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David Petraeus

General David Howell Petraeus (born November 7, 1952) is the current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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'Rhetoric' on North Korean nukes a message to China, not Pyongyang, says David Petraeus
David Petraeus tells ABC the "most important threat" to U.S. not Russia, Iran, North Korea or ISIS, but "parochialism her…
According to Advisory Board member David Petraeus there is “stunning potential” for the U.S. in
David Petraeus: Trump's North Korea taunts may actually be a warning for China
"The assertion that N Korea could defeat the South is awfully presumptuous, and I think Kim Jong-un knows that." - Gen. David Petraeus
Prof. David Petraeus & Yukio Okamoto in dialogue this morning.
"It is my belief that Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi is intent on inclusive leadership." - Gen. David Petraeus, in conver…
General (ret.) David H. Petraeus, and Yukio Okamoto start the morning plenary on day three here in Tokyo.
I sold two houses and dedicated myself to proving JTTF is an infiltration into the FBI by Andrew McCabe, Dav…
So for example David Petraeus, Ray Odierno, Emma Sky, Peter Mansour, and HR McMaster to name a few.
"If those facts are unchanged (as they are today), so my advice, too, is unchanged. That was an interesting, tense m…
with speaker General on how to disagree with CEOs and presidents:…
It was our honor to meet General David Petraeus last night at the Chairman's Dinner in Birmingham. He is…
Dr. Mansoor, & his book "Surge: My Journey with General David Petraeus &the Remaking of the Iraq War." |
Harvard should rescind David H. Petraeus' Senior Fellow title at Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
"The first lesson a senior executive learns is there aren’t many good ways to disagree with the CEO."
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General David Petraeus: "When President Obama asked me to take on the assignment in Afghanistan" via
Leaders of America's Permanent War State Are Warming Up to Trump: President Moving 'Back to the Norm'
Petraeus says Trump's 'madman' approach to North Korea could be effective — until it becomes disastrous
Another successful Chairman's Dinner last night w/Gen. David Petraeus & the best Steak Dothraki I've ever…
is TRUE! Obama spied on Trump transition moves! . spied on Angela Merkel French leaders Davi…
Honored to hear from an American hero, General David Petraeus, at tonight's Chairman's Dinner.
It was also an honor to share the stage with General David Petraeus.
David Petraeus shares 5 key lessons from 15 years of fighting terrorism via
hypocrisy warning. Did you object to felon David Petraeus?. Did you object when Harvard honored…
Honored to have Gen. David Petraeus join us on Monday for a discussion on the path ahead for Syria
Suggested afternoon reading from PRISM 7.1 from Dr. Collins - Thoughtful interview with General David Petraeus.
Trump's threat at his UN speech to 'totally destroy' North Korea is straight out of the 'madman' handbook.
"These generals know that every problem out there is not a nail, and you just can’t find a bigger hammer"
What explains the difference in treatment between Chelsea Manning and David Petraeus? Power. Never forget who insti…
A top US intellectual Gen D. Petraeus reaches the same conclusions as did Pakistan decade ago on Afghanistan crises
Little Giant Ladders
David Petraeus reaches the same conclusions that did a decade ago. should listen to both. .
"These generals know that not every problem out there is a nail" - Ret. Gen. David Petraeus on military advisors to…
I never bought this story :Paula Broadwell breaks silence on affair with David Petraeus:
Sorry to eavesdrop but we're loving this discussion! Similar is David Petraeus, suggestin…
Cernovich's new website, "McMaster Leaks," alleges the general has been leaking to David Petraeus and George Soros. ht…
STARTING NOW on goes one-on-one with and Gen. David Petraeus ht…
How did Gen. David Petraeus a known Democrat end up in and caught by an Infowars reporter?.
Destined for war with China? Graham Allison and Gen. David Petraeus (Ret) via
JVLV: Mr. President, Congrats on General John Kelly as new chief of staff! Now, consider General, David Petraeus for HS.
Why did former CIA David Petraeus employ CIA Agent Kelly Wolf in my department at Montgomery College RV-MD as a par…
. A Hate Crime wrapped in religion is still a Hate Crime. General David Petraeus, U.S. Army
Wasn't it General David Petraeus memos that he took home and was indicted for. Are we going to have a double standa…
David Petraeus running the point as floor general, with Chris Kyle mercilessly "sniping" from 3?? LOL good luck world 😂😂😂
George W. is a talented General, and David Petraeus is a talented President. They kind of traded places i…
"General Petraeus & I were in meeting this morning."-Lindsey Graham-just on . Why were you w David Petraeus? Where? Parole officer?
David Petraeus, retired US Army general and former Director of the CIA, will be joining us at Learn more…
David Petraeus, who's still on probation, turns down Donald Trump's National Security Adviser job - Palmer Report
David Petraeus has also declined the no-money-down, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Steve Bannon on NSC
Trump drops Ex-CIA chief David Petraeus from NSA list after he demands control over staff and disciplined policy.
With Flynn out, Gen. David Petraeus will be "coming in" Tuesday to handle matters at the NSC, Reports: .
OMG! just said they want to replace someone who gv clssfd secrets/lost job, w/another(David Petraeus) who did SAME!! HOLY M…
David Petraeus among contenders to replace Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser
Now Trump is considering replacing him with David Petraeus. The same David Petraeus who gave classified materials…
I just hope if David Petraeus becomes the National Security Advisor that his next mistress isn't Russian.
David Petraeus once gave a woman classified info just to get laid. The resulting scandal now seems quaint.
.reports Pres. Trump is considering 3 people to permanently replace Flynn:. Keith Kellogg. David Petraeus…
So Patraeus also slammed during campaign, will President Bannon allow him to be NatSec Adviser? . http…
David Petraeus was court-martialed for telling mistress secrets, Michael Flynn intentionally colluded with a foreign gove…
FUN FACT: If David Petraeus gets hired to NatSec Adviser, he must notify his parole officer within 72 hours.
I still laugh over David Petraeus needing permission from his PROBATION OFFICER to travel if considered for admin post.
David Petraeus leaks classified info to his mistress and now may be the National Security Advisor... lol you cant make this…
When you hear Trump is considerig disgraced General David Petraeus who also leaked Intelligence secrets to his mistress
So we replace a guy who got cozy with Russians with one who got cozy with his mistress?
Now warmonger David Petraeus will likely be taking his place, a person who had prison hanging over head and who is actually blackmailed.
and 3) if he's not replaced by lying, leaking, court-marshaled hypocrite, David Petraeus.
ABSOLUTELY NO to David Petraeus. He's a neocon and was up to his neck with HRC in Haiti. We won't have him.
Well, of course "David Petraeus" is being considered for Flynn replacement. He's a swamp dweller who blabbered secrets…
Petraeus is on probation until April this year
Replacing Michael Flynn with David Petraeus would be peak Trump.
President Trump should make Gen. David Petraeus his new National Security Advisor. Very impressive man with point to prove.
David Petraeus is from the Hillary Clinton circle. Hopefully President Trump will reject him...🙏🏽.
Politico says David Petraeus is scheduled to meet with Trump this week.
With all the kerfuffle over Hillary's emails, David "Share Top Secret Documents" Petraeus, is one of the touted replacements for
.reporting David Petraeus may replace Flynn as NS Adviser. Yep, the guy convicted of sharing classified intel…
David Petraeus is being considered for National Security Adviser proving once and for all it was never really about Hillary's…
No General David Petraeus he is Anti Second amendment, he is siding with anti gunners and wants to deny us citizens our gun…
David Petraeus stole state secrets to impress his girlfriend. A true American hero, he must be considered.
I do not believe the media when it claims the President will appoint convicted felon and liberal gun control fan David…
No to David Petraeus. Stanley McChrystal for National Security Advisor or Stephen Hadley would or be interested?
I'm excited to be in Tel Aviv to see heroes Gen. David Petraeus & Gen. Amos Yadlin, and other statesmen and military leade…
Ex director David Petraeus in interview with says "Putin not a Friend".
Conflict Zone - Guest: David Petraeus, Former Director of the CIA via
David Petraeus would need his probation officer's permission to travel if he's made Secretary of State
Paula Broadwell says the military will let David Petraeus move on, but not her:
Paula Broadwell, who got classified information from David Petraeus, is .. Related Articles:
Paula Broadwell says she's glad David Petraeus, on list for Cabinet job, can go on w/ his life but she can't do same https:…
Paula Broadwell speaks out about sexist double standard between her and David Petraeus
Discovery of the emails from Paula Broadwell led to the downfall of then-CIA director David Petraeus.
Claiming back an online - David Petraeus, Ivanka Trump, Media Bias,
Paula Broadwell is shocked that David Petraeus is under consideration for secretary of state. Should she be?
RELEASE: Gun Owners of America opposes David Petraeus for Secretary of State. . READ MORE:
David Petraeus would have to inform his probation officer if Trump hires him as secretary of state Go on jail bird
I have a lot of respect for David Petraeus but unlike Hillary he did share classified docs illegally.
Donald Trump’s Secretary of State pick David Petraeus is on probation, can’t travel
Interesting piece on why David Petraeus shouldn't be appointed as Secretary Of State. What do you folks think?
David Petraeus, who mishandled classified information, may become Donald Trump’s secretary of state via
Ppl who said Hillary emailed state secrets & blamed on a video now cheer David Petraeus. And Irony hangs itse…
Trump is considering David Petraeus who plead guilty to mishandling classified information back in 2015 to be Secretary…
Trump is considering David Petraeus for Secretary of State--a man who pled guilty to leaking top secret files. The hypocri…
Donald Trump is meeting w/David Petraeus, who emailed CIA secrets to his mistress on an insecure server, presumably to L…
Here’s Trump in 2012 talking Halle Berry’s love life, Mario Lopez and David Petraeus (“he’ll be back”) on Extra
Today in transition: Amid false claims of voter fraud, Trump meets w David Petraeus today, Mitt Romney 2moro
you are really considering David Petraeus for SOS. You relentlessly attacked on trust. You are full of ___
NEW: David Petraeus will meet with Trump today. The former CIA director is being considered for secretary of state.
Donald Trump set to meet with David Petraeus – Washington Times
Trump will meet with David Petraeus to talk about secretary of state slot
Petraeus: Clinton would be 'tremendous president' via No Romney and a Big No to Petraeus.
Scoop: Top Trump transition source tells me David Petraeus is being considered for Secretary of State. They're meeting at T…
David Petraeus meeting with Trump for secretary of state job
Good news: Trump meeting with David Petraeus for possible SoS position. Petraeus, Rudy G, Kris Kobach - all better opti…
David Petraeus as Secretary of state? Isn't this the same guy that was giving his mistress classified intel?
Wait. So David Petraeus, who actually DID mishandle classified information is on the short list for Secretary of State? Uh h…
andrea just gave david petraeus a big sloppy BJ on air ... "ive covered him bla bla bla .". wonder who andrea wants..
Concerned about david petraeus and classified info. But no prob with Hillary's classified info handling.
David Petraeus is actually an immensely qualified candidate for Secretary of State. . A word of advice, use the gove…
David Petraeus; yet another potential appointment with "resigned in disgrace" in his bio.
Thought Trump would be choosing b/t competence (Romney) and loyalty (Giuliani). Petraeus is a choice for hypocrisy.
David Petraeus did a tremendous job as military commander in Iraq, but you can't ask anyone to serve under him now: http…
Hmmm: Trump meeting with David Petraeus today about State position
Donald Trump to meet David Petraeus as secretary of state fight continues
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David Petraeus reportedly in race for secretary of state
Donald Trump is set to meet with David Petraeus, Mitt Romney, and Bob Corker as he looks to fill his cabinet
Trump is seriously considering retired General David Petraeus to be secretary of state
Donald Trump to Meet with David Petraeus, Possible Secretary of State - Breitbart
Donald Trump set to meet with David Petraeus
Trump considering David Petraeus for secretary of state; retired general pleaded guilty to sharing classified info https:/…
Reminding that Petraeus mishandled classified information far worse than Clinton's email server: http…
David Petraeus plead guilty to mishandling classified information in 2015. Now, he could be Trump's Secretary of State.…
Trump considers David Petraeus, who literally shared classified info with a woman he cheated on his wife with, as Secretary…
Convicted intelligence leader David Petraeus is meeting with Trump. This is not draining the swamp. This is making it eve…
Donald Trump set to meet with David Petraeus via
Don't get me wrong, David Petraeus would likely make a decent SecState. It's just that I'm gonna a need a moment to get pa…
Donald Trump is meeting today with David Petraeus for secretary of state consideration via
Jack Keane as possible SecDef, David Petraeus as possible SecState, and Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor...
Rudy G or David Petraeus. Either works for th…
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Rudy G or David Petraeus. Either works for the good!
Gen. David Petraeus stops in Sioux Falls, gives advice to Trump. It is important that Trump listen to and heed...
David Petraeus: "The Islamic State knows they are going to lose"
adalberto Read CNN's Fast Facts for a look at the life of David Petraeus, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). vazqu…
Exhibition in NYC at from Oct 20th about the US election. David Petraeus portrait spray painted on plex…
Fantastic evening with Gen. David Petraeus discussing security priorities for the next US President
on Richard Haass and David Petraeus being "undecided" on
Former CIA chief Gen. David Petraeus resigned when FBI discovered his extramarital affair. While IK moved on.
You heard that Hillary Clinton, 68, fainted. You might have missed that David Petraeus, 57, top general, also did
Replacing General McChrystal with David Petraeus was a good first step, but more will be need
Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus and the Afterlife of a Scandal
David Petraeus scandal: Jill Kelley 'flew on military jets with General John Allen' | via
New release: Gen. David Petraeus on American engagement in the world in challenging times: https…
You don't need a digital David Petraeus or a President Bush avatar to ...
The charmed life of secret-blabbing adulterer David Petraeus. . via
The charmed life of David Petraeus; should get the same treatment as Hillary by the media:
The charmed life of David Petraeus via but check out
The charmed life of David Petraeus via
YES: "an age of generals whose careers are made in winless wars..." The charmed life of David Petraeus
"Many people have been prosecuted for far less, including John Deutch, Sandy Berger, David Petraeus"
.on the the charmed life of David Petraeus
Ok now, someone please send their humble apologies to David Petraeus. He definitely has a lawsuit.
The charmed life of David Petraeus # via
David Petraeus showed interest in how Dwight D. Eisenhower overcame affair, new book claims
Trump should pick David Petraeus...or Stanley McChrystal...give them the job to destroy ISIS and cyber
Gen. David Petraeus and retired astronaut Mark Kelly announced Friday they are forming a new gun control group for…
Random: Mitch Daniels, Bob Gates, Paul Ryan and David Petraeus should lead this country. Marisa Mayer is taller than Mark Zuckerberg
Gen. David Petraeus, astronaut Mark Kelly team up to launch gun control group.
Gen. David Petraeus speaks at Sarasota town hall
Gen. David Petraeus attends 2016 in Germany... met by Reporter.
Many generals including Gen. David Petraeus & Gen. Stanley McChrystal, are calling for gun policy reform. Vets know -
Gen. David Petraeus steps out of the shadows with public appearance at D.C. summit
Gen. David Petraeus just launched a gun control group for vets – see who he’s recruited
Gen. David Petraeus and astronaut Mark Kelly are teaming up to launch a gun control group
I don't think Gen. Grant would like David Petraeus.
David Petraeus says of all the people profiled in obits in the NYT he’d want to have dinner with U.S. Grant: ...
David Petraeus, left, Jill Kelley, right, at CENTCOM party.
Hillary emails between her and David Petraeus were NOT handed over. Patraeus was convicted for his security breaches
Can you imagine, say, General Wesley Clark or David Petraeus fighting like these men?. Soldiers in Chechnya in 1995
The ACLU brief cites the example of Gen. David Petraeus, a former Army general and CIA director, who gave eight no…
David Petraeus will testify before the Benghazi committee on Saturday
"general officers of his generation, through his lifetime of service David Petraeus has made our country safer and stronger"
Former CIA director David Petraeus' book 'Collateral Damage' could be set for film
Socialite opens up about her role in David Petraeus scandal: 'Kelly File' exclusive
The genius of David Petraeus has always been his masterful manipulation of ...
She gets more deference than men... Ask David Petraeus.
The Germans have done wonderful work. Not long ago, a German battle group b...
Comparing David Petraeus' scandal to Which do you think is worse?
Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus is providing rare, Saturday testimony on Capitol Hill, talking…
Watch today's Episode 9 featuring Gen. David Petraeus on-demand anytime at http:…
Episode 8 | David Petraeus: Clip 3) Petraeus on America's threats and opportunities
I'm going to "Discussion with General (ret.) David H. Petraeus: All the Elements of National...". See you there?
"The FBI agents who investigated David Petraeus were furious at the wrist slap that he got -- the very same FBI…
As Petraeus heads to Benghazi panel, new suit demands records on investigations that led to his guilty plea https:/…
FOIA suit seeks records on Petraeus investigation
A Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeks records tied to former CIA Director and retired Gen. David Petraeus's...
'FBI sources say no': Will get prosecuted like David Petraeus? . via
Ex-CIA director David Petraeus talks about life after marriage scandal, resignation
Ex-general, CIA chief David Petraeus to receive no further punishment
The guy at MSNBC checked with legal expert Chris Hayes and missed the call back from David Petraeus.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Gen. David Petraeus attended the Murdoch wedding. Attended to Murdoch's geopolitical demands too.
Very informative talk & discussion with General (Ret) David Petraeus & Sir John Scarlett at this afternoon
Hillary Clinton's recklessness & arrogance = no jail time, but if former decorated General & CIA boss David Petraeus even mirrored her he'd🍳
on David Petraeus pension decision. Army chief gave only a cursory look before giving general a pass.
I would love to see one big time general endorse him: David Petraeus, Stanley McCrystal, John Allen, Martin Dempsey.
Double Standards! General David Petraeus was indicted and forced to retire. Hillary's crimes hid & runs for POTUS! https:/…
The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008
Fitz is such a teenage boy. This is highkey David Petraeus - Paula Broadwell shade.
David Petraeus is an honorable man and should be a part of the New American Movement in the White House
hey evy what would you think if these two ran for president. Colin Powell and David Petraeus?
Gen. David Petraeus defines and describes his “four key tasks” of in new website I developed
Does NH Repub Chair Jennifer Horne swooning on FOX about the Rubio "surge" have him confused with Gen. David Petraeus?
Yes Everybody does it. How did that work out for Gen. David Petraeus?
Pentagon declines to demote Gen. David Petraeus for mishandling classified information while CIA director
Pentagon will not demote retired Gen. David Petraeus. The Pentagon says it will not demote retired Army Gen.
Breaking News: Gen. David Petraeus will not be demoted over scandal.
Heroic. "Sen. John riding to the rescue of retired Gen. David Petraeus."
Should retired Gen. David Petraeus be retroactively demoted? updates us from the Pentagon
via Katy Grimes. Obama going after retired Gen. David Petraeus a second time for national security indiscretions...
Ashton Carter considering demotion for retired Gen. David Petraeus .
Join us at the next event in New York - Fireside Chat on US Foreign Policy with Gen. (Ret.) David Petraeus
If "unsent email accessed in draft form" is good enough for David Petraeus, it should be good enough for Sean Penn.
If Hilary Clinton doesn't go to jail then I want a full presidential pardon for General David Petraeus! The did nothing compare to shillary
They had less than that on Petreaus, look what he got .
NEW: recommends no further punishment for David Petraeus in sex and secrets scandal. w/
Former CIA Director and retired Gen. David Petraeus says U.S. is "not where we should be" in the fight against ISIS:
Gen. David Petraeus will accept an award for Dutch-American Heritage Day in Hudsonville tonight. Check back for speech highlights.
Former CIA director David Petraeus to speak in West Michigan
Christie accuses the Obama administration of bias against Obama administration official David Petraeus.
Great experience with today. Thanks for the awesome classes and incredible guest speaker General David Petraeus
OBAMA's justice system has 2 different standards. One for people like the Clintons and another for David Petraeus and the rest of us.
"There's not a lot in life that can't be overcome by hard work, focus, and discipline." - General David Petraeus
"We don't want charity, we want an opportunity." General David Petraeus speaks at
facilitating QAs with Gen David Petraeus at our 2015 S2S DC conference. Turnout is incredible!.
Did General David Petraeus’s post-testimony square with the CIA talking points?
Mistakes were made but where the *** were Defense Dept + Saint David Petraeus of the CIA compound 1/2 mi away??
"You show by where you go and by the use of your time what's most important." -David Petraeus
Kenneth Lay went down, David Petraeus went down and you certainly are going down
.dissects the arguments by Dennis Ross, David Petraeus et al in support of giving Israel the MOP
Jill Kelley, socialite involved in David Petraeus case, subpoenas journalists in her suit against f…
Hillary emails surface with David Petraeus after she 'handed them all over'
Gen. David Petraeus: "Syria is a geopolitical Chernobyl -- spewing instability and extremism over the region and the re…
Former CIA David Petraeus apologized for giving classified information to his biographer-turned-mistress
David Petraeus apologizes 'to American people' for affair with Paula Broadwell
to last week, having the opportunity to meet former CIA director David Petraeus & the talented
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Gen. David Petraeus will be at next week on Tuesday to testify on U.S.'s Middle East policy.
What with David Petraeus rebranding Al Qaeda affiliate Al Nusra Front as moderate forces in Syria it's safe to say that the War on Terror...
David Petraeus avoided jail & now is using his celebrity to promote his Wall St firm to public pension officials
You mean like Scooter Libby and Gen. David Petraeus? . Btw, did either of the, plead the fifth?
ASTONISHING! why is David Petraeus in Australia urging us to go to war?
Surely not this David Petraeus? The one who leaked classified information to his girlfriend
Hmm, former director of the CIA David Petraeus added me to his Google+ circles. Something tells me this isn't a real account...
How the "David Petraeus" law applies to the storage of classified emails on a personal server.
Fox News tries a new spin on the faulty comparison between Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus:
It's time for THE VIEW, America! We've got a great show for you with Taya Kyle, former General David Petraeus & more!
David Petraeus asks How do we fight without causing a humanitarian crisis?
LIVE: A talk on the rise of with Gen. David Petraeus, Bernard Haykel &
. As CIA director, David Petraeus is in a unique position to define the al Qaeda activities in Benghazi and Cairo.
So what in the name of David Petraeus is in Michael Moore’s secret war film?
ChadPergram: Hse cmte list of those it expects to interview for probe: Jay Carney, Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, David Petraeus, Mik…
David Petraeus instead of using Bob Barnett needed Clinton's people to spin for him
Dharna Operation Complication. "By any measure, through his lifetime of service, (General) David Petraeus has...
The same Linda Robinson who bought into deadly myth of counter-insurgency and the "savior General" David Petraeus?
Fla. couple caught up in David Petraeus scandal defend subpoena to depose Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson
"CIA Director Leon Panetta...[and] former CIA director David Petraeus" leaking classified information, no jail time
Disgraced General David Petraeus is now being rolled out by private equity firm KKR in a bid t http:/…
It is "arguable" that US is losing in Iraq, former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus says:
Former CIA director Gen. David Petraeus on what the U.S. needs to do to defeat ISIS:
David Petraeus used by private equity firm in bid to impress potential clients - Daily Mail
The Head of KKR Global Institute, Gen. (Retd.) David Petraeus calls on the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi
Scholar Stephen Kinzer on why whistleblowers like Snowden should be treated as leniently as leaker David Petraeus
Chelsea Manning got 35 years in prison for leaks. David Petraeus got probation. Manning's exposed war crimes.
Oh boy...Friday the big Wigs are coming to town. McCann holding a forum ...Tony Blair,Gen. David Petraeus,...
David Goyer co-wrote Nolan's Batman films, Man of Steel, and Call of Duty starring David Petraeus and Oliver North
If not for the scandal, I'd bet on David Petraeus mounting a Wes Clark-style late-game national security figure presidential push in 2016
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While we're at it, let's compare to consequences for John Deutsch, David Petraeus, Sandy Berger. This is fair?
David Petraeus: Iran more of a threat than ISIL via
reading the paper for instance in mid-march the government announced that former CIA director David Petraeus would plead to (3/10)
Former CIA director David Petraeus reached a plea agreement with the Justice Department
US General David Petraeus was given a sweetheart plea deal with no jail time after leaking highly classified...
what happens when this guy tries to confront ex-CIA director David Petraeus in Dublin
Another scandal is on the rise in the United States and David Petraeus, former Director and four-star Army...
(2009-09-14) Tell Me How This Ends: General David Petraeus and the Search for a
Gen. David Petraeus: ISIS isn't the biggest threat to Iraq
David Petraeus: "What has happened in Iraq is a tragedy... because it didn't have to turn out this way."
A Q&A with David Petraeus: The Islamic State isn't our biggest problem in Iraq
Greatest danger facing is not David Petraeus warns
Why are low-level leakers languishing in jail while David Petraeus is still welcome in the White House?
Lawyer: Petraeus deal demonstrates "the profound double standard that applies when prosecuting so-called ‘leakers’"
The profound double standard with Petreaus
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Le Figaro:Greatest danger facing is not David Petraeus warns
Josh Earnest praises David Petraeus and says "it makes s lot of sense" to ask him for advice (but doesn't want to discuss his plea bargain).
Woah! White House admits David Petraeus is an adviser on Iraq and Afghanistan - with no security worries. What? He gave away state secrets!
White House confirms they are "consulting" with Gen. David Petraeus on how to fight ISIS.
Why is it that everybody except the President gets the whole hypocrisy/double standard thing?
Under Obama, more in gov’t charged with leaks to journos than under all previous administrations combined
Wonder what , C. Manning, Jeffrey Sterling or Ed Snowden think abt deal 4 David Petraeus
Letter Calls Plea Deal for David Petraeus a ‘Profound Double Standard’ in the way the Obama administration tre...
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