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David Phelps

David Norris Phelps (born October 21, 1969) is an American Christian vocalist, songwriter and vocal arranger, who is best known for singing tenor in the Gaither Vocal Band.

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Spring Training Game Seventeen: Yankees vs. Twins: David Phelps takes on Kyle Gibson as the Yank...
Adam Warren, David Phelps laugh off duo's competition to be Yankees' fifth starter - New York Daily News (blog...
I do like David Phelps actually, I feel like hes very similar to Robertson
Inside Yankees new pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka and hopefully our new No. 3 or 4 in the rotation, that might feature a healthy Cc Sabathia, the 33-year-old southpaw, who is pitching in the high 90's now, including a handful of pitches over 98 mph. Then, 39-year-old, Hiroki Kuroda, who seems to get better and better with age and the high profile Yankees. Then, the 27-year-old, Ivan "Super" Nova, who finished last year 9-6 with a 3.10 and a career record of 38-20 (Lots of run support early in his career though). Then the 25-year-old, Tanka, who finished last season in Japan with a 24-0 record and a 1.27 ERA, including a career record of 99-35, including an impressive 2.30 ERA. And hopefully Michael Pineda can get back into pitching shape and be productive and healthy (knock on wood). He's only 25-years-old and went 9-10 with a 3.74 ERA in his rookie season with the Mariners back in 2011. Others who might get a chance in the rotation or "spot" starts include: David Phelps (27), Adam Warren (26) and Vidal Nuno (2 ...
Going to see David Phelps in concert here in Lancaster on March 23 and hopefully going to see Mark Lowry in Wooster on my birthday!
Confirmed: Derek Jeter, Scott Sizemore, Michael Pineda and David Phelps are at Yankees Spring Training camp.
Mark Lowry with Guy Penrod and David Phelps - Mary, Did You Know? Live performance!!! Buy it no...
Me and Cassandra Burget Cooked quesadilla for them and now chilling watching David Phelps & Ivan Parker CDs
YANKS WRAP UP SOME BUSINESS AS ROBERTSON, THREE OTHERS SIGN DEALS The Yankees’ David Robertson, the heir apparent to Mariano Rivera, settled on one-year contract Friday, highlighting a group of Yankees who avoided arbitration. Robertson agreed to a $5.215 million deal. Also on Friday, the Yankees checked off their remaining list of arbitration-eligible players by agreeing with right-handers Ivan Nova and Shawn Kelley and outfielder Brett Gardner on one-year contracts. Nova will reportedly receive $3.3 million, with Gardner at $5.6 million and Kelley at $1.765 million. Next Friday is the negotiating deadline for coveted Japanese free agent right-hander Masahiro Tanaka, and the Yankees remain firmly in that mix – along with the Dodgers, Cubs, Diamondbacks and Mariners. For now, Nova slots behind Cc Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda in the Yankees’ rotation, with Michael Pineda, Adam Warren, David Phelps and Vidal Nuno as depth. The Yanks have shown no interest in pursuing top free agent starters Matt Garza, ...
If Jasmine Waltz does go in the A sex tape, rumored flings with Ryan Seacrest, Michael Phelps, David Arquette many tales to tell!
Olivia & Courtney with David Phelps at Gaither's FamilyFest in Gatlinburg yesterday
Guy Penrod, David Phelps, Bill Gaither and all their homecoming friends have wonderful voices♥
Phenomenal version of O Holy Night from David Phelps. I imagine this is what it will be like when we bow before...
Is it the Gaither Vocal Band? Guy Penrod and David Phelps are angelic beings with voices of heaven.
One last Christmas video from me by David Phelps. This is a phenomenal version of O Holy Night.
If you haven't heard David Phelps sing O Holy Night, I don't know what you're doing, but it's not living.
David Phelps just doesn't know how to mess with a song. Great singer.
Sabathia might be our "ace" right now but I trust David phelps over him
Today I Christian TV on Roku, out to dinner, and to Lifeway Christian stores and watch David Phelps on Gaither TV today.
Attention all David Phelps fans... LIVE in Asheville, NC on February 13. Tickets here:
Was David Phelps the last IL pol with a theme song? Blago liked Elvis, but Phelps bros actually sang!
Happy Birthday to my little brother! love you, have a great day!
What music do you listen to? Are you a "die hard fan" of one type in particular? Or have varying tastes? I sometimes surprise people by sharing my music "tastes" as they think that I'm stuck to just 1 type of music. A sample of some of the music/artists I prefer to listen to. Planetshakers, Hillsong, Israel, Equippers - Christian Worship & Praise Music Michael Ball, Anthony Warlow, David Phelps - Theater and Operetta Armin Van Buren, Tiesto, - Dance & Trance Beethoven, Chopin - Classical Within Temptation, Blind Guardian -Power Metal Enya, Loreena Mckennitt - Folk Melodies John Williams, Hana Zimmer - Movie Soundtracks Tina Turner, Celilne Dion, Whitney Houston - Diva Powerhouses Markia, Tbone, Lecrae, 116 Clique - Urban Hip Hop And the list goes on and on... Don't get stuck on one genre, its so boring! :D
Hilda Solis for President and David Phelps for Vice President - - if I don't decice to run, myself.
A about a week ago, I got invited to sing a few tunes with some of my musical influences, Bill Gaither, David Phelps, and Wes Hampton, of the Gaither Vocal Band. What a cool experience! Hope to get to sing with them a lot more often, soon.
Just put Reggie on the bus! Was good to see Wes Hampton, David Phelps, Kevin Williams, Bill, Jonathon Martin, Joyce Martin & Judy Hess!
Why are the Yankees interested in Johan Santana? Do they think they will get the Santana of old? Why are they wasting time with this. Go get Omar Infante and trade Gardner for bullpen help and be done. I don't know why we need starting pitching when they can give Michael Pineda, Vidal Nuno, Adam Warren and David Phelps a chance.
TGIF! Early Christmas present...Headed to Columbia, SC for the Bill Gaither Homecoming Christmas Concert! Excited to see one of my favorite artist, David Phelps!
Listening to David Phelps "Joy, Joy". Really nice Christmas album. I hear the brass ensemble accompanying him and it reminds me of my brass band years. I can't really say with all honesty that I miss playing outside in the winter freezing but I do miss some of those 'moments' that came by doing so. Standing around the Salvation Army Kettle and playing Christmas carols for those who took the time to listen was an honor and a blessing. Every once in a while when playing you would catch the eye of one of those people and see a tear welling up. Sometimes it was a worried look changing to a smile and you knew they got it. Today I spoke with a gentleman who asked how my Christmas was going? I told him that I was trying to take each moment as it came. He smiled at me and told me that answer he needed to hear today. He had been feeling rushed and pushed these past couple weeks. We agreed that taking the time to see even the smallest of blessings around us makes the moment. I've gone on here a bit but let me just ...
Had a so-so day. The weather was warm and I got to wear my flip-flops all day. Did a lot of riding and shopping. I just had the blues today. Got up thinking about Daddy and just couldn't get him off my mind all day. So I went by *** Barrel and picked up his favorite music, The Gather Band, David Phelps and Guy Penrod. . Yes Daddy, I'm listening and missing you terribly tonight.
Day Twenty Seven: I am thankful that I have two sisters who enjoy the same music I do. We love to go to Gaither Concerts, Guy Penrod, David Phelps and Michael English. Thank you for the time you take away from your families to enrich our lives and praise Jesus Christ through song and worship.
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We are watching a program on TV with the music of David Phelps. Bill Gaither siad no one can sing "o Holy Night" like david phelps. I love the way he sings it but he is only the second best in our minds...Our beloved Jean Stanton will always be the best
Were still getting pictures together but for you that weren't at the Gaither Homecoming at Hylton chapel in woodbridge va last night missed out on a real blessing. David Phelps and Wes Hampton were at their best and Bill Gaither organized the whole thing beautifully
Day 24: I want to thank the Lord for music, and ears to hear it. My whole life has been gift wrapped in music, and my brother's too. We have always had a deep appreciation for it, and with the exception of hard rock, and modern jazz, we love it all. My first love is southern gospel, then dixie land jazz, then comes the old country music, which sadly is buried forever. Neil Sadaka, Hank Williams, ( OOPS ) Mickey Gilley, Ronnie Milsap, George Jones, Freddie Fender, Willie Nelson, and Ray Charles will always be my favorites. Then the icing on the cake is David Phelps, Michael English, Ivan Parker, Janet Paschal, Vestal Goodman, Alyson Speer, and Sherry Easter. What a blessing Bill Gaither has given us. Thank you Lord for music.
Day 12: I am thankful for the Christian artists who are gifted with musical talent that lead me in worship...the Gaither Vocal Band (Bill Gaither, Guy Penrod, David Phelps, Mark Lowry, Michael English), Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, The Talley Trio, Casting Crowns, Steve Green, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Sandi Patti, Larnelle Harris and countless more.
I do not share many things, however, if you do not listen to this, you will hate yourself. If you are wondering, the fellow on the left is Bill Gaither, next is Michael English, do not know the guy in the middle, next is David Phelps, and on the extreme right is Mark Lowry. These are all members of the Gaither Vocal Band. Take a listen, please.
Sad that David Phelps isn't coming to Fort Wayne this year. 😩
Friends of Gaither Music *** Barrel Old Country Store has just added brand new three-sided Gaither Homecoming displays containing more great music than ever! Go check it out, and pick up two new *** Barrel exclusives that have arrived just in time for the coming holiday season... David Phelps: O Holy Night and Homecoming Artists Sing the Songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither. You can also find the new Joey+Rory Inspired DVD and CD, which has been a favorite in *** Barrel this fall, plus many more popular Gaither Music releases.
Gaither Vocal Band singing the Star Bangled Banner how it SHOULD be sung... David Phelps is a beast! (Curly head singing tenor)
LOVE the Gaither Vocal Band and especially David Phelps! This is one you really need to listen too for sure!
YES! That, sir, is how the national anthem SHOULD be sung. Leave it to the Gaither Vocal Band. I adore David Phelps on tenor!!!
David Phelps completely owns Nessun Dorma on that Gaither Vocal Band Reunited dvd yoh!!!
My one regret when the Gaither Vocal Band can to IWU was not going to meet David Phelps.
Talk about inspirational! Have you ever heard David Phelps sing "Let Freedom Ring" or "The End of the Beginning"? I caught it on the Gaither Homecoming on Dish Channel 255. Definitely a God given talent!
Every Bill Gaither production is arranged for a slow over blown David Phelps/Guy Penrod solo.
Changes in life, no david phelps concert, book.happenings this week: via
Lets consider how awesome David Phelps is. ♥ leading me into worship.
video David Phelps No more night Si noapte nu va mai fi
Nothing satisfies more than Jesus. But David Phelps singing about Jesus comes at a close second!
pshh, I just write it and imagine myself singing it like David Phelps would.
David Phelps - No More Night - Live In Birmingham FULL CONCERT has been published on AdzVillage Online Tv
When you give until there's nothing left. And it makes you give the very… ♫ That's What Love Is by David Phelps —
Thanks for short film nya Jesus E Emanuel by David Phelps , so amazed!
Listening to David Phelps while getting ready is never a bad idea.
David Phelps was in Sweden yesterday. Don't where he's headed from there...
I'll miss Mark but am most happy that David Phelps is still listed. Will be interesting 2 see if they add some1 in Mark's place!
I'm gonna see David phelps at Samford next Friday night tho.
If you have been thinking you would like to buy tickets for the David Phelps concert on December 20th, there are...
David Phelps in concert November 10 to benefit Watered Gardens Rescue Mission! for ticket info
David Phelps never ceases to amaze me. I can watch his videos over and over.
David Phelps can i have your talent?
video ONE KING with lyrics written and performed by David Phelps
You'll Never Walk Alone - David Phelps and Sherri Phelps Proctor: . David Phelps singing with his sister Sher...
id rather have him start than David phelps
Read about Bill Gaither and David Phelps' visit to Liberty University before their concert near Liberty last week:
David Phelps, Mark Lowry, Michael English and Bill Gaither bathed in blue light.
David Phelps showed stunning vocal power on an operatic aria. Photo by David Yonke/Toledo Faith & Va
The Gaither Vocal Band, performing at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo, from left: David Phelps, Mich
I like 'David Phelps showing how it's done. WOW!!' on
One of the best male singers Ive ever heard is David Phelps. The control in his voice is just sick.
Man. ..if I could sing like David Phelps..
He came, he lived, he died, but that was the end of the beginning!-David Phelps
That David Phelps is one incredible singer!
talking about David Phelps's voice "his voice is made from some sort of magical steel that is used to make angels wings"
Listening to David Phelps this morning. He has been blessed with one of the prettiest, most powerful tenor voices I've ever heard! 🎤
Oh night, OH NIGHT DIVINE in my most accurate David Phelps voice .
At Gaithers concert. David Phelps is awesome. Great evening of great music.
Went to see the gaithers last night , they were fabulous ! David phelps , and the booth brothers were the best so far . Going to a service this morning where gloria gaither will be the speaker . Then its off to the wrapup concert tonight . We have never heard such great voices .then off to florida in the morning . Happy thanksgiving weekend to all my friends back home .
New York Yankees activated RHP David Phelps from the 60-day disabled list.
David Phelps voice makes me want to shout. That man has one of the best voices in gospel music. You can feel the Holy Spirit all over it.
Is the income from ur practice worth the impact on ur health & family? Find your with Dr. David Phelps.
I pray u'll b r eyes, n watch us wer we go n help us 2 b wise in… ♫ The Prayer by Lauren Talley & David Phelps —
Yankees | David Phelps expected to throw soon » good read vía
"It Is Well With My Soul" By Guy Penrod And David Phelps: No matter what goes on in my life it will always be …
You should listen to the song No More Night by David Phelps. It's seriously amazing:)
I see your superb headline with another *superb* headline:
Dr. David Phelps is doing an online class TODAY where he reveals how he lives a 'dream' life fueled by passive income
David Phelps got ludicrous that is def. Outta this world.
David Phelps and his high pitch, tho... Fantastic singer
Delivered from the lips of God To Mary's ears on angel wings Jesus, Jesus.… ♫ The Name Lives On by David Phelps —
Need something to do today? How about having a Bad Martha outside with "Pastoral Dreamer" by David Phelps.
David Phelps family singing at the piano: via
David Phelps, easily the greatest tenor of all time!!! Nobody in music can touch him.
If my husband does not get David Phelps for me at Christmas time his *** is mine!!! PHENOMINAL!
David Phelps No Closer to Resuming Pitching Role, says Joe Girardi. native given no est. time.
New life, new hope, new joy He brings.. ♫ Jesus, What a Wonderful Child by David Phelps —
Me and Gloria's Quote for phangirling over David Phelps!!!
I enjoyed hearing you at David Phelps Barn Bash You are a wonderful singer , another great article in the Homecoming Magazine
“Do for for five years what others won’t. Live the rest of your life like other’s can’t.” -
I can listen to David Phelps sing all day.
My Child Is Coming Home - David Phelps. I always love hearing this song
phelps Greets and blessings from fans from The Netherlands
David Phelps not close to rejoining Joe Girardi says
It'd be absolutely fantastic for the Yankee's rotation if David Phelps could come off the DL
Recommendation by :David # Phelps-P If you are out of contention i...
David Phelps not close to rejoining Yankees, Joe Girardi says
David Phelps-P: Phelps has started playing catch (via - good sign
David Phelps-P: Phelps has started playing catch
David Phelps has graduated to playing catch. He is not close to returning, Joe Girardi said.
The capacity for joy from music found on youtube is unlimited. John Owen Jones and David Phelps "Bring Him Home." Yes please.
David Phelps. Holy Crap. Don't judge me y'all, but I'm listening to the Gaither Vocal Band, just to hear David's voice. Lawd.
David Phelps scratched from minor league start with elbow soreness
Hideki Matsui, Curtis Granderson, David Phelps and Alex Rodriguez...just a typical week here
A Whole New World by david phelps and sandi patty (3:10)
Gaither Tent Revival David Phelps and GVB singing He's Alive: via Can a song change a life? This one can!
lol David phelps.. Maybe I'd be able to sing like a freak then.. Anyways have you seen my hairy calf? That defines athlete
ain't no one want your weak cells in my body.. I need AAA supreme quality blood only, have to be like David phelps
Loving watching on . Thanks PBS for airing David Phelps.
Thank you Nathan and Taylor for getting me absolutely hook on David Phelps
I still think Michael Pineda deserves a shot at the rotation over David Phelps returning from DL.
I see David Phelps' name popping up. Again, he's still here in Trenton. Hopeful he'll know where he's headed later today.
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he took David Phelps deep last week
Do you think David Phelps will be making a rehab start here at PNC Field, Donnie?
on days that seem endless...this song restores faith and hope...NO MORE NIGHTS WITH David Phelps...share and care
David Phelps is still here, just got done working out.
I'm loving this David Phelps guy...nice!
Granderson & Phelps Nights Are Done In Trenton: . David Phelps and Curtis Granderson both played for the Tren...
David Phelps PBS Special. I hope the world can appreciate who he is what what he does.
Plenty of and David Phelps highlights here. Big 11-3 Thunder win.
David Phelps is a better starter than Hughes. Hughes dominated in the pen a few yrs back.
On the they're talking about what will happen when David Phelps comes back. Put him in Hughes spot, Hughes to bullpen or trade.
Here's what Curtis Granderson and David Phelps had to say in their post-game press conference (video):
Post game press conference with David Phelps and Curtis Granderson. Both are classy guys!
Andy Pettitte stays pitching poorly. Have to wonder what David Phelps, even Michael Pineda, would be doing in his spot?
Final Score win 11-3, and the David Phelps undefeated streak continues. 7-0 lifetime, we've never lost a game he started.
David Phelps Night is over as he is taken out after 4 innings.
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David Phelps threw 76 pitches through four innings. Allowed three hits, including a homer, walked two and struck out six. Trenton up 3-1.
David Phelps gives up a lead off HR, Groundout, K looking, Walk, K swinging in the 4th
REHAB ALERT: Curtis Granderson is 0-for-2 so far in his Trenton rehab game. David Phelps is also having a scoreless outing as the starter.
have you met the following: David Phelps, Jason Crabb, Michael English, Gene McDonald, Gerald Wolfe or Josh Singletary?
David Phelps and Jason Crabb are my favorites!!
The Yankees activated Eduardo Nunez from the DL and he's batting 8th. In a corresponding move, they placed starter David Phelps on the DL with a right forearm strain. It doesn't appear to be too serious and he will likely be back sometime after the all star break. Ivan Nova, who pitched a spectacular game last night, will take Phelps' spot in the rotation and will start Wednesday against the Royals. Hiroki Kuroda is better and back in the rotation and will pitch tomorrow. Hughes will then pitch Monday and CC will pitch Tuesday so our new rotation through the all star break will be Pettitte, Kuroda, Hughes, Sabathia, and Nova. Not too bad at all.
YES Ball game over Yankees Win the Yankees T-WIN 3-2 tonight 3rd in a row over the Twins won the series now going for 4-0 Sweep tomorrow on the 4th. Sabathia wins 200th as Yanks defeat Twins! Yankees' series victory fueled by 200 CCs of win. Thanks to Cano, CC has 200 victories After Cc Sabathia allowed two runs, Robinson Cano knotted it up with a two-run double and scored the winning run on a sacrifice fly. Guess Who? Robinson Cano's two-run double was the Bombers' biggest hit of the night as Cc Sabathia finally notched career win No. 200. GN See Ya tomorrow SP David Phelps & the Bombers game 4 at 2pm. Have a very HAPPY & HEALTHY 4TH OF JULY! Lets Go Yankees!
Me and the boys with Ben Moore, Clemons Poindexter, Matt Hines, David Phelps, and Cullen
BALTIMORE -- The Yankees were destroyed by the Orioles on Saturday. On the mound, David Phelps was crushed, and the Yankees barely hit again. WHAT IT
David Phelps, AJ Burnett, Mark Teixiera, Pineda, CC.. The list goes on. But lets worry about and his "value"
Game 2 of the Yanks-O's series will be David Phelps who is 5-4 with a 4.01 ERA, vs. the Birds Zach Britton who is looking to bounce back and improve to an even .500 at 2-2. Game begins tonight at 7!
Yankees' David Phelps delivers again in win - New York Daily News
Simply one of the best songs ever! ♫ Let Freedom RingBill Gaither, David Phelps, Guy Penrod, Mark Lowry
I have a spare ticket for David Phelps & John Owen Jones at the Indigo2 if you'd like it. It's next to a lovely lady Tania.
Hank Conger grounds into a double play, 1B David Adams to SS Reid Brignac to P David Phelps. Erick Aybar out at 2nd. 3 out.
John Owen-Jones joins David Phelps in Concert at the indigoO2.
come to see David Phelps in Concert with John Owen Jones at The IndigO2 -
Gaither Vocal Band A Capella record consists of a baritone, two great tenors and a freak(David Phelps)
I find it hard to grasp that the hardest part of working on a 30+ million dollar jet is learning how to properly do all the paper work. The plane tells you whats wrong. I have a notebook full of abbreviations and different forms and you might as well be a lawyer as well because you word one thing wrong by accident and you hang yourself. God forbid if anything were to ever happen. I am just thankful for the education I received from Mike Calder , David Phelps, and Jerry Graham. They stressed these types of things all through School and I feel prepared and I fit in with a room full of Experienced Mechanics. Thanks for everything guys.
the Christian "Il Divo" ~ Only not quite as Hot!!!. David Phelps(left) :D. Gaither Vocal Band REUNITED. via
used to tag He's Alive by David Phelps & Gaither Vocal Band. LOVE this song!
Prince Fielder drove in 4 runs in three different rallies as the Tigers wiped away an early deficit, took the lead and eventually blew out the Rays, 10-1. Fielder went 3-4 with a homer. David Phelps pitched 6 innings of 1 hit shutout ball, striking out 7…
For the second straight night, Mark Teixeira delivers with a 2-3 and a three-run home run batting right-handed against Scott Kazmir as the Yankees beat the Indians by the score 4-3 to take the series. David Phelps was able to get back on track and pitching six shutout innings giving up only one hit, four walks, and striking out seven Indian batters. Indians was able to get back into the game when Drew Stubbs took Joba Chamberlain opposite field for a three-run homer to cut the Yankees lead to 4-3 in the top of the seventh inning. Chamberlain, who pitched on back to back nights was pulled in favor of Boone Logan who struck out Michael Bourn to end the inning. The Yankees had a chance to score some runs at the bottom of the seventh inning with the bases loaded and one out but Robinson Cano grounded into an inning-ending double play. David Robertson allowed the first two batters to get on and have to face his best friend former Yankee and current Indian Nick Swisher with two men on and no outs. Swisher lin . ...
FREE David Phelps concert TONIGHT at Shadow Mountain Community Church at 6:00. You don't want to miss this...
How I wish I had David Phelps' voice, and that I can sing Nessun Dorma. Hay.
2 of the best voices in music, Sandi Patty & David Phelps, but they mostly sing gospel; in this they sing Disney.
A night after being told -- along with Ruben Tejada -- that a demotion may be near, Ike Davis had two opposite-field hits, including a two-run knock in a five-run first that chased the Yanks' David Phelps, fueling the Mets' fourth straight win. Facing pressure, Ike helps Mets down Yanks! First baseman's two-run hit in five-run first fuels fourth straight win. Challenged by fed-up manager Terry Collins, slumping infielders Ike Davis and Ruben Tejada sparked a five-run first inning that kept the New York Mets sailing along in this surprising Subway Series with a 9-4 victory over the Yankees on Wednesday night. Tejada hit a leadoff single, Davis drove in two runs and the Mets won with Jeremy Hefner on the mound for the first time all season. They've taken three in a row from their crosstown rivals for their first four-game winning streak of the year and will go for a Big Apple whitewash in the series finale at Yankee Stadium on Thursday night. Yankees starter David Phelps (3-3) got only one out - and perhaps ...
David Phelps is a member of Bill Gaither Homecoming Family and no one can sing this like him.
Founded and led by legendary Christian music icon, Bill Gaither, the Gaither Vocal Band has forever raised the standard for excellence in the field of Christian music. Since organizing in 1981, the Gaither Vocal Band's all-star roster of members has included many of the industry's most impressive talent such as Steve Green, Michael English, Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod and David Phelps.
Really looking forward to tomorrow nights show. Playing with a guitar player that has recorded albums with Dolly and a fantastic bass player that has recorded with Vince Gill, Phil Keaggy, Christopher Cross, Amy Grant, Stephen Curtis Chapman, and David Phelps. Hope I can hold up my end of the deal.
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I swear to god if John Sterling jinxes David Phelps tonight I will hunt him down and castrate him.
Is penning The Sixth Starter (Focus Features, 2015). The lives of Ivan Nova and David Phelps get turned upside down when Michael Pineda joins the rotation. Elizabeth Banks co-stars. Based on a true story. Directed by Steven Soderbergh.
So John Rulapaugh and I just ran into David Phelps at Walmart, John shakes his hand.I'm in shock... So I say in a high pitch singing voice "love you". And I don't think anyone knew what to do after that!!! Lol Embarrassing!
My weekly entry for and is now posted!
David Phelps is penciled in to start Friday in Tampa.
Nuno will be available in relief the next few days and then will be slotted in. David Phelps is in line to pitch Friday, Girardi said.
Cano's blasts fuel Yankees HBT: Robinson Cano homered twice while David Phelps had the longest outing of his career
David Phelps! He has improved a lot as a starter that I hope he will remain in the rotation when injured starters come back.
Np. The names lives on by David Phelps
David beckham will be back, jus like phelps and his return
i'd go for David Phelps. Yankees do need a strong starter/reliever combination and Phelps has the stuff.
Hector Santiago, David Phelps, or Ian Kennedy most deserving of roster spot?
David Phelps has a +1.4 weighted average thru his four starts this season.
David Phelps wins 6th career game against the Blue Jays to move into a 168 way tie for 3,764th on the All Time Wins list
I just Call You Mine ~ a cover as performed by David Phelps by Chris Finlayson on
'The OTC has been measuring the strength of national team swimmers for decades. The weakest swimmer ever tested was Michael Phelps' SAY WHAT
Yankees notebook: David Phelps, Robinson Cano and Travis Hafner in good form
who do u think had a better version, david or jimi? OR
David Phelps navigated his way through yesterday's game without his best stuff. He's taking big strides into securing that spot.
David Phelps is a little something like "El doque" but better
David Pocock is ACTUALLY HERE. MT Time for Women of Letters with Kerryn Phelps and more.
Gotta keep David phelps in the rotation
Great to see David Phelps have another solid start for Yanks. Time to leave him in the rotation for good.
Watch on and as David Phelps and the look for the series win vs. the Jays at 1:05 ET:
With a strong start against the Blue Jays, David Phelps makes a case for himself as a regular...
Robinson Cano blasted a pair of two-run homers, and David Phelps struck out eight. win again LETS GO YANKEES
David Phelps has countered his 3 walks with 4 Ks to remain unscathed. & Blue Jays are scoreless in the bottom of the 3rd.
Fantasy - Yankees 2B Robinson Cano 2 HRs and 4 RBI, P David Phelps allows 1 R in 7 IP with 8 K in win over Blue Jays
"On the mound for the yanks was David phelps, no relation to Michael, but he was smoking"
David Phelps deserves to remain in the rotation after Ivan Nova returns
NEW YORK - Robinson Cano broke out a brief slump with a pair of home runs and David Phelps threw seven innings of one-run baseball as the..
Another nice win for the earlier. Good poise by David Phelps early to get out of jams before settling in
People say it will never be done - but they said that about Michael Phelps and 8 gold medals. Someone will win the triple crown.
NEW YORK (AP) - Robinson Cano hit a pair of two-run homers to back a solid effort by David Phelps, and the New York Yankees beat the Toro..
David Phelps is gonna be a stud this year
David Phelps took care of business against the Blue Jays today. Here's your evidence:
David Phelps (RHP) to start for New York Yankees at home against Toronto Blue Jays
Lisa Pinkham was 2012's dance instructor. She sends out this invite: "Royal Redemption" presented by Throne of Grace School of Dance - TODAY, Thursday, May 9th at 7:00pm. Throne of Grace School of Dance is delighted to present an original ballet performance with multi-media, entitled "Royal Redemption" on May 9th at the Franklin Park Arts Center located in Purcellville,Virginia beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $6 per person and will be available for purchase at the door starting at 6:15 p.m. The ninety-minute presentation will include worshipful, classical and contemporary ballet. Music includes classical works by Bizet and Handel, worship music by Paul Baloche, David Crowder, David Phelps, Big Daddy Weave, live music by local composer Bo Cook and even a contemporary piece by the Police. Choreography includes original works by Lisa Pinkham depicting stories with a Christian theme as well as choreography by Ballet Magnificat! danced by Elizabeth and Sophia Pinkham and guest artist Maggie Morris who was . ...
David Phelps and Juan Nicasio engaging in a pitching duel out in beautiful Coors Field. 2-2 with both teams combine with 4 hits after 4.
The game is in Colorado, starting at 8:40ish. David Phelps on the hill for the Yanks, batting 8th. Juan Nicasio for the Rocks.
in action vs tonight with David Phelps going against Juan Nicasio
Major lol-ing at the song that Alex boy just sung. 'bring him home'. Takes me back years David Phelps & A.F singing LOL.
Time for the POWER Hour on the Sistah Kim Show: Byron Cage, David Phelps, Forever Jones, Shekinah Glory and MORE! [TUNE IN] Excelradio. org
From the App: drop either David Phelps or Migual Gonzoles to Activate Shaun Marcum ? by Ritch:
12-tm mixed H2H - Someone shuttled Edwin Jackson to waivers this morning, dropped David Phelps for him. Also grabbed Hector Santiago.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Longo, Gio and Bailey for David Phelps, AJ Griffin, Arroyo and Michael Young. Veto-able? Pitchers worth way more than hits
David Phelps to Joe Girardi is Scott Proctor to Joe Torre, or so it seems.
David Phelps relieves David Robertson to start 11th inning for
More free baseball going to the 11th in the Bronx, grounds crew back out doin their thing. David Phelps comes in for Robertson
RH David Phelps again proves how valuable he is to the always there when they need him -- in any role:
David Phelps / First Pitch: Nova pitching for his job?
And to add to the beautiful morning, some ~> David Phelps - Nessun Dorma: via
David Phelps, son of Westboro Baptist Church leader attacked by naked man in hilarious publicity stunt video
David Phelps has earned a rotation spot.
I'll Fly Away - Kim Hopper and David Phelps - Lyrics: Some bright morning when this life is over I'll fly ...
The first time I've ever enjoyed an article from the Daily Mail, nice work!
Listening to Angel by David Phelps and crying.
lol I love how tee is considered a roommate
Yankees are off to Detriot to pay a three game series. David Phelps vs Mac Scherzer
Report indicates David Phelps did little work as IDOT asst. secretary.
I don't have anything to say about this but THIS FACE: >:-|...
video The best of David Phelps part 1
OEIG reports cites David Phelps for improper hiring while at IDOT
Id rather see Adam Warren or David Phelps in the rotation than Phil Hughes
Not really, but that's okay with David Phelps around.
3UP: Trades, Hughes, Orioles rotation depth: David Phelps, who pitched well in relief of Hughes on Saturday .
Thanks Gov. Brownback, Charles and David Koch, and Fred Phelps for being wonderful representations of Kansas. I'm moving to Massachusetts
Turned on an old Gaither show just in time to hear David Phelps nail the high note - one of his "prime" big endings!
Phelps, the Yankees' Garbage Man: David Phelps is adjusting to being a big-league long reliever after spending his time in the minors...
should put David Phelps in the rotation. Phil Hughes is struggling and he got shelled yesterday..
Cody Eppley’s pitching. Or as likes to call him, “David Phelps.”
If i'm stressed without with homework or life I workout or listen to music. Well thank God for the beautiful voice of David Phelps today! :)
Hughes should go to the bullpen and David Phelps should be given a permanent spot in the rotation. If Hughes succeeds trade
Feel-good story of the year: 500 pound nude *** man sits on Westboro cretin, asks 'who's your daddy?'
You mean Phelps. Yea, David Phelps, the guy who keeps getting screwed by Girardi.
It is about time David Phelps is given a permanent spot in rotation. Move Hughes to short relief
yes ma'am! If only David Phelps started instead of Phil Hughes we would've won 😣😓😭
the Opera!!! O MIO BAMBINO CARO! You have to hear David Phelps sing it!
I love Adam Levine, David Phelps, and Christina Perri. I am American, and I am addicted to coffee! Lol
ICYMI, David Phelps should be moved to the rotation.
Yankees: Same old Hughes excuses: Who else wants to see New York Yankees David Phelps in the sta...
Bill & Gloria Gaither - Nessun Dorma [Live] ft. David Phelps there are no words :)
Phil Hughes gave up 9 hits and 5 runs in 3.2 IP today. Is there any reason to think David Phelps would be worse? No.
I believe David Phelps should be in the Yankees rotation. What do you think?
I think David Phelps deserves to be in the Yankee rotation. Thoughts?
Phelps cleans up; Cano plays short: When Yankees starters depart early, that's when David Phelps shines. The ...
David Phelps scoreless out of bullpen
David Phelps impressive out of pen in Yankees loss, still no definitive date for ... - New York Daily News
Yankees Insider: Phelps fantastic, Andy's next start questionable: David Phelps did his best...
Don’t tell anyoneI have an obsession with the Daily Mail. It is my secret shame.
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David Phelps should start for the Story:
David Phelps should start for the My story:
Morning! Watch & you'll see why many are inlove with Jesus 😊 David Phelps - The Name Lives On (Jesus is God with us)
MLB Roundup: Yanks' Rodriguez: If Pettitte is forced to miss more than one start, David Phelps is his likely r...
I've been saying since i first saw him pitch..why is David phelps not a starter?!
For those wondering about David Phelps moving into the rotation, Joe Girardi said it's too early to think about anything like that.
David Phelps should be starting every 5th day for the Yanks.
How did I not notice that David Phelps was hot until now?
David Phelps gets people out, but he wasn't a first-round pick like Phil Hughes nine years ago, so Hughes should keep starting games.
David Phelps should take over Hughes spot in rotation. Go away Phil.
David Phelps did a great job of keeping the O's at 5 & not blowing niggaz out the water. Kudos to him.
the yankees should start david phelps. I think he proved a lot today.
Looks like David Phelps is going to take Phil Hughes next start
"Umm have you tried swimming"-- Michael Phelps trying to help you with your homework.
No matter how this game ends, David Phelps has given the plenty to think about. Was prob unfairly dismissed from rotation for Nova.
David Phelps outing is done. Joba Chamberlain comes into the game. 5-3 Orioles. Top 8.
David Phelps impressive in relief of Hughes with four one-hit innings with six Ks, no walks & one hit batter
Joba's in the game but Gameday says it's David Phelps pitching.
Don't worry Yankee fans, tomorrow we send David Phelps to the mound. God have mercy on our souls.
most hilarious quote today...naked guy sits on David Phelps and says "who's your daddy now?" via
David Phelps son of Fred Phelps sat on by 500 pound man
Breathtaking taking David Phelps and his daughter. :)
Looking forward to next weekend with and 😊 battle shots
"Michael Phelps is a fast swimmer but he couldn't out swim a blue finned tuna" - David
Looks like gospel hour is early at Nan's sat in the chair with her prayer book and David phelps is singing his heart out on tv
VIDEO: David Phelps talks about the experience he gained last year pitching with the Yankees:
It looks like P David Phelps is going to play an important role in 2013 season. Don't get surprise if he start this year !
It looks like David Phelps (of Gaither Vocal Band) to me. Curly hair. From a distance could pass for Josh.
The guy in the picture looks like David PHelps. Apparently the Josh guy isn't with them any longer.
Virtuoso by David Phelps. mara dat dat on Jam 316!!!
search the tag david phelps, best way to find blogs or posts about people, I track several tags.. I don't follow many ppl
yeah, I'm new to it. How do I search for blogs about things/people without getting people with the same name? i.e: David Phelps
He thinks one is David Phelps. The other might be some next generation Gaither. (That's my answer, not his.)
Fulfilling a childhood dream right now seeing the Gaither Vocal Band with David Phelps on 1st tenor. :)
A Glove is all you need … except if you’re David Phelps and you just use your bare hand:
Saturday! We can make it Friday then play it Saturday. Get a bottle of your choice and play it!! Ask around
we can do this next weekend? I'm not working and I've got a free weekend! Lads night in?
Phelps replaced Keno Davis, who caught lightning in a bottle that 07-08 season. Phelps left with not a ton. 77-86 in five seasons at Drake.
BTW, SI's will be writing for us on a weekly basis this season! Check out his article from the morning
What a Wonderful World by David Phelps on great version of a classic! Cant beat his voice❤
Do you think David Phelps has good enough stuff to be a 4/5 starter in a good Major League rotation?
Attention fan followers: I'll be writing weekly for this season. Todays take on Phelps-Nova:
“You are your parents’ children. They showed you to stand up for what you believe in. Phelps-Ropers through & through.” –David A/
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