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David Robinson

David Maurice Robinson (born ) is a retired American NBA basketball player, who played center for the San Antonio Spurs for his entire NBA career.

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I'm sure people won't compare , Tyson chandler too David robinson either lol
How does David Robinson still have that haircut?
A jam packed hour of cricket with Mark Robinson & David Richar…
Kawhi Leonard has the most 30+ point games by a player in a single season (23) since David Robinson in 1995-96.
The admiral David Robinson in attendance, and a Duke polo, for the next game of the ACC Tournament as Duke takes on…
i noticed David Robinson's position too but KD has a top 5 career scoring average w/ an MVP & 4 Scoring titles ffs. He's top 25
Tim Duncan and my old neighbor and great friend David Robinson! I miss these 2 on the court togetherness 🏀
Pete Carroll & the Seahawks closely inspecting Cam Robinson/OL at Alabama pro-day. Carroll's head did a 180 as Robinson w…
Kawhi Leonard is the first player with 3 straight games of 30 Pts, 5 Reb and 5 Ast since David Robinson (1993-94)…
Life Without: The Questionable Convictions of David Robinson over in Academic Hall at 7pm!
Tim came into the league and David Robinson handed the keys over to him AS A ROOKIE. Tim > Dirk
Centers to record seven or more steals in an NBA game, ever. Hakeem Olajuwon. David Robinson. Ian Mahinmi. (h/t
Carmelo Anthony David Robinson 2013-14 Select RC Auto ... . - Bid on this now on eBay >
and isiah , ai , pippen and David Robinson. Come on nick
Spurs went from David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard. Whoever runs this world MUST BE a Spurs fan.
I just shook hands with John Stockton. Didn't he try to fight David Robinson once?
I'm just saying if the warriors went up against players like John Stockton, Dennis Rodman, David Robinson, Pippen, and Malone
"The last time this worked was with David Robinson and Tim Duncan.". & Chuck weigh in on Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousi…
Tim Duncan and David Robinson are better than AD and boogie
David Robinson named Humanitarian of the Year by the NBRPA
Shaq, David Robinson, Oscar Robertson, and Bill Russel. Uh, NBA royalty in the first row here tonight
"The Northern economy is the ninth largest economy in Europe. We are a massive global player!" - David Robinson of
Feb. 7, 1995: Dennis Rodman has 27 boards, David Robinson scores 31, and the San Antonio Spurs win an 8th straight, 106-103, over Seattle.
ever hear of Tim Duncan or David Robinson. He's for sure. Never will surpass Phil the GOAT
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers at Sandy's: David Robinson, with Ernie Brooks in the background, November 19…
Hall-of-Fame center David Robinson blocks SG Latrell Sprewell at the rim in the 1999
30 years ago, Navy’s David Robinson arguably had the best performance Rupp Arena has ever seen. h…
Grant Hill, David Robinson and Alex Rodriguez at the 2017 Emerging Manager Conference sponsored by Texas ERS and TR…
Players to win MVP and DPOY in their career:. Michael Jordan*. Hakeem Olajuwon*. David Robinson. Kevin Garnett. *won both awards in same season
Chris Jackson, David Robinson, Hakeem Olujuwon, Darrell Griffith and Shaq..Jackson is best I have seen...
I remember being younger thinking David Robinson and Danny Glover was the same person.
Hakeem got 2 rings... Hakeem did Shaq the worse way in the finals pimp and Tim Duncan and David Robinson same game.…
"David Robinson and Tim Duncan would have to duck to get in through our door." -Mom. "Because they're coming to visit..." -Me
If were president, my supreme Court nominees would just be former Spurs stars. George "The Iceman" Gervin, David Robinson, Tim Duncan
Wilt, Kobe, David Thompson, David Robinson, not sure of the 5th but I'll guess Elgin Baylor
Karl Malone hit David Robinson with an elbow and knocked him out cold. Malone in that class too
Would become unanimous ROY. Feat that only 4 other players have accomplished, Ralph Sampson, David Robinson, Dame and KAT.…
Dirk can be a new David Robinson. Take the year off, tank hard and draft a franchise player. Fultz-Barnes-Dirk can make it
News UK restructures marketing teams with new Managing Directors, Chris Duncan and David Robinson:.
A Big Thank You to & David Robinson (aka ) for travelling to down to join us today!…
This is wonderful. Everyone should listen. And donate a pound! 😃❤
A very deserving recipient of the Achievement - Mr David Robinson accepting on behalf of at the
MEET&GREET w/ !! NOV 22, at the Robinson's Place Manila!! Registration starts at 2pm! .
"I owe more to Canadians than they’ll ever know. In my baseball career they were the 1st to make me feel my natural self.” -J…
Circa 1919, taken by second camera man Jack Wilson. David Robinson used for biography, "Chaplin: His Life and Art". htt…
David Robinson JR doesn't even look that similar
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
If I close my eyes and only use my imagination, Dewayne Dedmon kind of looks like David Robinson
Yes, much as Mark David Chapman massively impacted the course of popular culture.
Does technology have the power to eliminate bias and discrimination? Read take on our blog:…
DeMarcus Cousins...unless Tim Duncan, David Robinson or Artis Gilmore plan on playing for the Spurs
Hi Question: any plans for a Tim Duncan or David Robinson print or should I go for Russy? Live in okc but grew up Spurs fan...
Center David Andrews of the joins us on followed by the voice of the Ted Robinson.
When you are in a PINCH in need of a graphic designer
A special shoutout to David Robinson who is also a great businessman and investor.
they was crazy!!! Those and the Nike air unlimited. The David Robinson joints!!
Hakeem Rocks: Saw him in San Antonio when David Robinson played for the spurs. He ran all around Robinson
Oh yeah I met David Robinson at my work!!! 😂 it was awesome
And yes David Robinson ..NBA All-time great & all around good guy sitting in my aisle at,last nites Champions Class…
Possibly the most disappointing part of my wedding vows video is that it didn't show I was wearing Kobes (And David Robinson…
Spurs tanked in 1996 after David Robinson broke his foot and Pop took over. Look who they drafted due to the tanking
Rooftop collaboration: Jazz musician Branford Marsalis & David Robinson jam on an off day in Barcelona (1992)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Out of the box!!! Chicken dinner for you. Interestingly. The last one before that was David Robinson.
Just walked past former NBA All-Star David Robinson in Tribeca. He is still incredibly tall.
Oh man, David Robinson for me is still the Best Spur! 😅
Walking to a meeting and run into the admiral David Robinson in Soho. @ SoHo, Manhattan
Loud applause for David Robinson of - Teesside Biz Exec of the Year. Here he is talking about h…
Delighted our CEO, David Robinson has scooped the title of
Pittsburghers gather at Ace Hotel to share discontent about election of Trump. Photo: David Robinson.
Texas A&M has a 3pt shooting David Robinson in the making. Mark my words and keep your ears open for the name ROBERT WILLIAMS this season.
Duncan needed pop, ginobli, parker and David Robinson. Duncan never lead his team like Kobe. He wasn't even a leader.
Manu Ginobili passed David Robinson for 3rd-most wins in Spurs history last night. Ginobili now has 674 wins in SA, pass…
Our CAAT-A Pre-Barg Conf is in full swing. Excellent time w David Robinson, and Jen Johnson,
Confirmed: Tim Duncan to appear in a new H-E-B ad with fellow Spurs greats David Robinson and George Gervin.
David Robinson and Tim Duncan getting after it in practice.
Kevin Garnett won both MVP and DPOY honors in his NBA career. The only others to do it? David Robinson, Michael Jordan a…
Kevin Durant gets support from LeBron James, David Robinson not yet convinced of Warriors ...: K...
NBA Rumors: David Robinson says Kevin Durant and the Warriors’ ‘Super Team’ won’t last long
Kevin Durant passes David Robinson to reach No. 3 on Team USA's all-time scoring list.
Kevin Durant just passed David Robinson and LeBron James and is now Team USA's second all-time leading scorer.
"is absolutely what the '90s were about. .. understood the game, the nature of media." -- David Robinson. https:…
Not only Jonathan Richman, but also Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) and David Robinson (The Cars).
Ladies: if yo man doesn't hold you like Tim Duncan and David Robinson hold each other, he don't love you
Did you ask him for life advice, or was David Robinson available?
a David Robinson fact worth at least 3 pts scored 71 points in final game of season to *** a scoring title
David Robinson had a 20 pts a game streak for 20 games in 1994
David Robinson was too tall to fit in submarines.
Carmelo Anthony passes David Robinson to become the 2nd all-time Olympic leading scorer.
Carmelo Anthony scores 14 Pts and trails only LeBron James & David Robinson on all-time U.S. Olympic scoring list. https:…
Really wish I coulda watched more greats in my life like magic, bird, Charles Barkley, Mike, Hakeem, David Robinson. Woulda been magical
Anthony, who has 258 career points in Olympic competition, trails only David Robinson (270) and LeBron James (273).
David Robinson turns 51 today, so why not relive some of The Admiral's best moments?
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Question: What does David Robinson, Mutombo, Okafor, Tim Duncan and Big Ben Wallace in common ?. Yup, they've all...
Blessed to have coached this guy one of the best David Robinson on and off the court
Shaq, Hakeem, Duncan, David Robinson, Ralph Sampson are the only people with 18pts 10rb 1.5 blks in their rookie sea
.Roger Staubach and David Robinson are first to come to mind
If I could have put money on any NBA player keeping his box until it was a small island it would have been David Robinson
David Robinson was in the Navy. Tim Duncan shops at Old Navy.
Nba fans, Get someone to pull up David Robinson's and Tim Duncan's per game stats, hide their names, & let you guess which belongs to whom
Today is exactly the same feeling as when David Robinson retired. Sad to see Tim Duncan go, but am honored to have watched his career.
David Robinson passed off to Tim Duncan is DeMarcus Aldridge heir to the throne?
Al Horford and DeMarcus Cousins could be the new twin towers word to Duncan and David Robinson
The golden age of American entrepreneurship - by Aaron K. Chatterji,David Robinson
Spurs fans:. Avery Johnson had to go. David Robinson had to go. Sean Elliott had to go. George Gervin had to go. They'll be fine.
What a legend! Look at those biceps... Only a god like Karl Malone or David Robinson can match them babies...
Listening to Karl Anthony-Towns reminds me of David Robinson. Just comes off as really intelligent without being condescending.
MJ, Lebron, Shaq, Kareem, Larry Bird, Magic, Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Olajuwan, and maybe Kobe are top 10 in that order.
It's disrespectful to LeBron to compare him to Kobe. It's like comparing Kareem to David Robinson. Both great but one is…
Head to the Railway Hotel at Port Adelaide tonight to see David Robinson.
Isiah Thomas, Tim Duncan, Shaq, David Robinson, Hakeem. All better legacies than LeBron and not top 5.
"That's as real as it can get...I grew up watching jordan,Olajuwon,David Robinson,Tim Duncan,kobe,shaq,and any...
David Robinson was 10x more swaggerless than Tim Duncan ever was
David Robinson's son Corey decides to step away from the football field
Steve Nash took so much crap for wearing an Anti-War tshirt during All-Star Weekend. ...David Robinson wanted him kicked out of the country.
he was just a little before your time. He was the best of Michael Jordan and David Robinson. Depressing reminder of my age.
Airwave's David Robinson demonstrating at booth at
shaq vs David Robinson and Bruce Bowen and them what year was that? They swept em that year?
Agree with 5-0 fans? David Robinson: Tim Duncan can play a couple more years.
Don't miss out on David Robinson's torchlight tour of the Abbey tomorrow. Tickets £7.50
David Robinson and Shaquille O'Neil won the next two, respectively, before Jordan would go on to win 3 more... In a row. 10 career ST.
Only Wilt, Kareem, Oscar, LBJ, MJ, David Robinson and Bill Russell had more WS than CP3 through their first 10 NBA seasons.
Ditto on KJ, I was a big fan of David Robinson, who got cut from Green Run's HS team, The "Jet" Kenny Smith, Nate Archibald.
Torchlight Tour Abbey + did this 1795 David Robinson guides this for htt…
Spurs tanked to get Duncan by sitting out David Robinson
Anthony-Towns with a unanimous win. 3rd center in history to do so, joining elite company of Ralph Sampson & David Robinson.
Big KAT joins Dame Lillard, Blake Griffin, David Robinson & Ralph Sampson as only unanimous NBA Rookies of the Year
get diamond MVP Oscar Robertson, MVP KD, and Diamond historic Bill Russell or Amethyst DPOY David Robinson
Karl Malone kicking Tim Duncan in the face as David Robinson watches.
bro.. you got Shaq, David Robinson, Bill Russell, Kareem, Patrick Ewing and then you have the new guys like Anthony Davis.
If Spurs lose tonight... it's back to the years pre-David Robinson. Rebuilding time. Thank God for Wolves fans. West domination forever.
Steve Nash. andre Johnson. David Robinson. all players who were legends but didn't win aring
Btw just had the best PER (player efficiency rating) for a rook since MJ, shaq, and David Robinson. 🤔
but no way guys like Karl Malone, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing and MJ gonna let LeBron dog them like he does now
and Lamarcus Aldridge are the next David Robinson and Tim Duncan. Call em' Kawhwaldridge
David Robinson goes down w/ injury. Spurs end up w/ bad record, get the pick for Duncan. Twin towers and history is made. What *** luck.
are exactly the same team they were when David Robinson was ready to retire and Tim Duncan was a rookie!!
Best thing that ever happened to the Spurs, and San Antonio, was David Robinson getting injured. Led to Popovich, Duncan, and a dynasty.
David Robinson passed the🕯to Tim Duncan now Tim Duncan passing the🕯to Lamarcus Aldridge
April 30, 2001: Tim Duncan and David Robinson score 47 combined with 30 rebounds as the Spurs end their series with the Timberwolves, 97-84.
cool article about XCleavers. On one of those Jamaica trips, Terry and Carter befriended my eventual step-dad David Robinson.
In my mind I'm like? Is this *** talkn bout Shawn kemp and David Robinson? 🤔🤔
Wild card pull Shawn kemp and a HoF David Robinson from season
i am at the Gayle Sayers, NOT the David Robinson.
Hakeem Olajuwon's dream shake on David Robinson is No. 19 in Best Playoff Vines
On this date in '94, David Robinson scored 71 points vs. the Clippers to edge Shaquille O’Neal for the scoring title https:…
Olajuwon, Rick Smits, David Robinson, Laimbeer, Kareem, Ewing, etc etc. big men can shoot FT. It's sad to be 39%
Wait until David Robinson, Barry Sanders, and Ken Griffey Jr's sons are talked about all next fall
Poppovich has had Duncan, Tony Parker, David Robinson, Manu Ginobli and lots of great role players...
Playing with David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Kawhi Leonard and the Greatest Coach Ever is better.
David Robinson, Jonathan Richman, Jerry Harrison. (Not sure if that's Ernie Brooks in the back.)
Given that my name really is David Robinson, feels like I can say: the NBA should do better
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the decent Ron Harper meets the insufficient David Robinson 🌏
Dan Gilbert, NBA legend David Robinson are among investors in sports analysis firm
Fun Fact:. Tyrone Corbin & Larry Krystkowiak played on the 86-87 Spurs that got the 1st pick, which was David Robinson. ***
David Robinson's son, Corey, just delivered an A-plus version of the National Anthem.
Bird, Hakeem the dream, Dominique, Joe Dumars, David Robinson, Mark Price, list goes on forever lol
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the bad Rashard Lewis meets the petite David Robinson 🎒
Did you forget about Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Steve Nash, Damian Lillard or Zak Showalter?
if anyone has a DPOY David Robinson and looking to sell HMU. PS4
This Seraphin/O'Quinn lineup is like hitler's version of Tim Duncan and David Robinson
Duke moves to 0-5 out west. 0-1 when David Robinson, Kobe, Tim Cook, and Phil Knight are in the same building at the same time.
List of celebs in Anaheim pretty cool..and growing. Kobe, Phil Knight, Tim Cook (Apple), David Robinson & of course TK.
Mamba = NBA Legend . Tim Cook = CEO of Apple . David Robinson = NBA Legend and of course Oregon Alumni Phil Knight = Co Founder of Nike
Yo this Oregon game is lit, they got Phil Knight and Tim Cook in the house along with Kobe and David Robinson
Among the celebs here tonight: Kobe Bryant, Olivia Munn, Phil Knight of Nike, Tim Cook of Apple, David Robinson (son Justin plays for Duke).
Tim Cook, Kobe Bryant, Phil Knight, David Robinson all in the house for Duke vs. Oregon tonight...
Imagine being in line for concessions with Kobe, Phil Knight, Tim Cook and David Robinson
Tim Cook, Phil Knight, David Robinson, and Kobe Bryant all at the same game... That's awesome
wow. Tim Cook, Phil Knight, Kobe, David Robinson.this game got lotta money
99 Spurs. Tim Duncan and David Robinson 😒. I'll give you Rockets, although Vernon Maxwell was nice and he had Clyde in 95
Congrats to Seniors on signing day at UA!! Mike Davis, Monta Porter and David Robinson!!
Shawn Long has his 74th career double-double, tying Navy's David Robinson and Memphis State's Keith Lee for 12th-most in NCAA history.
no judgement! Do you remember that David Robinson commercial from way back, he did that lol
The only other players as rookies to have exceeded 25 are Wilt Chamberlain, Walt Bellamy, David Robinson, Oscar Robertson & Michael Jordan.
That Priceline ad with David Robinson and Latrell Sprewell is very good.
I just need one so that I can pro my star David Robinson.
"The Digital Ceiling; Coming Soon to Your Home and Workplace " by on
he especially loved wrecking Bradley, Mourning and David Robinson.
So if I meet David Robinson and Latrell Sprewell, I should take the advice of the former rather than the latter?
David Robinson was also a famous racehorse owner who employed the great Michael Jarvis as his trainer
David Robinson had the 13th best PER of all-time the year the Rockets won their first title.
Latrell Sprewell gives pessimistic life advice to young girl in Priceline commercial via
I think David Robinson needs mention here somewhere. Played in golden age of centers. Scored over 70. Quadruple double
who's the last major NBA star to go out on top? David Robinson?
Kobe 81 should be in there with wilts 100 David Robinson 70 points and MJs 69 points
The Basic Guide to Fly Fishing by Gilmer and David Robinson, HBwDJ, 1979, 106pp
Filmmakers Sarah Burns & David McMahon discuss their new film, JACKIE ROBINSON in this inside look:
like Elway, Raymond Lewis, Jordan, and David Robinson before him
it's better this way. Peyton goes out on top like Elway, Bettis, David Robinson, etc. The Legend lives forever 🏈
Him: I'll give you $10 if you can guess who this is. Me: David Robinson. Him: What you know about David Robinson?!. *becomes $10 richer*
Thank you ASHEVILLE, for an amazing opening weekend! Meet Director Sean David Robinson and our talented actors...
Not that PO Box 500 will let it happen, but it would be much cause for mirth if NCA are sniffing around Robinson PLC htt…
Proud to be a Great work David Grad Robinson Discovers Ship Graveyard in Providence River:
David Munro offering a fresh start for Surrey Police. Please 'Like' to show support.
sounds wonderful Norman but it didnt work for Iris Robinson . r David McConaghie. william mcgrath or. hazel stewart. theres more
David Moyes is expected to open talks with Newcastle United about becoming their next manager (Telegraph). Saw that coming for some time
An independent inquiry is needed into the NAMA deal and the involvement of Peter Robinson and Sammy Wilson
Anderson looks like a smaller David Robinson. Which is cool, I love the Spurs.
March 5, 1991: David Robinson leads the San Antonio Spurs with 33 points, 16 rebounds and 4 blocks in a 104-99 win over the 76ers.
Same, he's one of my fav players all time along with David Robinson
I love dat stadium. I remember David Robinson had great games in dat arena. Raw talent!! Fast, strong and can jump. But not tough.
Played Syracuse in the Carrier Dome. Had no chance. Saw team w/David Robinson in that regional.
David Robinson was my freebie back when the all star glitch happened
Among the notable names in attendance at Danny Ferry, Tyler Hansbrough and David Robinson
Dennis Rodman. Ben Wallace. David Robinson. Players known for "cleaning the glass." Can you guess what it means?
Earl Watson says starting Alex Len at the four next to Tyson Chandler is a learning experience similar to Tim Duncan next to David Robinson.
David Robinson, Kyle Kdoubleu Will and 17 others posted in Underground Rappers-Upcoming Artist...
dream interviews..., David Robinson, me, Brian Reagan, Paul Heymon, Phil Collins, me, *** Foley, Ellen, and me
Playoff games with at least 20 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and 5 blocks in NBA history. Tim Duncan: 2. Ralph Sampson: 1. David Robinson: 1
did David Robinson get elbowed by Karl Malone during that period?
Made my night seeing in a commercial with David Robinson
David Robinson>>> Steph Curry, Jordan, and LeBron out together
22 yrs ago today, David Robinson posted the last quadruple-double the NBA has seen (34 Pts, 10 Reb, 10 Ast, 10 Blk). http…
On this date in 1994, David Robinson posted a quadruple-double (1 of 4 in NBA history), with 34 points, 10 rebounds, 10 …
it'd be ridiculous. And strictly centers. Shaq, Dwight, Darryl Dawkins, and David Robinson. And I think LaVine proved it tonight!
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the nasty Horace Grant meets the agricultural David Robinson 🔢
Artis Gilmore, Bill Russell, David Robinson, Dave Cowens, Willis Reed, Bob Lanier...why are so many great centers lefties?
Honor having the great David Robinson on today's show. When he speaks, I listen.
MJ isn't listed on David Robinson's top 5 all time?? Is this a joke? Steve Kerr is top5 but Jordan isn't?
David Robinson has Steve Kerr as his number 4 overall player in NBA history
David Robinson's top 5 NBA players all time has Bruce Bowen in it.Bruce Bowen
David Robinson put Shawn Elliott, Steve Kerr, and Bruce Bowen in the top 5 all time lmaoo
We need to get Tim to retire on top like Peyton, Elway, Lewis, and David Robinson
A2: David Robinson or Tim Duncan. I'd have a long list, including how they managed to stay so focused & disciplined.
Tim Duncan n David Robinson talking bout u gt a girlfriend I look over n all I see are arm chin n titties I didn't know what to do
You can say the same with Magic n Kareem. Larry Bird n Kevin Mchale. Tim Duncan n David Robinson. Everyone has a partner in crime. So stfu😴💯
Larry Bird just put Shaq and David Robinson on the clock!
E eles tinham David Robinson, Danny Manning e Dan Majerle no time.
ESPN, the last time the Spurs sent multiple All-Stars not including Tim Duncan was in 1995-96, not 1992-93 (David Robinson & Sean Elliott).
David Robinson and Sean Elliott 1996. for abc
I'll guess those 2 all-stars from 92-93 are David Robinson and Sean Elliot.
Lol yep those are my boys! Been down since David Robinson...I have seen people like Dennis Rodman & Bruce Bowen come thru lol
2k AI is so stupid sometimes. Just watched David Robinson post up against Aaron Brooks and pass out
New small oral history on Hakeem vs. David Robinson:
Patrick Ewing. Gets by Jordan-less Bulls, runs into Hakeem at his absolute peak. In last gasp, loses to Timmy D/David Robinson
Tinfoil Spurs theory: Pop’s ace up his sleeve is David Robinson and Bruce Bowen coming out of retirement.
We're talking about a guy who coached David Robinson , Tim Duncan , Ginobili , Eliott , Horry and Tony Parker .
“10. Who are your top 5 PERSONAL FAVORITE players?”. David Robinson. Blake Griffin. Clyde Drexler. Cp3. Lebron
With greats Jerry Kramer & David Robinson after their intv. Two of the nicest guys…
David Robinson, Shaq, Hakeem, Alonzo, Patrick Ewing, mutumbo all in the same era sheesh
David Robinson might be the best defensive center in basketball history.
Ivan Rabb could be the next David Robinson if he stays in school for 3 years
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Sean Elliott and David Robinson caught lobs fam
They got T Mac, Chris Webber, David Robinson, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki in the Like Mike movie
Right in front of David Robinson, whose son plays for Duke..
Duke's cheering section at the Garden today includes David Robinson, and Jimmy Fallon's ugly Christmas sweater.
Jimmy Fallon and David Robinson really at the utes game lol
Jimmy Fallon and David Robinson are sitting 3 rows in front of me, so that's cool.
OK, so we're leading a caravan of folks for David Robinson, Amanda Edwards. Convoy, two before Sheila Jackson-Lee and Sylvester Turner.
Navy has David Robinson and Roger Staubach. Army has Pauly Shore, Andy *** and David Alan Grier.
Four men have blocked 82 shots in the first 18 games of a season: Mark Eaton, David Robinson, Dikembe Mutombo & Hassan Whiteside.
The 9 members of this elite club: Shaq, Mutombo, David Robinson, Okafor, Blake Griffin, LJ, Stoudamire, Tim Duncan and now... Porzingis
NBA rookies since 1985 to total >= 280 PTS, 185 REB & 40 BLK in first 20 games: Shaq, David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Mutombo and POR-ZING-IS.
Porzingis & Melo are kind of like David Robinson & Tim Duncan. But better
Duncan had David Robinson, then Parker and Ginobilli then Parker Ginobilli and Kwahi lol
Duncan won a title with a 21yo Point Guard, a 59th pick and the carcass of David Robinson
I didn't know David Robinson was GR3's dad. I wonder how he came up with Glenn Robinson III
They showed a picture of David Robinson as Glenn Robinson's dad. Come on Favorite Players segment.
Fox sports Indiana just put a picture up of David Robinson when Glenn Robinson III was talking about his
can't believe fox sports just showed a picture of David Robinson instead of Glenn Robinson.. Glenn Robinson's dad was Glenn Robinson
NBA great David Robinson is in attendance at Cameron Indoor. His son Justin is a freshman forward on the Duke Blue Devils roster.
SAS has had a lot of beasts too David Robinson, Duncan, The Iceman, The Worm Dennis Rodman even played for them.
how about Okafor making a bad team a good team, like Bird and David Robinson did?
Nazr Mohammed has played in more games than David Robinson. via
David Robinson introduces Christian Addai-Poku, National Association of Graduate Teachers to plenary.
Patrick Ewing of giving David Robinson the business!!
Aldridge is the most exciting Spurs player since David Robinson lmao
As Tim Duncan passes his mentor David Robinson on All-Time Blocks list... we look at their careers on defensive end!.
I think he looks a lot like David Robinson
Only three Spurs with 125+ points and 70+ rebounds in first 8 games in last 30 years:. David Robinson (8). Tim Duncan (14). LaMarcus Aldridge
Tonight at David Robinson of and David Keith of Harvard on universities' industry collaborations, Telus Centre 150, 7 pm.
elite defensive performance only done by Hakeem and David Robinson. Watch here:
I'll be better speaking to John Walden/David Robinson in this instance. May I have your full name in order that I can refer ..
With much respect to Bruce Bowen and David Robinson, Khawi Leonard is already the best defender in Spurs history.
Karl never had as good a coach or played with anyone as good as David Robinson
Karl ran into Duncan and Karl only had Stockton. Duncan has Tony, Manu, and David Robinson
exactly. Admit when your career is done and go out as a great like Ray Lewis or Barry Sanders or David Robinson
Incorrect, obviously you've never seen Hakeem and Ralph Sampson play, or David Robinson play with Tim Duncan, but you'll learn
VINTAGE CARS: Elliot Easton, Ben Orr, Ric Ocasek, David Robinson and Greg Hawkes were deemed the best band by...
David Robinson does not teabag the ladies. He potato-sacks them.
Bill Russell had to play Wilt. Kareem had to play Elvin Hayes. Shaq played David Robinson
Willis Reed, David Robinson, and Bob Pettit would all want to hear about the Goodyear blimp...
David Robinson. Great guy, served the nation, played for Spurs. Nuff said.
incarnate word. David Robinson is an alumni.
So, our Top 25 of All-Time has started with:. 25. John Stockton. 24. David Robinson. 23. Dirk Nowitzki. My gut feeling about tomorrow: KG
Tim Duncan, playing the role of David Robinson: Transition.
Ohh silly me I left out Dikembe Mutombo, David Robinson, Baron Davis, KG, Jason Terry, LBJ, Shawn Marion, and Penny Hardaway.
.5 ppr. Would you rather have Blount or David Robinson?
Quite a weekend for my kids. They saw David Robinson going into the game. Then Mike Brey and Craig Biggio after Mass this morning.
Tim Duncan and David Robinson is the best ever Bro no argument
Bill Russell, David Robinson. Explains why you haven't developed as much as we had hoped. You don't know the his…
Bill Russell, David Robinson are two for a start.
Man Bill Russell and David Robinson in sleep lol
Off the top of my head I'm assuming Hakeem, Duncan, Anthony Davis, David Robinson
David Robinson (45p/16r) - Highlights vs Patrick Ewing and the Knicks 19... via
Lt. David Robinson of the United States Naval Academy and eventually the San Antonio Spurs.
I think Gary destroys Curry because of his defense . David Robinson beats Ewing easy
he's not better than Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaq, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson etc
Watching show the 1992 All-Star Game. The West has Tim Hardaway, John Stockton, Jeff Hornacek, Magic, and David Robinson in.
David Robinson just picked Isaiah Thomas pocket in a 1-on-1 lol
and wilt falls out of my top 10 and I'll put in Oscar, David Robinson, Isaiah Thomas, Karl Malone above him
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