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David Plouffe

David Plouffe (born May 27, 1967) is an American political strategist best known as the campaign manager for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign in the United States.

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Emanuel emails lead to lobbying probe of former Obama aide David Plouffe via
David Plouffe under ethics scrutiny for unauthorized lobbying of mayor to help Uber; Fines could reach $92K
Elaine Chao was a lobby mouthpiece for Uber a wee while back. Also shared an appointment with David Plouffe.…
I have the names from David Plouffe's book about getting Obama elected. I don't have David Axelr…
David Plouffe is at fault for it being close:Clinton to hold Election rally in Phila w/ the Obamas via
If she takes Iowa and AZ or Ohio, she’s at 340, David Plouffe’s prediction when she started the campaign.
On the other hand, David Plouffe is in Taiwan and the topic is ride sharing. I hope there was much more covered than that.
Now, the president would like to do tax reform, which would obviously ...
I feel your pain, but try reading David Plouffe instead of taking Xanax
Yes, Donald Trump donated paid the Clinton Foundation $100K to play
If David Plouffe will join us I'll fly there so you can buy us both pizza. Love to hear him dish about elections
David Plouffe is the Anti-Cassandra all decent humans need right now.
donated $100,000 dollars to the Clinton foundation?
David Plouffe and Obama had massive pay to play gig established in White House *** No! Podesta & Plouffe must go…
Was it Hillary's recuiter & handler Uber's David Plouffe that personally flew to Seattle to try & cockblock tnc dri…
"Seeing this beautiful map settled me right down better than David Plouffe. The kids are all right."
Also, note that Hillary's campaign is basically the Obama crew w/Robby Mook, who is David Plouffe's spiritual little brother
Yeah. Hillary's recruiter David Plouffe got the "Surge" idea from Uber
Nobody believes if David Plouffe had a polling company with automated samples showing HRC +9 in FL, the PDFs would be up at RCP.
We're pleased to announce our Keynote Speakers: Uber's David Plouffe & MGM Resorts' Michael Domingue…
David Plouffe of Uber defends, pushes rideshare economy in Taiwan
🇺🇸. . David Plouffe privately calling you “bed-wetters” is that RESPECT for U?…
David Plouffe, Obama's campgn mgr: "Clinton path to 300+ rock solid. Structure of race not affected by Comey's reckless irresponsibility."
David Plouffe was the one who eased my nerves more than anyone this election. Let's see if he's proven right about Florida.
Larry Sabato, David Plouffe, John Ralston - some of those with solid analysis. Joe and Mika - not so much.
It's really a question of fairness and what kind of country we're goin...
What is your poor impression? David Plouffe won two presidential campaigns. Listen to him. Or by all means, do what…
Probably most annoying part of this election is everyone's bad David Plouffe impression. Again campaign adding an N…
they need to bring in David Plouffe to reassure us all because I am. freaking. out.
POLITICS: offended by Clinton's corruption; donated 2 her foundation in case needed something late…
Gov. Romney said he would veto the Dream Act. Gov. Romney essentially ...
I know you're just fluff not a real journalist but David Plouffe common the guy who gave Trump a zero chance of winning
Jon Ralston, David Plouffe keeping me sane during this last week! Thanks, Gentlemen!
media has a bad case of bipolar the only way for ratings. I am waiting to hear David Plouffe stating Hillary is los…
Uber's drive into Japan is being lead by a former Obama adviser, David Plouffe 🔓
I think what should be celebrated about our campaign is we have over 3...
only David Plouffe can save us now.
The American people know the economy is too weak. Too many of them are...
David Plouffe puts to bed all this faux panic about President can't get to 270
As long as David Plouffe tells me not to worry. I'm not going to worry but the next 6 days are going to agonizing.
I know about David Plouffe and you are probably right that Hillary is cut from the same cloth.
Hey John you genius, have you ever heard of David Plouffe? Enough said !
"should focus on turning out the vote and turning off their computers." - David Plouffe
David Plouffe has a message for Democrats: "Clinton path to 300+ rock solid.", Structure Unchanged.
David Plouffe is trolling in crystal clear waters...I can almost hear the bubbling, stewing + boiling going on in brain.
David Plouffe is right. I used the Hare Psychopathy Checklist (screening version), and Trump scored even higher than I expected.
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You and Ezra Klein are helping but I'm still breathing into a paper bag. I need David Plouffe in an IV.
Barack to the Future: 2016 President Obama Calls 2008 David Plouffe - Duur: 2 min...
David Plouffe to talk at Disrupt NY about his move from the White House to Uber strategic adviser
David Plouffe and Jon Cryer were separated at birth.
Uber does well in Inner Harbor, but "real missing link" is underserved areas, David Plouffe tells Baltimore drivers
Others in NV for Hillary today:. . David Plouffe (he's doing "Ralston Live"). Jamie Lee Curtis. Maxine Waters. Marcia Fudge.
Turns out that hired David Plouffe for help lobbying Washington. We are STILL trying to get hold of Joe the Plumber. Can anyone help?
Best line in here: laughed knowingly in delivering the news:
Forgot how obsessed I used to be by this man, the greatest executive who ever lived:
worth reading the clearly David Plouffe-spun account in Wired
David Plouffe, Chief Advisor, : We are increasing demand and fuel efficiency.
Uber just gave David Plouffe's job to a top Google exec
uber is a new beast. Cities are no match for David Plouffe
Hillary claims she's focused on issues. David Plouffe? Well, he just works for her.
Listen, we're going to have to fight for every vote.
Says the biggest corporatist in Obama's admin, David Plouffe--one of those that undermined Obama's legacy
Yes and no. One thing that David Plouffe the Director for Obama was to stop any voter illegalities...
Check Rolling Stone link, explaining how David Plouffe and Obama abandoned the grass roots organization that put...
Meet Mr. David Plouffe, Chief Advisor and Board of Director, at SRCC Business Conclave 2016 on 5th February!
So now we choose delegates with coin tosses? you heard? a bunch of *** live here.David Plouffe wassup?
Yup. I was recently reminded in Jane Mayer's book that David Plouffe called the left "bed wetters."
. Cruz used David Plouffe's book -The Audacity to Win-Precinct organizers and voter data. Rooting for you!
David Plouffe my favorite campaign manager, brilliant, now in the Clinton camp don't sully your legacy. A coin toss? what kind of ***
Sen. Sanders what is wrong with your campaign Director Weaver? David Plouffe you and I know. ok?
Key obama ally jabs sanders on eve of iowa caucuses
2/2/2009 - "Belief in People" Key to Obama Victory, Campaign Manager David Plouffe Says in Ubben Lecture
Campaigning with people like Eric "won't prosecute banks" Holder & corporatist David Plouffe hurt Clinton, not helped. She is blind to this
Did advise to destroy living wages for hardworking Americans like he does for
Interact w/ David Plouffe & Jairam Ramesh on Role of Technology in Inclusive Development
CM N. Chandrababu Naidu in a meeting with David Plouffe.
Key Obama ally jabs Sanders on eve of Iowa Caucuses -
David Plouffe will accuse Bernie of having offered a favorable review of Mein Kampf. It will make headlines in the NYT & WaPo
Looks like Clinton is going to declare victory based on superdelegates. Gameplan of David Plouffe in 08. BUT! He did it on conf calls!
Delighted to meet David Plouffe, Chief Advisor & Board Member, Uber. Discussed on scaling services in AP.
that would be David Plouffe... former Obama advisor.
Vox’s Ezra Klein and Uber’s David Plouffe are talking automation on the 1776 stage:
Donald Trump has agenda to win nomination. He just need to hires David Axelrod and David Plouffe to win the White House.
David Plouffe The CHIEF TRASH CONTROLLER USA joins board of the 'Uber for trash'
David Plouffe joins board of the 'Uber for trash', sure as *** puts him into 1%-ers, no? How can he live w himself?. http:/…
““What we’ve tried to do is have neighbors, colleagues, friends and family talking.”” - David Plouffe
.Never reveal your tactics in advance. I would have thought David Plouffe knew that.
Building your brand on social media? Help is at hand! Courtesy here is Obama’s campaign manager
Uber strategist on what he tells people who think taxis are safer than
Obama guru, maps out new Europe strategy
VIDEO: David Plouffe talks transportation and technology at via
Public Service Announcement: Every time you use Uber, you put money in David Plouffe's pocket.
Video: Uber's David Plouffe talks transportation and technology
is good for Canada's drivers, says strategist
Uber's Chief Advisor David Plouffe makes business case for car-sharing service in Canada -
David Plouffe says in would allow people to use flex time to make money.
Uber is good for Canada's taxi drivers, says strategist David Plouffe
.Uber, let's be smart now! Obama guru maps out Uber's new Europe strategy via
David Plouffe in YVR making a rational, economic, enviro and societal case for in our city
lunch filming with David Plouffe, speaking about working in Vancouver
Video: Uber strategist David Plouffe on passenger safety: Uber's Chief Advisor explains how the ride-sharing s...
AUDIO: Chief Advisor speaks to biz leaders at
Video: Uber strategist David Plouffe on passenger safety
Uber's David Plouffe say your strategy is sacrosanct. That's all ya got and sometimes you have to give it time
David Plouffe was also campaign manager for
Chief Advisor David Plouffe speaks about Obama's political campaign and Donald Trump.
David Plouffe does this guy know what he talking about "pie is big enough for both taxi and uber " give me a break Wild wild west ,ubergreed
McDonalds hires Robert Gibbs; Uber, David Plouffe; UK Tories, Jim Messina. Does working for Obama make people want to s…
Just got mass email from Uber exec David Plouffe promoting Barack Obama's foundation as a way to "drive transformative cha…
Former aide David Plouffe doing PR work for now. from joins me at 2pm E to discuss on
Peter Baker Headline->David Plouffe Defended for Ties to Iran-Linked Company -
2012->David Plouffe got $100,000 fee from affiliate of firm doing business with Iran
The Obamization of Uber: David Plouffe and the abusive stalking ride sharing company
How a stellar media campaign got Obama to the White House and is getting Uber a positive public image: via
Terrence J's All Star Day Party just got filed to the same FALL ALL THE WAY BACK folder as David Plouffe
New from me, a look at how David Plouffe's trying to steer Uber into the curve:
Read this fantastic article in about how David Plouffe is working to change rough image:
Under David Plouffe, Uber is taking cues for the Obama playbook w/ its reliance on data & "choice" you can believe in
The Obamization of David Plouffe is tackling the biggest campaign of his life
launches charm offensive to win over Australian regulators. Exclusive TV interview with David Plouffe...
David Plouffe: "I think there's a misconception that Uber doesn't want to work with governments" ...perhaps because Uber's ignoring the law?
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
In Australia, David Plouffe pledges that Uber is willing to operate legally and follow safety regulations. Since when was that optional??
Already bought it. I wanted more of an Obama book like David Plouffe-Audacity to Win.
David Plouffe gives a preview of the President's jobs speech:
What's the common link between Obama and Uber? David Plouffe.
What do Uber and Barack Obama have in common? David Plouffe has been in charge of campaigns for both: [$]
Images from last night's event with David Plouffe are now available:.
"David Plouffe, told The Australian that with the right regulatory settings Uber could help drive economic activity by creating jobs"
.."They r manifestations of a ploy dreamt up by WH Senior Adviser (at the time) David Plouffe, per Weekly Stand."
Bayh's making the final 3 in the veepstakes had previously been disclosed in David Plouffe's 2009 book.
David Plouffe said this pm that Obama's speech on race in 2008 was among his most impt and remains so -
Tonight, members of the ALP Club attended The McKell Institute's exclusive event with David Plouffe, Obama's 2008...
Listening to David Plouffe talking Obama, big data and now spruiking
David Plouffe emphasizing the importance of marrying media + social channels to 'ground'. Insightful for many institutions - incl unis
at an uber talk with uber chief strategist/advisor and former campaign manager David plouffe. Any questions?
David Plouffe is an amazing campaigner but it is disconcerting to see him spruiking uber
Fantastic to see a packed house for the event with David Plouffe
Why did I just get an email from David Plouffe that WASN'T from the White House?
U.S. Conference of Mayors President Kevin Johnson is interview David Plouffe. It doesn't like he's going to grill him.
One afternoon in late September, David Plouffe, President Barack Obama’s former campaign manager and most trusted political aide, slipped into Hillary Clinton’s stately red-brick home on Whitehaven Street in Washington, D.C., to lay out his vision for her 2016 presidential campaign. The…
David Plouffe now works for I don't have a joke about this. Oh wait, yes I do.
Uber having to hire David Plouffe is all that’s wrong with America
Looks like David Plouffe is really playing for keeps there at
My old partner, David Plouffe, kicks off day on role of technology in campaigns with rousing keynote http:…
Can David Plouffe do for Uber on Wall Street what he did for Obama in the White House?
Just got picked up in X by David Plouffe. Talk about dedication to his job
Pioneer Obama strategist David Plouffe goes to work for to bring rideshares to the world
Is David Plouffe involved right now (late August 2014) in helping Uber respond to accusations of dirty...
Text from a buddy just now. "Took my 1st Lyft ride today. They asked me what promo I was using. I said the "I hate David Plouffe promotion."
Smart move on Uber's part to hire the master of spin David Plouffe to navigate the regulatory maze.
Uber is hiring David Plouffe, the mastermind of Obamas 2008 campaign, to power its own political strategy
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"The fact that had to hire a top political operator is everything that's wrong with America" by http…
oh no, thought they changed the style when Obamas right hand entered the company.Seen this?
The shared economy needs some political help - and it just got it. joined last week
David Plouffe is right. More states should have online voter registration soon. can get us there faster
Travis Kalanick's dirty tactics are definitely hurting his public image & hiring David Plouffe was planned in advance to damagecontrol
.to manage "messaging" for Not a moment too soon, it seems.
Could Plouffe push for federal laws so Uber won't have to battle regulators in every city?
Daily update now on Del. News at Noon, Delaware1059:.
Wonkblog: Uber hired David Plouffe when it realized ‘techies’ can’t do politics
.Uber hires former Obama adviser David Plouffe to wage a war on taxis. Union THUGS won't like you now!
David Plouffe recently shared his predictions on the future of voting. His crystal ball may be a bit cloudy.
David Plouffe will land in the middle of Uber’s biggest problem to date
Uber bolsters ranks with new campaign manager position for President Obama advisor David Plouffe
Uber announced they'd hired on President Obama's former campaign manager and then White House advisor, David Plouffe.
"National politics was cool for a while, but I want to work on what's important: ride-shares" -- David Plouffe practicin…
What to say when you can't catch a Taxi: annoyed. David Plouffe will never be without transportation again.
Lisa Jackson to Apple. Jay Carney rumored to do the same. David Plouffe to Uber. Tech's political problems may be overstated.
Team Obama, 2014: Robert Gibbs is working for Campbell Brown. Jim Messina is working for the Tories. David Plouffe is working for Uber.
David Plouffe said on Charlie Rose soon America will be unrecognizable with the Latinos.
David Plouffe on Charlie Rose gloating the middle part of this country will be unrecognizable soon because of the Latino vote.
White House political advisor David Plouffe claimed that even after a string of tea party defeats in last week's primaries, the Republican Party is still dominated by extremists -- mocking the exubera
Political strategists David Plouffe & Steve Schmidt talk midterm elections & its impact on Congress. Now in Marriott Ballroom!
This is why I hate the left: David Plouffe: A “loud, delusional minority” is driving this Benghazi non-scandal
By Andrew Johnson Laura Ingraham took on former Obama administration officials Van Jones and David Plouffe on ABC’s This Week on Sunday over the latest revelation of the White House’s handling of the Benghazi attacks, as both sides traded fire on who was politicizing the attacks.Ingraham argued that, at the very least, the e-mails revealed that the White House acknowledged the potential political problem posed by the attacks. But, in the midst of a tough reelection campaign, the administration opted to spin the narrative, including Susan Rice’s Sunday show appearances and the president’s interview with David Letterman, she said.”In the immediate aftermath, the …read more Source: National Review
Yesterday former White House senior adviser David Plouffe argued on ABC's This Week that there's no conspiracy surrounding Benghazi and the people who think there is a conspiracy are delusional. Sh...
Sunday’s political gabfest took an ugly turn when David Plouffe and Darrell Issa went where politicians have shied away from going outside of an election campaign. This kind of
What a gorgeous, intelligent, well-spoken conservative woman. must just hate her with a passion!
CNN contributor S.E. Cupp was not impressed with former White House senior advisor David Plouffe's response to the Congressional Budget Office's report this week on Obamacare's influence on the labor market, which projected that new healthcare incentives would cause a reduction of hours equivalent t...
Rep. Tom Cole, Rep. Keith Ellison, S.E. Cupp, David Plouffe and Jeff Zeleny on the week's politics.
It's something between panic and utter loss of objectivity.
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“The spin on this is incredible,” Cupp said on This Week With George Stephanopoulos. “What has never been...
he is calling him names. Is that not childish?
He is calling u names. Who is the 1 being childish?
There was a group called "The SpinDoctors" I think & The Obama Admin deserve the name more …
On This Week, former Obama goon David Plouffe said that if immigration reform is not passed by 2016 then states like Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Florid...
S. E. Cupp. What can I say. I have been seeing her more and more on different political shows I watch and wow! David Plouffe is on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" expounding on the benefits of Obamacare. The look miss Cupp gave him is priceless. Articulate and insightful, I am an instant fan. I will be paying more attention to this rising star of the conservative movement.
Immigration reform easiest thing Congress can do to create growth and reduce deficit. Republicans won't win NV, CO, FL without it. Yet fear of Tea Party could kill it. David Plouffe
David Plouffe - "Two brothers are attempting to purchase the US Senate. Voters and candidates just mere chess pieces in this game of self interest.
*Trust* David Plouffe, Democrats. He is all-knowing, and always right. Moe Lane And he has some excellent advice for Democrats worried about the 2014 elections: If GOP challengers want to run ads criticizing the recovery act as wasteful, Democratic candidates should lift up the police officers, teachers and construction workers in their state or district, those who are protecting our communities, teaching our children and repairing our roads thanks to the Democrats’ leadership. Highlight the small-business owners who have kept their doors open through projects funded by the act. The recovery act has been stigmatized. We need to paint the real picture, in human terms, of what it meant in 2010. In future elections, it will be clear to all that instead of another Great Depression, Democrats broke the back of the recession with not a single Republican vote in the House. In the long run, this will haunt Republicans, especially since they made the mess. – No bed-wetting. This will be a tough election for ou ...
In keeping with ugly throwdown the Seattle Seahawks unleashed on the Denver Broncos, former White House Senior Adviser David Plouffe took an ugly swing at the RNC on Sunday night — in response to a Coca-Cola commercial.
On April 23, President Barack Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe and John McCain's chief strategist Steve Schmidt met at the university for the first tim...
For those of you wondering, I do not know if the political strategist, David Plouffe, is related to me or not.
Quite a good speech from Jon Favreau and David Plouffe that the President delivered tonight. Dripping with warm-fuzzy sentiments that only an ogre would challenge, and strange statements about a "12-year war" that is somehow "almost over" (huh? when did this happen?), but still loaded with encouraging items, particularly about a chastised Congress that may be more willing to pass bills that help with the quality of life (perhaps because their own quality of life will be diminished if they don't do something worthy of getting reelected). I'm not sure why "the son of a factory worker" being elected is considered remarkable; I've never come close to earning what a factory worker makes, and I have a postgraduate degree. But given the grim preview in the Oregonian, it wasn't half bad. And nice that a young entrepreneur, working out of his garage in an ordinary neighborhood in California, spawned an industry that could enable me to, with a few flicks of the fingers, read the transcript of the State of the ...
Just saw David Plouffe on ABC news. Nice to put a face with a guy who sent me a billion emails before the 2012 election...
"Audacity to Win" - by David Plouffe is an amazing book on how to run the people campaign, handle questions and answers by opposition parties.
Enter The Audacity to Win Book Club Discussion Contest Watch David Plouffe discuss The Audacity to Win on "Meet the Press" David Plou...
I heard it again last night. Disappointed Republicans saying that they will leave the Party because of what is happening at the national level. I tossed and turned all night. I am as frustrated as anyone. It has occurred to me that the reason we have so much discord within the Party is that we are the Big Tent Party. We welcome divergent views. The Democrats are in lock-step because they don't tolerate differences of opinion. The Democrats believe their voters are stupid. They offer government dole, higher taxes on producers, they tell you what light bulbs you can use, what type of food you can eat and that you can't be trusted to control your libido. On top of that they believe anyone who believes in the Constitution to be an extremist. Republicans that leave the Party go out into the political desert. When is the next meeting of the Conservative Independents? How do independents influence the outcome of Republican primaries? If you don't like what is going on within our Party work to fix it. W ...
One challenge for Team Christie as they respond will be to understand that what is standard OP in NJ crosses the line in most other places. David Plouffe
Obama’s Path From Critic to Overseer of Spying New York Times (01/16/14) Baker, Peter In the days leading up to President Obama's scheduled Jan. 17 decision on changes to the nation's surveillance programs, political observers have been looking back on his evolving positions on the intelligence community's actions. As a presidential candidate, then-Senator Obama was sharply critical of classified surveillance programs. In one speech, he promised that if elected, there would be "no more illegal wiretapping of American citizens... No more national security letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime." In the five years of his presidency, Obama has come to oversee the nation's massive intelligence structure, including National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs that have been widely criticized for violating privacy rights. David Plouffe, an Obama advisor, says the president's positions have changed since the 2008 campaign because he is now the one responsible for protecting the nat ...
White House We the People petitions unanswered two years later Published: Jan 3, 2014, 10:28 PM The Obama administration has touted the White House websites We the People section as a powerful platform for the American public to petition their government. According to a new report, however, those solicitations are all too rarely acknowledged. When I ran for this office, I pledged to make government more open and accountable to its citizens, United States President Barack Obama wrote on back in September 2011. He was unveiling at the time the websites new We the People feature, and said the addition of it would be giving Americans a direct line to the White House on the issues and concerns that matter most to them. Soon, anyone will be able to create or sign a petition at seeking action from the federal government on a range of issues, senior advisor David Plouffe added at the time. If a petition gathers enough signatures, the White House staff will review it, make sure it get ...
Government bureaucracy is often headed by former political appendages to the incumbent president. I know of Rahm Emmanuel and David Plouffe!
There was, the president said, no going back on Obamacare. Despite the “poor execution” of his flagship program ”we’re not going back”, adding that if “I’ve got to fight another three years to make sure this law works, that’s what we’ll do” . David Plouffe, one of the president’s former senior advisers allowed that it might take more than 3 years — till 2017 in fact — before it starts to work really well. It has to go on. The Los Angeles Times added that if the insurance companies want to survive it had better work. ”Since 2010, they have invested billions of dollars to overhaul their businesses, design new insurance plans and physician practices”. If Obama doesn’t survive Obamacare, neither will the companies. Besides, what were there not to like? Chris Matthews, surveying the wreckage of the health care rollout saw only a diamond in the dust. “I think I would compare it, Andrea, to a brilliant writer, perhaps, with a great theme who turns in a paper with a lot of miss . ...
David Plouffe, who is one of Obama's starry-eyed cheerleaders -...
Obamabot Plouffe also thinks ppl trust this prez. Dead people?
David Plouffe on Obama's sagging poll numbers: People trust this President
David Plouffe bleated that "this President's ratings will recover". Well, Mr. Plouffe, no they won't. He lies,he blames,and he doesn't lead.
David Plouffe says people in 2017 are going to LOVE Obamacare. And also that they will fear the siren sounded nightly by the Morlocks.
David Plouffe is an *** No one trusts him or Obama! He really needs a brain transplant!
*** David Plouffe! Women have contraception!! The killing of Babies is your NIGHTMARE! I'm Hanging it around your neck!!!
David Plouffe: Obamacare Will Work in 2017 By "work" Plouffe means the destruction of all private sector healthcare.
'In denial at this point': David Plouffe says Obamacare will work 'really well' by 2017
David Plouffe says will "work really well by 2017"...mainly because President Cruz will have repealed it
David Plouffe: I think Americans still trust Obama via
Great news! David Plouffe says Will ‘Work Really Well’ By 2017 So if you have lost Insurance…
David Plouffe appeared on This Week With George Stephanopoulos and predicted Obama’s approval rating would rise over the next few months
David Plouffe says Obama’s “numbers will recover” after "tough patch" with ACA rollout, government shutdown:
David Plouffe just basically forced candidate Hillary Clinton to campaign on "Obamacare will work" This going t…
David Plouffe, Barack Obama's adviser and former campaign manager, told host George Stephanopoulos on ABC News' This Week Sunday Morning that it would be an "impossibility" for the Republican Party to run against Obamacare in the 2014 midterm election because "millions of people will be signed up."
f Barack Obama is not engaged in these type of decisions, then who is? The real question America must begin to ask forcefully, because certainly the mainstream media will not, is who exactly is in charge of the United States of America? Is it Valerie Jarrett? Is it George Soros? Is it David Axelrod? Is it David Plouffe? Read more at
ABCNEWS.COM - Paul Krugman, Dan Senor, Peggy Noonan, and David Plouffe on the government shutdown.
Well he did it again. The President of the University at Albany - SUNY cancelled before the speakers series at UALBANY last night so guess who filled his shoes.yep none other than Nick Butler .hob nob all night with David Axelrod, David Plouffe and Jon Favreau from the Obama campaign...Got to introduce them all and was one of the "handlers" for Axelrod.
David Axelrod, David Plouffe and Jon Favreau will speak about the Obama campaign at UAlbany on Sept. 28, per the UA Student Association.
David Plouffe rebuked Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus' statements Sunday that the party is "drastically changing its
David Plouffe shot down the Republican arguments for their resurgence by pointing out that no matter how many field offices they open, 'Republicans don't have a product to sell.'
Please join OFA Alumni Hildy Kuryk, Teddy Goff, and Joe Rospars for a Grassroots Fundraiser with special guest David Plouffe. All proceeds benefit OFA-New York. Your contribution will help grow this grassroots movement, and will sustain our local organization.
Top story: Opinion: David Plouffe, Steve Schmidt: Pass the immigration bill - D… see more
"David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt! Rahm Emanuel and Grover Norquist!" So Too bad Sunday show green rooms don't get votes in Congress.
David Plouffe, Steve Schmidt: Pass the immigration bill. Read more:
David Plouffe, Steve Schmidt: Pass the immigration bill - Politico
Wow Obama and McCain camps' David Plouffe, Steve Schmidt: Pass the immigration bill
This is as b-partisan as it gets! David Plouffe, Steve Schmidt: Pass the immigration bill - http…
The Hope Institute was an amazing opportunity of growth and direction for myself. So many incredible speakers and tremendous fellow fellows! I got to meet David Plouffe, Jim Messina, Robert Gibbs, Governor Jennifer Granholm, Governor Brian Schweitzer, and even Vice President Joe Biden! Those were just a few, there were MANY MANY others that made for a momentous experience for myself. So very grateful.
I liked a video Election Aftermath with David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt: 2012 National Agenda
David Plouffe has helped win two national elections, written a bestselling political how-to book and earned the undying affection of Obama supporters by the millions.
White House Aide David Plouffe Takes Money Indirectly from Iran -- and Nobody Seems to Notice From 2012!! In 2012, a White House aide in the Obama administration is revealed to have received a six-figure amount from a company connected to Iran, and nothing happens. The press doesn’t seem to care; the establishment is unruffled; even opposition Republicans have hardly noticed. If we, as a nation, had been this un-vigilant back during '30s or the '40s, America might not have survived. More than two weeks after it ran, we can see now what should have been a big bang of a news story -- the August 5 report in the Washington Post that David Plouffe, White House senior adviser, had accepted $100,000 from MTN, a South Africa-based mobile-phone company--a company that does multi-billion dollar business with Iran. Yet the story has, in fact, turned out to be a whimper. At Monday’s White House press conference -- the first such Q and A session in eight weeks -- the press found time to ask questions about Syria, ...
Via -- David Plouffe: Hillary Clinton Is the Democratic Frontrunner if She Runs for President in 2016.
GOOD AFTERNOON TO EVERYONE! Last weekend brought a bit of mudslinging between Obama political adviser David Plouffe, House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA), and White House spokesman Jay Carney. Issa called Carney a "paid liar" for the White House, based on the spokesman's demonstrably incorrect insistence that the IRS scandal was the work of a few rogue operatives. In fact, there are now almost 90 IRS agents involved in House Oversight's investigation, and they have testified about receiving orders from the Washington headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service. Plouffe responded by accusing Issa of arson and "grand theft auto," based on incidents from 30 and 40 years ago, respectively, in which no charges were pressed. It's somewhat amusing to watch a political team that claimed the eight-month-old attack in Benghazi was old news because it "happened a long time ago," and considers every word and action by Barack Obama prior to 2008 to be irrelevant ancient history, rummage through the ...
During the 2012 campaign, Barack Obama’s reelection team had an underappreciated asset: Google’s (GOOG)executive chairman, Eric Schmidt. He helped recruit talent, choose technology, and coach the campaign manager, Jim Messina, on the finer points of leading a large organization. “On election night he was in our boiler room in Chicago,” says David Plouffe, then a senior White House adviser…
"It was, however, this reaction from David Plouffe that caught my eye. In President Obama’s inner circle, few are as influential as Plouffe, who ran the Obama campaign in 2008 and served as a White House Senior Adviser to the president up until late January of this year. So when he’s calling the chairman on the House Oversight Committee “Mr. Grand Theft Auto” and a “suspected arsonist/insurance swindler,” it reflects a striking escalation." "Unlike Issa’s rhetorical jabs, Plouffe’s brush-back pitch at least has the benefit of accuracy. As we discussed a few weeks ago, Issa, the man Republicans have tasked with leading investigations into alleged administration misdeeds, really has spent a fair amount of his adult life as a suspected criminal."
Ten ways you know Obama scandal-management is a bust By Jennifer Rubin, Updated: June 3, 2013 The White House sycophants told us Benghazi was all about nothing, the scandals weren’t significant and the president wouldn’t be affected. Wrong, wrong and wrong. In fact, things are going so awfully for the administration (not coincidentally, making their media flacks seem, well, like flacks) that we now see: 1. President Obama’s poll numbers are at a 12-month low. 2. Presidential adviser and bully David Plouffe is accusing Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) of being a criminal. 3. The lefty offensive line for the Obama administration can no longer disguise their pro-Obama uniformity. (The word of the day is “overreach.”) 4. The administration is no longer quibbling over the word “scandal.” 5. The “we haven’t got a clue” defense did not endear the IRS to the public. 6. Eric Holder’s defense for lying to Congress amounts to, “Hey, we were just spinning judges to get a really overreaching, secre ...
This is a quote from a lady named Judy from the Common Sense Club, a very well-said assessment that's right on point with what's going on politically right now. "As we all watch the assortment of scandals plaguing the Obama administration, I find it quite comical how so many liberal progressives are falling upon their swords to protect President Obama. Just yesterday we saw David Plouffe characterize these scandals as "distractions." Well Mr. Plouffe, I do not deem abandoning Americans under attack as a distraction, but I do find you a disgusting liar --right along with Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Dan Pfeiffer, and Eric Holder. In the Army we had something called 'command climate.' The command climate emanating from President Obama is one of arrogance, deceit, intimidation (remember his statement about punishing your enemies in 2012), incompetence, and character assassination. I am sick of the rhetorical assertions that none of this involves the President. All of this involves the President. As the ol’ folk ...
Former senior Obama adviser David Plouffe was not too happy when Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., called press secretary Jay Carney a "paid liar" and responded with
On ABC News' "This Week," famed political consultant Karl Rove clashed with Ariana Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, and former White House adviser David Plouffe, over the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservatives. The debate heated up when Huffington charged that the 501(c)(4)...
Former White House senior adviser and Democratic strategist David Plouffe fought back against assertions from GOP strategist and former Deputy Chief of Staff to George W. Bush Karl Rove that the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups was a political pursuit driven by Democrats. “There’s been no sugg...
About to talk news of the week on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, with David Plouffe, Karl Rove, Gwen Ifill and Paul Gigot.
Obama adviser David Plouffe, 'Meet the Press', Sept 30: "I think that in the days afterwards, it wasn’t clear this was a terrorist attack."
Q: Why/How all the instant, then nebulous, pieces which to most only look connected in hindsight? A: David Plouffe Choreography
God bless you you r a hard worker. You remind of David Plouffe
David Axelrod and plouffe are the best political mind in us history..respect
Their kid marries David Plouffe's kid, and poof, we have Plouffe Phaneuf-Plouffe
Hey I know! Maybe will call David Plouffe up in front of a congressional hearing!
It's a classic conundrum of the ages which applies to all areas of governance:
Remember Chinese handcuffs? As with quicksand, they present a paradoxical challenge:
Reading Obama campaign manager David Plouffe's The Audacity to Win! I can't put it down!
I agree with you. It's his natural style. In his book, David Plouffe talks about the difficulty Obama had w/ speaking in sound bites.
ChainedCPI I guess this is what David Plouffe meant when he mumbled, "It's gonna get hairy."
via The Hall of SHAME would be more appropriate...dirty politics above al.
As my late husband, my dear Art, used to say . YEEHAW!!!
David Axelrod, David Plouffe to Hall of Fame - Patrick Gavin - via
David Axelrod, David Plouffe inducted into politics Hall of Fame
Trophy & a bottle of whiskey - nice work, David Axelrod, David Plouffe to Hall of Fame. via
Special congratulatory message for David Axelrod and David Plouffe from at Pollie Awards.
Out of Trevor Plouffe's 24 HRs last year 18 were solo shots. Not timely hitting and he's back at it again this year vs Porcello.
Axelrod intro'ing David Plouffe as inducted into hall of fame.
Inspirational speeches by all Hall of Fame lunch inductees - David Axelrod, David Plouffe, Lee Atwater's widow and Lance Tarrance.
David Plouffe: "In America, we settle out disputes at the ballot are shaping the direction of this country."
Listening to David Axelrod and David Plouffe during their inductions to the AAPC hall of fame.
W H senior adviser David Plouffe made more than $2 million as paid speaker & management consultant for GE& Boeing ?
And send me the emails for Jim Messina and David Plouffe so I can bombard them about donating too
Sure I know David Plouffe. We have coffee every Saturday after our tennis game...smh. Maybe it's all the $$$ emails that has Linkdin fooled.
Apologies for the suggestion but I would suggest nothing short of David Plouffe and David Axelrod...:)
David Plouffe on First Debate: "We Had Better Second and Third Debates Because of the Catastrophe"
In conversation tonight with Obama strategist David Plouffe at the 92 st Y in NYC. Got serious questions for him? (hold the snark, please)
David plouffe said he wouldn't run Hillary Clintonw campaign uhm as if she needs David plouffe she will have the best people in the game.
anyone notice that Norman is a dead ringer for David Plouffe?
Was thinking back to talk of POTUS candidates this time in 2005, about how "only Evan Bayh can win." Also: David Plouffe.
To paraphrase David Plouffe, GOP/CPAC? If at your 2013 thing you still have Palin and Trump speaking? You're screwed.
Who will you vote for in 2016? --- David Plouffe: I Won't Run Hillary Clinton's Campaign via
Via Washington Post -- If Hillary Clinton Runs in 2016, she can call David Plouffe for Help.
David Plouffe calls Hillary Clinton the “strongest” 2016 candidate of both parties
David Plouffe: Hillary Clinton 'probably the strongest' for 2016
David Plouffe: Hillary Clinton is the “strongest” 2016 candidate of both parties.
David Plouffe, former White House and election aide, says Hillary Clinton is the strongest candidate for 2016:
"I’ll accept the call, whenever she calls…even if it’s at 3 a.m" Amen. on helping Clinton in 2016.
Top Obama strategist: I won't run Hillary Clinton's campaign if she runs
Little Giant Ladders
David Plouffe says Hillary Clinton is “probably the strongest” candidate in either party:
Breaking from Obama to Speak at Organizing for Action Summit President Barack Obama will speak Wednesday night to donors and Democratic activists who are building support for a nonprofit group formed to promote his agenda. Two people involved in the planning confirmed the president's speech to the founders' summit of Organizing for Action, which was first reported by Politico Monday morning. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the event planned at a Washington hotel has not yet been officially announced. The two-day meeting will include addresses by OFA chairman Jim Messina, a former White House aide who served as campaign manager for Obama's re-election; David Plouffe, a former White House senior adviser and Obama's 2008 campaign manager; and Jon Carson, a former White House official and the group's executive director. Organizing for Action is being run by former Obama advisers who have transformed his re-election campaign into a grassroots machine to support his initiatives. The gro ...
David Plouffe is a *** trying to run down Bob Woodward likening him to a washed up Mike Schmidt. Plouffe is the CEO of the disaster in USA
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