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David Robinson

David Maurice Robinson (born ) is a retired American NBA basketball player, who played center for the San Antonio Spurs for his entire NBA career.

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Welcome to our new Head of Department: Prof David Robinson!.
T Mac standing dunk on David Robinson is ohdee lmaaao
The Lord’s commands do not always come with reasons, but they do always come with promises. David Robinson
Yo lmao!!! I could HEAR shaqs face as soon as David Robinson popped up. Lmao Zeke over there about to pa…
David Robinson of presents his incredibly introspective and thoughtful research. Anthropology meets oceanogra…
If Mr Robinson had proclaimed that 1 person let alone 3 needed…
Beyond the North-South health divide: What should we do about inequalities? Professor David Taylor-Robinson
Gaffers that did a good job at but get zero credit. Ronnie Moore. Stephen Robinson. Andy Ritchie. David Dunn
My article on 'what is a Patient Leader?' In
David Robinson thinks Kyrie can be more efficient with Spurs
the EASIEST PR WIN of all time at MLB's fingertips:. All 32 teams should "retire" Cobb's…
Positive? Coming from your hate spewing timeline? Robinson, Katie Hopkin…
“Throughout the world, baseless climate denial has largely disappeared into the fringes of public debate”
This *** (me) lost David Johnson and Allen Robinson in the first week of a 14-team league. Al…
When you drafted Jordan Howard, David Johnson, OBJ, Carlos Hyde, Jordy Nelson, Greg Olsen, and Allen Robinson in fantasy and theyre all hurt
If I have you on my fantasy team you're going to get hurt. I have David johnson and Allen Robinson too.
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When you have David Robinson and Tim Duncan, you…
I really hope he goes back in. Lost David Johnson and Allen Robinson week 1. Aaron Rodgers can't 's ore all my points. Lol
Guess who has Allen Robinson, David Johnson, and Carlos Hyde on their fantasy team?. This guy:
Of course carlos Hyde gets hurt. First it was David Johnson then Allen Robinson and now Hyde. I hate fantasy football
😂😂😂😂 Bro was out of his seat!! Classic! It kind of started at David Robinson then slapped him wit…
I can dig it lol. If we talking match-ups, I think he's on the team. Especially for a mobile big like David Robinson.
I got Chris Mullin and David Robinson. That duo would do damage.
A man can be 7' and date 4'10 (see David Robinson) but a woman? Nope. It better at least be eye to eye. LOL
Congratulations to our longlisted authors: Eden Robinson, David Chariandy, an…
So david Robinson wasn't on his team?
Yes they are, im thinking that the David Robinson and the Nate Thurmond are from weekly challenges
Congratulations go out to Maeson Robinson on receiving his second stripe white belt and David &…
David Robinson wasn’t going to take the Spurs anywhere though. He was the worst playoff performer of all time.
Are you like a wannabe *** BTW your pal Lennon or Robinson as his fas…
Why does he need wiping off the planet ?? We need more an more Tommy Robinson's
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Nice try. David Robinson played 6 games in 1997. Thats the reason the Spurs were able to draft Duncan.
Hopkins and Robinson are patriots and they're backed by the VAST majority of the UK so run along little boy.
who does things for charities and does his best to sort terrorism out? That Tommy Robinson?
David Robinson says don't teach the hard way first. Programming is already hard enough
Posted by David Robinson, now on R-bloggers: Don’t teach students the hard way first
Piers Morgan Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson in no order need them wiped off this planet
Tommy Robinson, Paul Golding, Farage and David Icke nice wall Baz😂😂😂 really
Kendricks instead of Randall. Frank Clark or David Johnson instead of Rollins. Jarred Reed, A'Shawn R…
Oh boy.. I have a NFFC cutline team with David Johnson, Jordan Howard, Allen Robinson, and Jimmy Graham. Guess that balances out my NFBC run
David Robinson could rebound and defend and was incredible with his awareness to find his teammate…
When you drafted Allen Robinson and David Johnson but also Kareem Hunt and Josh Gordon
Can you gift me olímpic jersey of Michael Jordan, David Robinson and magic?
David Robinson and Charles Barkley are 2 players I think folks undermine how good they were.Chuck because of rings and David wining with Tim
If there was a time machine that cld take guys from the past & drop them off today, 1994 David Robinson wld have a 5 yr $15 billion NBA deal
Calvin Bentley led CL with 17 points. David Robinson had 14 points.
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Sean Elliot and David Robinson would have no problems taking anyone down on that game
The night Karl Towns was drafted, I projected that he could be the next David Robinson. Took a big step there today
some people say David Robinson visits Israel with Basketball Without Borders
rumours of David Robinson visits Israel with Basketball Without Borders
people are talking David Robinson visits Israel with Basketball Without Borders
I think that David Robinson visits Israel with Basketball Without Borders
what's with David Robinson visits Israel with Basketball Without Borders
in the air David Robinson visits Israel with Basketball Without Borders
What if SA paired Rice with David Robinson instead of Sean Elliott?
Also LeBron over Steph Curry and David Robinson over Tim Duncan. Whoever made this list probably jus…
has selected MCPON Delbert & Ima Black, Christopher Gardner, and David Robinson as their 2017 Lone Sailor Awards honorees!
They have Steph Curry, Larry Fitzgerald and David Robinson in there over Kobe freaking Bryant and Tiger Woods. GTFOH with that nonsense.
Master sound engeneer David Robinson setting up the stage for tonight's concert at . FB Live and
People forget how great David Robinson was. . MVP. 2x champ. 10x All-Star. One of four with a quadruple-double. And a 71-point…
turn on NBA tv and you'll learn how David Robinson would destroy Anthony Davis.
Ah, gotcha. Actually makes it pretty simple for me. 1. Rickey Henderson . 2. David Robinson . 3. Tim Dun…
Michael Jordan. Karl Malone. Kevin Garnett. Scottie Pippen. David Robinson . They are the reason I fell in love with the NBA
Steelers LB arrives to camp rocking David Robinson jersey, says team needs Kyrie Irving
Dwayne Wade at PG, MJ at SG, Vince Carter at SF, Lebron James at PF, and David Robinson at C
Jerome Kersey, David Robinson, Magic, Robert Parish, Kevin Mchale , "the guy that does the hooks" , AC…
Good that ABC Breakfast have Patty Mills on, bad they have a massive Spurs graphic behind them featuring David Robinson and Mario Elie smh
I never really appreciated David Robinson. I was a big pat Ewing guy.
Now Mike Francesa can go back to calling you David Robinson (like the b-ball player) quite often. lol
Athletes who went out with a bang:. 1) Peyton Manning. 2) John Elway. 3) Jose Fernandez. 4) Kobe Bryant. 5) David Robinson
Only six players have averaged 19 and 8 and won NBA and Olympic titles:. Shaq. Bird. David Robinson. Olajuwon. Haywood. CHRIS BOS…
David Robinson aka refuses to do a blog post on the MJ conspiracy or John Branca because he did not believe th…
So this is stupid cuz Bill Russell Ain better than Shaq or David Robinson or Hakeem. Duncan better than Hakeem? Or Shaq?
Now 6 players in NBA history with DPOY and multiple rings. MJ, Dennis Rodman, Michael Cooper, Hakim Olajuwon, David Robinson and Draymond.
(1985) Len Bias and David Robinson going at it in college! Classic.
I believe it's the David Robinson stiffed him for an autograph when he was a kid story
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This Day In 1997: Pacers GM Donnie Walsh boldly proclaims that pick Tim Duncan is "like David Robinson, but better."…
Benny Boom & David Robinson got some explaining to do.. but respect to on his role
the keep it Canada was switched to prince harry and David Robinson
Who's the David Robinson, Karl Malone, and Shawn Kemp of the Warriors? I'll give you Klay for Miller
Would Michael Jordan have defeated a team with David Robinson, Karl Malone, Shawn Kemp and Reggie Miller on the same roster?
Pistons had FOUR All Stars. Spurs had Sean Elliot, David Robinson and Duncan. Mavs had Kidd, Dirk, Chandler. . I ha…
U thought malik rose was the second comming of David Robinson
A team with David Robinson and Tim Duncan used to throw Malik Rose at him. Nobody is going to shut him…
KD and Dwade ahead or Iverson, David Robinson, George Gervin or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?
David Robinson top 10? LMAO and you have Bill Russell bum *** in your top 10 but says KD has no chance
BAPCO Spring: Motorola Solutions Mark Pearson & David Robinson will be presenting 'Ready for the Future Today'
ushered in a new era of basketball, post David Robinson. He's one of the greats.
Kevin Love was giving Marcus Smart "Hakeem Olajuwon vs. David Robinson" buckets in that first game...😂😂😂
Tim Duncan and David Robinson somewhere rolling in their graves right now
You think David Robinson considered letting Joel Anthony wear
Lmao Bow Wow been 'n us for YEEAARRSS!! David Robinson was holding him up like a puppet so he could d…
Chris Mullin makes almost everything he puts up. I hope I get him and David Robinson again
Thank you Wayne Jolly and David Robinson for your support and your generous donation to
Dewayne Dedmon ran by & cop here in arena said "Hey, that's David Robinson." Told Dedmon about it in locker room. Teammate…
You got grown *** men like Karl Malone, David Robinson, and Pat Ewing saying that MJ was *** near stronger than th…
I can't support KG below David Robinson and Karl Malone.
Maybe pull David Robinson, Sean Elliot, Matt Bonner and Ime Udoka out of the stands & insert them into the game.
Game 1, WCF 1995: David Robinson takes home the MVP hardware but Hakeem stole the show. 94, 93 https…
David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Avery Johnson, and Bruce Bowen appalled right now
I mean, if you can't name David Robinson and Tim Duncan, I don't know why one would even call in for the Pop Quiz.
Rockets are gonna whoop the Spurs. I heard David Robinson is out for the season and Tim Duncan is benched. Spurs can't guard Jeremy Lin
Or if Tim Duncan and David Robinson were still playing, amirite?
I've had an unbroken streak of David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Kawhi Leonard. What unparalleled fortune.
David Robinson, Tim Duncan and now Kawhi Leonard. Spurs find these low-maintenance high IQ super star level talents and just keep building.
David Robinson and/or Tim Duncan would've won in regulation.
It started with getting Tim Duncan after David Robinson's injury. But who could've seen the greatness of Kawhi Leonard coming?
Duncan was drafted by a team that already had David Robinson. Magic was drafted by a team that already had and Kare…
by the day of the draft he was consistently being compared to Tim Duncan and David Robinson.
Malone never won a ring, David Robinson played with the GOAT coach and the GOAT PF, not…
Not saying Kerr is better, but Pop was born on third base too: 96-97 Spurs had David Robinson and Sean…
Only Spurs in history with 4+ blocks in multiple playoff games:. David Robinson. Tim Duncan. DANNY GREEN (4 last night)
List of players to average 21-8-4 on 49-33-76 or better:. Kevin Durant. Blake Griffin. Karl Malone. Kevin Garnett. David Robinson. Larry Bird
would love to come and make it rain! We'll take David Robinson and Sean Elliott!
In his 9th season, Westbrook also averaging the same number of rebounds as both David Robinson and Robert Parish di…
Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, David Thompson, David Robinson, Kobe Bryant and Devin Booker are the only players to score…
Most triple doubles in a big mans first two seasons in the NBA: . David Robinson - 6. Nikola Jokic - 5. Chris Webber - 5. Has…
Most threes by players 7'0" or taller in Spurs history: . 1. PAU GAS👌L - 38 (this season) . 2. David Robinson- 25
David Robinson and Phil Ford ...two of the greatest !!! @ Bon…
Triple-double No. 5 for the Joker. That ties David Robinson for most in season by a center since 1993-94.
Nikola Jokic registers triple-double... 5th of season, tying David Robinson for most in season by center since 1985-86.
Kawhi Leonard (34 pts) joins David Robinson and George Gervin as the only Spurs to record 25 30-pt games in a season. htt…
David Robinson is at Notre Dame-Duke to watch the basketball team of the school his son recently played football for, w…
Just interviewed David Robinson. "I truly cherish my son who played football for Notre Dame," he said. "My Duke basketb…
No. Shaq, David Robinson, Blake Griffin, Hakeem Olajuwon, Ralph Sampson, and Tim Duncan have done so faster, among others.
HOW can u write about spurs w'out mentioning David Robinson. If not for Robinson, Duncan wouldn't have had the model to be
Spurs went from David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Tony Parker to Manu Ginobili to Kawhi Leonard. Whoever runs this world…
Parkinson not the biggest fan of negotiating the PowerPoint. Prosecutor David Robinson in for the assist.
David Robinson was in the navy. Good luck ducking under doors below deck!
Kawhi Leonard now has 21 games with 30+ points this year - the most in a season by a Spur since David Robinson's 23 in 1995-96.…
Danny Aige in attendance for the ACC Tournament at Barclays Center. He’s sitting with NBA legend, David Robinson.
Grant Hill, Danny Ainge, David Robinson. All these legends are at the Duke Clemson game fml
I had no idea David Robinson's son was on team
I'm a Dallas girl, I'm loyal to my boy Dirk.. But David Robinson was my favorite growing up if that helps.
The Admiral David Robinson and GM Danny Ainge chatting it up at
2/2 -then noticed that ther person I was talking to RTd Tommy Robinson of the EDL -a serious fascist
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Sitting 5th on the all time wins list with 12 victories is 2x series champ, David Robinson, Jr! https:/…
Hakeem got a young Shaq, David Robinson, and Ewing OUTTA here.
I'm sure people won't compare , Tyson chandler too David robinson either lol
How does David Robinson still have that haircut?
A jam packed hour of cricket with Mark Robinson & David Richar…
Kawhi Leonard has the most 30+ point games by a player in a single season (23) since David Robinson in 1995-96.
The admiral David Robinson in attendance, and a Duke polo, for the next game of the ACC Tournament as Duke takes on…
i noticed David Robinson's position too but KD has a top 5 career scoring average w/ an MVP & 4 Scoring titles ffs. He's top 25
Tim Duncan and my old neighbor and great friend David Robinson! I miss these 2 on the court togetherness 🏀
Pete Carroll & the Seahawks closely inspecting Cam Robinson/OL at Alabama pro-day. Carroll's head did a 180 as Robinson w…
Kawhi Leonard is the first player with 3 straight games of 30 Pts, 5 Reb and 5 Ast since David Robinson (1993-94)…
Life Without: The Questionable Convictions of David Robinson over in Academic Hall at 7pm!
Tim came into the league and David Robinson handed the keys over to him AS A ROOKIE. Tim > Dirk
Centers to record seven or more steals in an NBA game, ever. Hakeem Olajuwon. David Robinson. Ian Mahinmi. (h/t
Carmelo Anthony David Robinson 2013-14 Select RC Auto ... . - Bid on this now on eBay >
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and isiah , ai , pippen and David Robinson. Come on nick
Nate, Glenn, Cliff, Truck, and David Robinson. Will also throw in Mark, Bobby, Jim, Stephen, and Luke Jackson.
I just shook hands with John Stockton. Didn't he try to fight David Robinson once?
I'm just saying if the warriors went up against players like John Stockton, Dennis Rodman, David Robinson, Pippen, and Malone
"The last time this worked was with David Robinson and Tim Duncan.". & Chuck weigh in on Anthony Davis & DeMarcus Cousi…
Tim Duncan and David Robinson are better than AD and boogie
David Robinson named Humanitarian of the Year by the NBRPA
Shaq, David Robinson, Oscar Robertson, and Bill Russel. Uh, NBA royalty in the first row here tonight
"The Northern economy is the ninth largest economy in Europe. We are a massive global player!" - David Robinson of
Feb. 7, 1995: Dennis Rodman has 27 boards, David Robinson scores 31, and the San Antonio Spurs win an 8th straight, 106-103, over Seattle.
ever hear of Tim Duncan or David Robinson. He's for sure. Never will surpass Phil the GOAT
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers at Sandy's: David Robinson, with Ernie Brooks in the background, November 19…
Hall-of-Fame center David Robinson blocks SG Latrell Sprewell at the rim in the 1999
30 years ago, Navy’s David Robinson arguably had the best performance Rupp Arena has ever seen. h…
Grant Hill, David Robinson and Alex Rodriguez at the 2017 Emerging Manager Conference sponsored by Texas ERS and TR…
Players to win MVP and DPOY in their career:. Michael Jordan*. Hakeem Olajuwon*. David Robinson. Kevin Garnett. *won both awards in same season
Chris Jackson, David Robinson, Hakeem Olujuwon, Darrell Griffith and Shaq..Jackson is best I have seen...
I remember being younger thinking David Robinson and Danny Glover was the same person.
Hakeem got 2 rings... Hakeem did Shaq the worse way in the finals pimp and Tim Duncan and David Robinson same game.…
"David Robinson and Tim Duncan would have to duck to get in through our door." -Mom. "Because they're coming to visit..." -Me
If were president, my supreme Court nominees would just be former Spurs stars. George "The Iceman" Gervin, David Robinson, Tim Duncan
Wilt, Kobe, David Thompson, David Robinson, not sure of the 5th but I'll guess Elgin Baylor
Karl Malone hit David Robinson with an elbow and knocked him out cold. Malone in that class too
Would become unanimous ROY. Feat that only 4 other players have accomplished, Ralph Sampson, David Robinson, Dame and KAT.…
Dirk can be a new David Robinson. Take the year off, tank hard and draft a franchise player. Fultz-Barnes-Dirk can make it
News UK restructures marketing teams with new Managing Directors, Chris Duncan and David Robinson:.
A Big Thank You to & David Robinson (aka ) for travelling to down to join us today!…
This is wonderful. Everyone should listen. And donate a pound! 😃❤
A very deserving recipient of the Achievement - Mr David Robinson accepting on behalf of at the
MEET&GREET w/ !! NOV 22, at the Robinson's Place Manila!! Registration starts at 2pm! .
"I owe more to Canadians than they’ll ever know. In my baseball career they were the 1st to make me feel my natural self.” -J…
Circa 1919, taken by second camera man Jack Wilson. David Robinson used for biography, "Chaplin: His Life and Art". htt…
David Robinson JR doesn't even look that similar
If I close my eyes and only use my imagination, Dewayne Dedmon kind of looks like David Robinson
Yes, much as Mark David Chapman massively impacted the course of popular culture.
Does technology have the power to eliminate bias and discrimination? Read take on our blog:…
DeMarcus Cousins...unless Tim Duncan, David Robinson or Artis Gilmore plan on playing for the Spurs
Hi Question: any plans for a Tim Duncan or David Robinson print or should I go for Russy? Live in okc but grew up Spurs fan...
Center David Andrews of the joins us on followed by the voice of the Ted Robinson.
When you are in a PINCH in need of a graphic designer
A special shoutout to David Robinson who is also a great businessman and investor.
they was crazy!!! Those and the Nike air unlimited. The David Robinson joints!!
Hakeem Rocks: Saw him in San Antonio when David Robinson played for the spurs. He ran all around Robinson
Oh yeah I met David Robinson at my work!!! 😂 it was awesome
And yes David Robinson ..NBA All-time great & all around good guy sitting in my aisle at,last nites Champions Class…
Possibly the most disappointing part of my wedding vows video is that it didn't show I was wearing Kobes (And David Robinson…
Spurs tanked in 1996 after David Robinson broke his foot and Pop took over. Look who they drafted due to the tanking
Rooftop collaboration: Jazz musician Branford Marsalis & David Robinson jam on an off day in Barcelona (1992)
Out of the box!!! Chicken dinner for you. Interestingly. The last one before that was David Robinson.
Just walked past former NBA All-Star David Robinson in Tribeca. He is still incredibly tall.
Oh man, David Robinson for me is still the Best Spur! 😅
Walking to a meeting and run into the admiral David Robinson in Soho. @ SoHo, Manhattan
Loud applause for David Robinson of - Teesside Biz Exec of the Year. Here he is talking about h…
Delighted our CEO, David Robinson has scooped the title of
Pittsburghers gather at Ace Hotel to share discontent about election of Trump. Photo: David Robinson.
Texas A&M has a 3pt shooting David Robinson in the making. Mark my words and keep your ears open for the name ROBERT WILLIAMS this season.
Duncan needed pop, ginobli, parker and David Robinson. Duncan never lead his team like Kobe. He wasn't even a leader.
Manu Ginobili passed David Robinson for 3rd-most wins in Spurs history last night. Ginobili now has 674 wins in SA, pass…
Our CAAT-A Pre-Barg Conf is in full swing. Excellent time w David Robinson, and Jen Johnson,
Confirmed: Tim Duncan to appear in a new H-E-B ad with fellow Spurs greats David Robinson and George Gervin.
David Robinson and Tim Duncan getting after it in practice.
Kevin Garnett won both MVP and DPOY honors in his NBA career. The only others to do it? David Robinson, Michael Jordan a…
Kevin Durant gets support from LeBron James, David Robinson not yet convinced of Warriors ...: K...
NBA Rumors: David Robinson says Kevin Durant and the Warriors’ ‘Super Team’ won’t last long
Kevin Durant passes David Robinson to reach No. 3 on Team USA's all-time scoring list.
Kevin Durant just passed David Robinson and LeBron James and is now Team USA's second all-time leading scorer.
"is absolutely what the '90s were about. .. understood the game, the nature of media." -- David Robinson. https:…
Not only Jonathan Richman, but also Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) and David Robinson (The Cars).
Ladies: if yo man doesn't hold you like Tim Duncan and David Robinson hold each other, he don't love you
Did you ask him for life advice, or was David Robinson available?
a David Robinson fact worth at least 3 pts scored 71 points in final game of season to *** a scoring title
David Robinson had a 20 pts a game streak for 20 games in 1994
David Robinson was too tall to fit in submarines.
Carmelo Anthony passes David Robinson to become the 2nd all-time Olympic leading scorer.
Carmelo Anthony scores 14 Pts and trails only LeBron James & David Robinson on all-time U.S. Olympic scoring list. https:…
Really wish I coulda watched more greats in my life like magic, bird, Charles Barkley, Mike, Hakeem, David Robinson. Woulda been magical
Anthony, who has 258 career points in Olympic competition, trails only David Robinson (270) and LeBron James (273).
David Robinson turns 51 today, so why not relive some of The Admiral's best moments?
Question: What does David Robinson, Mutombo, Okafor, Tim Duncan and Big Ben Wallace in common ?. Yup, they've all...
Blessed to have coached this guy one of the best David Robinson on and off the court
Shaq, Hakeem, Duncan, David Robinson, Ralph Sampson are the only people with 18pts 10rb 1.5 blks in their rookie sea
.Roger Staubach and David Robinson are first to come to mind
If I could have put money on any NBA player keeping his box until it was a small island it would have been David Robinson
David Robinson was in the Navy. Tim Duncan shops at Old Navy.
Nba fans, Get someone to pull up David Robinson's and Tim Duncan's per game stats, hide their names, & let you guess which belongs to whom
Today is exactly the same feeling as when David Robinson retired. Sad to see Tim Duncan go, but am honored to have watched his career.
David Robinson passed off to Tim Duncan is DeMarcus Aldridge heir to the throne?
Al Horford and DeMarcus Cousins could be the new twin towers word to Duncan and David Robinson
The golden age of American entrepreneurship - by Aaron K. Chatterji,David Robinson
Spurs fans:. Avery Johnson had to go. David Robinson had to go. Sean Elliott had to go. George Gervin had to go. They'll be fine.
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What a legend! Look at those biceps... Only a god like Karl Malone or David Robinson can match them babies...
Listening to Karl Anthony-Towns reminds me of David Robinson. Just comes off as really intelligent without being condescending.
MJ, Lebron, Shaq, Kareem, Larry Bird, Magic, Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Olajuwan, and maybe Kobe are top 10 in that order.
It's disrespectful to LeBron to compare him to Kobe. It's like comparing Kareem to David Robinson. Both great but one is…
Head to the Railway Hotel at Port Adelaide tonight to see David Robinson.
Isiah Thomas, Tim Duncan, Shaq, David Robinson, Hakeem. All better legacies than LeBron and not top 5.
"That's as real as it can get...I grew up watching jordan,Olajuwon,David Robinson,Tim Duncan,kobe,shaq,and any...
David Robinson was 10x more swaggerless than Tim Duncan ever was
David Robinson's son Corey decides to step away from the football field
Steve Nash took so much crap for wearing an Anti-War tshirt during All-Star Weekend. ...David Robinson wanted him kicked out of the country.
he was just a little before your time. He was the best of Michael Jordan and David Robinson. Depressing reminder of my age.
Airwave's David Robinson demonstrating at booth at
shaq vs David Robinson and Bruce bowen and them what year was that? They swept em that year?
Agree with 5-0 fans? David Robinson: Tim Duncan can play a couple more years.
Don't miss out on David Robinson's torchlight tour of the Abbey tomorrow. Tickets £7.50
David Robinson and Shaquille O'Neil won the next two, respectively, before Jordan would go on to win 3 more... In a row. 10 career ST.
Only Wilt, Kareem, Oscar, LBJ, MJ, David Robinson and Bill Russell had more WS than CP3 through their first 10 NBA seasons.
Ditto on KJ, I was a big fan of David Robinson, who got cut from Green Run's HS team, The "Jet" Kenny Smith, Nate Archibald.
Torchlight Tour Abbey + did this 1795 David Robinson guides this for htt…
Spurs tanked to get Duncan by sitting out David Robinson
Anthony-Towns with a unanimous win. 3rd center in history to do so, joining elite company of Ralph Sampson & David Robinson.
Big KAT joins Dame Lillard, Blake Griffin, David Robinson & Ralph Sampson as only unanimous NBA Rookies of the Year
get diamond MVP Oscar Robertson, MVP KD, and Diamond historic Bill Russell or Amethyst DPOY David Robinson
Karl Malone kicking Tim Duncan in the face as David Robinson watches.
bro.. you got Shaq, David Robinson, Bill Russell, Kareem, Patrick Ewing and then you have the new guys like Anthony Davis.
If Spurs lose tonight... it's back to the years pre-David Robinson. Rebuilding time. Thank God for Wolves fans. West domination forever.
Steve Nash. andre Johnson. David Robinson. all players who were legends but didn't win aring
Btw just had the best PER (player efficiency rating) for a rook since MJ, shaq, and David Robinson. 🤔
but no way guys like Karl Malone, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing and MJ gonna let LeBron dog them like he does now
and Lamarcus Aldridge are the next David Robinson and Tim Duncan. Call em' Kawhwaldridge
David Robinson goes down w/ injury. Spurs end up w/ bad record, get the pick for Duncan. Twin towers and history is made. What *** luck.
are exactly the same team they were when David Robinson was ready to retire and Tim Duncan was a rookie!!
Best thing that ever happened to the Spurs, and San Antonio, was David Robinson getting injured. Led to Popovich, Duncan, and a dynasty.
David Robinson passed the🕯to Tim Duncan now Tim Duncan passing the🕯to Lamarcus Aldridge
April 30, 2001: Tim Duncan and David Robinson score 47 combined with 30 rebounds as the Spurs end their series with the Timberwolves, 97-84.
cool article about XCleavers. On one of those Jamaica trips, Terry and Carter befriended my eventual step-dad David Robinson.
In my mind I'm like? Is this *** talkn bout Shawn Kemp and David Robinson? 🤔🤔
Wild card pull Shawn Kemp and a HoF David Robinson from season
i am at the Gayle Sayers, NOT the David Robinson.
Hakeem Olajuwon's dream shake on David Robinson is No. 19 in Best Playoff Vines
On this date in '94, David Robinson scored 71 points vs. the Clippers to edge Shaquille O’Neal for the scoring title https:…
Olajuwon, Rick Smits, David Robinson, Laimbeer, Kareem, Ewing, etc etc. big men can shoot FT. It's sad to be 39%
Wait until David Robinson, Barry Sanders, and Ken Griffey Jr's sons are talked about all next fall
Poppovich has had Duncan, Tony Parker, David Robinson, Manu Ginobli and lots of great role players...
Playing with David Robinson, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Kawhi Leonard and the Greatest Coach Ever is better.
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David Robinson, Jonathan Richman, Jerry Harrison. (Not sure if that's Ernie Brooks in the back.)
Given that my name really is David Robinson, feels like I can say: the NBA should do better
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the decent Ron Harper meets the insufficient David Robinson 🌏
Dan Gilbert, NBA legend David Robinson are among investors in sports analysis firm
Fun Fact:. Tyrone Corbin & Larry Krystkowiak played on the 86-87 Spurs that got the 1st pick, which was David Robinson. ***
David Robinson's son, Corey, just delivered an A-plus version of the National Anthem.
Bird, Hakeem the dream, Dominique, Joe Dumars, David Robinson, Mark Price, list goes on forever lol
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the bad Rashard Lewis meets the petite David Robinson 🎒
Did you forget about Tim Duncan, David Robinson, Steve Nash, Damian Lillard or Zak Showalter?
if anyone has a DPOY David Robinson and looking to sell HMU. PS4
This Seraphin/O'Quinn lineup is like hitler's version of Tim Duncan and David Robinson
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