriarch of the Rockefeller family. He is the youngest and only surviving child of John D.

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The biggest lyers on earth are the open society prayers like George Soros and David Rockefeller. They made money out of her selfmade chaos!
David rockefeller realy ain't tryin to die.. *** r u stil havin heart transplants at 99? Lol
THE CHINESE PLAN TO OCCUPY AMERICA Set up by David Rockefeller Sr. in the 1990s
Every time I get a new heart, it is like the breath of life is swept across my body. I feel reenergized and alive. ~David Rockefeller
Queen Elizabeth II this is Manoj Sonee son of David Rockefeller I need to find me way to Las Vegas, Europe
. *** Cheney ex-dir of CFR talks to David Rockefeller.
David Rockefeller actually rents land from the Queen!
The Open Gate in the Distance means that David Rockefeller is in the house.
Good morning Queen mummy & Dad Prince this is Manoj Sonee son of David Rockefeller
The CFR director is David Rockefeller who is form one of the families that set up the private off shore bank.
Can pus become one of the highest-ranking of the Freemasonic/Talmudic fellowship? Yes, David Rockefeller Jr is living proof.
Want to know where such legislation as are born? Look no further than the & David Rockefeller! h…
Paris Hilton I am Manoj Sonee institute that I get a plane ticket to see David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller probably killed someone for that heart
Whatever you do, if you do it hard enough you’ll enjoy it. The important - David Rockefeller
...coincidence? this meeting, David Rockefeller reportedly prompted Bill Clinton to push forward the NAFTA agenda.
The online application for the David Rockefeller Graduate Program is now available at
David Rockefeller looks like a devil after his sixth heart transplant.
Smart Quote: " Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. . -- David Rockefeller
ex-director of CFR talks to David Rockefeller via
Good updated video from Betsy McGee on David Rockefeller, the foreshadowing of 9/11, and why the date was chosen:
Now do you see why I say David Rockefeller, Jay Rockefeller, and Richard Cheney and friends freely commit treason and NOBODY peeps?
David Rockefeller: "I think of art as the highest level of creativity. To me, it is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment."
Please review this link for further information about abuse by the family of David E. Rockefeller.
"We're on the verge of a Global Transformation.All we need is the right Major Crisis."David Rockefeller Club of Rome
that's David Rockefeller lol but I get your point
Muh Grampy David Rockefeller say he's glad it's so easy ta distract y'all with stuff. Easier ta kill you all slowly
How is David Rockefeller doing since he had his sixth heart transplant?
"Watch for people who love animals. Those are good people to do business with." -David Rockefeller
"All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the NWO" . ~ David Rockefeller
... and James contributed to this with David and Zbigniew .
David speaks about population control. - YouTube by corporate
“No one should feel guilty about making money.” David Rockefeller
Is David Rockefeller on Barry care. 6 heart transplant s
President Obama met someone at 30 Rockefeller he said I am not David Rockefeller son not to come back this building
President Obama hi this is Manoj Sonee came to see David Rockefeller at 30 Rockefeller center
"i believe the government is the servant of the people and not their master" - David Rockefeller
I think muh Grampy David Rockefeller gon get jealous uh dis Burger King
"in requires training and discipline and hard work." – David
“I am a passionate traveler, and from the time I was a child, travel formed me as much as my formal education.” – David Rock…
Well David Rockefeller reckons he's built enough nuclear bunker shelters for him & his Elite chums to risk a...
David Rockefeller was born in to an immensely wealthy, powerful family, Corbyn cannot compare or compete? Are you insane?
Find opportunity where you are. "...opportunities are just as great today as they ever were" David Rockefeller
Did you know David Rockefeller's (one of the most powerful, influential, and respected men in the world) big…
I and my family are being harassed constantly by the David & Jay Rockefeller and their families and agents.
I'm Freya J. SCHULTZ I have never met or spoken by phone or in person w David E. or Jay Rockefeller, nor have they written.
David A. ROCKEFELLER appears to be here, in my hotel, or his loudspeaker is, disagreeing w everything I say. WE OBVIOUSLY DIFFER.
Focus on food systems at COA with Susan and David Rockefeller Jr.'s "Food for Thought, Food for Life"
David M. Murphy, GDLSK, LLP & Rebecca Williams, The Rockefeller Group are speakers for our 8.25 webinar. Register
JRD Tata being greeted by David Rockefeller—a friend of many years
It's Greece giving the middle finger to David Rockefeller and his Fascist Bilderberg Group Banking Cabal as America should do.!
David Rockefeller on video talking about depopulation of humans... Watch 4 urself! ➡
That was before David Rockefeller Created his Fascist Wet Dream of the Bilderberg Group..!
Many will die resisting the New World Order - David Rockefeller
Here is a picture of Mr. Whitehead along with David Rockefeller.
to David Rockefeller I need to meet with you & I need cash arrange to send this tonight
Zbig co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller in circa 1974.
It shows that they trust Putin more than CFR oligarchs and its Emeritus CEO David Rockefeller with Advisor Zbig Brzezinski
1970 Chase Manhattan Bank stock certificate when David Rockefeller was Chairman
I have heard it's a family tradition, "nailed down" by David E. ROCKEFELLER.
Thanks & David Rockefeller for all your work on ocean conservation, It was great to have you visit! htt…
So the next time you have a complaint about Americas government contact David Rockefeller no Obama . Contact the Families that run the world
David A Rockefeller, I think, claims HE owns the credit card processing business, just as he claims he can CREATE ANY title document.
I am sure the REASON the FBI "can do nothing" about these outrages is that David E. ROCKEFELLER, w his nephew, has claimed they are ALL CIA!
David Rockefeller intermittently duns me fir bills he knows I don't owe, fir whichb"The Trust" should have paid if I were their "relation".
Obama: Rockefeller’s Man in the White House Tutored by David Rockefeller’s intellectual flunkey, Zbigniew Brzezinski.
The response from DR, "You keep doing that and I cannot vouch for your safety." That's the voice of David E Rockefeller."
. NAFTA arose from David Rockefeller's CFR. The plans passed from Maurice Strong to Thomas d'Aquino to Mulroney to Reisman.
WOW, beautiful gesture! This is very nice land and let's hope it can stay that way! I have driven by those hills...
Happy Birthday, Mr. Rockefeller! David Rockefeller, world's oldest billionaire, turns 100.
David Rockefeller visits with his friend Li Chiang, one of Red China’s Government Trade Officials.
Reading about J.P Morgan, Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller puts everything in perspective
How does David Rockefeller celebrate turning 100? Hint: it has to do with
Ive watched 10 hours of documentaries on david Rockefeller so dont try to debate me on how he had nothing to do with 9/11
David Rockefeller set up 9/11 because his building was heavily insured and wanted more money
All purpose parts banner
David Rockefeller . we are working towards the same thing to different ends and we want the exact opposite for the...
The only thing that me and Supriem David Rockefeller agree on is that we both believe him to the Anti-Christ. HE...
David Rockefeller, the oldest living Rockefeller and son of John D Jr., born 100 yrs ago today in NYC:
Barry Soetero before Barack Obama was invented and groomed by David Rockefeller.
Something else need to know. Henry Kissinger was protege of David Rockefeller who had him inserted into Nixon Admin when LBJ did not run.
To quote David Rockefeller at the UN Business Conference in 1994."We are on the verge of a global...
NY'ers would give the immense twin towers a knowing nickname: David and Nelson.
David Rockefeller old *** living that's why I know hospitals bs.
My wife told me I’m obsessed with paranoid conspiracy theories. I wonder how much David Rockefeller paid her to say that.
Arrest Larry Silverstein, Paul Bremer and David Rockefeller for likely foreknowledge of 9/11.
So much repetition dude whom you want to impress David Rockefeller 100th birthday June 12 2015
Trilateral Commission (TC), a group founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and his intellectual flunkey, Brzezinski.
I'm always looking for a new idea that will be more productive than its cost. -- David Rockefeller 🔷
Yeah like Repubs that still carry them for John D. Rockefeller, Joseph McCarthy, Ronald Reagan, David Duke, Pat Robertson...
666.. He is an evil creepy devil that buys life as others die>David Rockefeller’s Sixth Heart Transplant at Age 99
Little Giant Ladders
Nelson Rockefeller was Governor of NY when I was a kid. Everyone said he was too rich to steal.
education leads to social unrest. That's what David Rockefeller found out in the 70's at least
David Rockefeller:      I read today that David Rockefeller is 99 years old and just survived his sixth heart ...
If I'm to understand that Bob Ritchie is speaking for me . As Paul McCartney speaks for David Rockefeller sr. If so, when does that start?
[ Politics ] Open Question : Do you think the NWO or New World Order is a conspiracy?: David Rockefeller who owns the federal reserve which…
Zbig Brzezinski co-founded the Trilateral Commission in the 1970's with David Rockefeller. Zbig is close to the ppl at the v top.
Please look at my blog today and read about the wonderful gift David Rockefeller, Sr. gave to the…
Richard Nixon, David Rockefeller,HW Bush opened up China and look how that has turned out for American workers
David Rockefeller donates Mount Desert Island acreage to nonprofit
How can i meet with David Rockefeller?
Investigate the Rockefeller Initiative, the admin.never spoke about it!
Pls let The Rockefeller Initiative hit the headlines
David Rockefeller makes rare public appearance before 100th birthday
David Rockefeller to donate 1,000-plus acres on Mount Desert Island in Maine
(ii) modern UN owes it location and prominence to David Rockefeller who provided the seed money & the land in NYCity 4 its+
David Rockefeller’s own words he spoke before the secretive Trilateral Commission in June, 1991, calls 4 massive population reduction.
David Rockefeller on his wedding day to Margaret ...
Hope you win but it will be determined by David Rockefeller and the Illuminati. . Satan is in charge until Jesus say's enough.
MOUNT DESERT, Maine (AP) — David Rockefeller has made a rare public appearance ahead of his 100th birthday.
Trivia of the day... How many heart implants has David Rockefeller received ? AND GO !
Photo: moma: June 2: Celebrate Kara Walker, Richard Serra, & David Rockefeller at our annual Party in the...
"GREED is UGLY is it not..." . NO Respect. Billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller has undergone...
David Rockefeller: some even believe. we are member of a cabal, war-mongrels. if you will. They are wrong. We only. launch war
just spreading poison to the children. yup... David Rockefeller and Bill Gates' agenda for population control.
Is the voice of Mr. Burns an imitation of Mr. David Rockefeller's voice? They do sound very similar.
"If necessity is the mother of invention, discontent is the father of progress." David Rockefeller
The $JPM Art Collection was created in 1959 by David Rockefeller. Learn more as we partner w/
Do you think this fool even realizes that David Rockefeller is 100 yrs old with a history of six heart transplants?
Democracy--the illusion that my wife and I, combined, have twice the political influence of David Rockefeller! ? Butler Shaffer
David Rockefeller had his 6th heart transplant …
Dammit David Rockefeller *** is wrong with u 6 heart transplants?
David has 6th Heart Transplant in 36 years at age 99.
What are globalists? — Basically people who run the world. These people include David D Rockefeller and Queen El...
Theory on Fidel Castro as a deep-cover CIA agent of Citibank via Zapata Oil
Fidel Castro Was a CIA Agent . Castro was just part of the Illuminati dialectic, like Putin today.
-Tell that to 99 year old David Rockefeller or Globalist *** wipes George Soros or Henry
my money coach. David Geffen my money coach. my money coach. John D. Rockefeller my money coach.
David Rockefeller had his 6th heart transplant this week.
Its because that Federal Reserve phony money is the biggest step to completing his(David Rockefeller's) N.W.O
Claim: Billionaire David Rockefeller just received his sixth heart transplant at the age of 99.
The Christian ethic played an essential part in my upbringing. - David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller needs to let go of life and stop being selfish… 6th heart transplant? Really?! 2 is understandable, 4 is a sign…
... Scientific breakthrough: David Rockefeller proves that greed, hate and evil are not 'living' in the heart.
David Rockefeller’s sixth heart transplant successful at age 99 ─►
Had to delete that last one on David Rockefeller. I got a little share happy. The source is sketchy. World News Report almost got me.
His rap sheet is nothing compared to the rap sheet of Prescott Bush, Bill & Hillary Clinton, *** Cheney, David Rockefeller, etc.
"How NOT surprising, Zuckerberg is Grandson of david rockefeller"
quote;. The banker cabal wishes to install across the . Western World a totalitarian state. . One of the chief architects is David Rockefeller
Success in business requires training, discipline and hardwork. - David Rockefeller
But not born on American soil & never impoverished & just a puppet for David Rockefeller & the Trillateral commission
that would be David Rockefeller. Pretty much head of the family.
Clinton, and David Rockefeller bragged about. They already have five-body coffins lined up to get rid of the bodies on...
Did you know that David Rockefeller is planning the globalization of one currency and a chip implanted in us? New World Order.
David Rockefeller gives $4M to create endowment for Rockefeller State Park Preserve
David Rockefeller to add 500 acres to Westchester park
David Rockefeller has donated $4 million to Rockefeller State Park Preserve in Westchest County, NY
In news, David Rockefeller to add 500 acres to county park
Bankers like David Rockefeller and the European Rothschild families conspire for world domination.
David Rockefeller . Purposely collapsing US economy to drive us to his mercy. Media stage this conspiracy...
one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it. -David Rockefeller Sr.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Mark Zuckerberg is David Rockefeller's grandson. He's just as bad as his ancestor at controlling the US population.
1973- DAVID ROCKEFELLER organizes the TLC & chooses ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINKSI as the 1st Director & invites Carter to be foundin…
On the cover of Newsweek before the towers were done, David Rockefeller was on the cover with his watch on 9:11.
Glimpses of My Life: A Photographic Journey by David Rockefeller signed,hardcove
Carter's very first policy statement during campaign was antinuclear. David Rockefeller protege.
YOU GUYS! I finally got laid! Grampy David Rockefeller kidnapped some Kayla girl & I sealed the deal! She said her bf was some guy
FOUND: TWO beagles near Rockefeller Preserve in BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY! Please message David W. Black if they are...
Evan Spiegel (24) is the youngest billionaire on 2015 Hurun Rich List. David Rockefeller Sr (99) is the oldest.
On any given night at the Polo Club, you might spot Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Hannah Bronfman and David Rockefeller.
The absolute best Oysters Rockefeller I have eaten! Worth the trip to "Elija's" 2 get them. http:/…
use in this case Rockefeller Foundation etc for example for clarity
Well she is an Illuminati favorite. Google her speech re: Mothership Counsel, David Rockefeller and Hillary.
Maybe if we're lucky, Godzilla will eat David Rockefeller and the JP Morgan Chase buildings.
As of this week, the first portion of the David Rockefeller Papers are open for research! These are his personal...
David Rockefeller LOVES to sip champagne at parties! He lives right in too!
Check out Snider faculty member, David Sicilia .as he discusses Rockefeller on .episode @ 10pm tonight!
Tonight catch Prof David Sicilia talking John & Oil on on at 10pm!
David Rockefeller gives RISD Museum $2.5 million to support decorative arts and design.
Check it out David Rockefeller used 2 b ceo of CHASE-MANHATTAN ALL food stamps are processed via Chase & $15,
according to david harvey, you can thank the Rockefeller brothers for the existence of exorbitant tuition
gets $2.5M gift from David Rockefeller. Money will be used for the school's museum and to support a new gallery.
David Rockefeller to give RISD Museum $2.5 million for decorative arts via
We're thrilled to announce a $2.5M gift from David to support decorative art & design at the RISD Museum http:…
Rhode Island School of Design gets $2.5M from David Rockefeller to fund endowed position: The Rhode Island Sch...
Providence Business A PROMISED gift of artwork from David Rockefeller's estate includes an eighth-century, Tang dy...
In 2008, David Rockefeller and Ted Turner received subsidies taken from the wallets!
David Rockefeller thanks corporate media for help in the march towards world government –
What does the future hold for Venezuela? | David Rockefeller Center
/is Iran,Russia,China.I know people the here this from there own devil mouth,David Rockefeller,and other elites Families.
did someone just type up one of David Rockefeller's ramblings as subtitles?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
David Allis (Rockefeller) Variation in the epigenetic landscape & cancer implications
Larry David Slaying the Red Carpet (click for 100 more)
Yes, that is David Rockefeller's dream, a trans-national technocrat elite led one-world gov, with no loyalty to any nation.
Nixon’s and Kissinger’s arrival in the White House in 1969 coincided with David Rockefeller’s becoming CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank.
myTeamExpedite: in requires. and and. . . -David Rockefeller …
Goldman Sachs, David Rockefeller and the Rothschilds believe that it is.
SNL40 flags flying at the Rockefeller Plaza this afternoon, where I bumped into Larry David.
Up close of Emma Stone and Larry David at Anniversary Special - 2015 red carpet (click to see 100 more)
Best All-Stars in NYC tonight are at Rockefeller Center...
In 1974 David Rockefeller / Henry Kissinger wrote the PLAN TWO THOUSAND and now it appears it's working
David Rockefeller provides insight to a Global plan.
this is a direct quote from David Rockefeller book, BOOYA!
2:20 point CFR David Rockefeller says one world gov is necessary because we're too stupid to govern ourselves.
. Feemason Cronkite itnerviewing Freemason McCloy who, along with Dulles, worked for David Rockefeller. Texas is FM infested
Congrats to former Partnership co-chair Terry Lundgren of for receiving David Rockefeller Award!
Emperor David Rockefeller of a Judea financial devil.
4 that property is own by the international banker david Rockefeller "one of the 12 owners of the fed reserve"
I'm always looking for new ideas to be more effective and cost. -David Rockefeller
Keep pushing that rock up the hill, fellow peasants:. David Rockefeller will soon be celebrating his 100th year of living as a billionaire.
David Rockefeller Sr. Net Worth: One of well known surviving members of the famous Rockefeller family, David R...
Excited to participate in the David Rockefeller Award luncheon in support of advocacy of civic endeavors.
The power of Terry Lundgren of as honoree, he just broke the fundraising record for the David Rockefeller award lunch: 3.5m.
david Rockefeller is turning 100 this year, the buddy who leading the nation around the world, I should come on...
"intellectual elite,world bankers is surely preferable 2 the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries." David 91
"the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government" David 1991
Congrats to my pal Terry Lundgren on receiving the 2015 David Rockefeller Award.
Jus' uh reminder: muh Grampy David Rockefeller is workin on killin most of all uh yous. Him and his buddies.
The Federal Reserve is just a tool of The Bilderberg Fascists and David Rockefeller..
New head of David Rockefeller Fund aims to "help small, overlooked nonprofits"
Thank you to everyone who came together to make this exhibition possible - particularly Patricia, Raquel, and...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sailors for the Sea Founded by David Rockefeller Jr. Launches Conservation Movement -
How would John D. Rockefeller run your news media company?
The . founded by David Rockefeller in 1973 . official site *** 666
Meet David Rockefeller's godson and one of the heads of the CFR.
David Rockefeller: "I owe much to mother. She had an expert's understanding, but also approached art emotionally."
Nothing works the way U think it does!: David Rockefeller's Shocking Confession
I'm not 100% sure but didnt JP morgan buy everything up from rockefeller ?
Nope. Smart money's on David Rockefeller & the rest of the Satanic tools sitting on top of the piggy bank.
Only since the globalists, David Rockefeller, Kissinger, Rothchild, Bill Ayers, Soros etc seized the Dept of Ed & media did US decline.
Message to David Rockefeller personally. Make sure he gets this symbolic message,
think of the likes of George Soros,David Rockefeller,Henry Kissinger.
.Almost as low as he bows when he greets David Rockefeller or George Soros
ya David Rockefeller pz call it extortion i Love court & jail so fun HUMILIATING WHITES! 86 322?
One tyrant King may have died but what's the deal with other two: George Bush Snr and David Rockefeller?
David Rockefeller it's a pity ur 2ethnocentric 2matter 2any God remember we're gentiles white supremacy Jews rD new Nazis ya
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
David Rockefeller the military genius is we will intimidate u in2 spending BILLIONS ON SECURITY or BREAK YOUR BANKS & egos?
David Rockefeller my name goes a long way inside gang politics we're pudding gangsters in front o banks break all ur windows
David Rockefeller my soul yours my unfortunate business 2remind u Uhave earned nothing u have ur a shame 2ur Grandfather now we WAR
Son of Illuminati David Rockefeller Dies in Plane Crash on Friday the 13th: via HM, INTERESTING.
David Villa takes Instagram picture inside the Rockefeller Center as New York ... - Daily Mail
Mark Zuckerberg is Jacob Greenberg is grandson of David Rockefeller? i • /r/conspiracy
DAVID ROCKEFELLER (1994)-"We r on d verge of global trnsfrmation.All we need is d right major crisis n d ntions will accept d New World Ordr
David Rockefeller this is your fault
Now if only David Rockefeller Sr. would pass away. Or Jacob De Rothschild.
"The United Nations should play an essential role in stabilizing world population". -David Rockefeller . What does he mean by 'stabilize'?!
Masterworks from the David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection : Manet to...
David Rockefeller has worked on the New World Order & UN control of world for decades SECRETLY with the media's help.
o mie, David Rockefeller must now be quaking in his boots in a Rothschild's home.
Theirs 2 people I'll kill if I ever see them.. Nancy Grace & David Rockefeller..
That would be that plucky Obama groomed by David Rockefeller?
Yes long ago and David Rockefeller these days..
These guys never die. David Rockefeller still going strong too:
“We got a deal we are not at liberty to speak about,” David Rockefeller Jr. said
I liked a video from WeAreChange Confronts David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller rothschild took your firstborn son. it was him who crashed the plane. U gonna take that? UR the...
David Rockefeller is evil. Just look in his eye's and you can see there is no soul!
"Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials of success in life, no matter what may be ones aim." John David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller will kill 7 billion people with Haarp and Airborne Ebola
David Rockefeller Jr. opens MoMA R&D Salon 12-On Philanthropy: The arts and culture are significant parts of what makes life worth living
Stone Barns' property was once part of Pocantico, the Rockefeller estate. The stone barns themselves were commissioned by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. to be a dairy farm. The complex fell into disuse during the 1950s and was mainly used for storage. In the 1970s, agricultural activity resumed when David Rockefeller's wife Peggy began a successful cattle breeding operation. Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture was created by David Rockefeller, his daughter Peggy Dulany, and their associate James Ford as a memorial for Peggy Rockefeller, who died in 1996.Stone Barns opened to the public in May 2004.
That's like looking to Kissinger or David Rockefeller for inspiration
Jeb's great-grandfather was on Federal Reserve Board, partners with Rockefeller and Harriman.
David Rockefeller Sr. is in very poor health currently too.
Evelyn Rothschild & David Rockefeller are the generals in the army of Satan→They're responsible for most of the chaos
David Rockefeller should be hung for crimes against humanity
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
..give President Obama the fast track power he and David Rockefeller want him 2 have? And why would Republicans, elected on the...
speaks. about population control. LISTEN to him. discussing how the should sustain. the population.
Surely nobody wants an economic crash Ah but they do dear boy. Indeed they do.
Can you explain to me why people create and post this kind of garbage? Do they really think everyone on the...
David & Annie...that bench life...people watching. . @ Rockefeller Center
Success in business requires training, discipline and hard work. Don't be frightened by these things. ~ David Rockefeller
We might have forgotten George Soros, David Rockefeller. No end to this list.
I added a video to a playlist David Rockefeller FINALLY connected to 9/11
Rockefeller bloodlines Rockefeller admits to wish for NWO
David Rockefeller nuked his buildings and hired Kissinger to make it look like somebody else did it.
Hillary Clinton, John McCain on the payroll? of David Rockefeller Jr. - owner of ExxonMobil, Chevron. General Electric, Halliburton, Boeing
Mark Gerhard+Ryan Storey of California are trying to kill me.Their trying to steal from the owner of IT with David Rockefeller.
I heard that David Rockefeller Sr. is currently having huge health problems.
Obama is the fall guy. People are supposed to think he betrayed America by signing that "GMO protection act.". - Research David Rockefeller!
. David Rockefeller thanks the "librul" press. . David Rockefeller's 1991...
amazing how these people look like they'll live forever... David Rockefeller for example, 150 years old...
Might as well add David Rockefeller, etc.
CIA torture failed to reveal info on 9-11 because they didn't torture *** Cheney or David Rockefeller-
read David Rockefeller say there are 300 in his family now. Sounding like a whinging rationale of their Taketaketake mo
David Rockefeller Speaks on the Divine Right of Kings - -
Especially in view of the fact that David Rockefeller built the WTC, Kissinger works for him and L Paul Bremmer works for Kissinger
An excellent conversation today at NYPD Headquarters with the David Rockefeller Fellows.
it is legal go ask David Rockefeller
Glad to have you David! Coming to see us and the Rockefeller tree? indeed!
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